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    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    I’m due for a new roof. Western WA, lots of fir and cedar. Fairly shaded house. I’m leaning towards a gray metal roof, but concerned about longevity and condensation under the metal. I don’t want to replace it and all my sheathing in 5 years. Anyone have one installed and regret it? Why...
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    Free: Little Chief smoker

    It worked last time I used it. Pick it up in maple valley this weekend or Olympia next week.
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    FS- Dining room set $800

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    Squid coords in MA13?

    We are headed out of Swantown Tuesday afternoon. Looks like a small tidal exchange and minimal current. Plan to head out towards Anderson Island or Ketron. Anyone been down that way lately and care to share your results?
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    Need some help with a well and waterline

    anybody here do wells and repiping? Maybe even need a filtration system for the house. The well is about 80’ deep (IIRC). When I lived there 12 years ago it was awesome water. Now, it’s colored and the lines are corroded. We redid nearly all the house plumbing. The current setup is well...
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    This is going on my next cat...

    Love this. No plumbing needed.
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    Cabo airport to Los Barilles?

    Two of us heading down. 1 rod tube and two bags. Should we book the shuttle ahead of time, or is it easy enough to just walk outside and get a ride-share van for much less? 1240 arrival on the 30th.
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    Seems like a good sea star bleeding set for $39 I think I’d rather do this than run a tube back up to the helm.
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    Everett Coho Derby.

    We almost won. Just needed 1 more fish that was over 11+ pounds and we would have had it. As it was, we weighed nothing Saturday. Couldn’t catch a cold, much less a reasonable salmon (yes, I’m sure y’all realize how hard it is for me to type that). But, we sure ate well and had a great day on...
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    Trolling squid for salmon

    has anybody bothered to actually troll whole squid for salmon? Everything loves squid. It’s a hardy bait. I imagine it’d stay on the hook(s) well and would have tons of scent. Cheap for 2-5# too.
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    SlapShot made it to Everett

    Got a ride down to WP with Fireball’s better half and her two sisters. That was after meeting them, a daughter, and granny all for dinner. 5 gals and me. I survived. ;). Drove through one hell of a thunderstorm! Genie Aye, Norm, and Carrie has the boat iced and refueled. There wasn’t too much...
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    CAST only has 15 boats, but 40 kids

    It’s tomorrow. Gene coulon. 0700. They are way short of boats. Only 15 for 40 kids and family. If anyone else can help, please let them know.
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    Anybody able to give me a ride from Kent/Federal Way to WP Saturday evening?

    Looks like Sunday is the day to bring SlapShot around the corner. I have the Cast for Kids until maybe 2. Norm and Carrie will already be in WP. Rather than drive down and leave my car in WP, I’m wondering of anyone is heading down to WP and has room for me to bum a ride. I can meet you at...
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    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    Looks likely we will be moving SlapShot to Everett next week. 10th or 11th. It needs to be there for the Salmon for Soldiers event on the 14th and Everett Coho Derby (whatever that is) on the 21st/22nd. Norm is still working on securing moorage for that time frame (so any help would be great on...
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    Watch out - Carrie’s Bait Boy is behind the wheel

    with the day being this calm, we let Norm get a chance to play. Watch out salmon!!!
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    Van Wormer Resort, Miss Petunia info wanted

    Has anyone fished her recently? We will be down in a couple of months and curious how she and the crew are. I heard she got a rebuild last year.
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    SlapShot’s Saturday tuna run

    Vance, Mikey, Thrasher, me, thewoman, Carrie, and Brad (not from State Farm) on the boat today. It was Carrie’s first trip behind the helm from dock to bait dock, to dock. She did awesome! Real quick post for those going tomorrow. We ran to 25/45, stopped short, killed about 20 on on...
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    Any real estate attorneys

    after reading and rereading the contract on my house sale, I have a couple technical questions. Anyone here a real estate attorney?
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    Just a reminder to stay safe and be prepared

    3 fishermen and boat missing in a Florida. I dare say that there are more boaters off Florida coasts than we have, yet these men are still missing. Do you have a PLB or Epirb? Checked the battery lately...
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    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Anyone else watch this? Saw it tonight. Well worth the time.
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    Tons of tuna

    loads of willing victims around the 20/40 area of Westport. Water has been and should continue to be great. Get your boat out there or jump on one of the big boy or express 6-pack charters!
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    2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    Details to follow. It ate a Shimano flatfall on 40# with a Tranx 401. The leader knot gave after 2.5 hours. We are working on getting the video off the ACI guy’s phone, so all we have is the video of his phone
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    Anyone with a 220 generator in WP

    we could use a generator this afternoon/evening. The one we have here isn’t pushing power.
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    Wanted- licensed plumber

    my dishwasher vent ( on the counter by the sink) sometimes backs up and spills water. I need it fixed in less than 2-3 weeks. Maple Valley
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    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Thursday, 8 Aug 2019. Ok folks. Most know the story behind this shindig. Norm and Carrie have always opened it up to the entire community. Even the actual Mayor came by. Same thing this year. There is alcohol and there are plenty who don’t drink. There will be salmon and tuna fishers, so...
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    FS: Aluminum “cedar” plugs

    I have way to much trolling gear. Should sell it all, as I hate trolling, but it is a necessary evil. So, here is a pack of aluminum cedar plugs. Includes the pack. Some of the eyes are missing. Glue and chewed off. $25
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    FS - Racor S3213 (x2) and M-Y Wedge (x2)

    $30 for the pair of filters. They’ve both been sitting inside a gallon ziplock. $45 for the wedges. Used them on my Yamaha F250s when I had the Grady.
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    Boat storage for sale, comes with free house

    Maple Valley. $1.3M.
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    Property attorney

    need a referral for an estate planner. Someone who can help move my house (mom and dad’s retirement place) into/create a trust for long term planning purposes.
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    Lowrance LGC-12w gps antenna

    Free. Even better if you want to help replace a bearing in the front of my Samurai...
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    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    I have the pair of 78” Calcutta bamboo gaffs we used on the Lumacat, but the color doesn’t match Slap Shot. Norm is working on some hockey stick gaffs, but until then, I figured I’d wrap these in red and white. I haven’t done gaff handles in years. What do I need? Figure 3 sections per gaff...
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    FS - Tuna live bait hooks and Shimano Torium 20 (x2)

    3 packs (48) of heavy #4 circle hooks. $10. $200 for the pair of Torium 20 reels. 30# braid on them. Add your top shot and you should be good to go. The green braid comes with custom boat rash on the side plate for no charge.
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    FS: Two Scotty 1106 downriggers with gimbal bases

    I have no use for these or the gimbal bases. They have the pivot bases too. Rigged up with braid. I know one of them went back to Sportco a few years ago and got redone. I don’t know which one. $600 for everything.
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    Just need albacore

    I’m ready
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    The Brotherhood is stong

    I pulled a multi season elk tag. Haven’t shot archery for over a decade. The old bow is a bit of an antique by today’s standards. Not wanting to drop $1k on equipment for a single hunt, I hit some folks up for archery gear they weren’t using. Found a good bow, but needed arrows. Needed to...
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    Nothing to get excited about here...

    10:57 am shots, so not thermal load on the surface yet.
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    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    I’m at a buddy’s place on the beach in laguna. Went to a swanky place for dinner last night on them. Headed to their other place for a bbq/pool day Sunday and thought I’d grill some bellies and collars for them. Maybe some fresh steaks. Need to get the goods today or tomorrow morning. He did...
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    Spotter aircraft this season???

    So, I may have a couple pilots rather interested in swapping out some flying time for some fish, cash, and or a tuna trip this summer. Sitting around BSing last night (I’m at an airport conference) and we got to talking about tuna fishing and how we look for birds, jumpers, etc. They laughed...
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    HVAC dealers around Olympia

    Ok, so time to buy the new HVAC. I have Pacific Air coming out to bid next week. Anyone have referrals? Otherwise, I’ll me my fingers do the walking...
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    Wanted- crawl space cleaners, Olympia

    Anybody here in the business of cleaning crawlspaces? Need all the old insulation, rat crap, and whatnot removed from an old rental in Olympia. About 26’ x 45’. After the remodel and new HVAC, I’ll need new insulation installed.
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    At least he had tie downs on the transom

    yeah, what could go wrong towing like this. Even the trailer bunks were raised 3” by a couple of 2x8s on each support.
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    Anyone know folks that buy standing timber?

    looking to remove some standing fit and cedar from my place. Nice, mature trees. Would like to make a little cash in the process. Anyone know that kind of tree service? Maybe 20 trees.
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    FS: Old fridge, electric range, and DW - matching set $125

    These items came with the house when I bought it in 2002. I know the range and fridge/freezer work fine. 99% sure the DW works (tenants didn’t say it was broken). You pick them up in Olympia. Bring a friend, I’m about useless for lifting things. $125 for the set.
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    Another why aluminum is superior to fiberglass thread...

    with a little bit of aluminum polish, a random orbital, and some elbow grease, scratches will buff right out..
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    Electric or propane heat?

    The Olympia house (2,300 sqft, 2 stories, 8’ ceilings) is due for updating. The furnace is original 1978. The stove and water heater are dated too. Personally, I hate electric heat and hate cooking on electricity even more. Looking at keeping this house and moving back to it sooner or later too...
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    I need a tractor, w backhoe

    Time to buck up and just buy a new/used toy. Need something for plowing the driveway, pushing crappy alders over, moving the logs, digging a trench for sprinklers, etc. basically. Doing man shit around the house. Here’s what I know, they have 4 wheels and thingies on the front and back...
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    Multi season tags

    Looks like I’m a winner. I’ll be an elk hunting fool.
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    Eating good in the neighborhood

    Picked up a couple dozen xtra-small oysters from National (at Nisqually, $7.50 a dozen) about 1130 today. Fired up the grill at 1800 and were eating grilled oysters with some pepper jack, garlic butter, and chipotle Tabasco by 1830. So damn good! 24 oysters, 4 people... needed more I used a...
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    Not sure I want to fish around gators.

    Dang things are pretty fast...
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    Cast for Kids 7 Sept 2019 Mark your calendars and get signed up so they know how many big kid boats will be fishing this year. Each year we’ve increased the number of BD boats. Let’s keep the trend going. I hope somebody with their fancy new pontoon boat can make some time...
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    Trout stocking for a private lake

    i was contacted by a friend of a friend. They have a 60 acre lake in WA that is up to 50’ deep. Looking to stock it with things that eat green power bait. I suggested Nisqually and Ellensburg trout farms. But, I’m wondering if Trout Unlimitied or some other group might be interested in...
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    Octane rating at WP dock

    does the dock have 87 or 89 octane?
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    Stopped by ACI today

    Went for a ride in their latest 35 x 13. Joey showed me a new modification they made. Pretty slick. Also checked out the new 38 x 15. This is the one that’s getting the quad Yamaha 425s
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    Westport Marina User Meeting 27 March, 10 am

    Dredging, construction projects, and marina improvements to be discussed. McCausland Hall
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    The boat show, the boat show, the Great Miami Intl Boat Show

    Headed across the country. Let the speculation commence...
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    Anybody with a snow plow?

    There’s a really big international boat show this weekend and I have reservations, but I gotta get out of my dam driveway. I tried a to build a redneck plow... That broke, and even with chains on the rear, I lost traction as soon as the front tires left the garage. So then I...
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    Tuesday after MIBS

    I’m headed out to enjoy some in person boat porn at MIBS in 2 weeks. I have all day Tuesday free and don’t fly home to sunny and dry western WA... until Wednesday night. If ya had 1 day to fish for some fun (some good action, not necessarily big fish), who would you recommend I try to book with...
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    trailer weight distribution reminder

    Thing new, but this is a good reminder of why you should set your trailer up properly for the boat you are towing. And for heaven’s sake, don’t tow with a Ford LOL
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    Tie downs optional?

    Just saw these from THT. No idea on the details, but I’m pretty sure this is not the right way to trailer a $700k boat.
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    Hell is pretty damn cold

    Was minding my own business this morning. On my way to work, to be a productive member of society. Get a call from Kiley and Ashley (BadAshFishing) saying that they river looks good (whatever the hell that means) and they are going after steelhead. Do I want to go? Well, it’s 40° and sunny. Not...
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    Plumbing fitting needed

    ok, I need an inline valve for my propane setup in the wall tent. I want to go in between the propane stalk (serves as a splitter) and this hose. The fittings are the standard 1# propane tank fittings. I feed a propane heater, pair of lanterns (on the hose shown) and my propane stove off this...
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    Buying boat from Canada

    Not me! My buddy is wanting to convert his 26’ Glacier Bay into a 35ish’ trawler/cruiser type boat that he and the Mrs can use for cruising/camping in throughout WA and into Canada. He’s seen a couple interesting boats in Canada and asked what I knew about buying one. I know squat. But, I told...
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    Off we go on an armed camping/hiking trip.

    Lots of good food and a big wall tent all ready for our group.
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    Kona fishing recommendations - mid November

    A buddy and his GF are headed to the Kona area next month and want to do some fishing, but trolling around for maybe one marlin doesn't interest them much. They’d rather go fish for tuna, dorado, or GT's in a more active role. Throwing butterfly jigs or other hardware, or even soaking live bait...
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    Anybody in WP with a battery jump kit? 9/27

    trying to grab my buddy’s Glacier Bay to bring home for the weekend and the batteries are dead. Anybody around with a jump start kit?
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    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    He didn’t ask and he probably already has a name, but things like that never stop BD members from offering our opinions and advice. SteelAPrick Broken Glass Gel-Free Meat Tray
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    WTB fresh Ahi around HNL

    A buddy is in town next week and looking to pick up some fresh Ahi (10-15#) to bring home. Any suggestions of where to go?
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    WorkSharp sharpener

    Anyone else use one of these? I can’t hand sharpen anything. I used to use a Gatco with guides and 4 different stones. Loved it, unless I was sharpening a really thick blade. Last month in HI, a guy we fished with showed me the thing before we started cleaning fish. Holy crap. I ended up...
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    Anyone for quad Yamaha 425s?

    This is not my build. Way out of my needs/league, but too cool not to share. The ACI boys sent me this as a teaser. 38’ x 15’, 12-pack with lots of sleeping room for overnights, and quad 425s. Plenty of room to walk around the entire rig. It’ll be going up to Homer, I think. I’ll try to post...
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    FS - 8’ x 30”d x 35”t stainless table

    $250 Heavy duty. Great set up for fish or game cleaning. I guess some of you boys could use it for folding laundry this summer too... Table has a full length/depth lower shelf a few inches from the floor and a 21” x 7” drawer.
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    Had some down time lately, so I cleaned up a bunch of canning bits from last month. I snagged this recipe off the BD recipe forum a few years ago. I could only find Diet Vernors, so I grabbed some other fancy ginger ale from Wines and More. Made up the marinade with fresh diced white onion and...
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    WP crabbing Friday

    anybody have a few pots laying around in WP? We are heading down Thursday afternoon. Thinking about dropping a few pots Thursday night and check on them Friday (well after recovering from Carrie’s party). Then prepping the boat for tuna Saturday. Then back out to check the pots again. I could...
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    Tuna dance and Team work

    Good luck to y’all this weekend. A little video to help get your heart pumping... the guy in the port corner handling his fish, getting out of my way, grabbing the gaff from me, handing we his rod while I go around him, gaffing my brother’s fish, and then giving my bro 3 chances to finally gaff...
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    Loan a couple 65-80# vertical jig/popper rigs?

    I’m headed back to Honolulu next month and should be fishing with another BD member out there, on his Grady 265 :). He’s set up for trolling, and that’s the go to standard out there. But you know me. Down side is my arsenal is way under-gunned for the YFT they encounter. One day of fishing does...
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    Stern corner bait tanks

    Laid up waiting on my back to recover. Has some advantages, like plenty of time to plan my next Lumacat build. Probably a. 28 x 10. Cabin for 4, with rear seat backrest pivoting fore and aft so those folks can face either direction. Pedestal seats up front. Small cuddy up front too. But the...
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    School me on RSW for a 28’ boat

    School me on RSW for a 28’ boat A buddy sent me a link for this system. looks like ~$4k for the unit. We pay $50 for a file tote of ice (800#), loading 500-600# on the boat with the rest in my 1/2 tote on the truck. This is for our 3 months of...
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    Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    Hello. My name is Laurence and I’m a tunaholic. I successfully maintained sobriety for about 9 months. But today, I gave in and spilled blood. We said hi to Norm and Carrie this morning while waiting for ice (0600 was when we could get ice). Loaded the boat up, got her launched, and got a...
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    Tuna will be hitting Ilwaco later today

    Fatcat reported he has double digits as of 11ish today. Just north of the corners (pretty sure they mean 46/125). That’s a 75 mile run from WP, but there’s warm water above them. We are reallly trying to justify making a tuna run tomorrow (instead of salmon). Anyone else considering it and...
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    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    My first tuna WA tuna trips were in my buddy’s new 2052 Trophy with the little Isuzu 4 cyl diesel. Slow as hell and small, but it supped fuel and we picked our days. I bought my NR commander and he got the “ocean” boat. We fished that a few years before he moved to Utah. He came back last year...
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    Anybody going thru UT soon?

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    Building a pseudo outhouse for hunting camp.

    I’m looking for ideas on building a pseudo outhouse for hunting camp. Go ahead and judge me. Yes, I want some creature comforts the 9-10 days I’m elk camp. First problem is, tragedy of the commons. It’s on DNR land. We camp at the same spot year after year for elk camp. But so do others during...
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    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    Can bring my own bean bag. Hell, even one for the captain. Can bring plenty of gear, if you like 1 yr old Shimano, accurate, and a couple Thrashers. Shit, I’ll even bring troll gear and lots of X-raps. :). Have my own pfd, knife, pliers, and plb in case your boat might sink. Might have a...
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    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Pics from 2017.[email protected]/albums/72157689003466815/page1 Our experience from last year. We launch from Gene Coulon, south end of Lake Washington. Just putting...
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    Westport Moorage available 2018

    I won’t have a boat ready for this season, so my slip may be wide open. I have a couple buddies somewhat interested in transient use, but I’m looking for something a bit more financially viable. PM me if interested
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    WTBorrow/Rent flatbed trailer

    I’m looking to return my buddy’s tractor thisnor next weekend. I can do a Uhaul for $103, one way from Maple Valley to Olympia. Anybody wanna make a buck letting me use their trailer?
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    Boat storage on the islands

    Let’s say that a dude from the mainland could take a job and live on any one of the islands. Said dude would be looking to bring a 28-30’ x 10’ Lumacat with him. Trailering back and forth 1-2 days a week with a 1 ton dually (crewcab and 9’ flatbed) isn’t optimal for fun. And the truck seems too...
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    Phones and polarized glasses

    it’s too dark to try this now.
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    Landscaping needed

    I need somebody to level out this part of my yard. The warden had this rock work done last summer and dude left it somewhat level and full of quarry spall. So, I had 24 tons of soil brought in and borrowed a buddy’s 2wd tractor to try to move the soil and level things out. Fuck that. Not my...
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    Road trip to the Islands is 10 days...

    Well, more like a plane trip. Work has me headed SW soon, Mon - Fri (30 Apr - 4 May). I can arrive as early as late on the 27th and stay until 6/7 May if there’s a good opportunity to bring home some fresh Ahi or Ono. A couple of the local boys are trying to line out a boat or two, but I like...
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    Halibut High-graders Caught
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    PSA - Battery covers

    I just finished reading a post on THT. Dude was working on a fuel leak on an inboard. Dropped the wrench onto his battery. Boom and flame. Apparently, ABYC has a code regarding covering batteries/terminals. I never gave it a thought. Lots of us will be prepping our boats, so not a bad time for...
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    Westport stormwatching Sunday

    I’m thinking I’m gonna check out the conditions this Sunday. Looks like a 2.4 knot outgoing about 1130. Figure I’ll watch some fun waves and wind hit the jetty and then grab some grub at Bennett’s or Blackbeards. Can’t make it tomorrow when the wind will really be howling.
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    Need a kill bag stitched up

    Several of you can tell me who does this work way faster than I could use the dang search feature. Anywhere from I5/405 to Olympia and out to Maple Valley please. And get me a quote and set it up for next week please. Thanks.
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    WTB -33x10.50x15 on a 5x5.5

    I’m looking for a spare for the Samurai. Anybody got something that matches the title. Off-road tread. Maybe I should post on
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    Need a hinge

    Where do I get one of these hinges? Needs to be aluminum. Might as well get one with a zero fitting too. Apparently, the flatbed toolbox took a hit during elk camp. Cracked the box and busted the hinge off. I’m in the process of installing an onboard air system on the dually, otherwise I...
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    10-12k winch

    ok. Now that I have the samurai, I need a winch for it. As long as I’m getting one, might as well go multipurpose. So, it’ll fit to a 2”receiver on the front and rear of the samurai and also on the rear of the dually. I don’t mind running the hd power leads 3 times. I have NO intention of...
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    Perfection loop for our albacore?

    anybody use this for your live bait hooks? Save some money versus buying ringed hooks and give plenty of free action to our little anchovies. I met a guy interested in mass-producing albacore leaders so I’m trying to come up with ideas for him to build and then let me test this season. I...
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    Go ahead and laugh, then answer... Kite GoPro

    Ok, I’ve been reading up on and watching kite aerial videos on YouTube. Seems a legit idea rather than a drone. And, with a full walk around on the cat, we have the sides and entire bow to fish from. So a camera mounted at the stern misses a lot. The drone is a PITA and 10-15 minutes per...
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    WTB: Old Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick, or Tracker

    Looking to build a hunting rig from one of these models. Must be 4wd and decent engine. I’ll be upgrading suspension and drivetrain. Prefer a stock rig, so it’s not obviously been roaded hard.
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    Dad’s legacy - How to make it work?

    This is gonna be long, and more for me, than y’all. But, I do need some advice. Ok, we finally settled dad’s wrongful death suit. Just before Christmas. It took nearly 2.5 years. We can’t discuss the settlement terms, but I can say that the local “marine”shop outside of Lake Mead, where dad...
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    My faith in humanity is restored

    Helping friends train their pup at the dog area just north of The old Weyerhaueser facility between 4&4:30 today. I forgot I had the old iPad beside the center console. Fucktard had to look hard to see it. Smash and grab.
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    Lumacat bait tank for sale -52 gallons or so, $700

    The boat is headed to Alaska, bait tank isn't going. So, it's for sale. Roughly 52 gallons. 33" tall, 30" wide, 18" deep. The opening is about 16" x 13.5". We routinely carried 3 scoops of sacrificial volunteers from our friends at WP Seafoods. Custom built by our own Goat, RBW. We...
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    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    I'm bored. I want to start putting together a playlist for my tuna trips. These make the top. Regulate - Warren G & Nate Dogg Move Bitch - Ludacris Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It - Will Smith
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    feral swine webinar in January

    This doesn't really fit, but I figure many of you frequent various outdoor forums in WA. These folks are looking for public input on concerns about feral swine and preventing them from causing the problems in WA that they are known for in most the other states...
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    Damn bleach bottles

    I helped my buddy install a new Raymarine Axiom 9 and M232 FLIR camera on his 2008 Glacier Bay. My buddy was complaining about a very slow drip of water coming into his cuddly. He usually has it in the slip in Olympia, but he brought it home for the electrical. Anyway, I’m walking around the bow...
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    December is starting off pretty good

    This showed up in my office today :). I’ll probably wait a couple of months before I use it
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    9’ x 15’ tent w rain fly

    Nothin special, just roomy. It is fairly dry unless you’re in days of rain. Sleeps 4 within reason, even though is says 6. Last used it about 4 years ago. I have a 14 x 16 wall tent now :). $25
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    Another tragic example - wear a PFD.

    Wear a PFD - increase the odds that you'll be recovered and your family won't be suffering about whether you are alive or dead over the holidays!!!
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    SOS Distress Light

    Got the Black Friday deals for West Marine. Might grab one of these lights and quit worrying about expired flares.
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    Who hates their side by side UTV?

    I'm fishing for UTVs to avoid. I'm considering a small side by side for hunting and general goofing off. Needs a decent bed to haul gear and an elk. A single bench seat is all. I don't need to become a taxi. Not looking for speed either. Just comfortable and reliable transportation in the woods...
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    Pacific marine expo

    Any good reason to go? I wouldn't mind a 1/2-full tote at a good deal.
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    Fresh meat

    pretty funny. I target albacore with fairly light gear, but baby whitetails with dad's 7mm mag. I think 160 grains at 100 yards was too much for this monster to handle ;). One of the guys I made eat a heart this year invited me out to his family cabin in a Colville for late rifle deer, any...
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    Getting sharked out...

    I've been reading about and heari about people complaining about the Sharks this year. Seems more common that in the past. But, what does this actually mean? What's going on when that happens? Because of my deal with the Lumacat, we've fished quite a bit more than in the past, but I've yet...
  114. W

    FS - ice tote

    $50 Not insulated. Contents not included. It does have a lid (not pictured, because I don't haul it). The table under is 4', so you can figure out the rough dimensions. It holds just under a WP tote of ice, so we ask that they over fill it. Here's the measurements...
  115. W

    Heart eater from WY

    I'm trying to get some videos finished. This is a section from when the WY boys were out last month. This was Levi's first adventure off shore :). We had Duramax, ZZZ, and Hollywood on the boat helping out. This was the longest heart chewing I have seen so far LOL
  116. W

    The spoils from Saturday

    Sometimes things line up and the day is great. As y'all read in the early reports, fishing was great. How great? Only bellies the choice pieces for sashimi. The rest went into the canning stash :) And here's just a couple short clips highlighting the action. Yet again, the Shimano iron...
  117. W

    Crazy bait stop -CAST for Kids

    This was the 26th year of this event! And holy crap, it was fun as heck. Craziest part, we were all still up at 0500 and ready roll about first light . A bunch of crazy offshore fanatics with big boy boats took up the ramp at Gene Coulon. As the tons of sparkly boats started showing up. We...
  118. W

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    Hey folks. If any of you are available on the 9th, the annual CAST for Kids charity event is in need of a few more boats and captains. Sounds like there are >40 kids signed up and more on standby, but only 8-9 boats. That means there are lots of...
  119. W

    Lots of tuna teamwork

    Our express boys working together to create happy clients. Far Corners Offshore NW ARSC - Mark actually reached out to us all about a decent bite and lots of marks underneath. How's that for nice tuna fishing water?
  120. W

    1-2 seats open tomorrow - 28 Aug

    I have feelers out to fill 2 seats. My cell coverage sucks down by gray land, so reply here.
  121. W

    The new Raymarine M-232 FLIR on the Lumacat

    Oh boy. I think this is gonna be handy. And it's a tiny edition. Barely any bigger than the GoLight thing that was up there from day 1. It has pan and tilt right from the Axiom MFD. Sorry, I said M235 in the video. Got it confused with my fun car (M235i). It's a M-232.
  122. W

    8/25 Lumacat report

    They are there. They are big. They ate later for us. We were blanking until we converted our troll spread to all Mexican flags. We had trolled several swim baits for a while with nada. But after about 10 minutes on 5 Mexicans, zzzzzzzzzz. Killed 4 more on bait. Trolled back up the line for...
  123. W

    Might have a tuna seat tomorrow (Friday)

    My seventh seat might open tomorrow. Trying to line up a back up just in case he can't make it. I'll be in town in about an hour
  124. W

    8/16 WP tuna run

    Screen shot from the Raymarine Axiom tells it all, very clearly...
  125. W

    WTC Weekend 2017

    Rolled into town midday Thursday with most of my crew for the weekend. IA/MT/Pittsburg Dave, TheWoman, two boys from ACI (1 only fished Friday), and Landshark. Kiley would be down late Friday night, after finishing up with the big sale at Sportco. Had some of the typical pre-fishing set up to...
  126. W

    How's this look?

    Fished WTC today. Headed south. Caught a few ;). Looked like this on the new Raymarine Axiom. The Shimano flat falls and flat sides made them pay!!!
  127. W

    Who will be the big Wieners Saturday?

    We know the food bank and charities are really the big winners of the WTC, but which of you SOBs has the balls enough to claim you're gonna be on the podium? That is, on the podium when they are awarding 1st place? Obviously @goatram will be up there, but I'm not talking about during the...
  128. W

    Considering making a couple fun rides before Norm/Carrie's party

    I'll be down at the boat by 3-330 pm Thursday. I'm up for taking out folks wanting to see how a cat rides. Maybe something like head out across the bar and back. Chime in if there's any interest. If not, I'll relax and help drain the 1.75L of Clown Oil I'm bringing to the party :)
  129. W

    8/6 tuna report, WP

    We sucked again. Headed to 30/30. Trolled all sorts of shit at different speeds and different distances back. No marks within 200'. Headed in a little then out. Then up, then down. The six pack kids were hitting a few here, a few there, and then some steady action for one boat or another...
  130. W


    Doesn't not look fun out there today
  131. W

    West Olympia to Silverdale?

    Hauling the boat up to ACI to adjust the motors later today. How's the road from West Olympia, through Shelton, to Hwy 3, and up to Silverdale?
  132. W

    15 July tuna run on the Lumacat

    Ok, time for a real report from our killing spree last Saturday. We set aside the date a couple months ago and hoped that Mother Nature would be nice to us. We agreed to drag out the @shimano folks and a few managers from @Sportco. I figured we'd be amply covered in tackle from those two...
  133. W

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    We are making plans to head west Saturday. Here's the latest 1-day composite SST from And a little something from
  134. W

    Tuna died of the CR

    Shake N Bake reported that Opportunaty called them in to a huge school today. SW the CR. About the 125 line. Plugged in 3.5 hours. Report on eye fish
  135. W

    Lumacat's 1st tuna run

    .... and we popped another cherry :) All Rivers has been hitting hard with limited results. Some here, none there, a couple here. Tailwalker was out Friday and didn't do well. But with the forecast of 2-3' at 15 seconds and 4-6 knot winds, we put a crew together and searched for the $600...
  136. W

    WTF???? NOAA Buoy 46100 51/58

    When did we get this?????? Conditions at 46100 as of (8:50 am PDT) 1550 GMT on 07/07/2017: Note: This report is more than two hours old Unit of Measure: Time Zone: Click on the graph icon in the table below to see a time series...
  137. W

    Possible seat or two Sunday

    I will be down Saturday to refuel and change the oil/filters in the new 300 hp Suzukis. Figure that as long as I'm down there, I might as well consider fishing Sunday. Juggling some crew around, but it looks like I might have a seat or two open. I'm not here to babysit anyone, so normal drill...
  138. W

    Anyone wantin a hand in WP after 4?

    Long shot here, but one of the younger guys with ACI is doing some work in WP through next week. He's bored after work and would rather help someone clean the boat, clean fish, repair shit after his day job than to sit in his hotel room, watch tv, and waste money on beer. Plus, he is looking to...
  139. W

    Rough opening weekend at Westport

  140. W

    It's almost time...

    Shake N Bake got into tuna out of the CR... Blood was spilled. Let the flood gates open kids!!! A bit of a dichotomy. My live bait set ups are 20-30# mono/floro leaders with #4 - #2 hooks. Finesse fighting. But my iron is about pure and simple about breaking albacore spirits. -The Trevala...
  141. W

    I hope all our trips are like this...

    Finally picked up the new girl and splashed her down at The Narrows, courtesy of Hollywood. Goofed off with Elkins and Dr Tangles, then headed for a bite and drink at Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor. Spent a little time relaxing on the Lumacat sun deck while waiting for a table to open up :)...
  142. W

    Any reports from Waterfall or general area?

    Headed up to Waterfall end of next week and wondering how the fishing has been...
  143. W

    There she goes...

    Pretty sure there is a country song about "That's not my boat in her drive..." She is headed to Jacksonville, FL
  144. W

    Poorly educated boaters (sinking boat)

    But they kept fairly calm. Lots of lessons here. Hopefully, all of us already know them by now. The good stuff starts at 11 minutes.
  145. W

    No Yeti products for me

    Apparently this isn't new news, but I just came across it. They are free to support what they want, just as I am. They won't get any of my support,
  146. W

    Must be getting too nice...

    I even picked up a new bait stick and reel in case I get one of "those people" on the boat :). Notice the difference? And I think I'm well supplied with bait hooks for the season too.
  147. W

    Shrinking pic for signature

  148. W

    Sharing Fishing Expenses

    Every year we get into the discussion of what's a charter and what's not, how to offer seats to legally offer seats, etc. Thought I would post this as a reminder.
  149. W

    It's getting closer.

    The last trip w my dad. Had my brother and my cousin from WY and his buddy. They were virgins, and thought trout were real fish :) p
  150. W

    1st world problem with motor storage

    I ran out to ACI Boats to play with the Lumacat. We have a few little touches to square away before bringing her to WP. Anyway, they wanted to splash the 34' x13' and asked if I'd help. :). It's not a new boat, but one I hadn't ran before. Twin F350s. Thing is a beast. I'm kicking around...
  151. W

    What's in you're offshore 1st aid kit?

    Ice pack Hand warmers Gauze Bandages Tape Advil Tylenol Oxy Betadine Band aids Probably should add some glue, staples, and/or suture kit? What else
  152. W

    Too funny

  153. W

    Local surveyor needed

    i have a buyer for the world cat. His bank needs a survey. Anyone know a local contact? Maple Valley.
  154. W

    Thinking about going knotless

    Ok, I'm gonna be setting up several new Shimano reels. A couple Tranx 400 for jigging with 50# Depth Hunter to 50# flouro and casting surface baits using 50# PowerPro to 50# flouro. Then a few new Toriums for live bait with 30# PowerPro to 25' of 25#, 30#, or 40# mono leaders. I'd like to do...
  155. W

    How to NOT crash a bait stop

    But still get there fast... Last few seconds :) Gotta love pumps
  156. W

    Good luck, PFDs, Ign kill

    Have fun, be successful, and please stay safe. First big run of the year, so take your time and enjoy the water.
  157. W

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    i believe we have some white ass SOBs running around the other CR. I hope they brought plenty of sun screen.
  158. W

    Info on 17' Fishrite in WP?

    anybody have any info on this boat? A 2001 with Yamaha 100 hp with 150 hours on it. Blue canvas top.
  159. W

    Any Stihl dealers?

    I'm looking for a kick ass articulating gas hedge trimmer. Anyone here a dealer?
  160. W

    Help Name the Lumacat... We have no name for this Lumacat. Help us pick one. The chosen name will go on the brow of the hardtop. Post your suggestions. We will take the winner tuna fishing on the Lumacat this summer, out of Westport, on our dime...
  161. W

    The new boys learn fast

    When I gave the ACI Boys their custom etched RTIC tumblers, I added a couple BD stickers. Swung by the shop today (had nothing to do since it was a federal holiday and all...) and saw this: They had this little gem just sitting at the dock, all bored. She sure sits tall and is gonna let a...
  162. W

    Short distance two-way headsets

    folks, I need suggestions for a couple of the shortest range twonway radios with headsets. Basically, I'm looking for quiet and discrete communication between a driver and spotter in the truck bed.
  163. W

    Goat has competition.

    Finally had time to walk around the boat show last night. Came by this. Needs some rod holders for sure tho.
  164. W

    Ford F350 or Ranger?

  165. W

    The Other Pink Meat

    A couple years ago, at a WTC I think, #RolltheBones overheard me talking about trying to dry age some beef and buying full loins of prime ribeye from Costco. We got to talking and he kinda got that look of, you dumb shit. You really don't know shit about meat do you... hahaha. Apparently...
  166. W

    Tell me about Waterfall Resort, Ketchikan, in June

    I have an opportunity to join some buddies on a mid June trip up there. is the place worth the travel? PMs are plenty welcome. Thanks
  167. W

    Winner winner, tuna dinner Local boy is a winner after all Looks like I'll be sporting a new Accurate BV-400 shortly :finger::finger:
  168. W

    2017 salmon derby dates???

    Care to share whatever links for dates for the various upcoming salmon derbies? Probably gonna go for boat rides to help dial in the new ACI Sport Cat before we hit the ocean.
  169. W

    Who had the small "bow rail/cage" for casting?

    i remember seeing pics of a pivoting rail/cage that somebody fabbed up on the bow of their glass boat. A couple pins in the bottom and it laid flat or stood straight up. Came up about waist high, perfect for one guy to be able to lean forward, left, or right we'll throwing iron, poppers, etc...
  170. W

    Questions on bilge and bait tank pumps?

    Ok, I'm looking to add a bit more comfort to elk camp this year. A hot shower. I already have a 4-5 gallon aluminum pot for heating water on the campfire or stove. I have a 12 volt dc 1.2 amp hour sealed lead acid battery and a small 12 vdc solar panel. I'm considering using my spare bilge...
  171. W

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    It's windy, it's pouring rain, Ma nature is flexing her might, and there's no football on. Perfect time to be a good employee and work, work, work. Until I got an email with some attachments from ACI Consolidated (Cory Armstrong's new shop)... 30ish foot LOA - Notice the squared front that...
  172. W

    Winter tires for a dually

    I need some recommendations. I make a point to put winter rubber on the fun cars, even the AWD, so it seems to make sense to do the same for the new dually (2015 Chevy 3500 4wd). It appeared to handle well the few times I drove it, but not so well in the snow when we went hunting. Actually...
  173. W

    WY deer down

    Year two hunting with my cousin south of Jackson. Brought a quad this time and he had two waiting for us. Took 3 trips to pack camp in. Rain, sun, sleet, snow, repeat! But, it was worth it. Hunted 4 days and saw does, fawns, more does and fawns, and 1 forky. Lots of does with twins though...
  174. W


    Chasin tail popped a couple of these on the flat fall, under a patty. Silly kid. Then me and Waterdog landed a few of these on our pink/white flat sides. The new state record pomfret... Oh yeah, and only 6 real fish. 1 group of jumpers was all we saw. In and out of the fleet all day...
  175. W

    Wednesday (14 Sept) Roll Call...

    The dog days of summer are behind, so the cat will play.
  176. W

    FS: salmon nets (2)

    Handles are 48". Baskets are pretty deep. Measurements are in the pics. $20 each This one is a Frabill.
  177. W

    FS: Ice tote/bin

    It's a little wider at the top than the bottom. Exterior dimensions at top are about 41"x47"x25.5"t Not insulated, but the top seats pretty firmly. Ice up in the morning, offload 1/2-2/3 into your boat, and you'll still have ice when you get back that afternoon. Some melt/leakage will occur...
  178. W

    Who will be out Saturday?

    I'm going. Crew ready. Hotel booked. Plan to ice up Friday before 5. Be at the boat at 0530 Saturday. Who else is playing?
  179. W

    How many people will be shooting behind dove shortly?

    I haven't been dove hunting in years, but they sure are a hoot. How many folks will support the ammo industry on 1 Sept? :)
  180. W

    Headed to WP tomorrow. Worth bringing crab pots?

    bringing my out of state cousins for some tuna action this week. Is it worth dropping a few pots on the way out?
  181. W

    Who is at the game tonight?

    Got my BIL's suite tickets. Wooooo whoooooo SEEEEEEEAAAAAA....
  182. W

    Wall tent set up in wilderness.

    Gonna pack in this year and figure the 167# of internal frame for my 14'x16' wall tent is a bit too much to add to the horses. So, I'm thinking we will cut some poles down or recover dropped ones for the A-frame and ridge pole, etc. So, 7 poles. Any tips or hints for keeping it simple. Being...
  183. W

    More custom tin from young Nick Ruddnick

    The boy needs help learning how to fight a tuna, but he is pretty darn good at custom tin. I asked if he was interested in fabbing up a set of tool boxes for behind the wheels on my dually and he jumped on it. He designed and cut the rocket launcher for my old rig, so I know he does good work...
  184. W

    Well? WTC Updates?

  185. W

    Be safe tomorrow

    Supposed to be a fun event and a chance to stock the food bank's shelves full of protein. Be safe out there. PFDs and pay attention while running and fishing. We don't want to read about hooks in arms, broken ankles, etc. It'll be a long run and day, so get some damn rest too.
  186. W

    Tempbreak shows a good temperature break

    But its about 47 00 minutes over 126 20 minutes...
  187. W

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    I've had a few people PM me about Scopace. So here's the deal to me. I'm not a doctor, but I wil puke on most of our personal-sized monohulls. This is not intended to get into what works for you or doesn't, Not about Dramamine versus Bonine, versus ginger this or that. It's just what I've...
  188. W

    Tasty time of the year

    Inner portion of loin. Semi frozen while sliced. Added white onion, cucumber, jalapeño, and covered with Ponzu. Sooo good
  189. W

    Where to find solid surface countertop remnants?

    i need a few decent countertop pieces for the garage cabinets. Anybody got a line on places that sell remnants? Hoping to find something to closely match what we already have.
  190. W

    Any open tuna seat for active military?

    i need an open seat this weekend. My buddy, and TheWoman's husband, is active military and is looking to fish. He wasn't around to fish last week or this week (on a mission), so I didn't get him out. And he's headed out again pretty soon. I know it's last minute, but this weekend looks good...
  191. W

    7/20 report

    Geesh Bud/Corey. A guy goes out, kills the crap outta fish, posts up a quick report promising the full write up later and y'all don't even give him time to properly take care of all those fish... I see how ya are. Bitches. :finger: Hahahaha His got done trimming all the loins down to sashimi...
  192. W

    Heading for tuna 20 July

    Hoping back on Chasin Tail's NR, with Ugly Bayliner and TheWoman. Looking to run down to 15/55 or so, unless something tells us to stop sooner. Will post up results tomorrow evening.
  193. W

    16/56 - 12 July Tuna

    Jumped on Chasin Tail's new 27' NR for a tuna run. Had ugly bayliner and too many hobbies along to babysit us. Well damn. Morning started calm and flat, but about 60 minutes into the ride towards 30/55 we hit a squall and I was woken up from my bean bag slumber. Damnit! Trugged out the rest of...
  194. W

    Posting Coordinates: Reminder

    Make sure you are giving/receiving coordinates in the right format. These two coordinates are the same spot. Decimal Degrees: 46.50 x 124.50 Deg, Min, Sec: 46°30' x 124°30' To get the degree symbol using your smart phone or tablet, hold the 0 (zero) button down. In a moment, the 0 and °...
  195. W

    I need a bunch of new windows

    Anybody here sell/install Windows?
  196. W

    2011 World Cat 290cc center console catamaran, $123k

    29' X 9'6" Twin Yamaha F250s, 277 hours. Dual 125 gallon fuel tanks 20 gallon freshwater tank with nozzle in stern Windlass, anchor, 300' rode Wrap around full windshield with speed and intermittent control, plus freshwater wash Large center console storage area with marine head (never used and...
  197. W

    Best sushi near San Diego Conv Center

    in town for a convention and wouldn't mind hitting some great sushi. I figure some of you boys can help a Wahigoogan out with a recommendation.
  198. W

    Talented UglyBayliner

    Fancy and functional boat towers and rocket launchers aren't the only thing this guy does. He gets seriously "hardcore" custom. My neighbor's spent the spring/summer building a new patio and outdoor kitchen. So, I asked Steve if he could fabricate a couple of special BBQ implements. He made...
  199. W

    Public Service Announcement

    This also applies to people driving white Crewcab F250/350s with a matching 22-23' NR with non-contrasting white/gray registration numbers. :frehya2: This was about 1730 today, northbound I5 through Lacey/DuPont. Don't feel too bad though. Some other entitled dude was 5 rigs back towing a...
  200. W

    PFDs are a lot easier to wear than trying to swim It's easy to see how clipping in to your Ign kill switch can't always be done, but wearing your pfd can be.
  201. W

    Free (broken) 25kw water cooler Generac generator

    WATER COOLED the strater took a crap on the generator and mice got into the wiring. Rather than try to repair it, I started new. The motor itself still works. Come get it and you can have it. I may be able to arrange borrowing the neighbor's tractor to load it.
  202. W

    No slip but sweet new rod transport

    Someone still needs to buy my old truck bed rocket launcher! Got my new aluminum flatbed installed a few weeks ago. Had a custom fabricated rod tray built under the flatbed itself. 8.5" L X 42.75" W X 4.87" D. I hit TAP Plastics today and picked up some 1" starboard. Laid the rods out...
  203. W

    I need a plumber in Olympia

    looks like my rental house is in need of a new well pump, pressure tank, reply Bing between, new hot water heater, and some plumbing repairs inside the house, maybe even new lines (built in 1978). Anyone got mad skills and deals?
  204. W

    Broker or escrow suggestions for selling boat to private party

    My boss has a buyer for his Arima. Boss is here (moving), buyer in Utah. Both want protection, but want to close the deal quickly. I suggested they use an escrow person to take the money and title and do the swap. Option 2 was to take it to a boat broker and let him take care of the details...
  205. W

    Really West Marine??? PFD sale fail

    Holy crap. Just got my new Inflatable offshore PFDs from WM. Both look like this... YGTBFSM!!!
  206. W

    Just for Dr Fong

    winter footwear...
  207. W

    Need my backup generator replaced at home

    I'm looking at replacing my back up generator. It was an old water cooled commercial 20 or 25kw running on propane. New one will be a new air cooled 22kw. I need the old one removed and new one wired up. I got a bid through D-squared in North Bend, but they just gave a final price and refused...
  208. W

    15-hole truck headache rack rocket launcher

    I had this rocket launcher built for my truck last summer by another BD member. Then somebody crashed into my fender well, so I'm getting a flatbed installed. The flatbed is being built with integrated rod storage and the rocket launcher won't fit anyway. As such, the launcher is up for sale. It...
  209. W

    Road kill recovery Salvaging road-killed deer and elk On April 8, 2016, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission approved a measure allowing people to salvage deer or elk killed in motor vehicle accidents under certain circumstances. This was not previously allowed...
  210. W

    Used cutting boards, big ones,wa/auction/view?auc=1574291 Looks like 6 of them. Build your tackle station or fish cleaning tables...
  211. W

    Truck Rocket Launcher (15 hole)

    Anybody around Charleston or Myrtle Beach interested in a custom 15 hole truck bed rocket launcher? I had this built last summer and then had a guy take out a fender on my truck, so I'm having an aluminum flatbed built for me. It'll have a custom rod tray under the bed, so I don't need this...
  212. W

    Spinning rod for casting 4oz Hogy epoxy jigs

    I'm looking for recommendations for a spinning rod to really launch these jigs out there. They are fairly light, don't really require much in the way of rod action, so the casting distance is what I'm looking for. It'll mostly be used by crew on the bow as we roll up onto jumpers, as in 18-30#...
  213. W

    Why the rear helms?

    I don't quite u derby and the thinking with adding the rear helm on most of our boats. I'm not saying that I do not understand the need for some sort of steering or throttle control though. I just don't get the need for a wheel and throttles, plus the cables and hoses those require, all takin up...
  214. W

    R&R an outboard - not mine

    Thx. Deleted
  215. W

    Landscaper needed

    Maple Valley. My yard got hammered last summer. Grass died (not dormant) but weeds didn't. My back isn't up for running the tractor back and forth over the 1 ish acre of lawn. Need the weeds killed, Need it harrowed or otherwise broken up, Want it amended with compost, Need it reseeded...
  216. W

    Hunting camp is getting better

    Things should be a bit more comfy come hunting season. 14' X 16' Davis Wall Tent with a 7.5'x14' awning. Screened door and 3 screened Windows. Those are 7'x3' cots and the trash can is where my rocket stove will go. The stove exhausts from the bottom via 6" ducting. The ducting will run...
  217. W

    1 central 50 gallon or twin 30 gallon bait tanks in the corners

    Which would you rather have for our fishery? - 1 single 50 gallon bait tank in the middle of your cockpit, with room around it to maneuver with 4 rod holders and net holder on the front, even the useful cup holders around the lid. OR, - 2 30 gallon bait tanks, one in each stern corner, two rod...
  218. W

    Hitch mounted mud flaps

    quit throwing rocks at my rig behind you or onto the hull of your Clorox bottle. Draw Tite Adjustable Best price I found on the web was $229. It's yours for $150.
  219. W

    Bunch of air ride seats,wa/auction/view?auc=1525039 Some of you should go in together for these seats. Used, but could be pretty great deal. Smooth out your ride.
  220. W

    WTB 30 gallon steel drum

    I'm building a small rocket mass heater for my wall tent and I want a 30 gallon steel drum for it. Craigslist has loads of 55 gallon ones and 30 gallon plastic ones, but no 30 gallon steel ones. Anyone have one laying around?
  221. W

    Boyt H11 pistol case/ditch box

    I needed a pistol case to fly a Colt 1911 home from mom's. Only non-POS case I could find was a pair of Boyt H11 cases. I don't need either, but I'll keep one. Means the other is for sale. They are $45 plus tax on Amazon Prime. I'll sell this for $40...
  222. W

    Headache rack Rocket Launcher - 15 holders

    Price drop!!! $675. Young Mr Nick Rudnick fabricated this for me this year. Some of you have seen it in person. All aluminum. 15 holes. Fits a full size pick up. Keep your rods, guides, and reels from getting scratched and broken. Shortly after getting it installed I had a guy hit my rear...
  223. W

    2011 World Cat 290CC, center console catamaran: $128,000

    I'm selling my favorite boat thus far. Please see my listing in the WA forum if you are interested. Thank you
  224. W

    2011 World Cat 290CC, $128k

    Most of a you know the deal. After losing Dad being thrown out of his bass boat this summer, I decided I need a catamaran with a small pilot house. So, the World Cat is up for sale. There is nothing wrong with this boat. In fact, it's been my favorite boat thus far, but I need a change. She...
  225. W

    Dude looking for input on a Defiance 250ex Figured he'd get more help for y'all.
  226. W

    auto tether group buy Been a while coming, but seems like it's a go. Not sure if y'all have seen this or not.
  227. W

    WTB: Wall tent and stove

    I'm looking for a deal on a wall tent and stove. No rush, so I can be picky. -14/16'w x 16/18'l x 5' sides, -Decent shape, -Screen on the front and at least a rear window, -Internal frame, preferably aluminum, -Sod cloth. No floor attached. Will mostly be used truck camping, but will go on...
  228. W

    Impressive rod repair by T2shortB

    On occasion, my crew can be a little rough on rods. Hauling the 15 rods back and forth between home, truck, hotel, truck, boat, truck, home and banging them around on the boat, things get chipped, scratched, and plain broke. I solved most of that by having Nick fab up my truck rocket launcher...
  229. W

    Any recommendations for BC moose outfitter?

    My neighbor keeps bugging me about us going on a moose hunt. He's checking AK, Manitoba, Saskatchewan. I'd rather drive somewhere so we can haul the meat home. So, I'm thinking BC. Anyone have any experience with outfitters up there, eh?
  230. W

    Help me find a flatbed for my 2015 Chevy 3500 Dually

    Had somebody bump the fender of my new truck. Looks like the shop wants $3,300 for the repair. My idea is to apply that cash towards a flatbed with at least storage boxes below. Preferably aluminum and glad t buy a decent used one. Any suggestions of where to look for something? How hard...
  231. W

    Spike down.

    Hunted our butts off. Poured rain all day Saturday. Only had this little view of LndShrk and TheWoman across the draw from me. After 1/2 day swimming (so it seemed), we headed back to camp, drained the fire pit, killed some trees, and poured cocktails. We all agreed, if it's still rainin...
  232. W

    Let's name Cornfed's new boat

    Tommy hasn't asked, he hinted a name to Duramax, we don't even know any of the specifics. But hell, this is BD, we don't need any of that shit. Who doesn't love a boat naming thread????
  233. W

    Plumber and appliance repair needed

    the wife's oven took a crap. It's not heating. I replace the temp sensor and nada. Pulled the heating element and there is only 16 ohms resistance, so that's good. I can replace the control board for $230 or so and hope that helps, or get a repair guy to fix it. Oven is a GE Oven/micro combo...
  234. W

    Need Xmas ideas 6 and 13 yr old nephews

    I'm thinking about giving them a camping/fishing trip this year. A boys-only trip. Looking for quantity over quality. Maybe even guided. Any recommendations come to mind? Also considering separate gifts. Taking the older boy for 1-2 days of shooting lessons: pistol, shotgun, and rifle. That...
  235. W

    Who is lookin for a Grady 282?

    no affiliation, but seems like someone could negotiate a great price
  236. W

    Hose bib in WP

    Looks like I'll be pulling the World Cat this weekend/Monday. Just don't see a good reason to keep paying moorage while the wind blows and swells build. I want to power wash the bottom crap off immediately after pulling her from the water. Hoping maybe someone will allow me to swing by their...
  237. W

    Off to Wyoming

    Me, @TheWoman, and her hubby just loaded (and holy crud, I do mean loaded) their new F350 PowerJoke and we are headed east. They were nice enough to not put anything but a sleeping bag, pillow, back pillow, and a Tupperware container of freshly baked apple-cinnamon donuts in the back seat. Gonna...
  238. W

    Find a way to the 125 line or beyond.

    Took a group of rookies out yesterday and played deckhand all day. Fun guys, but that stuff is work. Hats off to you boys that do it day in and day out. Fish are thick. In number and girth. My guys tried everything to kill the bite and lose fish, but they still put 28 in the boat. Plenty of our...
  239. W

    Some pretty damn great friends

    @TheWoman, her hubby, and Lndshrk swung by the house tonight. Said that had something for me, something to honor my dad. I walk to the back of her F350 and there is a long rod tube. I open it. And inside are two custom-wrapped Rainshadow RCLB80L 8' bait sticks. 15-30#. One for me and one for...
  240. W

    WSDOT oversized permit questions

    I've pretty much decided that I'll be transitioning to a wider cat with a pilot house (obvious personal reasons). I pulled a monthly permit to get the boat from home to WP and will pull another to get her home form WP to home (it's 9'6"). My garage is 12' wide and I only tow 2-4 times a year...
  241. W

    Rod sleeves and reel covers for sale...

    Cause I won't be needing them anymore, bitches :finger: Young Mr Nick Rudnick set me up with this sweet little truck bed rocket launcher. I was originally looking at buying some tubes from him, then he mentioned working for who he does and having his own CnC machine. My mind immediately...
  242. W

    Tuna bellies

    Finally got around to grilli some tuna bellies. My first time not saving them for bait. Gave them a quick water rinse, patted dry, scored the sheath. I had 8 bellies resting in the fridge, so I grabbed 4 different spices. Had the grill fired up on medium high. Placed the bellies skin side...
  243. W

    Help removing curtains

    anyone around WP that I can talk through to remove my spray curtains on the Cat? 360489 9990
  244. W

    Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    This was the week that my dad and mom were going to come visit in the motorhome. Sat/Sun at the house, then Mon-Fri in Westport, then Sat/Sun back at the house. My brother was to come as well as my little cousin and his friend from WY (they are taking us on the deer hunt that me, dad, and...
  245. W

    Dad had a secret weapon or two hidden away

    can't wait to put my new gear to the test...
  246. W

    I need an expert with Baystar Steering and a Merc 150L

    please pm or call me if you are or can refer me to an expert in both devices. Bay star steering and a 2013 Mercury 150L. Dad had an accident with his bass boat involving both of these. Laurence 360.489. 9990
  247. W

    Dad update - bad

    Dad's boat was found on Lake Mead Monday afternoon. He wasn't in it. Boat was found, running, throttle position near 80+%. Tells me he was running up on step, power head still working, but lower unit broken. I met the National Park Service officer as the boat was towed back to the marina. I...
  248. W

    Thanks BD Brothers and Raymarine Mike

    At least I think it was Raymarine Mike. Heading back to the barn Friday and the Cat was lugging a bit as I powered up running over the swells. Just seemed heavy. Went to the port stern and popped the Armstrong deck plate. Lots of water in the bilge. Bilge pump wasn't getting juice. Grabbed...
  249. W

    5 Aug tuna report

    Paid my extra fee for ripcharts to get the better service than what they'd been selling me for the last 4-5 years or so. Pulled up the enhanced SSTs and Chloro and then compared those to the free images on tempbreak. Things may have matched. Thought I'd head out to 125°37'32.07" over...
  250. W

    WTC rule clarification.

    On the handing off/receiving crap... Does this apply mochas, cocktails, and freshly BBQ'd bacon cheeseburgers? I really don't want The Mixer to get DQ'd cause they are nice enough to take special orders. :).
  251. W

    WP rental wanted 24-28 Aug

    Family is coming out end of the month. Mom and dad are bringing their 29' motor home. The. There will be 4-5 guys (1 can crash in the motor home). Looking for a reasonable place where dad can park the RV with water and electric. Then the rest of us sleep in the house. Anyone want some spare...
  252. W

    Go get 'em whenever the weather is safe enoguh for your boat to be out

    Yes, the tuna are in, they are thick, and many are bigger than normal for this early in the year. We had about 15 -20 of the normal 15-20# fish, but a surprising number near and over 30#, including one that was over 39# after bleeding.
  253. W

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

    We anticipate leaving the dock at 0530. I'm waiting until Friday to decide where we will start. But west for sure. I think. I'd like to split a tote of ice Saturday evening with someone going Sunday. That way we wil have plenty for the ride home and overnight storage. PM me if interested in...
  254. W

    Surplus ice maker,wa/auction/view?auc=1410106
  255. W

    Canning question

    how long does it usually take your 23 qt pressure cooker to get up to pressure??? Mine is about 45 minutes and still not at 10 psi
  256. W

    Tailwalkers Coldwater

    Holy smokes. That thing is a beast. We ran side by side on the way in today, until I backed off. Apparently, his crew saw my skegs a few times :)!! Sure looked like a fairly smooth ride in his boat too. 40+ mph. We got a couple really cool pics of his boat cruising through the slop...
  257. W

    7/12 WP tuna.

    Windy and confused, but very fishable. Ran to 46°47 x 125°00. Crew started getting the gear in and I pulled the spray contains off. The three bean bags got tied up onto the hardtop. 2 minutes later and HOOK-UP. That fish turns into 3 more live bait fish immediately. I love it when the crew...
  258. W

    What a great marina

    have this waiting for me... Thanks to whoever.
  259. W

    Salmon #s for this afternoon

    I'm going to try to get a couple hours of salmon fishing in before the PSA meeting. So, I'm gonna be that guy. I would appreciate anyone fishing today or yesterday PM me a heads up on where the fish were. I'll literally have 2 hours to fish. Thanks in advance. And you know I'm good for the...
  260. W

    Who is running for tuna Sunday (12 July)

    I have a full crew. Be leaving the bait pens by 0600. Gonna be a short night after the PSA Oceans meeting.
  261. W

    Help me pick out a hunting pack

    i have a pretty nice pack, but it only has two zipper pockets. It also has a built in seat thing. Don't need the seat weight and would like some compartments. Seen those fancy packs that have a gun case built into them, but not sure that's actually useful.mmi have a couple hydration bags...
  262. W

    A bit breezy tonight

    Does it mean it is windy when the Museum takes the flag down???
  263. W

    Wanted: small engine repair

    I have this engine running a water pump. Use it for irrigating parts of my lawn. The thing came from an buddy and sat all year. It's gonna need a good tune up and carb rebuild I'm sure. Anyone here able and interested?
  264. W

    4 limits and 20 gallons

    Fished straight out in 140-145'. Lots of fish, lots of whales, and gobs of bait. Birds were thick too. Water was flat and no wind. A couple sprinkles of rain. Irish cream and cop cars on divers out preformed the same things with flashers on the downriggers with 80-140' of wire. Lots of...
  265. W

    Say goodbye to your Shimano Jigs...
  266. W

    Nobody wants to fish this afternoon?

    Really good reports the last couple of days. I'm gonna be at the boat by 2. It's just sitting there, without any blood on it. WP
  267. W

    Open pink meat seats 23/24

    If I can get a crew together for tomorrow (Tuesday, 23 June), I'm going to work until 11-12 (in Oly) and then head down to the boat. Looking to fish the afternoon. Then, wake up Wednesday (24 June) and fish again. I have offers out to my normal crew, but at short notice, some of them may not...
  268. W

    2007 Grady White 232 - no affiliation Looks very clean. Not 100% sure about having enough power. And even a 2007 GW Marlin 300 for $80k. Wowser...
  269. W

    Western WY muley tags

    Dad, the woman, her hubby, and I got drawn for deer in western WY. Woooowhoo. My little cousin and his business partner live out there. His partner's father in law guided for 20 years. We wil be packing in for 7 days or so, on horse. My cousin and his partner came out to fish with me, dad...
  270. W

    Welcome to the Bright Side

    Step one, find bait. Step two, catch fish: Step three, continue until limited on kings and silvers, with two yellowtail to boot. Was a bit lumpy and breezy, but we succeeded. Had some good intel from Fishin' Luhrs, GH Fishing, and Genie Aye Thanks guys. Sure was a lot easier...
  271. W

    Possible open seats

    it's pretty likely that I'll be down Friday afternoon and want to fish a bit late afternoon/early evening, then again Friday morning. I have no crew for Friday and maybe a seat for Saturday. MUST have experience salmon fishing in swap and your own good shit. I suck and only think I have the...
  272. W

    rule 1500 bilge pump issue

    Educate me please. Port pump would come on automatically and stay on for periods longer than I was comfortable. Starboard would come one automatically and click off in what seemed a normal time. So i bought a new RULE 1500 for the port side. Auto isn't working. Push the button for 5 seconds and...
  273. W

    Recommend 3 Mooching setups please

    I know this guy, nobody you know, who wants a couple mooching rigs. He's never done it, but says he'd rather try that than just trolling. Says he'll mostly fish WP. He's a cheap SOB, but doesn't want crappy gear either. Good equip, for the money. Thanks Tekota 300 and 8'6" IM7 rods were...
  274. W

    Changed the spark plugs and checked the anodes

    about 200 hours on the F250s and figured I might as well give the plugs and anodes a looksie before she gets moored next weekend. Good piece of mind getting things removed, inspected, and replaced as needed. Swapped the plugs, but didn't bother with the anodes. This is the worst anode. I did...
  275. W

    Lengthening anchor rode

    I see that West Marine has anchor rode 40% off. I already have 300' of 1/2" and am thinking about adding another 300'. Any problem w being able to braid two sections together and still have it get through my windlass?
  276. W

    Dove hunt trade

    I have some family visiting again this summer. They be around for a week or so. Thinking it would be fun to maybe throw in a dove hunt, but I'm not interested in running to the Yakama Res to compete with everyone else. Especially when time is limited. Might have a buddy or two too. In...
  277. W

    Crappy bottom paint

    While working on the boat today I noticed some flaking of my ablative bottom paint on the aft end of the starboard sponson. Looking closer and I saw a nice sized bubble of paint. So I gave it is couple scratches with my finger nail and look what popped off... Pretty surprising. Upon further...
  278. W

    deep fryer tips

    We have a little fryer that holds between 1 and 1.5 gallons of oil. Has it's own basket that drops into the oil. Set the fryer to 375F. Lowered the empty basket into the oil. Dropped fresh strips of black rockfish into the beer batter, grabbed it with tongs, then set in the oil and repeated...
  279. W

    Bottom fish on the Goldrush, 25 April

    Dang, sure is nice fishing on a charter. Kevin and Collin sure do bust their asses. They got very good at retying new gear on for one of my buddies. Apparently, he thought we were fishing FOR the bottom... Nobody had to bait their own hook. Heck, nobody had time to anyway. When we needed a...
  280. W

    NOAA pinpoint marine forecast

    what the heck did NOAA do to their pinpoint forecast for wireless devices???? Why is there no map to select from anymore?
  281. W

    Punishment for feeding sea lions?

    I heard that either Ilwaco or Astoria was looking to or has some fairly stern rules about not feeding the damn sea lions in the marina. 1st offense is a warning, 2nd is a $250 fine, and 3rd is good bye to your moorage. Whether true or not, I sure wish WP would do something like that. Heck, I'd...
  282. W

    Kotzebue in mid may

    I will be in town mid May working and trying to decide if I should arrive early, on time, or stay a couple days late. Any idea if there will be fishing opportunities or anyone interested in swapping a trip? I could return the favor with some albacore fishing out of WA.
  283. W

    Telephone access for residential gate

    Anybody here know anything about access systems I can buy that will allow me to call my gate from anywhere, push a code, and have the gate open?
  284. W

    Mean sea lions down south. Surprised it doesn't happen all the time up here.
  285. W

    Albacore Jigging Stick (spinning) comparison

    I'm looking at adding another jigging stick and seeking more input. Probably gonna grab a Daiwa Saltist Stt5000H with 50# braid to 30# floro. Use 110-168 gram jigs. That'll give me 53" of line per crank. I can have it at my door for $220 with the line. Thinking about the Trevala. TVSS63M...
  286. W

    Bottom fishing questions

    First off, good things happen to those who attend the PSA Oceans Meetings. Next meeting, April 4 in Olympia. If enough people show up, I may not buy any raffle tickets... I won the Grand Prize - a free bottom fishing trip with Kevin V., aboard the Gold Rush. I need some pointers. 1) what...
  287. W

    FS: Dual Outrodders $50

    I have no need for these. $50 for the pair Use 'em for trolling and still retain your upright rod holder. Aluminum. One has plastic inserts in each holder. Both have a place for a tether.
  288. W

    Guy selling a 28"x48" Reliable Kill Bag, $150 Seems a decent asking price and he's willing to ship for $20...
  289. W

    Wide Load Permits

    Is this the permit you guys get? Boat is 9'6", so I should get a permit for hauling her to and from Westport.
  290. W

    Big thanks to Kenzmad

    Here I was, minding my own business eating some tuna salad, enjoying a Crown&7 (cause I'm a puss and don't like it straight up). When from outside, the wife and I hear a noise. An alarm buzzer. SHIT Literally. The septic alarm. The only thing I know about septic's is they smell like shit and...
  291. W

    FS: Garmin GPS 17x, $75

    this has been on the boat for about 5yrs. I have no need for it.
  292. W

    FS: Garmin GSD 22, $200

    I have no real need for it, so might as well sell it. You just need a transducer. $200 and you cover shipping if not local.
  293. W

    Another little upgrade for the World Cat

    For being and offshore machine, it doesn't have the accessible tackle storage I would like. So I'm slowly customizing her to fit my needs. The bait tank top was made to double as a seat. So the back of the helm seat has a cushion on it too. Worthless for me. The bait tank is for bait, not crew...
  294. W

    Icom IC-M412 VHF for sale Upgrading my vhf to full Nmea 2k so I can call from my Garmin 5212. This Icom work perfectly, allows for MMSI calling from the radio itself. Even allows you to program a list of folks with their MMSI. Lets you do...
  295. W

    Honda motor guys, NMEA2k cable

    im gonna help my buddy tie his 2011 Honda 135 outboard to his chartplotter. I already got him The cable from BOE. He tried to run it and had two problems. 1) it's 3' short and 2) he's not sure where to run the cable through the motor cowling. I can cut the Nmea 2k cable and solder/shrink tube...
  296. W

    Which transducer? both?

    The World Cat has two transducers. But had one plotter. So I never used the M260. There's a B164 already in the hull. Trying to decide if it'll be worth putting the M260 back in and connecting it the other plotter. I have a 5212 and 4208.
  297. W

    BD on 4g, but not wifi

    What did I screw up? I can get Bd on 4g, but not my wifi at home. Iphone has to have wifi off, no iPad or laptop access. Wtf???
  298. W

    Who uses siriusXM weather offshore?

    Thinking about adding the Garmin GXM51, mostly for SSTs. I figure rip charts is $90 a year, but I only need it for 3 months or so. SiriusXM is $30 a month, so pretty much the same price, but I would have the data on my chart plotter and then have all the weather stuff too. Question I have...
  299. W

    Added a plotter

    I was screwing around with using my IPad for basic navigation purposes. But the. My buddy ended up upgrading his Garmin 4208 to a 4210. Funny thing is that I sold him the 4208 from my Grady when I upgraded that to a 4212. So it's back home. Had to pull the mounting board, 5212, and the GHC 10...
  300. W

    2007 Defiance Admiral 250 in FL. Asking ~$45k

    Not mine, just saw the add on the hull truth. Seems like a decent price. I'd have some hesitations about the F225 and corrosion, depending on what year the motor is.
  301. W

    A bit more reasonably priced Cat

    i don't think the Glacier Bays win any races, but sure are stable and smooth. Price seems at a decent starting point and pretty low hours on the F150's. Would need some eisenglass, and a heater for...
  302. W

    Been watching last season's tuna GoPro videos

    I've had "some" down time recently with a herniated disc (again). Been planning boat upgrades, watching hunting and fishing shows, and went thru several of my tuna trip videos. I run my camera inside the full windshield on the top of the center console, so I don't have any worry about water...
  303. W

    Where are the reports from Friday?

    So, did anybody end up going out? I had guys asking for info for their run Friday, but no reports from Friday folks for those going Saturday. This place is about reporting to help folks going out next and it's even more critical when our days are numbered and the weather windows get shorter...
  304. W

    best deal on pint and 1/2 pint wide mouths??

    I need to buy all new canning jars. Where's the cheapest place around. Probably looking at 8-10 cases of each. I've found some online places for $8-9 for pints, but shipping gets spendy.
  305. W

    Thursday's tuna

    Filled the boat by noonish and back by 230. 52/10. Have fun tomorrow. It was flat
  306. W

    10/2 tuna run. Let's get em again

    My crew is set and wanting to make our last run of the year for tuna. Planning in heading wnw Thursday am. Who wants to make another 2 mile long hog line of sorts???
  307. W

    Tuna wide open

    Tough day out there this morning. Had crew very upset that they didn't get a chance to relax before their back got eaten again. Fortunately we were in a defensive mode and were able to protect the boat from the voracious tuna. Fish ran the gamete in size. Under 20# to over 30#. Stopped fishing...
  308. W

    OR or WA tuna Monday 9/15

    Talked to a few folks Sunday night, got a few PMs from guys out Saturday. Pretty clear the fish were at 10/50. Was thinking I'd have to learn Spanish. Looked at ripcharts before we left the dock and saw good water about 20/50. Left WP doing 37mph, but quickly bumped the World Cat up to 42mph at...
  309. W

    Running for tuna 15 Sept

    Will be making a run down to at least 25/55 and probably further south. Will be on 68 and probably 11 if anyone else is out
  310. W

    Any available large portable fuel container in WP?

    Might be heading down to chase tuna Sunday and Monday. I have 250 gallons in the Cat, but if the fish are way south, then I could burn 100-120 gallons on Sunday, leaving me too little fuel for my comfort for a run like that on Monday. I could drag my trailer down, but that's just an added...
  311. W

    WTB 8 lug 17" wheel for 2007 Chevy 2500

    Cracked a wheel last week. Wheels are discontinued. So, I might just buy a beater and call it good. Anybody got one for cheap?
  312. W

    Salmon: So easy a world cat can do it.

    I don't know what the big deal is. Boat is barely moving, reels don't scream, and fish aren't making any deep runs. But we have 4 trout in the box. Mostly on night crawlers and power bait in 30' of water. But they do bleed well :)
  313. W

    Crabbing north of the north jetty

    Gonna try for salmon tomorrow morning. Figure we'll hit near the casino in shallow and try to kill some coho. My folks want some crab, so I was thinking wed used our tuna carks for bait and soak pots while we trolling powerbait. 30-40' seem decent for setting pots?
  314. W

    Running for tuna Labor Day.

    I'll be at the boat about 0500. Heading to get ice and then make a run sw. Oops. Rookie move. Shoulda been in the main forum...
  315. W

    Lost another tunagin last Friday

    Sacrificed another virgin and I have the proof :) Also found a long lost relative of Mark Furhman (end of second video). We had about a 42 minute bait stop that I whittled down to about 11 minutes of action. Our virgin boated 3 fish during the stop, but knitted a couple of sweaters in the...
  316. W

    Buying another bean bag

    Gonna add a third bag to the boat. Anybody else wanna order one and split shipping?
  317. W

    Sunday tuna run (17th)

    Looking at Sunday, always willing to share numbers while out there. Anyone else going?
  318. W

    Wp tuna Sunday

    It was windy! And then the wind blew even more. Probably 15-18 knots and at least 4' wind wave crap with some ugly stuff. We ran to 35/00 based on the recent ripcharts SST and chloro shots. Fished 28-35 / 58-03. Hit fish on troll with purple daisy chain, red and purple aluminum "cedar plugs"...
  319. W

    Rolling for tuna Sunday (10aug)

    Anyone else gonna be out there and want to coordinate finding them?
  320. W

    Tuna run Tues (8/5)??

    I have a couple of guys I need to get out from the Lenny Wilkens Foundation Auction last summer. We set aside Aug 5 and 17. Forecasts are weird. Swells seem low, but some winds mixing in. Some calling 10+ knots some up to 17 knots. SST and chloro look good due west (58/02). But that's head on...
  321. W

    Petty theft on float 6

    Got to the boat Thursday afternoon and got things ready to go for prefishing Friday. That included setting out two pliers and 3 knives in the stern holders on the boat. Got there this morning and the pliers and knife closest to the dock were missing. Guess I won't be leaving stuff in those...
  322. W

    Who left me the kitty litter scoop?

    Genie aye???? Someone is a funny bastard. :finger:
  323. W

    Split a tote friday morning?

    I've heard there might be some tuna out there, so I'm considering going out for them Friday. Heard that ice comes in handy. Not planning on killing very many (more of a catch and release guy) so I only need 1/2 tote. Anyone interested in splitting a tote? I'll even let you load mine in the...
  324. W

    WTC "weather looks GREAT"

    Hahahahaha. Got my email about the WTC. "We are full up to 60 teams this year and SOLD OUT and the weather looks GREAT!" Ummmm, not so sure about that. LOL Can't control the weather and hoping for the best.
  325. W

    Reminder. Learn to type coordinates

    Time to remind folks how to type coordinates. If using the default setting on your plotter, it's likely degrees minutes seconds. There is no such thing as 124.5. It would be 124° 50'. Or maybe 124° 30'. °=degrees, '=minutes 124.5 is in decimal degrees and is not the same as 124° 50'. 124.5 =...
  326. W

    Tuesday tuna report

    We suck. Only killed 21. Had 4 pop off the troll gear. Don't really care about those though. The bait is the littlest I've seen. I mean crappy small and weak. A #2 hook will not fit in these chovies. Spookaloo killed more on iron than three people did on bait. Lots of sharks. Lots of pretty...
  327. W

    Tuna run Tuesday. Who else will be out there?

    Finally got the boat down in WP this weekend and making the run out Tuesday. Matching up recent satellite shots, I can make out 50/50 for a starting point. That is, unless anyone from this weekend with better intel/personal experience steers me closer...:cheers: Probably baiting up at 0530...
  328. W

    Help with disc surge trailer brakes

    Times like these are when I wish I just stayed a Ho or paid more each time for a charter, 30+ days a year. Just finished the autopilot install. It was a good two weeks of F-ing with crap and 4-24 runs to various shops for all the shit. Had to bleed everything twice. Got home in time to hook...
  329. W

    Anyone know how to disable the shadow drive?

    Trying to finish up my autopilot install. Having more fun than I thought humanly possible. Electronics are wired up, hydraulic lines are in. Bled the seastar power assist, bled both cylinders. Went to bleed the autopilot and the instructions say to turn the AP on and disable the shadow...
  330. W

    rod tip repair - of sorts

    Stepped on a rod and busted the last 3 guides. I need the rod about 1.5" shorter anyway. Looking for someone who can trim it down, probably replace one guide, and then glue a tip on. It's just a Lamiglas I use for trolling, so I'm not very attached to it, nor care if it loses a little tip action.
  331. W

    Aluminum countertops

    Do we have any BDers that can fab 2 aluminum countertops? 3/4" plywood is sitting on too the cabinets in the wife's pottery studio (the one that keeps my boat warm and safe at night too). I think aluminum would be pretty good for her. Will need an aluminum backsplash too.
  332. W

    Time for new truck tires

    2007 Chevy 2500HD D/A, longbed 4wd. Boat and trailer tip 13k#. About all the truck does anymore is tow the boat and run to Home Depot. Might do some deer/elk hunting this year, but I do have chains if it gets ugly. After the stock tires, I'm on the end of my second set of 265 70 17 Toyo ATs...
  333. W

    local fun trip ideas?

    Buddy's family from OK is in town next week. Looking to tool around the sound a bit. They are in Bainbridge. I'm thinking launch the Cat at Alki and head over to Bainbridge to pick them up. Go somewhere for lunch (need a public dock), then back to Bainbridge and drop them off, then back to...
  334. W

    Any electricians?

    When we built the new shop, we knew the wife would get her pottery studio up stairs. Wired a separate breaker with 8 gauge, maybe a 70' run. Went to Seattle Pottery Supply and bought her kiln and wheel today. They had a cool little kiln that would run on 40 amps, but for only $250 more, they...
  335. W

    Tick Tock, tick tock...

    There's a clear highway forming. See that little bit of dark yellow to orange in the circle???? I'm just saying, May tuna...
  336. W

    Looking into getting scopace compounded

    Found a thread on THT, about guys having scopace made for them. Found a place in SoCal that will do it, looking for WA now. Also gonna meet with my dr about either adding adderal to the script or getting a separate script for it. Something to counteract the drowsiness of scopace. I really don't...
  337. W

    Enjoy breakfast in WP Sunday

    SundayS wind 21 to 23 kt. Showers. WSW swell 10 to 11 ft at 11 seconds. Wind waves around 4 ft.
  338. W

    I'm gonna need a linger gaff.... Pretty cool
  339. W

    Latest sampling results of glowing albacore As some of you have difficulty reading, I'll copy the important part... "In fact, you would have to consume more than 700,000 pounds of the fish with the highest radioactive level – just to...
  340. W

    1990 Suzuki 65HP outboard (internal fuel filter)

    Anybody know if this thing has an internal filter? Trying to help my boss track down possible fuel issues and poor running at high rpm. He's not aware of the shop ever doing an internal fuel filter. Primary fuel/water filter looks good. I'm wondering if the line from teh filter to the...
  341. W

    Sealer for retort pouches

    Ok, I'm starting to consider kicking down for a retort pouch sealer. I think it's the VPC215 or 220? Can't recall which or the recommended place to buy from. Any suggestions?
  342. W

    PLB and VHF in Cabo

    Will be down next week for some fishing. Figuring I'll bring a simple ditch bag with me., including waterproof VHF and PLB. What is the best VHF channel to set it on and anything special I need to do with the PLB?
  343. W

    Anybody here make hydraulic lines?

    Time to finish up my autopilot install. I'm going to need a couple hydraulic lines built. The pump is at the stern, so I'm going to pull those off the motor and go into the pump, then have new lines from the pump to the motors. I'll also need on line made from the pump to the steering assembly...
  344. W

    WTT 1100 gph bait sentry pump

    I bought two 1,100 gph ShurFlo Bait Sentry livewell pumps last summer. One to replace a blown pump and the other as a back up. Turns out they move too much water for the way my 40 gallon tank is set up to drain. I have a small drain near the too and the suction of that drain ends up pulling weak...
  345. W

    Harpoon and hand gaff

    $15 for the gaff. $30 for the harpoon.
  346. W

    Got my uncle's offshore rods, now what

    My uncle quit fishing several years ago. I just got 6 of his offshore rods and I'm not sure what I'll use four of them for. So, advice please - They are all Calstar blanks wrapped by Meltons: CBG 800M-8'C, 20-40# CBG 800H-8'C, 30-60# CBG 700XH-7'C, 40-80# CBG 700M-7'C, 20-50# BCR 1223-8'C...
  347. W

    Cabo, 1st week of April

    Heading down to Cabo at the beginning of April. My buddy has a 24' walk-around down there. Trying to decide what to bring. He has heavier setups for stand-up trolling, but I hate showing up empty handed. So, I'm thinking lighter gear. YT should be around by then, so I'm thinking iron and...
  348. W

    Added 3 new waterfowl species to my list

    Accepted an invite from friends in Rhode Island. I picked up 3 new American species. That leaves a canvasback, king eider, and fulvous whistling duck. Neither of which I've targeted. Here are the common eider, black duck, and brant.
  349. W

    Garage loft flooring ideas

    My shop is 32'x50. Looking for some input on floor material for my loft. 15'x30' is the Warden's pottery/hobby studio, heated, windows, etc. There is a set of French doors that exit to nothingness in the middle of the shop (we have a lift there so we can hoist crap up from the bed of my...
  350. W

    WTB: 23 Quart or larger pressure canner

    Want to buy or borrow one. I can only find 16 qt ones around town. Walmart has the Presto canners online for $83. But if I have to order one, I'm just gonna buy an All American unit. I'm tired of doing one batch at a time. So, anyone wanna ditch theirs?
  351. W

    13 Oct tuna. Huge mass of fish

    There are literally miles of fish out there. We finished at 40/50 but saw jumpers for a few miles on the way in.
  352. W

    Lord forgive Me - Bought a Coffee Grinder

    I'm a bit of a traditionalist in gear for the boat. Calcutta Bamboo gaffs, glass rods, conventional gear, and mono top-shots. I like to bring newbies to the sport and figure they need to learn how to fish before the gear makes them think they are good fishermen. A few trips ago, my buddy lost...
  353. W

    Tuna Sunday

    Anyone else heading out! Got my crew and will be in town early Saturday evening. Haven't seen the boat since the first week of Sept. Figure there's a few inches of gull shit on it...
  354. W

    One, maybe two, seats open for WP TUNA Wednesday

    The normal crew are busy and can't make it on Wednesday. So, I have two seats open. Will be getting ice about 0500, then bait, then heading out shortly after 0540 I hope. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol on the boat. No lolligaggers either. Troll, look for jumpers, fish the slide, throw iron...
  355. W

    Anyone else considering Tuna on Wed?

    Putting my crew together and keeping an eye on the chloro shots.
  356. W

    Any interest in a Group Buy for Bean Bags?

    OK, I'm probably going to grab another bean bag. I know a few others have purchased them lately and a few more are probably wanting them. I talked with a rep a few weeks ago about ways to cut costs and he suggested we buy several, but have them shipped without the fill. That stuff we can buy...
  357. W

    Still not skunked on tuna, 8/28

    I should qualify that. We didnt actually catch anything, even though we left the marina at 0600 and ran (I use that term loosely) to 42/52. Speed varied from 14-30 mph going out into 2-3' wnw swells and 3-4' south wind waves with the occasional 6'+ crap from the S. Guys in the bean bags didn't...
  358. W

    May have a tuna seat or two tomorrow (28 Aug)

    I have the invite out to my normal crew, but they are having scheduling issues. As such, I may have a seat or two for tomorrow. I am looking for guys who know the deal and I will not have to teach or babysit. So, no virgins this time. Search for my thread about dock chat or recent videos if...
  359. W

    Stolen tote, buckets, ice shovel, brushes, gray loin bins

    Fucking piece of shits. Get down to the boat today and my entire tote is gone. Non insulated white one with a blob of 5200 holding in a PVC threaded fitting at the side on a bottom. Sure would like all my shit back that was in it too. Belongs at float 6 JJ if anyone has it or knows where it...
  360. W

    Great CHLORO shot...

    Too bad the blue water was pushed just outside the 125 line and a bit south of 46'25...
  361. W

    Heading out of WP for Salmon Sunday

    Promised the admiral's friends I'd take them fishing, so off for some more salmon tomorrow. Got the Scottys rigged up and hopefully ready to go. Not leaving the dock until about 0830, so I hope you guys find them early and can share some intel as we head out :)
  362. W

    Anybody around here dove hunt?

    Used to hunt around Toppenish, but got tired of the crowds and idiots out there hunting the reservation lands. Then the big dog got too old and had to be retired, so that took the bird hunting out of me. Put him down this Spring. Hell of a hunter and titled in 3 organizations. Anyway, I'm...
  363. W

    Any home security pros?

    I have a basic security system at the house, just never activated. Two control boxes and a couple of motion sensors. Looking to beef it up and add a couple of video cameras. Would like remote access to monitor the cameras as well. I'm figuring there are better set ups than the Comcast deal I get...
  364. W

    Let's start the "OH SHit" videos...

    I'm sure I have one of me screwing up somewhere, but this was just last Sunday. One of my "A-team" crew got a little sloppy and... Well, this is why we talk about being careful.
  365. W

    Uploaded some video showing great team work landing fishing at the boat

    It is so nice to fish with folks that have ample tuna experience. It's also fun teaching the newbies how to pick bait, get it on the hook, etc... This video shows some great action and how fast things get crazy, and why it helps to have people paying attention and communicating with each...
  366. W

    What does Daiwa have that's equal to a Torium 20?

    Buddy lost a mid 20s# albacore today, on my Torium 20 and Daiwa VIP870. Only problem was, he didnt break it off or pull te hook. We had a quad on and as he was trying to go around another buddy in the corner, he dropped the rod... SPLASH and gone. I just had the Torium redone with carbon ex...
  367. W

    Tuna seat open Tuesday

    Looks like I'll probably have 1 seat open Tuesday. There are four of us for sure and one maybe. Anyone interested in case Genie Aye can't make it? We've split it 5 ways between $525 and $600 on 4 trips so far. 28-30+ fish each trip.
  368. W

    Lots of tuna volunteering to die

    Went out to 46'40 / 124'50 and had decent water. Trolled for about 10 minutes and headed to 46'38 / 124'55. Hit most of our fish around there. Trolled to just about 125 with nada. Came back in to 38/55 and trolled south and finished plugging the boat there. Taking my dad (las Vegas), who was...
  369. W

    fillet bags

    I usually hit Wally World or Freddies for 2 gallon zipper-style bags (usually $2.50 - $3.50 for 10-12 bags). We filet each fish, bag it, and get it back in the ice asap. All four loins will fit without any trimming needed, so one bag per fish. As I needed a new carking knife, I swung by Cash...
  370. W

    Mooching help

    Bringing my dad up again this summer. Gonna be doing tuna Sunday, salmon Monday, and tuna Tuesday. I figure pops will need a break in between. Don't have DRs yet, so I'm thinking mooching is in order. What crap do I need and how do we do that? I have no clue!
  371. W

    Anyone know about the boat that went down at WP yesterday?

    I heard the CG sent the 47' and rigid hull out and plucked 4 guys from the water (safely), all in life jackets. Any details on what happened?
  372. W

    I need a floating knife

    Apparently it's time I bought filet knives that float. A couple years ago I tossed a new Victorinox filet knife over at Dock 14. Saturday, one of the guys knocked my 14" Victorinox Cimeter knife when we were about 2/3 the way through cleaning our fish. So, maybe it's time I find a couple that...
  373. W

    Deflowered a couple tunagins yesterday

    4 guys, 3 from CO. They will never look at a brook trout the same... We left the bait dock at 0730 and stopped fishing at 1045 with 33 lovely fishies in the boxes. 2 just over 28#. We kept 20, gave the WTC food shelter the other 13. 1 single on a bonito Xrap30 and a double on the same...
  374. W

    Dock chat prior to heading out, for newbies

    I enjoy bringing tunagins on the boat. Guys who usually know their way around a boat and fishing. Each usually tells me that too. After years of doing this, I know they haven't a damn clue about what they are ACTUALLY getting into, but they think they do. And that can be worse. I stress two...
  375. W

    Who else will be on the tuna grounds tues/wed?

    Heading down tonight and hope to push of the dock by 0530 and get bait. Who else will be out there? Ch 68
  376. W

    Open seat Wed and probably Tues

    New bait tank pump was installe yesterday and a new spare is in the boat. Boat paint guys redid the paint so it is now above water. I'm bringing her back to her slip Monday evening and fishing Tuesday an Wednesday. I know I have a seat open for Wednesday and might on Tuesday as well. As this...
  377. W

    Very nice SST image from yesterday on Ripcharts

    I can't copy and paste it, but a Crystal clear SST from RipCharts yesterday. HUGE blob of dark orange out there just past the 125 line...
  378. W

    Someone's wife dropped off your penis in the wrong boat...

    Found this attached to my T-top bag. I'm guessing one of your wives decided to give you your pecker back, she just didn't know what your boat looked like... I'm guessing this gives it away... dragonballs CHIEF ENGINEER NamevanceBoatdragonballs "22...
  379. W

    Boat Name Ideas

    I think I need to give the World Cat it's own name and not reuse AlbiDamned from the Grady. That's just bad juu-juu and I've already had a couple ooopses occur. I haven't put anything on the new boat yet, so, technically, she still is un-named. A boat naming party will be forth-coming. Until...
  380. W

    Rookie Hawaiian

    Good ending, had to scare the shit outta this guy... Tuna capsizes boat, drags fisherman into Pacific before rescue -
  381. W

    Anyone up for a short boat ride tomorrow (Sunday)

    I need to grab the boat tomorrow and take it back to the bottom paint folks to get the height right. The bow section is about 1" below water... Anyway, I figured I'd go for a little ride outside as long as I drove down their. I'll be leaving Maple Valley about 0800.
  382. W

    Open seat tomorrow. 17 july

    Genie Aye's tummy is upset and he has the sniffles. Said something about being sick as a dog. Well, the boat is a cat and cats and dogs don't get along. So, who wants to hop on tomorrow? Reply or pm me asap. Have one virgin crew already do not want another on. This trip tho.
  383. W

    Looking at running out Wednesday 7/17

    I almost hate posting this, cause it's like detailing the cars. As soon as I do, the weather turns shitty. Oh well. Anyone else looking at going?
  384. W

    2 seats may be open Monday

    If the forecast doesn't get any worse, I'm probably taking the WC out Monday. Was looking at today, but had to have a u-joint and front hub replaced instead:shithappens: Some of my crew is all screwed up with other stuff going on and can't get away Monday. I have some feelers out to others...
  385. W

    Temporary rod holder solution until Ugly Bayliner gets the World Cat

    The 4 rocket launchers on the hard top and 10 gunwale mount rod holders just are not going to cut it. It'll be a bit until Ugly Bayliner can get his hands on her, so I hit up TAP Plastics and Home Depot for some parts. Got the 1/2" Seafoam from TAP Plastics and 2" PVC and some stainless steel...
  386. W

    Head South

    There's a report on the eye fishy folks of a pair of 15# BFT caught in OR... Lucky bastards!! No details though.
  387. W

    WTB Torium 16

    Decent condition. Needs to be shipped to me in Seattle. $120 or less.
  388. W

    FS- 6' gaff & gaff, halibut poon, clones, spreader bars, 8/0 clone hooks, tackle bag

    Reorganizing my fishing gear for the new boat and have several things I am not longer in need of. 6' Halibut harpoon with line - $40 hand gaff - $10 Spreader Bars with individual bags (3) - $125 for all three. Pink, Purple, Anchovy colors. SOLD Tool Caddy - $10 holds 2 knives, 2 pliers...
  389. W

    At least 10-12 July for first WP albacore

    Just throwing this out there. But from the looks of things, I'm guessing that we won't see any albacore this week and it may take a couple more days even after our highway gets formed for fishies to show up. Not trying to keep boats at home, just throwing out a guess. In fact, I challenge you...
  390. W

    Been a while without a June tuna

    Only a couple days left. Doesn't look promising. Is someone gonna man up and get it done this year? Where r the Grady kids at?
  391. W

    Power bleeder for hydraulic steering

    Adding the autopilot soon. That means I'll need to bleed the steering. Was the someone here who had one of the power bleeders?
  392. W

    I need 2 of them damn Scotty Downriggers

    Gotta get the new boat rigged up and people want me to take them salmon fishing (silly kids). So I said fine. I refuse to buy new ones. So, is anybody interested in selling there 1106s?
  393. W

    There's a New Cat on the Block

    Got a few local references of shippers from local folks. Made contact with most. Got a run around with one of the companies that asked about the make and model, then bid $3,600. I told them I'd pay $3,300 if they'd get it here by the 16th. They then asked about the model again a week later...
  394. W

    Bottom painting the new Cat myself???

    I'm considering putting in a little sweat equity and bottom painting the new Cat myself. It's a 2011, and has not been painted before. So, I'm thinking it shouldn't be too tough to hit her with some 80 grit, acetone, roll on a couple of coats of primer, then a couple coats of paint. I'm...
  395. W

    Bought the new boat today

    Flew out to South Carolina over the weekend and inspected a potential replacement for the Grady. One my way home now. It's a 2011 World Cat 290 center console. Went for an hour-long ride, including some 3-5' choppy stuff. Felt smoother and faster than the Grady. Boat still bounced up and down...
  396. W

    Boat transport

    Probably going to need a boat transported from SC to here. I used Henry Stephens before, but the number I have for him isn't good anymore. I'm looking for referrals please. Other than just going to U-Bid and taking my chances.
  397. W

    Mother's Day albacore???

    Anybody drop any feathers or cedar plugs around the 125 x 46.30 area yesterday? Just checked Ripcharts, looks pretty good for tuna. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  398. W

    Ambassadeur 5600??

    I have two nearly new ones helping hold rods in my rod holder. I'm wondering if they hold up to WP salmon. Could easily spool up 150-200 yards of 20# braid and then use them for trolling? Or, should I sell them and get a better reel? Solely for trolling stooopid salmon.
  399. W

    Need a Scotty DR part

    Actually, probably two parts. Running through the Grady, getting her annual service done and lubricating the Scotty DRs (just in case I do that salmon fishing crap - out of total boredom). Got the lower units flushed out and fluid replaced. Replaced the Racor fuel filters (nice to not see a...
  400. W

    Are we going to need a Barbie Rod pool this season?

    Heaviest fish landed by one person on a Barbie Rod? Honor system of course. Use any line you want?
  401. W

    Wear the fucking life jacket

    Not all conditions are equal, but when you are alone and/or it starts getting shitty, think about your loved ones when you make the decision NOT to put that horrible, ugly, somewhat uncomfortable, little life vest or inflatable on. Probably lost my cousin last night. Boat capsized on a...
  402. W

    Securing a cooler to the stern

    I'm looking for other options for securing my 72 qt cooler to the stern of the Grady. I want as small and unobtrusive as possible, and no sharp edges. Putting the cooler insie the boat is not an option. I want to preserve all that room for fishing. In the past, I just had a rope that went...
  403. W

    Lure storage tubes

    I'm thinking of ways to make my tuna tackle a bit more accessible and easier to rinse off after each trip. I generally run daisy chains and Xraps, throw iron, and then live bait. I have the mesh/clear vinyl bags for the daisy chains, but Plano boxes for the Xraps and iron. So, I'm thinking...
  404. W

    Donating a Tuna Trip for the Lenny Wilkens Foundation

    It's a great cause, and a chance for me to help those in need, while having a fun time too. So I'm donating the trip to whoever is the highest bidder. i'm supplying everything but the licenses, rain gear, and fish cleaning for 4 folks. It will be a live auction at this year's Celebrity...
  405. W

    Xrap30 $14.99 @ Cabelas

    Just in case anybody wants to save a couple bucks on getting Xraps. 20s are a bit cheaper.
  406. W

    Looking to burn some fuel outta the tank

    Anybody up for a boat ride? Kinda tired of being on land. Thinking about hitting Westport this weekend... Friday: SW wind 25 to 30 kt, with gusts as high as 39 kt. Rain. The rain could be heavy at times. WNW swell 16 ft at 15 seconds. Wind waves 5 to 7 ft. Friday Night: W wind 30 to 32...
  407. W

    Building a Rod Rack in my Garage

    Since I have the new shop, it's time for a new rod rack. I want it mounted beside the boat, but on the wall of the loft. This way, when the boat is in the shop, I can stand in the boat, reach over to the wall, and get the rods I need. I also want it to move like a door. So when I'm standing...
  408. W

    Writing off fishing expenses

    I'm at the point where I need to find more ways to keep my cash (write-offs)rather than let the gov't give it to the lazy and stupid. Might be time to start a LLC to cover 2 other houses (one full-time rental and one "vacation") and maybe even include a "charter" company. Or at least one in...
  409. W

    Central America Vacation Ideas Wanted

    Looking for some sun, sand, and probably a charter trip in Feb/Mar. It'll be the warden and I, so mostly relaxing, eating, enjoying town, and staying safe. Also with an eye of buying a vacation/retirement place. We enjoy Cabo and PV, but both are a bit heavy on the touristy side of things...
  410. W

    Trying to organize my waders

    I have 2 pair of chest and 2 pair of hip waders. I'm thinking I'll just build a rack from a 10' 1x10 with channels cut out for the boots to slide into and hang them. Mount that to the wall with a couple L brackets. Any other ideas?
  411. W

    Fred Meyer is stocking hard core tuna gear

    Yep. Had I not seen it for myself, I never would have believed that Fred Meyer would be our go-to shop in the Pac NW. And what a deal too. I paid over $100 for each of my east-coast style bean bags and have better than $250 into each rod and reel (and that's pretty cheap compared to many of you).
  412. W

    Need a bait stick wrapped

    I know we have a couple locals that can make me a bait stick. Please pm me if you can and have the time. Thx
  413. W

    2007 282 Grady White Sailfish $100k

    I'm seriously considering selling the Grady and buying a used World Cat center console. The reality is, the admiral and I just do not use the cuddy as we thought we would, so having 2 berths, microwave, fridge, shower, head with discharge, two sinks, stove, AC/heater, hot water heater, and...
  414. W

    Look what a little fishy brought me

    I have an older Mustang Bomber Jacket, but it is in olive drab with small reflective stripes. I also used to wear olive green Grundens. After thinking that over, I realized I wouldn't show up too well off-shore, so I've been changing over to brighter stuff, including orange/white bean bags and...
  415. W

    I need a new trailer jack

    I want to replace my existing trailer jack for the Grady. Tongue weight is about 1,150 pounds, but the whole thing exceeds 12k#. Trailer is an 8-lug tandem axle. The current jack has a foot plate it sits on. I'm wondering if I should keep with that style or change to dual wheels. I'm not...
  416. W

    Freezer space at WP Sunday/Monday

    I decided on doing a two-day trip, Sunday and Monday. Talking with my bro, we agreed to send dad a plane ticket. He arrives saturday afternoon and departs 0615 Tuesday. Hell, he's retired. He can handle it. The problem is, I want him going home with frozen fish. I'm figuring he can fill up...
  417. W

    Saturday Wind/Swell Combos

    I'm keeping a hairy eyeball on Saturday. The 8-14kt winds don't bother me, and I suspect it'll be <10kts. But the idea of a 3'-4' swell from direction A, a 2-3' swell from direction B, and a fishable wind from direction C have the makings for a washing machine out there. I have 4/5 of my crew...
  418. W

    Anybody gonna be around WP Monday,1 Oct

    Need something checked very easily at my boat if anyone is gonna be around tomorrow. Drop me a pm please.
  419. W

    Long Video-WFO Westport Tuna Action including Barbie Rod

    I started editting, but I didn't find too much to cut. The original file was just over 60 minutes. Got it down to 42 minutes of action. Probably a bad idea to watch at work. As you'll see, the fish were thick, the water was greasy flat, and the boat was red:finger: This includes the other...
  420. W

    Avet and Calstar ain't got squat on Barbie setups

    Had an excellent day at WP today. Kinda figured we were in for a treat when Too Many Hobbies busted out with a custom Xrap to go along with the Barbie rods. Left the dock about 0640, stopped by to say howdy to Jose. Great baits. Big and lively. Ran out to 35/45. It was flat all day and...
  421. W

    Land an albacore on a Barbie Rod

    :rofl::rofl: We are rolling out on Thursday with my A crew - 4 trolling, 6 live bait, and 2 swim bait rods. O yeah, and 4 brand spankin new Barbie Rods spooled with 100 yards of fresh 15# braid. 2 GoPros and a point and shoot. Personally, I'm betting that the guts of each reel pulls right out...
  422. W

    Giving a strong look at WP tuna on Monday (17Aug)

    Anybody else out there thinking about it? Probably won't get ice until 0600, no sense in crossing the bar in darkness.
  423. W

    30Aug Troll strike followed by triple on bait

    For those who can't fish this weekend and want more reason to drink...
  424. W

    Coordinate systems revisited

    Like every other year, we have more folks coming on board, especially travelling further offshore and wanting/giving numbers where they found or didn't find fish, warm water, blue water, etc. Just a reminder, I think very few of us have our plotters programmed for Decimal Degrees, but some...
  425. W

    WP tuna 8/30

    Blue water was about the 124'30 and we saw some jumpers a bit after that. But we didn't get into our body of fish until 46'50 x 124'40 ish. Plenty of blue and warm water. Most were over 20#. Some near/over 30#. 5 singles and one double on xraps (20 and 30). One on the slide with a swim bait. The...
  426. W

    Possible open seat for WP tuna thursday

    Looking for someone with experience and not afraid to throw 20-30# mono. If you don't understand the concept, follow your bait, do not reply. PM if u r interested.
  427. W

    Anybody else looking at Wednesday (tuna)

    I had last week off, and a couple weeks here and there prior to that, but Wednesday (29 Aug) is looking pretty good. So if I can convince the boss into not noticing I'm gone another day, I think I'll try to kill a couple more albacore before the end of the month. So, is anyone else looking at...
  428. W

    WP Tuna, 17 Aug

    Full report will come tomorrow, right now, I'm looking through some video, laughing an smiling. 46'40 x 125. 2 degree temp break and good water. Filled the 2 holds and kill bag. Most on live bait, 2 doubles on Xraps (20 and 30, silver/blue and gay pride), a few singles on the Xraps...
  429. W

    Friday tuna runners (17Aug)

    My crew is set for Friday. I'm just trying to decide on when I want them to meet me at the boat. Anyone thinking about sleeping in a bit and waiting until about 0630 to cross? 2012-08-17 1:20 AM PDT -0.01 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 2012-08-17 4:55 AM PDT -3.56 knots Max Ebb 2012-08-17...
  430. W

    outgoing tide/river flow website?

    I had a very cool link for a site that had the tides and flows interactively, but I swapped out work computers and now I can't find the website. Any suggestions?
  431. W

    Progress on the garage build

    Things are slowly moving forward. I'm pretty sure that AlbiDamned will have a nice warm place when we get done at WP. This is from the upstairs window. Kinda looks a bit small... You can barely make out our little bitch in the rear right, which makes it look a bit bigger... But...
  432. W

    Share a boat in Cabo, 20 or 21 Aug?

    Heading down with the in-laws and none are really fishermen, so it looks like I'll have a day where I can relax without them :rofl:I'm looking to fish on either 20 or 21 August and have things set up with RenegadeMike. My desire is to kill a few tuna and dorado for the table back home and not...
  433. W

    I need a new wood shampoo

    My brother dropped my Aluminum North River "wood shampooer" over the side of the boat yesterday. I tol him to dive down and grab it, but he came up about 3,457' short. So we finished teh day whacking fish with my aluminum ice scoop. Made a cool sound when we whacked the fish, but not quite s...
  434. W

    WP tuna, 29 July

    Tuna fishing can be so much fun, but also a great way to pick up nicknames for folks. Fished with my brother, who moved up to Salem from SoCal. I now call him, he who owes me a new solid aluminum pacifier because he couldn't use the wrist strap when whack a damn shark over the side of the boat...
  435. W

    18 July, WP tuna died

    NOAA was pretty right today with 7-8' at 10 seconds. The winds were 5-15kts but did not follow the swell, so we got a bit of a washing machine effect out there. I rolled up to the Grays Harbor for w water temp verification and I was .3 degrees cool. No biggie, close enough. And who knows...
  436. W

    Tuna Tomorrow? 18July12

    Anyone looking t poking their heads out into the big blue? I have a friend in town and tomorrow is the only day we have, so we are probably going for it. I'm hoping that the wind will stay down and the duration will not get below the 10 seconds that NOAA and Wetsand are predicting. The Cape...
  437. W

    May not be Center Cut....

    But it is USDA Prime... UglyBayliner did me the favor of mounting two new rod holders to the frame supports for my hardtop. Already had 2 on each side and 6 on the top rocket launcher, but two more spots down low were wanted for live bait and jig sticks. Steve took his time and brought a...
  438. W

    Bluegill or Pumpkinseed on Sammamish??

    I want to do a little bucket stocking for the pond on my place (gotta get the nephew hooked on fishing). Does anyone care to share a general area on Lake Sammamish where I can get a few dozen?
  439. W

    Alternative tuna filet process

    I think I'll give this a shot, but take the bellies out first.
  440. W

    Tempbreak for SST and Chloro

    My brother clued me in that tempbreak, which used to be pretty much SoCal, is now showing OR and WA SSTs and Chloro shots. You can select them in the upper left corner. Oh Yeah, it's free. Probably won't keep my from renewing my Ripsharts subscription, as it's nice to have multiple sources...
  441. W

    solar powered fish feeders

    My inlaws live on Lake WA and I have a soon to be 4-year old nephew. He's not quite old enough for taking outta WP yet, so I'm planning on dropping a few bound xmas trees (or similar cover) off their dock and installing some sort of automatic fish feeder on the dock. The idea is to outfit my...
  442. W

    What's the craziest thing you caught tuna under this season???

    Figure we might a well get this started now. A 66' pier should hold a shitload of fish.
  443. W

    Good reading to prepare for July...

    Not sure if many of you frequent the pages of other great resources on BD, but here are two parts of an article that may help you come July. By that, I mean killing tuna. After all, the rest of fishing seasons are just filler...:finger...
  444. W

    halibut run 2 months after back surgery??

    I had a discectomy of my L4 disc on 6 March. That was the worst and most debilitating pain I've ever been through. Pretty much a crying invalid barely aboe to walk for 3 weeks prior to the surgery. Post operation, there is no pain other than when the feeling in my lower right shin came back...
  445. W

    Lake WA perch help

    It's about time I teach my nephew about fishing fun. His folks live on Lake WA and I can keep the Grady at their dock til halibut season rolls around. I'm thinking that will give us many opportunities to get the little shit (3.5 yrs) out for perch fishing...if it's worth it. I vaguely...
  446. W

    Chovie hook sizes based on 19 Oct.

    Just a side note. Our bait on Wednesday (WP) was pretty dang healthy and big enough that most of them coulda easily carried a #2 hook. I don't even have any in my box so I was stuck with ringed #4s.
  447. W

    WP tuna, 19 Oct. I hate the wind

    So much for starting out with 5' at 11 second and 6-10 kt winds. Nope. More like 15-25 winds. We picked up a troll fish here, one there, and third and just couldn't do anything with live bait with the wind blowing us @ 3 knots. So we picked up about 1230 and headed south. Found a couple commies...
  448. W

    Anybody looking at WP tuna tomorrow (19 Oct)

    Wetsand and NOAA are signing the same tune, 5'@10 sec with 5-10kt winds. Stacy plugged his boat with 30 yesterday, so we know fish should still be there. I'm thinking about sneaking home early today to get the boat all prepped and head down tomorrow! May have an open seat if anyone is...
  449. W

    9/13 WP tuna runa 46 55 x 125 30

    Went out with Chasin Tail and 3 others. HAd the long talk about following everyone else and hitting Ilwaco or running due west to a great looking patch of water. We decided to play our own game and ran west. Water was greasy flat on the way out (at least the couple of times I looked up from the...
  450. W

    Caution Dealing with Leaning-Posts

    I'm amazed that Bloody Decks has sponsors that stoop to this level of childishness and just flat our crappy service. I'm sure it's not indicative of all the rest of the sponsors, but it sure doesn't serve this site well. I asked J at Leaning-posts to fab me up a rocket launcher for my truck...
  451. W

    4'@ 20 seconds from Cape Liz Buoy

    And 3.9kt winds. Please tell me we have kids out seeking albacore today. I think Kitchen Pass was headed out. I hope the water is turning red out there with fresh blood and we'll soon have some wonderful porn. Of course, Cape Liz is a long ways from most of our tuna grounds, but don't go...
  452. W

    need new seals on my yamaha power trim/tilt

    Any suggestions for where to take the boat? It's the inner strut, which I've read isn't necessarily a DIY. I'm in east king county, so going up to anacortes or lopez island isn't a good option. Called auburn marine and sports, but they r booked til 14 sept.
  453. W

    Where are the results???

    Why am I not seeing any results from the WTC?
  454. W

    late tuna bite near the 477

    Started SW about 40 miles and fished to the 46 25 x 125 with no love. Made oiur way towards the 477 and found birds working hard, but no love. Continued north along the 125 and found more birds. Apparently these ones were being helped by tuna driving bait up. We had several troll stops and a...
  455. W

    Commercial guys at 46'45 x 124'54

    Looked at the AIS site a few minutes ago. Looked like several fishing boats tracking around the 46'45 x 124'54. Kinda deep for salmon and looks like a decent color break??? Maybe we have tuners again:lux:
  456. W

    Who is fishing WP tomorrow and may want to split some ice?

    My dad and Bro are coming into town tonight and we're headingdown to WP. We're almost certainly fishing salmon tomorrow, but It's also the best forecast for tuna. So, part of me is thinking we should grab a 1/3 tote of ice (fill two of my holds) and a couple #s of squigglies just in case we...
  457. W

    2 open seats for wp salmon tomorrow, 8/21

    I'm gonna give salmon another shot tomorrow, 4th time in the grady. So, I need two more guys to go who have their gear and know the difference between kings, silvers, and pinks. I'm just starting to cave into salmon fishing since the tuna sucks. Shoot me a pm or call. Last trip we burned about...
  458. W

    A little video from WP salmon on 12 Aug

    Had quite a bit of fun on Friday and even caught my first ocean salmon on albiDamned....and I feel so dirty now. But with a 177 miles roundtrip venture 2 days prior and only 2 albis to show for it, it was salmon or nothing. We must have landed 25 fish, mostly wild coho. Here's some of the...
  459. W

    Not piss off your wife

    Just a friendly warning since we have a lot of new folks joining the darkside this year. Undoubtedly, many of you will want to can your tuna yourself. Might as well, it's pretty easy and a great way to make it last. But, do yourself a HUGE favor. After all, she probably didn't see you much...
  460. W

    only found two between WP and 125 37'

    Ran 177 miles round trip from WP and ended up 73 miles west of the jetty before crying surrender. Started off heading towards 46 40 x 125 where it looked like we might have some decent blue water. Nope. But we did hit two 25# fish on Xraps in the area, have a couple fish swirl on our chum...
  461. W

    Tuna run on Wed

    May finish the day chasing salmon. Weather looks very nice. Anyone else skipping work?
  462. W

    There's tuna in WP

    Well, about 50 miles WSW anyway. Fished 8/2 and 3 and ended up with a fair number between both days. Tuesday being much better. All that we caught we schooly-sized 12-18#ers. Tuesday's fish seemed more active once we got them to live bait whereas we could hardly buy a live bait fish on wed...
  463. W

    Possibly 2 seats open for Wed (8/3) tuna

    Im running out for a back to back on tues/wed. 2 of my crew decided to jump ship and go for salmon on wednesday, the other two from wed still want tuna (they aren't fishing tuesday). So that leaves me either bagging wednesday's tuna run or chasing stoopid salmon. Or, I get two more crew and we...
  464. W

    rolling out of WP Tuesday (8/2) for Tuna

    Anyone else looking at what may be a long boat ride to blue-ish water? I'm looking at the 125.30 line or so right now.
  465. W

    launching at Alki at a -2'

    Thinking about playing locally saturday. Looked at the tides for Elliot Bay and they show -2' at 1130. I was wondering how much ramp is there for a 28' boat? Should be launch way earlier or wait it out?
  466. W

    Tuna fileting in WP

    Last year, I remember talk about a guy that offered to clean tuna back at the dock for a couple $$ per fish. I think Steve was his name. Anyone know if he or someone else will be around this summer?
  467. W


    I was just wondering if it was time to stir the pot a little with our SoCal bruddas. Poor guys aint really got squat. Maybe go over to their offshore reports with a post "albacore showing up good to the north" :rofl: post a couple of links to some of our reports... Yeah, I'm an ass :finger:
  468. W

    Well, who was the first with a TUNA from WA

    not landed in WA, but caught North of the CR? I know several of us caught fish Sunday outta WP. Chasin Tail has had it the last two years and we thought we might make it 3, but we talked with Rolling the Boner (or something like that):rofl:about 0900 and he picked one up deep on a planer. We...
  469. W

    great trolling video

    I wonder how many folks will start buying dredges after they see this... Notice how the fish back off quickly and think about how quick you should be to increase your odds of hooking up on the slide or with a livey right after the...
  470. W

    get BD to load on my laptop

    every ipad, blackberry, and iphone in the house can launch BD, but my GD laptop stopped allowing it. In Internet Explorer, I get a 406 error and in Firefow I get a 404 error. This shit happened after Internet Explorer did an update and it's pissing me off!
  471. W

    Boat Graphic

    Had a friend draw a few things up for me and this is what we put together for the new graphic. It'll go on the Grady, towards the bow. It's going to need a little cleanup from scanning each one into a BMP and maybe add a little something (wavey lines) for water, but any suggestions or...
  472. W

    Defrosting boat windows

    So, with the inboard, 6.0L and heater/defroster, I never had to worry about the insides of the windows fogging up. The twin outboards don't give me any help with this matter. After several trips last year and one this year, I'm looking for a good way to get the fog off the inside of the window...
  473. W

    Mobile Gelcoat Repair Guy

    Had a little ooops a while back loading the boat and need to have someone come out and do a proper gel coat repair, plus a few minor scratches and dings while he's out. Anybody have recommendations?
  474. W

    cape liz buoy

    Can it be??? 4' at 17 seconds:hali_olutta: Too bad it's looking like 6-7' come sunday. But who knows. Still not bad if the duration is 12-13 seconds.
  475. W

    Canvas shops

    I am thinking about adding a short awning to the stern of my hardtop. As it is now, the water drips (ok, sometimes pours) right onto the midship seats right behind me. Doesn't get drop on me, but the sissies sitting there get there bald heads wet. Well, that and some of the Admiral's friends...
  476. W

    Daiwa VIP80J

    Trying to keep things looking alike. Need this rod to finish off my gear list. Drop me a pm if you wanna sell one. I can get them new online for $105. thx
  477. W

    New Rocket Launcher

    It's not 217 holders like RTB, but it'll make due for now. :rofl:Factory is a 5-hole, but the 6-hole from her bigger sister fits just fine. I have 1 more Taco Cuda rod holder that i'll have welded inside of each pair of holders on the vertical supports of the hardtop. I'm thinking 12 on...
  478. W

    Bigger plotter installed

    I'm thinking bigger is better. Pulled the old Garmin 4208 out a few weeks ago and sold to a buddy, then bought the 4212. Got the install started today. Also added a new VHF200 for my primary. I'm thinking wire the VHF200 to the existing radio switch and move the original WestMarine to the...
  479. W

    Mooring at WP this summer

    Decided to just keep the boat wet at WP this summer instead of hauling her to and from Maple Valley each trip. The application has slots to request the float and berth. I'm thinking 6, 8, or 10 so we are nice and close to the little squigglies, but I also want easy parking for the truck. Boat...
  480. W

    Time for new bibs

    I have a pair of Grundens Hercules now. I'm 5'11", 185# and these are too short and way too wide, but they were cheap when I bought them. I want some that fit higher abouve my waist (closer to my arm pits), longer in the leg (so probably a Tall model), and perhaps with elastic at the top too...
  481. W

    Reel maintenance

    Decided the offseason was a better time to upgrade the washers in my Toriums to Carbontex. Sure is nice having access to tutorials here and a couple extra Toriums laying around to compare to make sure I got the washers back in order properly. 3 done so far and 6 to go.:hali_olutta:
  482. W

    Deterring Seals and SeaLions

    Deterring Pinnipeds Thought nearly everyone would enjoy this quick read. In short, The MMPA generally prohibits the harassment, hunting, capturing, or killing of marine mammals, or any attempt to engage in such activities. However, the law does contain exceptions authorizing certain people...
  483. W

    daiwa VIP 870

    I'm looking to pick up a 2-3 Daiwa VIP 870s. I love the triangle grip and enjoy using these rods for live bait up here in WA. anybody thinking about upgrading to newer gear and want to get rid of a couple?
  484. W

    boat dehumidifiers

    Boat is sitting on the trailer at the house and I want to keep the moisture out of the cuddy. any recommendations out there? I can go electric or dessicant. Thought about putting a Goldenrod in there like the gun safe.
  485. W

    anyone between Maple Valley and Oly need to fill a shop

    I gotta get the grady inside for the rest of the winter or at least under covered storage. I could go to a storage place around here, but I was wondering if anyone between Oly and Maple Valley had an empty shop they wanted filled. $150 a month to store the Grady. Needs to be about 35' long...
  486. W

    Lobster hooping

    My brother and dad are down in SoCal and invited me and CoreKiller down for some lobster hooping. I was down there 2 summers ago killing a few Yellow Fin Tuna. Anyway, we arrived in Orange County at 1125 Saturday am and were on the water by 1400 and headed to Catalina. Flat calm. And I mean like...
  487. W

    Port of Edmunds, Mukilteo, or Everett?

    Time for a boat ride and do a little scouting for some seaducks. I'm looking to burn a few gallons of boat fuel, not truck fuel. Thinking about launching from anywhere listed above and heading out towards Port Townsend and Indian Island for the day. I have a husband/wife coing out from NE for...
  488. W

    10'x12' concrete pad for kennels

    Wondering if we have any concrete folks here interested in building a 10x12' pad for my kennels. I'm tired of the horse stall mats and want it done right, sloped, and plumbed for autowaterers and electricity. I've done a couple and just don't want to screw with it anymore. There's a concrete...
  489. W

    Tuna fishing isn't always fun

    Planned a run for Sunday, 12 Sept. That got bagged and Tuesday looked good. Saw reports from Sunday and we didn't go then. Talked to the crew and looked at Tuesday, but also considering Wednesday. Well, it worked out better for two of them to go Wednesday, and with the forecast, Wednesday...
  490. W

    running WP tuna 9/15

    Rolling out Wednesday. Haven't heard good news about the finger of warm water in close. Thinking I may make the "normal" run out to the 125' 10-20 over 46' 30-40. 46 nm from the tips of WP. If it's flat out like predicted, should be under two hours to get there. Will be my last trip of the...
  491. W

    Action from SoCal

    So, apparently my brother now follows what goes on up here a little bit. You may recall we put a beating on him while he and my dad were up for a weekend excursion. Anyway, they ran out of San Diego looking for some YFT that have shown up within sport boat range. Went out in the dark and got...
  492. W

    Can we trust NOAA through Monday

    Are they serious? That forecast is so nice I'm scared to verify through Wetsand and Magic Seaweed. I'm on for Sunday, but my crew may be getting tapped $$$$. But damn, Monday looks sooooo good too!!!!!:finger: I bagged yesterday, but hell, it's only work. And even better, I'm a fed, so it's...
  493. W

    WP Tuna 9/7

    Posted this on my general discussion thread, but thought I should better conform to the guidelines for saltwater reports:finger: We were out around 46'40 and 124.50. Ended with 20. Lost at least ten more. Didn't leave until after 0730 because of some problems with ice making. And to top it...
  494. W

    WP tuna run Tuesday (9/7)

    AlbieDamned (at least that's what we're going with since the SOB's didn't come up with a name I was more comfortable with), will be running out tomorrow. Running 3/4 tote of ice and hopefully a Jose scoop of wigglies, 2 seasoned members, and 3 virgins:spank: Going to be lots of fresh, beating...
  495. W

    Boat Naming Party Tonight

    I know this is going to get ugly and I told everyone coming, Don't think for a second I'm going to actually choose any of your ideas. I know how these people think, and providing Coronas, Stellas, Crown, Vodka, Silver Petron, Rum, some thing cleans paint brushes, and a few bottles of wine...
  496. W

    skeg repair

    Must have bumped something with the starboard skeg, as there's a slight bend to starboard in the skeg. That and both skegs have a couple chips in them. Figuring I should get these issues fixed. Any recommendations on where to go for repairs? They are twin F250s and I'm in Maple Valley.
  497. W

    Hope things are good for the folks out today

    Here's the Tillamook buoy: Weather Conditions 10:50 am PDT 1750 GMT 09/02/10 Wind: NE (40°), 15.5 kt Gust: 19.4 kt Seas: 5.9 ft Peak Period: 10 sec Pres: 30.09 falling Air Temp: 60.8 °F Water Temp: 60.4 °F Wave Summary 11:00 am PDT 1800 GMT 09/02/10 Swell: 3.6 ft Period: 10.0 sec Wind Wave...
  498. W

    weather is not so good, how about porn?

    3 1/2 minutes to help you get through your day. This was day two, we had plenty of fish, and just wanted to have tons of fun. We succeeded YouTube - 22Aug2010 triple I gotta figure out some music for the background
  499. W

    I'm thinking I have enough for a sandwich now

    and I still have 3 gallon sized bags in the freezer. I wonder if I'll get mercury poison this year or next:rofl: 69 Jars. Each one is full of 100% organic, free range albacore. No hormones or artificial flavoring added. But there may have been a little testosterone in the obtaining...
  500. W

    poor buggers in SoCal

    how many people are reading the off shore reports for SoCal. I'm so tempted to fire up a few charity posts for them about how our fishing is. Just a little fish porn to rub into their wounds. Does that make me a bad guy:rofl: Just finished reading a report of a 2.5 day trip with 32 guys...
  501. W

    Were there really 2 Yellowtail landed in WP Sunday (8/22)?

    Watch for the paddy's boys. There's yellows out there... well there used to be anyway:finger: Short story is we headed out with Stacy and Green Wasabi on Sunday. We're basically running out to 46' 30 x 125, which was wherre we left them feeding Saturday afternoon. Each of us were...
  502. W

    First time staying overnight in WP, questions

    Folks, We've always drove down, iced up in the am, killed fish, and returned home on the same day. However, I have my brother and dad coming up from SoCal to actually get into some tuna this weekend. Then I have two additional folks coming too. Dad and bro arrive at 0030 Saturday, we'll...
  503. W

    WP Tuna. Simply...GO!!!

    Fish are there. They want to die for you. Just as it's the role of the anchovy to be eaten by a tuna. It's the role of a tuna to be eaten by you. We ran out of WP yesterday. Iced at WP Seafoods. $40 got us about 3/4 tote on a forklift brought right to our stern and then move to the bow to fill...
  504. W

    Sunday, 8/15 WP tuna roll call

    Who all is running this Sunday? Looks like water temps are within the 125 line. Haven't been outta WP since 9 July and have a chance to head out on the 15th. Probably be down there by midnight to get a little sleep. Gotta call WP Seafood to see about loading up 3/4 tote of ice about 0500 and...
  505. W

    WTB, 2 Penn 4/0

    I was going to pick up a pair of TLD30s, but I really just don't think they are necessary for up here, and I'd rather have the rookies banging up 4/0s, than more expensive gear. So, anyone looking to upgrade and part with their 4/0s?
  506. W

    sushi in Del Mar

    I'm down from seattle and was planning on fishing with my brother. I left with friends catching 20-60 fish and having to leave before the albacore ate all the paint of the hulls. And for what???? Since iit's not worth the boat ride for anything, we figured we'd hit the horse races and bull...
  507. W

    Ilwaco tuna 7/29 report

    Reminder, it's a good idea to occassionaly proof your water temp sensor and adjust as necessary. Rolled out of Ilwaco about 0430, buddying with Cornfed, after getting a scoop of wigglies and 3/4 tote of ice. Glad the ice and bait are there from the water, but they are fairly proud of them...
  508. W

    Seriously, nobody here went out for tuna???

    Is everyone sitting on their asses waiting for someone else to get the ball rolling and tell them where all the fish are? Is everyone so stuck on SSTs and Chloro charts that nobody has the balls or capital to do a little prospecting anymore???? We made our run on the 9th and put 188 miles on the...
  509. W

    a little buoy help

    Would somebody mind grabbing the Cape Elizabeth buoy, or have NOAA do it, and move it out to the 125.20/46.45 area? I don't fish much 20 miles off shore or north of Westport, so it really isn't that helpful You, or NOAA, can put it back after tuna season. That's perfectly acceptable. Thanks...
  510. W

    Bored or what

    I need to kill some fish! I think many of us are getting bored to tears with these crazy, unpredictable forecasted reports. I know my buddies are suffering severe depression and anxiety. Gotta find a prescription that'll help. at least I ate a loin from last our first trip this year...
  511. W

    Swapping whole for canned

    I'm starting to wonder if I want to, or even possible to, swap fresh tuna for canned once we get back in. This would be for those longer and more productive days than anticipated. I'm not sure I want to to continue to filet 30+ fish a day, after a very long day, and deal with the carcasses at...
  512. W

    Plese let this forecast become reality

    Can't stand working when it's so nice out. I'd call a safety day, but I want to save those for when I really need them. Like Tuesday next week. I hope Magic Seaweed is right. This is for WP.
  513. W

    She finally made it

    After a very long 2,500, my new Grady is here. She left Pensacola Wednesday evening. Front left tire blew, like gone, in OK, put the spare on. Then the same position blew in CO. The these are 16" tires that were new in 2007 and the trailer hadn't been used (boat kept on the lift). Tires...
  514. W

    New boat heading this way

    Sold the Dawghouse a while back to make room for a tuna rig. Was a day away from pulling the trigger on a 27' World Cat EC with twin 225s and found a new listing for a 2007 Grady White 282 Sailfish. Price was too good to pass up, so I made the offer and it was accepted the next morning. Flew out...
  515. W

    boat surveyor

    Hey Folks, I'm up in the Pac NW and considering purchasing a boat in the Huntington Bch area. It's a 2003, with twin Honda 225s, so a survey is definitely in order. I'm hoping someone can point in the right direction??? Thanks, Laurence
  516. W

    selling some trolling gear

    I have a couple of proven setups I'm selling to make room for other gear. These also work quite well for halibut. 2 Penn 114 (6/0) reels with 300 - 400 yards of 65# braid backing and 150+ yards of 50# Ande mono topshot. These are the older style reels with metal spools. Drags work great and...
  517. W

    Aberdeen Buoy on Wednesday

    Wind Direction (WDIR):WNW ( 290 deg true )Wind Speed (WSPD):3.9 ktsWind Gust (GST):3.9 ktsWave Height (WVHT):3.0 ftDominant Wave Period (DPD):9 secAverage Period (APD):6.6 sec Oh, I bet those bastards out there today are really :Pelvic_Thrust: the fish today!!!
  518. W

    heading down from Washington

    Jumping on a plane at 1630 today for John Wayne with a buddy. We're going to fish with my dad and brother (on his 2320 Parker) outta San Diego Friday and Sunday. I'm not expecting the 25-35 albies a day we're plugging our boats with up here, but I do hope we get into a couple exotics (at least...
  519. W

    Off to SoCal

    Heading down south with a buddy to hang out with the family for a couple days and fish with my bro on his 2320 Parker and check out his new 40 gallon bait tank:loverz: Sounds like I won't expect the WFO bite we have up here (especially after putting 34 on Chasin Tail last Thursday), but there...