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  1. Bwood

    For Sale Great White Sharks Teeth (Modern Day, not fossils)

    Are those even legal to sell? Just curious.
  2. Bwood

    Video: Lots of Sand bass and Spotties. Long Beach Harbor 2/15/2020

    Nice video. Thanks. With those wheels you should launch like the Duke Boat from the top of the ramp. Viewers would love to watch that. :-)
  3. Bwood

    Brown Bait

    Golden Ticket
  4. Bwood

    SCI 11/3-11/5—- China point Desperation

    “Saw lots of wife.” hahah. Boats a rocking don’t come a knocking. Thanks for the report!
  5. Bwood

    Helium Prices! Better learn to fly kite in no wind very soon.
  6. Bwood

    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    Just the thought of the excitement and then let down is hilarious.
  7. Bwood

    16ft aluminum boat with 90hp 2 stroke

    I am just kidding. Looks like a great sled and good times ahead for sure. But those speakers are awesome.
  8. Bwood

    16ft aluminum boat with 90hp 2 stroke

    Where is your subwoofers?
  9. Bwood

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    What happened to the sablefish. Not to change topics. Looks like they are also black cod which I believe are still fished deep commercially. Never hear of them showing up in counts.
  10. Bwood

    9/1 Oceanside-209-312-182

    So bad. I think all the shit from TJ and local runoff last couple of years has really created a mess. We do need a good flushing in the local waters.
  11. Bwood

    Sabiki rod

    I have the ahi from Amazon. Total broom stick but works just fine. Not really looking for the sport of reeling in a full string but nothing makes kids more happy. I dont know why they don’t make them a little lighter in action.
  12. Bwood

    Dana pnt. 267,209,312

    Ditto Sunday. 267 down the line. Shoals of bait were massive but happy. Ocean was clean not even a ballon for kids to gaff. Marlin jumper east 267 was the only excitement.
  13. Bwood

    Strike on Catalina from the channel

    Boooob! Bottom right corner. Or could be a toe.
  14. Bwood

    LB Bass 8/22

    Those almost look like proper sand bass worms on the meter. Back in the day.... Thanks for the report!
  15. Bwood

    Ghost Town 8/17

    Charging it. So close yet so far.
  16. Bwood

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Thanks for sharing. Great watch. Amazing
  17. Bwood

    Mobile trailer repair Dana Point

    Call ricks trailer in sc. maybe they can help.
  18. Bwood

    Dana 1/2 Day Report

    Hit the morning 1/2 on a kids family trip. Fishing was really slow but captain worked hard and deckhands were great. During a move, a challenge was thrown down if a deckie could catch a sardine with his mouth out of of the well. He failed but really demonstrated proper technique and persistence.
  19. Bwood

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    In hate when I wake up to enjoy my morning cup of coffee on my private dock and I smell fish. And gulls and seals making noise and kids in the afternoon on paddle boards splashing and the thought of my poor friends that live on the Laguna beach coast that had to watch people fish off their...
  20. Bwood

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    “Is that a pair of pliers in your pocket or are you just happy to fish the 4th row behind me?”
  21. Bwood

    2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    Looks like the pointy fish made you draw a short curly hair on your plotter.
  22. Bwood

    New boat and the nados 8-4

    Black and white looks great.
  23. Bwood

    VIDEO: The association of Bluefin Tuna and Bryde's Whale in So Cal

    Awsome. Thanks for sharing!
  24. Bwood

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    Love the image of you sticking a whole dead tuna in the trunk of an Uber. I am sure yellow cab will take your business.
  25. Bwood

    Oceanside 7/14

    Thanks for sharing.
  26. Bwood

    Dana Point - Any Halibut Reports ?

    Shallow between cottons and the pier in the cobble zones we have been getting lots of shorts on cranks. Got to be some bigger models in that area.
  27. Bwood

    OK for "kids" to out-fish you, or not?

    If its my son he is getting a slap in the back of the head. Then a giant high five. Hope the kids school me and keep the stoke level high.
  28. Bwood

    CL Scam - how does this work

    Thanks. Could not find the specifics when searched. Way too many pieces of shit trolling CL
  29. Bwood

    CL Scam - how does this work

    so I am attempting to sell something on CL. First mistake..... someone responds and send me the attached link. Just curious, what would happen if I sent code and clicked link. Blocked responder and moved on.
  30. Bwood

    6/22 BFT and Fails Video

    Too funny. At least the boat got one
  31. Bwood

    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    Here you go. TM doc did the basic install. 24v. Batteries in center con. I Just use portable charger. Used door threshold to cover run from bow to under cooler with Velcro strips to hold done and through anchor locker under rubber mat. Clean enough and somewhat easy to remove.
  32. Bwood

    Dobyns 867 or 908

    867 is a great stick. Light surface iron and swimbait imo. Popper fishing for tuna could be a little light.
  33. Bwood

    stun gun for halibut

    That is a great idea!! For you. Go pro for sure your first attempt. Pretty sure it will be fun to watch whatever the outcome.
  34. Bwood

    Lost a tanker fish but gained a Long Beach Lingcod 6/9/19

    “Upppp gonnnner!” Sorry for his loss. Good times. That is what keeps us coming back. Catching is nice too.
  35. Bwood

    Grand opening sale at Turners El Cajon today!!

    Just ask for the Hot Carl to get the special discount.
  36. Bwood

    Juvenile Great White

    Way cuter then a kitten. Hope he/she grows up to be a sea dog eating machine.
  37. Bwood

    Predators eating adult salmon

    Can’t help but wonder if the electronics/battery had anything to do with the high shark mortality rate. I think they we’re towing shark attractors
  38. Bwood

    Port San Luis Salmon 5/4 & 5/5

    Great video. Have used a water wolf and same deal with fish checking out camera and ignoring lure. Always wondered if it’s the small red power light or maybe they can see their reflection or the electronics inside. I am sure there is a lure improvement in there somewhere.
  39. Bwood

    Fishing in Honolulu?

    I believe the area is closed from diamond head to airport or someplace north. Check regs. Every other year they close that stretch. Fished north shore and hand some fun off beach. Just caught trumpet fish. But big ones one swim baits
  40. Bwood

    Boccaccio rock fish

    They are nasty. Filet one and leave it out in the sun. Worms. And the fish smells bad and will pollute a nice bag of rock fish fillets. Other that that they are great for you to eat.
  41. Bwood

    SOLD Calcutta wa, Phoenix, Dobyns

    calcutta WA 812 - sold 812 $sold 815 $sold 710 $sold 715 $sold Phoenix black diamond 908mh $sold Dobyns champion 807 MAG H 20-50lb $sold Pick up in Laguna Niguel or Irvine.
  42. Bwood

    Old bamboo rod. How old?

    friend passed along an old rod. Wonder if anyone could place a date. Just curious. No markings on it.
  43. Bwood

    SOLD Calcutta rod. 812 wa made

    price drop to $100
  44. Bwood

    SOLD Calcutta rod WA made 815

    Price drop. $160. Pick up in Irvine day. Laguna Niguel at night.
  45. Bwood

    SOLD Calcutta rod 820 XFA WA

    No sorry. Only 815s and lower actions
  46. Bwood

    SOLD Calcutta rod WA made 815

    $160 Good condition. Have a couple. You can pick best one. Pick up Laguna Niguel. PM.
  47. Bwood

    SOLD Calcutta rod. 812 wa made

    100. Solid but clear coat could be refinished. Pick up Laguna Niguel. Pm please. New Winn grip. Can be removed to show cork.
  48. Bwood

    SOLD Calcutta rod 820 XFA WA

    170. Pick up in Laguna Niguel. Pm please. No shipping (PENDING to Larry)
  49. Bwood

    Dana Point BSB 12-18

    Did it shoot a massive blow hole of poop across your bow and hit your son in the face when it came to the surface. Just happen to my kid but did not take a pic as he was not happy and screaming that it tastes really bad.
  50. Bwood

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    For sure. 3 of the Boat side all pulled off even with glue provided with the 3m Velcro pads
  51. Bwood

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    I tried a helm pad and a few deck sheets. Used the glue that came with it and after a couple of trips it all pulled up. Probably user error and went back to old rubber mats. Maybe paying someone would be good insurance
  52. Bwood

    For Sale 2013 Toyota Prius C 52k $9900

    Remember Al Gores kid got one of those to go 105 with a bag of weed riding shotgun.
  53. Bwood

    SOLD 300e parts or reassemble

    Free. Can be put back together. Combo of curados old and new. Worked, broke. Over it. Someone can put her back together. Pickup in Laguna Niguel. Pm. Looks like it sold for full asking price .pending pickup.
  54. Bwood

    Experience with Daiwa Coastal TWS???

    I got several and they are great. But use for applications that do not require a lot of line. So surface lures or bays. I don’t like half spoil gone fishing deep. tWS benefits. Not sure it really help but they cast a mole.
  55. Bwood

    SOLD custom ATC-1027 8-6.

    Bump 60 bucks. More like a 30lb rod
  56. Bwood

    Shimano beastmaster repair or retire

    don’t see any for sale so just wondering if I should repair a broken guide and try to sell of just retire the rod. Any thoughts?
  57. Bwood

    SOLD custom ATC-1027 8-6.

    Don’t know anything about this rod feels about a 25 pound heavy stick Custom wrapped just never use it. Fuji reel seat and Fuji guides. $80 Pick up only. Laguna Niguel. Pm please
  58. Bwood

    O'side 10-17-18

    So up to last night I would have thought you can’t make sh%*%%t taste good, but actually took care of some recently caught bones, killed, chilled and cooked properly and they were really good. So I am now giving you a chance....I know others have known this for awhile.
  59. Bwood

    The World's Cleanest Seagull Release - Long Beach 10/13

    forgot about the head under wing party trick. Back in pinhead days, that used to really amuse the 1/2 day passengers. We would get them lined up, all snoozing on the railing.
  60. Bwood

    SOLD Seeker BCS 663XXH-6 AR

    $100. 9/10 very minor cosmetic scrapes from a few boat rides. Pick up only in Laguna Niguel. pM please
  61. Bwood

    Tackle Warehouse

    More than legit. Dropped paychecks on that site.
  62. Bwood

    Anyone know the owner of this 23 Grady White for sale?

    maybe it is a sign....
  63. Bwood

    Quick video of yellowfin

    Well that did not take long
  64. Bwood

    Have new resident on my property

    Nice hooter
  65. Bwood

    Local LNL Lake

    Hit LNL with my son. Throw the usual soft baits and caught a dink. Son caught a nice one on a crawler.
  66. Bwood

    Lal's big Biscuit picture!

    Ya. Confirmed. Big one for sure.
  67. Bwood

    Lost my Easyrider bean bag at Cat yesterday.

    Your bean bag probably has sea lice and dodo's all over it by now...
  68. Bwood

    9/8 267 Spearfish and marlin!

    Grilled Shortbill with a side of garlic butter popcorn.
  69. Bwood

    Sept. 4th and 5th Skipjack Exstravaganza..

    Babies got back. Thanks for the report
  70. Bwood

    Needed More Rod Holders

    One seems excessive but any less they would probably want to backlash yours.
  71. Bwood

    9-4-18 pm half day

    Looks like you got some head. And some nice loin
  72. Bwood

    9/3 LJ Dodo

    Awsome. Great pics!!! Stoked for life.
  73. Bwood


    NEVER do the math!!! Nice fish.
  74. Bwood

    Dana Point 8/27 - Dorado or Bust

    Hook UP!! :) Sucks, not sure if that beats my day in the office.
  75. Bwood

    Starting to feel like a failed

    Father.... kids have been troopers all summer. Offshore miles logged, gallons of gas burned, bait, snacks, and lots of ballons gaffed for practice. Finally 8 off DP connected with a few. 8/24. Back early and all cleaned up by noon. Best part kids asked when we are going again.
  76. Bwood

    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    If my tank moves I going to fast for my own well-being In chop. screw the bait at that point. I did zip tie the outflow to my tie down bolts so it limits left right slide greatly. Rubber matting for drawers would prop work gear. Maybe just hot glue to bottom of tank so it’s not even visible.
  77. Bwood

    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    thought I would mount bait tank as well. Same setup. Took it out before just to test setup and plumbing. found that the tank does not slide if I just put a towel under it and it’s leaning against splash guard Kind of ghetto but no holes in deck. But I would like to have it a lttle more...
  78. Bwood

    La Jolla Shores Yellow, 45 min ago. 8/21

    You missed. Pulled hand spear finger gun down when squeezing the trigger. Next time.
  79. Bwood

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day - YFT, Skipjack + 1 Bigeye

    Check that one off the list. Great report and catch
  80. Bwood

    8/20 Strike out - DP to 181/209/267

    Story of my life this season. Starting to feel like a blind squirl that will not find a nut.
  81. Bwood

    8/18 LJ Dodo

    Pure stoke!!!
  82. Bwood

    Catalina Bass day n night

    1 Shot, 6 Kills, so to speak.
  83. Bwood

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    So I am in the same boat, so to speak. Scrape marks look like mine. What if you built a ramp/bridge from street to driveway creating less of a transition? Worried about he weight and buying a larger boat I cannot park in my side yard which would really suck.
  84. Bwood

    What is this part off my Yamaha 225?

    that looks like a bilge bump "gasket" that does in the inside of the outflow of the pump. stops some of the flow back from the outside. or its internal to your motor and probably just a 'suggested' part that is really not needed if the motor runs fine. like all those IKEA screws that I always...
  85. Bwood

    17 montauk new 85 yamaha 2 stroke or 90 4 stroke???

    Just repowered mine Yam90 4 stroke. 6.5mpg and plenty of power. Love it.
  86. Bwood

    7/21/2018 - Our First Yellow tail - 5 miles Out from Mission Bay + Small Great White

    Awhile back we were diving a paddy. Little bro thought it would be funny to chuck a dead Mackel at my head gernade style just because he is a dick. Kind of startles me. Hahaha. So floating watching it sink out and out of the depths a Mako just comes up and eats it like popcorn. That got my...
  87. Bwood

    BW 17' Handrails

    I would not add a top. Wear a hat. Really cuts down on casting angles and guaranteed one of your friends will tomahawk one of your rods or two. I know.
  88. Bwood

    Why Not Pangas ?

    Recently fished a couple down in the east cape. Captain was always concerned for good reason that we always had to be on different sides of the boat so we would not tip it over. Could feel his concern. I have never had to worry about tipping my whaler. Not a whalers are bad ass comment, just...
  89. Bwood

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    Rad. He is hooked up for life and will now expect you to produce every trip.
  90. Bwood

    For Sale Ocean ready tuna killer bayliner

    That was probably the hot spot when they dropped their anchor for the last time
  91. Bwood

    Fishing at Lopez Lake

    Fished there this spring. Dock cove is really shallow. Crawlers split shot kept kids busy with gills and SMB. Nice lake. Gets windy in the afternoon. Tends to draw the inland crowd so choose your camping neighbors wisely.
  92. Bwood

    SOLD 2003 Parker 2120 SC with Yamaha f200 4 Stroke Dialed IN!

    Totally agree. 6-8 months you will have the kid program down and you will NEED some salt air. Looks like you got no storage costs. You will regret in in a few years when the kid wants to go fishing and you just have stories about a great boat you owned before they were born.
  93. Bwood

    LBC Da Wall. 7.10. No Pics.

    BS without pics!!!!! Just kidding. Sounds like a great day.
  94. Bwood

    Headed out locally out of Dana Point

    Turks Reef, there will be others anchored up for sure. Or DP headland area. Like other post, kelp edge and bait. You will get them.
  95. Bwood

    Need cover for 17' Boston Whaler I believe I bought this one for my ‘03 with rails. Actually bought 2 on accident. If you want to buy the other one. New in box
  96. Bwood

    Taking Rods to Mexico

    Got back a couple we weeks ago. Used Plano tube with7-6 rods. No issues. No questions most important. No extra fees. Just counts as a checked bag.
  97. Bwood

    FREE Trinidads A series

    Is that a redvine or twizzler? Twizzlers are grosss. Totally not worth the money if so.
  98. Bwood

    Fathers day on the Freedom

    Maybe those sharp curved pointy things you attach to your line will help. Great wife for sure. Sounds like a fun trip regardless
  99. Bwood

    Funny Clip of a Thresher

    Will a bait-O matic swim right in 24” of water.
  100. Bwood

    LOUIE-LUI II Gets Wet at the Coronado's

    New boat. New truck. Tail. Life is good!
  101. Bwood

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    Damm you, no blood on my deck.... I mean desk, but maybe, soon as I bang my head on my keyboard
  102. Bwood

    Trinidad 30a and Trinidad 14a Should I choose?

    ses Like a decent deal of reel are clean. Three fitty ain’t bad per reel
  103. Bwood

    For Sale 1989 Hydra-Sports 3300 VSF CC Reduced to $25K

    Like the mirrors on the forward V-Birth. Dos Panchos = Dos Amigas for sure. BUMP BUMP
  104. Bwood

    Eastern Sierra 5/7/18

    Great report. Makes me wonder why I am sitting at a desk right now
  105. Bwood

    I know many will bash but...

    Pretty sure that nailed it
  106. Bwood

    is it normal for fish pupils to turn white after being frozen?

    You turned the fluid in the eyeball into a snowball. Yours would turn white too. Normal from the fish I have frozen.
  107. Bwood

    slow fishing BUTT rewarded!

    Oh wow. Your not beating that personal best anytime soon. But hope you do
  108. Bwood

    East Cape was rocking over the weekend!!

    Just traveled with Plano did tube 82” in length. No issues with southwest. Just counted as a bag. Must be at least 8” diameter. Lots of rod tubes about the same size traveling as well
  109. Bwood

    For Sale Dobyns 685c

    champion series. 6-8 Extra fast. Only used a handful of times. $50. 9493097400. Text please. Pick up only in Laguna Niguel.
  110. Bwood

    FREE So your kid wants a dog…

    But you are not ready for the commitment. Satisfy their unending pleas by giving them the loving affection of a baby Crested Gecko. Pickup only in Laguna Niguel. It will need to eat several times a week, water, no special heat requirements and will grow to about 8”’s. They are very social...
  111. Bwood

    For Sale Dobyns & Seeker Inshore

    Holding Seeker for robbie through the weekend
  112. Bwood

    Mamas don't let your fishermen buy old Whalers

    Just don't drill a hole in the transom...
  113. Bwood

    4-2-18 Dana Point

    While you fished we worked....always a better day on the water, almost always
  114. Bwood

    Lowrance X135

  115. Bwood

    Viewing the boils

    Nice way to start the day. Probable just those lazy BFT that soon will be washing up at doho
  116. Bwood

    Lowrance X135

    Da bum p
  117. Bwood

    For Sale Loomis Trout Rod

    Sold trs901 7-6. 9/10 cond. $130
  118. Bwood

    WTB Truline D8 red

    So what did you sell her for? That guy making some $$
  119. Bwood

    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    What the f$;$;$: I thought we all agreed we are guarding the northern border and only allowing in our southern friends in. Canadian cold water fish can go home.
  120. Bwood

    Yellow fin at the beach?

    Oh S&%(&%$, that was my problem, I did not need to burn 100's of gallons of gas, $ on bait, dealing with my wifes spending while I am fishing, the solution to my poke shortage was laying calmly right on the sand, not miles offshore. Interesting for sure.. Go global warming!
  121. Bwood

    SOLD Unicorn BNIB Trinidad 16DC

    if you are fishing solo on your skiff, and no one else is around to hear the peeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww, does it still make a sound?
  122. Bwood

    For Sale Seeker/Phoenix

    For Sale: price drop again and again... All sold Phoenix Unltra Swimbait 868H - Sold. Cork, must be an older model
  123. Bwood

    Fred Hall worth!?!

    if you cant find anything to buy or dream about buying, you did not really take up fishing.
  124. Bwood

    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    have a 17', left bow rails and used the same quick release bracket, it takes a little more effort to deploy and retrieve TM, but really not that bad. Mine does not have power upfront, so installed a plug in the center console, and used a weather strip to rout through anchor locker and out under...
  125. Bwood

    2017 - 2120 Parker for sale some other interesting projects on there as well.
  126. Bwood

    I will take it if its still available. I am right by LNL Lake. Let me know, pretty much open...

    I will take it if its still available. I am right by LNL Lake. Let me know, pretty much open all day. Thanks Brett 949-309-7400
  127. Bwood

    Are The Deals at FHS Really Deals?

    The beer is not a deal.
  128. Bwood


    Been fishing the DP halibut as well with some success. Bought kid a waterwolf camera and dragged it around in 90-120 feet on Sunday. Did not capture any butts on film but the amount of life is amazing. Most of the bait metered is Mack. Some sand bass with bait which was surprising. But most...
  129. Bwood

    Trout Fishing in Orange County

    LNL, have to hit it right after they stock for 8-12" fish, after that the birds have their way with the little trout. the last stock did have some larger models, but they have been fished out. Its only $4 bucks to park and that is 'all in' it sit on the bank and soak it.
  130. Bwood

    DP Bones

    Chased them around in front of the harbor on Sunday with the kids. Some nice 5+ pounders in the mix. Took one home to try. Sashimi, seared, broiled not my favorite but kids ate it up.
  131. Bwood

    2007 Parker 2320 trailer $3,000

    Purchased a new trailer about a year ago for my BW Montauk, new hull style. Reviewed with them the hull type. Went to pick it up and the bunk alignment did not look right. Was assured that it was correct. Dragged it back home tried to do the switch and it was very clear wrong hull type...
  132. Bwood

    23' Amato panga I don’t think the seller took down your add or something
  133. Bwood

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    Most likely caught right off their "ocean front property."
  134. Bwood

    Decent day offshore 10/5

    Decent day? Your good days must be epic with also a full limit of :boobies:
  135. Bwood

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    All the while some of us were stuck at work...
  136. Bwood

    9/24 LJ Shark

    Mako. Just lip him like a largemouth bass. Nice little guy.
  137. Bwood

    Rock Fish Closed Beyond 30 Fathoms for Rest of 2017 Season Central and Northern California only

    I have never trusted the agenda of the fish counters. Why not slip a few yellow eye into the weekend counts to put an end to the seasons.
  138. Bwood

    Anacapa island 9/17/17 yellowtails and rockfish

    I should have paid for the transducer upgrade.... great report. Nice clarity at depth and while running.
  139. Bwood

    got caught w/my pants down

    I bought a used Valiant. It broke, pretty much my fault, but the reel was still under warranty per the date stamped on the box, call Accurate, spoke with the tech (Al I believe), longs story short, great guy, explained the issue, shipped the reel, 2 weeks later fixed at no charge. So, just call...
  140. Bwood

    Just short of the 277 - Sunday 9/2/2017

    almost looks like a little mako smiling at you.
  141. Bwood

    Turner's Norwalk My new ugly Shimano

    Oh ya. You don't line up the reel correctly on the spooling machine bad things can happen quick. Like watching a kid loose control while riding their bike.
  142. Bwood

    Thursday 8/31 - 2-3 Miles SE of 182

    very honest report, "boat schools", that is funny. I know a guy who chummed a bag of cheerios one time to create his own boat school.
  143. Bwood

    Electronics concern in this heat wave?

    Sea breeze will cool it off
  144. Bwood

    Lowrance X135

    Bump - ready to trade it for beers. 12 pack or 6 pack of Ballast Point?
  145. Bwood

    T-Top to Doghouse(mini pilot house)

    wish I had that kind of skill. Looks rad! you might want to cut a hole in the front so you can see where you are going...
  146. Bwood

    Same question you have seen before. What FF and tranducer to purchase

    Just got the hds7 gen3 and wish I upgraded to the stock structure scan transducer. Really bad move on my part for being cheap and now cannot use the cool stuff and want to upgrade. the touchscreen and functionality is great and really easy to use. Plug and play.
  147. Bwood

    Lowrance X135

  148. Bwood

    Check out my 3 month old Lexa 400HD

    Fresh water is your friend.
  149. Bwood

    Coastal Bass 8/12 and 8/13- Lemons Into Lemonade

    your right, totally bored at work, boss blabbing about ROI, ebitda or some S#[email protected]% on conference call that I should be listening too, thanks for the 5 min read.
  150. Bwood

    DP 8/11 - More of a bait report...

    Did the straight out, down to the 267. No paddies found. Everyone seemed to be searching. Dolphin on the high spot feeding but no sign that I saw. 8' GW gettings some zzzzz's out there as well which was cool to see for my kids. Hit Mateo Pt, green water, slow trolled for a few raked baits...
  151. Bwood

    8/7 Oceanside

    Baby Killer!!!! I bet you had to eat tiny little bites of sashimi, dipped in a wee little bath of soy sauce, chased by one of those 10 oz little Sapporo beers.
  152. Bwood

    Big bull dorado

    Very nice. My kids have the same bait net as well. :-)
  153. Bwood

    Lowrance X135

    $0 Bucks or OBO. Power Cord, Transducer, Mounting Bracket. 5+ years old, works like new, never had any issues, just swapped out for upgraded model. Meet in South OC only. No shipping. Yes. Price is correct...
  154. Bwood

    Dinghy at Costco 10'6" 15hp rated $490

    Could you smell the first 100 people that put that on before you.
  155. Bwood

    Epic Dana Halibut 01-18-17

    Great report. Wonder why the smaller fish have red tails. Must have to do with the spawn. If that is what they are doing
  156. Bwood


    Wow. Nice pomfret. Had to look that one but to make sure your not posting jackalopes
  157. Bwood

    9/14 liberty heading out at....

    Can smell the bacon cooking.. from my 8 X 8 Office Cell. Good luck.
  158. Bwood

    A few Interactions

    Awsome!! Thanks for sharing. School yard bully moved in on the pretty boy.
  159. Bwood

    8/23 Success at the grounds

    Very nice, need to add the Aux tank, bad move I mounted the fuel filter under the seat so now I cannot shoehorn the tank into position. Looks like you have the range. I need to reconfigure my setup.
  160. Bwood

    8/23 Success at the grounds

    Great report!! How much gas you carrying on the Montauk. I got one, have about a ~50/60 mile range with the aux tanks... 13 Gallons.
  161. Bwood

    8/21 temp heart break at the Nados

    63 leaving DP yesterday (SUN) morning and puke green, no mack's, beach bite sucked, outside jumps up quick.
  162. Bwood

    FS: Calstar, Gloomis and Shimano rods

    A friend tomahawk my 815 with a surface iron, I buried the stubs next to my dead dog in the back yard….
  163. Bwood

    Small 17 Ft. Center console steering cable issues

    My cable froze on a my 17' Montauk. Had a local guy/home shop replace the cable for $300 w/ parts included. Under deck pulling required. Had to pull engine to replace cable. Sounded like a bitch of a job and under quoted with the time it took. Works great now but has some engine...
  164. Bwood

    Overnight New Lo-An 7/16

    Now I want to eat some sushi and its only 8:30 AM. Nice.
  165. Bwood

    6/5 Dana Point No Fish Report & Red Crab Question

    Invaded DP harbor again, last night they were thick, no bites on the plastic so just pinned onto lightwire 1/16 oz lead head and they got eaten. SBB, SB and a couple of sargo. Tried tail hooking but they would rip off, pinned through the head and they stayed on just fine.
  166. Bwood

    Barracudas bite at Newport Harbor.

    one is going to need a pirate patch... nice catch.
  167. Bwood

    Bluefin Fever

    Boat Porn, Fish Porn, Food Porn... pretty much hit it all. Great report.
  168. Bwood

    4-17 La Jolla Jack

    pic is worth a thousand words. everything you need to know is right there
  169. Bwood


    I got one that I am willing to sell 9/10 condition. used 5 or so times at most. Offer? I am headed down to SD today (for the week) and live in South OC.
  170. Bwood

    WTB Trout Rod

    check out the St Croix. Picked up the 6-6 Ultra light for ~$120 or so at PBS. So far, great rod and seems like a good deal
  171. Bwood


    Thanks for sharing. Great videos!
  172. Bwood

    Yellowtail at 150 Report 6/16

    Great video and enjoy your posts and TV show. Thanks for posting
  173. Bwood

    6-1-15 Dana Point Swordfish

    Awsome!! Down at DP yesterday and noticed a few stick boats out front... thought there must be a few around.
  174. Bwood

    Repair or Replace Trailer - Pacific Trailer options

    Hi All, Looking for some trailer advice, I have a 2001 17’ Boston Whaler on a EZ Loader trailer. The tires/bearings have been replaced but the trailer is in poor shape. The bunk supports are rusted, springs rusted, lighting works but has issues with a ground that I can’t figure out… Friday...
  175. Bwood

    Coeur D Alene Fishing guides

    I am visiting lake CDA next week and looking for a guide for 1/2 or 3/4 day small mouth fishing. Searched the internet and did not find many options for brown bass and bass boats. Anyone have any suggestions on who I might call to book a trip?
  176. Bwood

    Mercury Marine Mechanic needed/recommendations

    thanks. I will give him a call
  177. Bwood

    Mercury Marine Mechanic needed/recommendations

    My 90HP Mec 4 stroke needs annual maintenance. Can anyone recommend a good shop in South OC?? I have used Shock and Advanced Marine in past in NP but want to try a new shop if someone has a good recommendation that is closer. Thanks
  178. Bwood

    Lake Poway Bass

    Fished it last Saturday for bass. Only caught 1, 3lbr on a senko. Trout looked to be pretty slow as well. Water was cold and dark muddy color. Not happy fish there right now. Good luck.