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  1. captaindorado

    SOLD DEEP DROP Miya Epoch Electric Reel

    USED Miya Epoch Electric Reel 500 Lights up and clicks but does not reel in. Some one who knows how to take apart and service could have a nice reel. They are going for 350 on EBAY for parts. I would take 250.00 or trade for a nice keyboard. PM me
  2. captaindorado

    TRADE American Airline Miles

    Looking to buy miles on American or Copa. If you are sitting on a lot of miles and don't use them, I will have you book me a ticket and pay you. PM me.
  3. captaindorado

    365 Day Fishing license

    Why does the Fish and Game not sell licenses for 365 days from the time you buy it? Most states DO. Another way for the State of California to double charge. Try to buy a fishing license over in Hawaii.
  4. captaindorado

    WTB Rapalas, deep diving lures Lot#

    7 lures lot, some need new hooks, used. If your a Baja guy theses are proven winners, there is a golf ball there to determine size. 23 bucks, I do paypal and ship. 7 bucks shipping.
  5. captaindorado

    SOLD Ganion Hooks, Long Line

    2 pounds of hooks, maybe 250 of them not sure. about the size of a quarter. 17 bucks, add 7 for shipping , or cash and carry I accept paypal pm me.
  6. captaindorado

    SOLD Vintage lures LOT#

    I have a bunch of vintage lures, mostly plastic I think, and few must be bone. Evert thing in pic. I put a golf ball in photo to estimate size. 40 bucks, shipping is 14.35. I accept paypal or cash and carry.
  7. captaindorado

    SOLD bait pump

    old style bait pump. pm me for pick up.
  8. captaindorado

    For Sale Wahoo Lure

    Just Put New wire and hooks on it, Its heavy for those windy days, Drag it behind your boat and see for your self, its been a top lure down in Cabo for years. 25.00 plus shipping, I take paypal. Or come by and pick it up.
  9. captaindorado

    SOLD Mexican Wahoo Bomb

    New Wire Leader and hooks and crimps, this thing gets the WHOs. stamp says by SALAS it heavy, about a pound. Great for if your in the wind, PM me if interested.
  10. captaindorado

    For Sale Marlin Lures Rigged

    All theses have been redone, new line and crimps. Theses are ready to fish now. $30.00 a lure, the small one is 25.00 plus shipping.
  11. captaindorado

    SOLD Marlin,Dorado, Tuna Lure Collection

    Must be 50 marlin lures, hooks leader material, crimps. Every thing in picture. 1000 bucks takes all of it. Out fit your yacht and your ready to off shore fish. And I have a box of skirts to go along. There are a few heads mixed in to.
  12. captaindorado

    For Sale Iron 40 year collection

    3 boxes 250.00 for all 3 cash and carry
  13. captaindorado

    For Sale SeaCraft Center Console

    Posting for a friend, boat is located in San Quintín, Baja
  14. captaindorado

    Global Entry, Sentry pass?

    I have a global entry pass. Is there a separate lane to cross boarder? I want to ride with a friend that has Sentry but I have been told different story's that I can? I have an expired Sentry and every time I try to renew the web sight kicks me back to Global. And I want sentry but just want it...
  15. captaindorado

    Iron Big Iron For buttom Fishing

    Have 13 irons, all the big stuff 1st 40 bucks takes them all
  16. captaindorado

    Diving wet suits

    40 bucks a set, I have 2 they are xl
  17. captaindorado

    Ride to Esenada

    I need a ride from OC next Friday if and one going south.
  18. captaindorado

    Reelcraft Hose reel

    in great condition 150 pm me
  19. captaindorado

    Skip Jack 28

    Found this on GL, great deal.
  20. captaindorado

    Wet Suits for diving

    2 wet suits they are large, 40 bucks a set. I am 6.1 195 and a little tight on me to give you an idea. no rips, come try them on. PM me and send an email for pics.
  21. captaindorado

    Sand Crab Rake & Beach Cart Surf Fishing

    used 20 bucks for both. cart has rod holders on it.
  22. captaindorado

    Wanted Dodge Bubble top van.

    Looking for a conversion van ,But will look at any. 2000 or newer, let me know what you have. Must be very reasonable.
  23. captaindorado

    Wanted Tuna Tubes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just putting this out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like to find 4 tubes let me know, thanks
  24. captaindorado

    Wanted Tuna Tubes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking for 2 sets of 2?????????????? pm me if you looking to sell.
  25. captaindorado

    Scuba Tank, BC & Regulator

    Hole package here tank was just hidedrowed. scubapro bc and reg. 250.00 pm me.
  26. captaindorado

    Carib Skiff

    13 foot skiff 50 suzuki motor, runs but steering is very tight, all most frozen. Boat is at Muarer marine Costa Mesa, no trailer. PM me a number
  27. captaindorado

    Dive Belt Weights 5

    4 5# and 1 4# weights 20 bucks for all. pm me a number.
  28. captaindorado

    Lead Lead Lead

    Have a bucked filled with clean lead 20 bucks for all. pm me
  29. captaindorado

    2 Scuba Diving Wet Suits

    50 bucks a set one is large the other is xl message me a number if interested
  30. captaindorado

    Any one want to do this trip surf fishing Mexico?

    I want to do this trip around October, Any interest I would like to here from you, I have a great rig to drive down there. Tight Lines.
  31. captaindorado

    Power Wrapper Rod Wrapper

    Its about 10 years old, works great, I had to use a stock photo so it looks just like this one. 1st 300 gets its.
  32. captaindorado

    Thule Bike Rack (hitch Mount)

    4 bikes swing out bike rack for sale 250
  33. captaindorado

    Scuba Tank BC & Regulator $250

    The hole she bang, set up ready to go, tank is just out of hydro, and full of air. pm me a number for fast response.
  34. captaindorado

    Rod Wrapper Spacial 4 Blanks $150

    all 4 are 5 1/2 feet long, very stiff, be great for short ponga rods. comes with reel seats, not glued and butt caps. pm me a number for fast response. theses are sylaflex banks.
  35. captaindorado

    Rod Blanks

    Still have a few left, 30 bucks a blank or after 2 its 25 a blank, nothing over 8 ft left, theses are syilafex blanks, if your new to rapping, great way to learn with out busting the bank.
  36. captaindorado

    Silaflex rod Blanks & Mis.

    Have the smaller blanks left, 25 a blank or buy 2 or more price is 20 bucks a blank, I need a old BBQ motor as a drying motor if you have one to trade for a blank. Nothing over 7 1,2 feet left. PM me a number. thanks.
  37. captaindorado

    Punta Chivato?

    Any other BD members on here that hang out down in PC? check in and say hi. Any one gong to fish the Bulls Only?
  38. captaindorado

    Silaflex rod Blanks & Mis.

    have all these blanks left, 30.oo a blank or 25 a blank for 4 they start at 5 ft and go up to 8ft. pm me a number for fast response.
  39. captaindorado

    Silaflex rod Blanks

    I got lots, 30 for 1 or 4 for 100, all different sizes. pm me a number
  40. captaindorado

    Plastics Plastics & Plastics

    whole lot 100 bucks, some hooks with lead on them in the buckets. pm a number.
  41. captaindorado

    Fresh Water rods Whole lot 100.00

    whole lot, every thing you see in the pic. probably 50 or more rods, 100 bucks. pm me a number
  42. captaindorado

    8 Rods by PRO ROD all 8 for 100 big ones.

    I have 8 rods they are all made by PRO ROD says graphite ct 85m mt all 8 100 bucks they have never been used but are 11 years old. blow out sale. be good for bass and salmon they are 2 peace. pm a number
  43. captaindorado

    Lead Molds

    I have about 30 different molds and one heater. Extra lead also. 1st 100 take ever thing. PM me a number, I am in Costa Mesa.
  44. captaindorado

    Rod Blanks

    I have over 100 Rod Blanks from light to heavy. Some say Cal Star. 30 for one or 25 if you buy 4 or more. I have lots of Hyperlon also. PM me a number. Located in Costa Mesa.
  45. captaindorado

    80 Lbs Casting Rod & Reel ( Newell )

    Time to let go of the Billy Buster, its probably 25 years old but got 2 sword fish with it. Was rapped by Jerry's Tackle Box back in the day. Has roller guides with big eye rings for casting, comes with a custom built Penn Senator 114 H reel that was widened. first $250.00 takes it, PM a number.
  46. captaindorado

    4 Matched Trolling Rods 100.00 Bucks

    I have 4 matched trolling rods that are 25 years old, they would be great for a Mexican ponga. They are custom rapped and glens tackle put new reel seats on back in the day, heperlon is kinda old put is fine. PM a number and I will call
  47. captaindorado

    18 Glaspar $1500.00 helping a friend sell this boat, would make a great hoopnet boat. call me direct 714 473 0730 have a bloodydeck day.
  48. captaindorado

    Rapala Collection

    I have collection of Rapalas and Yo-Zuris and different deep diving lures, about 50 all together, been collecting for years and some of them they don't make any more. About half still in the original boxes. 1st 300 bucks gets them all. Hope you can see the pic, if not PM me a email address, thanks.
  49. captaindorado

    Trailer Boaters The Ramp?

    Lets start a tread here to HELP all the Ramp Rookies. I am working this summer up in Alaska and I see the same people keep making the same mistake's at the ramp. The sales man that sold you the boat wont teach you, so lets start a question an answer form here. The number 1 mistake I see every...
  50. captaindorado

    Clay target launcher and box of targets.

    30 bucks for every thing, the launcher is mounted on wood that we used to mount to the back railing of the boat. PM me, thanks.
  51. captaindorado

    Sentri Pass Decal?

    Heard there not issuing decals any more, any one know how this going to work? Can you take any car now? Guess you just flash the card?
  52. captaindorado

    Boat Hoe Hawaii Kai

    Looks like nice weather for a few days, looking for some one to help with fuel! I have been staying close to HK and getting a fish here and there, PM if your looking to get out, Mahalo.:hali_olutta:
  53. captaindorado

    Flying Head Gaff

    8 ft long, rope all ready to go. nice size for shark marlin sword fish. PM your email for pics or phone number. $100 firm.:hali_olutta:
  54. captaindorado

    Cabo San Lucas Mirror

    2ft by 39 inches. If you named your dog Cabo, this would be a nice peace of art work for your home. This is etched glass mirror, very heavy. I paid allot, asking $ 500. Mahalo
  55. captaindorado

    Browning 22 Long Riffle

    Browning 22 Auto made in Belgium. The rifle is a takedown version with open iron sights. Loads in the buttstock and ejects to the bottom. Thanks for looking. <table border="0" cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0"><tbody><tr><td style="width: 10px;" class="listingTab_spacer"> </td><td...
  56. captaindorado

    Model 11

    I have a model 11 shot gun for sale, its a pre 1100 semi auto. shoots great. it a Browning with a Remington pat, or maybe I have that backwards. asking 350:2gunsfiring_v1:. pm me if interested.
  57. captaindorado

    Fish Mounts Total Of 4

    I have 4 mounts, 1 dorado 48 lbs 1 wahoo 39 lbs 1 short bill spear fish, about 2 and half feet long and 1 marlin, 11 feet long. all in tip top condition. great colors. PM me your email address for pics. tried to load them here and could not. each fish is a blow out price of 125 out the door.
  58. captaindorado

    Load Lobster Traps On My Boat?

  59. captaindorado

    Marlin Lures

    I have about 250 lures, must have never been in the water. Collected from around the world, most from Mex and Hawaii. 20 bucks un rigged and 30 rigged. you come over and pick out the lure and hooks you want on them. Tried to post a pick, but would not up load on BD, sorry. I am in Costa Mesa...
  60. captaindorado

    S E Bogdon & Fin Nor Fly Reels

    I have 1 SE Bogdan reel and and 2 Fin Nor fly reels for sale. Tried to put up pics but they would not upload. Theses reels are for a collector and wont go cheap. But if you have any interest please PM me and send an email address and I will send send pics and more info. I will be putting theses...
  61. captaindorado

    TJ Airport

    I need to get some one to TJ airport and was going to drop them off at the fence and have them walk across and get a taxi at San Yasidro. or is it better to use Otay Mesa? I heard there was a suttle from down town San Diego. Any advise would be cool, thanks
  62. captaindorado

    Jaco beach info needed?

    I am heading down to Jaco for 2 weeks after Turkey Day. Have not been there for 20 years but last time I remember guys getting some nice snook around there and looking for info on shore fishing. I will be taking a few rods that I plan on leaving there for my friends place and not sure what would...
  63. captaindorado

    SENTI Card ?

    I just reapplied for my Senti card. I was turned down because I could not show employment history and income, about 2 years ago. I am self employed, but some times I do work were as I am 1099ed. They wanted to see pay roll stubs. I told them I am self employed. Do you think if I show up with my...
  64. captaindorado

    Detroit Mechanic Needed

    I have a boat in Ensanada and looking for a guy either from San Diego or a local guy. Any leads would be cool. thanks.
  65. captaindorado

    Tecate Border Crossing?

    I have been driving back and forth from Ensanada and want to try and cross at the Tecate border crossing, like to here of some of the pros and cons. Looks like to wait times are much more shorter. I am in OC, so it looks like getting back to the 805 is no big deal. any ideas?
  66. captaindorado

    Punta Chivato Bulls Only

    Does any one have the dates for this Tournament and any info? cost? time of events? Maybe post some pics of years back. Thinking of driving down, mite like a rider with me!
  67. captaindorado

    Lobster ?

    Was down at the boat this morning in Newport, as am leaveing I look down in the water and this really cool lobster MOLT is flotting by, and its in perfect condtion, so I grab it and put it in a plastic bag to take it home to dry it out, and make a wall mount. So I start to think, if the fish n...
  68. captaindorado

    Rick Tauber Grays Taxidermy RIP

    Rick Tauber, a well known individual in the fishing industry and long time representative of Gray Taxidermy, passed away early this morning after a valient struggle against cancer. Our heart, thoughts and best wishes go out to his wife, family, friends and coworkers. Rest in peace, Rick. We'll...
  69. captaindorado

    Aluminum Rod Holders 8#

    I have 8 rod holders for sale, PM for details, thanks
  70. captaindorado


    hawaii 1200 first 80 bucks PM me
  71. captaindorado

    2 Custom Rods By the Jig Stop

    I have 2 rods that have never been used. There are matched the same. 60 for one or both for 100. PM me for more info
  72. captaindorado

    Bait Light

    works great, first 60 bucks gets it, pm me.
  73. captaindorado

    What A sick person would do this kind of thing

    What Kind Of Sick Fuck Would Put A Hook In A Juicy Squid Where A Fish Could Easily Eat It? By A Yellowfin Tuna <!-- start article tools --> <STYLE type=text/css> .story .sponsorship { display: none; /* document.write bottom pos, hide it */ } .article_tools .sponsorship...
  74. captaindorado

    Old Reels

    I need to make theses go away. Does any one collect reels make offer. PM me
  75. captaindorado

    Ships Captain Is Gay

    First Openly Gay Racehorse To Compete Sunday | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  76. captaindorado

    My Kind Of Doctor

    <!--fonto:Calibri--><!--/fonto--><!--sizeo:5--><!--/sizeo--><!--coloro:blue--><!--/coloro--><!--colorc--><!--/colorc--><!--sizec--><!--/sizec--><!--fontc--><!--/fontc--> Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this...
  77. captaindorado

    Booze Death Calculator

    How much booze would it take to kill you? Created by Bar Stools Were Do You Rate?
  78. captaindorado

    BSB in side Avalon Harbor

    Just recieved a phone call from the boat REEL DEVOTION in side the harbor ,can number 157, that they were playing with the macs this morning and a BSB came up and ate one that was hooked and is now hanging out and they are in the water taking pics of it. Pics to fall-O.
  79. captaindorado

    Great Camera ( Need a pic of the FL show)

    Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer Be cool to get a pic of the FL show from up high with this camera. Its takes some practice to zoom in and out.
  80. captaindorado

    Suicidal Blonde

    A young blonde Portsmouth girl, down on her luck, decided to end it all one night by casting herself into the cold, dark waters off Gunwharf Quay. As she stood on the edge, pondering the infinite, a young sailor noticed her as he strolled by. 'You're not thinking of jumping, are you babe?' he...
  81. captaindorado

    White Man Screw up !

    A white U.S. Government Official asked the indian Chief "Two Eagles", "You have observed the white man for 90 years. You've seen his wars and his technological advances. You've seen his progress, and the damage he's done. Considering all these events, in your opinion,where did the white man go...
  82. captaindorado

    Obamas Inauguration

  83. captaindorado

    Pheasant Mounts

    Just picked up these 3 pheasant mounts from a friend and will have to find a new home for them as he is very sick. PM me if you can help out, thanks.
  84. captaindorado

    DFG Gets them off Laguna

    News: Suspected lobster poachers arrested in Laguna Beach | lobster, department, poaching, wardens, game - I have heard they marked bugs!!!!!!!!!
  85. captaindorado

    Punta Chivato Tragedy

    On November 3rd My friend and fellow pilot Jim Weidler was taking of from Punta Chivato airstrip and at this time not much is know way the plane went down. He will be missed by the many people he touched and I know he was allways on BD web site checking the reports. Here is the web site set up...
  86. captaindorado


    Found a cool DANFORTH compass at a garage sale and there is no fluid in it! can remember if it takes rubbing alcohol or minaral oil ? or some thing different.
  87. captaindorado

    Guess Whos Running For The President Now
  88. captaindorado

    Hooping To Night, Have Room For One

    Just had a friend cancel. Have room for one person. boat is free. Out of Newport. I want to leave before dark. PM me ASP. only going for a few hours.
  89. captaindorado

    Hooping Newport

    Went out last night to watch. Wow, the Newport jetty was lit up like a green X-Mas tree. Guys running over floats that were not lit. Must have been 100 nets. The guys that lit there nets had it made and new what there were doing. I am sure there were a few props that wraped up. Could not count...
  90. captaindorado

    Lobster Card info

    Just picked up my report card and the person behind the counter said about every other person FORGETS to bring there fishing licence with them. BRING YOUR LICENCE.
  91. captaindorado

    Need One More Diver Opening Night

    Looking for one more diver opening night, I have boat in the water ready to go at a moments notice out of Newport. Its fueled and wont burn much so its on the house. PM me.
  92. captaindorado

    Bahamas Were Good

    Just returned from Spanish Wells in the Bahamas and it lobster season there!!!!!
  93. captaindorado

    Motor Home Man

  94. captaindorado

    Lobster Ridge! Please Bring The Butter!
  95. captaindorado

    Gun Battle in TJ, just in time for the Newport To Ensanada Race

    Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 52 minutes ago <!-- end storyhdr -->TIJUANA, Mexico - Massive gunbattles broke out between suspected drug traffickers who fired at each other while speeding down heavily populated streets of this violent border city early Saturday, killing 13 people and...
  96. captaindorado

    Newport Bait Just Got Worse

    This is on JDs web site. The Pamela Rose went out the harbor this afternoon- maybe never to return again , sold to the San Pedro Bait Co. I believe, rumor-mill tells me Grayshock's building a new bait boat, whether or not it will be here for the summer??- Not sure who will supply bait here in...
  97. captaindorado

    4 stroke Honda Out Board

    Mine wont idell. Only runs full choke. As soon as I put the choke back in the operating possition its shuts down. Any ideas?
  98. captaindorado

    New Ride

    My new ride is a 48 Ocean. Some of my friends are on the way over this morning for the maiden voyage. Looks like fresh halibut to night!
  99. captaindorado

    Punta Chivato Cubasco Pics.

    I have some great pics I would like to post, but have tried for two days but they wont load. If some one PMs me a email address i will forward them to you and let you try. If you have ever spent any time in Punta Chivato you will really like theses pics.
  100. captaindorado

    Boat Fire

    I was sent a picture of the Hatteras that burned last week end over in Catalina, Sweet ride. Did ant one get any others?
  101. captaindorado

    Tom Cruise, ex-wife Nicole Kidman both filming in Berlin

    What would you do?
  102. captaindorado

    Snake & Cow

  103. captaindorado

    Need Road Trip advise for Utah& Colorado

    I am leaving 5/11 on a road trip to Utah then Colarado . I will run the 15 to the 70 heading for Aspen. I am looking for great camp sites Along the 70 this side of Grand Junction close to steams and lakes. Any one have any out of the way spots I should no about? or fun bars! Then I heading north...
  104. captaindorado

    Hawaiin SLAY ride

    I am still learning to post pics so I am starting with my boat over here in Hawaii Kai.
  105. captaindorado

    ONO Bit my brother

  106. captaindorado


    Hawaii Mahi Mahi
  107. captaindorado

    14 OT Handels

    I need two new handles for my 14 OTs, but the the replacements are the same junk! does ant one know if any other replacements are avalible? that are better?
  108. captaindorado

    Hawaii Kai, sat..

    Left Hawaii Kai at first lite and headed towards the middle of the Penguin bank. Put the lines in right out side the harbor and had our first Mahi Mahi after an hour, it was a small female maybe 15 lbs. Short of the bank got slammed for a 42 lb Mahi. Headed south west to the tip of the bank and...
  109. captaindorado

    Sand Dabs

    I see the san Pedro boats are advertising sand dab trips! any one have any numbers were about they are getting them! I no all about the East end of Cat. but looking for some area closer to home. Thanks.
  110. captaindorado

    Looking to FISH SC

    I will be fishing the beach in front of the San Clemete state park next tuesday afternoon and wednesday morning. Any one want to join in? If I can get some people together I will bring my big sand crab catcher, so free bait for every one!
  111. captaindorado

    Just Back From 5 Day Local

    Just hit the dock here in Newport harbor last nite after a five day local islands trip. We went to the 43 then SC island for the nite. Picked up one nice female DODO on the 277, but the reason I am posting is on the way home yesterday south east of the 14 by 2 miles I came by THREE marlin...