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    Blank for SX Raptor?

    I’ve had my six raptor on a psw-760h, and this setup has been good to me,
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    For Sale Selling multiple guns

    Was looking at a Henry big boy, but that marlin is tempting. Wouldn’t happen to need any fishing gear would you?
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    SOLD New Okuma Cortez 5, 10 and 12 **SOLD**

    I have not fought any “larger” fish on these, but I have a set of Cortez 5 reels that I use as loaners or bring for 3/4 day trips. I can say that they’re nice little reels for how I’ve used em so far!
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    For Sale GOT Lead , New in - line , and 2 lb .Cannon Ball Sinker's in the OC, (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Just picked up an order from Gerry earlier today. Super cool and easy to work with! Thanks again boss!
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    SOLD Avet JX Raptor(Black)SOLD

    Great deal as always Greg!
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    For Sale Okuma Andros 12IIA & Phenix Axis HAX780H

    I’ve got two items for sale. Both are clean but have misc scratches on them on them. I’m located in Menifee (Inland Empire). I will ship the reel at your expense, but not the rod. Call or text 9515912243 for faster response. I’m selling both items for exactly what I paid for them, and I think...
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    For Sale BNIB talica 25 and phenix hybrid 7004xh

    I asked about the rods, and he was asking $400 for the 7004xh, and $300 for the 700xh. He was willing to do $650 for both. He also stated both were in excellent condition as well.
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    WTB Looking for inexpensive reels and rods for my annual SD summer charity charter...

    If I recall correctly, last year Marcel had someone in SD that I sent some misc tackle to.
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    Andros 12nsiia 65lb Braid Capacity?

    I ended up getting the 12IIA instead just to get more capacity. I ended up emailing Okuma about the line capacity for both, and they only had specs for the regular version. I was told 450/65, 400/80 & 340/100.
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    Andros 12nsiia 65lb Braid Capacity?

    Cool. Thanks for the info!
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    SOLD NIB Okuma Metaloid 12ii Blue

    I would assume that the 12ii is the 2 speed.
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    SOLD Phenix PSW-700XH

    Robert doesn’t give good advice! He just likes to run his mouth. Lol. I’ll have to call you soon to catch up buddy!
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    Andros 12nsiia 65lb Braid Capacity?

    Just curious if anyone was able to get a definitive answer to this thread. I was not able to send a PM to OP, and everyone else was referring to the regular one, and not the narrow version.
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    For Sale Xtratuf boots 10

    They’re gone, I sent him a PM a week or two ago about them.
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    For Sale WTS: Avet MXJ

    I clearly can’t read. Lol
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    For Sale WTS: Avet MXJ

    Just wanted to praise how clean that mxj is for being fished for 12 years.
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    Cousins Rod out of business?

    I know Phenix gets a bad reputation sometimes, but one of the owners (I assume, because he’s usually at every event where Phenix is) did the same. I won a Phenix 809h deckhand rod at tackle day, and asked him if he’d be willing to swap it for one with a reel seat. He was happy to do so.
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    WTB Transderm scop patch

    Always coming through! Good man!
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    Avet sx raptor rod reccomendation?

    I have mine on a phenix black diamond psw-760h.
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    For Sale Phenix 909XH rod

    This was the exact same setup I had with this rod/reel setup.
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    For Sale AVET JX 6/3 RED TWO SPEED

    If I didn’t go through my recent situation I would add it to my collection of red avet reels for sure at this price!
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    WTB: Shimano Torium 14Hg

    I have a mint regular torium 14 if that tickles your fancy. Loaded with fresh 50# izor I believe.
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    WTB Avet mxj in red or black raptor (not the mxl)

    Rob is too anal and needs everything to match
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    Just wondering if...

    I ended up buying 1k rounds of 4-5 different calibers on top of what I had stocked already before last year ended just to avoid all of the hoops you need to jump through. I’m pretty glad I did! Don’t we Californians have until next year before we can’t legally bring ammo across state borders?
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    Free leftover braid

    The braid just got picked up this morning. Send me a pm and I'm sure I could dig some stuff to send you.
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    Free leftover braid

    I sent both of you PMs.
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    Free leftover braid

    No I'm not really out there very often.
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    wtb heavy glow flat falls

    Good to know. Supposedly one of the customers there said "it worked" but I didn't buy them because I didn't think the pour was good. One said looked a bit lopsided and uneven. Just figured it was a bad batch, but it gives some people an option that didn't get their hands on any of the shimano...
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    wtb heavy glow flat falls

    If you're in a bind, my local turners had some lead master 250g ones. I believe they were $14-15 bucks.
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    Free leftover braid

    I have a few spools of braid that I have left over from filling different reels. None of these have been fished. These are what I have: 2 spools of 50# moss green power pro 1 spool of 40-50# red power pro that used to be spooled on a bait caster but removed. 1 spool of 50# marine blue power...
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    Transderm Scop patches

    I've got some free Transderm scop patches that I'd like to give away for anyone who needs them. They do "expire" at the end of the month, so hopefully it's for an upcoming trip. I stocked up on these two years go, but haven't been fishing as much as I would have liked. I looked to see if I had...
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    2 Lakers Clippers tickets on Christmas day

    Price dropped.
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    2 Lakers Clippers tickets on Christmas day

    I have two tickets to the Lakers Clippers game (Lakers home game) on Christmas day. I purchased these at the beginning of the year for $570 directly from the Lakers/AXS website, but can no longer make it to the game. I'm asking for $400 for the pair. The tickets are in section PR11, row 5. I...
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    Free 1/2 trip at 22nd landing

    Up for anyone that wants it! Just don't want this to go to waste.
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    Free 1/2 trip at 22nd landing

    Anyone local to me want a free half day fishing trip at 22nd street landing in Long Beach on the Monte Carlo? It expires on Saturday, Oct 1st 2016. I won this at Fred Hall earlier this year and totally forgot about it. Since it expires soon, I'll say that this is just for local people since it...
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    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    Great report! I've had the pleasure of fishing on the maximus and Erika before. She is a beast!
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    Shimano Trinidad 16A, Curado 300EJ & 200E7, Phenix Black Diamond 809H

    The rod's peachy clean and new with the plastic. How about we trade the rod for one of the talica 12 reels you have? Fair trade? :-)
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    Shimano Trinidad 16A, Curado 300EJ & 200E7, Phenix Black Diamond 809H

    As of now, everything in the post is still available. I apologize for the late responses to everyone. My phone wasn't receiving any texts yesterday due to network issues. It should be all fixed by today. Feel free to reach out again and I'll get back ASAP.
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    Shimano Trinidad 16A, Curado 300EJ & 200E7, Phenix Black Diamond 809H

    Everyone who has contacted me has received a response so far.
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    Shimano Trinidad 16A, Curado 300EJ & 200E7, Phenix Black Diamond 809H

    Bump. Nothing set in stone yet, but thanks for the offers so far.
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    Shimano Trinidad 16A, Curado 300EJ & 200E7, Phenix Black Diamond 809H

    Why would I buy one when I could just use yours Mike?! Trinidad now available. I'd also prefer not to get any trade offers unless it's something I just can't refuse.
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    Shimano Trinidad 16A, Curado 300EJ & 200E7, Phenix Black Diamond 809H

    I've got a few great items that I'm not really using, so figured I would post them up. Local pickup available in Menifee, Perris or Moreno Valley depending on day and time. Although I would prefer a face to face cash transaction, I'm willing to ship the reels after a bit if you pay for paypal...
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    I'll get one for you. Just pay for our trip in September!
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    BNIB Avet JX and Okuma Metaloid 12II for sale

    That picture is photoshopped, because I remember my fish being bigger :p
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    WTB: factory Calstar 800m or ML deckhand

    Whattt... you just sold your others!
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    5 fishing mask for $20 shipped

    I haven't received any. I sent them an email mid last week, and I haven't even received a response from them. I ordered on the first day this was posted. Bummer to see the picture qualities, but then again, for $20 shipped for 5, it's still a great deal, considering my pelagic one was $20...
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    New Custom Calstar 665L SOLD

    Great looking wrap Timmy!
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    FS Talica 8 ii $325

    I tried inquiring about this reel early yesterday, but to no avail.
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    5 fishing mask for $20 shipped

    Great deal. Thanks for posting, just ordered 5. I found it a little bit difficult to see larger pictures on there (just because I'm picky and wanted to see the exact details) and the pictures didn't enlarge when you clicked on em. I used the promo code "SOCAL" in the bottom comments of the link...
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    What rods for mxj's?

    I like the selections you ended up with. Maybe because I'm also a phenix whore, but those rods have done well for me in the past. If not, the 800L for the SX & 800M for the MXJ also matchup quite well.
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    Agreed, although Robert is a big newbie :D. You really don't need the MXL, and I'm sure more people will state that the MXJ is more comfortable to them than the MXL. Realistically, if you "need the line capacity" you need to step up to a reel with more drag more than likely. My go to is the MXJ...
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    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    vinhtran all signed up!
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    FS: Halco Max 130

    Kevin is a stand up guy. I bought some on two different occasions last year, and got them in no time.
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    Selliing: 800xl calstar Graphiter mint condition

    Great seller that always has mint gear. You won't be disappointed!
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    Custom Rod socks, reel covers, sling, and Pillow

    I like your rod condoms though. Great work! I'll definitely have to grab a few in the near future.
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    Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    At least that fish ended up to be a jackpot fish! Lol
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    WTB Rod for Avet Raptor JX

    I've got mine on a phd-700xh (30-80) that I bought from the jerk Robert up there! :)
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    Shimano Tranx TRX-500HG 500 HG / phenix black diamond 909H

    The rod has a reel seat. I used to own it.
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    Phenix Black Diamond PSW-700H

    Rod sold. Thanks Jeff!
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    FS or FT: Brand New Phenix PHD760H Hybrid 20-60 lb

    Whoever buys this rod won't be disappointed. This is definitely my go to rod in my arsenal.
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    Phenix Black Diamond PSW-700H

    Local Pickup available in Menifee, or Moreno Valley on some days. No shipping because I don't want to deal with having to pack up a rod. Call or text 951 591 2243 for any questions. I've got a Phenix Black Diamond PSW-700H for sale. The rod is 7 ft long with a line rating of 20-60#'s. I...
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    Once in a Blue Moon - Slayed em DP 8/1

    I've belly hooked around a 25lber before on a flat fall on the way up, and I'm not going to lie, it was definitely a weird fight. I would say that it would feel extremely big one second, then I thought it broke off right after. Congrats!
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    Chad gee or Cy Boden on here do a great job here too.
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    Avet SX 5.1:1 Rare Gold in Left handed Mint Condition!!!

    The side plate is just like most Avets that you see now. The only "rare" thing about it is that most left handed Avets came in silver, & anything beyond that was a "special" order.
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    20% off Sports Chalet Item

    Thanks for the clarification. I didn't go on the website to check really. I just saw an email and put it up. In the past, I know the restrictions were listed on the physical coupon itself. Hopefully someone is able to get a deal on this though. I know I've been lucky so far for the times that...
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    20% off Sports Chalet Item

    I know many may not find this deal as attractive as a deal like the former 20% off jigging world had since most of us are from California, so you have to factor in tax, but it's nice because we can conveniently walk into a Sports Chalet and use this coupon. I received this in an email, so I...
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    Phenix/Toriums/ Penn/ Calstar

    Bummer that I personally don't like deckhand rods. I'd be all over that xhj! Great deals though!
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    I need help choosing

    I've used my okuma Cortez reels several times and have done just fine with them. Yes, they're not built as well as some of the other reels you can buy, but for the money, I think they perform well. I usually use it when casting a new jig or iron that I want to try out & aren't using my Avet &...
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    Power pro for triny 16a

    I've got 3 spools of the 50, 65 & 80# power pro slick marine blue because I like it so much. It's much smoother, and it's always super easy to see.
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    FS: Phenix Hybrid 700XH

    Good deal on a great rod!
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    WTS Calstar & Phenix

    Just picked up my rod yesterday and all I have to say is don't hesitate to buy from Jerome! His gear was even cleaner than I expected. It was nice chatting with you, thanks again.
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    Jigging World - 15% Off Fourth of July Sale

    The last time I ordered, my Trinidad 16a still came out to free shipping when they had the grand opening sale (which I'm sure others can confirm on), but when I went back to almost buy a 14a, it had the $10 shipping charge. Still a good deal nonetheless.
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    WTS Calstar & Phenix

    I couldn't pickup today, but Jerome was very accommodating. Thanks again! Can't wait to pick it up and kill some fish on it.
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    Shimano Trinidad 16NA

    The reel is sold.
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    Shimano Trinidad 16NA

    I'm not interested in any trades at the moment.
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    Shimano Trinidad 16NA

    I've got a Shimano Trinidad 16NA for sale. It's in great condition and hasn't been fished much. I am the second owner, and have not caught any fish with it myself. I purchased it last year, and took it on 2 boat rides. I had it serviced shortly after purchasing it from another member just...
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    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    Great looking plug. I'll definitely have to purchase some from you soon!
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    Mint phenix 700xh PHD hybrid

    Seriously! This guy has a "problem" for sure! :-)
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    Calstar 800M 850M

    Does the 800m have a reel seat, or is it a deckhand rod?
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    Mint phenix 700xh PHD hybrid

    Great guy & keeps care of his gear. I bought his other one & it was pristine!
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    Deal at jigging world

    It was weird, because I didn't get charged $10 for shipping on the 16a I ordered. When I went back to see what a 14a would run me, it showed a $10 shipping charge.
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    Wanted....Rod Builder in San Diego

    Just sent you a pm boss.
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    Wanted....Rod Builder in San Diego

    You could also contact Cy Boden. He's in North County too I believe.
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    Looking for a RED AVET for the GF.

    It is because not every retailer had access to sell these for a while, & it's much easier to find your typical black/silver/etc. I had to buy all of my red Avets new because I had the same issue.
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    A word of caution when shipping stuff...

    The claims process, even if there was insurance is a nightmare to go through. I forgot what I ordered in the past, but even though the seller purchased the insurance value of $300 on the item, it took 3 months, & all in all, they didn't pay for it. The item was "delivered" but nowhere to be...
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    Eclipse 2.5 day May 1

    Darn.. I wish I knew about this sooner Rob! Don't get seasick this time on the eclipse!
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    Which Phenix Rod should i buy?

    I second the psw-808m because it's a great casting setup, sensitive enough to feel the lighter bites, but provides enough backbone to pull on some decent size fish as well.
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    Looking for a RED AVET for the GF.

    An avet rep told me that the exclusive contract for the red ones ended with charkbait about a year or two ago.
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    Wts: phenix abyss 807 factory wrapped

    Phenix Abyss PSX-807 8'0" 12 - 30# Action - Moderate Guides - Essex SiC Fuji Reel Seat / Custom Cork Tape
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    F/S NEW Phenix PHD700X4H Rail Rod SOLD

    Bad ass rod Tim! Great guy to deal with!
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    Brand New Shimano Tld 30A 2 speed $200.00 or trade for???????

    I hope your father has a speedy recovery man. I've got a new clamp with hardware that came from my previous TLD20AII that's laying around. According to the shimano website, it's the same as the TLD30AII. If anyone decides to buy this reel, they're more than free to come pick it up, or I'll just...
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    Rainshadow RCJB84H

    Sweet job as always Jim!
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    What Avet reel for BIG BFT???????

    HX Raptor with the PHD-7003XH
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    I got beat up on Sunday

    Nice job!
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    Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    I fished the pink/blue 100g on an sxj 6/4 mc & phenix abyss 808m. I know when the bite is hot, it's hot, but on the last trip I took with it, I hooked up on my first 6 casts. Unfortunately, the guy that cast over me sawed me off right after. Once that happened, I grabbed my rig that had a...
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    Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    In my opinion, I'd rather fish something like a 6x jr instead for the flat fall for yellowtail. The purple/black flat fall worked really well for yft for me last season though. I do also have to admit, for those fish that are hanging out in more shallow waters, the colt sniper kills it!
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    Rpt.-Sat.-03-21-15 Catalina Tails on the Ducky!

    Nice job. I always enjoy reading your reports!
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    Fs: Avet MXL MC single speed

    It's really hard to see those rods pop up because everyone that's got one loves it. Free bump.
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    Best tackle bag for 3-5 days

    I agree with getting a roller bag because the tackle just gets heavier and heavier. This is a pretty good bag to consider
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    New torium 16

    Great find!
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    $120 Avet SX Silver w/ 50lb izzor

    Jesse takes great care of his reels! I've purchased two from him in the past, and he's great to work with.
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    Raivavae, French Polynesia Jan 2015

    Always a great report!
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    Brand new HX Raptor priced to move

    I'm tempted to add this to my set of red Avets..
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    Avet hx 2 spd and okuma cortez

    I'd say the 10cs is probably around the size of a torium 16 or so.
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    tackle for 1.5day trip advise

    If you're on the eclipse, try and book an outer bunk. You'll be so much happier since they're wider. Just call Sharla when you book and request for one.
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    Open Water Roller Tackle Bag (Large size, with 4 rod holders)

    Bump. Will probably be in San Gabriel someone tomorrow (Christmas day) for anyone out there interested.
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    Open Water Roller Tackle Bag (Large size, with 4 rod holders)

    I have a Large sized Open Water Roller Tackle Bag, large size with 3700 sized cases (still the original open water ones) and 4 rocket launcher rod holders in the corners. I'm located in the Inland Empire, and local pickup is available in Menifee or Moreno Valley. Today (Monday, December 22)...
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    Mint Gunmetal Avet MXJ

    Reel has been sold. Thanks Michael!
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    Mint Gunmetal Avet MXJ

    Local pickup available in Menifee or Lake Elsinore. I will ship on your dime. Paypal is accepted, you pay the fees, or use the gift option. Call or text 951 591 2243 for a quicker response. I've got a mint gunmetal Avet MXJ single speed 5.8:1 gear ratio filled with 325-350 yards of white 50#...
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    WTB: GFGR 700H and PHD 700XH

    No worries boss. Make sure to kill some fish with it for me!
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    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    Bring me back lots of fillets!
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    Tribute Halloween Trip of a lifetime (Yellowfin on a Tootsie Roll)

    Great report. Nice to see them still biting this well into the season!
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    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    Sports chalet
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    I think that it all boils down to what you'd like the spend at the end of the day. The penn fathoms are definitely a nice bang for your buck reel, and in a star drag form. I like my avet reels, and do prefer to fish with a 2 speed. It's also nice to have in case you feel like you need it.
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    New toy

    The phenix psw-760h is an awesome rod. It was my go to rod last season until I added a phd this season.
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    Power pro for triny 16a

    I used to fish with the green, but it's difficult to see at night. Now, I fish with the marine blue super slick because it just feels smoother, and now it's even easier to follow my line.
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    Looking for a good 30 lb rod Phenix PHD 760H or ??

    The 760h is my go to stick! I usually fish my phd version first, with the psw being my backup. Awesome rods for sure.
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    Shimano Talica 10 II - Excellent Condition - 65lb Izorline Braid

    I'm sure this will be gone fast! Great deal.
  119. V

    Chief last open party trip 2014

    Killer trip. Thanks for sharing!
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    1.5 Day This Weekend

    The New Lo-An has one going out on Friday as well. I've never fished it, but there are a lot of people on here that swear by it.
  121. V

    1.5 - 3 Day Trip Planning & Fred Hall Deals? Thinking ahead...

    Last year the Eclipse had a package of 3 1.5 day trips. I forget the cost, but I'm sure you could call Sharla and find out. I've always had a great experience on the Eclipse.
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    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 700X2H Calstar 760 H

    The phenix should have a silver alps reel seat if I'm correct.
  123. V

    WTB: Phenix Abyss 808

    Nice rod. I just picked one up before my last trip and paired it with an Avet SXJ 6/4mc. Loved the setup, and used it more than my mxj raptor and phd-760h combo.
  124. V

    WTT for a Curado 300 or Avet SX

    I'm sure this post is over 5 years old by now.
  125. V

    5 days of fishing for sale

    I assume you bought one of the packages. Just keep in mind that the trips aren't all inclusive if you use these, as meals/permits/fuel are not included. Love the operation, and I have 2 packages myself.
  126. V

    Spot on your boat for a broke college student?

    It's nice to see all of the offers out there for this guy.
  127. V

    some new work

    Great looking wraps!
  128. V

    Eclipse boat input

    The first time I rode on this boat, I too fell hard down the narrow stairs, with my behind breaking my fall and sliding down each and every step. I didn't break anything luckily, but I learned my lesson, and I hold onto the rails with dear life just in case now. I try to book the outside bunks...
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    6-Pack Charters?

    There's also the dreamer and options in Long Beach out of Pier Point landing as well.
  130. V

    Condor 1.5 day 9/9/14 What's the opposite of Murphy's law? (Fishing Videos)

    Great report, and awesome to only have 15 on it! The condor counts always make me want to book it, but when I can go, it's near the 37 that they normally fill.
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    16a 16na calstar gfgr 800l 800xl

    I hate you Paul.. always getting most of these deals before I get a chance to! Lol
  132. V

    FS: Halco Max 130 lures

    Forgot to mention that I got mine in about 2 days after purchasing. Great seller!
  133. V

    Open Water or Nomad Large roller tackle bag

    Still looking for one of these if anyone has it. I have a medium one already, but want the larger one.
  134. V

    accurate atd, Tiaburon, Avet , Shimano reels for sale

    It doesn't look like an MC from the pictures.
  135. V

    Baja Trip 2 weeks in November

    Sounds like a great experience!
  136. V

    Flat fall jigs

    My purple/black 130g is the one that I've been using. I bought this last year at melton's per recommendation from one of the employees, and it didn't catch me any fish last year. This year, it's probably caught me around 10 fish. I still saw people catch just as many fish on megabaits or the...
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    Shimano Talica 12ii & Phenix Black Diamond 909XH

    Price drop on the rod to get it moved.
  138. V

    Shimano Talica 12ii & Phenix Black Diamond 909XH

    Talica sold. Phenix still available for now. I'll be in the Orange/Garden Grove/Huntington area for the next few hours for anyone who wants to come check it out.
  139. V

    Shimano Talica 12ii & Phenix Black Diamond 909XH

    Local pickup is Menifee/Lake Elsinore. Today (09/05) I might be in Orange County, and tomorrow (09/06) I will be in San Gabriel for anyone in those areas that may be interested. No trades, and prices are firm. Call or text 951 591 2243 for a quicker response. 1. Shimano Talica 12ii with 65#...
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    Plano Elite Hydro-Flo Tackle Bag 4845 Model

    Local pickup is available in Lake Elsinore/Menifee. I will be San Gabriel on Saturday, September 6th in the day time. Call or text 951 591 2243 for a quicker response. I have a Plano Elite Hydro-Flo Tackle Bag, model 4845 for sale. I've used this bag on 3 trips this season. It's definitely one...
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    New P-Line Adaro 7.5" Aluminum Red Pliers with Sheath & Lanyard

    I have a pair of P-Line Adaro 7.5" aluminum red pliers with the sheath & coil lanyard. Local pickup is available in Lake Elsinore, Menifee or Moreno Valley. Call or text 951 591 2243 if you're interested. These are new, just without the packaging. I bought these a year ago and forgot about em...
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    Avet SX (Silver)

    It's the older style original handle, and it's a 5.0:1 instead of the newer 5.3:1 gear ratio.
  143. V

    Open Water or Nomad Large roller tackle bag

    Hey Mike, thanks for sharing. I saw that, and that's the medium version. Walmart has got it for about $95 with free ship to store as well. The larger one is on there for around $125ish, but I was just trying to save a couple of bucks by seeing if anyone else had one on here.
  144. V

    Open Water or Nomad Large roller tackle bag

    I was curious if anyone had a large size Open Water or Nomad roller tackle bag available. If it's a medium and at a price I can't refuse, I may consider it, but my preference would be the larger one. I'm looking for the ones that fit the somewhat larger sized trays and have 4 rod holders on it...
  145. V

    Spooling spectra

    I would be livid.. I don't see how I'd just take back the reel like that.
  146. V

    WTB: Shimano Flat Fal Jig

    Did you order online, or did you call into the store? I made an order 4-5 days ago on ones that said were in stock online, but got an email today stating that they were refunding part of my order because they were no longer available.
  147. V

    New Shimano Curado 300E

    I'm well aware of that. That's why I clearly stated in my initial post that I'd add cash.
  148. V

    New Shimano Curado 300E

    Local pickup available in Menifee/Lake Elsinore. Call or text 951 591 2243 for questions, or if you'd like to come pick it up. I'm not interested in any trades beyond maybe a trinidad a series, and of course I'll add cash. I take paypal gift and would be willing to ship on your dime. Reel is...
  149. V

    What line for Avet JX San Diego Tuna Trip

    I'd have to agree with most people that recommended 65# with a short fluoro leader.
  150. V

    Okuma Makaira 15SEa 2 Speed & Shimano Stradic 8000FJ Spinning Reel

    I personally would have gone with a terez TZS78H, but if others have any suggestions, please feel free to chime in. I'll let you know if it doesn't sell.
  151. V

    Okuma Makaira 15SEa 2 Speed & Shimano Stradic 8000FJ Spinning Reel

    Makaira sold. Thanks Tim! Stradic still pending for a possible sale tomorrow.
  152. V

    Okuma Makaira 15SEa 2 Speed & Shimano Stradic 8000FJ Spinning Reel

    Both reels are pending. I will update later if they are still available.
  153. V

    Okuma Makaira 15SEa 2 Speed & Shimano Stradic 8000FJ Spinning Reel

    Local pickup available in Menifee/Lake Elsinore depending on time of day. I sometimes drive to oc/la but didn't have any trips planned, it's usually random. I am willing to ship on your dime & will take PayPal gift, but I prefer face to face transactions. At this point, I'm not looking for any...
  154. V

    WTB: Shimano Flat Fal Jig

    Locally, I didn't see many shops have any from LA down to San Diego before I went on my trips. I'd buy online and have em shipped.
  155. V

    Inexpensive live bait reel

    Buy an avet sx with a cal star gfgr 800M. This setup was killing it on my last trip. Torium 14 or 16 is always nice, and I'm a fan of the Okuma Cortez reels too since they're light and affordable as well. I prefer the 5 instead of the 10 or 12 though.
  156. V

    Late August YFT recomendations please

    Came back from a trip on Friday, and most people shifted to 20-25# outfits for the live bait that we had. I still got bit on 30#, but not as much as some of the other guys. When the bait got low, I had a jig on 50# fluoro and got bit on that as well.
  157. V

    Wtb water proof cases

    Home depot has a 3 pack lot which is pretty cheap. I got mine on sale a few months back for $10-15
  158. V

    Looking for a 8ft conventional rod 20/50 lb with trigger

    You would've cast a mile with it! No.. not yet.. I'm still hoarding..
  159. V

    Looking for a 8ft conventional rod 20/50 lb with trigger

    Should've bought that phenix I had! Lol.
  160. V

    Avet SXJ and Phenix Abyss 15-40lb $300

    Bump for a great guy that takes care of his gear! That green raptor is still killing a ton of fish.
  161. V

    "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    Great story and interesting read.
  162. V

    FS Shimano talica 10 II

    If I recall, Tommy sold this a while back.
  163. V

    What EL NINO brings

    Mike's sending me extra filets once he gets back from his 10 day! Lol
  164. V

    WTB: Half Day Trip vouchers...

    What are the discount Mondays at fisherman's landing? I used to go to Dana Wharf for half price Tuesdays on 1/2 & 3/4 trips, but they've been getting quite packed as well (usually end up being mid 40's). Pier point landing out of Long Beach has the "friend special" on Tuesdays for their 3/4 day...
  165. V

    Surface Iron

    I'm sure that tons of people will tell you stories about how they've got larger fish on an sx/mxj/mxl which all share the same drag ratings. They're only rated at 8-9#'s of drag. While for example, my abu garcia revo nacl50 is rated for 22#'s of drag. I'd still much rather be hooked up to a...
  166. V

    Shimano Terez, Phenix Black Diamond, Okuma Cedros

    Phenix rod sold. Thanks Rob! Lots of interest on the terez, but nothing solid yet.
  167. V

    Surface Iron

    The MXJ feels more comfortable in my hands for casting all day.
  168. V

    Looking to buying first avet

    I think that everyone is right on the money with the suggestions of the MXJ or MXL. Being that you used to have a talica, you were willing to pay for one of the more "premium" reels that are on the market. My suggestion would be the MXJ raptor. It's still cheaper than the talica that you...
  169. V

    Shimano Terez, Phenix Black Diamond, Okuma Cedros

    Phenix rod pending. I'm currently in Fullerton, & will be here until around 7 or so for those who are interested.
  170. V

    Shimano Terez, Phenix Black Diamond, Okuma Cedros

    Local pickup in Lake Elsinore/Menifee. I'll be in the Fullerton area on Thursday, July 10th for those in Orange County that are interested. Call or text 951 591 2243. I'll ship the reel, just not the rods. Don't bother lowballing, only looking for asking price. 1. New Okuma CJ-273 Cedros Low...
  171. V

    SKB 7000 & 7200 TB-SOLD!

    This box sold already. He let me know the day it was sold. Great deal!
  172. V

    Wts: penn 320 gt and ugly stick combo

    Bump for Rob! Funny thing is this was my exact setup when I first started fishing years ago!
  173. V

    Eclipse is on the Yellowfin

    I'll be on tonight's trip with my lady as well. Looking forward to meeting you all and hoping for a great trip!
  174. V

    Avet MXL Raptor, MXJ MC, Shimano Talica 16II & Phenix Black Diamond

    For anyone who happens to be interested in the phenix rod, I will be leaving on a trip tomorrow night out of Seaforth, and will probably make my way down south around noon. Please let me know if you're from San Diego and possibly interested so that I can bring it with me.
  175. V

    Phenix PHD809XH

    Beautiful work!
  176. V

    Eclipse 1.5 Day – June 21, 2014

    I'll be on the trip on Friday as well. Outer bunks are the money spots on the eclipse. The center ones are normal narrow with the border in between with your neighbor on the other side. Food is really good for the shorter range boats, & Kairi is a great time! Glad to see the fishing picking up...
  177. V

    Avet MXL Raptor, MXJ MC, Shimano Talica 16II & Phenix Black Diamond

    MXJ sold. Going through the messages in order now for the MXL raptor & rod.
  178. V

    Avet MXL Raptor, MXJ MC, Shimano Talica 16II & Phenix Black Diamond

    Talica 16ii sold. Thanks Darrin. All messages/texts have been responded to.
  179. V

    Avet MXL Raptor, MXJ MC, Shimano Talica 16II & Phenix Black Diamond

    I'm located in the Inland Empire. Local pickup is available in Menifee/Lake Elsinore. I do randomly go to OC or SD, but not often. Call or text me at 951 591 2243 for a quicker response, as I only get on here a few times a day. I'm willing to ship on your dime if you pay with Paypal gift or add...
  180. V

    P-Line Adaro 7.5" Aluminum Pliers

    Located in the Inland Empire. Local pickup available in Lake Elsinore or Menifee. Call or text 951 591 2243. These pliers are brand new. I got these as a gift, but already have a pair. Looking for $25. Will ship if necessary for a few extra bucks. SOLD.
  181. V

    Avet SX Raptor vs. Talica 10ii speed

    I agree with Rob that the talica feels a smoother than the sx raptor does, but I still preferred my sx raptor all last season. It gives out a bit more drag, and to me, I liked the fact it's a little narrower. You'll be able to squeeze some more line on the talica though. Aesthetically, the...
  182. V

    Phenix PSW-869H & PHD-660XH

    All messages have been replied to.
  183. V

    Phenix PSW-869H & PHD-660XH

    Sorry for not clarifying, but the PSW-868H is a custom, not a factory wrap. I updated my listing.
  184. V

    Phenix PSW-869H & PHD-660XH

    PHD-660XH sold. Lots of interest on the other rod but nothing solid yet.
  185. V

    Phenix PSW-869H & PHD-660XH

    Thanks Rob, I hoping so.
  186. V

    lookin for RED Avet JX 6/3

    Red isn't exclusive to just Charkbait anymore according to the Avet rep that I spoke to.
  187. V


    I'm still curious as to why you bought a rod recently, and went back to phenix. What was the problem to begin with? You say that everything looks identical except for the fact that it looks different in the light. I've owned plenty of phenix rods & never thought to look at it under a light to...
  188. V

    Beware of the Post Office

    I always ship USPS because of the cost compared to Fedex or UPS, but I always ship with signature confirmation. I think it costs an extra $2.30 each, comes with $50 insurance (which I don't really care about) but it still breaks down each time it is scanned, and it has to be signed for. It...
  189. V

    CALSTAR 800 H

    I'm assuming he was referring to bass pro shops in Rancho Cucamonga.
  190. V

    Used Revo Toro Nacl 50 $160

    Really good deal. Should go fast.
  191. V

    Avet MXL 5.8 & Phenix Black Diamond 760M

    Pictures of the reel have been uploaded.
  192. V

    Avet MXL 5.8 & Phenix Black Diamond 760M

    Rod pending. Reel still up for grabs.
  193. V

    Avet MXL 5.8 & Phenix Black Diamond 760M

    I'll be going to Fred Hall on Thursday probably. Unless it's local, I probably don't plan on doing any driving to meet up for the rod for all those who have also inquired about it. I can accept a payment via PayPal and meet up afterwards for anyone interested in doing that.
  194. V

    Avet MXL 5.8 & Phenix Black Diamond 760M

    I do make my way out to oc every so often. Not sure when the next time I'll be out there though. I like this rod too. So much that I bought two, but this one doesn't get any love. Sensitive enough, yet still can put the hurting on some fish.
  195. V

    Avet MXL 5.8 & Phenix Black Diamond 760M

    Items available for pickup in Menifee/Lake Elsinore. I'm willing to ship the reel, not the rod. Paypal gift or at 3.5% if this option is used. Feel free to call or text me 951 591 2243. 1. New, no box gold Avet MXL 5.8 with clamp and mounting hardware. SOLD. 2. New without tags Phenix Black...
  196. V

    Wtb torium 16 clamp hardware

    I have a set available.
  197. V

    WTB PHD-700X4H

    The 3xh wasn't enough Mike?!
  198. V

    Calstar 765L

    It's a nice 50# rig.
  199. V

    WTB PHD-700X3H

    I've got one. Located in the Inland Empire. Give me a call or text 951 591 2243
  200. V

    Shimano Curado 300EJ & Gold Avet MXL Reel, Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid

    Bump. Will be in Orange County today until around 8pm for anyone interested.
  201. V

    How does Shogun ride?

    Nice ride, awesome crew & great food.
  202. V

    Shimano Curado 300EJ & Gold Avet MXL Reel, Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid

    I have two reels & a Phenix rod for sale. Local pickup is available in Lake Elsinore, Menifee or Moreno Valley. The only trades I'd consider would maybe be talica 8ii, although I'd prefer the 10ii, and I'll add cash if needed. Prices are firm. Call or text 951 591 2243. 1. Brand new, no box...
  203. V

    Avet Reel sizes for Short Range trips...???

    2 speed or single speed is just preference. A lot of people will say that the 2 speed is unnecessary, which can be true, but it's always nice to have it since it makes it easier for you. For all of my trips last season, I brought 4 reels with me. Single speed MXJ, 2 speed SX, an SX raptor, & an...
  204. V

    Brand New Shimano Curado 300EJ & Avet MXL 5.8

    I have two reels available, both are brand new, no box. Local pickup is available in Lake Elsinore, Menifee or Moreno Valley. The only trades I'd consider would be for a talica 8ii or 10ii, and I'll add cash. Prices are firm. Call or text 951 591 2243. 1. Brand new, no box Shimano Curado 300EJ...
  205. V

    (2) Brand New, No Box Shimano Curado 300ej Reels

    I have (2) brand new, no box Shimano Curado 300ej reels available. I won't bother posting pictures because they are brand new & unused. Local pickup is available in Menifee, Lake Elsinore, or Moreno Valley. Willing to ship at your expense via PayPal gift or add fees. Only trades I may consider...
  206. V

    Misc. Owner hooks

    Hope those did you well so far!
  207. V

    EZ Crab Limits out the Gate all Weekend

    Sounds like a fantastic trip for you.
  208. V

    Venice Offshore- Fall Goodies

    Great fishing & report!
  209. V


    Terrific video! Thanks for sharing.
  210. V

    Some recent builds...

    Great stuff
  211. V

    Bar cod rod

    Beautiful build. I really like it.
  212. V

    I'm new!!!

    Very nice detail!
  213. V


    Great pictures. Looks like it was definitely a successful season.
  214. V

    770XXH for Peterson....

    Simple and clean. Love the work.
  215. V

    Accurate BX2-600N, 2 Shimano Curado 300EJ, Phenix Black Diamond, Calstar GRFR 765L

    Accurate BX2-600N sold. Phenix PSW-760M sold. I have one curado still available.
  216. V

    Fisherman's Landing Tackle Day, what'd you get?

    Very lucky! I definitely wouldn't mind adding one of those bad boys into my arsenal! I just bought a bunch of shirts & fluorocarbon. I ended up getting there at around 9, left at 11 and returned around 230. Luckily I did, because I decided to buy some raffle tickets too and ended up winning a...
  217. V

    Accurate BX2-600N, 2 Shimano Curado 300EJ, Phenix Black Diamond, Calstar GRFR 765L

    Currently in San Diego & brought the gear with me in case anyone is interested.
  218. V

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    This trip looked like a blast. Thanks for sharing!
  219. V

    United Composite ARP700 Plus

    I always like me a tiger wrap!
  220. V

    Rasta Phenix popping rod

    Nice work as always!
  221. V

    Accurate BX2-600N, 2 Shimano Curado 300EJ, Phenix Black Diamond, Calstar GRFR 765L

    So far, yes, I'm planning on being in San Diego for Tackle Day this Saturday.
  222. V

    Accurate BX2-600N, 2 Shimano Curado 300EJ, Phenix Black Diamond, Calstar GRFR 765L

    PMs have all been replied to. One curado is pending sale.
  223. V

    Accurate BX2-600N, 2 Shimano Curado 300EJ, Phenix Black Diamond, Calstar GRFR 765L

    Local pickup available in Menifee, Lake Elsinore, or Moreno Valley. I will ship the reels on your dime, not the rods. Paypal is accepted as long as you send it gift, or add the fees. Please don't bother to lowball. 1. Accurate BX2-600N filled with 80# power pro slick marine blue with a 20-30 ft...
  224. V

    Wanted - Lexa 300

    I saw someone catch a 25# tuna with one of these earlier this year on a trip. I was pretty surprised about how it handled.
  225. V

    75lbs of sweetness

    Awesome fish & good eats!
  226. V

    10/5 to 10/13/2013 - spirit of adventure

    Awesome writeup and pictures. Thanks for all of the details.
  227. V

    October 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Name - Stephanie Cota Location - 80 miles from Mission Bay Gear - Avet SX Raptor w/ 65# power pro slick & 40# segaur premier fluoro with a customer 20-40# GRFR rod Date - Avet Sponsored 2 day trip on the Eclipse Oct 2-4th We pulled up to the first 2 or 3 pens with no luck around 530. Being...
  228. V

    Definition of ADDICTION

    Kill 'em on your trip!
  229. V

    Yo's inspire wraps....

    Very nice!
  230. V

    Fortune 2 day 8/7-9

    Nice to hear you were still able to get some type of productive fishing after a start like that.
  231. V

    Large Tuna Drive-by??

    Since I watched that one documentary, I'm convinced mermaids exist.
  232. V

    Ocean Oddysey 10-6 thru 10-9

    Nice trip for a 2.5-3 day for sure in my opinion.
  233. V


    Great share!
  234. V

    in progress G-Urushi Tiger

    I always like the tiger wraps
  235. V


    Great wraps as usual.
  236. V

    Seeker WHITE......

    Simple, and incredibly clean!
  237. V

    Halloween Scene Weave

    Great wrap. I love all the pictures too.
  238. V

    UC Wahoo Jr heavy composite

    Beautiful wrap! I like it.
  239. V

    Jackpot Bluefin - RR3 6 Day Long Range

    Glad to hear about some success with the new Shimano Butterfly flat-fall jigs! I bought some of these before my last trip but didn't end up using them.
  240. V

    bugs bugs bugs

    Good eats regardless!
  241. V

    power pro slick

    I haven't had a problem with my powerpro slick yet, and I have em on my avet raptors and accurate bx2 reels as well. They've held up extremely well so far.
  242. V

    Terez Pearl White

    I agree with this one. I've have 4 terez rods and love em, but this happens to all of them, and I also clean my gear religiously. The rust like color always shows up under the guides too.
  243. V

    Accurate, Abu Garcia & Daiwa Rods

    Local pickup available in Lake Elsinore/Menifee/Moreno Valley. Call or text 951-591-2243 if you have any questions. 1. Lightly used Accurate Xnergy J series rod. Model J7940H, 7'9'' Heavy Line, 30-50# weight class. Feels like a 20-50 rod and has a hypalon grip, aluminum reel seat with a rubber...
  244. V

    buying lobster bait

    A bunch of the Asian markets have good sized mackerels or salmon heads pretty cheap. I'm sure you can find a ton of them around Orange County
  245. V

    27' Radon Complete Restoration

    Thanks for all of the updates! Can't wait to see the finished product.
  246. V

    Lot 94 Packs of Owner Hooks

    PMs have been replied to. Pending to Johnny. Will update if it doesn't happen.
  247. V

    Lot 94 Packs of Owner Hooks

    I'm located in Menifee/Lake Elsinore but could maybe meet other places as well. I'm willing to ship, buyer just has to add shipping and paypal fees. I'd prefer to sell local first. Price - $120 I bought these slowly over the last year, but really won't use em all. I will NOT split up the lot...
  248. V

    Mint Black Avet SX6/4MC

    Gone. Thanks Gary
  249. V

    Shimano Talica 10II Reel for Sale

    It's gone. I contacted him about it yesterday.
  250. V

    Mint Black Avet SX6/4MC

    Black is a cooler color anyways! :cheers: PMs have all been replied to so far.
  251. V

    Mint Black Avet SX6/4MC

    Local pickup is available in Menifee/Lake Elsinore. I'm willing to ship if you pay for shipping and fees if paypal gift is not used. Call/text 951-591-2243 if interested. I have black Avet SX6/4MC 2 speed with magic cast reel available. The reel is in great condition, and comes with the...
  252. V

    FS Shimano Trinidad A,Maikaira,Calstar,Phenix

    Thanks a bunch Tommy. Great seller, and his items are in excellent condition.
  253. V


    Having a price range would definitely help narrow down some options.
  254. V

    Calstar 765XH Build

    Nice simple build. I like it.
  255. V

    "In God We Trust"

    Spectacular work!
  256. V

    Custom AR751TP by UC

    Very nice wrap.
  257. V

    One for Charlie Williams

    Love the detail.
  258. V


    Great work as always. Monday night's game definitely hurt for sure.
  259. V

    "Custom" (DIY) Bamboo Outriggers

    Definitely interesting! Great job.
  260. V

    Looking to go on an Overnight Trip off San Diego!

    It'll work, but if you read the reports that some of the captains are posting, some will say that the gear was too light. That's just a risk you'll have to take. Normally, they should be fine, but it's been shaky this year, with some quality fish within overnight to 1.5 day range.
  261. V

    H&M - Who's heard of the Invicta?

    Thanks for the detailed description of your experience!
  262. V

    How do you prevent seasickness?

    Someone once me that the trick is taking one the night before so that it "processes through your system". I end up taking one the night before, and one an hour or two before I head to the landing.
  263. V

    what to do with all the fish?

    There's "Fish. Food. Feel good" and "Meals on Wheels - Greater San Diego" that you could donate to. Those were the non-profits that sponsored a trip I went on not too long ago. Meals on Wheels donates to the elderly specifically.
  264. V

    Three for Three

    Nice catch!
  265. V


    I personally prefer my SX over my CZ-5CS because the aluminum feels nicer in my hands. Regardless, it gets the job done, and is a great bang for your buck reel.
  266. V

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    "The view is awesome from here. And she thinks she just hooked me.."
  267. V

    Pin up girl Hiram

    Love the detail as always.
  268. V

    Avet MXJ & SX MC & Okuma Cortez CZ-10CS

    MXJ sold. Thank you for making the drive John. SX MC also sold. Thanks Carlos. Cortez is still available.
  269. V

    Avet MXJ & SX MC & Okuma Cortez CZ-10CS

    I like to get my fix early in the morning, and I get lots of love on here ;) that's all. All PM's have been replied to. The MXJ is pending, and pictures have been added to the thread.
  270. V

    Royal Star 6 day report - 121# Opah

    Thanks for the details!
  271. V

    Pacific Voyager 8/24 - 8/26

    Looked like a very successful trip.
  272. V

    Avet MXJ & SX MC & Okuma Cortez CZ-10CS

    Local pickup is available in Menifee/Lake Elsinore. Both reels come with the rod clamp and screws only, no boxes. I just forgot to put the clamp on the silver SX when I took pictures, but just confirming, it is included. I purchased these both avets last year from here on bloodydecks, and have...
  273. V

    Avet HX 5/2, LX 6/3, MXJ MC

    Thanks Bill. It was great meeting you. This man takes care of his stuff.
  274. V

    Abu Revo S combo

    2013 model revo s?
  275. V

    1.5 Day: Aztec, Prowler, or Dominator?

    Looked at the other boats, and I'd have to say the Shogun is pretty awesome. Helpful crew and captain, and the food was great! Went on a 1.5 last week and I know I'll have to be back on it again. Staterooms were very comfy.
  276. V

    Vintage Truline 3X makeover

    Beautiful work as always.
  277. V

    The Batson Project

    That is crazy!
  278. V

    Another Birthday Rod

    Looks great!
  279. V

    SoCal Marlin season once again....

    Simple, but I love the color combos.
  280. V

    Golden Tiger

    Crazy detail, but I like it.
  281. V

    Bob Marley Weave

    That's awesome. Beautiful wrap indeed.
  282. V

    Caption Contest - West Marine Opens their Corpus Christi Large Format Store Aug 9-11

    Wait a minute... I've almost got him!
  283. V

    Kids putting the hurt on the big Bluefin. Condor 1.5 8/6

    Very nice! I wish we had the same luck on the shogun during the same days.
  284. V

    Calstar SIC guides 800H Grafighter

    Jesse is a stand up guy!
  285. V

    Trip Report - NorCal Tuna Club 7 Day - Intrepid

    Looks like a very successful trip!
  286. V

    Bluefin Counts Getting Smaller

    Thanks for the info. I'll be on the shogun on Tuesday and wanted to get an idea of what was working for everyone else.
  287. V

    Raiders "away" themed Phenix PHD809XH

    Love the work on this rod.
  288. V

    Aussie fish

    Nice work!
  289. V

    Pacific Star overnight 7/21/13

    Nice to hear the quality of fish being caught on overnights.
  290. V

    Shimano Terez 70H rod (TZC70H) - any feedback?

    Great rods that at first, don't feel like they have a lot of backbone because of how light they are. There's really flexible and will work for you. I think Michael explained it pretty well about how they are a completely different type of rod.
  291. V

    WTB Rod for Accurate BX2-600N

    Thanks for the PM's everyone. Still waiting on replies from some, so feel free to let me know what else you have.
  292. V

    WTB Rod for Accurate BX2-600N

    Looking for a rod for my Accurate BX2-600N for an upcoming trip. I'd prefer a 7' rod, but I'm open to see what's available. As far as brand, my first choice would be something like a Phenix Black Diamond/Hybrid, then a Calstar Grafighter, maybe a Super Seeker. It all boils down to cost and...
  293. V

    Curado 300 vs Lexa 300 vs Toro NaCI

    I have a few curado 300's (e & ej's) as well as an nacl, and I would have to say I like the NaCl50HS that I have best. In my opinion, it just feels much smoother and comfortable. It also puts out more drag, although I haven't had the chance to truly push it to its limits yet though.
  294. V


    Wal-Mart's website has a few cheap ones on there too.
  295. V

    Cortez CZ-10CS

    Didn't think that this reel would produce with those larger fish, but it's great to hear. I usually use mine for a #25-30 setup, also filled with 50lb spectra & 25lb topshot. Only thing I've noticed with these are that brand new out of the box, feels like it could be smoother, and a quick grease...
  296. V

    New Shimano Terez Waxwing 70XH

    Considering any potential trades?
  297. V

    Shimano Terez

    It's not listed as waxwing in the model, so I'm sure it's the foam handle.
  298. V

    Terez Rod for a Tranx HG

    I believe when I was playing with this reel at the Fred Hall Show, Shimano had a tent by the lake outside where you could cast this reel, and it was paired up with a TZC-80HM (8' 40-80# braid). I forgot which waxwing was on it, but I was able to chuck that thing pretty far.
  299. V

    Avet MXJ or MXL M.C. two speed decision

    I agree with everyone else, and the MXJ feels more comfortable. If it's just for pretty local stuff, why don't you consider maybe an SX instead? I usually use my SX 6/4 before my MXJ & MXL reels to be honest.
  300. V

    For Sale: Shimano Tranx HG BNIB

    Best deal I've seen on here so far.
  301. V

    Revo Toro 50

    Great deals as always!
  302. V

    Abu Garcia Revo NaCL 60HS, Avet JX6/3, Shimano Curado

    Avet JX6/3 is sold, pending funds. Thanks Tom. Curado is still available.
  303. V

    Abu Garcia Revo NaCL 60HS, Avet JX6/3, Shimano Curado

    Every PM has been answered, and the Abu Garcia Revo NaCl 60HS is sold. Thank you Curtis. Everything else is still available for now, with sales possibly pending.
  304. V

    Abu Garcia Revo NaCL 60HS, Avet JX6/3, Shimano Curado

    I'm trying to thin out some of the stuff that I probably won't end up using. I'm willing to ship the reels on your dime via paypal gift. I don't want to deal with shipping a rod, sorry. Local pickup is available in Perris/Lake Elsinore/Menifee (Riverside County). The only trades that I'm really...
  305. V

    Abu Garcia, Shimano, Ardent & Avet reels. Terez Rods

    Shimano Tyrnos II sold. Thank you Hung.
  306. V

    Abu Garcia, Shimano, Ardent & Avet reels. Terez Rods

    Terez rods are sold. I've also dropped the price on some stuff as well. I might be in San Diego later on today if anyone wants to check out the tyrnos, avet jx, or revo nacl.
  307. V

    Abu Garcia, Shimano, Ardent & Avet reels. Terez Rods

    Heading out to the Orange County area right now and have everything but the ardent reel on me. Rods are pending a sale to jtj0026. If anyone would like to check them out tonight, call or text me 951 591 2243.
  308. V

    Abu Garcia, Shimano, Ardent & Avet reels. Terez Rods

    All PM's have been replied to. Rods may be pending.
  309. V

    Abu Garcia, Shimano, Ardent & Avet reels. Terez Rods

    I've replied to all the PM's. Everything is still available so far.
  310. V

    Abu garcia revo inshore or revo sx

    If you're looking to spend a bit more & want something slightly bigger, I have a new Abu Garcia Revo NaCl 60HS available.
  311. V

    Ghost Shrimp Pump

    I've got one. $25. Located in the inland empire.
  312. V

    Shimano Curado e7-NEW IN BOX

    This reel was sold a while back. I asked about it when I purchased something else from him.
  313. V

    NFIO Halibut

    Awesome catch. Looks massive!
  314. V

    Abu Revo Toro 61 "power handle"

    Not sure if it's completely the same, or how it would fit, but I have a power handle from an Abu Garcia Revo Toro Winch 60. Let me know if you're interested.
  315. V

    Okuma cortez 10

    I have a 12 if you're interested. PM me if you consider it.
  316. V

    Lefty - Revo Toro Winch 61 - $180

    I'm pretty sure the gear radio is 4.6:1, and the max drag is 22lbs.
  317. V

    Shimano Toriums 14*16*20*30

    Great deals. Free bump
  318. V

    Silver Avet JX 2 speed

    I've got one in silver. Pm me if you didn't find one yet.
  319. V

    Set for a guy from Thailand

    Sweet set of rods
  320. V

    Calstar Graphiter - GF760H

    Very nice wrap
  321. V

    Pair of Gladiators

    Great work as always! Love it.
  322. V

    Red Rooster III cow killa

    I'm sure it'll kill it!
  323. V

    Shimano Talica 10 II

    Definitely a great deal!
  324. V

    Shimano Tranx Review

    The sales rep at bass pro shops said that the tranx "supposedly" had similar guts to the newer trinidad A reels, but was in a bait caster form. Is there any truth to that?
  325. V

    Dragonscale Blues

    I love the dragon scales!
  326. V

    Scales with barbed wire twist

    These are sweet!
  327. V

    Phenix UMBX blue and gold

    Nice clean work.
  328. V

    Heading Out Tomorrow For Giant Squid

    I went out of Dana Point Tuesday night, where they were running 3 boats at full capacity. Boat was packed, but had no problems catching squid at all. The count was over 1800 squid for all three boats. I think when we were on the way back to the harbor, Davey's was on the way the way out to where...
  329. V

    Nuthin' Fancy......

    Love the rod! It would look great with my green Avet on it..
  330. V

    tackle pawn

    I suppose that depends on where you live. I know I've seen some in Fullerton/Anaheim that does it.
  331. V

    AVET doing work in P.E.I

    That was definitely a great video!
  332. V

    deal at home depot

    How's the quality on these compared to say... harbor freight?
  333. V

    Best 2spd Reel for your $$$

    If you're just looking for an inexpensive two speed reel for local use, I'd probably go with a shimano tyrnos 8II or 10II, or maybe an sx 6/4.
  334. V

    San Clemente Island Calicos **Video**

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  335. V

    Accurate 665H 2-Speed

    Considering any trades?
  336. V

    Latham Island, Tanzania Dec 2012

    Great fishing and looks like you had a blast. Thank you so much for sharing!
  337. V


    Just curious how xtratuf boots fit. I normally wear 9.5-10 in regular shoes, but my current fishing boots are size 9.
  338. V

    Maximus Style

    Awesome fishing!
  339. V

    New Gudebrod Thread

    I love the design! That'd be nice for my green avet..
  340. V

    Riding Your Cycle At The Marina

    Haha he got so lucky on that one.
  341. V

    Grandson's rod made from old junk

    Sweet clean up job.
  342. V

    Kermit rod

    Very nice of you and great work as always.
  343. V

    Considering taking my 5 yr old son on half day...

    Dramamine is my brand of choice if you don't know whether or not he has sea legs yet.
  344. V

    Offers! Rods - Cooler seat - Magma grill - 2008 Suzuki controls - older fishfinders

    Ty takes care of his stuff and has great deals! Thanks for my avet sx again!
  345. V


    Pm'd if it's still available.
  346. V

    HUGE halibut and Ling from the Kayak..... Trip of a life time

    Wow. Looks amazing! Great catches, and thanks for sharing.
  347. V

    Shimano Tyrnos 8 II, 10 II two speed reels

    I'd have to agree, pretty noisy reels, but great reel for the price. I've got a 10 as a backup that's great!
  348. V

    The photo just doesn't do this fish any justice...

    No photoshop necessary! :rofl:
  349. V

    Favorite Sushi places in So. Cal ?

    Kaori in Fullerton is my favorite by far. It's off of Harbor and Chapman. If you're going for cheap, but still decent, I go to Kaisen Kaiten in Santa Ana/Costa Mesa. It's down the street from the mall.
  350. V

    Turkey night Hoopin

    I'd prefer some lobster over turkey any day.
  351. V

    112312 Black Friday to RED

    Awesome catch!
  352. V

    First Tiger Wrap.

    Also wouldn't believe it's your first attempt at this. Great job.
  353. V

    Thanksgiving Catching and Cooking!

    Thanks for sharing from the beginning to the end! Looks great!
  354. V

    Fucking Fedex

    Great it worked out for you. USPS is horrible. I remember having to submit a claim over something that was damaged over shipping, and after about 3 months and talking to several different people, I just gave up because it was going no where.
  355. V


    Looks like fun. Great rockfishing there! Thanks for sharing.
  356. V

    What do you think?

    Pretty cool design
  357. V

    Late Report Crab Area 13 11.12.12

    Nice report. Congrats.
  358. V

    tiger trick?

    Excellent idea. Hope to see the end result soon.
  359. V

    Gold on Gold

    That gold looks amazing on the rod.
  360. V

    Utah Bull Hunt! Picture Heavy!

    Looks like everyone had a blast. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us.
  361. V

    Avets/Shimano reels

    Really nice prices
  362. V

    His and Hers

    Priceless picture.
  363. V

    Redondo Report

    Great meal!
  364. V

    Thanks, Avet!

    Awesome to hear more stories about the great service!
  365. V


    No worries. Here's information directly from their website. I did a bit of researching when I found the same thing with my reels and thought there was a problem. "Does the M.C. Cast affect free spool? You can also view our M.C.Cast videos HERE. The M.C. Cast does not affect free spool, but it...
  366. V

    Shimano Torium 16 BNIB

    Really nice deal.
  367. V

    What Does a Good Trip Look Like?

    Thanks for sharing! That was one nice grouper. Good to know that some quality fish are still biting.
  368. V

    When you smash it hard enough

    I hope that heals up soon because it looks like it must have hurt.
  369. V


    This is pretty common. If you weren't getting any free spool at all, then there's a problem. I think my SX MC still free spools for 10-15 seconds before it stops. Normal avets I could easily get 30 seconds of free spool. This still shouldn't affect castability though.
  370. V

    The right Avet for a 700M Grafighter

    I found it odd too, because I usually pick a reel, then a rod around that. I've used MXLs on the ones I've used.
  371. V

    Gaji REAL Malolo Fish Heads

    Pretty sweet looking lure. I'm sure it kills it in the water.
  372. V

    Goliath on the crawl of the season

    "He said it's illegal to possess lobsters near a marine reserve"
  373. V

    Made in Germany

    I'm a sucker for carbon fiber.
  374. V

    Octagon Pot finished

    Definitely post some reports after you try those out.
  375. V

    sand dab fishing... whats the point?

    Those pictures are crazy! The coat hanger was definitely thinking out of the box, and the next picture is just amazing. I don't mind eating sand dabs, they're not too bad fried up.
  376. V

    sand dab fishing... whats the point?

    Those pictures are crazy! The coat hanger was definitely thinking out of the box, and the next picture is just amazing. I don't mind eating sand dabs, they're not too bad fried up.
  377. V

    Here's 2 rods i built for me

    I really like the scales one!
  378. V

    Avet Sx/Mc Black

    I wish I saw this sooner.
  379. V

    Lobster, lobster, lobster! butt not or us.

    Really great job to see three legals in one day, and on a kayak.
  380. V

    avet sx on a ugly stik lite?

    I don't really use my ugly stick anymore, but my sx6/4 and sx5.3 fit on my ugly stick BWC2201 though. It's not the "lite' version though.
  381. V

    Murder in Downey

    That thing looks great. I'm sure you'll be able to kill tons of fish on it.
  382. V

    can i hoop off jetty?

    All good info for those that don't know.
  383. V

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Can't wait to see the completed product.
  384. V

    Catalina Trip Question(s)

    Realistically, you probably don't need anything over a 30# outfit this time of year because you're probably only going to be bottom/rock fishing. I usually bring out my SX, MXL and JX just for kicks on this trip right now. I don't think the JX ever leaves the rack though. You're probably just...
  385. V

    Big Tuna on the Gordo

    Definitely would have been awesome to know specifics, but regardless, awesome day.
  386. V

    OTI Tuna Sniper for a Shimano Tranx

    Really clean build. I like the detail.
  387. V

    Canning Mackerel & Sardines

    Canned sardines with tomato sauce and onions on bread is amazing to me.
  388. V

    Shikari Ultralight

    Beautiful build!
  389. V

    Shimano Terez Rods

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the first one is the regular terez, and the second one is the waxwing version with the cork handle?
  390. V

    50lb spectra to 50 flouro vs 65lb spectra to 50 flouro

    It all depends on what you're fishing for, and the line capacity of your reel. Of course, you'll be able to fit more 50# on there when compared with the 65#. It also depends on the top shot, and how long you want it to be. I assume if it's flouro, you're probably not putting more than 25 yards...
  391. V

    Brand New Custom Phenix 700M & 700H

    This thread is 2 years old...
  392. V

    Direct TV

    As simple as it is, just make sure you read the terms and conditions. I've seen too many times where the promotional package is amazing for the first year, then the rate skyrockets for the second year (assuming you sign a two year agreement). The only times I've had issues with Direct TV was...
  393. V

    Saltydawg 4th annual June 8 day trip

    Free rod for going? :rofl:
  394. V


    Looks really fun. Makes me want to take a trip!
  395. V

    Calstar Blowout- 5 rods for sale

    Someone got a killer deal
  396. V

    What is your favorite color Jighead

    Reds, whites, then yellows for me.
  397. V


    Would be some nice free lobster bait!
  398. V

    Avet reel clamps for sale

    Those are pretty nice. The clamps on the new mx are tiny.
  399. V

    Skipjack 28 Dirty Girl

    Amazing transition so far. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  400. V

    My boat

    Sweet looking work, it really is coming along amazing!
  401. V

    one more skipjack.

    Nice progress. Can't wait to see it finished!
  402. V

    Curado, PENN, Shimano, G. Loomis

    Killer price drop and prices. If you weren't so far I'd be all over that EJ & shimano terez now.
  403. V

    3 Days in San Carlos MX

    Really cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  404. V

    Rare Fish Surfaces in Cabo - Luvar

    Awesome fish! Really nice to something different like that
  405. V

    How does Grandma feel about the Chargers?

    Hilarious.. someone really dislikes the chargers
  406. V

    Surf fishing Coronado

    Nice catch in about an hour & a half
  407. V

    10 different species in 1 day in Asuncion!

    Very nice! Looked like you had a blast.
  408. V

    tin boat cabin build

    My neck hurts from the latest pictures. Cool build though!
  409. V

    Shimano Torium 14

    Nice reel for a nice price!
  410. V

    BD Test Stick

    Very nice details.
  411. V

    Good fishing today " El Matador "

    Always posting up really nice reviews! Thanks!
  412. V

    Dropping fish, whats up?

    Nice pictures and great tips everyone.
  413. V

    Voyager 2.5 day. Plugged the boat!

    Nice! Glad that the weather was nice for everyone on that trip.
  414. V

    Monster local lobster!

    That was great.
  415. V

    HI'S Tackle 10 day on the RP

    Thanks for sharing. Must have been a blast!
  416. V

    Anyone Hoopin?

    I haven't gone on them yet, but from what I've seen, these trips were limited to something like 6-8 people.
  417. V

    Fishing the 3/4 Day On Sat 10/25/12 with the Malihini

    Sometimes when the price of fuel goes up, some landings will charge an extra "fuel surcharge" additionally. You said you go out of newport, isn't davey's locker and newport landing known for that?
  418. V

    Need an overall good 1/2 day or 3/4 day setup!

    My first 1/2 & 3/4 day setup started with a shimano torium 16 with an ugly stick (yes, I know LOL). I actually liked it because first of all, it was a cheap setup. I paid about $95 for the torium, about $45 for the ugly stick. Prices were brand new too. Now though, that setup comes along for...
  419. V

    Paypal Gift, Dont Do it!

    I've done this before. Luckily the "wrong" email that I sent the payment to wasn't a valid paypal account/email address, so I didn't lose anything. After that, now I just copy and paste directly from the pm or email from the seller. Even still, I get paranoid and triple check it afterwards!
  420. V

    Good ol' E-Glass 6460XH & 970 Calstars......

    The work is killer, the more and more I see you work, the closer I get to wanting to get one done! Keep it up!
  421. V

    Socotra Island Yemen October 2012, The Last Frontier

    Terrific trip! Thanks so much for sharing. It's always great to see the different types of fish/fishing around the world!
  422. V

    Marina del Rey 1/2 passes

    I sense some sarcasm..
  423. V

    Avet JX 6.3

    Haha I did see the color the first time. Just thought it was funny that you went back and bolded the words.
  424. V

    Avet JX 6.3

    I found it funny that you went back and bolded the color description. I read it the first time.
  425. V

    BOLA Oct. 21-25

    Nice looking fish!
  426. V

    And with this I bid you adeau

    Great detail on the rod!
  427. V

    Rod for my Avet SX

    Get an ugly stick for it :rofl: Just kidding, although my first rod was an ugly stick though. I use a calstar 700ml with my SX, but if you wanted to go longer you could get an 8 foot rod instead. I'm personally using 30lb izor braid with a topshot of 25lb izor mono. Could go higher for the...
  428. V

    SMB Lobster

    Nice! Thanks for the report.
  429. V

    Underwater video - mahi strike

    Very nice video. Thanks for posting.
  430. V

    Mag Bay on the Success October 18-23

    Looks like you guys had a very successful trip.
  431. V

    Doheny state beach surf fishing

    I was at Hogan's last week, and they're always really helpful and give great recommendations.
  432. V

    Hi Kai - 10/24/2012

  433. V

    Bait caster- spectra or mono or?

    30lb power pro slick for me for the most part.
  434. V

    Fishing for squid

    Anyone know if we're getting those huge squid like last year?
  435. V

    Sweet Okuma

    Interesting setup... haha
  436. V

    Long Beach Lobster report 10/22

    Definitely nice to get back on the water, and 2 is better than nothing!
  437. V

    Meth Heads Stole My Kicker In Snohomish

    Really sucks. I hope they get caught.
  438. V

    JAWS 7' 20-50LB

    Sweet rod. Nice build.
  439. V

    Help with my MXL

    You should invest in a drag/spring scale so you could get the settings down to where you want it. If your original avet has numbers on the drag knob, these weren't drag figures, but they were only there for reference. I think the confusion brought avet to take the numbers off altogether.
  440. V

    MAXIMUS 3.5 Day

    Awesome trip and catch to everyone that went! I'd also like to know what all of this ends up running you?
  441. V

    Arima and the Ninja

    Nice fish!
  442. V


    Yeah, I'd really like to see some pictures for this!
  443. V

    Shimano Tranx

    Is this the HG or the PG version?
  444. V

    Two Rod License?

    It's pretty much used when you're fishing at a lake, and you have two rods in the water at one given time.
  445. V

    prop buffing by hand!!!!!

    What types of solvents did you use to polish?
  446. V

    Great tuna fishing onboard " EL Matador "

    Looks like everyone had an amazing time!
  447. V

    calstar 6455

    Pretty nice rod. Nice work.
  448. V


    Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
  449. V

    Anyone know where I can catch something ?

    Just go the pier then since it's quick, easy, and convenient.
  450. V

    10 days on the R.P. , Philligan strikes again!

    It's nice to have buddies like that!
  451. V

    What we are up against

    Wow... I wouldn't even know what to say to her if I was him.. without making her sound like the biggest idiot in the world.
  452. V

    There's a NEW GoPro in town!!!

    It's pretty amazing. I saw it yesterday. Double the megapixels and several times more frames per second if I recall.
  453. V

    how do you wash spectra?

    Thanks for the tips everyone! This doesn't make the spectra all "stiff"? Or does that just mean that it's time to change the spectra out?
  454. V

    Late Report Sat 10-20

    I appreciate reads like this because they're so detailed. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
  455. V

    Something I've been playing around with

    Sweet. Very unique detail that makes it truly stand out.
  456. V

    Fak e injury time outs

    Saw that and couldn't stop laughing. Huge flopper!
  457. V

    looking for a boat ho for hooping tonight

    How much would expenses be to split? I know you already went, but if you ever need another, I'd love to join.
  458. V

    Dolphin 3 10/18 fishing and medivac

    Hope he's okay. Glad you got some action though.
  459. V

    Smells like poacher!!!

    Awesome! Glad these guys got caught.
  460. V

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Oct. 21

    Thanks for the report. Sweet pictures!
  461. V

    Getting my facts straight...lines/drag/rod strength

    There's a lot of questions to be answered on this one. As previously stated, try purchasing a drag scale and mess around with your settings. Typically, if I recall, the drag setting should be 25% of what weight you're targeting. At first, I also thought the same thing, that whatever my drag was...
  462. V

    Phenix swimbait

    I'm loving the wrap. Very nicely done!
  463. V

    Excel gets a Rail Dawg

    That thing looks like a beast!
  464. V


    Nice work. Further details about pricing would be nice.
  465. V

    Inshore and offshore 10/20

    Glad you guys had fun.
  466. V

    Local Lings - Big'uns - 10/20/12

    Awesome catches! Any specific details on the fishing? Depth, rig, etc?
  467. V

    What is this!

    Nice to know that they're not too far away still.
  468. V

    Today's Catch

    Sweet. How heavy did the halibut come in at?
  469. V

    My New Hatteras 36!

    Nice! Congrats on the new boat!
  470. V

    Great rod finish explained

    Great information!
  471. V

    The Water is Low.....

    Definitely looks like fun.
  472. V


    Great prices on the lobster gear. Wish I was closer!
  473. V

    Yes,I work with some funny guys...

    That was great!
  474. V

    10-19-12 1010 area

    Thanks for sharing!
  475. V

    Load Lobster Traps On My Boat?

    I don't own a boat, nor have I been around them very much. How did this actually happen?
  476. V

    Dead Heads: A response to a readers inquest

    I definitely see what you mean, but I agree, and would see an issue with the "limited load" that paying customers are actually paying MORE for.
  477. V

    LX6/3, TLD 20 II, TLD 30 II w/tib frame and drag plate

    If you happen to sell the TLD20II, I'd got a clamp available for it. Other than that, free bump!
  478. V

    Lobster and sculpin.......Sd Bay, a nice night for sure

    At least you didn't come home empty handed. They could be a nice snack!
  479. V

    Marlin goes nuts and jumps into boat

    Wow.. crazy video!
  480. V

    Surf halibut and fishing the LC

    I've always wondered too.. thanks for the tips!
  481. V

    P-Line line welding glue ??? really

    Wasn't this stuff also just used to smoothen the transition from backing to the top shot too?
  482. V

    Check out these grips.

    These look crazy! Nice detail, but not my cup of tea. Great work regardless.
  483. V

    Eclipse 2.5 day 10/11/12 - 10/14/12

    Sweet! I was thinking about going on this one.. I missed out it seems!
  484. V

    101612 from bad to good...

    Sweet catch!
  485. V

    What kind lights Do you use to mark your Hoop nets???????

    I also buy the bulk packs on ebay. As earlier noted, make sure you buy the large ones because the small ones are tiny and don't work too well.
  486. V

    avet mxl 6/4

    Did you ever get that one problem fixed? I remember seeing you posting about it.
  487. V


    That last part sounds incredible interesting and fun!
  488. V

    Phenix Black Diamond

    Sweet diamond wrap my friend!
  489. V


    Are all colors available?
  490. V

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    Definitely unique and something you wouldn't see every day. Nice touches!
  491. V

    torium 16 vs 14

    I've used both as my starter reels, and the 14 is great because it's small and really comfortable. In your case I'd recommend getting the 16 since you're saying you were going for some slightly larger species. I ended up keeping the 16 and it's been great, but after I started using avet reels...
  492. V

    Recent rod wrapping attempts

    I like the weaves. Very nice work!
  493. V

    Owner or Gamakatsu???????

    I mainly use owner hooks, but when I'm feeling cheap I'll switch to the mustards. I always have both with me though.
  494. V

    1st Grade = 1st Overnighter - PRIDE:

    Awesome. I wish I would've started fishing at his age.
  495. V

    To many Haters...

    I'd consider myself pretty new with all of this stuff too, but I just make sure to search before asking so I don't feel like an idiot before I beat a dead horse over and over again. For the most part, I think this forum is awesome and full of useful information.
  496. V

    Do you use the Palomar Knot?

    I also use clinch knots but this video would have definitely been helpful when I first started out.
  497. V

    New Avet SX 6/4 2 speed

    Not technically, but close. Just tried looking, and it'll run $279.99. Assuming you get the braid that they offer that is. Additionally, you'd get the reel cover, drag scale & shipping though
  498. V

    Monday Night Blackout...

    I would've been so bummed if it was blacked out. I've been looking forward to this upcoming MNF game!
  499. V

    new to Avet...line advise

    I was debating about color too, and I think that when I searched around on here, it appears that the majority of people will go with white braid just because it's easier to see.
  500. V

    How do I cope with fishing withdrawal?!

    I like that one for sure!
  501. V

    Cabo "Bushpig"

    Beautiful sight!
  502. V

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    I also clicked on this because I go through the "New Posts" and would have to say that I found this thread very interesting..
  503. V

    Abyss and Calstar

    Nice wraps!
  504. V

    new to Avet...line advise

    If you're going with straight mono, for a 3/4 day you should be fine with 25-30#. I typically fish with either p-line or izorline mono. On my Avet reels, my SX is filled with 30# izor spectra on bottom, with a fairly long 70ish yard top shot of 20# izor mono. The my MX is filled with 50# power...
  505. V

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    Thought this was funny because it takes me an hour to get to San Diego, and whenever I want to buy something down there, at least lately, I always get beat by a local because the seller didn't want to wait for me to get down there!
  506. V

    Lesson learned/Lucky to be alive

    Glad you are okay to fish another day
  507. V

    La Paz to Mag bay 10/26 - 11/1

    So based on the initial post, what were the expenses for each person anyways?
  508. V

    Shimano reel clamps

    I'm still trying to find out if these work for any other reels. If I find out, I'll definitely let everyone know. There also seems to have been a bit of confusion regarding what I had, so I post pictures up as well.
  509. V

    Iphone 4 At&t $230

    You're probably looking for cash, but Best Buy's trade-in values are actually pretty good. I think they offer gift cards though.
  510. V

    Avet Reels

    Could you PM me some sample prices on what you were quoted?
  511. V

    20lb reel

    I know it's not on the list, but I started with a Shimano Torium 16, but after I got an SX, I'm in love with it.
  512. V

    Phenix vertical jigger

    Very nice, and creative design.
  513. V

    Farrah's "Butt" Stick

    Great wrap!
  514. V

    Shimano reel clamps

    Does anyone know if these fit on other reels? I've received a few PM's asking, but I'm not sure since these are the only Shimano reels that I've owned so far. If anyone could chime in, that would be great.
  515. V

    Found Hoopnet SD Bay

    Nice of you for trying to find the owner and just not keeping it for yourself.
  516. V

    Lobster hoops!!

    It definitely is easier to manage when it's shorter. I think my kit came with a 75' line, and it does get annoying sometimes with the extra slack.
  517. V

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    I've had paddle boarders cut my line when I've been on a jetty before.. it gets annoying.
  518. V

    7ft vs 8ft rods

    I use 7' rods because my car is tiny and I don't think I could fit an 8' in it.
  519. V

    ob pier

    I've never really had much luck on piers, and have yet to catch a legal one off of one.
  520. V

    sick cow fishing at the islands

    Thanks for the pictures. Great catch!
  521. V

    Malibu Kayaks Factory Parking Lot Sale

    Looks like some killer deals
  522. V

    Throw away your GPS spots!

    Went on a 3/4 day last week and this guy near me caught one. I think we were drifting at about 250 feet deep. I would assume it was a good 25lbs. So was this illegal, or is that starting on Nov 1st?
  523. V

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    I think it's just the convenience of selling it locally, especially when you're in Southern California. Plus, don't have to wait for something like paypal to clear. That is true though, I wonder why some people don't want to ship something small like a reel. I live down here, but sometimes I...
  524. V

    Question anyone tried Bloodstream chum 4 sharks

    If it's extended beyond 5 people, I'd like to try.
  525. V

    Boobies and scales

    Nice job. Looks like a great rod.
  526. V

    Two commercial rods

    Sweet work. I definitely like the wrap!
  527. V

    New iPad "Tues" edition...

    I'm supposed that all of that info actually made it into an article. Interesting read though I suppose.. haha.
  528. V

    Searcher 7 Day Trip Report - Great Fishing!

    Sounds like a very successful trip. Any pictures?
  529. V

    Race to PEI - The Movie - Swag Bags all around

    I really enjoyed the video as well. It was very well documented. I almost wish it was longer because I'm sure there was so much more than we missed.
  530. V

    Shimano reel clamps

    I've got some Shimano reel clamps with hardware that I have lying around, and have never been used. If anyone is interested, let me know. Pictures go from left to right. 1. Shimano TLD 20 reel clamp w/ hardware, came from a 2 speed version, but I'm sure it'll work for the single speed one as...
  531. V

    Fishwraps Finished

    Looks great.
  532. V

    9/27/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Same goes for me, I've never fished for halibut yet. I've generally been using owner or mustard 2/0 hooks, but how is everyone rigging up? 6-10 oz weight on bottom, depending on depth, with a dropper loop?
  533. V

    Avet LX Raptor silver

    Nice deal. I don't imagine it'll be around long.
  534. V

    Giant Lobster

    I wish I could catch some that big..
  535. V

    30+ Species on the Great Barrier Reef with Nomad

    Extremely jealous of the variety of fish you're catching out there. Thanks for sharing.
  536. V

    Brown Copper Tiger

    I definitely do like the color combo
  537. V

    two carvings in the works

    Nice detail
  538. V

    Changing your line

    Haven't gone on any long trips yet, but for the 3/4 day trips, I swap my top shots every 3-4 trips, and I'll swap the backing every 5-6 trips, as long as it still feels fine.
  539. V

    FYI 50% off sale fishing tackle at

    Is it just the yellow dot sales? If so, I've already hit up all of the stores in the Inland Empire!
  540. V


    Oh my goodness.
  541. V

    Progress on the garage build

    Can't wait to see the completed pictures.
  542. V

    New Avet SX

    I love my SX. It's great that such a small reel can handle so much sometimes.
  543. V

    ISWAC 2-Day Charter

    Great report, and really nice dorado!
  544. V

    Cortes Bank Lobster opener

    Very successful trip! Great catches!
  545. V

    Condor 10/6/12

    That's awesome! I've been wanting to get on that boat for a while!
  546. V

    avet mxl/ teramar TM

    Single speed or the two speed version?
  547. V


    I have a few, but have never caught any fish on them yet. When barracuda were biting, this guy next to me on the boat was killing it with his waxwings though.
  548. V

    PacStar WILD ONE 3.5 day Oct.7-11th

    Looks like you guys killed it!
  549. V

    Had a couple built

    I'm sure they're a pretty penny.. construction looks awesome though. Great job.
  550. V

    Rail Dawgs headed south to the Maximus

    Sweet looking rods.
  551. V

    Bahia Asuncion

    Looks like fun!
  552. V


    Rooting* for the Chargers on this one!
  553. V

    One for a coworker

    Nice finish.
  554. V

    mussles recipe? and where to pick them

    Steamed, then dipped into a garlic, pepper, butter, & lime sauce always does the trick.
  555. V

    Grump Rod Nears Completion.

    Beautiful weave. How long did it take?
  556. V

    Sharkathon 2012 Rods

    That's awesome!
  557. V

    Overnighters are always a gamble

    Been wanting to book on the dolphin II soon, so some of these "limits" you see on the fish counts could just be small ones then?
  558. V

    Curados, Lunas, Lexas

    PM'd about the ej
  559. V

    Accurate BX2 30N New!! SS 70 XH New!!

    Definitely a nice combo! Hope it goes to a nice home soon.
  560. V

    black mxl 2speed mc avet

    PM'd you about it. Let me know what you think.
  561. V

    Shimano TranX

    Didn't want to try it on a shimano terez? I don't own one, & can't remember the model number, but tried it on one, & it was pretty sweet.
  562. V

    saltist v.s. torium why?

    I was comparing the two at first, but ended up buying a torium 16 because in my opinion, it just felt more comfortable and smoother. Ended up buying some avet reels though, so the torium just comes along for the boat ride, but hardly gets to play anymore.
  563. V

    hooping on the breakaway

    That big one looks great!
  564. V

    black mxl 2speed mc avet

    I wish I would've seen this a few days ago. Just bought a brand new one since no one replied to my wanted to buy posts.
  565. V

    Found: My rods & reels

    That's incredible. I'm glad that you were able to find your gear, and so quick! Props to the gentleman that found it!
  566. V

    Dana Wharf All Day Trips?

    The crew from Dana Wharf has always been awesome out of the three times I've gone out there. They've got a nice operation going on. Lately though, their counts haven't looked so great, so I just haven't returned. I still would recommend booking through them though.
  567. V

    Shimano Torium 14 w/spectra and clamp

    Does this come with box & manuals?
  568. V

    AVETs Calstar and combo for sale

    Wish I would have seen these sooner. Great deals!
  569. V

    lobster opening week

    I guess that's a valid point and I forgot about that. So I suppose that means that you have to just wait until after 12:01am to actually legally take lobster then. Yeah he still needs a lobster report card. This website states the following &#8226...
  570. V

    alternative lobster bait

    Everyone that I've seen for the most part used mackerel, but salmon heads have actually worked really well for me.
  571. V

    lobster opening week

    I started hooping last year, but not at the beginning of the season. Does that mean you can technically drop your nets, say 30 minutes before 12:01am on Saturday, but you just can't pull them up until after 12:01am?
  572. V

    Rods and Reels for sale!!!

    Thanks for the reels boss! They're in good hands.
  573. V

    Avet Hxw, Lx 2 speed

    What color is the LX?
  574. V

    Rods and Reels for sale!!!

    Pm'd you earlier.
  575. V

    tld 50lrs and rod

    This post is about 3 years old... just wanted to point that out.
  576. V

    His & Hers 5S610MXF-B's

    Awesome job, I really like it.
  577. V

    Calstar 670 Marlin Casters

    That's a killer color combo!
  578. V

    My Photography from around western Australia....

    Definitely breath taking shots. Keep it up.
  579. V

    EZ Yellowtail Salad

    Looks great!