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  1. graywolf

    ATD 6

    Good question
  2. graywolf

    Valiant 2 speed

    BV 800N 2 speed will be better mach,actually for 80 pound I have both reels
  3. graywolf

    SOLD Accurate DX2-500N accu-color Blue

    SS seeker,cobalt blue rail rod and some $$
  4. graywolf

    SOLD Accurate DX2-500N accu-color Blue

    You were changing the yellow to red lettering
  5. graywolf

    SOLD BNIB Accurate Dauntless 500N

    Pete check your text,let me know,thx
  6. graywolf

    South Korea - Shore jigging for Yellowtail in Busan city

    Thank you for sharing,very nicely done
  7. graywolf

    For Sale ACCURATE 30 Narrow, BOSS XTREME.. buy it!!

    Buy with confidence,just bought reel from him
  8. graywolf

    ATD 12 ??

    I wonder can it be done with ATD 6
  9. graywolf


    Mike,I got the reel to day,thanks Good seller buy with confidence
  10. graywolf

    For Sale All Sold!! Thx BD

    Thank you,I will send my address in the morning
  11. graywolf

    10 day Intrepid report

    Awesome report,what reel and rod
  12. graywolf

    ATD 6

    Thank you Al,what kind a fishing will you with atd 6
  13. graywolf

    ATD 6

    But torque on atd6 is 47 on BV2 800 is 36 pound Also 500 yard is good enough for me Which can handle better on larger fish ,I have bv2 800 and B30 Already ,i like smaller reels Any other input,thx
  14. graywolf

    ATD 6

    Can you please tell me what is the difference between ATD6 and BV800 or B30 ,i am thinking the get one for 130 or bigger YFT,thank you for any information
  15. graywolf

    ATD 6

    can you compare ATD 6 with B30 or BV800,what is better I am thinking get one for bigger YFT,130 pound or more Thank you for any feet back and information
  16. graywolf

    BV 600N line capacity

    My new BV600N took 387 yard JB 65 Solid to day,room for the topshot also
  17. graywolf

    Tuna Trips

    Dayone,great information there
  18. graywolf

    Questions on valiant

    500 lighter and work horse8-)
  19. graywolf

    Snapped a screw head off

    Thank You Benny ,good information .
  20. graywolf

    Snapped a screw head off

    Benny ,i just got BV2 600N,will you recommend longer 90mm handle or keep what comes with it,thanks
  21. graywolf

    Video from New Buccaneer 36 hour trip

    At 2 to 3 feet seas 21 knots
  22. graywolf

    SOLD Pair of Synit rods!!

    I will take stickbait rod ,if deal don’t go Send me your paypal
  23. graywolf

    For Sale Yamaga Blanks 82/6

    Chico Thank you for the all the good information GLWS
  24. graywolf

    For Sale //..,,sksk

    Woov,great build art
  25. graywolf

    SOLD Torsa 30

    Awesome reel
  26. graywolf

    Harness lock for BV600N

    I have that for my BX2 ,but rod i want to put on has trigger handle It does not fit 8-),thank you pointing out
  27. graywolf

    Harness lock for BV600N

    Is it possible to add harness lock on BV2 600N
  28. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    Anything in pipeline for red or blue camo BV Just checking:)
  29. graywolf

    Halco Kills Tuna in Puerto Vallarta

    It is great lure,we use in Gulf of Mexico I change rings and hooks,owner #2 model66 or 76
  30. graywolf

    SOLD Seeker 3x5 Reduced AGAIN!

    Good price and beautiful rail rod,glws.
  31. graywolf

    For Sale 2 New Custom Rods $175 each

    Synit rods call costum neon work They are only 500 to 700 US $
  32. graywolf

    The BV2-1000 is here in time for Fred Hall!

    You can BV2 800N with 36 pound of drag also I caught 117 pound yft on my boss 600N no problem at all
  33. graywolf

    Line capacity on valiant 500N

    Single speed reels get more line i belive,Samurai tackle spooled I want it 50 pound because i will use offshore Thanks Benny
  34. graywolf

    Line capacity on valiant 500N

    500N took 350 yard 50 poundJB solid,I was suprize,and 30 feet 60 Jinkai top shot. My BV2 800N got 380 yard JB 80 and 80 pound Varivas top shot about 20 yard
  35. graywolf

    Valiant bv2-800 line and rod setup

    I just put JB solid 80 on my BV2,800N,it took 380 yards and room for 80 pound Varivas top shot
  36. graywolf

    Line capacity on valiant 500N

    Thanks for information,i am going to get JB tomorrow and let you know
  37. graywolf

    Forum specifically for Accurates

    You are sicker than me,thanks God 870N,Boss 600NN,30N,BV2,500N and BV2 800N
  38. graywolf

    Valiant handle

    I got my 500N and 800N,i was changing the knop for Tbar i order,but knop pin broke ,i believe it is heat locked Is it anyway can be fix it.I already put xtreme tbar ,looks good,it will catch fish
  39. graywolf

    For Sale GREAT DEAL:Seaguar premier 25/50 yard,Big game fluoro

    I will take premier 25 yard #80 832 277 3104 text me your pp I will do friends and family and you ship,thx
  40. graywolf

    For Sale GREAT DEAL:Seaguar premier 25/50 yard,Big game fluoro

    What is the difference between blue label and premier
  41. graywolf

    Line capacity on valiant 500N

    Thank you guys,I was getting Tern40 but guy at tackle store Said it can bird nest or whatever..They didn’t have JB,he said sufix873 ,Momoi was hallow that mean larger diameter as Al point it out.Trying to find good line50 pound now. I know it will not be a problem with 800N:-)
  42. graywolf

    Line capacity on valiant 500N

    I just got my 500N,what is the line capacity Thinking 65 pound,i am in candy store again:D
  43. graywolf

    SOLD ACCURATE Boss Xtremes 30

    Good price,wish it was N
  44. graywolf

    SOLD Accurate Valiant BV2-500N

    Good deal,I wish it was slv /blue
  45. graywolf

    Valiant handle

    Thank you ,I will
  46. graywolf

    Valiant handle

    I called to day she told me order from web side,I check web And shows only silver or blue.i need red xtreme power Tbar for 800n valiant How can I order,thx
  47. graywolf

    SOLD Rainshadow RCLB70XL sold

    Nice work as usable
  48. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    I am going to order 2 reels,if you have any plan for camo reels,please let me know I will wait,thx.
  49. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    They don’t have it,any other place ? thank you
  50. graywolf

    SOLD *Accurate 50T-30T ATD Reels for Sale

    Pictures will help a lot o_O
  51. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    Thank you,I will check
  52. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    of camo reels every now and then, but they are in massive quantities (i.e 200 reels at a time from some overseas accounts) Is it possible to know some of these overseas accounts I can try to order from them
  53. graywolf

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    What a trip ,with pictures and videos Thank you awesome report
  54. graywolf

    SOLD Unibutts

    It does not have# ,rod 80 -130 penn international,2215 ara ,if it make any sence
  55. graywolf

    For Sale 2 New Braid Marauders

    I got mine,thank you for fast shipping
  56. graywolf

    TRADE ChiChis :)

    Great pictures,GLWS
  57. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    It might rain or not rain Maybe it will maybe not:confused:
  58. graywolf

    SOLD Unibutts

    I wonder will it fit to Penn rod,your Aftco bend butt I have strait butt on it now
  59. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    Al I like to know how much will it cost,is it like before$100 I am willing to order, it is good news ,good step from Accurate
  60. graywolf

    SOLD Ra

    Nice work as usual
  61. graywolf


    I was at Boomvang Monday,it took 11 hrs to get there usually 7 hrs It was very rough ride,no YFT for me,couldn’t fish hard
  62. graywolf

    WTB UC wahoo jr

    Yes they are making,I got costum build few months ago Awesome rod
  63. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    New flag design Avet looks real nice
  64. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    Maybe someday ! I have 5Accurate reels,I am going to sell them and wait That maybe someday:eek:
  65. graywolf

    Blue or red camo reel

    It has a lot of demand,why they are not building camo reels again.
  66. graywolf

    SOLD Rainshadow RCTB70XXH Cheap

    Beautiful workmanship
  67. graywolf

    For Sale Delete BD

    Good price for good products
  68. graywolf

    For Sale Makaira 10ii, Daiwa Tackle Backpack

    Keep your head up and your young ones will give you to strength
  69. graywolf

    SOLD ..gone

    Nice work
  70. graywolf

    WTB Conv rods 80/100#

    Super Seeker rail rod,costum build by Timmy 60to 80 pounds but can handle 100 very easy Pm if you want
  71. graywolf

    SOLD Matte Black Accurate BX2-600N - Super Seeker 70XH

    I just got the rod,thank you It looks nice,lots stronger than I thought I have viper this looks heavier . Thank you
  72. graywolf

    SOLD Matte Black Accurate BX2-600N - Super Seeker 70XH

    If you ship the rod,I take it Blue camo accurate will go very nicely on it,Jeff has:-)
  73. graywolf

    For Sale Seeker Super Seeker SS 2x4 7' C 60 - 130 Lb.

    If you ship I will take it for 350,PayPal friend
  74. graywolf

    SOLD ...,,,...

    He is very good builder details are excellent Buy with confidence
  75. graywolf

    For Sale Accurate 130 & Penn 130 w/ Bent Butt Rods

    Does both Accurates same size,could not tell
  76. graywolf

    SOLD NEW Accurate Reels

    Do you need any trade
  77. graywolf

    Blue/Silver and Black Valiants Now in Stock!

    How about blue and red camo reels,like before
  78. graywolf


    Thank you for great report and pictures
  79. graywolf

    WTB a medium/large reel bag

    Jeff ,what is your PayPal,I will take it,if you ship ,I will pay for shipping also
  80. graywolf

    WTB a medium/large reel bag

    Will you send me pictures please,832 277 3104,I will buy it,thanks
  81. graywolf

    Ok thx

    Ok thx
  82. graywolf

    100# Braid Capacity on BX2-30N, please?

    Basil put 500 yard JB hallow on mine
  83. graywolf

    Slow Jigging rods

    Will pass with fees
  84. graywolf

    Slow Jigging rods

    If you mail will take both,put it in rod tupe it is easy
  85. graywolf

    Blue camo

    Thanks,how about new valiant will have larger models,and colors
  86. graywolf

    Blue camo

    Charkbait does not have it.. Anybody from Accurate can answer
  87. graywolf

    Blue camo

    Thank you guys,will check
  88. graywolf

    Blue camo

    Where can I find blue or red camo accurate 600N or NN reels
  89. graywolf

    Seeker Hercules 70XH

    Spinning or conv
  90. graywolf

    ft fs mxj and an sx raptor

    What kind handle are those ,nice looking
  91. graywolf


    Factory rods?7H is spinning,red one? Do you ship?
  92. graywolf


    Anybody at hm
  93. graywolf


    Accurate 600N or NN ,in blue camo Want to buy cash in hand!
  94. graywolf


    accurate 600N in blue camo,
  95. graywolf


    I felt like was there with you guys ! Thank you for great report
  96. graywolf

    bx2-600 vs bx2-30n

    30N easy to reel in
  97. graywolf

    ACCURATE 2 speeds for sale 665N, 665W,

    Do you have,other handle for 665 N
  98. graywolf

    Accurate reel

    Charkbait use to sell them,let me know please
  99. graywolf

    Accurate reel

  100. graywolf

    Accurate reel

    I am looking for BX 600N in Red color,let me know please Thanks
  101. graywolf

    Reels for sale

    Is it possible to send pictures of Daiwa and gusa?gusa is predator,thx
  102. graywolf

    Prince Edward Island September 24,25,26 2013

    Sami thank you for sharing the great story again,only FISHERMAN will fish in that weather! when I grove up I will do it also..awesome memory,thanks again for posting:hali_olutta:
  103. graywolf

    WTB Rod Tube

    What is ABS ,sorry for ignorance:waglleybooty:
  104. graywolf


    I want it,let me know
  105. graywolf

    Brand new Accurate BX-2 / 30N

    I am intrest it also