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  1. drew2578

    Testing the waters - 22 Force

    Aloha Guys! Long time since my last post. Got a question for you more avid boaters and fishers regarding pricing my boat. I have a 22 Force (old style commercial layout) that I may be considering selling. Has the twin Volvo AQ151 motors and 290 leg. last started the boat about two years ago...
  2. drew2578

    Wanted: Outriggers

    Looking for 15-18' 2" Outriggers. Mahaloz!
  3. drew2578

    1 Kw transducer Help

    Yeah 585 has plenty power. I have the 620 model and it does just fine for bottom fishing up to about 150fa. The 585 gives way better bottom definition though. the 1Kw transducer is about the same size as a football. I have a heavy duty transom mounted bracket for sale, but I stay on kauai...
  4. drew2578

    volvo 4cyl parts

    PM Sent
  5. drew2578

    Some ledge action 7/30

    Waaahooo!! Send the Ahi's South before sending um east... :)
  6. drew2578

    2 New Penn International II 50TW

    bump... $300 ea.
  7. drew2578

    2 New Penn International II 50TW

    2 brand new Penn International II 50TW Reels. One is spooled with 80lb mono and the other is empty. Clickers are real loud on these suckers. Asking $375 OBO ea.
  8. drew2578

    Regular Gas vs. Non-Ethenol Gas

    I've never run non-ethanol fuel in my motor but I've heard from guys who do that they get a decent boost in fuel economy also. Which makes sense because ethanol and gasoline have different burn rates and the newer motors with computers adjust accordingly. The benefit could mean that you...
  9. drew2578

    VIDEO How no to catch Ahi 101

    Thanks for making my evening with the bass tracker comment! hahahaha!!! For the record, anyone who can wake up at 4AM in the morning to battle 25kts wind with 6-8' swell (on a good day) is not "lazy". Need to check the dictionary again on what that word means again my friend.... Thanks for...
  10. drew2578

    Trolling speeds

    what speed you guys usually go for targeting certain fish? me: Ahi - 7/8kts, Aku 4/6kts, Mahi 7/10kts, Ono 7/10kts. What say you?
  11. drew2578

    Weke ula

    Same depths as the guys stated above. Home made damashi or custom leaders are a must though. The store bought stuff works will for smaller fish but when there are big weke or uku around they will break every leader and hook. Along with firecracker use the green with glitter.... they love that...
  12. drew2578

    swivel rod holders

    All I can tell you is you'll save yourself a lot of grief in the future by adding those swivel holder on there.. not to mention land a lot more fish :)
  13. drew2578

    Weekend Recap

    Haha classic! But were they biting ;)
  14. drew2578

    Lure Patterns

    Howzit guys! Wanted to chit-chat about what size lures you guys run in your patterns. I typically run the largest (9") lures furthest, then 7" in the middle and 3-5" on the inside (unless I know onos are around then I run 9" chrome). You guys that have tried a different pattern please chime...
  15. drew2578

    Tough Day at the Bank

    Howzit! Give us a report on the new motor when I get a chance. Ich'in to know the performance differences at trolling speed. Mahalo!
  16. drew2578

    Wind on Leaders

    Howzit guys! How many of you guys use wind on leaders? I see the safety benefits of not having a swivel (especially when fishing solo), but any other benefits? Does the line get kinked if the lure spins? Seems like a good idea and was thinking about trying it out. Mahalos
  17. drew2578

    Transom Extension Questions

    Thanks for all the information guys. Yeah I was thinking of going with the force type extension because it looks wider than the Armstrong which should translate to more floatation. My current motor is to heavy I guess as water will come in my scuppers... so she is @ss heavy. Does anyone know...
  18. drew2578

    Transom Extension Questions

    Howzit Fellow BD'ers! Need some input from some boater who added an outboard transom extension to thier boat. Was there any engine/hull performance benefits from doing this? Do they really help with more positive flotation to offset the weight of the outboard? One obvious benefit is that I can...
  19. drew2578

    Rubber Hooks 4.14.11

    That just da way it goes sometimes... at least you had some action and get some kaukau.
  20. drew2578

    Honda Outboards for Sale

    Why the upgrade?
  21. drew2578

    Sick way to lose a marlin "VIDEO"

    Guess I gotta up my marlin estimation. Had one almost that big break off at gaff when I went solo one day. Fought the SOB for about 2hrs, I though she was about 600 ~ 10-12FT without bill.
  22. drew2578

    Sick way to lose a marlin "VIDEO"

    Doesn't look like a 900+lb fish.... Can't say I've havn't made any donations to the deep blue :)
  23. drew2578

    Typhoon Optics Presents - Beat this Caption Contest Ending May 11th, 2011

    Looks like he's gonna start kick'n again.... wheres that bat?
  24. drew2578

    Bryans first Ahi

    Got one today that did the same thing... the bugga stayed at the surface so I though I had a huge Mahi on :) 10min and 115lb later we had a pleasent surprise.
  25. drew2578

    Good depth finder?

    Get the 620 on Craigslist (Kauai). Probably the best deal you going to get on a 620. I can mail it if he doesn't want to ship.
  26. drew2578

    charter fishing in Kauai

    Second on "Deep Sea Fishing Kauai". That boat is a fish magnet.
  27. drew2578

    Good depth finder?

    I have a 620... the only thing I might do differently is go with the 585.
  28. drew2578

    Hawaii bottom fish closure - March 12

    Yeah they are good grinds... buggaz as ono. Just get too many... last trip I easily through back 35-40 fish... was hoping for something red or black.... get tiring after a while pulling up fish in the 25-80lb size. If I knew people who wanted um I would have kept more.
  29. drew2578

    Hawaii bottom fish closure - March 12

    Yeah totally BS!!! The problem is that there should be a quota just for large fishing vessels and a separate one for smaller boats. Its ridiculous that a guy can only catch a few fish before the season is closed. I think these larger vessels should start catching more kahalas... so the red...
  30. drew2578

    Closing Bottom Fishing Season Soon!!!

    where this info from?
  31. drew2578


    Bummers... I still had it planned for 16th :( You going to post some meeting notes?
  32. drew2578

    still pretty lucky 2/11/11

    Killin um! Is that stainless line in the reel?
  33. drew2578


    yes igloo cooler. I changed mines too.
  34. drew2578

    Victory At Sea

    lots of white caps, wind and swells = buss
  35. drew2578

    Victory At Sea

    you know "whitewash"?
  36. drew2578

    Victory At Sea

    yeah that trip back to P. Allen seems to take forever when the trades are blowin. So the bottom fish wasn't biting? Not even kahala? :) You guys rode the ledge back or you went outside? Glad no-mo bolos!
  37. drew2578

    Kindness of Strangers(Fisherman)

    Every time I meet a local fisherman I give um my cell phone # just in case... you never know... sum people answer their phones not their radios (if they are turned off). :)
  38. drew2578


    yeah sorry i couldn't make it. keep us informed. I want to be a part of this.
  39. drew2578

    Good Deal? 24' Jackpot for 15k on CL

    i was wondering the same thing...
  40. drew2578

    Bottom fishing Tips / Techniques

    How long you guys run your bottom fishing leaders off the main line? You always palu with every drop? Do you ever drop with a light of some sort? Shootz!
  41. drew2578

    Rubber floor matting

    Where do you guys get the rubber non-skid matting you put on the floors of you boat? Do these things interlock? How much do they usually run $$? Mahalos and have a merry Christmas!
  42. drew2578

    nice water=slow fishing.......

    Hey that looks better than a cruise to me... I've had a couple of those & nothing green to show for it :) Good catch!!
  43. drew2578

    KANEOHE 12/5

    Man... I would say I like borrow your dog, but you catch so much feesh all the time I know as not just luck... would be nice to know some of your tricks ;)
  44. drew2578

    DLNR Appointment

    Yeah its generally a good rule of thumb not to have to high hopes when anything has anything to do with politics or political positions. We'll just hope for the best, and hope he falls on the side of the local bruddahs and not the local tree huggers... :)
  45. drew2578

    DLNR Appointment

    hopefully he'll help tackle the ta'ape problem....
  46. drew2578


    Wow! That is one solid catch! Any tips you can transfer? :)
  47. drew2578


    Yeah check the main battery cable for corrosion. If you gotta charge make sure you do a slow (low amp) charge. Your battery will last longer that way. Good Luck!
  48. drew2578

    Share your boats fuel economy

    While fishing is a bit slow figured it would be a good time for all of us curious minds to hear what others are getting in the fuel economy department. I'll start by posting mines. boat: 19.5' deep v 8' beam (heavy) motor: 2004 Honda BF90 (single) carburetor GPH: 3.5GPH trolling at 8-9kt Max...
  49. drew2578

    the fish stay!!!

    Plenty hungry Mahi's out there...
  50. drew2578

    190 Outrage modified by Lightinin Fiberglass for da Hawaiian waters

    dude! make sure you put extra bugees in the boat to hold down the fishbox lids when they're full to the top.. :)
  51. drew2578

    starting out

    Yeah, a decent GPS/sounder is a must other wise you are just shooting in the dark. One thing that I would have done differently if I were to do it again is to get a good sounder right off the back instead of toying around with cheaper ones. Would have saved me a lot of time and money. For me...
  52. drew2578

    Molo Race: Guy got run over

    ouch... my bad back isn't feeling so bad anymore... prayers are with this guy.
  53. drew2578

    90-150HP Fourstroke Outboard

    Looking for a used but in good condition 90-150HP four stroke motor. Preference of honda, suzuki & yamaha.
  54. drew2578

    Don't let the next fish GET AWAY!

    Ho bruddah if I had one of these the last couple years I would have less fish stories to tell. How much? I need one. What pound test is that wire leader?
  55. drew2578

    Wanted: 4kW or higher radar

    Looking for a 4kW or higher radar with LCD display. Must be in good working condition. Preferably a Furuno, Raymarine or JRC but I am open to whatever you have. Thanks!
  56. drew2578

    Beginners Luck

    those whalers are notorious for killing fish :) A picture of their eyes watching all that line go out would have been priceless!
  57. drew2578

    fishing in hawaii

    Ice man strikes again!!
  58. drew2578

    Does anyone know this boat?

    Looking for some intel on this boat on craigslist: **Reduced Price** Radon Thanks!
  59. drew2578

    Palu recipe

    You mean the garlic butter mash instant potatoes no work as good? :) thats the one I'd be after if I was a feesh. .. haha
  60. drew2578

    Palu recipe

    Howzit Everyone! Whats your guys favorite palu recipes? I know guys do it all different kind way, like with sand or oats or even rice. Mahalos in advance!
  61. drew2578


    Ho I gotta get one of those rods. That thing can get um in faster than a hydraulic winch. :)
  62. drew2578

    Wings or no wings

    Ditto for me as well. Although it seems the Mahi loves the wings :)
  63. drew2578

    190 Outrage modified by Lightinin Fiberglass for da Hawaiian waters

    It should be B.O.A.T.T - bust out another ten thousand :)
  64. drew2578

    Ika Shibi fishing

    Yeah guys one big mahalos for all the info! How deep you run the lights in the water? I'm about ready to try this again cause the Ahi's stay in town again :)
  65. drew2578

    Ika Shibi fishing

    Do you turn on all the deck lights as well or just use the underwater light? Mahalo for all the tips!
  66. drew2578

    Ika Shibi fishing

    Do you see any difference with the type of light you use? How slow of a drift do you need? I got a 19'er that I use a drift sock on and it slows me down to about .4kt. Is this enough you think? Are different depths better than others? No moon versus half or full moon? Thanks!
  67. drew2578

    Ika Shibi fishing

    you guys rock! thanks for the info and keep it coming!
  68. drew2578

    190 Outrage modified by Lightinin Fiberglass for da Hawaiian waters

    That thing is sick man!! The only thing you're going to do now is go to a dual axle trailer cause all the weight of the fish that thing goin catch.
  69. drew2578

    Ika Shibi fishing

    Looking for some tips or tricks when ika shibi fishing. Things like depth, palu type, leader length, etc... Anything will be greatly appreciated! Mahalo!
  70. drew2578

    Shore Fishing in Kauai

    Ditto on the Mark White ceramic plugs. Use the black one if fishing off the rocks and the white one if fishing from sand. Have caught tons on that lure here.
  71. drew2578

    Boat Shipping Question

    Its for a 14' with trailer.
  72. drew2578

    Boat Shipping Question

    Have any of you guys shipped boats here from the mainland? Tanks!
  73. drew2578

    "Black Pearl" trolling the Makapuu ledge

    Das the "real" old style aku boat... arg mate! haha
  74. drew2578

    Garbage Dump

    IMHO most of who have grown up here have learned to respect the ocean and its inhabitants. Sometimes throwing a couple back doesn't hurt, sometimes its does, you need to be the judge. I know at least there are places here that have been holding fish for over 50 years. You cannot be a...
  75. drew2578

    Rigging Bait

    how you guys rig your live bait for trolling? The baits I have that I want to rig are: opelu, akule, malolo & aku. Any tips or tricks? Is it better to troll them at the surface or send um down on a down rigger. Shootz
  76. drew2578

    Boat trailers

    Howzit guys! Where is the best (most economical) place in the state to buy boat trailers from? Not to many dealers that I know of and the ones that I know of are expensive! Mahalos!
  77. drew2578

    Anyone with a suzuki 140?

    how about performance and fuel economy? Mahalos for the reply!
  78. drew2578

    Anyone with a suzuki 140?

    You guys know of any rants or raves on Suzuki's 140 model?
  79. drew2578

    Show me your pics! Best catches for 2010!

    Haha... that looks like a good catch too hea :)
  80. drew2578

    Weird Day Eastside 7/14

    I had the swivel break last year at hand. Never though I would see a 700lb swivel break like that. I was thinking the leader or main line would break first. What I learned from this was that now I only run the type of swivel that has the welded rings on both ends of the swivel. Makes a huge...
  81. drew2578

    Volvo Penta Question

    Great info. I'm looking at going up to a 24' boat with this setup and trying to get the in's and out's before making the jump. You think the desiel will be comparable to the Honda 90 I got on my 19'er now... I get like 3.5-4GPH on the troll (old carburated model and boat is heavy). The boat...
  82. drew2578

    north kauai

    Das one big uku! I'll take that over whitewash anyday!
  83. drew2578

    Volvo Penta Question

    Thanks Kekoa! What do you think your range is with 100 gal? So its a pretty solid engine?
  84. drew2578

    Volvo Penta Question

    Diesel Newbie here... Any of you guys have/had a Volvo Penta Turbo AQAD40b (165HP) with Duo Prop? I'm looking for performance statistics like gallons per hour and top speed. Any other tips you got when looking at one would be appreciated! Mahalo!
  85. drew2578

    Banks and P buoy report 7/13

    Last year I lost a bunch of my best lures... I feel your pain... how does that malolo bird run? That thing looks pretty sweet. How far behind it are you running the trailer lure?
  86. drew2578

    Kaneohe Report - 7/13

    Looks like you went the right way after all. Way to go! (no pun) :)
  87. drew2578

    Boat pic...

    They could have at least put the reclining kine chair or one wit the shade on top... haha! Guarrans you can catch Mahi on that thing... they going think you stay one wooden pallet. :)
  88. drew2578

    Tell Me All About Onagas!

    You might need a submersible to get them. Gotta go between 75 and 150fa. I don't know of anyone catching them on anything other than bait cause its so deep.
  89. drew2578

    7/7/2010 Kauai

    Some nice Marlins coming up too...
  90. drew2578


    A well deserved Ahi! Bird is usually land locked making lures and rods. I was hoping you caught one when I saw your boat pass. That sucker is one beast!!
  91. drew2578

    Kauai 7/1/2010

    I believe it. Last year I got one 240 in only 10fa as I was pulling into the harbor. About a month ago we got four between the 30 and 100. Lost one in that same 10fa area later that had to have been a real gorrila... never had to reel in my 80 four times all the way down to the spool... over...
  92. drew2578

    Kauai 7/1/2010

    They fishing the 1000fa?
  93. drew2578

    Kauai Fishing Charter to avoid

    When I have a problem with something I buy from from walmart I don't go talking about it to the local news paper... I go back to walmart and go to customer service and let them resolve it. Much better to get ahold of Jude privately then bashing his company publicly.
  94. drew2578

    Kauai bite wide open

    Figured... saw all the boats out there sunday... looked liked white caps had so many... I knew I should have went out. :) This weekend fo shua... Get dat boat in da wata!
  95. drew2578

    Temperature Leveling Off...

    Circle hook question. How big of a hook are you running and how far back is the hook in the skirt? BTW Great catch again!!
  96. drew2578

    Kauai fishing

    Captain J. is the way to go. They are probably the most productive charter on the the south/west side of the island. Somehow he keeps pullin in big fish... don't think its just luck :) 200+ Ahi the other day... Captain Terry & Harry are probably the best on the East/North side..
  97. drew2578

    Waianae side 6/7

    Lucky you guys had hook big enough rubbish to have a knock down. I've hooked smaller rubish and toed that thing all day... wondering why nothing was biting... haha :)
  98. drew2578

    so easy a caveman can do it!

    I'll remind myself of that when my arm stay burning after the triple hookup :) Nice fish!
  99. drew2578

    bottom fishing for uku

    Like Evan said start around 35f. I use a rig similar to him as well so it must work pretty well. No forget palu... the magic fish caller. :) Almost any bait that is bite sized will work... for me I usually stick to akule and opelu as well, but I've done well with Ika and small moana's as...
  100. drew2578

    Waianae side 6/7

    Haha... yeah I know the frog catches about anything! Better luck next time! At least you no need stay up late cleaning boat & fish :)
  101. drew2578

    Pilot Whales, Sharks and Rubba Hooks

    Yup I've more than a couple trips like this... Last year I think I lost five lures... This year I'm already at one :) It's real odd on those days that the fish don't stick... RIP Ice Blue 5"er.
  102. drew2578

    Changing prop for better fuel economy

    There are so many variables here. A good indicator if you're prop'd right is that you're WOT RPM is in the recommended range by manufacturer. What is your current rpm range? What pitch do you have now? Weight of the boat is probably the biggest factor.
  103. drew2578

    Recycled Lures

    In my belly :) Lost one lure at gaffing range too.... was one gorrilla. This one neva get away though....
  104. drew2578

    Recycled Lures

    Whoever picked lure "C" was a winner. :)
  105. drew2578

    Waianae - Early Start

    friggin awesome!! good catch!
  106. drew2578

    Fishing Report: SUPER crowded waianae 5/27

    Sound like da pink frog was da winna! Good Catch!
  107. drew2578

    Recycled Lures

    Reskirted some of my older 7" jets that where not being productive. What you guys think about the colors?
  108. drew2578

    Waianae 5/12

    they were waiting for the green bottle! Good catch guys!
  109. drew2578

    fishing west side tomorrow

    To bad the boat no can run on beers huh? :) Familiar with the long boat rides... better luck next time!
  110. drew2578

    Anchor Rope

    Question for all you bottom fisherman who anchor in deep water. Realistically how much rope do you need for anchoring in 30 fathoms of water? I know online they give you a general rule of thumb, but I want to hear what some of you guys who anchor 30 fathoms and above have to say. Also, what...
  111. drew2578


    Awsome!! How all of those had fit in da fish box? Way to break in da reels for the season!!
  112. drew2578

    Spooling reels from coil

    I use one traffic cone and I put the roll of line over it. Works good. Just don't do the crank it in as fast as you can thing... it will still kink if you do that. Save plenty $$ dis way and have had NO problems with the line so far.
  113. drew2578

    kauai boys tunas here early???

    When I started ahi fishing it would take me about 30ish minutes to haul up a 150lb'er. Now that I have a "couple" under my belt I've learned tricks to make the fight quicker and the same size fish takes about 15 min. ... oh yeah and going from a 14/0 to a two speed 130 helps to :) I know guys...
  114. drew2578

    Would you guys make use of this?

    Yeah... that puts a big smile on my face anytime fisherman can get more for their fish... free 99 for this service should help as well.
  115. drew2578

    Would you guys make use of this?

    Just brainstorming here... On my free time I was looking to make a website that would hook up people who are selling fish with those that are looking to buy fresh caught fish. This would be in an effort to help a lot of us local fisherman who have excess fish every now and then that they want...
  116. drew2578

    What lure spreads work for you?

    All good tips guys! Do you guys usually run birds on the center rigger? All this bad weather gives a guy lots time to contemplate technique ;)
  117. drew2578

    What lure spreads work for you?

    Not really a question of what lures work best, but how you have your lines laid out. I usually run four lines when going by myself. Seven if I have a partner. How far do you guys usually run your riggers, corners, center, flat lines and kaka lines? For all you that don't know kaka line it...
  118. drew2578

    Hand lining for akule

    Good tips. I was wondering why I see some guys with electric tape on their fingers. I have a ton of hand line stuff from my gramps... I should buss um out! What I get foe lose hea... except a couple fingers... haha Keep the tips coming! Mahalos!
  119. drew2578

    Hand lining for akule

    Any of you more experienced fisherman shed some light on hand lining for akule rather than using a rod and reel? I see a lot of the old timers hand line and the catch plenty feesh too. What has been more effective for my fellow BD'ers?
  120. drew2578

    depth recorder/fish finder

    I've been were you are right now looking for an cost effective fish finder. I ended up breaking down and getting a furuno and glad I did. You can get the fcv-620 with transducer for under 1k. I can see the bottom at 200fa. just fine while bottom fishing. The only thing I would do differently...
  121. drew2578

    Blood on Deck on President

    Mr. Archer, How do determine how large of a circle hook to use? How far back in the lure do you run the hook? Mahalos!
  122. drew2578

    fish of the year...

    howzit JB! Yeah I had one of those blue lures this last year... and it was the first one I lost to one big boy ahi (along with my gaff) :) . Hopefully I will get another one soon cause I know they like it!
  123. drew2578

    show me your lures!!!

    Some of these looks like Birds lures... killa
  124. drew2578

    Teaser question

    Howzit fellow BD'ers! For those guys who run birds... How far behind the bird do you run your lure?
  125. drew2578


    Ah pau! This is not rape or abuse in my opinion. I bet these guys freezers no stay packed with these fish. They probably going to sale and family and friends. In old hawaii the master fisherman would come in with there canoe's filled to the top with fish you think they were abusing? No one...
  126. drew2578


    That thing look like one rat trap! haha... extra phone lines ;) I wonder if he like partner up... haha. I can feel the cash flowing...
  127. drew2578


    Good to see you at least caught couple ta'ape as well... :) Awesome catch!! Dea Him!
  128. drew2578

    Boat upgrade need opinions

    I was wondering about doing the same thing about a year ago. Then I found out a guy made a donation to the deep blue (brand net AVET 80 reel with custom rod) because his rod wasn't secured properly and I said hell no... haha. I feel more secure with the bent butt and swivel combo I have now...
  129. drew2578

    Chartplotter card for Hawaii

    The Navionics gives the spot soundings and ledge runs. Unfortunately they don't have the depth contours the garmin g2 vision cards have... not that I know of anyways. I don't know if there is a big advantage here in Hawaii with the platinum card. Any guys know if the platinum card is worth it...
  130. drew2578

    lure question

    when skirting the gay bob get the yamashita.. or yozuri version if you buy the wal-mart/k-mart version da buggais hard. I don't know if you guys noticed when running the GBs the birds love to follow it... which is a good thing.
  131. drew2578

    Mark White lures

    Some of the best lures ever made!!
  132. drew2578

    Aku colors

    pink & white kingbusters, pearl head with hot pink skirt & pink with black red skirt underneath.
  133. drew2578

    Wanted Hydraulic Steering System

    Second what capt clay. I have the bay star and it was well worth the almost $500. I would buy your steering system new unless you have a tiller attachment on your outboard. :)
  134. drew2578

    Lobster Traps

    Yeah the first time I put those things in the ocean I probably had 200lbs of morey eel!! I wonder what kind of bait the guys in Hana use? I have 12 of these that I have access to... I figure I can set um and go catch akule or sum thing. I stay ono for lobster. Maybe John's right... gotta...
  135. drew2578

    Goin' off!

    Nothing better than some shibi blood on the deck and on the shirt (if you're wearing one). How did you guys rig the opelu? Awesome catch!!
  136. drew2578

    Lobster Traps

    Howzit guys any of you ever use those black plastic cage type trap for catching lobster? I know we used to use um for Samoan crab up the rivers and it would work like a charm... although sometimes da bugga get suck in the mud :) Mahaloz!!
  137. drew2578

    Hi Kai to Mokapu Pt.

    Hey Russ those grinds stay making my mouth water! What is your recipe for the spicy aku? or you going have to kill me if you tell me? ;)
  138. drew2578

    1/1/10 Kauai

    Fiberglass... I wish they were the glass ones! the thing was loaded with mussels. Can you eat those things? these ones where black and about 3" long... so good size.
  139. drew2578

    1/1/10 Kauai

    Yeah went out of Lihue on saturday cause the wind was down... but go figure as soon as we take the boat off the trailer the wind picks up! Action was slow and only got a couple of Akuz as well... we did manage to get 4 large floaters that were drifting about 20 miles out though :) Like the...
  140. drew2578

    Gray Triggerfish?

    We nicknamed this the queen Pogot here. Caught two of these before could have sworn it was a big papio on the other end. One was little over 9 lbs and the other was 7lbs. I think the state record is like 12lbs. I heard these are good eating, I didn't eat mine... actually now that I think...
  141. drew2578


    Garmin hands down for hawaii waters... but make sure you get the g2 vision card gives you the most detail with the depth contours.
  142. drew2578

    Spreader Bar Recommendations

    What size & color?
  143. drew2578

    Spreader Bar Recommendations

    Capt. Clay, which one works best for you?
  144. drew2578

    Spreader Bar Recommendations

    Howzit all BD'ers! Looking to get a spreader bar that people have had good luck with here in Hawaii. I've read some good reviews on the Archer bars... anyone else have any luck with these or others? Merry Christmas all and go get some feesh before next year ;)
  145. drew2578

    Found some nice Hapu'u

    Nice! Caught mine at around 110fa. How do you like the 585? I have a 620 that I have tuned to go down to about 150fa... I bet that 585 probably picks everything up. Sometimes you have to just drop based on the bottom structures cause it doesn't always pick up the fish that deep. I think I...
  146. drew2578

    Found some nice Hapu'u

    Yeah caught couple of those the other day. Just like you said the weight barely went hit the bottom and I though fo sure was one nice size kahala but instead had two 30lb'ers. Although the eyes on mine stuck out about 2" when we got it up ;) A what kine fish finder you get? Mahalos and great...
  147. drew2578


    The water temp one is good as well.
  148. drew2578


    Howzit Russ! A is that opelu lure triple skirted? Great colors! Mahalo!
  149. drew2578

    Fishing by the Hawaiian moon calendar.

    In old Hawaii the "master fisherman" would always say look at the current. If no more current, no matter what the moon phase, better to stay home. This is sometimes puzzling for me cause I don't really know how to look for the current with my eyes. Any of you know how to gauge the current by...
  150. drew2578

    Autopilot problems!

    I followed the directions to the T, but I'm wondering if additional bleeding is needed after the pump is run for a while. FYI - after running the pump I can turn off the AP and still have the same problem until I bleed the system.
  151. drew2578

    Autopilot problems!

    Hello All, Finally got around to installing a Raymarine S1000 autopilot. I turned it on and everything worked well for a little bit. Got it in the water and used it to track in a straight line... which worked well for about 20 minutes... then the boat started veering right which eventually...
  152. drew2578

    show me your lures!!!

    Yeah, the bonus to most of these lures is that they have good amount of lead in them which make the slant head have some killer action. These are from Hawaii Sea Lures.
  153. drew2578

    Trailered Boat Bottom Paint Question

    Just so I have this straight... The hull is fiberglass then covered with a gel coat. All I have done so far is just sand the very top layer (where it goes from glossy to sanded look). The entire hull still has the layer of gel coat, it is just not as glossy as it was. Will the epoxy coat...
  154. drew2578

    Trailered Boat Bottom Paint Question

    Oh yes this is new to me so please forgive any terminology mix ups. It sound like the three coats of epoxy seems like a good route. Any particular brands? Also what is an LPU? Do these epoxies come in different colors?
  155. drew2578

    Trailered Boat Bottom Paint Question

    I sanded the bottom because of the remains of some barnacles that could not come off with the pressure washer. The bottom of the boat was very rough. The person who had the boat before me had it in the water for 6 months without bottom paint. I'll be trailering my boat after every use. I...
  156. drew2578

    show me your lures!!!

    Here is the ones that consistently work in the spread...
  157. drew2578

    Trailered Boat Bottom Paint Question

    Hello All, Any recommendation on what I should do with the bottom of my boat? It used to have a gel coat on it that I recently sanded off with 80 grit sandpaper up to the water line. For some reason I am thinking that anti-fouling paint would be a waste of money as the boat does not sit in...