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    He caught a jumping fish the hard way........

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    For Sale Two Aftco Kites and a Green SFE Kite

    I have two Aftco and one SFE 1671, they are in new condition. I paid $375 for all three...Make me an offer I cannot refuse....Ap
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    SBI Trip (last trip for me in 2019)

    Departed MDR for SBI @ 0430 today. The 41 mile run to the island was uneventful in relatively calm seas with the wind at our backs for the ride out. I fished the north side of the island at 100′ and it was nothing but Pacific White Fish, so I gradually moved out to the high spots west and N/W of...
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    Dungeness Crab Opening Day Ritual

    I am posting in this forum and not in the Central Coast forum to bring some insight to some of us that rarely, if ever go through the process of dragging our boats hundreds of miles north to do some crab fishing. My chosen spot was Half Moon Bay (HMB). I have pulled my previous boat, the Boston...
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    Dive Boat 'Conception' burns and sinks.....

    The 75’ Conception, based in Santa Barbara Harbor, caught fire early 9/2 while anchored off Santa Cruz Island. The dive boat that caught fire off Santa Cruz Island early Monday had 32 passengers and six crew members, U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Mark Barney told KTLA. Five people managed to...
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    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    We got to Mission Bay at 1900 on Friday and launched the boat at Dana launch ramp. I went over to Mariners Cove, after rigging the boat and dropped anchor until 0200 Saturday morning. Got a scoop of bait and headed for the 226. I got to the 226 at grey light and started to troll. The water was...
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    I have returned. Here is my report...

    I towed End Game to Mission Bay's Dana Boat launch and was there by 1000 hours. I launched and made way to the bait receiver and got a 1/2 scoop of little sardines for $35. For shits and giggles I went into the Dana launch ramp market and tackle shop to ask them about the frozen Flying fish...
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    Here Is The Plan

    On Sunday, 08/11/2019, I will tow End Game to Mission Bay. I will entertain myself at the boat ramp watching the launches and recoveries until 1900 hours, and then launch End Game. I will go on the hook at Mariners Basin, until 2000hours at which time I will weigh anchor and go get a scoop of...
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    WTB Drop in 5.7 Engin with F/I & closed cooling sys.

    Looking for a drop in engine. Fuel injected, sweet water cooled. Any help appreciated.....Ap
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    Friday, Saturday & Beyond

    I'll cut to the chase. No fish that I kept. Now the details: On Fridaty 07/26/2019, I launched at Davies at 0100 hours. I had been calling Long Beach Carnage for a couple of days prior and at time of launch their message was that they had only a few scoops left on board and that they were on the...
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    Volvo Penta AQ260A Engine

    My friend/neighbor has a Pursuit Tierra 2200 that has a Volvo Penta A260A gas engine. It was not running correctly so I helped him with a badly needed tune up. I replaced the POINTS and condenser, plugs, Distributor Cap and rotor and thought that ought to do it. We went for a test drive and it...
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    For Sale GX2200 VHF Radio

    This is a great radio.. Standard Horizon GX2200. I liked it so much I bought two (2). I then went with a Class B transponder and switched my new GX2200 out to a Icom M605 VHF as my primary. I still run a GX2200 as back up, and now have one on the shelf doing nothing...$275...I will ship, it is...
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    SOLD Taco Telscopic Outriggers Black/Gold 1-1/8"

    TACO 15' Telescopic Outrigger Poles 1-1/8" - Black/Gold. I bought them new and used them for one season then sold the boat. $300...Shipping is on you...Ap
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    For Sale Shimano Stella SW20000PG - OTI-3108-76XXH Combo

    I bought this reel and an OTI -3108-76XXH Length: 7'6" Line: 80-120lb Lure: 100-285g Tuna Sniper popping rod I have carried it out on the boat and tossed a few poppers a couple of times, but I do not use this rig. It just sits around taking up space. I paid $399+ tax and shipping from Tackle...
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    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    The California Boater Card requirement is here. $35 and you have to sit there for hours while the little clock ticks down, and then an additional $10 to send your paperwork to Sacramento, so they can issue your Boaters Card. I heard somewhere that your BOAT U.S. subscription will get you the...
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    Cock Rings Rumored To Be Next Requirement.....

    Bracelets are now required to fish within Pacific Island Biosphere Reserve areas, including the Coronado Islands, Todos Santos, and San Martin Island. You can purchase bracelets for $5 per person per day at Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop, Point Loma Sportfishing Tackle Shop, and Dana Landing...
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    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open 8 Day / 09/21-10/01

    It is almost time to go. I have my tackle box all squared away and I have decided to only bring six (6) fishing poles and reels. One spinning reel and a popper stik and five Talica II's from an 8 to a 25. The only thing left is my sea bag with clothes and a ditty bag. I have been following the...
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    AIS Transponder Help

    I have AIS targets all over my chart plotter, RADAR, Radio's, there they are, but I do not have a transponder so even though I can see them, they cannot see me, and this must change. I would like to go with SOLAS efficientcy Class A. Here is my dilema. I have screen all over the place on my boat...
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    Sept. 4th and 5th Skipjack Exstravaganza..

    Hauled End Game down to Mission Bay on Monday. Made it to the parking lot by 1000 hours. Every parking spot was full. Parked by the curb up from the ramp and started rigging the boat for our evening departure. Watched the entertainment at the boat ramp, (better than sliced bread!) and spoke with...
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    I Just Installed A New Icom M605..

    I was watching a thread here on VHF radio's, of which I have two aboard. I use the Standard Horizon GX2200 because they have built in GPS, horn, loud hailer, PA, Fog signals, AIS...the works all for about $350 ea. So I start looking at VHF's that have the NMEA2K connectivity and I find the Icom...
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    Helium Balloon Rigging Advice Needed

    I have a Helium tank on board. I carry two different sized balloons, 17" and 37". I use the 17" balloons behind my kite to help with light wind (will not suspend kite by itself) and to keep it from sinking if it hits the water. I bought the 37" balloons to help with keeping the kite aloft. I...
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    Short Chop and Wind

    All of the indicators and reports so far are telling of and predicting a persistent short chop and wind. I will scrub next weeks plans until it turns into a more pleasurable set of conditions. SCI is slammed all next week which does not help having no place to spend the night. Might be time for...
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    Thinking About Quitting

    Just funnin' with y'all, I am addicted. But with that said the cost of this sport has got me thinking about quitting. I am close. Boat ownership has reached ridiculous levels of expense between the taxes, insurance, tow vehicle, price of purchase and upkeep. It seems that it is always 'scratch'...
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    Intrepid Fish Report

    Check out the fish report coming back of of the current 'Soft Steel' trip. I sure hope this is a primer of what is to come September 23rd.......Ap Fish Reports
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    Recomendation For A Tru Hull Transducer

    I am going to yank some old Furuno FCV 667, Raytheon RC 631 Chart Plotter and replace them with a Go12 XSE in the lower in cabin helm and a Go9 XSE on the upper helm station. The boat is a Grand Banks 42. I am not sure of the deadrise yet, but I believe it is around 18...
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    Hurricane's X 3

    Here is whats brewing offshore today...Ap
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    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open

    Anybody know anything about this eight day ride. I went to the Intrepid website and there is not a description of where/ or what the game plan might be...Guadalupe, the Rock, Ridge, San Clemente Island? It just does not have any information that I can find. How can a guy find out?.....Ap
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    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Which Long range boat has the cleanest well attended heads and showers? When you have 30 guys onboard and just a couple of heads, I would like to see some cleanliness.......Ap
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    Navionics Card Renewal

    I renewed again but I am starting to wonder why at this price. Maybe I am missing something really cool that this subscription does for me. Can somebody please enlighten me.....Ap $199.50 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Grand Total (Excl.Tax) $199.50 State Tax (6.25%) $12.47 County Tax (1%)...
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    Well, I am Going Again on Thursday

    End Game will be in the Boat Shop Up in Paseo Robles getting a new power steering pump, so on Thursday I'll be headed back out to San Clemente Island Ridge hoping for the best on a different boat. I think the weather window starts on Wednesday and concludes late Thursday evening. I will try to...
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    Fished Friday Starting At The Slide

    Towed the boat to Davies. Arrived at 2200 on Thursday the 19th. Called the Carnage and got a message saying they were out of bait but might have some in the morning, so I left a message. San Pedro Bait and picked up a light scoop of decent sardines ($30). Motored over towards the slide at the...
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    I will launch out of Davies on 07/19/2018

    The plan is to troll down through the slot to the 181, 43 and the south side of the San Clemente Ridge right up to SCI where I will spend the night at China Point. On Saturday I will do it in reverse. I think it will be a zoo on Saturday but I will be on Ch 72.....End Game.....Ap
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    For Sale Taco 15' Black/Gold 1 1/8" base Telescopic Outriggers

    Outriggers only........... Lightly used......$300.00
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    Helium (He) Tank 55 Cf

    I bit the bullet and purchased a 55 Cf Helium (He) tank. I bought a gauged filler nozzle as long as I was at it spending money for fishing equipment. The guys at the welding shop had this 'your gonna do what?' look on their face when I told them that I intend to use the tank for fishing. I might...
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    SOLD Ritchie HF-73 'Navigator' Compass

    I bought a new Ritchie Super Sport 2000 blue card compass to replace this HF-73 black card compass. If you need a good compass $70........Ap
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    For Sale Taco Black and Gold 15' Telescoping Outriggers 1 1/8" Base

    I changed boats and I have a set of Taco 15' Black and Gold telescoping outriggers with a 1 1/8" base. ...$300.00...They have a little dust on them from sitting in the shed..This is a great deal they sell new for around five hundred dollars......Ap Taco 15' Black Gold 1-1/8 Outrigger Poles...
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    Follow up on my first splash of the year starting in Morro Bay..

    Got to the Morro Bay launch ramp at extreme low tide at 2400 hours. I got six hours of restless sleep and splashed End Game for the first time this year. Water temps were cold, lowest was 50.4F, highest was 54 F in the harbor at 1400 today, Saturday April 21, I had six souls onboard. Two kids...
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    Saturday April 21 First Launch of the Year..

    My plan is to haul 'End Game' to Morro Bay and launch at 0600 on Saturday. I will run up to Piedras Blancas and bounce some swimbaits or whatever until 1300 and start working my way back. This will be the first splash this year. Next weekend, Channel Islands. San Miguel or Santa Rosa gap...
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    Where Is A Decent Used Boat?

    Greetings BD'ers, I have always bought old boats in dyer need of work, because I cannot afford to own a boat, let alone buy a boat in great shape. Utilizing my skills and the fact that my labor is free (to me) I can get something and piece meal it together slowly but surely until I have a fine...
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    For Sale Ritchie HF-73 Helmsman Compass

    I replaced my compass with a Ritchie Super Sport 2000 Navigator Compass, that has a blue card (See Picture). The compass I removed is a Ritchie HF-73 Helmsman Compass. It is a great compass and has a black card (See Picture). If you need a very cool big compass with a black card , here is your...
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    Sea Dek is it worth it?

    I have done a lot of work to my boat I have lot's of spider cracks in the gel coat everywhere. I am not going to re Gelcoat my boat or paint it. I was however, contemplating doing the entire deck with that Sea Dek faux teak. I talked to the guy at Fred Hall and this stuff is expensive. I have...
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    Here's one for This Tough Crowd...

    Here is an interesting problem I came across while working on my Whaler. I purchased a remote control LED searchlight and mounted it on my hardtop. I ran the wires through the roof and into the overhead electronics box where I have a Blue Seas six circuit fuse panel. I tie the negative down to...
  43. apogee

    Simrad AP2403VRF with AC12, RC42, RPU80

    A couple of years ago I purchased this Simrad AP2403VRF with AC12, RC42, RPU80 set up and the Bluetooth control for 'End Game'. The unit without the Bluetooth was $2499 + tax. Auto pilot is wonderful equipment. If all is working correctly it can be the best helmsman on the boat. When I...
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    Simrad G4 Radar

    I bite the bullet and remove my dash from my boat to tackle the rewire job that Inflatable Boat Specialists left for me after they all but destroyed my boat during a re power. They cut my main harness in two and threw away the part that had the connector and hot glued switches on to a thin piece...
  45. apogee

    Best Deal on Equipment

    Fishing equipment is very expensive. I decided to purchase another Shimano Talica 8 II and the best price I could find at the show or on the web was $499. Some people wanted more, but $499 was the Fred Hall price with a spool of line. Fred Hall was charging 10% tax, so that makes it a $549 at...
  46. apogee

    Avet or Talica

    What is the general consensus on which is a better reel, The Shimano Talica Series or Avet's. Please support you view with facts...............Ap
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    F300 R/H Saltwater Series II SDS S/S 15T X 15 3/4"

    This is the back up wheel I had for my 2002 Boston Whaler Outrage 230. New condition, I got it wet but that's about it. it is a 15'' Pitch X 15 3/4" diameter SDS wheel. sitting in the box it came in. I sold that boat and went Evinrude G2. I am going through my garage and finding all kinds of...
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    Phenix Rods Support

    I have reviewed all sorts of verbiage pertaining to Phenix rods and the Phenix support staff. "Their made in China" or "I was on a long range trip and watched those rods break in half", "I contacted Support staff and they were terrible and would not do anything for me", "I bought a brand new...
  49. apogee

    Mercury Optimax 225 Twin Throttle Quadrent

    After listing my take off Mercury Optimax 225HP twins here on BD several times for give away price with zero response, my Craigslist ad had people standing in line for them at $2k for two (2) engines. I was hoping a BDer would have got that deal but oh well. Now the engines are gone I still have...
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    Excel "Phenix" 10 day Trip Report

  51. apogee

    Friday, September 15 to Monday September 18 SCI

    After full repair of my anchor pullpit roller and replacement of my anchor and chain, the next doable weather window for me unfortunately is going to be on Friday September 15th. I expect the hordes to be part of the equation. I will launch late afternoon and stroll to Cove Point arriving...
  52. apogee

    T-15 for Big 'E' Departure

    Has it sunk in yet? No pesky weather please. Time to inventory what to bring on board.......Ap
  53. apogee

    Follow Up-Friday-Saturday, August 25, 26 Cortez Bank

    Decisions , decisions to make involving trip planning. Before I departed for the Cortez/Tanner Banks, I posted my intentions along with my proposed route of travel here on Bloody decks (BD). I always appreciate the input from the other BD'ers and if I come up missing maybe somebody will trace...
  54. apogee

    Cortez on Friday-Saturday

    It appears that there is a great offshore weather window starting late Thursday out around the Cortez/Tanner. The pressure has been so great inside I am seriously contemplating a departure from Davies on Thursday. I think trolling speed to conserve fuel,from the west end of Catalina until dark...
  55. apogee

    08-16-2017 Catalina

    Left Bakersfield at 0040 and arrived at Davies at 0400 and launched the boat. Right off the bat it was windy when it was predicted to be calm. Got bait at San Pedro bait and headed to the can dumps. Going was slow because of the bump. Fly lined sardines from the cans to Church rock but it was so...
  56. apogee

    Fish Report 08-10-2017 & 08-11- 2017

    On 08- 09-2017 I trailered the boat from Bakersfield to Mission Bay. i launched and motored over to Pt. Loma because it was reported somewhere on these boards that it was better bait in Pt. Loma. It was windy 10 - 15 out in front, water was green and 69F for eight miles out in front of MB and...
  57. apogee

    Albacore around

    Albacore around 36'58/123'12. The scores sounded to be 1-5 fish a boat.....Ap
  58. apogee

    Is the Shelter Island Boat Launch Open or Not?

    Thought I read somewhere that the Shelter Island boat launch is closed, but I think I hear that it is just crowded on the week ends but actually open and functional for the week day crowd. Anybody have the real time story on what is going on down there,,,thanks ........Ap
  59. apogee

    Import Paperwork for Fish From Mexico

    I was reading the requirements and it appears to me that a form must be filled out in quadruplicate to import your catch from Mexico. The original per person fishing on the boat, a duplicate mailed within 24 hours of return etc etc...Is everybody doing this that is fishing in Mexican waters?
  60. apogee

    Flat Fall Rig

    I was looking for some insight on how to rig these 250gr flat fall jigs. Do you tie straight off to the nose eye or is it better to put a ring in the nose eye and tie off to that? I also have a question about the leader. How long of a leader, 5', 10' ? What pound test 125lb 250lb? Thanks ahead...
  61. apogee

    Here's Da Plan

    Launch out of MB and head directly to the 226 > 371 > 480......Plan to concentrate effort between 371 and 480... With the SCI closures not sure if I want to make the effort to work the 371 with no place to go at the end of the day. I guess I could put out a sea anchor and find out where I end up...
  62. apogee

    Egg Sliders and the Yummee Flyer

    Being the proud owner of a kite and some Yummee's, neither of which I have ever used, I was looking for some insight on the egg sinkers (sliders) that I often see with other peoples Yummee kite rig set up's. Is this a necessary addition to the rig? If so why, what is the purpose? Just in case I...
  63. apogee

    Monday, July 03------Rocky Point---

    Around the 0600 the bait boat came around the breakwall at King Harbor. I took on a scoop of dines and tossed one over the side right there at the end of the breakwall and a firecracker graced me with its presents. I went to the 'Pipe" at 80' out at Rocky point and went on the hook for hours...
  64. apogee

    July 01, 2017

    I left King Harbor at 0100 hours Saturday morning. It was overcast, a bit windy with just a tad of snot. I headed for the R10 buoy off of Pt. Fermin where I made a cell phone call to the 'Carnage' asking the availability of some squid. The answer was affirmative so I told him I would see him in...
  65. apogee

    Late Report- Friday - Saturday San Clemente Island

    Launched out of Davies at 0430 hours and went to Nacho's for some half dead stinky sardines. Nacho and his piss poor attitude was at the brail. Headed for Avalon to check the bait on the Carnage and it was a go. $50 for a half scoop of squid. Went up to the Palasades and everybody that had a...
  66. apogee

    Friday 05/19/2017 @ 0300 Launch at Davies

    Going to launch at Davies at 'O' Dark thirty get bait from San Pedro Bait and head to San Clemente Island. Plan on fishing Fri-Sat and heading back early Sunday morning. There is a break in the weather, I expect some residual bump and a dab of wind in the late afternoon, but I must get out there...
  67. apogee

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    I go to work everyday, day in day out, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. No white collar worker stuff going on here. After decades I have never received a tip. It is my job, I get paid at the end of the month to do my job. The quality of my work is driven...
  68. apogee

    Depart on Cinco de Mayo

    Weather permitting, I shall depart Davies on Cinco de Mayo in the late afternoon, get some squid and go fish Catalina on Saturday and maybe if conditions are nice take a hike to San Clemente Island. I shall follow the first rule of WSB fishing.........Ap
  69. apogee

    Simrad A/P 2403VRF "No A/P Computer"

    I installed a Simrad A/P 2403VRF, AC12, Wr10 and a RC42 last year. It worked great. Gosh it is nice to have a good helmsman. When I got my boat back from IBS last time when BRP flew in to make my twin G2's right. all of a sudden my auto pilot no longer functions properly. I get an alarm with a...
  70. apogee

    Catch Fish and the Panays Arrive

    I went out fishing for ground fish, and as soon as my wife could get them turned into soup and BB-Q the pinays arrive ready to eat........Go figure.....Ap
  71. apogee

    April 01, 2017 Morro Bay Groundfish Report

    Greetings and salutations, Did not need much of an excuse to take End Game for a ride and opening day of the central coast groundfish season worked just fine. End Game and I made it to the Morro Bay parking lot at 2200 hours on Friday. I was the only guy there. The sea and wind had been pumping...
  72. apogee

    Full Canvas for End Game

    I just picked my boat up from the canvas shop and it looks great. I rolled End Game to the shop last week and told them what I would like. The shop said leave it to us we will take care of you. They called me up yesterday and said come get your boat. I got a radar dome cover, full canvas sealed...
  73. apogee

    Which Boat for a 10 day? Excel or Royal Polaris

    I want to go from late September to November, I am on the waiting list for both. I just got a text message from the Excel but they are now closed. Do I hold out for the Royal Polaris? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? If I could go on either boat, what is the best choice and why?
  74. apogee

    Suggestions for an Overhead Storage Box

    I would like to mount a storage box on top of my hard top. I looked at the Thule Car top storage and decided that a boat is just the wrong application for those flimsy car toppers. Does anybody have a suggestion for some decent water tight storage? I found an overgrown Pelican type box at the...
  75. apogee

    New Canvas

    After the install of the sound system in End Game, I took the boat over to one of our local establishments here in Bakersfield for canvas. The game plan is complete encapsulation of the helm, a cover for the radar dome, under hard top canvas boxes for eight adult PFD's and a total two piece boat...
  76. apogee

    Who Has Onboard Music And To What Extent

    This weekend I finished off the sounds aboard 'End Game'. It was a lot of work but now it is done. I find it nice to have music on occasion. I used a Kenwood marine radio coupled to six (6) JBL speakers, a JBL 10" S/W and a JBL marine amplifier. It was a lot of work........Canvas tomorrow ....Ap
  77. apogee

    Bought A New Phenix HAX 780 XH Today At Fred Hall Bakersfield

    I have read some disparaging comments about Phenix rods breaking and all of that mean mouthed commentary. I for one would like to say I really like my Phenix rod collection and I do give a yellow rat's ass who makes them. These rods feel right, at least for me, so I bought another one today at...
  78. apogee

    2017 is On the Way.......

    Getting some canvas next week..........
  79. apogee

    SeaTek Faux Teak

    I am wondering if it would be a mistake to throw $3K at SeaTek for a complete Faux Teak install including my top rails. Is this stuff going to come unglued and look like crap after a couple of years in the sun? Should I just go buy a floor mat instead? Anybody have any input on this decking?
  80. apogee

    Making Sinkers

    I took inventory today on my ability to make sinkers. I have the Lee Pro 20lb Series lead melter and a variety of sinker molds. The sinker molds sneak up on you. $35-$45ea. until you want to make Torpedo sinkers and then it is far worse, such as the Collins 1/2 oz - 4oz Torpedo/Trol sinker mold...
  81. apogee

    Thanksgiving Day Over the Top

    Rolled out of the rack around 0530 hours and went directly to where the action was. 17lb Turkey, 12lb Choice prime Rib, Pumpkin and Pecan pies, Mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, hot dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, green beans with bacon, flan and anything you wanted to drink. All in a warm house...
  82. apogee

    Tanner Bank on Saturday

    So many reports on the Tanner Bank for Saturday this report other than I did it on my boat instead of jumping on the New Loann, Thunderbird, Aztec and every other friggen boat was all there off shore. One hundred miles away and it was a parking lot. I left Davies at 1300 on Friday and ran over...
  83. apogee

    Simrad AP24 Remote WR10

    Yesterday I added the Simrad WR10 remote control to my spine and now my AP24 says 'compass data missing' The RC Compass is plugged in and everything is clean, WTF? Now I am wondering if I have to re calibrate the system. I am a bit baffled right now, it was working perfectly before I 'fixed...
  84. apogee

    SeaDek Helm Pad

    I got a quote from SeaDek on a helm pad that would be 30" x 54" in faux teak and it came out to $49.77sf + tax shipping and handling..........Anybody have an alternative, I am purchasing a custom carpet of those dimensions with the name of the boat and a Marlin embroidered in the carpet for...
  85. apogee

    What Would You Recomend For A Deep Drop Rig

    I want to build a specialty rig in the hopes of successfully bringing a swordfish to the deck out here in good old So Cal. What would you recommend for a deep drop rig? Would a Talica 50II spooled with 80# braid tied to 50' of 150lb mono and then to 25' of 250lb be to light? I need to have at...
  86. apogee

    'End Game' 10-01-2016 Bugged Out

    I missed the entire fishing season with my refit. After many, many trials and tribulations I was able to get 'End Game' out on the water for the opening day of lobster. I had four people on board and got limits for all. 'End Game' worked flawlessly. The lights were bright and the engines were...
  87. apogee

    Sure Would Like To Post Some Good News!

    But, unfortunately it is a pretty tall order right now. Oooh, oooh, here is something, I had to take my boat all apart after my re-power to fix all of the crappy work that IBS performed on my sled, and now it looks pretty good, but I noticed that there is an oil leak of some pale yellow viscous...
  88. apogee

    Where to get Fuel Polishing Performed?

    I took my boat out for the first time and it ran like a bat out of hell. Right up to the point that the fuel filters clogged up with crap in my fuel tanks. I changed the filter(s) and it is all good, but you know it is going to happen again. I need a fuel polishing performed on my boat. Does...
  89. apogee

    Here is the Skinny

    I spent way too much on my boat (it is a sickness). I even contemplated joining 'Squidalholics Anonymous' for help. But be that as it may my wife wanted some color on the boat because she was not in to the original tape scheme and all of that. So I changed up the logo's and top tape with...
  90. apogee

    I Know A Guy

    ....that has this boat but it still not done..........
  91. apogee

    Update on My G2 Update

    It was supposed be done last Wednesday. It was not. I called after two days of hearing nothing and spoke to the young man that was running the crew to get the job done. He told me that he removed my lower panel (the one with all of my switches ie; bilge pump , running lights, courtesy lights...
  92. apogee

    Update on My G2 Update

    It was supposed be done last Wednesday. It was not. I called after two days of hearing nothing and spoke to the young man that was running the crew to get the job done. He told me that he removed my lower panel (the one with all of my switches ie; bilge pump , running lights, courtesy lights...
  93. apogee

    Update on My G2 Update

    It was supposed be done last Wednesday. It was not. I called after two days of hearing nothing and spoke to the young man that was running the crew to get the job done. He told me that he removed my lower panel (the one with all of my switches ie; bilge pump , running lights, courtesy lights...
  94. apogee

    Update on My G2 Update

    It was supposed be done last Wednesday. It was not. I called after two days of hearing nothing and spoke to the young man that was running the crew to get the job done. He told me that he removed my lower panel (the one with all of my switches ie; bilge pump , running lights, courtesy lights...
  95. apogee

    Etec 300 G2 Update

    End Game is high and dry. Inflatable Boat Specialists removed the Opti's over a week ago, and there it sits. I hear tell that both engines are in, but they did not have the harness (rigging) yet two weeks later and it "might" come in today. But wait, there's more! Here is the Email I received...
  96. apogee

    Twin 225 outboards $7K must go. Cheap!

    Just removed great running 225 Opti's with 1000 hours need to sell them to defer cost of re power. No reasonable offer refused. I want these motors gone............
  97. apogee

    1999 Twin Opti's 225 DFI $8.5K OBO

    I pulled the trigger on brand new twins for the sled "End Game". I will have these original Opti's with 1000 hours for sale with all associated rigging, all of it. I buffed one of the hoods out, kinda.I personally was not impressed.Had a problem with the starboard motor and it turned out to be...
  98. apogee

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    It is a painful decision. I am torn. I want to shy away from the Etec G2 but my range will increase significantly with this beast. Evinrude has a promotional going on for free rigging. I had a F300 UCA and I must say it was awesome. A brute that never changed it's tune in a cruise. I set the...
  99. apogee

    Anacapa Sata Cruz 100 mile loop

    We launched at Ventura harbor in the fog. Very foggy, not quite zero zero but no references. We turned on the squid lights and went to where we thought we could get some squid with great success and filled the bait tank. As we left Cisco's and the $55 we paid for our scoop of squid we headed...
  100. apogee

    WTB 100 Gallon Bait Tank

    I am looking for a 100 gallon bait tank. Oval works for me, please keep me informed.........
  101. apogee

    WTB 100 Gallon Bait Tank

    I am looking for a 100 gallon bait tank. Oval works for me, please keep me informed.........
  102. apogee

    What to Buy for the "New" Sled

  103. apogee

    Portable Generator

    Greetings, I was looking at Portable Generators out there on the market and there is quite a selection. My new sled has room for a gen set but I am not going to go that way, I was thinking more of the portable generator angle. I never owned a generator before so once again in soliloquy I turn to...
  104. apogee

    Is this The King of Camaroon?

    2006 Triton 351 CC 35' CENTER CONSOLE BOAT $18,000 MC Paul Green Today 5:45 PM Hello Apogee, My boat is still available, everything works as it should. Price is $18,000 and it is at a warehouse in Pensacola, FL ready to be delivered to its buyer. I can help with shipping. Because I work...
  105. apogee

    Lo Ballers

    Tell me about the "Low Ballers". You know the guys that when they go to buy something, no matter what the listed price may be, feel it is their duty to attempt to come in at 30-50% lower sight unseen. Does this irritate you? Is it their duty? I mean it can't hurt trying or anything like that...
  106. apogee

    "Fearlessly the Idiot Faced the Crowd.........Smiling"

    I have succumbed to the two (2) foot itis disease process. I know I should have exercised more self control, but there you have it in a nutshell. Now that I have a boat that is slightly too large I am going to repower and make it personal. My question to all of you level headed Bloody Decker's...
  107. apogee

    Selling Twin Opti's 950 Hours each

    Just bought another Whaler. This one has twin 225 Optimax motors with 950 on each motor. Well maintained and they gotta go. I am going to sell them with all controls, harnesses, oil tanks and associated parts. Building a trailer now that has a two week completion date and then I have to figure...
  108. apogee

    How Much Should I Ask For My Boat?

    Thought I would never do this but I am going bigger. I just put in a bid on a 1999 B/W Outrage 28 that has old Opti's and no trailer. I am going to get this boat instead of the 285. The 2002 B/W 230 I have (turn key) will have to go so I can outfit the new boat. If I have to own two boats for a...
  109. apogee

    I Can buy a 2003 Fountain 31 SFC with twin Yam 150 FS for...

    I Can buy a 2003 Fountain 31 SFC with twin Yamaha 150 Four Strokes (150hours) for $18.5K..No trailer I need to move on this quickly if I am going to take this plunge.......What do you think?
  110. apogee

    WTB 2000 or up Proline 2950WA

    Everytime I find one it is either gone, or the seller is very proud. Lots of criticism on this ride but I think I would like to try one. I would settle for an extreme deal on a Pursuit 3070 but some of you will have to donate. I'll hold my breath.
  111. apogee

    What Is Your Opinion on This Type of Boat ?

    Way over there on the east coast the sport guys use a different style of vessel for the most part compared to us west coast guys. We like big bait tanks, range and beam. Less center console more cabin for the most part. I keep seeing these "Cigarette" style fishing boats and I like them like...
  112. apogee

    Battlewagon Radar Mounts

    Three years ago I purchased a Battlewagon 12" tall four (4) degree slanted forward at top plate polished stainless steel raydome mount for my Lowrance G4 Broadband Radar Aray. It was polished to a mirror finish and the welds were the best I had ever seen, just beautiful. I was buffing out the...
  113. apogee

    Another Day Closer

    Greetings to this years fishing participants, Another year has passed. I believe this coming years fishing season has a wonderful prospect of absolute satisfaction for the top water guys of which I identify. I have made the necessary repairs and maintenance of the "Bite Me", and all of my tackle...
  114. apogee

    Fred Frigging Hall

    1. $9.00 for a polish dog 2. $12.00 for a beer. 3. $10.00 for parking I had fun.........
  115. apogee

    Van Staal 7" Titanium Fishing Pliers

    I could keep buying new pliers for the cost of a set of these Van Staal 7" pliers, yet I want some. Does anybody have anything positive (or negative) to say about acquiring a set of these pliers? Who want to sell theirs?
  116. apogee


    Some days are just better than others. Today February 10, 2016 at approximately 1130 hours, I finally saw an Opah. It was severe clear out today and as I was scanning my immediate surroundings there it was, only about twenty feet from me. I cannot convey to you my excitement, I could barely...
  117. apogee

    International 50W, 30TW and a 12T

    I am such a fan of the new Talica's I am going to off my Internationals. I bought all of these new, ........ I am open to all reasonable offers.. The 50W is gone...Just the 30TW and the 12T are left.
  118. apogee

    I am Going to Retire

    Retirement is eminent. I will now entertain working on other person's boats. If you have a repair, installation or conversion, PM me and let us talk.
  119. apogee

    Stupid is as Stupid does.....

    Here is the game plan, It took me two years and $40K of refitting to make my Boston Whaler Outrage 230 just how I want it. It has a new F300, all new electronics, two live bait tanks etc.....It is a push button machine that is super reliable and safe with a great range. My old Dodge truck pulls...
  120. apogee

    Is my Computer Broken?

    I signed in today and the BD site is almost unrecognizable. On my computer it is all black except for where it is white and a couple of red buttons.
  121. apogee

    Is it me? Yes, it must be me....

    I have zero shortage of off the wall occurrences in my life. Everybody has them (I hope) but it seems to be frequent in my case. Here is my latest example: Three (3) of us go out for lobster on the opening night. We get blown off the water at 0200 hours with sixteen (16) bugs on board. I make...
  122. apogee

    What I Do Sometimes When Not Fishing

    It was fast already.........then I modified it...... now it is sick.......
  123. apogee

    Wind Event Scheduled for This Weekend!

    Check your Wx guys. It looks like it is going to get uncomfortable the further you adventure off shore. Lump plus wind and rain...
  124. apogee

    Once Again the California Spiny Lobster Beckons

    I am ready. Bait cages, gloves, Davit, lines and buoys, rigid hoop nets, illumination, bibs, music and a game plan. Slammed them last year, plan to do the same this year........
  125. apogee

    Saturday September 12, 2015 Fishing Offshore

    I did not report my last weekends two day fishing extravaganza because I was too tired after barely pulling a rabbit out of my hat on that one. This brings me to today's season finale. I launched at Davies because I could get good bait ( seasoned sardines) at San Pedro Live Bait. I picked up a...
  126. apogee

    Two Prong Attack

    Saturday: DP @ 0200 starting off the concrete titties then beyond. Sunday: LB "Davies" @ 0200 and to SBI and the Osborne. "Bite Me" Ch 72........
  127. apogee

    Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    As of lately I have been launching out of Dana Point instead of Davies. This trip was a wobbler because of the destination being the Mackeral Bank. I chose to depart from Dana Point. It was a warm night and I took on two scoops of bait at the receiver. The bait was miniature Sardines mixed with...
  128. apogee

    Friday 08-21-2015

    We launched out of Dana Point at 0230hours and purchased 1 1/2 scoops of sardines. The bait was excellent . Headed Down to 10 over 40 for gray light. Water temp was 73F but would drop to 72.8 if you went west enough. It was snotty and there was a wind from the get go. We put a couple of trolls...
  129. apogee

    Open For Discussion Where Any Man's Opinion Has Weight

    Bear with this please. Nuances are important. Around mid July 2015 I purchased a new Lowrance "Smart Steer Hydraulic" auto pilot for my boat. It cost $1K. Two years ago I had purchased a Raymarine s1000 for my boat, It cost around $1K. I am going to R&R my equipment so I post my s1000 for sale...
  130. apogee

    Saturday August 22, 2015

    Knowing full well that every week that goes by relentlessly marks the path to the end of this fantastic fishing season, I shall once again usurp my household obligations by launching my small but mighty craft upon the big blue, braving the elements in the mindless pursuit of wreaking havoc on...
  131. apogee

    Changed Up on 08-15-2015

    Instead of launching at Davies I hauled down to Dana Point. I was in the water at 0230 hours and the zoo was right behind me. We went to the bait receiver and took on a scoop and a half of Sardines and Mackerel (I thought it was Sardines). Cleared the harbor and headed to a spot ten miles off of...
  132. apogee

    Lowrance Smart Steer Hydraulic Auto Pilot

    I have Lowrance equipment on my boat, HDS 8, Structure Scan, G4 Broad Band Radar. At the time of install the only game in town for me was the RayMarine s1000 A/P, so I bought one at around a thousand bucks and installed it. The install was a PIA having to do the communication links to the GPS...
  133. apogee

    Saturday August 08 2015

    Same routine with a couple of un intended outcomes. Departed Davies at 0200 there was some wind, not too bad but enough to make you think. Drove to San Pedro Bait and took on two scoops of Dines and a scoop of pinners ($100). Cleared the harbor and was headed for the 209 by 0300 hours. Water was...
  134. apogee

    Check the Wx for Saturday

    Just say no. I will go out and check the area to make sure it is safe with no adverse wind or waves. I will go the extra mile(s) and make sure it is navigable and check for fish. Everybody stay home and wait for my comprehensive report..That is all......
  135. apogee

    Do it Again on 08-08

    Same plan. Leave Davies at 0200 hours. Get bait at San Pedro Bait. Clear the harbor at 0300 hours and make way for the 209..........She's reel fine the 209, my 2-0-9......While everybody targets cows, I am going fishing, I'll take what I can get. 20lb+ fish are a gift........
  136. apogee

    N/W 209--08-01-2015

    We left Davies a little late because at 0200 hours when I should have shoved off there was a family with a 27' cabin cruiser monstrosity at the ramp, backed down as far as they dare and the boat would not float off of the trailer..They were stuck because of what they were pulling this boat..A...
  137. apogee

    Lowrance Smart Steer

    I installed a Lowrance Smart Steer on my HDS 8 Gen 2 and there are zero set up instructions. I can't find anything on the web except for the "touch" models. I am ready to use my smart steer and need set up and user instruction. I am calling Lowrance tomorrow.....
  138. apogee

    Davies on Saturday Morning

    Once again here I go. I went to a funeral last weekend so I did not get out on the water. My overall view is it appears the fish may be waiting for me to get back out there judging by the latest reports. The "Parking Lot" is okay for a minute but I think the water got pretty darn warm. 74...
  139. apogee

    Phoenix Black Diamond Series Rods

    I do not know what happened but, I find that over the last couple of years I have replaced many of my sticks with Phenix Series Black Diamond equipment. The latest being. Phd 760H Hybrid for my Talica 12 II. I was wondering if it was just me or what? It seems that I have migrated my Talica...
  140. apogee

    One of the Joys of Boat Ownership

    I received my property tax bill for my boat today "DUE NOW" Partial payments not accepted.... It is going to get worse. This is just like having to toss a brand new fully spooled Phenix and Talica over the side each year as tribute...As if I am not taxed on everything already........
  141. apogee

    RayMarine s1000 Auto Pilot

    I purchased this Raymarine s1000 auto pilot two years ago. It works pretty good. Has less than 30 hours of actual use on my 2002 Boston Whaler Outrage 230/F300. I have all Lowrance electronics. HDS 8 Gen II, SideScan, G4 Broad Band Radar (fabulous by the way). Lowrance just came out with an...
  142. apogee

    I am going back out on the 1st

    I have made a point to participate in fishing every weekend until this weekend of the 25th. Believe me I would be out there if I were not attending the funeral of my friends 15 year old son that drown in the mighty Kern River on 07-03-15. A tragedy. On the 1st I am back at it and done with the...
  143. apogee

    First Bluefin of The Year

    We launched the "Bite Me" at Davies at 0300 hours on Saturday July 18, 2015. This was an hour late due to the freeway being shut down to one lane and L.A. Traffic at 0200 hours. Did not even look at Nacho the rude on the way to San Pedro Bait where Mike scooped us some very healthy Sardines in...
  144. apogee

    July 18 Shall Launch from Davies

    I have gone out fishing every weekend for over a month. This weekend shall be no different. There is a chance as always that the weather might be a bit off this weekend but if that is the case I will resolve to go back to the island and fish the Yellowtail. We did well this past weekend. Spun a...
  145. apogee

    Saturday Catalina Island Fishing

    I love it when a plan comes together. We launched at Davies and were floating by 0200 hours. Cruised by Nacho's on the way to San Pedro Bait. Of course Nacho has all the lights off and is not doing business on a fishermans schedule. Ip always give San Pedro Bait my business because I think Nacho...
  146. apogee

    Davies on Saturday Morning

    The plan is to launch around 0400 Saturday July 11 at Davies. Pick up some bait and head to the island. 10 -15 knts in the forecast with 2' waves. If it looks good I'll work the area below the 209 and the 181. If not maybe I can boat some Yellowtail. Who else is going out...
  147. apogee

    Out on Blast..This years Tactic to Thwart Dickmeisters..

    I filed a report on my fishing adventure for Saturday "Yellowtail, Bonito and Calico Bass". Here is the part I left out. I live in the central valley. It takes me 2.5hours to pull my boat down to Davies. R/T is $80 in diesel. Bait was $75. I burnt 55 gallons of fuel and spent $30 on ice. I go to...
  148. apogee

    Yellowtail, Bonito and Calico Bass

    I launched out of Davies as planned at 0430 this morning. The second I got out of the truck I thought , Uh Oh 10+ knts and wind waves in the harbor. Not good. I briefly spoke with the skipper of the Parker "KC,s Pride" and headed out towards Nacho's. Wind waves and white caps be damned there we...
  149. apogee

    Glutton For Punishment

    I shall make an early launch at Davies once again and revel with the fishing hordes. Who else is making plans to go out this coming weekend? I do not have a gameplan this time other than to stay on the north side of the 181 and work the slide and surrounding areas........
  150. apogee

    06-19- 2015 Bite Me's Fish Trip Report

    We launched at Davies boat ramp in Rainbow Harbor. I always have a tough time finding that darn place. We were on the water at 0530 and on the way to Nacho's. I do not know what you guys have observed but Nacho and his buddies can go eat a bowl of dicks. I get tired of consistently rude people...
  151. apogee

    Pensacola Florida Report

    Hi guy's, I have been in Pensacola Florida for the last two days. Yesterday I drove to Pensacola Beach. It costs one American dollar to have the privlege to go the the beach here. I took a walk up on the pier to see how the pier fishermen were doing and I was charged $1.50 to walk on the pier...
  152. apogee

    Is This Overpriced?

    Quantity Description Unit Price Total 1 Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon Leader 25# 50 yds 21.98 21.98 1 Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon Leader 30# 50 yds 24.98 24.98 1 Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon Leader 40#50 yds 38.98 38.98 1 Gamakatsu Nautalus Circle Hooks #3/0 4.95 4.95 1 Gamakatsu Nautalus Circle...
  153. apogee

    Just Signed Up For Fish Dope

    I am letting my Terrafinn subscription expire for the first time in many years. I just signed up for Fish Dope. It looks much more informative and up to date. What do fellow subscribers feel about this decision?
  154. apogee

    Blue Water Bait Tank Install

    I purchased a Blue Water 37gal Bait Tank from the Fred Hall Boat Show in Long beach a couple of months back. It was suggested that I place the tank behind the steering station. After many measurements and through hull considerations, placement behind the steering station was not going to...
  155. apogee

    Greetings, I Have Awakend for the 2015 Season

    I fished hard last year, and took my Whaler (Bite Me) out for lobster and crab before she went into her slumber. I drained fuel one Toyota tankful at a time throughout the down period to make sure I start with a tankful of fresh fuel. About two months ago, I pulled the cover and started getting...
  156. apogee

    2002 Boston Whaler Outrage 230

    Oops wrong forum....
  157. apogee

    Cannot Upload Pics

    Cannot upload pics or contact board administrator(s) why?
  158. apogee

    Wind for Opening of Sport Lobster

    I was looking at the weather data and I was not liking my interpretation of the upcoming wind events. I was looking at the Santa Monica Bay out to Catalina Island. Any views?
  159. apogee

    Special Reserve Areas on Catalina

    I was looking at Navionics and noticed that the whole backside of Catalina Island has a Restricted Subarea Two designation. Does this mean you cannot fish or set hoop nets?
  160. apogee

    Friday In The Box

    I left Point Loma at 0400. picked up two scoops of Dines ($70). Ran to the Hidden Bank and trolled for about an hour. Lot's of birds, saw some Porpoise. No kelp.About 1200 hours I got a call in from guys that we're sitting at 10/26 and I went to join in. Nothing much at first and then I found...
  161. apogee

    Heading out on Thursday............

    A glutton for punishment I am. Launch at TI and head for the 302 and the Hidden Bank. This might be it for me down south for this season. As soon as the Albies show up it will be time for some cold, big waves, overcast with constant wind..................
  162. apogee

    Saturday to the 302/425

    I am contemplating a launch out of TI at 0300 and heading to the 302/425 area. Sea conditions could scrub the whole deal for me. Supposed to be a long duration southerly swell. I'll take any input from others for their interpretation of upcoming weather events. How is the bait at TI?
  163. apogee

    Saturday's Trip to the 209

    Left Davies Boat Ramp at 0230 and picked up some dines from Nacho. Headed for the 209 and it was already bumpy. Warm water at the 177 (73.5) and pressed on. At grey light put trolls out at the 209. Only saw a couple of other boats. Zero, water temp 72.0. Trolled to the 181 and was watching some...
  164. apogee

    Report a Ho Right Here

    If you utilize a Ho and it is a boon to your excursion by all means leave a reference. If you set a trip up with a ho, and it is not so good, tell it, put that ho on blast. Lot's of good ho's out there, Flakes need not apply Identifier/Name Problem/Admirable Traits Location Age On Time/ or...
  165. apogee

    What About The Cortez Bank?

    Any recent news on any activity out at the Cortez? The weather has been good enough to make that run. I am considering it for Saturday. Launch at Long Beach Davies at 0200, graylight at Bishop Rock. If nothing goes work paddys towards the Sixty Mile Bank, cut and run at 1400 only stopping for...
  166. apogee

    Okay, Albacore Within Reach

    It would be about 31 miles at 281 out of Half Moon Bay: Aug. 11 There were some Albacore caught out of Half Moon Bay at 37'35/123'24. The Albacore are big! The Halibut continue to bite near 4 Mile Beach and below Capitola in 50-70 feet of water. There were a few Salmon caught in front of the...
  167. apogee

    I was Going To Go..........but.....

    Guy's the weather is perfect except the moon. It came up early and I do not think it shall be much of a factor. Terrafin is beautiful. NOAA buoys are reporting lake like conditions at the Cortez and all the way in. I even have a new reel to test out, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am not going because I...
  168. apogee

    I "Flipped" Out

    After yesterdays experience of no bait at the Dana Point receiver that ultimately led to large fish wanting to eat small bait, I decided to add a Salt Water spinning set up to my quiver. I started looking at the Shimano Thunnus 12000C14 and then I saw a Shimano Stella 20000SW. Still looking I...
  169. apogee

    0300 Friday Launch at Dana Point

    26' Blackman Billfisher was at the Dana Point bait receiver at 0300 hours. NO BAIT! There was bait there but only would sell mackerel for $35.00. We bought it and forged on to the 43. Jig strike at 0600 on zuchinni for two Yellow fin...........then nothing........The water was choppy with wind...
  170. apogee

    Saturday's Trip to the 209

    We launched at Davies Boat Ramp in Long Beach at 0330. The parking lot was full and the night was warm. Got a scoop of uncured Dines just outside the entrance of the harbor jetty. It was foggy. We made a rum line for the 209 and were running by 0400. Radar is is a good thing. At gray light we...
  171. apogee

    Johnsons Lee Santa Rosa Island

    I launched at CIH at 0445 got a scoop of squid ($50) headed straight out in snotty water to Johnsons Lee some 58 miles away. I did not catch a single Halibut or White Sea bass not one. Just a couple of rock fish.. ;>)
  172. apogee

    Navionics and the DFG Regs, School me please....

    So I am planning my trip to Santa Rosa Island on the 19th. I am using my Navionics Downloads and charts. I can see the MLPA at Skunk Point, Carrington etc. but when I check anywhere else, the Navionics detail pop up says that everything is a State Reserve, or Restricted or something. My...
  173. apogee

    Channel Islands on Saturday 07-19-2014

    There has been some significant activity around Santa Rosa Island as far as Halibut and White Sea Bass. I will give it a shot on Saturday July 19th. Channel Islands Harbor has finbait and a new launch ramp. All I need is some good weather and some fish. If anybody else has contemplated a trip...
  174. apogee

    West End San Clemente

    I departed King Harbor Marina at 0530 on July 03, 2014 and went to Cabrillo to purchase a $60 scoop of squirt bait. I cleared Cabrillo by 0645 and headed to the west end of Catalina. At 0745 I soaked some squid off of Bishop Rock and the general area with nothing but Sand Dabs, Turbot chock...
  175. apogee

    Going to King Harbor on Saturday 01-18-14

    I am going to launch the Whaler and hang out and see if I can catch a Halibut or something. I am bringing my hoop nets so in the evening I will deploy them and see if there is anything left. Does anybody have and suggestions as where to use my nets? I hear that the weather is good for the middle...
  176. apogee

    Just Dropped a grunch of Moola on Promar NE 107's

    I must have been bored today (Sunday December 29). Went to Charkbait and got Sportchalet to match their price on Promar NE 107 hoop nets. I bought (10) ten. Then I bought a 1000' spool of yellow Polyprop 3/8''. Could not go for the lumen sticks so I bought (12) Micro Led yellow/red flashers as...
  177. apogee

    Buddy Boat Baja

    I am looking for a person(s) with a trailerable boat that would like to make a future buddy boat trip down to the Baja ha. My rig is as good as I can get it, but I think that safety dictates a back up for an engine failure. I really do not think the local government would come save me. If this...
  178. apogee

    West End Of Catalina

    Left King Harbor with a 1/2 scoop of anchovies, not full sized, not pinners, and motored out to the west end south side of Catalina. Picked up three rock cod right off the bat and then went el bendo but farmed it. Got my bait back and it was daggered out. Big Flattie? Had a couple of...
  179. apogee

    Mills Canvas Works

    I saw something I thought was pretty cool. There is this company Mills Canvas Works and it looks like this guy has been around since the beginning of dirt. What got my attention was that this guy makes a forward shelter for Boston Whalers. It is pretty neat. He took S/S tube and bent it so it...
  180. apogee

    I Do/Don't want a Cuddy Cabin

    I think I have a way to enjoy all of the features of my Center Console and be able to canvas up enough to make a decent shelter. Now I just need a marine canvas person who can sew up my vision.
  181. apogee

    Last Minute Check

    I got all fired up about going out this early Sunday morning. The plan was to launch at Channel Island Harbor and head to St. Nick. If the conditions were as good as indicated I was going to the Cortez. I checked CSM and it was 22mph where from the Channel Islands to the Mexican border it...
  182. apogee

    Before and After

    It took me twelve hours to undo what the shop did to my boat. It is done now and everything is back in order. All electronics are on a "Master Switch" except for the stereo which I may want to listen without everything all powered up. I removed over 42' of multi wire cable and re mounted module...
  183. apogee

    Crappy Workmanship

    I repowered this year. The friggen outboard cost so much money I let the "Official Yamaha Trained Service Dealer" do the rigging and the install. I was charged $130/hour x 13 hrs! Wow! I only did it because if something went wrong with the motor I did not want them to have anything to say like I...
  184. apogee

    Now Hear This: The Ocean is Closed, That is All......

    Obama Tries to Close the OCEAN Because of Shutdown Posted on October 6, 2013 The foolishness is reaching brand new levels. Liberals...
  185. apogee

    There Baa-ack........

    They are out there fellas! 35'08. 121'44. Big grade. First time SloTroller has had bloody decks in nearly 3 years! 63.5 degree water. Hard to get them to come up on the troll. But metered them lots at 100 feet..................
  186. apogee

    2002 Mercury Optimax 225hp DFI Saltwater series 30" shaft 456 hours

    Hello out there! I am going to repower my boat. My boat is rated for 300hp and I have decided to spend money I do not have. I will have to do all the rigging myself to save money unless anybody wants to help. I will leave my perfectly running Mercury Optimax 225hp in place and unbolt it when...
  187. apogee

    1993 Lance Squire 3000 Camper

    I have a 1993 Lance Squire 3000 Camper. It is in great shape. I do not use it and want to sell it. Make me an offer I cannot refuse..........661 342-2345 mike SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!
  188. apogee

    Yamaha F300 Fully Rigged

    I would like to purchase a Yamaha F300 Fully Rigged for my 2002 Boston Whaler 230. I currently have a 2002 Mercury Optimax 225 with 500 hours that runs perfect. I hope there is some sort of trade in value or I could sell the motor outright P/P I have no idea what they are worth. If anybody can...
  189. apogee

    My 2002 4X4

    It would take a lot of typing to tell the modifications on my Jeep.
  190. apogee

    My Boat

    This is my boat. It has supplied copious amounts of joy into my life.
  191. apogee

    Texas Sex

    Texas Sex Two Texans were out on the range talking about their favorite sex positions. One said, "think I enjoy the rodeo position the best." "I don't think I have ever heard of that one," said the other cowboy. "What is it ?" "Well...
  192. apogee

    2002 Boston Whaler 230

    Unsinkable, sea worthy like only few can understand, works well as a family ski boat or it's personality really shines 100 miles or more offshore. Trailer is a tandem axle all aluminum torsion suspension trailer that is in fine condition. The boat has all new top of the line electronics...
  193. apogee


    Bayside report says they are catching fish at the "Dogbone" Where the heck is the "Dogbone"?
  194. apogee

    October 06,2012 Albacore

    I find this interesting that the "Gumdrop" and the "Pioneer" appear to be more miss than hit. A long haul for those odds. My observations of posts indicate the "Davidson" has consistently had better numbers: BAYSIDE FISH REPORT Oct. 6 morning I just spoke to some anglers who were out...
  195. apogee

    Float Tubing at the Farallon Islands

    I would like to suggest to a few of our government officials to lighten up and chill out. Dedicate themselves to the proposition of lowering taxes, curb illegal aliens, and to become one with nature by participating in float tube fishing off of the Farralon Islands while their San Fransiscan...
  196. apogee

    454 Crusaders

    What should the operational temperature be for 454ci Crusader engines operating a WOT? We have a pair of these engines and at idle to 1700rpm they run at 170degrees indicated. At 2000rpm they go to 175 degrees. At 3200rpm they go to 195 degrees. Is this normal?
  197. apogee

    Monterey Albies Aug. 01, 2012

    We were brutalized by wind and sea, but all and all I am glad I went. Those that advised that maybe Sunday would be better I hope you are correct. Moss Landing was the launch point for the "Bite Me". There were three of us, Scotty, Mike and myself. We launched out of Moss at 0230 hours and...
  198. apogee

    Moss Landing Albacore Trip Sat 08-11-12

    Last weekend I towed the boat to Mission Bay for a heaping helping of zilch point nothing. The water was nice and the hub bub about Mexican Visas and all very interesting and annoying. Of course when I went south, the fish showed up north. This weekend after diligently watching the weather...
  199. apogee

    Sharing Expenses

    I know that it seems that almost everybody shares expenses when going out on a private boat. Heck who doesn't chip in for gas, food or bait. What are the legal implications for this? I know with aircraft you are by law allowed to share expenses. Are you allowed to share expenses with the...
  200. apogee

    Mexican Visas

    ON Aug 04 2012 at 0400 hours I went out of Mission Bay on Saturday. I went to the 181 and beyond it was as dead as a doornail. Water temp was 68.1 at it's highest and that was inside of 20 miles. Did the whole canyon and even checked out the San Clemente canyon and the water got colder...
  201. apogee

    SO Cal Inshore and Offshore

    Hi guys, I have been re fitting my 2002 Boston Whaler Outrage 230 for the lat several months and on July 1st I slung the boat into the water at King Harbor. I obtained a slip for the week at Port Royal Marina so bugging out was made very simple. The bait receiver at King Harbor is open from...
  202. apogee

    Used SeaStar tilt hydraulic steering

    I have removed the SeaStar tilt hydraulic steering from my ten year old Boston Whaler 225hp Optimax. I have the Helm and the Ram for sale, no hoses. No leaks, paint wear on the helm $400.00