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  1. shadzdad

    Haleiwa January 6

    Nice way to start off the year. Keep the reports coming
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    43 Donelle

    Sick! Every fisherman's dream boat. Kind of crazy that the live well is bigger than most of our fuel tanks. What's the beam?
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    Haleiwa December 30

    Awesome way to finish off 2019
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    28 Foot Force Project

    Re register your trailer as home made. Technically it is as you built it and the weight changed
  5. shadzdad

    Looking for a custom built-in baitwell builder in SD

    Seems like a cool feature to have but just wondering if there's any downside to having a viewing window on the live bait well? Sorry to hijack this post with a dumb question but had to ask
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Could you post more pics of the folding tower?
  7. shadzdad

    Small Kine Fun

    Nice mixed bag. Plenty action
  8. shadzdad

    December 14 Lucky Strike

    John and crew, nice work getting that naragi aboard. Good eats for sure, looking forward to the dinner spread pics
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    28 Foot Force Project

    Boat looks great. Can't wait to see your catching report
  10. shadzdad

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    Just read your Bertram build, straight up unbelievable. Unfortunately the first 1/3 of the pics are no longer able to be viewed but surely i won't miss anything on this one
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    Banks da other day

    Steve, you are the onaga whisperer
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    Glad to hear the whole family had a blast. South like the perfect trip
  13. shadzdad

    Ice chest / fish box

    Love the pole and knife holders, great idea
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    Saturday 11/30/19

    Pat, Andrew and Mike good teamwork in the sloppy conditions. Pat your persistence paid off with a nice yft, now take care your leg.
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    1970 Skipjack Open

    Money well spent beefing up the bracket. Well thought out
  16. shadzdad

    Stringari 20 “ A Clean-up”

    Nice boat! Killer deal on the tires, can't beat that
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    Banks 11/26

    Nice to see the ikima in action. Heard the smaller cudas are quite tasty. Still better than a day at work.
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    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Gotta be happy about that squeeze out. Can't wait to see this one come together
  19. shadzdad

    Maui Bottom Fishing

    Never fished off Maui but i did a ton of shallow bottom fishing (15-25 fathoms) on Oahu's west side. My typical setup was an armspan of 20 lb J line fluro with three #16 BKN hooks, 2" firecracker curly tail grubs and 8 oz lead. I did use lighter line and smaller hooks if they were being picky...
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    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    Very well thought out and executed perfectly .
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    South Side Ledge, Molokai, and Penguin Trips

    John and crews, good work getting those bites. All that prep setting up the rigs payed off putting fish in the boat
  22. shadzdad

    VIDEO- Live Baiting at Kaena on Tuesday

    Awesome battle and nice footage of the tax man
  23. shadzdad

    Boston Whaler Temptation 27

    Looks awesome, can't wait to see the next update
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    1968 Luhrs 25’ project

    Boat is looking good. You're a man on a mission, getting things done
  25. shadzdad

    1968 Luhrs 25’ project

    ×2 what arima-bob said. Just gave me something to add to my list
  26. shadzdad

    Update... 10/31/19

    Pat, glad to hear you are better. Not pushing you to go but standing by if you are. Of course with the help of another deck hand to keep you planted in the tower
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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - October 2019 wrap-up.

    Capt. Jeff, thanks for another great report. That's awesome to have recaught those 2 fish
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    Banks trip 10/24

    Keep pounding em out there. Very nice catch
  29. shadzdad

    Pat.. Are you ok ?

    Maybe you need a dose of yellow fin fever. Just kidding Pat, take care of yourself first. You'll manage to find the fish once you recover
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  31. shadzdad

    Friday Bull 9/27

    Looks great. Thanks for following up with that
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    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    I guess you can say you have enough rod holders. Boat looks great
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    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Good find. Better now than finding more damage later
  34. shadzdad

    Efficient, stable, Trailerable... The soon to be Hobie Trimaran

    Sounds like a fun project. Good luck with your build
  35. shadzdad

    Who's crafty work was this?

    I think he stole that idea from us Hawaii guys
  36. shadzdad

    Bait tank lid and more

    Awesome upgrade
  37. shadzdad


    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care friend
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    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Coming along nicely
  39. shadzdad

    Banks trip

    Another successful trip. Killing em out there
  40. shadzdad

    Boston Whaler Temptation 27

    Just curious how you flipped the boat. My friend did his 23 seacraft with a backhoe. Trying to figure a way to flip mine. Would save so much time redoing the bottom
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    Pat and Mike, awesome work. Great report and pics
  42. shadzdad

    Help locating charter in February 2020

    Live Bait or Boom Boom out of Waianae. I don't know their policies but they probably are better suited to your needs.
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    24' Morgan Build - "One Piece at a Time"

    Unbelievably gorgeous. Master craftsmanship combined with your experience and vision is making one hell of a dream come true
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    Kauai trip report

    Sounds like another trip to find out
  45. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September 2019 wrap-up.

    Capt Jeff, thanks for another great report. Sucks to hear about the charter desk
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    Kona 9/25/19

    Sounds like your friend had a memorable fishing trip. Bummer on the broken rod
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    Friday Bull 9/27

    Big bastard. Would love to see a pic of the gyotaku
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    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Looking good
  49. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Just gotta take a chance and try. It's fiberglass so any mistakes can always be fixed. There's a lot of great articles on here, not mine I'm still learning. Everything is in the prep
  50. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Been glassing the cabin the past couple weeks. Putting some insulation on the roof but ran out of resin. There are some flaws but pretty stoked on what i see so far.
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    Converting skipjack 28 to outboards

    Every one needs another boat. Lol. Nice 1st mate
  52. shadzdad

    Kauai trip report

    Thanks for the pics. Nice butterball
  53. shadzdad

    That time of year

    Steve, you really know how to load em up. That's one hell of a night
  54. shadzdad

    Kaneohe - 9-27-2019

    Russ and Jonah, that otaru saved the day. Nice one
  55. shadzdad

    Kauai trip report

    Awesome story, i guess 80 was the magic number
  56. shadzdad


    Pat and Pat, awesome job getting that donkey aboard yourself. Makes up for having to change a bunch of leaders. You did predict the bite was coming
  57. shadzdad


    Pat and crew, keep the mahi streak going. Just missed ya at the harbor Saturday morning.
  58. shadzdad

    Banks today

    Mark, boat looks sick! Good going filling up the fish bag
  59. shadzdad

    FishMaster Leaning Post

    Looks awesome, worth the $$
  60. shadzdad

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Rich, you make it look and sound easy. Mad skills. Using truck bed liner isn't cheating just a wise decision
  61. shadzdad

    Hawaii Kai ramp B.S

    Damn that looks sketchy
  62. shadzdad

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Basically a system that's plug and play so marine electronic devices can communicate with each other. Probably some other tech savy guys can elaborate
  63. shadzdad


    Mahi mania aboard the Kai Nana. Bummers on the blown up battery but luckily, guessing, nothing severely damaged or no one hurt. Gotta love good slip neighbors
  64. shadzdad

    Here we go again.........

    Nice looking boat. Good luck with your build. Damn I thought that I had a lot of foam to dig out of mines
  65. shadzdad

    Nothing on the ledge, inside fun

    At least you found some action
  66. shadzdad

    Longest Catch of the Year and not proud of it!

    Damn! That could have gone a lot worse, but hopefully all the running gear is good
  67. shadzdad

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Can't wait to see that 150 installed
  68. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    I think it would be excessive for a 28. Twin cats would take up too much space. The weight, fuel burn, etc would not work for what i want to accomplish. Of course i wish i could have twin volvo 200s like L train but that's way out of my budget. I contemplated twin detroit diesel 453s before...
  69. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    The owner tried selling her for a while but no takers. Mechanically the engines were sound but the rudders were frozen along with a whole bunch of other stuff. The boat needed alot of work. He had estimates of $60-80k to fix her up in order to sell her for less than half that. It was not...
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    28' ugly duckling

    Must have some massive fish holds
  71. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Awesome! Details?
  72. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Luckily I'll have a complete spare
  73. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Never had cats before but did my research and decided that's what i wanted. It must have been fate that i ran across Sea Nugget. But yeah, sounded bad ass when he fired it up. I'll just need one so the other is just going to get long term storage
  74. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Thanks but unfortunately progress for me will be slow. Looks like you'll have to stick around for awhile. Lol
  75. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    I cut up a couple boats in the past but nothing close to this. It was a huge undertaking and even the boatyard never believed that I could do it. In fact I had to put a massive deposit because they were afraid that I would pull the engines and give up. Lol. But everyone there was cheering me on...
  76. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Roger that. I been following your post so i know you got it down
  77. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Since Mark, Sbsurfer, asked, I'm going to detour on how i got my powerplant. So here's my long and drawn out story about finding a replacement for the old and tired Detroit 6-53. Along came Sea Nugget, the donor. A 39' Super Craft whose owner wanted to move back to Washington. She needed alot of...
  78. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Thanks Mark, pretty envious of your 29. It already had a raised bow but i wanted to change it a bit. Did a little reshaping to make it flow better. Still needs body work but got the shape i wanted. For power, Caterpillar 3208, 375 hp. I got a pretty cool story, in my opinion, on obtaining a good...
  79. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Thanks Ryan. Just trying to make my dream come true. I realize that the mold is not perfect by any means. My goal was to recreate the old rotted out cabin in fiberglass. I will be happy just to get the basic shape and work it from there. That being said, when the time comes, it will need work...
  80. shadzdad

    24' Morgan Build - "One Piece at a Time"

    Capt Scott, awesome boat and an even more impressive story. Loved the short version but wouldn't have minded the full story. Either way, love it.
  81. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Thanks Dave. Yes i love radons but failed to mention that i have what i believe to be a locally made radon. Unfortunately not an original DR but I'm ok with it. Even if I could find one here, rarely available, i wouldn't be able to afford it.
  82. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Not yet but it will be one day. Lol
  83. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Thanks Joe. Yeah it is but taking it day by day. I try not to think too far ahead. Just focusing on one thing at a time. Wait until i post about my power plant acquisition, you'll probably get a kick out of it
  84. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    More pics of the cabin mold
  85. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    Here's pics of the cabin in work. After having a few too many beers, my friend convinced me to make a mold for the cabin. Sure seemed like a great idea at the time. No regrets but a huge undertaking for someone, myself, with limited skills. Luckily my friend has some. I liked the shape of the...
  86. shadzdad

    28' ugly duckling

    So I've been hesitant to post because of the slow progress but I'm in the process of moving my project boat to another storage site. That being said, it will be temporarily stored somewhere that i can't work on it so I'm taking this opportunity to post since I have some time. I will say this...
  87. shadzdad

    Half Day and got lucky

    Don, good going on the solo ahi and back in early
  88. shadzdad

    3 hour tour

    Gotta love those short and productive trips. Looks delicious
  89. shadzdad

    Kaneohe 9/1/19

    Nice follow up trip. I'm sure your crew guy needed stiches but always good to have a well stocked first aid kit. Hope he's ok
  90. shadzdad

    Waianae 8/31 - No More Nothing

    Chuck, you'll get em next time. Still better than sitting on the couch
  91. shadzdad

    Waianae 8/31/19

    Good job getting fish in the box. Looking forward to your Kaneohe report
  92. shadzdad

    KBay 8/30/19 went for Aku, Ahi showed up

    John, nice solo ahi and good on you to spread the aloha
  93. shadzdad

    Kaneohe - 8/29/2019

    Russ, good call heading out Kaneohe. You made the right call and had enough fish in the box anyway. Awesome catch
  94. shadzdad

    Sat 8/24/19

    Pat and Robert, another great day on the Kai Nana. Glad you were able to don the belt. KC lures killing it out there and awesome assist
  95. shadzdad

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Pat, hopefully you get one today to drop off
  96. shadzdad

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Right on Steve. Hopefully this makes up for the sometimes low auction prices
  97. shadzdad

    Haleiwa 8-19

    Sh bite strikes again. Good going on the ahi
  98. shadzdad


    Way to goPat and Tom! That mahi is the result of you always being prepared with live bait. Bummers on the ones that came unbuttoned but that marlin is the perfect size to eat raw
  99. shadzdad

    M n M 10-15

    Nice catch, i could only imagine running 2 of those in the spread
  100. shadzdad

    Penguin Blue 08-10

    John and crew, awesome work getting that donkey onboard. Nice way to share the catch
  101. shadzdad

    8/6 1st time Kbay = my 1st Sailfish

    Matt and crew, bummer on the rubba hooks but still a nice catch for the day. Yeah I've only seen one landed by a friend of mine, pretty rare as i understand.
  102. shadzdad

    Sunday August 4

    Nice mixed bag, especially like the footballs
  103. shadzdad

    Sunday 8/4

    Pat thanks for another great day on the water. My family and friends are greatful for your generosity with the catch. Here's a pic of the Captain putting the fish to sleep.
  104. shadzdad

    Can't fish soooo

    Lucky both in and out of water
  105. shadzdad

    Tuesday 7/30

    Pat and the C pier gang, good work boating that yellow guy in those challenging conditions. Awesome report, great pics and nice fish. Wish all would have "stuck" for you but that's a nice one and well deserved
  106. shadzdad

    No Need Dogs? 7/27/19

    Glad you stuck it out to get the desired result.
  107. shadzdad

    Sat 7/27/19

    Pat and Robert, good going on the early bite. Those windy conditions make stand up a little more interesting
  108. shadzdad

    Kona Blue for my boys

    Bummers on the tax man but that's an awesome C&R by your boys.
  109. shadzdad

    West side action 7/24

    Kyle, nice back to back trips
  110. shadzdad

    Westside Ahi 7/23

    Matt and Richie, guess you made the right decision after all. Hope you were able to get out of Waianae this week
  111. shadzdad

    Molokai Crossing

    Don and Jordan, a successful trip already and it's not over yet. I like your definition of "few"
  112. shadzdad

    24’ Mosquito flybridge Hawai’i- complete custom boat rebuild

    Whether you decide to continue posting or not, good luck with your project. Mines needs more work than yours and I've heard worse from my own friends. Don't be discouraged, sure it is highly likely that it will cost more and take longer than calculated. We all know that... its a boat. But if you...
  113. shadzdad

    24’ Mosquito flybridge Hawai’i- complete custom boat rebuild

    All glass hull? Don't know much about the Mosquito but always thought they looked great. Just curious if you have an estimated budget and time frame? I have a project boat that I'm slowly working on and finishing up a mold for my cabin. Would love to see some of your work so i can steal some...
  114. shadzdad

    7/21/19 Ocean Therapy

    Pat and crew, one hell of a shakedown run. Glad you and the boat are running as should, seems like reverting back to the old swivels put Kai Nana back to her normal catching #s??
  115. shadzdad

    Free Tuna Lure

    Follow him on YouTube. Winner was announced
  116. shadzdad

    My first tournament = My first Ahi of the year

    Right on Matt, that's awesome. I'm still waiting to crew for someone and help land my first yellow guy for the year. I think that was Captain Spens on the Ohana H that took 1st but good going placing 6th
  117. shadzdad

    Pelagic Kaneohe

    Mark, blood in the box is always a winner. Good going on a slow day at least not white wash
  118. shadzdad

    Waianae - July 6, 2019

    Yeah heard the bite was good on Thursday and Friday. I went out with a friend the day after your trip, was slow. We picked up an ono and had one get away on this lure
  119. shadzdad

    Pelagic Tournament Kaneohe

    Mark, good luck in the tournament. Your boat looks like a tank and should do well out there. Looking forward to your report
  120. shadzdad

    Waianae - July 6, 2019

    Russ, good going on the pair of onos. Passed through the harbor parking lot Saturday and it was packed
  121. shadzdad

    Happy 3rd of July

    No better way to start the long weekend, nice catch for sure
  122. shadzdad

    Sea Trials almost complete with a Kawa

    Breaking in the motor with a tow in. Good karma coming back to you
  123. shadzdad

    Sea Trials almost complete with a Kawa

    Mark, awesome looking boat. Looking forward to many catching reports
  124. shadzdad

    Video- 2019 Hanapa'a Shootout Weigh In

    Nick thanks for keeping us posted. Always cool to see boats coming in with fish
  125. shadzdad

    2 out of 3

    Don and crew, keep em coming
  126. shadzdad

    Waianae - 6/29/2019

    Russ and Jonah, way to overcome all the obstacles and get a nice ahi. Technology is great but can't beat your experience in old school navigation
  127. shadzdad

    Sat 6/29/19 and a little bit more...

    Pat and crew, glad you got that yellow guy aboard. Did you switch back to the old swivel style on the last trip?
  128. shadzdad

    How to fillet a ahi!

    The quality of the meat is a reflection of the care taken after the catch. What happen to Turbo, he like grind too. Oh yeah fry the skin
  129. shadzdad

    Sometimes you have to leave the crowd

    Good way to keep Jordan busy while he's here.
  130. shadzdad

    Anyone want to go fishing report

    Robert and crew, bummers on the ono but already having that donkey in the box probably made it a little easier to accept. Regardless, sounds like a great trip
  131. shadzdad

    Old Men and the Sea, 6/9/19

    Nice team work on the double hookup. Glad you were able to land both,
  132. shadzdad

    Radon Rebuild Questions

    Would love to see some before pics
  133. shadzdad

    Lucky Lightning

    Don, way to get the boys some action. Can't beat fishing for a party and being successful.
  134. shadzdad

    Banks 6/9/19

    Fred and crew, although not the targeted species still a great catch. Perfect size marlin to smoke or eat sashimi
  135. shadzdad

    6/10/19 w/ no pics...

    Pat and crew, too bad on the rubber hooks but we know you likey some ono. If anyone has been aboard the Kai Nana, they can vouch that Pat does put out an impressive spread hence the strikes. Keep up the whining, we're more than happy to hear it.
  136. shadzdad

    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Nice! Good thing you had your block and tackle set up aboard
  137. shadzdad

    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Mark, tough battle to get that donkey aboard single handed. Looking forward to the before and after, smoked, pics. No scared run the KC lure solo again
  138. shadzdad

    No Termites ! No Woodrot !

    Perfect timing, let the slaying begin
  139. shadzdad

    Video on how to make your own Gaff for cheap

    I saw a homemade gaff on my friends boat but was shame to ask how he made em. Now i don't need to ask. Lol.
  140. shadzdad


    Great report and awesome pictures
  141. shadzdad

    6/1/19 Charted Fishing Trip for OIF/OEF combat veterans

    That's F'n awesome. I'm no veteran but thanks for your service and looking forward to your report
  142. shadzdad

    A couple of days.

    Pat and crews, awesome work bringing home dinner 2 days in a row. Made my usual lunch break pass through the harbor Saturday. Saw you guys in early washing the Kai Nana so i knew you found the right stuff
  143. shadzdad

    Waianae - May 25, 2019

    Russ and crew, glad your long journey was rewarded. I drove through the harbor yesterday and looked like ahi shootout
  144. shadzdad

    Ballyhoo $$$

    Thanks Mark, good info. Hopefully your new boat is here
  145. shadzdad

    Video - First Ahi of the Year

    Nice late birthday present for your grandpa. Looking forward to many more similar videos this season
  146. shadzdad

    Waianae 5/19

    Chuck, good call heading in early and taking care of yourself. Always can fish another day. Perfect size marlin right there
  147. shadzdad

    Video from earlier in the week fishing Waianae

    Awesome video with some great tips. Did you repower? Thought had outboard.
  148. shadzdad

    Ono for Mothers Day Dinner

    Mark, nice solo ono. At least you thought about safety just in case things went bad.
  149. shadzdad

    Chasing my Tail in Haleiwa with Video

    Nick, another great vide. Especially like the smoker part. Even Turbo wanted to grind.
  150. shadzdad

    5/7 Mighty Marlin round 2

    Matt and crew, good going on getting your game squared away. Nice catch for sure.
  151. shadzdad

    Waianae ledge report 5/6/19

    Randy, at least not bolo head. Passed through Waianae harbor on Saturday and only saw one truck/trailer in the lot
  152. shadzdad

    Stormy weather Ahi

    Don and Fred, way to keep the streak alive.
  153. shadzdad

    Leeward 4/16 My first Really Big Marlin

    I understand and respect your view on releasing marlin, not here to argue that. Obviously he was just sharing what could happen even to an experienced fisherman. It can be dangerous both keeping and releasing.
  154. shadzdad

    May 03 Donkey & Change

    John and the Sea Bum gang, awesome catch. Glad you were able to pull that donkey up from the depths. Great report and pics.
  155. shadzdad

    Video of Monday out Waianae. Lots of ledge action with beat lures lol

    Close call on that one. Another great report and video. Looking forward to the next
  156. shadzdad

    Double Trouble in Kaneohe 5/1

    Nice solo run, hard work but definitely fun
  157. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - April 2019 wrap-up.

    Captain Jeff, thanks for taking the time to write a very informative post. Always a great read
  158. shadzdad

    Sat. 4/27

    Pat & crew, way to capitalize with what you had but yes i imagine it could have been epic. Still a great day and catch with a nintendo bonus
  159. shadzdad

    Livingston Warrior Build

    No can help on the proportions but you did a great job of designing and building it,looks good
  160. shadzdad

    Got lucky in Kaneohe

    Good going on your Easter ahi. Glad you were rewarded for braving the conditions
  161. shadzdad

    Leeward 4/16 My first Really Big Marlin

    Pat explained it well, but here's a picture of one that I'm trying to buy for my project
  162. shadzdad

    Leeward 4/16 My first Really Big Marlin

    Matt and crew, good going on the mahis. Bummers losing a lure and the donkey but it happens, you'll get em next time. Bang stick works great on crazy marlin. Either gin pole to get in the boat or tie em up and tow the fish in.
  163. shadzdad

    Video of a fast trip from the other day.

    Nice football and another great video
  164. shadzdad

    No Termites ! No Woodrot !

    Sweet. What power?
  165. shadzdad

    My latest pilothouse build

    We just use tonneau covers here. Time for us to upgrade and keep up with this genius
  166. shadzdad


    Pat and Mike, no easy task in those windy conditions. Awesome work getting her decks bloody.
  167. shadzdad

    Daughter’s First Solo Run

    Nice, can't ask for a better first solo trip
  168. shadzdad

    Video of fishing Waianae the other day

    Keep em coming. Nice lures
  169. shadzdad

    Lake kaneohe

    Hoping a quick recovery for you to get back to slaying some fish
  170. shadzdad

    04/06&04/07 Nice Boat Rides

    Sounds like a couple of successful trips to me. Good going on your generosity
  171. shadzdad


    Bad angle but trust me, that donkey was huge.
  172. shadzdad


    Hey Pat, was a blast out there although the bean bag got the best of me. I know you easily manage Kai Nana's deck but thanks for letting me tag along.
  173. shadzdad

    Video of waianae the other day.

    Nick, still an awesome video. Can tell you guys had a blast, that's what fishing is all about
  174. shadzdad


    Hey Pat, been busy with work the past few months so haven't worked on the boat. Stripping it down to the hull so it's going to be a while till it's done. Thanks for the offer, I may have to take you up on that.
  175. shadzdad

    Pretty water 3/30

    Steve, most of us wish our full days were half as good as your half days. Way to load em up
  176. shadzdad


    Pat and Conor, making Kai Nana happy again and giving all of us the fever. Good job on the yellow guy, the donkey would have been a nice bonus but you'll get em next time.
  177. shadzdad

    Molokai Ono Run 03-31

    John, Chris and crew, awesome work on a nice haul of fish. Got some fatties in there.
  178. shadzdad

    Koko Head / Penguin Banks 3-31-19

    Nice fish, perfect size to eat. Thanks for sharing what worked
  179. shadzdad

    No Termites ! No Woodrot !

    Nice! Perfect timing, looking forward to your catching reports
  180. shadzdad

    No Termites ! No Woodrot !

    Looks awesome. Fill us in with some details when ready
  181. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Febuary 2019 wrap-up.

    Captain Jeff, may the reports improve as the season continues. Always a great read and looking forward to the next one
  182. shadzdad

    Leeward Coast - February 24

    If you need any grunt work done in the evenings while dry docked just let me know. I remember you offered to drive a boat to the Phoenician for me so I'm here to pay back your generosity. Not trying to hijack this thread so PM me if anything more than a quick reply
  183. shadzdad

    1977 28' Ricky Scarborough

    I bet it rides as good as it looks. Awesome boat and good camera skills to capture her features
  184. shadzdad

    Biggest Marlin I have ever caught. Video

    Either way, awesome catch and video. Good job planing her up. I've seen a couple granders in person and this one definitely looks the part
  185. shadzdad

    24 Radon Re-build/Restoration

    Awesome work, especially like the extension off the transom
  186. shadzdad

    2-8 kaneohe

    Perfect timing. Way to beat the weather and get some fish before the winds really start howling
  187. shadzdad

    DIY hardtop build

    Started building a mold for a cabin. Was thinking about arching the roof also. I don't need to match any existing lines so should be a little easier. I'll be taking tips from your post. Good luck with your build
  188. shadzdad

    Glasspro Fuel tank location advice

    U got any pics of your setup or is yours just the factory glasspro cabin? Well gas fumes inside a cabin, even with ventilation, is always a concern. Just my 2 cents but probably just because I've heard a lot of tragic things. But anything is possible with the right planning. If adding weight for...
  189. shadzdad

    Take me fishing here and I’ll take you in Homer AK and San Diego

    He had a nice boat ride. No love for him that day
  190. shadzdad

    Glasspro Fuel tank location advice

    I'm no expert but just wondering how big of a gas tank you are planning to install? How big is the current tank? How does your boat sit in the water? I believe you should be cautious of a nose heavy boat with a flat back end like the glass pro. It can be dangerous coming down seas. Not sure if...
  191. shadzdad

    Take me fishing here and I’ll take you in Homer AK and San Diego

    Thanks for the report. Glad you were able to make it out anyway, sounds like a good day on the water. Get em next time. A friend of mine was also out Waianae dragging live bait but not sure how he did
  192. shadzdad

    Take me fishing here and I’ll take you in Homer AK and San Diego

    Not only is it nice but if you're fishing on the 32' blackfin out of Waianae then you are in the right hands
  193. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - January 2019 wrap-up.

    Capt Jeff, thanks for another great report. Glad to hear business as well as the bite has increased, hopefully that trend continues
  194. shadzdad

    Late Post - Haleiwa 1/14/2019

    Russ, way to go braving the swells and being rewarded with some good eating fish
  195. shadzdad

    Waianae 01/21/2019

    At least you know that you are running the right stuff, hope they stick for you next trip
  196. shadzdad

    MLK Run

    The Sea Bum gang strikes again. Nice teamwork on the triple blues
  197. shadzdad

    Working a South Shore Currentline 01-20

    John and Josh, nice job getting the fish on board. Seems your dink rigs are working well and getting better results the more you fish them.
  198. shadzdad

    Impatient or over zealous 1/20/19

    Pat and Conor, that's one hell of a fight. Better luck next trip and thanks for the report
  199. shadzdad

    Advice on best boats for hawaii

    Don't know anyone with a sea swirl but wouldn't worry about it being labeled a "kook" boat. As long as it gets you on the water and suits your needs. Most sellers are willing to do a trial run for serious buyers, probably your best bet to find out for yourself. Good luck on your search for a boat.
  200. shadzdad

    Sad and Happy

    Pat, was nice meeting you at the harbor that day . Bummers on the blue and JSI but those akus looked good. Overall, not a bad way to start the year. May all your previous donations to the fishing gods be paid 10 fold this season.
  201. shadzdad

    South Side Shutdown Mahi Axtion

    Lots of action, good weather and a nice haul of mahis. Awesome day for sure
  202. shadzdad


    Epic catch, especially for a half day charter. And yes they live up to their name. What day were you out?
  203. shadzdad

    Nov-Dec 2018

    Some monster nintendos. Good going on the 3 solo naragis, hopefully that helped heal all your eye poking. Went with Spens the 30th and also got robbed by the rough tooths around a cargo net
  204. shadzdad

    Late Christmas Present

    Don, Jordan and crew way to end the year. Actually still get time so maybe sneak in another trip before the 1st.
  205. shadzdad

    Project boats or Trash???

    Always great to see a boat given a second life but you just need to find someone who desires that particular boat. Hopefully can be used for parts and keep some of it out of the landfills
  206. shadzdad


    Looking good! Can't wait for more updates as she moves along. I totally agree with building a boat to what suits your fishing style and environment
  207. shadzdad

    18 Dec Oahu Windward side

    Mark, good going on the early xmas present. Hopefully more to come.
  208. shadzdad


    Beautiful boat! Very innovative, that hinged cabin wall is going to set a trend, although it looks like no easy feat to accomplish.
  209. shadzdad

    Oahu north shore

    Unfortunately I don't have any fishing recommendations. The north shore usually has some big swells rolling in this time of year. U may already know that but just wanted to give a heads up. Hopefully others will chime in with some info. Good luck and don't forget to post your catch.
  210. shadzdad

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Damn that's a crusty starter. Good luck with your build, looking forward to more progress reports as you move forward
  211. shadzdad

    Kona Fishing Report - November wrap-up.

    Capt. Jeff, another great report. Getting two back to back 100+ kahalas is awesome, some people dream of catching just one in a lifetime but i guess your experience and consistent hard work on the bottom pays off.
  212. shadzdad

    11/23/2018 Kona

    Kris and pops, bummer on the lost lure but at least you got that marlin. Those smaller size ones can be aerobatic but yeah he must've been going crazy. Lol
  213. shadzdad

    First Blue 11/24

    Alex and Nicole, awesome job on the C&R. That marlin was just as thankful as you were.
  214. shadzdad

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    I would pull her off the trailer and put it up on blocks. You could even lower it to make it easier to get in and out of. That's what i did and it helps for bigger projects. That's just my 2 cents, start the build and you'll be able to take your time and wait for the right deal on a trailer...
  215. shadzdad

    it's about time

    Awesome weekend considering the conditions. Great job
  216. shadzdad

    What would you rather eat?

    ×2 onaga. Can't beat the deep 7 but still jealous of either one
  217. shadzdad

    Fried Chicken & AHI

    Good eye Pat, not surprised
  218. shadzdad

    Fried Chicken & AHI

    Another great catch and awesome video too. Was that in the blind or porpoise?
  219. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - October 2018 wrap-up.

    Capt Jeff, hopefully the tourism picks up as well as the bottom bite. Thanks for the report
  220. shadzdad

    10/28/18 That was different.

    With your track record and humbleness, I'm sure he was easily 2. This mahi doesn't have a cool costume like the one before him but i guess you can dress him in garnishes instead
  221. shadzdad

    Glass pros refit

    Saw your post on CL here in Hawaii. Hopefully you can hold on to her. Good luck
  222. shadzdad

    Resurrecting Another Skipjack (Sport Cruiser)

    Read your thread last year and it's good to see you continue on. We all know life gets in the way but as long as you don't give up. Motivates me to get my lazy a$$ back to it
  223. shadzdad

    10/28/18 That was different.

    Every once in a while gotta let one go, maybe it'll become a grander someday. How big do you estimate that blue? At least you still had some fish onboard for a nice dinner.
  224. shadzdad

    10/21/18 Winter has arrived... sort of.

    Pat, always a great and suspense filled report. Action packed day for sure, although we always hope to bring them all onboard. I like your creative side, the Frankenstein mahi is cool!
  225. shadzdad

    East coast mahi and white marlin action

    Awesome action packed video. Look forward to more
  226. shadzdad

    Coast Guard..........the real offshore heroes

    Yes, awesome to see our forces out there in action. No easy feat but they constantly train to make situations like this effortless. Hopefully the passenger was ok
  227. shadzdad

    Saturday 9-29

    Good going on the donkey and footballs. Great eating right there
  228. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Sep. wrap-up.

    Another great report Capt. Jeff. Bummers on the slow charters but hopefully the better than norm fishing helped to offset that in one way or another. Thanks for educating some of us on the sharks
  229. shadzdad

    A couple non-catch reports...

    Not the results I like to hear but always look forward to your posts. Bummers on the rubber hooks but you'll get em next time, I'm sure. Solo on the last trip?
  230. shadzdad

    Yeti day hoper 40

    Saw the Yeti Hopper two on sale for a fairly good price and was contemplating buying one. Looked online and there were more bad reviews, besides the obviously over priced part, than expected. Figure i ask if anyone in the fishing world had experiences, comments or suggestions about the yeti...
  231. shadzdad

    Kewalo tournament this Saturday - 1 day deal, $10k guaranteed purse

    Massive payouts to both, guess you never know what's going to win a tournament. I remember when ahi fever was a 2 day tourney. I knew someone who caught a small marlin, i won't state the approximate weight because of some people on here. Anyway he decided not to weigh it and went home. He didn't...
  232. shadzdad

    Customized bait tank

    Most times "small" jobs take more work and attention to detail than bigger ones. Nice work
  233. shadzdad

    09/10/18 Olivia.

    Pat and Eric, congrats on a first for each of you guys. Hope does well at the block. Love the nose/tail pic. Lol
  234. shadzdad

    Sunday 09-08

    John, sounds like a successful trip despite the lack of fish you were hoping for. At least not a white wash and you were able to get back in under your own power. You'll get em next time. Would like to see more pics as you do some maintenance, especially of the hull. Looks like an interesting design
  235. shadzdad

    Type of boat bottom paint/gelcoat?

    Not sure if I'm right on this but it's something to look into, i believe bottom paint has a bit more drag because it's not as smooth. So probably best for slip boats, but if fuel consumption is of no concern then it might be the more durable choice. Please correct me if I'm wrong but worth...
  236. shadzdad

    Mahi time

    You guys sure know how to get it done
  237. shadzdad


    Truman & Mrs T, awesome work to get a nice yellowfin in the boat. Great story
  238. shadzdad

    Molokai Run 09-03

    John and crew, another great trip across the channel. Nice bonus on the kamanu. Block prices may not have been the greatest for you but your operating costs can't be beat!
  239. shadzdad

    Waianae 09-02-2018

    Too bad on the tax man but always a good day to see friends and get out on the water. Get em next time
  240. shadzdad


    Pat, nice solo ahi. If i read correctly, especially in those conditions. It takes a trained eye to find that needle in the haystack, i know you always say it's luck but i don't buy it. Congrats on another skillfully landed yellowfin.
  241. shadzdad

    Barbers Point

    Bummers on the lost lure but nice bull mahi to finish with
  242. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Aug. wrap-up.

    Capt Jeff, always a great read. Looking forward to the next catching report
  243. shadzdad

    New Boat - Kona

    Let the slaying begin. Good luck on your maiden voyage
  244. shadzdad

    Tis The Season... Lane.

    Pat, how was the Waianae Boat harbor? Hoping all were spared there and through out the island.
  245. shadzdad

    Theft during Hurricane Lane

    Wow! Dirty fakas! Hopefully the thieves try to sell some stuff to the wrong person and get their asses beat
  246. shadzdad

    Tis The Season... Lane.

    Hey Mark, guessing you did ok on the windward side. Hope all is well
  247. shadzdad

    Glass pros refit

    ×2 what Bob said about the bartender. Nice rocket launcher and awesome boat. I'll keep an eye out on craigslist, might be scammers.
  248. shadzdad

    Ono Run 08-18-18

    Nice battle scars, good to know it's working
  249. shadzdad

    Tis The Season... Lane.

    How's things looking on the Waianae coast? I got my boat on blocks and hopefully it'll still be that way when I return. I'm expecting to possibly deal with Typhoon Soulic tomorrow
  250. shadzdad

    Waianae 08-19-2018

    Awesome job on the tow in, some good quality fish too.
  251. shadzdad

    She thought she was a marlin... 8/19

    Pat and crew, the ahi season never ends on the Kai Nana. Keep the streak going!
  252. shadzdad

    Kaneohe 8/18

    Alex and crew, the smiles on their faces says it all. Awesome trip
  253. shadzdad

    Kaneohe 8/18

    Alex and crew, the smiles on their faces says it all. Awesome trip
  254. shadzdad

    Ono Run 08-18-18

    John and Dave, good amount of onos on board. Long day on the water but well worth it
  255. shadzdad

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    Mark & Kelli, no rush. I am away from home working. I do have an ahi collar vacuum sealed in my freezer and after seeing your pics, i am dying to make it as soon as I get back home
  256. shadzdad

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    Mark that looks like an awesome meal. How did you season the collar? Disregard if it's a secret recipe
  257. shadzdad

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    That fish is a butter ball, looks like a fatty, oily fish. For sure good grinds. Got any pics of it on the dinner table?
  258. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Yes i was contemplating redoing the prop pocket as it seemed a bit too small. But i was over thinking it and i think it looks sufficient. It might be a little on the smaller side but at this stage, i don't think for me that it's worth redoing it. Probably leave it as it is
  259. shadzdad

    Jordon's 2nd to last trip

    Another awesome catch and gotta love those early days
  260. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    I would have never considered that. Thanks for your words of wisdom
  261. shadzdad

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    Mark and Kelli, a day on the water is always better than work! But an ahi on deck is much better. Congrats on the 1st, now call out again and go get another
  262. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    I like your perspective, something i haven't thought in depth about. The boat does have a small prop tunnel put in by one of the previous owners. After reading up a little on tunnel design, i contemplated redoing it to allow me to tuck the prop up higher to lessen the shaft angle
  263. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    With my limited knowledge, all info that you guys chime in with helps a great deal. I got quite a bit of work until I get to that part but it helps in planning everything while i work on other areas. Thanks
  264. shadzdad

    Pau Hana Quickie

    John, nice short and productive solo run. Can't beat having a slip for times like that
  265. shadzdad

    Kai'Nana had FUN.

    Capt Pat and crews, always impressed but never surprised at what comes over the rail, or through the door, on the Kai Nana. As usual, great team work and awesome skills to get the job done. What kind of palm leaf is that?
  266. shadzdad

    Waianae 8/12/18

    Russ and Jonah, good going on the fish. Heard Waianae been good lately and glad your journey out west was well rewarded
  267. shadzdad

    Luck continues

    Epic summer for sure, his college friends will be so jealous
  268. shadzdad

    Big girls showing up

    Awesome video of the bite. Always amazes me to see the big ones jumping, gets the heart racing
  269. shadzdad

    Kona Action 8-3-18

    Awesome trip minus the sickness but I'm sure those fish made it worth it for your Lilikoi
  270. shadzdad

    Calm before Hector?

    Looks like left was the right way to go. Another nice fish for you guys
  271. shadzdad

    Detour on the way to Molokai

    Don and Jordan, perfect way to start the trip. Smiles all the way
  272. shadzdad

    Thursday Kaneohe

    Awesome work on the ahi and footballs. Good eating buggas for sure
  273. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report -- July wrap-up.

    Captain Jeff, another great report and may your dry dock maintenance go smooth and swiftly.
  274. shadzdad


    Nice, at least you gave it 100%. Can't help when that happens
  275. shadzdad

    July recovery... 7/29/18

    Pat and Mike, way to get back in it. Great pics and good to see you in there, was gonna say something about that on the last report. Can't wait to hear about "Nintendo"
  276. shadzdad


    Good going on the mahis, nothing wrong with that! Did you try to tease the marlin back?
  277. shadzdad

    Sunday 07-22

    Right on! Good of you to take your friend out, ultimate bday present. Bummers on losing the fish but sure must've been exciting with that donkey on. Glad you were well aware of the bilge levels.
  278. shadzdad

    21 July Windward- ono but no ahi for me

    Mark and crew?, way to tough it out and get a nice fish in the boat. Yeah that guy really busted up that lure. Go get em next trip
  279. shadzdad

    Kona July 11/13th

    Nice, action packed fishing trips
  280. shadzdad

    Waianae 7/15

    Chuck and crew bummers on the lost fish but lots of action. Seems more marlin are arriving, my friend was in the tournament and lost some long noses. Nice catch with the good karma lure
  281. shadzdad

    7/11 Kaneohe

    Way to load em up
  282. shadzdad

    Lucky Friday the 13th

    Don and crew, way to go on back to back trips. Keep em coming over the rail!
  283. shadzdad

    Lucky call

    Thanks mrkrabs. That dog costume made my day!!
  284. shadzdad

    Lucky call

    Thanks Pat. Yeah we got lucky, the 2nd was a nicer size. Was hoping to read one of your typical catching reports.
  285. shadzdad

    Lucky call

    Yes was a little bumpy out there but not bad. I actually hate fishing flat water and prefer the rougher water. Yes I feel blessed to get out there whenever I can
  286. shadzdad

    Lucky call

    So I'm in the long process of building a boat so I can't fish whenever I want. I was lucky enough to meet Captain Spens of the Ohana H about a year and a half ago. We both have busy schedules but he is always kind enough to call and ask if I want to go fishing, a lot of times i can't make it but...
  287. shadzdad

    7/10 1000 fathom in front of Ko Olina

    Kyle, good going on the ono. Talked to some guys at Waianae boat harbor and even though some did great, others white washed. Any pics of the grander?
  288. shadzdad

    July 8th Blood

    John and crew, nice way to end your dad's trip. Glad to see fish on deck again
  289. shadzdad

    July 4 Kona

    Seems your planning and preparation came together perfectly. Congrats on ending the curse.
  290. shadzdad

    No Fireworks

    Still beats sitting on the couch. Seems it has slowed a little for now, better luck next trip
  291. shadzdad

    Heeia Kea 4TH of July

    Don and Jordan, good going on those nice sized ahis. Was out Kaneohe with a friend that day but all small stuff for us.
  292. shadzdad

    Ahi fishing slowing down?

    You never know when the season is over but still got well into August typically. Yes it does slow occasionally but people still taking multiples in the right places. Was out Kaneohe today and although we didn't get any yellow guys, we know others who did.
  293. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - June 2018 wrap-up.

    Another great report and nice pics, awaiting the next. Are you fishing the World Cup?
  294. shadzdad

    Waianae 01July

    Fishing with your brother and landing that elusive hebi, what a great birthday present. I'm sure the following celebration was even beter
  295. shadzdad

    July 01 West Side Weekend Trips

    Pops looks pretty stoked, congrats on your yearly catching trip. I guess with all your previous catches, having a one trip break is ok once in a while
  296. shadzdad

    Waianae 1 July

    Nice fatty in the sloppy seas
  297. shadzdad


    Pat, Eric and Roy great job on yet another fine fish and always an entertaining post. Love the pics, especially the free standing fish. Or is something propping him up?
  298. shadzdad

    Skipjack 24 Open Upgrade

    Wiring is almost always the most neglected until problems arise. At least you'll have peace of mind now. Just installed those same switches in a friend's boat
  299. shadzdad

    Blessed Seatrials!!

    Nice boat and even nicer fish. Good going on the successful shakedown, seems there was no need to go out to CO
  300. shadzdad

    Kona Wee guys

    My boat doesn't float yet so I'm always on here looking for my fix. Thanks for the report and looking forward to many more from you and others, none are insignificant or taken for granted. I guess I'm just fishing for reports for now. Lol
  301. shadzdad


    Pat and crew, way to go on yet another yellow guy. Keep em coming!! Was out in Waianae Saturday and it was quite gusty, assuming yesterday was just the same
  302. shadzdad

    Waianae 6/20/18, a first for me....

    Randy, looks like the perfect size marlin to me. Awesome job on the hand lining, yeah like Pat said, could have got crazy. But I'm sure you would've managed.
  303. shadzdad


    Pat and James, awesome job on the ahi and Lil Stubby. Bummers on the broke line but seems like there was lots of life out there
  304. shadzdad

    Rubbish carnage

    Wow! That's how you fill up a fish box.
  305. shadzdad

    Small action- East side 18Jun

    Nice akus on the home made lure. Good eats
  306. shadzdad

    Report from Ahi Shoot Out

    Good job landing those fish on lighter tackle. Must've been a fun fight
  307. shadzdad

    Bloody Saturday

    Epic day, about as good as it gets. Love the pics. Might have to hit you up to buy some.
  308. shadzdad

    Friday 6/8/18

    Pat, Eric and Tommy awesome teamwork to land that guy. Always great pics, even the machine. Hopefully now that the maintenance is done, work will allow you to get out there a little more.
  309. shadzdad

    Waianae - June 7, 2018 “Birthday Run”

    Perfect birthday present. Congrats on the 2nd, many more to come
  310. shadzdad

    No more monkey

    Murphy's law. Lol. Nice ahi
  311. shadzdad

    Waianae 6/11/2018

    Sounds like an exciting morning for sure. Good job landing the one that stuck
  312. shadzdad

    1973 Boston Whaler Currituck 16'7

    Looks awesome. I'm no boat guru but seems like you weighed the pros and cons and made the right decision. What did the top cost if you don't mind me asking?
  313. shadzdad

    Cartridge Trolls hook up off Kona

    Good going getting the bites and landing the 2 ahis. Any pics of the trolls?
  314. shadzdad

    Cartridge Trolls hook up off Kona

    Awesome. Way to spread the aloha spirit.
  315. shadzdad

    Waianae - 5/31/2018 Monkey off my back!

    Russ and Jonah, awesome job on two beautiful fish and some culinary skills too. Any speculation what the mystery guy was? Anyways good going getting rid of the monkey, go get more.
  316. shadzdad

    Only 2 trips in May hope to hit it harder in June LOL

    Captain Spens, that sounds like the perfect way to get the monkey off your back. 2 for 2 is awesome, looking forward to many more reports from ya
  317. shadzdad

    Kona Fishing Report - May wrap-up.

    Great report, can't wait to read the next one
  318. shadzdad

    5/28 Epic day, just.....

    Would've been nice to land that fatty but lucky you got your lure back. Hopefully you make it out again to get the yellow guys
  319. shadzdad

    Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

    Awesome weekend for sure
  320. shadzdad

    Shipping Costs from Hilo to Oahu (for boat)??

    Try to look on Young Brothers website, there's the shipping schedule telling you when the boat leaves and its arrival. Also has their hours that drop off times are allowed and paper work required. Believe it's twice a week, for example drop off tuesday between 8am-2pm, boat leaves 5pm and...
  321. shadzdad

    West side 5/20

    Nice C&R, awesome pics. You'll get the yellow fins next time
  322. shadzdad

    Mid-week Birthday Bite

    Epic day and perfect present to you. Happy belated birthday.
  323. shadzdad

    Outboard Disposal Oahu

    Island Recycling, also in Campbell industrial park. I just took a detroit diesel 6-53. I have dumped smaller outboards at city refuse centers, as long as fluids drained like you said.
  324. shadzdad

    Sat 5/12

    Nice one heading to the barn
  325. shadzdad

    Evening Quicky

    Nice late night snack
  326. shadzdad

    2018 Kaiwi Solo Escort

    Congrats to both of you on the first race, I'm sure many more to come
  327. shadzdad

    Dockside Omilu on light gear

    Nice fish and good on you for helping them out. Was it on one of your hot rodded reels?
  328. shadzdad

    Cinco de Mayo...

    Pat and Mike, way to go on another beautiful fish. Always a great report and great pictures.
  329. shadzdad

    BO 5/5

    Nice one and perfect for today. They out there, you'll get em next time.
  330. shadzdad

    Waianae - 4/26/2018

    Yup at least got a nice ono. Bummer on the lost setup but get em next time
  331. shadzdad

    30 April-Marlin

    Conor, Pat and dad, awesome teamwork to get that beast. Pretty cool with the Seahawk assist. Some good memories right there. On a sidenote, not to hijack your tread, Captain Spens of the Ohana H might be interested in the marlin if doesn't sell at the block.
  332. shadzdad

    Waianae 4/29

    Awesome job on the fish and getting the bites, hopefully they stick next time. Good on you hearing and responding to the call.
  333. shadzdad

    Kona Fishing Report - April wrap-up.

    It's that time of year, glad to hear the bite is picking up. Another great report
  334. shadzdad

    Waianae 4/15...round 2!

    Good times and good grinds. Awesome you could experience that with your dad.
  335. shadzdad

    Carnage 4/18

    Nice mixed bag of fish. Yup can't complain, a day of fishing always beats work.
  336. shadzdad

    Waianae 4/12 GOT'EM

    Nice one. Looks like the perfect way to eat em
  337. shadzdad

    Carnage 4/12

    Mike, 3 would've been nice but 1 is still awesome especially this time of year. Way to take advantage of the good conditions
  338. shadzdad

    BO 4/8

    Nice catch and awesome pics
  339. shadzdad


    Pat and Robert, way to go getting the fish on deck. Don't be too hard on yourself, I'm sure you did the right thing. It is what it is, only bad thing was not boating the blue and losing the shiroma. You'll get em next time
  340. shadzdad

    Hi Kai - 3/29/2018

    Capt Russ, congrats on the semi retirement and an awesome day fishing. Great report and glad you made the game. Hopefully many more successful days out there
  341. shadzdad

    Kona Fishing Report - March wrap-up.

    Thanks for the great report and awesome pics. Hopefully Hawaii will get our first grander soon
  342. shadzdad

    Pre Easter carnage

    Nice fish, look pretty good size
  343. shadzdad

    East oahu

    Sounds like a Great Friday. Good job finding the pallet and working em hard
  344. shadzdad

    Last Monday on the Banks ledge

    Yup boat is in Waianae and I'm ready to get started. I'll be pretty busy with the boat just to get things started but will be sure to make time for a few trips on the Ohana H
  345. shadzdad

    Last Monday on the Banks ledge

    Captain Spens and crew, good going on the fish. Sometimes cannot do anything about the rubber hooks but still an impressive haul
  346. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Damn that's crazy but guess its possible. Those alloy shafts sound expensive, probably outside of my budget
  347. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Awesome. Glad you broke it down because just looking at that formula made my head spin. Would have never thought about the transmission ratio factor. A big mahalo to all for helping point me in the right direction. I still got a lot to learn and research on my own but this does help...
  348. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    25 knots in an ideal situation is pretty awesome for your 20 ton beast. I would be happy if i could do 20 knots but more concerned about range. I have 2 fiberglass saddle tanks carrying an estimated 250 gallons. So i will be dragging an extra 1,800 lbs of fuel
  349. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Thanks, that seems to be the magic #. Hopefully i can luck out and find a used one but won't hold my breath. My set up will be in a old 28' glass over ply deep belly radon. Not 40 tons but a little heavy and not the most efficient hull to push.
  350. shadzdad

    Waianae 3/28/18

    No water but at least no white wash. Good going on the fish. Bummers on the lost lures and washing boat at home. Hopefully next trip out, different results on both
  351. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Thanks Pat, all info is greatly appreciated from everyone. Attached to my 3208 is a 2.0:1 transmission. I do need to research the down angle and see if i also need to replace the transmission
  352. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Cool, I'll double check other references but that's kinda what i was looking to hear. Gives me a good idea what i need
  353. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Thanks John, I'll take some measurements next time I'm out west
  354. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Thanks, will try to check that website for the calculator
  355. shadzdad

    Straight shaft question

    Going to repower my project boat. It has a 6-53 Detroit diesel with a 1-1/8" straight shaft. Going to be replacing it with a Caterpillar 3208, 375 hp. What size shaft should i be looking to run? Unfortunately the donor boat which i pulled motors from had 3" shafts. Any suggestions are much...
  356. shadzdad

    Banks - 3/18 - mahi, ono, and an a-hole

    Yeah my friend said he was at sand island this past Saturday getting ready to launch and a boat came speeding in. They were yelling at him so he moved out the way and ended up helping carry someone off the boat who had a heart attack
  357. shadzdad

    Three Hour tour........Sunday

    Nice kawakawa in the mix
  358. shadzdad

    West side on saturday

    Good going on the ono. I was working in Koolina marina October last year and saw they had a diesel and non ethanol pump in the parking lot. If memory serves me right, you don't have to pay for parking if you are in and out in 15 minutes or less, if not $10 flat fee. Ouch!
  359. shadzdad

    Banks - 3/18 - mahi, ono, and an a-hole

    Jason and crew, good going on the fish but bummers on the lost lures and line. I'd like to believe that the guy was heading in was an emergency or something but still shouldn't pass behind another boat that close out in open ocean. Or maybe he was what you said. Hopefully he or others know what...
  360. shadzdad

    28 Foot Force Project

    Very nice work, very clean, detailed and well thought out. One of the most informative posts i have read and alot of it will come in very handy for me in the near future. I know it's a long process but can't wait for the next update
  361. shadzdad

    Same old story,

    Cool pics, your son is a beast. Sorry not a shore fisherman but hopefully you can hook up with your gear, would make for an awesome memory. I'll try to look for my Jim Rizzuto, volume 2. If i find it, and you are interested, i would be willing to snail mail it to you. As long as you send it back...
  362. shadzdad

    Late Report - Banks 2/17

    Awesome shake down run. Lots of action, good eats, boat ran well and in on time. Can't ask for much more than that.
  363. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - February wrap-up.

    Capt Jeff, another great report. Already looking forward to the next one.
  364. shadzdad

    Kaneohe 2-16

    Unfortunately most of us learn that way, including myself. You'll get em next time, at least never white wash
  365. shadzdad

    Winter Pinnacle Bite 02-19

    John, awesome action packed day. I know how it is to fish solo and you did nothing wrong as you probably just followed your instincts. Nice catch
  366. shadzdad

    Winter Banks Run 02-18

    Believe it's $5 a foot but John can verify. Heard from others that KMCB is similar? Also curious about refueling. No big deal on fuel dock but didn't know rules about refueling with gas cans, if there is any, while slipped.
  367. shadzdad

    Kaneohe 2-16

    Bummers on the broke leader but good going on the lehi. Never knew they were that shallow
  368. shadzdad


    Looks bad a$$. Ready to slay some fish
  369. shadzdad

    Banks Saturday

    Already pirated that pic. Next time keep the harpoon handy in the tower. Lol
  370. shadzdad

    Off KBay Sat 16 Feb

    Yup, at least not bolohead and no empty stomach
  371. shadzdad

    Winter Banks Run 02-18

    Heard prices were good and had a former neighbor who was slipped there for a little bit. Might be my future home one day...
  372. shadzdad

    Winter Banks Run 02-18

    Nice pics and great report. Is that Iroquois Marina?
  373. shadzdad

    Banks 2/18 (another one)

    Seems like the banks was where the action was. Good thing you weren't deterred, nice catch
  374. shadzdad

    Banks Saturday 2-16

    Nice catch. Good of you to throw back the cane knifes
  375. shadzdad

    Banks - 02/17/2018

    Russ, good grinds and good action considering the bite has slowed. Wonder what was hooked up to your spinner? Get em next time
  376. shadzdad

    Bottom fishing

    I have 2 chings that have been put aside for a while and they need new motors and probably need new bloodline. Not looking to sell em but if you want to borrow one to see if you like that style. You would have to put a new motor and line. I'll either pay for the motor or if you decide to go with...
  377. shadzdad

    Bottom fishing

    I know everyone has their favorites but ching reels are what I've used and will use in the future. Very simple design, cost effective and easy to fix. Yes manually reeling up a bottom fishing setup with 5 hooks and a 2 or 3 pound lead would be a hell of a task
  378. shadzdad

    Super Ono for super weekend

    Nice to keep breaking your records. Keep up the good work
  379. shadzdad

    Kids carnage

    Awesome day on the water and dinner too. I need to try that one day, sounds delicious.
  380. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - January wrap-up.

    Good report and great pics as always
  381. shadzdad

    Kaneohe - 28Jan

    Awesome job on the tow in and some culinary skills on that fine looking dish
  382. shadzdad

    Sunday westside Ono/shibi

    Nice fat ono and some sashimi too. Nice catch, I'm sure you'll continue breaking your records
  383. shadzdad

    2018 tournament schedule

    Not sure but probably Hanapaa. Wouldn't know when or where but they usually have a few, try research that. Sorry not much of a lead but it's something
  384. shadzdad

    Kona weekend

    Cool vid, will be waiting for the ahi one.
  385. shadzdad

    Friday 01-12-2018

    Pretty cool find. Tough little bugga but was still no match for Kai Nana
  386. shadzdad

    Day 2 MKL weekend.

    Nice back to back days, you definitely running the right stuff
  387. shadzdad

    Missile alert? I'll go fishing

    Nice big bull, will make some nice fillets. Enjoy
  388. shadzdad

    Friday 01-12-2018

    Pat, way to go on the solo action. Glad you are able to supply some good grinds for the party, can't get any better than that
  389. shadzdad

    Spooling hollow core Braid...

    Would also try to pm John, aka Blufin10. He's a reel guy and could probably do it or point you in the right direction
  390. shadzdad

    westside 12/30/17

    Still some good grinds, at least you got em after he did some damage.
  391. shadzdad

    12-21-2017 East Side off Kaneohe Bay

    Looks delicious, good way to head into the new year
  392. shadzdad

    Skill or luck?

    Always better to be lucky than good but I'm sure was skill in your case. Good going on another fine catch
  393. shadzdad

    After Work 4 Hour Trip

    John & crew, nice job on the otarus. Wise decision to dip out of work
  394. shadzdad

    Short, Wet, but Successful Trip - 12/26

    Alex and family, sounds like a perfect way to follow up Xmas. Good going
  395. shadzdad

    Merry fishmas

    Robert, too bad on the marlin but awesome job on the mahis and ono. Can't ask for much more
  396. shadzdad

    Blue Marlin Release 12/17

    Good job on the blue. Yup, if you aren't going to eat it, release it.
  397. shadzdad

    Stormy weather brings ono pleasure

    Awesome job on the onos, yup they wreck havoc on lures but worth it when you land em. At least you know you running the right stuff
  398. shadzdad

    Christmas fun

    Way to load em up
  399. shadzdad

    Carnage 12/18

    Nice mixed bag, perfect dinner size
  400. shadzdad


    Pat, nice solo marlin and always great pics. Too bad on the rubber hooks but still a great day and a great way to burn some leave. Poor bird, but survival of the fittest.
  401. shadzdad

    Carnage in the calm

    That's a beast! Heard about big onagas like that from old timers, good to see they still exist. Hopefully kill em at the block
  402. shadzdad

    Carnage 12/4

    Carnage in the blind, gotta love it. Damn you are a hebi magnet.
  403. shadzdad


    Pat, Eric and Tommy, nice teamwork to get a beautiful fish on board. Glad you kept the Kai Nana's streak alive
  404. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - November wrap-up.

    Always a good report to read despite the news about the charter fishing industry. Your love of the sport keeps things going.
  405. shadzdad

    A Kona Thanksgiving

    Epic 4 days of catching. Awesome job and plenty of fish for the party and then some
  406. shadzdad

    This past Saturday 18 Nov

    Thanks Captain and no problem, I'd do anything i can for you. I have a habbit of being on boats at the right time, lucky me. The captains always raise the fish, I'm just there for the boat ride
  407. shadzdad

    Sunday Boat Ride

    Any boat ride is better than a day at work. Better luck next trip but can't beat that fuel economy any day, that's very efficient
  408. shadzdad

    This past Saturday 18 Nov

    Captain Spens and crew, nice work getting some good quality fish. Was glad to see the Ohana H away from her stall, hopefully many more days like this to come.
  409. shadzdad

    18 Nov Hickam

    Robert and crew, good job landing this donkey. Glad you were able to boat this one after the last one came off. Hopefully many more to come.
  410. shadzdad

    Carnage or work? Hmmmmm

    Awesome catch and i love the stand up action. Killing em out there.
  411. shadzdad

    11/7 Waianae

    Hopefully you can hook something before they leave. But at least you got some action and memories for a lifetime
  412. shadzdad

    Carnage 11/3

    Awesome mixed bag, u can prepare them so many different ways. Enjoy
  413. shadzdad

    Sunday 10/29/17

    Don't assume we are 2 decades behind when our fishing practices are different from yours. I'm sure Pat is ahead of the curve
  414. shadzdad

    25 Mosquito rebuild Kauai

    Awesome build, that's a huge work deck with lots of hold underneath. Bad a$$ and super clean build
  415. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - October wrap-up.

    Capt Jeff, always a great report and some nice pics too
  416. shadzdad


    Good work on the mixed bag, nice football and kawakawa
  417. shadzdad

    Sunday 10/29/17

    Too bad on the previous trip but one hell of a follow up. WTG on the shibi and especially working to get the marlin hooked. Seems you got the right stuff with that other lure being stalked.
  418. shadzdad

    Crack of dawn carnage

    Glad you were able to be on some flat water for a little bit. Nice onaga
  419. shadzdad

    Rent hoist

    Actually i was going to buy a forklift but the height wouldn't clear my garage so no sense in my case. Sure wish i could afford a spyder crane
  420. shadzdad

    Rent hoist

    Heavy duty hoist with an undersized cylinder. It was in the wrong position for lifting heavy weight but needed because of the height required for removal from the truck. The collar cracked when ram was extended and when the pressure valve was released it immediately folded like a noodle
  421. shadzdad

    Rent hoist

    How's it, anybody got a heavy duty engine hoist i could rent? Or know of somewhere i could rent from? Of course i can put a deposit too. Gonna move a caterpillar 3208t with transmission from my driveway to garage. Everything on Craigslist right now is too small, i got parts on order for my heavy...
  422. shadzdad

    CO buoy 14 Oct

    Too bad on the lost fish but you'll get em next time. Nice lure
  423. shadzdad

    October 9th- Kaneohe

    Good eats for sure, especially the cow on light tackle. Bonus on the glass ball. Can't beat fishing, catching in your case, with family.
  424. shadzdad

    8 Oct Windward Oahu

    Congrats on the solo trip. 4 fish are better than none. Yup soft mouth so gotta baby em, seems typical for alot to rip off. Or maybe that's just me. Lol
  425. shadzdad

    Kaena point 9/30

    My bad, i had a few beers when i read your post, don't know what i was just thinking. Lol
  426. shadzdad

    Haleiwa 9/25

    Good effort mixing up your spread. You'll get em next time. Fish em hard!
  427. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September wrap-up.

    Yup, always a great read and very well rounded report covering a wide array of fishing
  428. shadzdad

    Haleiwa Report

    Nice mahi and a pic of him in action. Great day, i wouldn't beat yourself up about not having your downriggers handy, if fish are there and feeding, they'll come up. Just my opinion but wouldn't hurt to run em sometimes too
  429. shadzdad

    Kaneohe 9/30/17

    Nice pics. Did you buy a boat? Or just deck hand? Either way is good, was just wondering cause thought you posted you were looking for a boat
  430. shadzdad

    Kaena point 9/30

    Cool story with an awesome pic to back it up. I'm all for taking advantage of opportunities but think bang stick next time. Gaffing a green marlin would probably end up with a trip to the dentist. No worries better luck next trip out. A day on the water is surely better than what i did today
  431. shadzdad

    Help on haul out

    So the Phoenician is not open on Saturdays as i thought. I am scheduled to go this coming Thursday or Friday. I know some of you offered to help but lmk if anything. Either a tow from koolina or if you can twin screw it over as the steering is locked up. Any help or advice is appreciated. Lmk...
  432. shadzdad

    Wednesday 9/20

    Now that's a bloody deck, the purple softhead strikes again. Perfect size for sashimi and the smoker
  433. shadzdad

    Flat water carnage

    Nice bag of bottom fish. Mmm, gindai
  434. shadzdad

    Help on haul out

    Cool thanks for the info. Will definitely keep u in mind if needed. Mahalo
  435. shadzdad

    Help on haul out

    So I'm planning to move a 39' Super Craft from Koolina to Phenecion on September 29 or 30. The boat has been sitting for a year, engines run but was told rudders are frozen. I have friends scheduled to help me drive the boat, using twin screw to maneuver, and someone to possibly escort me. Was...
  436. shadzdad

    Small Kine Action

    At least you putting in some time out there. Your persistence will pay off but regardless, still a blessing to be on the water
  437. shadzdad

    Oahu inshore action

    Can't personally recommend anyone but if worse case scenario, try and get ahold of a jetski or kayak. I used to shallow bottom fish out west for a number of years off my jetski. I would fish in 95' - 135' depths and catch papio, nabeta and weke. When caught i would rip out the gills for chum...
  438. shadzdad

    Mimi's carnage

    Mike and Mimi, great mixed bag right there. If she follows your lead, she'll be one hell of a fisherwoman. Ahis watch out!
  439. shadzdad

    Kaneohe - Labor Day 2017i

    Nice footballs and good weather, can't get any better than that
  440. shadzdad

    Haleiwa - Labor Day

    That's a great way to end the day. Good karma on your side
  441. shadzdad

    Labor Day Weekend off Kaneohe

    Too bad on the rubber hooks but they'll stick soon. Perfect size for the smoker.
  442. shadzdad

    Small Kine Action

    John and crew, good going on the mixed bag. Glad he learned what not to do on a smaller fish, lesson learned and funny story to tell. Good recovery to get the aku and birds nest sorted out.
  443. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - August wrap-up.

    Capt. Jeff, always an awesome report and a great read
  444. shadzdad

    Work or Carnage? I choose carnage!

    Seems to always be the right choice, grey light and carnage. Way to load em up
  445. shadzdad


    So obviously not a fishing report but felt compelled to post this. Just wondering if any of you have aided in the search for the crew of the crashed helicopter? I don't even know if that is legally allowed. As a fisherman and aircraft mechanic up on wheeler, this hits home for me. If my boat...
  446. shadzdad

    Looking for Ahi but Caught A UGF

    Awesome job on the tow in, good karma for you. I was towed in 5 years ago and still remember the guys name. Bummers to hear that but you did the right thing and all us other guys appreciate that
  447. shadzdad

    Carnage here, carnage there.

    Good job loading up the mahis, ahis next trip
  448. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - July wrap-up.

    Never had the privilege to know Jim but read some of his books and articles in magazines, very knowledgeable. Although he can't be replaced, hopefully someone will help fill the void. I lost my dad 8 months ago to pancreatic cancer so i know what those around him went through. Thoughts and...
  449. shadzdad

    Maui in august

    Yes like Pat said, sorry not on Maui nor am i really a shore fisherman. I don't know much but i would just try a variety of poppers and whip into the surf or around reef structures. Hopefully someone experienced will chime in and give better advice. i would just drive around the coast line and...
  450. shadzdad

    7/24 way too much lightning But worth it

    Another awesome catch on the carnage, glad that snagged hook held. Cool pics, especially the cuda teeth
  451. shadzdad

    Friday 7/21/17

    Pat, Eric and Tommy, now that's an action filled day. Good decision to head in early to ensure the bigger fish is taken care of. And a bonus on the way in, can't get any better than that.
  452. shadzdad


    Sounds scary, love the ocean but mother nature is a powerful force. Good call on heading in, save the fish for the next trip.
  453. shadzdad

    Carnage 7/14

    That's bad @$$!!! Another fine catch
  454. shadzdad

    4 Days Leave = 8 Days Of Fishing

    John and crew, sounds like a dream vacation for most. Good job on the yellowfin & other takers
  455. shadzdad

    Carnage away

    Bummers on the lost ahi but glad you were able to get one later.
  456. shadzdad

    Waianae 7/7/2017

    Good grinds for sure
  457. shadzdad

    Mini mahi carnage

    It's impossible to release all smaller fish because sometimes they get hooked in the gills, hooks coming out the eyes, etc. I don't know Mike but am sure that he is like other local fishermen in Hawaii, we take what we need and leave the rest behind. Release the ones we can when they are healthy...
  458. shadzdad

    Mini mahi carnage

    Mike strikes again, solid haul! Good choice to skip out of work when possible
  459. shadzdad

    Can't carnage em all! 6/26

    Mike and crew, bummer on the ripped lips but still a good day by most people's standards. You obviously got things dialed in cause you always on the fish.
  460. shadzdad

    Pre weekend carnage

    Killing em out there, keep doing what you do.
  461. shadzdad

    Waianae - June 21, 2017

    Russ and Noah, good going getting the monkey off your back. Beautiful fish
  462. shadzdad

    Shootout results.

    Thanks for the post, was out with a friend and went straight to the wash rack when we came in. Obviously you can guess our results but still a great day on the water.
  463. shadzdad

    Fathers Day Came a Day Early

    Awesome solo trip, no need for crew when you got it down
  464. shadzdad

    Finally made contact

    Good going on the double. Killer fuel consumption too
  465. shadzdad

    Early day!

    Way to go on the ahi and marlin. The smoked marlin looks killer. Good luck in the tourney
  466. shadzdad

    A little blood in da box

    Too bad on the marlin but nice hebi, good way to break in the new reel setup.
  467. shadzdad

    Late Day HH Bouy Run

    All your preparation will pay off when you raise the fish. Sure sounds like you know your way around a reel and how to make it bullet proof. Big reels help and are nice but get some guys, you all know who, that consistently land big fish out of waianae on smaller gear. Not hating on 130s, cause...
  468. shadzdad

    June 7 carnage

    Not way too early, more like perfect timing. Good job landing the fish that stuck. And yeah that's a huge in floor fish box!
  469. shadzdad

    Finally got one

    Good going on a nice fish, the first of more to come. Go load em up.
  470. shadzdad

    Oahu trip advice needed

    Hopefully the yellow fin tuna, ahi, are around in force. Mahi mahi, aku and marlin all could be around. Check out Live Bait, they operate out of Waianae. Never fished with them but I was a deckhand on a boat slipped close to them and they were always on the fish. Magic Sport fishing would be a...
  471. shadzdad

    Finally Monkey off the back today "Ohana H"

    Captains, good job on the first of many more. Glad you were able to go out and see that the boat can fish windy and rough weather. Saw the boat away from its stall and knew you were going to get em. Right on!!!
  472. shadzdad

    Aloha All Ohana H

    Captain Spencer, unfortunately we all lose em once in a while but good going on the marlins. At least getting the ahi bites so you doing something right. No worries, you going kill em the rest of the season. Watch out ahis!
  473. shadzdad

    Carnage fever

    Killing em out there. Nice work and yeah bonus on the BET.
  474. shadzdad

    Sunday 5/28/17

    Pat, Connor and Tommy, great teamwork to land the ahi and marlin. As always, good pics, good fish and a great read. Some fried akule is killer too.
  475. shadzdad

    Late Day HH Bouy Run

    Nice. Sounds almost like a project i have, except you can fish yours. Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  476. shadzdad

    Late Day HH Bouy Run

    Good fuel economy. You'll get the fish next time, at least had action Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  477. shadzdad


    Good combination: bait, cargo net, skill. Nice load of fish. Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  478. shadzdad

    Dry spell

    No boat anymore so i been landlocked for a couple years. Was lucky enough to meet someone at the storage lot where i keep my project boat and he offered to take me fishing. Hell yeah! Launched waianae before 5 and head out to CO area. Saw lots of birds and 4-5 lb sized aku busting water. They...
  479. shadzdad

    Kona 5/12-5/14

    Bummers on the lost fish but you still managed to bring in a nice haul. Good job on the 2 released hebis Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  480. shadzdad

    Shakin' it up on the shakedown 5-7-17

    No worries Pat, just figured you were busy planning your next ahi slaying adventure Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  481. shadzdad

    Shakin' it up on the shakedown 5-7-17

    No surprise but always impressed with your catches. Love the pics of the fish and the haul out Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  482. shadzdad


    Good grinds, you'll get those onos next time. Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  483. shadzdad


    Good work out there. Mad skills Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  484. shadzdad


    Nice haul, you'll get the mahi and big yellow sickles next time Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  485. shadzdad

    Waianae - 4-22-2017

    Good job Russ and Jonah. Love them otaru Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  486. shadzdad

    Thursday 4-27-17

    Awesome job Pat and Eric! Lots of sashimi for family and friends. I see the Kai Nana is doing what it does as usual. Let us know if you do hear anything about that marlin. Sent from my SM-G930T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  487. shadzdad

    Furuno Open Array Radar

    I like enter too [email protected] If you end up putting em on craigslist, give me a heads up if possible.
  488. shadzdad

    Research: 1/20 & 2/3

    Pat and Nerlie, way to go braving the less than perfect weather. And thanks for doing some homework and satisfying all the curious minds on the last stripey.
  489. shadzdad

    1-5-14 David got some more.

    Pat and David, awesome trip and good grinds all around. Pat, way to go spreading the aloha, you do it many times and you do it well.
  490. shadzdad

    12-31-13 Saved the BEST for last... B.E.T.

    Pat and Nerlie, no better way to cap off an already great 2013 for the Kai Nana. I'm sure the streak will continue into 2014 and beyond.
  491. shadzdad


    Pat and David, perfect timing getting fish for new years. That's just awesome, and the fresh salmon to top it off.
  492. shadzdad

    12-22-13 Bottom of the ninth.

    Pat and Nerlie, way to go on the Christmas sashimi. I'm glad after consistently working the lures, you guys got em in the boat.
  493. shadzdad

    Too Close for Comfort!

    I used to night fish and we always kept a knife handy just in case a whale might get entangled in our parachute or anchor line, we were always ready to cut our rope to save the boat. Not sure if there's anything you can do about them breaching, had many close calls like the other guys. Makes you...
  494. shadzdad

    11/24/13 West Side

    Bummer on the marlin but at least some action. Good decision to bottom and get some excellent grinds.
  495. shadzdad

    Waianae 11.23.13

    Jimmy and May, nice teamwork. It will make a great addition to your turkey on thanksgiving.
  496. shadzdad

    Gone fishing!

    Brian and crew, nice size shibi and perfect timing.
  497. shadzdad

    11-18 Waianae Late Post

    Nick and crew, nice marlin. Quite a few opelus, fry some up.
  498. shadzdad


    I'm sure Rob not cutting the line. He not scared.
  499. shadzdad


    Rob good going on yet another nice fish and video. Close call for your friend out there. This on your new yak?
  500. shadzdad

    57.5 Pound Ono

    Tanker ono, looks like he might have left some marks on the side of the boat but good going get em in. Thanks for the video.
  501. shadzdad

    Weekend Ono

    Nice ono. You can try dropping back the lure and reel em back in a few times to play with the marlin. I have never been successful doing it tho so hopefully some of the more experienced fishermen out there can give you a little more detail or different technique.
  502. shadzdad

    Banks 10/19

    Jesse and crew, good going on the mixed bag. Bummer on the bust up lures but still worth it.
  503. shadzdad

    Got some!

    Brian and crew, way to go on the Paris C.
  504. shadzdad

    Kaneohe - 10/16/2013

    Russ, way to go on the solo action. Bummer on the ones that unbuttoned and dropped off but still a good haul. Glad you got some fish and back in safe.
  505. shadzdad

    Marlin 10/12/13

    Jimmy and Mrs. K, excellent teamwork to land the marlin. Went out last weekend and only got a sunburn.
  506. shadzdad

    600lbs Pacific Blue Marlin by LL

    Good job landing that donkey. Always good when get people to help take care the fish when you get in.
  507. shadzdad

    Change of pace - Fresh Akule!

    Russ and Jonah, good call going for akule. Tons of fun and lots of good eats for friends and family.
  508. shadzdad


    Steven, it sucks but no worries. Bachi on them Fisherman or not, karma going get em.
  509. shadzdad


    Pat and Nerlie, killing em as usual. Glad you were able to find more JSI's, seems to be working well for you this season.
  510. shadzdad

    Waianae - 09-25-2013

    Russ and Jonah, you guys got a nice variety of fish. Too bad on the marlin, you get em next time.
  511. shadzdad

    East Side Rubbish

    Dave, way to go. Sounds like a good variety of dishes will be served for dinner
  512. shadzdad

    9/25/13 Kaneohe

    Max, nice haul of mahis. Payed off to be the only guy out there.
  513. shadzdad

    Brain Salad Surgery 9-22-13

    Dr Pat and Dr Mike, good job on your operation. Good on you for getting your slip neighbor some fish.
  514. shadzdad

    Bad day turn Good! 9/20/13

    Garrett and B, good job fixing the boat and getting out on the water. Nice pair of fish.
  515. shadzdad

    "Little Evil" 9-15-13

    Pat and Nerlie strike again. You guys seem to be putting in quite a few trips lately and they have been paying off.
  516. shadzdad


    Andy, sounds like you had a very efficient and productive day.
  517. shadzdad

    Late afternoon fishing - Last minute decision 9/12/13

    Jimmy and the Mrs., great story and even better team work to get a nice ono. Glad everything worked out.
  518. shadzdad

    Fishing Report September 12, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, HI

    Way to go on another successful month, a lot of big blues amongst those mahis.
  519. shadzdad

    Soft Head 9-8-13

    Too bad on the loss but the ahi in the box makes it a little easier to deal with. Hope you get your mahis next trip out.
  520. shadzdad

    Mahis Haleiwa

    Justin and crew, glad you got your boat squared away. Hopefully nothing major. Good going on the mahis.
  521. shadzdad

    A Makaira for the Maikara 9-3-13

    Pat and Nerlie, I thought the fishing had slowed down a little but from your reports, it sure doesn't seem that way. Bang stick or not, you guys know how to get em in the boat.
  522. shadzdad

    Fishing Hunt - Waianae 09/04/2013

    Russ and Jonah, that's a nice one. Glad you made that one strike count.
  523. shadzdad

    New type of boat

    He needs a sponson
  524. shadzdad

    End of August 8-31-13

    Pat and Eric, good job getting something for dinner. Early days are always a bonus.
  525. shadzdad

    Waianae 8-30-13

    Josh, mean solo action. Nice haul of footballs.
  526. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - August wrap-up

    Capt. Jeff, always a great read. Thanks for the monthly reports.
  527. shadzdad

    Battle in the Dark

    Garrett and crew, good going on the donkey. Would be hard enough during the day but getting em late added to the challenge. Nice follow up with the shibis.
  528. shadzdad

    Big Island Big Game Kayak Fishing Vids

    Rob, just awesome is all i can say. Guessing you got a bigger yak to hold more fish?
  529. shadzdad

    Monday to Sunday 8-18-13

    Pat and Nerlie, great team work again leads to another successful day. Love the ti leaves in the rod holders.
  530. shadzdad

    WANTED Mercrusier Engine Alignment Tool Rental

    I have one at home and if I remember correctly it's laying on my spare engine, you can use em if the other deal no go thru. I will double check tonite just in case you need em, free of course as long as you give em back.
  531. shadzdad

    Fishing solo, good, bad and Ahi

    Ted, glad you found what worked for you and came out on top. Too bad on the lost ones but that nice ahi makes up for it.
  532. shadzdad

    Double Marlin

    Jason and crew, awesome post and looking forward to the next. For sure a great day.
  533. shadzdad

    8-12-13 Late Post Lots of Pics

    Nick and crew, good going on loading em up. I guess you the guy buying all the ice fom Uncle Gary.
  534. shadzdad

    Big Island Big Game Kayak Fishing Vids

    Rob, keep the videos coming. Good stuff.
  535. shadzdad


    Damn you should be hauling ass with that repower.
  536. shadzdad

    Waianae 8-3-2013

    Walter and Steve, way to handle that big boy. You weighed our marlin later that day, I was with friend Scott.
  537. shadzdad

    8/3 Waianae

    Thanks Jay, smoking em this weekend. Thanks Peter, I gotta try those aku burgers. Thanks Brian, not a monster but good enough for us that day. Thanks Jesse, yeah it does. We lost a purple softhead. Thanks Jeff, we were more than happy with what we got. Thanks Jason, in my own experience...
  538. shadzdad

    Fish Gods smile 8/2/13

    Sure was worth the wait, that's a big boy.
  539. shadzdad

    8/4 Waianae

    Jesse and crew, way to go on the marlin.
  540. shadzdad

    8/3 Waianae

    Thanks Chuck. Thanks Randy, 9" Futa blue head black, blue silver skirt. Sorry didn't get a pic of that.
  541. shadzdad

    ahi 03aug

    Nice toad.
  542. shadzdad

    964lb Blue in Kona

    Good going Capt. Parker and crew. I'm sure it fed a lot of people and yes smoked marlin is awesome.
  543. shadzdad

    8/3 Waianae

    Push off at 7:30 and head straight out, about 8 miles out we find some birds with lots of boats working them. Manage to pick up 2 akus in the 16 lb range before they get lock jaw. Play them for a while then decide to head west. We see Live Bait working a bird pile so head in his direction. About...
  544. shadzdad


    Nice fish and good looking pizza.
  545. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - July wrap-up

    Capt. Jeff, good going on breaking the streak of losing marlin. Thanks for the report, always a good read.
  546. shadzdad

    Calm before the storm

    Jason and crew, you guys are on a streak. Can't wait to see the vid once you get that fixed.
  547. shadzdad

    7-28-13 Impersonator II

    Pat and Robert, way to go on anothet ahi. Must have been pleasantly surprised to be wrong on what you initially thought it was.
  548. shadzdad

    PITA is ridiculous....

    Ridiculous is an understatement.
  549. shadzdad

    Last fish on the small boat

    Nice way to say goodbye to the boat. Looking forward to seeing posts of the new boat and fishing reports.
  550. shadzdad

    T.S. Flossie.

    Briefly heard about it but didn't pay attention. Thanks for putting it out there.
  551. shadzdad

    Very Lucky!

    Even when the bite has slowed, your lures raised the fish. I'd say both lucky and good. Nice one.
  552. shadzdad

    AHI 7.22.13

    That's how to bloody a deck. Nice one.
  553. shadzdad

    Big Island Big Game Kayak Fishing Vids

    Two tanker onos, that's how you load up a yak. Nice.
  554. shadzdad

    OMG Ono

    Nice size ono. What was that flew over board? Fender?
  555. shadzdad

    7-22-13 Attitude is everything!!!

    Sounds like it was an epic battle with a big boy. You guys did everything right. Load em up next time.
  556. shadzdad

    Oahu SailFish Video

    Jesse, pretty rare catch. Really put on a show with all those jumps.
  557. shadzdad

    Kona Ahi at C buoy.. Go Pro vid

    mean the hand line action. Glad the tax man never get you or your ahi.
  558. shadzdad

    Late Ahi Saves the Day - July 22, '13

    Way to go on the stand up. Nice ahi.
  559. shadzdad

    live action

    Crazy stuff. Nice shibi.
  560. shadzdad

    First Ahi and Blue Marlin with Wife and Kids

    Ted and family, good going on the nice ahi and marlin. Glad you guys were able to share with friends and family because that's what it's all about.
  561. shadzdad

    waianae fun

    That's a big boy, good going.
  562. shadzdad

    Another ono saves the day!

    Brian and Paris, good going on the onos. It's great to see your new boat killing em out there.
  563. shadzdad

    Can I come?

    Jason, Jessica and crew, good going on another ahi. Glad your wife got to experience catching.
  564. shadzdad

    Lucky Trips

    Action packed weekend for you guys. Some nice looking fish.
  565. shadzdad

    7-14-13 Impersonator.

    Pat, John and Mike, good teamwork at the last minute. You guys did everything you needed to land that fish. Wasn't what you may have initially thought it was but it is a very nice fish. Bummer on the lost lure, hopefully Garrett can make you another one.
  566. shadzdad

    ignition help

    Good luck getting her going soon. Hope to see you posting in the fishing report section after all your hard work.
  567. shadzdad

    7/11/13 Tuna

    That's a nice 1st ahi for your brother. Glad things worked out the way it did.
  568. shadzdad

    AHI 7.11.13

    X2 what JimmyK said. Nice.
  569. shadzdad

    Westside Action

    Seems like you got the Paris C dialed in. You lost some fish but still did very well out there. Congrats on the hice haul.
  570. shadzdad

    7/8 Kaneohe Ahi

    Mike and Chris, way to go blessing the boat with not just one but two ahis. Awesome.
  571. shadzdad

    Fishing Report July 8, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    You guys are consistent, always on the fish.
  572. shadzdad

    BoatUS Tow Insurance Experiance. Please Read.

    Always great to hear when guys do that, it is reassuring still got aloha out there. Props to them.
  573. shadzdad

    7/7 Waianae - Marlin

    No matter how, as long as you get em in the boat. No need for bigger reels or boat seems you guys do just fine with what you got. Congrats.
  574. shadzdad

    Back to the Important stuff

    Glad you stuck it out and got the evening bite. Nice boat.
  575. shadzdad

    Mission Impossible

    You made the impossible happen, good job Jason and crew. That's a bloody deck.
  576. shadzdad

    Waianae 7/09/2013 Another great day on the water!

    You guys on a roll. Glad you braved the winds to go out and get yours. I was at the harbor working on my uncle's boat on tues and the winds were a little breezy.
  577. shadzdad

    What would you use?

    Some seem a little different than what we typically use out here and some look pretty good. Every fisherman has his own preferences but I think just the thought you put into these will be well appreciated. They may not make the starting line up but I'm sure they may be run in the spread one day...
  578. shadzdad

    7-8-13 Dark Side of the Moon.

    Pat and Nerlie, you guys killing em out there. The Capt. always gets some nice pics.
  579. shadzdad

    2 Months of Envying

    Court that's a good friend. Glad you guys got em.
  580. shadzdad

    First Vid

    Jesse, thanks for taking the time to do that video. Always good to watch and get the heart pumping.
  581. shadzdad


    Awesome. One more good story you guys can tell.
  582. shadzdad

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Randy, congrats on that beast, that was a long battle but you came out on top. I run senators so I know how it is to earn that fish.
  583. shadzdad

    7/6 Kane'ohe Ahi!

    Glen, nice mixed bag of fish. Glad you got rid of that monkey.
  584. shadzdad

    Banks Bite

    Luke, good job on the mahis, lots of action.
  585. shadzdad

    Waianae 7/3 - Lucky ahi

    Randall, good job staying focused and getting em in the boat. One trip out and one ahi, can't get better than that
  586. shadzdad

    Ahi 1 - Rookie 0. Friday 7-5

    Ron always tough to lose em at the boat but you'll get em next time. When I fish on boats with shaft, sometimes we leave em in gear so the ahi can swim along side the boat instead of doing his death circles and possibly cutting line on the rudder, prop or shaft. Every boat is different and I'm...
  587. shadzdad

    Waianae - Tuna Hunt 07/02/2013

    Russ and Bob, good going on sticking out where you were. Yes we all know Haleiwa was going off but still had guys out that side that never catch. You made the right call for your situation.
  588. shadzdad

    Super late report: 7/1

    Been so busy with work and the holiday that never had a chance to post. Actually I am at work right now pretending to do something important. My uncle was working on his boat last Saturday down at Waianae boat harbor. Through out the day he saw boats coming in and he heard the bite was on. He...
  589. shadzdad

    4th of July Fireworks!

    Jason and crew, good going on the fish. Too bad on the missed one but that fat ahi is enough to make your friends and family happy.
  590. shadzdad

    Blessed Wednesday

    Luke and Neil, way to go on the fish. Just getting the marlin would make a great day but landing that ahi on the way in was icing on the cake.
  591. shadzdad

    Finally girlfriend is happy

    Jeff and gf, good going on the 2. Don't think you a newbie anymore. May have taken 10 mins to leader but seems you knew when to give and take line.
  592. shadzdad

    7/4/13 Ahi

    Max, hard to do but glad you trusted them with your boat. The fever spreads.
  593. shadzdad


    Way to go, glad you back to business as usuall on the Kai Nana. Bummer on the marlin, at least some excitement but hopefully that lure can be replaced.
  594. shadzdad

    How does a bayliner handle in Hawaii waters?

    I heard the larger Bayliners handle ok but no 1st hand experience on that. My brother has a 19' Bayliner. I fished it out of waianae and it can be a little scary at times. You just gotta pay attention to the conditions and know what the boat and captain's limitations are.
  595. shadzdad

    Super Saturday

    Sounds like the perfect way to spend time with your dad.
  596. shadzdad

    First Ahi on my new sled, 30' Knife

    Kekoa and crew, good job sticking it out. Glad you worked through that mess and got em both. nice boat.
  597. shadzdad

    Tuna 1-1/8

    Very impressive 1st ahi for your son. Too bad about the tax collector but you'll get more next time.
  598. shadzdad

    Bloody Deck....Really 6/29

    Jerry, Kiwi and Bret good going on the ahi. Sounds like Steve got paid off for his good deed.
  599. shadzdad

    6/29 WestSide Wander

    Jesse and Mike, perfect way to follow up that marlin from a couple weeks ago. You're on a roll.
  600. shadzdad

    Tuna Report Haleiwa FINALLY 6-30-13

    Joe , Matt and Calvin, it's nice when things work out that way. Beautiful fish.
  601. shadzdad


    Tough loss but you'll get em next time, we all gotta try stuff to see what works best for our personal style of fishing. Get a bang stick and toss the harpoon.
  602. shadzdad

    Great Day!

    Jeff and Lance, awesome day for sure. Lots of action. Jeff, any chance you know Gary on the Molly Kai?
  603. shadzdad

    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Russ and Jonah, no better way to redeem yourselves than what you just did. Glad you won the long battle with that pig. Going out tomorrow and hoping to be half as lucky as you.
  604. shadzdad

    6-27-13 Slow Slow Day with Video

    Nick and crew, good going on those ahis. It may have been slow recently but I'm sure you will have some new "catching" footage soon.
  605. shadzdad

    Late Report

    Todd, glad you stopped lurking and started posting again. Good going on the ahi and look forward to more posts from you.
  606. shadzdad

    My new sweetheart

    Bad ass boat for sure. Hope you slay em on your maiden voyage.
  607. shadzdad

    eastside ah

    Nice fish for sure. Good job on that.
  608. shadzdad

    AUG 14th-24th

    x2 what Pat said. Can't put it any better than that.
  609. shadzdad


    Sounds like you guys are on a roll. Good job on the catches and hope your sea sickness subsides.
  610. shadzdad

    Lunar lunacy w/ the Captain.

    Pat and Nerlie, good going on a short but productive day. Nerlie always manages to get some nice pics but still waiting for you to turn on the go pro. Just curious, how big was the ono?
  611. shadzdad

    Bye Bye Monkey

    Justin, glad to hear that all your hard work was rewarded. Many more to come now, can't wait for the videos to start rolling again.
  612. shadzdad

    A Lucky Unlucky Day!

    Possibly the catch of a lifetime, well at least the most unlikely catch anyways. Glad you got em back, now can catch the yellow guys next trip out. And a bonus ono, nice!
  613. shadzdad

    6/16 WestSide Fun

    Jesse and Graham, good going on the blue. Too bad on the broken pole but that can be replaced. Looks like was pretty windy from the pic.
  614. shadzdad

    0 for 2 with YFT

    Sometimes nothing you can do about it so don't be too hard on yourself. It happens, you'll get em next time.
  615. shadzdad

    triple 2out3 going in 1 more going home

    Can't get better than that. Good way to start posting on BD.
  616. shadzdad

    Our ahi grew a long nose!

    Steven, good going on the blue. Sashimi and smoked is good.
  617. shadzdad

    Double trouble

    Brian and Kevin, way to go on the ahis. Hope you never get cut by the leader on the last fish.
  618. shadzdad

    6-7-13 In to the backing.

    Pat and Jon, good going on the ahis. Glad you were able to make his trip memorable. Sure do admire you sticking to 50's, takes some balls.
  619. shadzdad

    On a Tuna Roll

    Jason and crew, glad yoou were able to work thru the problems and get them in the boat.
  620. shadzdad

    6-6-13 Lucky Again

    Nick and Ahad, you guys back to slaying em.
  621. shadzdad

    Tuna, tuna,tuna

    Good going on the ahis. Must have been really cool to see the 3rd one hit the lure.
  622. shadzdad

    doggshhh! but bettah lucky then good!

    Nuts. Glad you got em tho.
  623. shadzdad

    Waianae- 06/04/2013 Close but no cigar!

    Russ and Jonah, tough pill to swallow. Hopefully you are able to reproduce the 2 lost lures. Load em up next time, you going get em so no worry.
  624. shadzdad

    waianae 6/2

    Good call to head back to the harbor. You will get em next time.
  625. shadzdad

    6/1 Waianae Ahi report

  626. shadzdad


    Jason and crew, good going on the ahi. Glad you got things dialed in and ready for the summer run.
  627. shadzdad

    went looking for tuna

    Glad you got what you went looking for. Good job on the solo action.
  628. shadzdad

    5/31/13 Monkey is off my back

    Nick and crew, glad you got em in the boat after the bang stick ordeal. Good thing you guys always back off the drags when the leader comes up.
  629. shadzdad

    5/25 Waianae ahi

    Thanks everyone, we got lucky that day. Hope everyone else got out there and had a shot at it.
  630. shadzdad

    5-27-13 (2) 80 pounders Waianae

    Nick good job on the rescue. I would like to believe that most boaters would do the same but if not, Nick, good job on the rescue. I would like to believe that most boaters would do...
  631. shadzdad

    Mahi report late 5/22

    Way to go. Good job loading up the mahis.
  632. shadzdad

    5/25 Waianae ahi

    Haven't done much fishing in a while and been dying to get out. Call up friend Scott and ask if we can go on his boat. He says ok but gotta be an early day cause one of our other friends has a birthday party for his son. I tell em ok we bringing fish but I hope we don't have to buy from the...
  633. shadzdad

    Bertram 30 Build

    Your boat looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing those tips on running wire through pipe, I'm sure a lot of us will benefit from that.
  634. shadzdad

    Fishing Report Last Weekend 5-18

    Steve, nice mixed bad. For sure a great day.
  635. shadzdad

    Shipping an engine

    Terry, that is a good idea but unfortunately not for me. I have the boat up on blocks at a storage lot and have already begun tearing her down for a rebuild. Ripped out all the electrical and other stuff...
  636. shadzdad

    Some recent projects

    John, I like the idea of having a back up vhf and adding that additional bilge. Hopefully you never need em but it will give you some peace of mind. That LED light looks like it cost a pretty penny.
  637. shadzdad

    28 Foot Force Project

    Reading your article is inspiring. I can't wait to get to that stage with my project.
  638. shadzdad

    Shipping an engine

    28' deep belly radon. It has a single, small 6-53 Detroit diesel, straight shaft. Engine box is fairly large. Not in a rush to buy the engine, just wanted some input so that I can keep my options open. When the right engine at the right time comes along, I just want to be a little more prepared...
  639. shadzdad

    New beginning's

    Brian and crew, nice ahi. No better way to bless the boat.
  640. shadzdad

    Shipping an engine

    No I have not but I will look into that. Thanks. Right now just looking to repower with a running take out, I don't have $25-$30k to plunk down on a new diesel. Don't mind doing another repower down the line when I save up some money. Just figure to go this route so I can try get the boat...
  641. shadzdad

    Shipping an engine

    Yes Chris, saw that and was thinking something like that. Willing to spend more depending what it is. Never call the guy yet cause right now I can't take off from work to fly up the there and check em out.
  642. shadzdad

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Joe and crew, way to kill em out there.
  643. shadzdad

    Shipping an engine

    Kekoa, just noticed 30' knife on your profile. Nice!
  644. shadzdad

    Shipping an engine

    Thanks Jason. Always good to hear positive feedback about them. Thanks Lundie. Saved me a call to Pashsa. Thanks Grander. Yeah just on the lookout and trying to do my research so that when the right deal comes up, I can be prepared. Don't think I can afford twin 6-71s right now but will keep...
  645. shadzdad

    Shipping an engine

    Thinking about buying something like a Cat 3208 from another island and shipping it here to Oahu, probably Big Island as they have a lot that come up for sale. Anybody got advice or input? Good or bad experiences, doesn't matter. Just trying to see if this option is worth exploring.
  646. shadzdad

    force 25 cab with yellowfin bridge

    How wide is the cab? Can you measure the width at the rear of cab? Thanks.
  647. shadzdad

    05-05 Rainy day shakedown

    Jesse and Mike, good going on the fish. Glad to hear the boat is running good, just in time for the ahis.
  648. shadzdad

    Hawaii Kai

    Nice haul of fish. Lots of good grinds, can make a nice variety of dishes.
  649. shadzdad

    "Quatro de Mayo"

    Pat and crew, good going on the ahi. No bait this time but still a great day.
  650. shadzdad


    That's just bad ass! You killing em out there.
  651. shadzdad

    4-28 shake down.

    Pat and Nerlie, good going on the mixed bag of fish. Perfect timing to do the haul out before you start slaying all the yellow guys this summer, hope it was just routine maintenance and nothing major.
  652. shadzdad

    Kona fishing

    Matt, sounds like your research paid off. Awesome day for sure.
  653. shadzdad

    waianae 4/20/13

    Congrats getting the monkey off your back, the 1st of many more.
  654. shadzdad

    Beginners Luck, But Costly Mistake

    Chad, nice solo mahi. Main thing you got em and managed to stay in the boat too.
  655. shadzdad

    4/19 West Side

    Nice boat and love the color. That released mahi will turn into something better next trip out.
  656. shadzdad


    Pat and Robert, good job on the mahis and nairagi. Glad there were no unintended releases on this trip.
  657. shadzdad

    Ocean Expo April 13 & 14

    Thnx for the info. Any pics of Lil Toot 3? or do we have to wait till you bloody the decks? Lol.
  658. shadzdad

    Waianae 4-7-13

    Still sounds like a pretty good day, good going on the mahis.
  659. shadzdad

    Lets face it .. Some guys uku is larger than others

    Uku on steroids right there. Mean.
  660. shadzdad

    Late post, Waianae 3-30-13

    Steve and crew, good job loading em up. Hope you luck continues next time out.
  661. shadzdad

    Legendary Charter boat "Piper" Sank

    Saw a report on the news about this but only caught the end of it.Don't know the boat or captain but it's always sad to hear that happen to any boat. Glad all were safe.
  662. shadzdad

    Easter Sunday Kaneohe

    Good going on the mahi, glad you got something for roughing it out there.
  663. shadzdad

    when the waters nice and the trolling is slow...

    Mean the action, love the bend in the rod. My favorite type of fishing right there.
  664. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - March wrap-up

    Capt. Jeff, always enjoy reading your posts. Hope those new jigs work out for you, let us know on your next post.
  665. shadzdad

    March 30, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Great report, you guys are always on the fish. Hope the deckhand wasn't too badly hooked.
  666. shadzdad

    Fishing Report

    Congrats on the new boat. Couldn't ask for a better maiden voyage.
  667. shadzdad

    Mahi saves the day!

    Brian and Paris, good job sticking it out and cathing some dinner. Nice lures too.
  668. shadzdad

    Haleiwa 9 March

    Good job mixing things up and getting something for dinner.
  669. shadzdad

    Haleiwa 03/09

    Good job on the mahis and akus and props to the guy who towed you in.
  670. shadzdad

    All Backwards

    Justin and Josh, way to go on the fish. At least Josh came with the goods.:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  671. shadzdad

    Electric reel advice needed

    For bottom fishing I have only used Ching reels. They are fairly inexpensive, replacement motors and parts are cheap and they are easy to fix, even out at sea. My friends use Big John and Electramate, and I have heard good things about those other brands but never used one myself so I have no...
  672. shadzdad

    late post waianae 2/2

    Justin and crew, good going on the fish. Sounds like a short yet very productive trip.
  673. shadzdad

    my new project boat, also my first boat. what is it

    I started a huge project like you on a 19' Glasspro, which is a hull built here in Hawaii. Lots of my friends told me the same thing, to run and don't look back, but I didn't listen. Just think of it this way, if it is something you truly want to do, then go right ahead. But also think of how...
  674. shadzdad

    A couple of trips no pics...

    Thanks Darren, how's your boat rebuild going? Was working on a total rebuild of a 19' glasspro. In the process I ran across a 28' deep belly radon. Big project but a boat i always wanted. Took a step back and decided to abandon the glasspro for now and focus time and resources on the radon...
  675. shadzdad

    A couple of trips no pics...

    I heard some guys were picking up ahis early last week but I wasn't able to make it out. Glad you were able to get some fish for the big game.
  676. shadzdad

    marlin sinks boat.....

    Heard about guys swamping their boat when backing down in rough seas but seeing the pics is a real eye opener. Doesn't look like a small boat either.
  677. shadzdad

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Jan. wrap-up

    Capt. Jeff, thanks for posting. Always a well written report and a great read.
  678. shadzdad

    January 28, Windward.

    No bolo head. Did you take a 3 banger or 3 seperate stikes?
  679. shadzdad

    waianae 1/12/13

    Thanks for posting the video. Good job on the ono and akus.
  680. shadzdad


    Nice ahi.
  681. shadzdad

    Hawaii Kai to Makapu

    Any time on the water is still better than working. Get em next time.
  682. shadzdad

    Kaneohe 1/27/13

    At least not bolo head and still plenty ice for beers. Load em up next time.
  683. shadzdad

    23' Sportcraft Custom Diesel

    Nicely set up boat. How's the cat checking out the onos. Lol.
  684. shadzdad

    Waianae Mahi Mahi 1/23/13

    Fish always seem to strike when you least expect it. Glad your wife was able to see the mahi in action, their colors while alive are amazing and they can sure put on a show when they want to.
  685. shadzdad

    1-21-13 MLK Day in Waianae

    One hell of a solo trip. Good job loading em up.
  686. shadzdad

    Little entertainment

    Awesome video, love the drama of the highs and low.
  687. shadzdad

    ignition help

    My brother has a 2005 Bayliner that had similar problems. One time it was due to corrosion on a fuse box behind the gauge panel and anothe time was due to a corroded female terminal that plugs onto the back of the ignition switch. Like JimmyK said, I had to replace some wire because when I cut...
  688. shadzdad


    Pat and Nerlie, congrats on the fish. Good job working the reel to get that bite. That is not luck, as you always humbly claim, but skill.
  689. shadzdad

    Sand bar advice

    Sorry guys don't know how it got posted in the classifieds, will try and fix this.
  690. shadzdad

    Sand bar advice

    I have a friend who is moving to the mainland and she wants to go to the sand bar this month. It's been a while since I've been there and I used to go on my jet ski, so draft was not a problem. Never did take a boat there and I know it is a little tricky to navigate. Thought about just following...
  691. shadzdad

    Last Ahis of the Year

    Kekoa and gf, good teamwork for sure. Way to get some fish before the year ended, probably the freshest sashimi served on new years eve.
  692. shadzdad

    New Video

    Another great video and can't wait for the new ones to come on Lil Toot 3. My favorite for getting pumped up is the ahi 4 banger.
  693. shadzdad


    Good job on the tow in, and nice ahi for sure.
  694. shadzdad

    x bouy

    Good going Justin and Josh. Glad you got some fish for new year's eve.