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  1. dockrat88

    For Sale Shikari calstar

    Shikari blue glass 7040 - 250 calstar 800xl 150 calstar 800 ml 125 text 310 500-7872 for pics and a quicker response
  2. dockrat88

    For Sale Calstar shikari gusa

    Kids expenses has me unloading a few things Custom wrapped calstar 800ml. One guide needs replacing 150 custom wrapped calstar 800xl good condition hasn’t been used in a while 150 shikari 909 blue custom wrapped rod on blue blank 200 Shikari green 7050. Rod had been used once with no fish...
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    How would these compare to a FL75?
  4. dockrat88

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    Yep and yep
  5. dockrat88

    Little G has The Big D!

    Once in a lifetime trip right there. Man I've always loved that boat
  6. dockrat88

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Shout out to you for going above and beyond. Who knows what direction that situation was headed towards.
  7. dockrat88

    Value Opinions for Old Rods in my Garage

    If those are older with chipped paint and swim really well, you might wanna get a little upset.
  8. dockrat88

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    See him on a foamer or patty later in the season and shut his bite down.
  9. dockrat88

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    That escalated quickly
  10. dockrat88

    Underwater video - Cuda strike and WSB good looks

    Its crazy to think (see) how many times our baits/lures get checked out with no bite.
  11. dockrat88

    What Fluoro do you use?

    I’ve fished the Yo-Zuri, blackwater and seaguar. Out of the 3 the yo-Zuri is my least favorite followed by seaguar. More times than not I financially myself fishing’s seaguar because blackwater isn’t readily available
  12. dockrat88

    Icast 2019

    Freshwater is a larger market. Especially green bass
  13. dockrat88

    Icast 2019

    That speedmaster 2 speed is interesting
  14. dockrat88

    Inshore mako

    Either you have huge balls of steel or you have a little pecker and trying to overcompensate. Either way you’re bolder than me. Much luck on your mission. Hope you accomplish it in a safe manner
  15. dockrat88

    FREE Thank You BD- titan05

    Glad everything worked out. Get some rest and heal, you have some fish to kill next year.
  16. dockrat88

    7/1/19 Grande

    Tuna on the jerkbait sounds killer
  17. dockrat88

    Big Catalina Yellows - 6/28

    Your reports never disappoint.
  18. dockrat88

    Fur Bag Deterrent

    Marble in a slingshot
  19. dockrat88

    Strange catch

    Someone took a page out of Mike Long's book
  20. dockrat88

    Yummy bluefin 6/25

    Solid grade yewllowfin
  21. dockrat88

    Sabre 585

    Anybody know anything about this rod? Never heard of it and can’t find anything on it
  22. dockrat88

    SOLD Set of Channel Locks and spike

    Wish it was different color scheme
  23. dockrat88

    El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    Sounds like someone who came on the scene in 2015 with the El nino. That's fishing for ya especially bluefin fishing. Please post before you go out of 22nd st so I can make sure I am not on that trip. Seems that you are that guy.
  24. dockrat88

    Oceanside Ninety Five

    I fished the boat a handful of times and have no complaints. At the end of he day, different shit floats different peoples boats and everyone won't be happy. Fish the boat and form your own opinion
  25. dockrat88

    Epic day on the San Diego

    A drift you all will never forget
  26. dockrat88

    For Sale Sabre 20/25

    bump...price reduce
  27. dockrat88

    SOLD 8ft Shikari

    8ft 1 1/2 in rod. Bought from another bder a few months ago and never got around to using it. Looking to get what I paid which is 80. 310 500-7872
  28. dockrat88

    For Sale 32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Always loved seeing that boat at the island.
  29. dockrat88

    SOLD Lexa 300 5/11/19

    If you’re going to post screenshots show the full conversation. You claim the reel has 2 seconds of free spool which is not the car. Pics posted show the condition of the reel. I’ve done plenty of buying/selling on here for years and never had any issues. You weren’t satisfied with the reel...
  30. dockrat88

    Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    First yellow on the jig. Can't beat that
  31. dockrat88

    SOLD Lexa 300 5/11/19

    Reel was just serviced by Diawa and hasn’t been used since. See pics for exterior condition. Asking 80. Text (310)500-7872 for quicker response
  32. dockrat88

    For Sale 76 teramar and unknown rod and Sabre

    Bump. Somebody get these. Make me an offer
  33. dockrat88

    For Sale 76 teramar and unknown rod and Sabre

    Barely used 7’6 m teramar. Have had the rod for years and only used handful of times. Sat in garage majority of time. 75 Sold Unknown 8’ft 12-20 blank. Possibly could have been a 7ft rod and extended to 8ft. Perfect bass rod. 30 7ft 15-25 Sabre. Deckhand handle black over black recent rewrap...
  34. dockrat88

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    Might want to go buy a lottery ticket as lady luck is on your side...
  35. dockrat88

    Freedom now booking at....

    Tommy hasn’t been on the boat in a few years.
  36. dockrat88

    preparing for 7 day

    Use the lexa as is for fishing bait and fill the 25n with braid leaving enough room for a 100 yard top shot for fishing the jig
  37. dockrat88

    Sharks from a dinghy

    Balls must be made of steel
  38. dockrat88

    Islands 4/27 Baby Mako

    That’s no laceration... that shark was almost shark bait
  39. dockrat88

    For Sale USED REELS in Long Beach

    That wahoo special is a poor mans 40n. Glws
  40. dockrat88

    SOLD Calcutta. 200TE GT price drop

    Hope you enjoy the reel Rick. Thank you
  41. dockrat88 Free for a week....

    Site is nice and easy to navigate. Lots of information and plenty of videos to help you pass time or time the Mrs out
  42. dockrat88

    SOLD Calcutta. 200TE GT price drop

    Calcutta 200te Gt. Cosmetically the reel has some scratches from use. Internals are smooth and good working condition. Asking 175 obo
  43. dockrat88

    For Sale NEW DFP Super Clamp fits Tranx 500 and way more on a ULUA!!

    Any chance you will be making Tib style for reels that do not have a clamp?
  44. dockrat88

    Looking for source ideas for custom fishing team shirts

    Call Steven with 310 clothing 1 (310) 968-2886. Tell him Tony sent you. Super cool dude with great pricing
  45. dockrat88

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    Shirts, jigs, swimbaits and hopefully a few blanks. Just good bumping into people and shooting the shit
  46. dockrat88

    Fishing subscription boxes and pointers!

    Each lake is going to have a different pattern (some multiple). What worked for me, was learning techniques based on the time of year and refining them from there based on your body of water. Set the foundation and built up. I know bass at my local bodies of water are in a funky transition of...
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    I am in. Pats 31 Rams 24
  48. dockrat88

    Umbrella rig set up

    I get mine from either tacklewarehouse or eBay. Main set up I throw it on is a lexa 300 with Phenix M1 7’11 mh
  49. dockrat88

    For Sale Sabre 20/25

    Make me an offer
  50. dockrat88

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Days like that make all the sow days worth it. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  51. dockrat88

    Vintage Sabre GS1670C Vs Calstar Grafighter 700M for 40lb

    Have both and find the Calstar in the rafters and the Sabre in my hands at the rail
  52. dockrat88

    Curado DC Lightweight Lure Casting Performance?

    Use a BFS casting reel would be better suited
  53. dockrat88

    For Sale Sabre 20/25

    7ft 20/25lb Sabre rod. $50 obo
  54. dockrat88

    What is your fishing obsession?

    I have 2. The first is old glass rods, in particular sabres and trulines. The other is harbor fishing for spotties and halibut.
  55. dockrat88

    Spotty Combo

    UMBX-707MH with whatever 200 sized low pro of your choice.
  56. dockrat88

    Redondo Bonito Bonanza, 11-17

    Way to get them on the inflatable
  57. dockrat88

    For Sale Seeker spinning rod

    Bump.....Great gift for a kid
  58. dockrat88

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    I am calling that fish 300. Contrats on a fish of a lifetime
  59. dockrat88

    For Sale Seeker spinning rod

    Bump.....Price reduced
  60. dockrat88

    Pac bay and CUI blanks

    Looking so someplace that has these in stock so I can pull on a few to find the right action i am looking for.
  61. dockrat88

    For Sale Seeker spinning rod

    New custom wrapped seeker spinning rod. Can’t remember what blank it is but the rod is 7’1 and I would say is rated 12-20. $75.00
  62. dockrat88


    I emailed Will Fish earlier this year as I was looking to do the same conversion and the response I received stated that they were out of the 20 and wouldn’t be making any until next year at the earliest
  63. dockrat88

    WTB Drop shot or shaky head rods

    Pretty set on casting rigs. Looking for a spinning rod. Thanks for the offer
  64. dockrat88

    WTB Drop shot or shaky head rods

    Still interested. Just not sure when I’ll be down that way.
  65. dockrat88

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    I loved that 31. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this
  66. dockrat88

    SOLD SOLD Sabre Grafast Custom 540

    My favorite jig stick. Beautiful rod
  67. dockrat88

    Crucial Spinning

    Or a compre or cumara
  68. dockrat88

    WTB Drop shot or shaky head rods

    both.... using it in fresh as well as in the harbor.
  69. dockrat88

    WTB Drop shot or shaky head rods

    Looking for a rod to match with a 1000 and 2500 sized spinning reels. Hoping for an older crucial or cumara but open to what ya got.
  70. dockrat88

    WTB Crucial Spinning rod

    Looking for some of the older eva handle crucial spinning rods.
  71. dockrat88

    Crucial Spinning

    I know its a long shot, but anyone have any idea where i can find one of the older eva handle crucial spinning rods?
  72. dockrat88

    I'm gonna need therapy

    Sounds like a productive day to me
  73. dockrat88

    Is #40 really needed???

    Fill it with braid with enough room for a top shot and fish both
  74. dockrat88


    Damn wish I would have seen this earlier.
  75. dockrat88

    Best Casting Reel Service in LA? (Westside to Northridge)

    Just Fishing in Redondo
  76. dockrat88

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    The paddy dreams are made of
  77. dockrat88

    2 Rings on Surface Iron

    Gives the jig more jig more freedom to swing thus allowing it to kick more freely. Same concept as wiring the jig
  78. dockrat88

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    Email and PM sent...waiting for response
  79. dockrat88

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    A trip you’ll remember even when you’re dead
  80. dockrat88

    Walk on the pier fish ID ?

    China croaker
  81. dockrat88

    Producer 8/5

    Fun times right there
  82. dockrat88

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    How do you guys think this upgrade done to a 20 will fair on the 100lb + bluefin?
  83. dockrat88

    1st bluefin and of a lifetime!

    Wow is an understatement. Hell of a fish for your first BFT and the 2nd isn't one to frown at either. Better go but a lottery ticket (if you win i claim 5% on any winnings over $100)
  84. dockrat88

    Boat tracking

    Completely different game on fishing offshore patties/ banks than fishing local 1/2 or 3/4 day trips especially along the coast. There are some small structure spots that I am sure they would like to keep to themselves.
  85. dockrat88

    Do you shit on your boat???

    I know this is 8 years old, but picturing. Is has me laughing hysterically at work
  86. dockrat88

    Tuna and Tails

    NIce solo day.
  87. dockrat88

    VBS Brakes

  88. dockrat88

    VBS Brakes

    Last night while casting the sideplate on my curado 200dpv opened and all of the brakes flew off. I was able to find 3 of them but unfortunately I am still missing 3. Are replacement brakes available? I tried to find some online today but was unsuccessful.
  89. dockrat88

    7/16/18 Nados fest

    The audio on that is hilarious... can hear the stoke in your voice.
  90. dockrat88

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    I've got a fish...or a submarine... classic line
  91. dockrat88

    For Sale Sold my boat, Now selling all my Gear. SHIMANO rods and reels.

    Sent you a pm about the rods the day you posted. Another pm sent
  92. dockrat88

    what rod for surf perch with sxj

    In all honesty, a sxj is overkill for the surf. Get yourself a 200 sized baitcaster or a 2500 sized spinning reel and you'll be covered for just about anything you'll encounter.
  93. dockrat88

    New sabre 196-7 rod

    That rod isn't suited for throwing the iron and wouldn't be my first pick for fishing rockfish either. Great chovie rod. You can pair it with anything from a 300/400sized baitcaster to a sl20 or 220 Newell as mentioned before.
  94. dockrat88

    SOLD Phenix PSW760ML made by Infinite structure

    Is the Sabre cut from the butt or tip?
  95. dockrat88

    Prowler sold

    Andrew from the T bird bought it
  96. dockrat88

    How did you last get Spooled?

    On the Freedom a few years back. We were fishing Clemente for yellows. Hooked something on a dropper looped dine. Fought it for a while when it wrapped the line around a boat anchor line. Some how got free and took off into the sunrise.
  97. dockrat88

    AKC German Shepherd

  98. dockrat88


    You and me both
  99. dockrat88

    AKC German Shepherd

  100. dockrat88

    Stove washer dryer

  101. dockrat88

    AKC German Shepherd

  102. dockrat88

    AKC German Shepherd

  103. dockrat88

    AKC German Shepherd

    1 year old male sable. He is up to date on all shots. Comes from top Czech working lines. Will make great family and protection dog. • is great with kids • has basic obedience training • has some into protection training • leash trained • sire on site Asking 1100 obo • huge paws • high drive
  104. dockrat88

    Stove washer dryer

    Have a frigidaire 4 burner stove that's in great condition 175 GE washer and dryer. Used and in good condition 400 for the pair
  105. dockrat88


    I am in. Pats 36 Eagles 27
  106. dockrat88

    Rods and a couple reels need gone ASAP

    Rods 1. Silaflex PT70. Wrapped black over white white. Great condition $150 2. 8ft Conolon wrapped black over black. Perfect 10-20lb rod. Great condition $115 3. Custom calstar 800ML. Wrapped grey over blue by Pete at Just Fishing. One guide needs replacing $130 4. Truline TNT. It's the good...
  107. dockrat88


  108. dockrat88


    Thanks for the replies guys. But this seller is located in LA
  109. dockrat88


    There was recently a thread where a member was selling a crucial swimbait rod. I can't seem to find it. If you are the seller, please DM me as I am interested in buying the rod. Thanks
  110. dockrat88

    First day out on my Cabo 216 -Halibut La Jolla Kelp

    Way to break in the new to you rig. Already have good juju
  111. dockrat88

    9/13: 371 Report - Yellowfin & Dorado

    Watched the build thread on that thing. She turned out bad ass.
  112. dockrat88

    Custom hooks CTR

    I understand that the bait will swim better with the small hook however, the bait is going to have to swim with the weight of the large hook, why not only use the larger hook?
  113. dockrat88

    Remington 700

    308 non threaded barrel
  114. dockrat88

    Remington 700

    Have a Remington 700 with 2 stocks (varmint and tactical). Upgraded timney trigger. Roughly a little more than a 100 rds have been fired. Asking 675 obo. Text 310 500-7872 for pics
  115. dockrat88

    Native Sun 7/4

    Aaron is a great guy and runs a tight ship. Favorite local boat
  116. dockrat88

    La Jolla Thresher

    Still waiting to scratch Mr. T of my bucket list.
  117. dockrat88

    Last year photo album 2016

    You had a productive year
  118. dockrat88

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    Hooked an Opah while fishing yellowfin. Fought it a bit over 45 min only to have the 20lb mono break at deep color
  119. dockrat88

    Cuda Time

    Takes me back to my childhood
  120. dockrat88

    Bluefin Redemption

    You guys killed it
  121. dockrat88

    Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    Making memories on Memorial Day
  122. dockrat88

    La Jolla 5/13-14

    You had a great couple of days there my man.
  123. dockrat88

    Browsing the iron isle...

    The 14a is an old jig that Tady recently put back in production. I personally have never fished it but have heard nothing but positive feedback
  124. dockrat88

    First WSB ever...4/7 Catalina

    Congrats on popping your seabass cherry
  125. dockrat88

    4/10 San Diego 3/4

    Way to go on a beast
  126. dockrat88

    4/5 catalina patriot 3/4 day

    I was on the Native as well. Tough day all around
  127. dockrat88

    Suggestions for a 2 speed reels

    Fathom 40n II
  128. dockrat88

    Do you fish your Trulines?

    Yep TNT and LM8.
  129. dockrat88

    Seeker Pinheads and Inshore

    Damn i wish you were closer
  130. dockrat88

    Calcutta 200te

    Have a used but not abused calcutta 200te for sale. Reel has some rash but nothing major. Reel is in good working order and has fresh 15lb izor xxx on it. Asking 200 obo. Text (310)500-7872 for pics.
  131. dockrat88

    Best Bay Reel? (spotties, etc. )

    Like my curado 200 but love my Calcutta 200 gte and 200te
  132. dockrat88

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    That's what I was thinking
  133. dockrat88


    Count me in Pats 31 Atl 24
  134. dockrat88

    Looking for some info.

    Brandon is a straight up stand up guy
  135. dockrat88

    The New Avet G2 Series

    red satin
  136. dockrat88

    crazy rare fish

    That thing is gnarly
  137. dockrat88

    Lower Colorado

    That pic is priceless.
  138. dockrat88

    The Bight

    I believe Turners carries it.
  139. dockrat88

    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    Guess I am not the only one who has had a bad experience on hat boat.
  140. dockrat88

    Super seeker cjbf90m

    Solid condition. One of the guides needs to be replaced. Asking 185. I can text pics
  141. dockrat88

    Calcutta 201 te

    Price reduced to 160 obo
  142. dockrat88

    Calcutta 201 te

    Looking to sell a Shimano Calcutta 201 te in 8/10 condition. Asking 170 obo. For pics please text (310)500-7872
  143. dockrat88

    Custom wrapped rods

    Pete from Just Fishing in Redondo Beach does all of my work. Does an excellent job
  144. dockrat88

    Which boat? Catalina Island

    Can't go wrong with Aaron on the native
  145. dockrat88

    Prince Weave

    That's crazy. Purple rain purple rain...
  146. dockrat88

    sunday day at the docks..I gotta vent

    You had me going....When the leg popped off i literally said "oh shit" out loud..
  147. dockrat88

    Favorite old school reel u still use

    Old school P series 220,229,322 and 332.
  148. dockrat88

    Surface jigs need info it was you who outbid me
  149. dockrat88


    Count me in... Panthers 38 Broncos 21
  150. dockrat88

    Red D8

    Rod is sold...
  151. dockrat88

    Surface jigs need info

    Did you score those on ebay?
  152. dockrat88

    Red D8

  153. dockrat88

    Californian Tri-Helix WANTED

    If you're looking for a new one, any Turners location has them
  154. dockrat88

    Red D8

    Have a D8 that is missing roughly 1 1/2ft from the tip. Currently has roller guides and used as a 60lb troll rod. Fishes 50/60 with no problem. Asking 100. I can text pics 310 500-7872
  155. dockrat88

    Anyone want to go fishing?

    Always down to pay for bait,beer,gas,ice... got room for one more on that list?
  156. dockrat88

    Looking for a couple rare items

    The 533 narrowing kits can be found on eBay.
  157. dockrat88

    First Wahoo!!! Solo and in November!

    Congrats Julio. I am sure Aaron had something to say
  158. dockrat88

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Truline LM8 with a saltist 20
  159. dockrat88

    How big are those yellowfin???

    whats happening noodle
  160. dockrat88

    Mission Yellowtail - Lil' Mijo in Long Beach

    Hell of a day, I know they're stoked. Man that yellow had some potential. To bad he was skinny (great fish none the less)
  161. dockrat88

    My boys first 50+Lb yellowfin tuna

    the color on that thing is beautiful
  162. dockrat88

    Native Sun Charter 8/10/15

    Aaron and the guys are first class. Glad you guys had a kick ass trip and you got to break the reel in proper
  163. dockrat88

    Big Yellowfin Tuna - 8/8

    Killed it once again. But wouldn't expect anything else from you
  164. dockrat88

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    all the right tools of the trade to capitalize and make it happen
  165. dockrat88

    Penn Fathom 25N on a jig stick?

    Have a blackie 322 for sale if you're interested
  166. dockrat88

    7-21 DP Grey Light Bite...Off Sailboat

    Hahaha.. From the wind boat. Good shit
  167. dockrat88

    Hooked a Monster!

    I'll take not walking for a day or two for a 100+ tuna...especially locally
  168. dockrat88

    Another awesome day of fishing 11JUL

    You're catching fish while I am listening to my old lady bitch.. I must be doing something wrong
  169. dockrat88

    tug of war with a mako

    Shoulda thanked him for bleeding your yellow for you.
  170. dockrat88

    Full Speed islands. Epic

    Winner winner on the spinner
  171. dockrat88

    So I was playing around again "Red Crab"

    Fish that on an Alabama rig
  172. dockrat88

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  173. dockrat88

    Squished It.......New Tuna Killing Erratic Flutter Jigs

    These look very similar to a jig that yo-zuri was manufacturing a few years back
  174. dockrat88

    Slug life

    If you would have sprayed your robo worm with bite on garlic, you would have caught more tuna
  175. dockrat88

    First report....trip of my life

    Stoked....Congrats on the fish of a lifetime
  176. dockrat88

    Light jig stick blank recommendations...

    Baby Ulua or super seeker 90f
  177. dockrat88

    Catalina 5-1-15

    Your Friday was better than mine. Sucks you didn't get the seabass
  178. dockrat88

    New Paint Work

    Sweet paint jobs
  179. dockrat88

    Cat report 4/19

    Nice seabass....lets hope that bite picks up
  180. dockrat88

    wahoo special

    Looking for a pro gear wahoo special.. condition isn't really an issue
  181. dockrat88

    San clemente . Go Now

    Lucky man you are. Bruce is awesome
  182. dockrat88

    silaflex, conolon, sabre,harnell

    Since the thread was resurrected, might as well bump it and see whats out there
  183. dockrat88

    Setup for learning to fish the surface iron?

    He works on the monte carlo. He loves fishing yellows
  184. dockrat88

    conolon jig stick

    So tempting
  185. dockrat88

    Marlin up north

    Smoking that good good :Smoke_Emoticon:
  186. dockrat88

    Reel Service Near MdR

    He's a great guy
  187. dockrat88

    Truline 7'3 for sale

    Rod definitely favors a conolon. Beautiful rod none the less
  188. dockrat88

    Zara Spook for Calicos?

    When everyone was fishing poppers for tuna last summer I tried it. That walk the dog action killed em. Don't see why it wouldn't work for calicos as well
  189. dockrat88

    Gooch Juice-Fred Hall Show

  190. dockrat88

    The San Diego 2/21/15

    Knew I should have gone
  191. dockrat88

    looking for a yoyo rod

    Truline TNT. The best yoyo rod
  192. dockrat88

    How true it is!

    Maybe add a few more 20's to the gas fund; other than that it looks about right
  193. dockrat88

    Valentines day LATE POST

    Life and fishing will never be the same
  194. dockrat88

    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    Have had that happen launching from there on a buddy's boat before. Not a fun experience
  195. dockrat88

    Cortez 2-15

    Damn dogs...Still some good eats on that
  196. dockrat88

    Better weekend than most

    The bass rod and calcutta strike again. What haven't you caught on that thing
  197. dockrat88

    Just Fishing by Pete

    Yep, he's still open
  198. dockrat88

    1/27/15 78 anglers on the New Seaforth

    If they even got it. With that many people, who knows
  199. dockrat88

    The Newbie's first yellowtail!

    Congrats on your first yellow.. Especially on the jig. Life is never going to be the same
  200. dockrat88

    Non Box Canyon yellowtail report

    Perfect way to break in the new sled
  201. dockrat88

    Fishing Trip from heck, not quite from hell, but close

    When it rains, it pours. Glad you made it back safely
  202. dockrat88

    pacific queen 1/17

    Glad you got a few Mike.
  203. dockrat88

    Hardbaits and spotties

    what turners did you find those at?
  204. dockrat88

    suggestions Trinidad TN30 & Calstar GFDH800H???

    That can also work against you. More mono out, more likely to get cut off by someone using spectra
  205. dockrat88

    Local Yellowtail Strikeout - 11/22 San Pedro Report didn't catch....Don't believe it.
  206. dockrat88

    Shimano Trinidad 14 Gold

    want another one??
  207. dockrat88

    Blue Marlin Release (Certified ID at Marlin Club ILTT)

    Hell of a day...And super local at that
  208. dockrat88

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day 9/9 - 9/12

    hi, good report nice job helping your friends,i fished the pq this year twice on 2,1/2 day trips one with my wife we got a stateroom,i really like the deckhands one is from new york very thick accent, i was up drinking first night with a deckhand from the apollo,he was sharkfishing with a ballon...
  209. dockrat88

    Bull Dodo 9-14-14

    That thing is a hog
  210. dockrat88

    2 Day on The Success

    Pic is worth more than 1000 words
  211. dockrat88

    Shimano fishing boots the low cut ones

    where did you find those
  212. dockrat88

    Pencil poppers vs open face poppers

    The spooks work just fine. Just make sure to change the split rings and hooks on them
  213. dockrat88

    Wahoo on the 267

    Would be cool to see the triple tail
  214. dockrat88

    8/22 Catalina Personal Best!!!!!

    Looks like a Cedros yellow. Long and skinny but still a hell of a fish. I am sure you're glad you didn't bust it off
  215. dockrat88

    Pacific Queen 8/8 to 8/10 Quick Report

    Leaving on the Queen tonight.. Hope we have similar results to your trip
  216. dockrat88

    Rail traffic, googins, and open party trips

    Sometimes you just need to put a person in their place. They'll understand you don't go for the bullshit after you show them you don't go for the bullshit.
  217. dockrat88

    7/27 - Say No to Combat Fishing

    Nice when you have it all to yourself
  218. dockrat88

    07/25 off Oside

    Huge local mahi
  219. dockrat88

    big patty

    That rig is bad ass
  220. dockrat88

    PRIDE......Let The Games Begin

    I'll be on that trip as well
  221. dockrat88

    Apollo Overnight, 7/9... lots of PICS

    Memories that will last forever
  222. dockrat88

    Need advice on a rod

    Either 800l or XL. Either will work well
  223. dockrat88

    New, old chovie reel!

    The Trinidad before the Trinidad
  224. dockrat88

    June 19, 2014--Big 'But on the Mirage

    Got a seabass and a huge hali...hell of a trip
  225. dockrat88

    Power Pro for sale

    i'll take the 65lb
  226. dockrat88

    Pacific Queen 1.5 Day 6/6

    have that same set up and couldn't imagine that fight
  227. dockrat88

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Hell of a story and a hell of a fish...
  228. dockrat88


    Winner winner chicken dinner.....those look tasty
  229. dockrat88

    Teamwork and Big Fish!

    You guys killed it..Nice local slam
  230. dockrat88

    PB WSB!

    That thing is a beast..Congrats on the pb
  231. dockrat88

    wsb and halibut

    That'll be a spot to go back to
  232. dockrat88

    For sale shimano Trinidad tn16

    I'll take the clamp if it's still available
  233. dockrat88

    Fishing tomorrow Yellow tail or skunk

    Might see you out there if you hop on the San Diego. Good luck with that task
  234. dockrat88

    FS shimano tyrnos 16ii

    pics?? where are you located?
  235. dockrat88


    If the first lot is still available, I'll take it
  236. dockrat88

    Wtb trini 16n

    Looking for Trinidad 16n. Not worried about cosmetic condition long as it's in working condition.
  237. dockrat88

    GEOBASS - Fishing with the Drug Cartels

    Those are two sweet ass videos
  238. dockrat88

    Wow....serious skills! (hope its not a dupe)

    Until she is after you with the blade
  239. dockrat88

    1978 Montauk/ Boston Whaler/ Worth?

    That's a steal for 2k
  240. dockrat88

    Albino Blue Marlin

    Pretty sweet
  241. dockrat88

    Sunday Funday at Whore Island...

    Sweet pics
  242. dockrat88

    Swordfish with SALMON HEAD in stomach???

    Gives new meaning to just sticking the head in
  243. dockrat88

    More crabbin'

    pretty cool video
  244. dockrat88

    New owners?

    If you don't mind me asking. What is Tommy's side?
  245. dockrat88

    took the youngin out to catch lobster bait

    He'll be hooked for life. Mackerel today yellows and seabass tomorrow.
  246. dockrat88

    Royal Star boats a nice Super- #340

    That's a beautiful beast
  247. dockrat88

    Redondo Bones From The Rocks

    Where did you rent the skiff from and how much was it?
  248. dockrat88

    Seasons Sportfihing new addition to the fleet!

    Catch of a lifetime.
  249. dockrat88

    Heartbreak on the Spirit of Adventure

    Even missing the tail and a few chunks its still a fish of a lifetime.
  250. dockrat88

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    The watch on his left arm is upside down??
  251. dockrat88

    Fishing Rod and Halibut

    Such a cool video. The fish God's will repay you soon for your good deed
  252. dockrat88

    Appears as though the BFT bite is on again...

    Leaving Monday on a 3 day on SA80. Hope this continues
  253. dockrat88

    Cortez 1.5 8/2-8/4

    Those things are pigs
  254. dockrat88

    SA80 3 dayer 7/25-7/28 REPORT/TIPS/VIDEO

    Scott runs a tight ship. I am leaving on the 3 day on 8/14. Was Paul running the galley?
  255. dockrat88

    425,371 and 302 fail!!!

    Still got to pull on some fish so it wasn't a total loss
  256. dockrat88

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    Such a cool aerial shot of the mako vert
  257. dockrat88

    TLD 20

    Looking for TLD 20. Cosmetic condition isn't an issue long as internals are in good working order.
  258. dockrat88

    Sea Adventure 80 8/12-8/15

    Is anyone on this trip?
  259. dockrat88

    San Clemnete Island on the "Freedom"

    Toad flattie and 3 nice yellows.. your day was better than mine
  260. dockrat88

    FREEDOM 7.15-7.16 Awesome day on the water!!

    Freaking epic trip. Tommy knows that island like no other
  261. dockrat88

    WTB Tiagra 12 or 16

    looking for a Tiagra 12 or 16, condition isn't an issue, just looking not to break the bank
  262. dockrat88

    First Bass of the Day

    Congrats on the toad
  263. dockrat88

    Sea Bass Video

    Cool video, way to get em
  264. dockrat88

    My Boats First Island Grand Slam

    Congrats on the first slam. Hopefully its the first of many more
  265. dockrat88

    Fishing a overnighter!

    Didn't you guys get 3 day limits of toad seabass??? Sounds like plenty in the sacks to me
  266. dockrat88

    Cattle Boat Quotes

    Swing and a miss It was WFO yesterday He woulda been legal last year
  267. dockrat88

    Shimano teramar TMCC711MHBRA

    Meet halfway in Anaheim?
  268. dockrat88

    Shimano teramar TMCC711MHBRA

    What part of the OC?
  269. dockrat88

    Wood tackle boxes

    I'll take the small one.
  270. dockrat88

    Bongos killed it Today!!

    Fish were caught at Cat
  271. dockrat88

    Shikari and G.USA Rods

    Thanks for the rods. All in great condition for a great price
  272. dockrat88

    Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    You always kill them Dey I started fishing the SA80 two years ago and haven't looked back since. Great crew captain who goes the extra mile to find fish and if Paul is still in the galley a guy who will have you stuffed the whole trip.
  273. dockrat88

    Saltist ld 20 for Newell 229 - 332

    Have a 235 if interested
  274. dockrat88


    Looking for an aftermarket clamp for a trinidad
  275. dockrat88

    Stripped hole

    i thought about that after i made the post
  276. dockrat88

    Stripped hole

    Just recent bought a used torium 16 and went I went to mount it I found out that the hole on the frame of the reel for the clamp is stripped. Any idea how to fix?
  277. dockrat88

    Opah on the Beach

    I am sure everyone shitted in their pants once that thing came to color
  278. dockrat88

    sabre htbs

    Good luck with finding one, I've been looking for the past 2years with no luck
  279. dockrat88

    trinidad 16n

    looking for gold 16n cosmetic isn't a factor long as its mechanically in good condition.
  280. dockrat88

    1,2, no 3?

  281. dockrat88

    Teramar TMCX90MHBRA

    Has anyone tried these out yet? Thinking about matching to 300te
  282. dockrat88

    Dusting off the winter dust

    That's bad ass. Congrats to your friend for a slob of a first
  283. dockrat88

    Chief or Top Gun 80

    Seems like a pretty obvious choice here
  284. dockrat88

    Chief or Top Gun 80

    Lets hear the honest reviews of these two boats. I know the Chief is new but the crew is from the Indian. I am planning a 3.5 day and these two have dates and space available that seem to work for me, so I need some opinions.
  285. dockrat88

    Reel for 90f

    Have a super seeker 90f that needs a reel. It'll be used primarily for seabass and light iron. I was thinking about Trinidad 16 or 16n but the fathom 25n has caught my eye. Open to any suggestions for anything else
  286. dockrat88

    Albacore Outlook for 2013

    I was thinking the exact same thing
  287. dockrat88

    Newell 533 - 5.5 Narrow

    If he flakes I'll take it
  288. dockrat88

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    This is going to be interesting
  289. dockrat88

    Sabre fishing pole

    have a choclate 871 if you're interested
  290. dockrat88

    newell p229

    It should be fine for anything locally up to 3 days. I fish mine with 25 on an LM8 and its my go to set up. I've caught everything from seabass to 35 lb yellowfin on it.
  291. dockrat88

    9' Teramar 15-30lb MH

    Still available?
  292. dockrat88

    Custom rods &Teramar jigstick & bass rod

    any pics the rain shadows?
  293. dockrat88

    Top Gun 80 last trip of the season

    That last pic is kickass. Glad to have you back
  294. dockrat88

    Fish apps for iPhones

    i have the Ciscos app that shows the schedule, fish count and specials. Same thing got H&M and the app
  295. dockrat88

    Wooden Tackle Box

    tom made the box for you?
  296. dockrat88

    Top Gun 80, Sea Adventure 80 Reviews???

    i fished the sea adventure last year and just got off a2.5 day. Scott goes the extra mile to put you on fish.
  297. dockrat88

    Sea Adventure 80 On The Water Report 7/31

    i was also on that trip. I ended up with 5 yellows and 1 yellowfin and 1 blue fin. We lost about 15 scoops that rolled
  298. dockrat88

    2.5 day First String

    i was on the sea adventure 80 for that trip and it wasn't bad. the first day was scratch but the 2nd day we go into the fish. The count would have been way higher but we ran out of bait and had to leave them biting.
  299. dockrat88

    take or leave home

    Going on a 2.5 day Sunday on the Sea Adventure 80. Seems like everything has been on bait. Think it would be a waste to bring my jig stick?
  300. dockrat88

    gold trini handle

    Looking for gold trinidad 20 handle. Leaving on a 2.5 day on Sunday so local pick up is preferred.
  301. dockrat88

    7/19/12 Sea Adventure 80 On the water report. Bluefin!

    i am on the 2.5 day that leaves the 29th..can't wait
  302. dockrat88

    70 lb seabass on the "End of the line"

    :notworthythat thing is a fucking toad
  303. dockrat88

    wiffle ball

    Where would i but wiffle ball knobs to put on my newells and where can i have them put on at?
  304. dockrat88

    Redondo Full Day????

    I think you're talking about the spitfire. Boat is back at MDR, not to sure about the crew
  305. dockrat88

    71 Pound White Seabass - IB Kelp

    woowwww...thats a hog and then some
  306. dockrat88

    trinidad or torium 16

    looking for trinidad 16 (not a narrow) or torium 16..
  307. dockrat88

    The right bite

    the color on that thing is beautiful
  308. dockrat88


    I've been to Taylor Tackle on Washington 4 different times and they've been closed. Not really sure if they have opened for business yet
  309. dockrat88

    lost my truck/trailer

    best of luck in dealing with the insurance company and finding a new truck
  310. dockrat88

    trinidad 16

    bump..still looking
  311. dockrat88


    looking for a super seeker 90f..preferably without a reel seat..
  312. dockrat88

    trinidad 16

    looking for gold tn 16..
  313. dockrat88

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    kick ass trip
  314. dockrat88

    silaflex, conolon, sabre,harnell

    looking for silaflex, conolon, sabre and harnell jig sticks
  315. dockrat88

    valley manufacturing

    good news to hear. lets hope they make that 521
  316. dockrat88

    Yellowtail backside 5/1

    nice way to start things off
  317. dockrat88

    trinidad 20

    looking for a gold trinidad 20... not worried about cosmetic condition as long as it's in good working condition.
  318. dockrat88

    bay bass big bay

    starts in 3...2.....1...
  319. dockrat88

    long rod

    looking for a jig stick between 9 and 10 ft to fish with 30 or 40..have anything for sale please let me know. thanks
  320. dockrat88

    Fishin wih Booger on the "San Diego"

    sucks you didn't get one but it's better than being stuck behind a desk and computer. its going to be a zoo out there this weekend.
  321. dockrat88

    CHUBASCO II- More Yellows

    The season has begun :jig:
  322. dockrat88

    More Yellows for the RTA Today

    i salute're on fire man
  323. dockrat88

    1 st Boat

    hell of a rig for a first boat...if you need a crew, give me a holler
  324. dockrat88

    18 pound Cat

    that kids expression is priceless
  325. dockrat88

    Which rod to pair with Trinidad 12a?

    calstar 800l or xl
  326. dockrat88

    what to expect

    thinking of taking a 3.5 day trip in early November. i knoe things change from season to season but typically what could i expect?
  327. dockrat88

    Sabre Graphfast

    then who is currently producing them?
  328. dockrat88

    Crystal Cove and lost anchor.

    Kudos to looking out for a fellow bder
  329. dockrat88

    Abu Revo Salty Stage LJ-1

    assuming the lj-3 is competition for the tranx
  330. dockrat88

    Newell freel spool noise

    i would worry about it when it doesn't make noise
  331. dockrat88

    Santa Monica Bay Anchovies

    if i am not mistaken, they're around now
  332. dockrat88

    Sabre Question

    Soft tip that shuts off about half way down the rod?
  333. dockrat88

    swim baits

    Use to fish MC's but once I tried the hammers I stuck to them
  334. dockrat88

    Sabre Question

    Is it a honey blank or one of the black grafast blanks?
  335. dockrat88

    North PV huge shark - 3/9/12

    sweet kill..definitely braver than i am
  336. dockrat88

    Sabre tackle box special

    have a 670 already but the tackle box special pulls totally different.
  337. dockrat88

    Sabre tackle box special

    7 1/2 ft rod built to fish 40 was manufactured by hermosa tackle box back in the late 70's. main focus was to flyline macs with a 4/0 at cedros for yellows.
  338. dockrat88


    the rod should be fine, you may a 300ej or maybe a calcutta 400te
  339. dockrat88

    Sabre tackle box special

    Looking for a Sabre tackle box special. If you have one or know where I can find one please send pm or call/text 310 500 7872. Tha ms
  340. dockrat88


    shop has been closed down for awhile now
  341. dockrat88

    Whale Bone Jigs

    forget the worth, just fish em
  342. dockrat88

    Old Sabre's for sale................

    hey what up robert, its tony. i bought a few sabres from you before. got anything else besides there that you're looking to get rid of?
  343. dockrat88

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    the past few springs they showed up for a few weeks around rocky point
  344. dockrat88

    Sea Adventure 80 Island tours begining 3-1

    Would definitely be down for a few of these trips. Fished with him last summer and he goes the extra mile you put you on fish.
  345. dockrat88

    seeker pin head rods

    think i'll probably pick up the D8 and ulua later this week
  346. dockrat88


    basically all i use from local through 3 day trips. Have 220,229,322,332 and wouldn't trade them for the world
  347. dockrat88

    26 Rods

    what model rod is in the first pic, first from the left
  348. dockrat88


  349. dockrat88

    seeker pin head rods

    has anybody tried these new rods from seeker? Was thinking about getting the D8 model since they're based off of the old saber and truline blanks.
  350. dockrat88


    Looking for a shikari 808. please pm if you have one you're looking to get rid of.
  351. dockrat88

    Should I try calico bass fishing

    obviously the kid had a mid-life crisis and dropped out of school after not catching any lmb
  352. dockrat88

    Your Favorite Set-up

    truline LM8 and newell blackie 322
  353. dockrat88

    Rosie O'Donnell in trouble for kiiling sharks.

    imagine the chum slick that would come off of her
  354. dockrat88

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    just came across this... you did an amazing job on this..any new updates?
  355. dockrat88

    Shimano Trinidad 14 rigging

    800 xl
  356. dockrat88

    sabre 540

    looking for a sabre 540 either a blank or wrapped rod. If you have one that you're interested in selling, please email me [email protected]
  357. dockrat88

    sabre 520

    looking for a sabre 540 either a blank or wrapped rod. If you have one that you're interested in selling, please email me [email protected]
  358. dockrat88

    Looking for small professional Charter Sunday 10/9/11

    try the slammer out of Redondo sportfishing. he does the combo trips all the time.
  359. dockrat88


    they've been doing 1.5 not overnight
  360. dockrat88

    Nice grade bluefin mixed with Yellowfin. Sea Adventure 80.

    i couldn't get the time off of work. Are you going on the trip on the 23rd?
  361. dockrat88

    Nice grade bluefin mixed with Yellowfin. Sea Adventure 80.

    i knew i shoulda went on that trip. nice haul
  362. dockrat88

    Still going!!! BFT gone wild

    i'll be right there with you
  363. dockrat88

    Calstar Rods/ Avet Reels Must Sell

    interested in both 800 XLH and 800 m
  364. dockrat88

    WTB 300 te

    looking for a 300 te. Don't really care about boat rash or anything. please pm me if you have one you're looking to get rid of
  365. dockrat88

    rods and reels with pics

    interested in both of the lamiglasses, when could i take a looK?
  366. dockrat88

    Rods & Reels, Harnell, Sabre, Phenix, Shimano....

    have any pics of the sabre? is it an original or the newer one by pen?
  367. dockrat88


    pm sent on the okuma. is it the 400 or the 250
  368. dockrat88

    Group Fishing

    i left the website up at work and my co-workers did the post as a joke
  369. dockrat88

    12ft. porta-boat $150.00!!

    still available?? got any pics?
  370. dockrat88

    Group Fishing

    :Exploding_Smiley:As some of you know I enjoy fishing naked. I'm recently single and was wondering if there were any men or women that would be interested in doing this together. I know it sounds like a joke, but it really isn't. Once you're out there with the wind hitting your naked body it...
  371. dockrat88

    9/14 Freedom 22nd Street-Bluefin Galore

    i fished on that boat a couple weekends ago and a guy had his rod and reel stolen or tossed. he was an asshole, so i wouldnt be suprised if someone tossed it. the freedom is a top notch boat and the crew is very good. tommy works his ass of to put people on the fish. sorry for your loss man and...
  372. dockrat88

    Favorite Calico Reel

    i have 2 of em. the first is a cardiff 200 with 12lb on a teremar the second is a calcutta 400 on an old school saber 196-7