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  1. 45king

    I got one Dad

    That’s so bad ass! Great job Dad!
  2. 45king

    SOLD Seeker CJBF90M Black Steel Blank for Sale. Both Sold.

    Late to the party! That 220 is a good one! Congrats to the lucky man ;)
  3. 45king

    Bluefinn 2020

    Fuck yeah!!!! Let’s go!!!!!!
  4. 45king

    For Sale Reduced !! Bnib accurate!!!!!!!! 2 speed

    It’s brand new fellas! Happy Friday!
  5. 45king

    For Sale Vintaage Sabre Rods

    If I can help bring stuff down to Sd for u Gio to make it easier lmk! I owe u that solid bruh!
  6. 45king

    Only turn 40 once…

    I also vote for tropical. Trolling for kings can be boring AF
  7. 45king

    For Sale Kuiu pro bino harness XL

    What color pattern Nate?
  8. 45king

    For Sale Reduced !! Bnib accurate!!!!!!!! 2 speed

    Reduced!!!!! $525 gets it done fellas! NEW in the box! Need this gone
  9. 45king

    For Sale Reduced !! Bnib accurate!!!!!!!! 2 speed

    Thank u for the offer but I’m looking for cash to fund a project bruh.
  10. 45king

    For Sale Reduced !! Bnib accurate!!!!!!!! 2 speed

    Brand new accurate dauntless 500 2 speed. Got this as a gift but it’s Not my flavor. Priced to sell quick. Located in SD. Tuna killer! $575. Now! $525
  11. 45king

    For Sale Virgin Shikari green blanks!!!!!!!

    1 -704 sold! Thanks homeboy!
  12. 45king

    For Sale Virgin Shikari green blanks!!!!!!!

    All pms replied. For all my bros in Oc/la area, I will be heading up this weekend if anyone wants one. Green shikaris will be the hardest ones to find. Fact! Ask any Shikari nutt!
  13. 45king

    For Sale Virgin Shikari green blanks!!!!!!!

    I’m located in San Diego. I make it to Oc often too. Rancho Bernardo area
  14. 45king

    For Sale Virgin Shikari green blanks!!!!!!!

    Thanks Mike! I figure if I haven’t wrapped them now then I might not get to doing so. A little sun this weekend got me thinking the season is not so far away.....!
  15. 45king

    For Sale Virgin Shikari green blanks!!!!!!!

    Up for grabs is a set of my green virgin untrimmed Shikari blanks. All 7’ straight ones. $100/each imb 703 10-17lb fast 703 1/2. 10-20lb fast 704. 12-20lb fast 705. 12-25lb fast. Sold!!!!! 7’. 704! Sold!!!!!!! I’ve tried everything to load pics. Cropping didn’t work this time. Hit...
  16. 45king

    For Sale Reduced!!!!Cousin 8-9’ old glass Roddy/conolon/tady

    909 sold. 1 left fellas Cousins sbb806!!!! Cheap
  17. 45king

    For Sale Reduced!!!!Cousin 8-9’ old glass Roddy/conolon/tady

    Price reduced for quick sale! A new project popped up and needs these gone fellas! cheap.
  18. 45king

    Frozen Fish Going Bad?

    Don’t throw it away bro! Lobster bait! Turn that shit into lobster my dude! I do this with old stuff all the time.
  19. 45king

    SOLD Roddy H9

    That’s a special one!
  20. 45king

    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    Great write up! I felt like I was with the queen!
  21. 45king

    Kobe Bryant presumed dead

    Sad news for sure
  22. 45king

    Kobe bryant

    Sad sad news brutha! Still shocked
  23. 45king

    SOLD New Tiburon Clamp a Tranx 500

    I’m ur neighbor and interested. Can I get a picture please. Pm inbound
  24. 45king

    For Sale Reduced!!!!Cousin 8-9’ old glass Roddy/conolon/tady

    Happy new year BD! cousin blanks still available. All virgin clean blanks
  25. 45king

    For Sale Reduced!!!!Cousin 8-9’ old glass Roddy/conolon/tady

    Tady blank sold Cousins 8025L is a composite. Correction!
  26. 45king

    For Sale Reduced!!!!Cousin 8-9’ old glass Roddy/conolon/tady

    Site will not let me post anymore pictures. Whack whack whack. I can text or email if needed. Have a great weekend killers!
  27. 45king

    For Sale Reduced!!!!Cousin 8-9’ old glass Roddy/conolon/tady

    Happy New Year my bros! Up for grabs from the personal stash. I will not get to wrapping these as my list of blanks to wrap is already deep. Community gets dibbs before I try to sell elsewhere. cousin Sw 8025L. 20-30lb blank. Sold isw 909xf. All graphite with a blue metallic paint done from...
  28. 45king

    SOLD Talon 1087

    I didn’t get it!
  29. 45king

    SOLD Talon 1087

    I’ll take it
  30. 45king

    TRADE 2nd gen white tiger 7x

    That a nice one!
  31. 45king

    Free Car chains never used

    Good karma coming ur way Bud! Thanks for being solid! Wish I was closer! :D
  32. 45king

    For Sale Phenix, Calstar, Jaws, Shikari rods for sale

    Solid seller! Thanks again my bro! Buy with confidence fellas. Great communication
  33. 45king

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

  34. 45king

    Thank You to H&M Landing

    That’s solid bro!
  35. 45king

    Christmas Coues Deer

    Beautiful coues! Congrats my bro!
  36. 45king

    Long Beach Report 12/21/19

    Thanks for the report my bro! Much appreciated.
  37. 45king

    Wahoo are dangerous.

    Holy fuck!
  38. 45king

    SOLD Roddy BR90!!!

    Lmfao! I got to try that! Thanks Martin. Have fun on your trip brutha! Fuck up a few for me bruh!
  39. 45king

    SOLD Roddy BR90!!!

    Thanks Chuck! Have a awesome weekend brutha!
  40. 45king

    SOLD Roddy BR90!!!

    All pms replied!
  41. 45king

    SOLD Roddy BR90!!!

    Here’s the butt pics.
  42. 45king

    SOLD Roddy BR90!!!

    Its pipe extended Mike. It’s in my post.
  43. 45king

    SOLD Roddy BR90!!!

    I have 4 of them. 2 factory piped and 2 full glass. Yes they factory made them.
  44. 45king

    SOLD Roddy BR90!!!

    More pics!
  45. 45king

    SOLD Roddy BR90!!!

    I have an excellent shape BR90 up for grabs. She’s just got freshly wrapped and hasn’t been fished. The rod has factory pipe extension. The rod fishes nicely and fishes 30lb no problem. I got this rod a few months back but I don’t have the heart to strip her to replace the guides. I believe the...
  46. 45king

    Another ULUA Unicorn

    Reincarnating the chevron brutha! Love it
  47. 45king

    SOLD Truline D8 Roddy Br90 & Shimano 20 DC

    Gio offered to show the Br90 to me yesterday! She’s a very nice one guys. Got sanded and coated by a legitimate professional in the business and baked! The action on her is very nice as well. I would be all over this if I didn’t have 3 already. Worth checking out. Fuji sic guides too! Nuff said!
  48. 45king

    SOLD 8’-9’ cousins!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Bd for all the interest! Have a wonderful weekend and more to come!
  49. 45king

    SOLD 8’-9’ cousins!!!!!!!!

    1 sbb806 left! Happy Friday fellas!
  50. 45king

    For Sale Cousin Blanks

    That sw908m is legit Gio! Can’t believe you still have this!
  51. 45king

    SOLD Cousins blanks! Only 1 left!

    U better hold onto that sw807! Those sw series are gonna be hot!
  52. 45king

    SOLD 8’-9’ cousins!!!!!!!!

    908xf 908m 909xf 806 Sold. Went crazy fast fellas! I have a 806 left. Happy Hump Day!
  53. 45king

    SOLD 8’-9’ cousins!!!!!!!!

    What’s up Bd! The holiday season is amongst us and I’m feeling the holiday spirit bruthas! Making up some room for some new toys and my cousin collection is slowly dwindling! My 9’ers are about all gone minus a few along with my favorite 8’ inshore all around stick! 9’ All graphite and super...
  54. 45king

    SOLD Cousins blanks! Only 1 left!

    Wade Cunningham specials!
  55. 45king

    Need you to analyze my gear for Tuna...

    If you have been reading up on what the past history has been doing then u can just stop cause I’m telling you the last 6 seasons down here has been everything but normal. 25/30lb tuna do exist in our waters as of recent but the story is these beast bluefin that has been wrecking everyone’s gear...
  56. 45king

    TRADE Long Beach seeker csw1008 blue tint

    same to you Craig! All the Best to you and your family as well brutha! Happy holidays!
  57. 45king

    TRADE Long Beach seeker csw1008 blue tint

    Martin! I come up to Oc all the time and I’m sure we can hook up somehow. Worst case I know I’ll see u February! Lol
  58. 45king

    For Sale Old school glass rods! Truline! Roddy! Conolon! Fenwick!

    Thanks for the new sticks Greg! Straight up good guy. Thanks for holding it for me too bruh! I’ll repay that favor to u any day. Buy with confidence fellas
  59. 45king

    TRADE Long Beach seeker csw1008 blue tint

    Up for trade is a minty virgin csw1008 blank. Green sglass composite with a beautiful blue tint. Another good one fellas! Great 20/25lb stick! searching for blanks or rods old fenwicks 8’-10’ Sabre’s 8’ -10’ Lamiglas 8’-10’ Shikari sw1008,1009,1009h Talon 9-10’ Roddy 9-10’ Let me know what u...
  60. 45king

    SOLD All sold. Thanks BD

    Phenomenal killers! Great wrap job my bro! Super clean and super jealous!
  61. 45king

    SOLD Gold Trinidad tensioner cap

    What’s up BD! In search for the chrome cap that tightens the tension on the spool. I’m missing one on my reel. Thanks for looking. I need one that fill fit the tn12-30. 40 and up have a different size
  62. 45king

    SOLD Added!!!!!Cousins & Seeker Blank!

    That’s all she wrote fellas! Thank you so much for all the interest!
  63. 45king

    SOLD Lami 528

    Full length?
  64. 45king

    SOLD Added!!!!!Cousins & Seeker Blank!

    8025L sold. 90xf left. All graphite. Cheap!
  65. 45king

    SOLD Added!!!!!Cousins & Seeker Blank!

    8025 and 1 of the 908xf sold.
  66. 45king

    SOLD Added!!!!!Cousins & Seeker Blank!

    Are U looking for a composite Chris?
  67. 45king

    SOLD Added!!!!!Cousins & Seeker Blank!

    Pms replied. Blanks added. Pictures to come. added some new pix!
  68. 45king

    SOLD Added!!!!!Cousins & Seeker Blank!

    Just added a cousin 8025
  69. 45king

    SOLD Added!!!!!Cousins & Seeker Blank!

    up for grabs. From my list of rods that were suppose to be built. Decided to go a different route. Cousins blanks are solid and that’s why I have these. Gotta make some room neighborhood. Cousins 908xf blank. All graphite. Light weight and shuts off nicely. 9’ grey blank rated 15-25lb. These...
  70. 45king

    WTB Sabre Honey Vintage 270h-8

    Right below the title it has and option to edit title
  71. 45king

    SOLD Delete

    That diamond wrap is legit though!
  72. 45king

    SOLD Delete

    Green and blue! What a combo!
  73. 45king

    Four coyotes down 11/23/2019

    Within bow range! Wow
  74. 45king

    For Sale 2nd gen Seeker WTS 7x and D8

    Very nice sir! Pm sent!
  75. 45king

    SOLD Cousin 799xf blank

    Pm replied. Back up!
  76. 45king

    SOLD Cousin 799xf blank

    Virgin blank. Thin in diameter and strong. X-fast action.8’ blank Rated 20-30lb. This blank is very similar to the old gusa and Shikari graphite blanks. Virgin blank. Never wrapped or had a handle installed.
  77. 45king

    SOLD Cousin/seeker blanks

    Happy f’n Friday BD! Sold
  78. 45king

    SOLD Cousin/seeker blanks

    Price drop on the 530! Needs a new home!
  79. 45king

    For Sale S Glass TNT Greenie Seeker

    Can’t believe this hasn’t sold
  80. 45king

    SOLD Cousin/seeker blanks

    Cousins rootbeer sold!
  81. 45king

    SOLD Cousin/seeker blanks

    Seeker prototype added! Cheap
  82. 45king

    For Sale S Glass TNT Greenie Seeker

    Beast of a rod brutha!
  83. 45king

    SOLD Cousin/seeker blanks

    All pms replied
  84. 45king

    SOLD Cousin/seeker blanks

    You’re right! Sold to myself! Lol
  85. 45king

    SOLD Cousin/seeker blanks

    It hurts me to sell but these are offered to bd only. Not selling anywhere else
  86. 45king

    SOLD Cousin/seeker blanks

    I have a few blanks that I was trying to hang onto but my mound of blanks says otherwise. Blanks you won’t see everyday Cousins 80h rootbeer. $180sold sold sold! Long Beach all glass 530 blank. $150 dropped $130. Cheap seeker prototype 804 blank ( shikari replica rolled on Shikari mandrel)...
  87. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    Phenix blank was from 9-10yrs ago. I know a lot of guys feel like the older stuff was a lot more solid. This is a good one!
  88. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    I’ve been getting this question a lot so ima answer it here. It’s a Long Beach blank. All blank Eglass. This is the one with the nice soft bend that the 530 was known for. I haven’t seen one of these for sale for quite a while. I was told they stopped production on this one for a while.
  89. 45king

    SOLD Graphite USA 780 Mag

    I’m on the hunt as well. Those old gusa are the business!
  90. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    Seeker 90m sold. Good luck fishing Nick! Kill one for me bruh!
  91. 45king

    SOLD Graphite USA 780 Mag

    Late to the show again huh! Lol.
  92. 45king

    SOLD Graphite USA 780 Mag

    I’ll take it
  93. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    I would have to check. My guess is right around 9 cause it was trimmed
  94. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    All pms replied! Got move these fellas!
  95. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    Just added. a few more to come!
  96. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    Heading to the dan Hernandez swapmeet tomorrow morning if anyone up in Oc or La interested! $220 brand new freshly wrapped and unfished! Gotta move this one fellas!
  97. 45king

    SOLD seeker LM9

    Don’t judge me!
  98. 45king

    SOLD seeker LM9

    Here’s a close up! Beautiful!
  99. 45king

    SOLD seeker LM9

    Oh man I can’t wait for u to release those pictures! She’s pretty!
  100. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    90m still available. New never fished
  101. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    Cousins 80h/sold. Thanks MR Nguyen!
  102. 45king

    For Sale virgin seeker white tiger Sb ulua blank

    10’3 and rated 20-50lb. Pending. Thanks fellas. If u need one Allen, let me mnow
  103. 45king

    SOLD Just added!. Cheap. Phenix 908mh custom..!

    What up Bd! Phenix black Diamond 909mh rated 15-40lb Fast action. Wrapped split grip with essex reel seat and Essex sic guides. Used on 1 trip. Custom. $225 trying to free up some space and paying a good deal forward!
  104. 45king

    For Sale virgin seeker white tiger Sb ulua blank

    seeker white tiger Sb ulua virgin blank. $245/pending I will be posting a few other blanks soon but none of them are cousins. Stay tune......
  105. 45king

    WTB Old Sabre,fenwick,Roddy,

    Looking for something 8’ or longer to fish up to 40lbs Br80. Pj83. 530/540/550 Br90. 690j. 100j Br100 7-8’ for a heavier stout rod. Pj83. 670h. just looking for some older stuff that some may have sitting around. I have cash to trade or I can do a trade for some...
  106. 45king

    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    Everything’s gone but the graftech!
  107. 45king

    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    Both gusa, pink Shikari 706, and Ss blank sold. graftech would make a great inshorevrod or a inexpensive loaner!
  108. 45king

    WTB Seeker 530 sabre 8,9&10’

    Sabre 670h found. Looking for a few more
  109. 45king

    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    All good my bro! I’m glad we figured out the gusa mystery rod!
  110. 45king

    3 Trulines

    Clean AF Johnny! Very nice work
  111. 45king

    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    All pms replied. Price reduced fellas! Cheap. Gotta move em. Shikari bass rod special. $100
  112. 45king

    WTB Shimano Ci4

    I got what u need brutha!
  113. 45king

    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    Ss blank pending to my Norcal brutha! Thank u Mr. Nguyen!
  114. 45king

    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    all pms replied. Blank is new and rods are in great shape.
  115. 45king

    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    83m. Sold to David! Thanks my brutha!
  116. 45king

    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    Up for grabs is a few lighter bass rods from Shikari and gusa left to right 1.Graftech GISM 70m. Used. Handle is cork with a trigger reel seat. Got it in a trade and don’t need it $50 2.shikari ip700. 7’. 6-12lb extra fast red/silver/black color scheme.(Jimmy). $110 Lowered pending 3...
  117. 45king

    WTB Seeker 530 sabre 8,9&10’

    Found a 530. Still looking for a few others
  118. 45king

    SOLD 9' G-Loomis SWR 108-20

    This is a good one! Glws
  119. 45king

    WTB Seeker 530 sabre 8,9&10’

    Still in search. 530,90j,100j,196-8, or any 8’ and up! In search for a Seeker 530
  120. 45king

    SOLD Keeping it

    Meet up with Adam to pick up a ATC rod and he was kind enough to show the Lm9 to me. Nice forgiving bend when loaded up and it has that old school shut off power!Solid blank and a solid seller!
  121. 45king

    SOLD Keeping it

    Lm9? Sick!
  122. 45king

    SOLD 7-10’ old gusa.......

    Still looking. Old predator.....!
  123. 45king

    SOLD As new Tranx 500pg with box

    There’s also a good group of guys that make it easy! I’m dealing with a handful of cool guys right now! Everyone’s keeping there word even though our schedules aren’t aligning yet! That’s a great freaking deal though!
  124. 45king

    SOLD Just added . Phenix 909 xhj...Shimano Trinidad gold Tn14,20....!

    Cap found for the 14! Who wants a solid fishable tn14?
  125. 45king

    WTB Seeker 530 sabre 8,9&10’

    Looking for some oldies. Getting my nephew into fishing and I figure if he starts snapping these then I won’t feel so bad! Trying to pass on the passion without a heavy price tag if u know what I mean! Danny happy Friday fellas!
  126. 45king

    BFT Leader...Mono or Fluro

    I hooked a big bluefin last season that chomped 130lb leader like it was a joke! The klan I fish with all went to 200+. Some might say it’s overkill but I have a set of jaws from a 200 lber and I can tell u that the teeth is over a 1/4 inch long. I can totally understand why people are cutting...
  127. 45king

    SOLD Just added . Phenix 909 xhj...Shimano Trinidad gold Tn14,20....!

    Tn20 pending. Tn14 is ready to fish happy fucking Friday fellas! Cheers!
  128. 45king

    SOLD 7-10’ old gusa.......

    We tried this dance before Dave. I’m good!
  129. 45king

    SOLD Just added . Phenix 909 xhj...Shimano Trinidad gold Tn14,20....!

    The photo shows a tensioner knob On the 14 but I will need this for my 16 which is bad.
  130. 45king


    I saw the seeker on Tuesday in person! Clean AF! Wrapped very nicely! I was buying something else and Geo was nice enough to show this one to me. Solid seller!
  131. 45king

    For Sale Conolon jig sticks

    You can say it! Don’t get caught without one next year. Lol. U had your chances!
  132. 45king

    For Sale Conolon jig sticks

    Sup neighborhood! I’m heading to Oc this weekend if any San diegan wants me to bring a blank back! As long as Franky and I like you! Lol. No seriously though I can grab em! I live in Rancho Bernardo/Carmel moutain area!
  133. 45king

    SOLD Just added . Phenix 909 xhj...Shimano Trinidad gold Tn14,20....!

    Price lowered on the 14. It’s in good shape. Just missing the silver tensioner cap. Phenix rod.....pending!
  134. 45king

    Chickens walking by my stand... Shootem?

    same here! Is there something going on with the jan1st thing that I don’t know about?
  135. 45king

    SOLD Delete

    Damn that green glass..........!
  136. 45king

    SOLD Found one

    If u don’t find a trade Adam I might wanna but it! Lmk
  137. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    Pms inbound! I’ve got hope.......!
  138. 45king

    SOLD Just added . Phenix 909 xhj...Shimano Trinidad gold Tn14,20....!

    Ill be up there Saturday sir! I can definitely bring it. danny
  139. 45king

    SOLD Just added . Phenix 909 xhj...Shimano Trinidad gold Tn14,20....!

    Just to help u with your reading! Lol
  140. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    But I have to try!
  141. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    Talon.......oh talon........!
  142. 45king

    WTB ATC Rods or blanks. 8.5-10’!

    Still searching fellas!
  143. 45king

    SOLD Delete

  144. 45king

    SOLD Just added . Phenix 909 xhj...Shimano Trinidad gold Tn14,20....!

    Up for sale is a tn14 mech 9/10. No clamp. A bit of rash and scratches.tensioner cap missing. Pictures shows the cap but there will be no cap. .....$175. Great news. I might have located a cap fellers! $160 is cheap. Pending tn20. Some rash and scratches. Stock clamp and has 300 yds of...
  145. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

  146. 45king

    For Sale Conolon jig sticks

    Frankys got the goods! Thank u sir!
  147. 45king

    SOLD 7-10’ old gusa.......

    Thanks Andre! Looking for some more bd!
  148. 45king

    WTB ATC Rods or blanks. 8.5-10’!

    Advanced tubular composites! Anyone!
  149. 45king

    SOLD Gold Trinidad tn14

    Found one. Thanks bd
  150. 45king

    SOLD Gold Trinidad tn14

    San Diego. But I head back and forth to Oc a lot.
  151. 45king

    SOLD Gold Trinidad tn14

    Looking for a decent shaped tn14. Help me fellas! Danny
  152. 45king

    FREE Yet another possible Scam

    I’m a statistic as well!
  153. 45king

    FREE BAN Captainjosh77...He is a scammer

    I got the same shit with 2 different wtb adds. Ban
  154. 45king

    WTB ATC Rods or blanks. 8.5-10’!

    Still looking. Any 8.5-10’ is cool. Let me know fellers!
  155. 45king

    SOLD 7-10’ old gusa.......

    Looking for a few more!
  156. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    :jig::jig::jig: Still looking
  157. 45king

    SOLD Conquest 300

    Atc is all me bruh! Texted!another rare one for my collection!
  158. 45king

    SOLD 7-10’ old gusa.......

    I’m search of a few older gusa rods or blanks. Xf,mag,megamag,monster,wahoo,predator, dragon,70-76hp,xh,xxh! trying to rebuild the set I had stolen out of my garage. I have cash to trade!
  159. 45king

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad Tn12 gold

    Shhhhhhhhhhh! Lmao They might hear u guys!
  160. 45king

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    That’s a nice one! Glws Adam!
  161. 45king

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad Tn12 gold

    Found!! Jeff has the goods!!!!!
  162. 45king

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad Tn12 gold

    That sounds like a legit upgrade! Went on a 2day Bloodydecks charter years ago when Ali use to actually hang out and fished with us. Lol. Got jackpot on that tn12 with a 40lb bluefin! Great reel and great trip!
  163. 45king

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad Tn12 gold

    Looking for one in decent shape. Let me know fellers!
  164. 45king

    WTB Blue 9’rod with........

    Im telling you Tommy! I speak your language G! Lol
  165. 45king

    WTB Blue 9’rod with........

    I’ve been a fan of Shikari since my very first one! Anthony I didn’t mean that in a snake kind of way! I really meant I would go ask for u. Literally!
  166. 45king

    WTB Blue 9’rod with........

    you tell me where and I’ll ask for you! Lol
  167. 45king

    WTB Blue 9’rod with........

    it def was a Shikari blank. My first Shikari ever! 9’ 908/909 blank.
  168. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    funny thing is they think they’re slick! I know who a few of them are. Offering more money behind the scene! Smh. I’ve said it before bruh! Getting offered more money after u have something pending is pretty normal. What u do in these moments will determine the type of brutha you are. My word is...
  169. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    I see......and for this reason, it’s hard to buy shit these days. I’ve been hesitating to post any of these wtb ads cause it seems as though when I do find something, someone else ends up buying it. So sad bruh! Do ma! Lol
  170. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    What a tease Tommy! So I see you and I have a lot in common! Shikari, nice old seeker,truline,and now talon too!
  171. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    get off my koolaid Jay!lmfao
  172. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    The talon in the picture was sold by whammy years ago. I was all over it but didn’t come out as a winner. I would really like this rod if the owner still has it
  173. 45king

    WTB Blue 9’rod with........

    One piece 9’ rod
  174. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    This is the exact one I’m looking for
  175. 45king

    WTB Blue 9’rod with........

    Man! This is a long shot I know but it’s been over 13 years and I still think about this one. To be honest I had a whole set of rods stolen from my garage years ago but there’s one that still haunts me. Help family help! 9’ blue blank rod. Cork handle with a reel seat. Rod is factory by Saphire...
  176. 45king

    SOLD Price bump LB 690j , OC WTS CJB90F, 40n, anteres and 200e7

    Bump for a solid seller! Buy with confidence! Thanks Jake!
  177. 45king

    SOLD Shikari/Truline/Baitrunner

    That is a clean ass 909! Sick rod Tommy! One of my all time favorites!
  178. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    I’ll call u in the am my brutha!
  179. 45king

    WTB Older Talon rod or blank.

    Need a bit of help. Looking for a older talon rod. 8-10’. They made some lighter stuff and also jigsticks. A few model # 1209 1009 let me know. I have cash to trade. Or some cool blanks or rods. thanks in advance
  180. 45king

    20-30# bait stick...

    You definitely have a lot of choices my bro! Truline 036/lm9/lm8 Gusa/uc mag or mega mag Seeker 270h-8, csb 907. Csw908,1008,808,809 Cousin 80L, 90L Shikari sw 909.909h 808m, I have all of these and they all serve their purposes. All sick rods. I really don’t think you can go wrong. I know you...
  181. 45king

    SOLD Trinidad 20 gold, 225

    No worries David! Thanks for getting back to me. I was thinking u didn’t wanna deal with me or something! Lol have a good one brutha
  182. 45king

    For Sale Calstar shikari gusa

    Hey Tony! Nice talking with you earlier. I’ll be waiting on those photos bro! Thanks again
  183. 45king

    SOLD Keeping them

    I hope the best for your family bro! I hope in a few months we all forget about the troubles! Good guy could use a little help fellas!
  184. 45king

    SOLD Seeker blanks Lb &oc trades.....

    I’m glad it worked out James! Enjoy it brutha
  185. 45king

    SOLD Seeker blanks Lb &oc trades.....

    On to The next! Thx bd fam!
  186. 45king

    SOLD Seeker blanks Lb &oc trades.....

    Up for trades. Shikari 8’-10’, gold Trinidad. Calcutta 300te.
  187. 45king

    SOLD Tib

    Beautiful set! Glws
  188. 45king

    SOLD Keeping them

    I’ll take the csw! And that revo too please! Lol mine mine mine
  189. 45king

    SOLD Seeker blanks Lb &oc trades.....

    The Ss is a new blank as well. All pm replied.
  190. 45king

    SOLD Seeker blanks Lb &oc trades.....

    Up for grabs. Both virgin blanks seeker csl270h-8 tinted ex blue. I was gonna have a wrapped as a spinner but decided to go a different route! Rated 20-30lb. $125 pending Super clean and straight blank super seeker cjbf65h. Long Beach green sglass cherry blank. Rated 30-50lb. Super clean...
  191. 45king

    WTB ATC Rods or blanks. 8.5-10’!

    Getting closer! Found a 966! Fellas........!
  192. 45king

    For Sale Rainshadow Rcjb96h & Rcjb84h

    The rootbeer color on the cousins is phenomenal in the sun! One of my favorite 40lb sticks! GLWS. Very hard to come by to be honest! Try looking for one!
  193. 45king

    WTB Seeker black steel g6500

    Cjbf100 anyone.........?
  194. 45king

    WTB ATC Rods or blanks. 8.5-10’!

  195. 45king

    SOLD Only 2 9 foot cousin 90L left........

    Thanks for the interest everyone! It breaks my heart to part with these but oh well! On to something new!
  196. 45king

    Road Kill Harvest

    He told us highway patrol was on site and waited for them to come get it. To be honest with u, it sounded like they quartered it and took all of it and discarded what wasn’t used. I don’t know the finer details. I showed up to 2 hind quarters hanging in his garage.
  197. 45king

    SOLD , graftech $80 back up with price reduction

    Buy with confidence! Good guy here!
  198. 45king

    Road Kill Harvest

    I was in alaska in June and they have this program going. Nothing wasted! I got to enjoy some moose while there cause the neighbor recovered one that got clipped by a big truck!
  199. 45king

    Diving inside LB harbor

    I’ve seen guys get all their dive gear confiscated for doing this. Just a heads up my bro
  200. 45king

    SOLD Only 2 9 foot cousin 90L left........

    Good morning fellas and ladies! To clear something up.....this is NOT the raze series 909t. IS NOT. There was issues with the raze snapping up towards the tip because of how thin the graphite is. This is completely true cause I’ve seen it happen. this blank is a composite with a glass tip...
  201. 45king

    SOLD Only 2 9 foot cousin 90L left........

    All pms replied. 1 green 1 blue left. Please let me know ASAP.lots of interest
  202. 45king

    WTB Seeker black steel g6500

  203. 45king

    SOLD Sabre G540

    Very beautiful rod Pete! Good luck with the sale. Quality components!
  204. 45king

    WTB ATC Rods or blanks. 8.5-10’!

    Looking for one. Rated 25-40. 9’6
  205. 45king

    Mission belle

    Looks like a good day to me my bro! Awesome. Thanks for the report
  206. 45king


  207. 45king

    For Sale new unpriced and unspecified rods and pickup in Feruary

    Don’t forget to put your phone number down so u can do a silent auction thru text!
  208. 45king

    SOLD Original sabres grafast chocolate, golden cinnamon

    Sorry bro I had to! Good luck in your search
  209. 45king

    SOLD Original sabres grafast chocolate, golden cinnamon

    no no no! That’s the neverland ranch that your uncle owned! Lol. Never never land is a mystical place where the unicorns live! Get your facts straight!
  210. 45king

    SOLD Trinidad 20 gold, 225

    Where in San Diego are u David?
  211. 45king

    SOLD Original sabres grafast chocolate, golden cinnamon

    I have one that’s originally 4’3 that I extended to 11’. Cherry phantom glass from the never never land! $639 for u Jayson! Lol
  212. 45king

    For Sale Lowered!!!!!!seeker/phenix/Cousin.....!

    I’m also looking for a few things for trade!
  213. 45king

    SOLD Only 2 9 foot cousin 90L left........

    I’m up for a trade! Seeker,Shikari, old gusa,gold trini 16,calcutta 300te, and cousins
  214. 45king

    For Sale Lowered!!!!!!seeker/phenix/Cousin.....!

    All pms replied. Phenix and cousin available. Don’t sit on this one too long fellas. And for my bros in Oc and la. I will be up that way this weekend if interested!
  215. 45king

    For Sale United Composites Glow DelMar 1000

    I don’t know his problems and I don’t know the man! I just know what happened on Monday.
  216. 45king

    For Sale United Composites Glow DelMar 1000

    I’m glad you got his back Reggie but when I texted him he answered me right away and asked me if I can meet him in Mira Mesa cause that’s where he lived. No problem I said. I didn’t even haggle price. Then he bumps the price up $20 more dollars after an hour after our text then ghost me. If u...
  217. 45king

    For Sale United Composites Glow DelMar 1000

    Did the same to me bro! Flake ass seller. Buyers beware.
  218. 45king

    For Sale Lowered!!!!!!seeker/phenix/Cousin.....!

    Pms replied. New in plastic sleeves
  219. 45king

    For Sale United Composites Glow DelMar 1000

    Oh wait! You were suppose to meet him too? Hmmm! Maybe this sick guy has a whole closet full of them?
  220. 45king

    For Sale Lowered!!!!!!seeker/phenix/Cousin.....!

    Fake or not! I spend it the same
  221. 45king

    For Sale Lowered!!!!!!seeker/phenix/Cousin.....!

    Anytime Jayson! It’s easy working with good guys like yourself. Enjoy my bro! Anything u need. Lmk
  222. 45king

    For Sale Lowered!!!!!!seeker/phenix/Cousin.....!

    This rod is a beast! That I know. It’s really nice too
  223. 45king

    For Sale Lowered!!!!!!seeker/phenix/Cousin.....!

    Need to move a few So up for grabs........! seeker cjbf90m rated 25/50lb. Virgin clean fresh blank. Eglass composite. $125 sold Phenix prototype composite with sglass. Beautiful rootbeer blank transitions to green and dark brown! 9’3 trimmed. Rated 30-80lb $140 lowered. $125 If you are a...
  224. 45king

    For Sale United Composites Glow DelMar 1000

    I hope the $20 was worth it bro!
  225. 45king

    Two tone Calstar 90J Mag?

    I hope so cause I want one!
  226. 45king

    Two tone Calstar 90J Mag?

    I heard a rumor that said yes
  227. 45king

    New here, trying to ID these two rods

    Truline looks like an octagon.
  228. 45king

    SOLD Only 2 9 foot cousin 90L left........

    Rated 20-30lb. Sorry fellas. Forgot that part
  229. 45king

    5 Star saves the day

    Drew Card is the man! I wish he was running the boat so I can fish and hang out with the guy. Lol
  230. 45king

    SOLD Seeker creamsicle ulua SOLD!

    I guess I waited a little too long! Killer blank Aaron.
  231. 45king

    SOLD RARE SS composite/s-glass CSB909

    With that line rating treve it might be a 909h no? Either way it’s sick!
  232. 45king

    SOLD Keeping them

    I’m sorry to hear that brutha! Hope good luck finds u sooner then later!
  233. 45king

    SOLD Keeping them

    Bump for a great guy. Buy with confidence! Good luck Oscar. I hope u get your car fix ASAP bro!
  234. 45king

    Hooping Sunday night at Catalina

    That island get dark as fuck at nite. Make sure u have a spot light readily! Get there before dark and make sure u scout the area for any hazards. Have fun and be safe brutha!
  235. 45king

    SOLD Only 2 9 foot cousin 90L left........

    Up for grabs is a cousin 90L blue and green .These are the last that I have and are new virgin blanks and has been in its original plastic sleeve since purchased. I had the blue one sold to someone that doesn’t matter anymore. Flake me not please! Rated 20-30lb. Shuts off with a nice back bone...
  236. 45king

    SOLD Delete

    Thanks Adam. I was about to jump all over it then saw the rash. Lol
  237. 45king

    SOLD Lowered !!!Seekers & cousins purge 2

    I never had any 90m cousin. The 90l is a very nice blank though. I have a seeker cjbf 90m is interested.
  238. 45king

    SOLD Lowered !!!Seekers & cousins purge 2

    A little more porn pix! Cousin 90L green and rootbeer still available.
  239. 45king

    SOLD Delete

    Nice wrap Adam!
  240. 45king

    For Sale Greenie SS-CJBF65xh and White glass 540 blank PRICE DROP

    My cousin is coming down Friday and grabbing blanks from me to run back up to LA. Let me know if I can help u guys out bruthas!
  241. 45king

    For Sale Greenie SS-CJBF65xh and White glass 540 blank PRICE DROP

    Straight shooter! No bullshit! Aaron, you and I can definitely do future business brutha!
  242. 45king

    For Sale Avet HXJ Raptor, Terez X66XXH, Will Fish TLD 30 2spd

    Saw David today to pick up the 3x5! Super nice guy and was very punctual. Hassle free guy. Would buy from him again anytime! Congrats again on that 306lber bro! Thanks Dave
  243. 45king

    WTB Seeker black steel g6500 to me! Anybody..........! Lol
  244. 45king

    WTB Seeker black steel g6500

    Thanks Hector! I came close. 100h! Too heavy though. Still looking my bros. Danny
  245. 45king

    Pj 83

    You saved another unicorn Jayson! Well done sir!
  246. 45king

    WTB Seeker black steel g6500

    Thank you for the bump sir! I’m still looking. I’m trying to look for one wrapped or blank.
  247. 45king

    WTB Looking: PSW 808mh

    I have a 908 same rating. It’s a custom wrapped.
  248. 45king

    SOLD RARE SS composite/s-glass CSB909

    Very nice Treve! Glws Very nice guy! Buy with confidence! A man of his words! Easy to work with
  249. 45king

    SOLD Lowered !!!Seekers & cousins purge 2

    Pms replied. Still available
  250. 45king

    Canada Goose & Moose Hunting 9-28 to 10-5-19

    Glad everyone’s ok bro! Backstraps woulda been nice!
  251. 45king

    For Sale Long Beach Seeker Blanks

    I’ll take both 70h and 3x5!
  252. 45king

    SOLD Lowered !!!Seekers & cousins purge 2

    All pms replied. New virgin blanks
  253. 45king

    SOLD Lowered !!!Seekers & cousins purge 2

    Pms replied. Black and honey ulua sold
  254. 45king

    SOLD Lowered !!!Seekers & cousins purge 2

    Up for grabs is my second set of purging. Awesome quality stuff! Was considering getting a lot of them wrap but having just moved into a condo and limited space is making it hard. That’s why I’ve been going back and forth to grab gear. Seekers Gen3 Wts 7x White. Wts 7x purple haze Sb ulua...
  255. 45king

    3 open spots on the endeavor 10/8-10/10 500$

    Oh my. What a deal on a fishy boat. Glws
  256. 45king

    Moon wrapped blue glass Ulua and CJBF80

    Moons work is always on point! I just wish he had time for me! Lol
  257. 45king

    SOLD Conquest 300

    ATC rods are the business. Nice one adam! I still have a jigstick from them before they were forced to close. Glws brutha
  258. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    Rootbeer 80L, 80H, & 90L left.......!
  259. 45king

    Regan (The Exorcist) weave

    I’m a sucker for green! Sick work my bro!
  260. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    Thanks Dave. Phenix sold.
  261. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    Cousins tint is very clean and crisp. Complete translucent. I have some color blanks by others manufactures and it’s so dark you can’t even see the graphite rings!
  262. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    Pending Phenix 80L blue 80h rootbeer 8030 blue 90L rootbeer
  263. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    It’s tragic! Lol. All yours brutha!
  264. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    Happy Friday fellas. All pms replied.
  265. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    I’m on the border of Carmel mountain and Rancho bern and Poway.
  266. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    I’ll set one of everything aside for you my hoarding brutha! Lmao
  267. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    Pms replied! Yes these are virgin blanks. Not stripped and cleaned. I am one who appreciates quality and that’s why I have these. Very nice blanks and action
  268. 45king

    SOLD Color cousin blanks!!! Purge 1

    happy Friday my fellow swordsman! I’m sorry for taking so long to post this. So this will be my first set of blanks to go up. As most of u know......I just moved down from Orange County so my shit is scattered between my cousin,brother,and my place. I will be making a run to grab what I need...
  269. 45king

    For Sale Shimano Stella SW8000HG

    What a freaking deal! Good luck with the sale Thomas! Bump for one of the most solid guys on the forum! Buy with confidence as this man sells primo shit!
  270. 45king

    For Sale 1.5 day Voucher for the Cheif

    So sad! Another one bites the dust!
  271. 45king

    For Sale Cousins 80h rootbeer blank

    Pending. Thanks fellas for all the interest. There’s a big list of blanks to come. I just need to organize my stuff a little better
  272. 45king

    For Sale Cousins 80h rootbeer blank

    Up for grabs is a cousin 80h virgin blank in a rootbeer color! Blank still in the plastic sleeve. Straight as an elite arrow shaft ! $pending Located in Sd. North county
  273. 45king

    WTB Seeker black steel g6500

    Blank or factory wrapped! Let me know I’ve got some goodies to trade as well if that’s what it takes
  274. 45king

    For Sale fathom 25n - $130

    I like the water shot! Makes it feel like we are fishing!
  275. 45king

    WTB Seeker black steel g6500

    Somebody! Anybody!
  276. 45king

    WTB Seeker black steel g6500

    let me know if you have one. 10’ black steel jig stick.
  277. 45king

    For Sale Blank 4sale

    Such a tease craig! Lol
  278. 45king


    I’ve been hesitating to text! Lol. Whoever it is that’s suppose to get them in the morning better be on point cause I’m on standby! Lol. Please save me some money.
  279. 45king


    Clean clean clean! Jealous
  280. 45king

    For Sale SS delete

    Oh man......! I’ve been clicking this one too many times today! Must fight the urge.......
  281. 45king

    For Sale Broadheads

    Replied sir! Shipping is very possible cause they are so small and light! Cheap too probably
  282. 45king

    Long Beach hooping opener

    Hopefully not on the inside! I have seen guys get all their dive gear confiscated. You will be lucky to get a warning. Just a heads up One might argue that they can’t keep it but I’m sure when you do get it back, the season will be over.
  283. 45king

    For Sale Back up Long beach seeker blue csw 1008

    Sick rod bro! Must have for the quiver
  284. 45king

    SOLD Seeker TNT

    Thanks bro! You are a man of your words! I would do business again with you anytime! Thanks again
  285. 45king


    What a deal! Perfect for what’s going on right now.
  286. 45king

    For Sale Fs/trade LB blanks

    Absolute beautiful collection sir! Glws
  287. 45king

    For Sale Seeker EX 6460xxh

    Damn franky! That’s a pretty one!
  288. 45king

    SOLD Phenix

    very tempting.....
  289. 45king

    For Sale Price Dropped!!!!Rods...., pacbay bass rods, silaflex ,& shikari

    It’s a composite and shuts off nicely for power!
  290. 45king

    Seeker 10fters

    Sounds like someone is trying to collect a set of 10’! Are U trying to kill yourself buddy? Lol
  291. 45king

    WTB found

    Ss csb907 tangerine? It’s rated 20-30 but it would be a soft 25lb.
  292. 45king

    SOLD Phenix

    The phenix blank looks very nice bro! Good luck with sale
  293. 45king

    First Custom Rod

    Fisherman access is in brea!
  294. 45king

    For Sale Broadheads

    What’s up bd! I have a few sets that are new that I never got to using. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it they say......’ Grim reapers 3 blade mechanical white tail special $30 Old glory 3blade mechanical (bands). $20 I have 4 sets (the old grim reaper before name change?) Rage chiseltip...
  295. 45king

    For Sale Cousins blanks!!!!!!colors

    More to I finally had to do it because of my limited space from the move. I’m putting together a list of the blanks that I must let go. It’s sad but the time has come! To be continued..........!
  296. 45king

    SOLD Sold delete please

    What color is the 90f blank?
  297. 45king

    For Sale Cousins blanks!!!!!!colors

    All pending. Thanks fellas!
  298. 45king

    For Sale Cousins blanks!!!!!!colors

    8050 sold Rootbeer pending
  299. 45king

    For Sale Cousins blanks!!!!!!colors

    All pms replied. Get em before they are gone. These are some special blanks! Cousin has some of the nicest blanks. The quality is there. No doubt about it. Sad to see go but I have to start getting rid of a few and I only sell here in the forum to keep this quality stuff within our community.
  300. 45king

    For Sale Cousins blanks!!!!!!colors

    But look at all the pretty colors.........! Lol
  301. 45king

    SOLD Custom Phenix Jigstick (lowered price)

    Very nice stick! I just got a few of these blanks and it’s a beast. If I heard correctly it’s a composite with sglass. Glws bro
  302. 45king

    For Sale Cousins blanks!!!!!!colors

    A few cousin blanks up for grabs. I have 3 80h blanks in black, blue,and rootbeer! There is also a 8050 in blue. All blanks are complete virgin! Get em boys and girls. Rated 30-50 on both blanks. Super clean.These were done thru cousins as far as I know. Labels attached! $180/each Will be in...
  303. 45king

    Pappy takes a Plunge

    We all talk about jumping in after our rod but we only know how down you are when it actually happens! Hardcor! You are down! Welcome to the club. Lol
  304. 45king

    Newport/Crystal Cove yellowtail questions (kayak)

    I’ve seen schools of yellows swimming thru that harbor by the hundreds. I use to fish cdm kelps for bass and seen yellows come thrashing thru chasing bait. One year I watched a giant school of anchovies run thru the kelp like something was chasing them so I threw a bait into it and hooked a...
  305. 45king

    FREE Box of flakes

    Start the list bro! I’ve got 2 for the shit list! 2 of them in 3 weeks for me! What a waste of fucking time
  306. 45king

    Super Seeker BH89

    Moon! Your fades are lengendary bro! I must admit. The new stuff is great but when I see rods on boats with that fade..........I know who wrapped em bro? Always great work sir!
  307. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    I’ve been on this forum a long time! Sold a lot and bought a lot of shit thru this site! I’ve meet many cool guys over the years and shared the rail with many as well! I want everyone to know that you can buy from me with confidence. I love fishing and been doing it my whole life. My gear is...
  308. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    Pending !!!!!!! Thank you for all the interest.
  309. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    Thank you for the interest everyone. I’m trying to answer all these questions but let me try to answer some on here cause I’m getting a lot of the same question. Yes it is green s-glass and not eglass Yes it’s brand new and lived in this plastic sleeve it’s whole life I’m in San Diego but...
  310. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    All pms replied. Willing to meet from Sd to la. I’m sorry Bakersfield is a bit too far....! Don’t be mad at me my bro! Lol Bills still trying to ruin my life fellas!
  311. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    All pms replied. This is absolutely a new virgin clean plastic queen it’s whole life! The blue in the sunlight is awesome. In Orange County very often and can arrange for la buyer also.
  312. 45king

    For Sale Price Dropped!!!!Rods...., pacbay bass rods, silaflex ,& shikari

    Thanks Gerry! He spun some nice rods but poured some killer plastic swimbait! I remember buying the swimbait from him that had the gut sack showing thru the clear. Awesome stuff! Rip Ron! And his crazy parrot! Lol
  313. 45king

    For Sale Price Dropped!!!!Rods...., pacbay bass rods, silaflex ,& shikari

    I’m getting Shikari guide repaired! Ready to fish. Light,sensitive, and shuts off nicely. Can meet in Oc also
  314. 45king

    For Sale Price Dropped!!!!Rods...., pacbay bass rods, silaflex ,& shikari

    Bump The calstar has a light enough tip to fish lighter line and enough back bone when it shuts off for these bigger bluefin! It’s a composite and powerful. I asked my rod builder to set me up with something that will allow me to fish 20lb line if I have to and 40-50lb leader when push comes...
  315. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    Back up! 1 left! Was holding for someone that doesn’t matter now. A few more rod porn pictures! Some one come rescue her from being locked up in this plastic bag for the last 5 years! Lol
  316. 45king

    SOLD Sold

    Priced to sell! Glws Mike!
  317. 45king

    For Sale Cousins GG 95j-mag

    Oh my........! Nice
  318. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    The code is strong bro! Lol. Enjoy it for me! Thanks brutha
  319. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    All pms replied. Rare......! Green Sglass! Not eglass.
  320. 45king

    Anyone kayakers know this guy. Nice job. Hat Tip.

    That’s the taxmans neighborhood bros...........let’s think about this one real quick! Lol
  321. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    Pms replied. Don’t think too long.......
  322. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    Send it Reggie! I would love to see what this rod does on these yellowfin!
  323. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    I know I’m gonna be sad once the buyers wrap and post pictures. Sick blanks
  324. 45king

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    I’m really not wanting to do this but bills are trying to ruin my life! Seeker csw 1008 10’ full length uncut Virgin blanks that I’ve been holding on to for a few years. Green S glass Long Beach composite dark blue graphite blank. I have 2 of these blanks in hopes to wrap and fish. I have no...
  325. 45king

    Salty met Elvis...epic day

    Elvis is dead! Fuck yeah fellas. Congrats and happy fucking Friday man!
  326. 45king

    25 Mosquito rebuild Kauai

    Your sled is sick Kelle! I love the color and the name is perfect!
  327. 45king

    FREE Scammer? Snowflake for sure.

    This was the code and I still go by it. I made 2 deals in the last few weeks from guys that are 2 counties away! They expressed to me how much they wanted it but can’t get to Sd right away. No fucking problem my bro! I will hold it for you. Let me know when is good. It all worked out just fine...
  328. 45king

    California Dive boat Fire: Former Crewman and Captain speaks

    He said they carry fuel for the dinghy. 5 gallons at most
  329. 45king

    For Sale Price Dropped!!!!Rods...., pacbay bass rods, silaflex ,& shikari

    I have a few rods I need to sell. Thinning the collection 1. Calstar gfx800m. Spinning. 25-50lbs. Sic guides custom wrap. $220 reduced now.pending 2. Silaflex sr80. 8ft. Super clean old school rod. Perfect 20-25lb stick. Clean fresh wraps. $120 Now. $100 3. Pacbay 783 6’6...
  330. 45king

    For Sale Stella 4000 XG-I for sale (price drop $325)

    I’ve been nothing but cool to u Mike. Don’t insult me Unless youre gonna do it to my face.
  331. 45king

    For Sale Stella 4000 XG-I for sale (price drop $325)

    Then ask for a deposit. I would have paid for it up front. There was no misunderstanding. You asked for $325 and I agreed. It’s all good. The money is more important to u.
  332. 45king

    For Sale Stella 4000 XG-I for sale (price drop $325)

    I thought we were good and u were gonna hold it for me? Sure doesn’t look that way Mike. Good luck with your sale
  333. 45king


    Perfect reel for what’s going on right now!
  334. 45king


    What a deal!
  335. 45king

    Will a Rav 4 hold 8' rods and an ice chest - looking for a boat ride 9/24-9/27...

    That should be no problem cause I do that with my little scion. 120qt cooler fits sideways. I don’t even fold the rear seats down. My mama has a rav and it’s huge compared to my car
  336. 45king

    WTB Kencor, Cousins blanks

    I have a cousins 80m but it’s fully wrapped Alin. Let me know
  337. 45king

    Potential spot Fortune 2 day charter 9/11-13

    Bruce Smith is one of the only captains I know that fish on his days off. This should say something about the man. I would fish with Bruce any day any time if I could. Great guy with some nasty skills! I have seen this man with his fishing sword in his hand and he does not fuck around. Hand him...
  338. 45king

    WTB Looking for shikari 909L and 909H

    I have a matching set of green blanks! I’m all ears!
  339. 45king

    Utah Elk hunt 2019

    I hope U get one and I hope it’s really close to the truck! Good luck fellas. Stay safe out there
  340. 45king

    SOLD Shimano Calcutta 300te $180

    What a deal bro! Rice cooker or not! Lol
  341. 45king

    SOLD Seeker 10' CEX Ulua Jig Stick (Brand New)

    If u don’t know then you don’t know! Congrats my bro!
  342. 45king

    Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    Do you understand how crazy this story will be to tell in 10 years? Fuck yeah guys! Way to pay attention to your electronics!
  343. 45king

    SOLD Shimano Stella 2500fe & Stratic CI4 1000!!!!

    Whoa whoa whoa! You guys can’t possibly leave me out on this one! Lol.
  344. 45king

    For Sale Stella 4000 XG-I for sale (price drop $325)

    Do u have the neoprene case for it also?
  345. 45king

    United Composites Elite Series

    The xf and mega are in my top 10 rods to own! I have 2 xf, 2 mags, and 2 Megas
  346. 45king

    For Sale Silaflex cheap cheap

    SILAFLEX. Still available. Clean stick
  347. 45king

    WTB Looking for some spinning reels

    I might have an extra Stratic ci4 4000 Eric. And a matching 1000 too
  348. 45king

    For Sale Silaflex cheap cheap

    I’m sorry Robert. Both sold
  349. 45king

    For Sale Silaflex cheap cheap

    Pms replied. Will be in Oc this weekend.
  350. 45king

    Fishing rod and tackle storage in garage options

    If u have the height then I would get a spinning rod rack like the tackle shop! Looks legit I have a few rods that I have bought over the years and I can tell you that the ones that were kept in a hot garage show signs of it clear as day. The clear on the epoxy almost looks cooked and it’s dull
  351. 45king

    SOLD Seeker prototype Shikari 7950

    I’ve been looking at the pictures at least twice a day Franky! You almost had me. Lol congrats to the both of you guys!
  352. 45king

    For Sale Silaflex cheap cheap

    1 pending to David! Thanks bro
  353. 45king

    250 Mile Trip When I Could Have Gone 1...8/16 & 8/17

    4th quarter kind of day! Gotta love it bro!
  354. 45king

    SOLD Shimano Stella 2500fe & Stratic CI4 1000!!!!

    Stella pending! Green bass are in trouble! Lol Thanks Adam
  355. 45king

    SOLD Shimano Stella 2500fe & Stratic CI4 1000!!!!

    Super clean Shimano Stella 2500fe. Comes with the Shimano neoprene case! $320 ***pending! Cosmetic 9.9/10 mechanical 10/10 Shimano Stratic ci4 1000. I’m good condition. A little rash on the handle end nut? $140 lowered $125 I’m located in San Diego but head to Oc fairly often.
  356. 45king

    For Sale Silaflex cheap cheap

    San Diego. Rancho Peñasquitos area
  357. 45king

    For Sale Silaflex cheap cheap

    Old silaflex. Diamond x wrap and fresh clean rewrap and hasn’t been fished. I got this off of a member and it sat on my wall. $125 Great 20/25lb rod. 2 Shimano Terez 80m-fl. In good shape. Cork handle and silver wraps. $125 each Sold***** Shimano crucial swimbait 711ha. Black factory wrap...
  358. 45king

    Archery time is coming

    That’s horrible! Let me know if you ever need a wingman! Lol
  359. 45king

    Archery time is coming

    What will you be hunting Jim? I can’t put my bow down ever since I picked mine up. Lol.
  360. 45king

    WFO YFT Quick Trip 8/17 - VIDEO

    Just like the good old days! Lol
  361. 45king

    For Sale 2006 E350 4x4 van

    Great company! My uncle made the seats for that company. Nice rig bro!
  362. 45king

    SOLD Seeker prototype Shikari 7950

    Franky! Is it a composite or full graphite?
  363. 45king

    95 lb Bluefin Caught "up here"

    If all falls into place like it did here, get ready for the cows! Kites and balloon sales are gonna sky rocket soon. Don’t forget your helium tanks! Lol
  364. 45king

    8’ Fly line/ jig stick blanks

    I vote uc mega!
  365. 45king

    WTB Shikari blank, BT8030, SW909h

    Gotta love them shikaris bro! My cousin has a 8030 wrapped that he might part with.
  366. 45king

    Left rods and reels outside of H&M landing

  367. 45king

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    I’m sorry but kind of off topic. Some of the locals in Alaska told me that the really big mature bulls are no good eating. Is this true? Something about the meat being old and tasting off?
  368. 45king

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    Flew into anchorage and made our way towards homer to clam gulch. I counted over 20 moose heading in. We had a cow and 2 calves stay behind our cabin.
  369. 45king

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    You boys are gonna whack em! Just got back from Alaska a few weeks ago and there were so much moose everywhere! Bringing extra locks is a good advise. The guys at the airport do a very thorough check. That includes trying to pry the case open. I left LA ok but Alaska tsa wasn’t having it. If...
  370. 45king

    SOLD Seeker 80-150# , Kunan Rod

    When was that trip again steve? On standby and still interested in the gusa
  371. 45king

    For Sale Truline Rods

    Nice collection sir!
  372. 45king

    Looking for a fish report from Kaua’i

    So what did u come up with Robert? Any luck bro? Ima head there in less then 2 weeks
  373. 45king

    safe for a few long guns, pistols & valuables

    Costco bro. U can get a very nice one for under $600. I bought a cannon a few years ago for $500ish. Best part is they will drop it at your door and if you tip the driver I’m sure he will drop it exactly where u want it. 400+lbs I believe. They also carry the big horn line now too. Good luck
  374. 45king

    New Tattoo

  375. 45king

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    I was told by some old salts that a black seabass under 80lbs is some of the best tasting fish you can ever eat? What did u think?
  376. 45king

    WTB 8' 40lb Blank

    I was at charkbait yesterday and they had some rainshadows that fit the bill. I think it was 30-40% off. Good luck brosky
  377. 45king

    Lost Husky tool box tackle box

    I was just saying that the situation could have been worst. Carlos, I just recently moved to San Diego and I wouldn’t mind hooking u up with a bunch of my spare stuff. Iron, plastics, lead heads, a few Rapalas. The only thing I don’t have for you is weights and hooks. I remember that a few...
  378. 45king

    Lost Husky tool box tackle box

    Could have been worst my bro. I had over 20 custom rods and my tall albacore bag with like $1000 worth of shit taken from my garage years ago. That should make u feel a little bit better! Good luck my bro. I hope someone honest found it.
  379. 45king

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    Bro! Uber is fucking crazy these days. They even have helicopters. True story. Uber/SUV Uber plus has mini vans. I just uber’d back from lax with 200lbs of fish ( packaged) without a problem!
  380. 45king

    WTB 9' bass rod

    Another dinosaur bites the dust. So sad my bro. Good luck I know it’s not the same but check out the gusa 90xf. Very similar in characteristics.
  381. 45king

    SOLD United composite us100 mega price drop

    The guides and Blank cost way more then $200. What a deal! Good luck bro. That mega is a sick ass stick
  382. 45king


    Please post the process of how it was stripped. I would like to know for future reference. Thank u sir
  383. 45king

    For Sale Shimano Stella 14k Spool

    This spool will fit the 8&10k also I believe! Good luck bro
  384. 45king

    Help with a new 50lb set up

    Uc gusa 70xh. I love it so much I have 3!
  385. 45king

    For Sale Calcutta te 200dc

    Wow! That was quick and cheap!
  386. 45king

    300 pound blue Finn

  387. 45king

    St Clemente DIY first timer’s advice needed

    Do your homework. Clemente has a lot of dangerous stuff on both ends of the island so don’t venture too close in the dark!
  388. 45king

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    $600 for a chance to catch a 200+Lb bluefin tuna in our backyard isn’t worth price of admission? I was on the boat with the same group of guys that I fish with every year for the last 20 years. We split all the fish down the middle to make it fair! We even broke up into teams to take turns...
  389. 45king

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    The boats making the run out there are having success. Not everyone is getting one but the chances are there. Why would you advise someone not to go?I just got back Saturday night from fishing a 2 day and we had 8 fish. 7 of them were over 100lbs and the biggest going 210. We lost just as many...
  390. 45king

    POS drivers

    My cousin sent this to me last week! Not sure where he saw it. Lol
  391. 45king

    8-20-18 Lots of looking 240 mile roundtrip

    We made the run from Davies and did the same as you and saw exactly the same stuff. Scatter meter marks but nothing to get excited about. Hit 12 kelps on the way home for nothing. Rough way to start our Monday!
  392. 45king

    Need advice on serving bluefin tuna bellies

    A bluefin of that caliber out of our water can not be any better quality. I had a buddy that was a commercial fisherman and told me that these fish gorging themselves on squid and anchovies makes them super fatty and taste incredible.
  393. 45king

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    I thought the deal was that nobody from the loomis family can manufacture rods anymore? Isn’t that why ATC shut down cause he was a cousin?
  394. 45king

    Fishing with a pregnant wife...

    Only the wife can answer that one!
  395. 45king

    Headed to homer this week where to fish

    Have fun!be safe! Send the pix when you get a chance to rub it in!
  396. 45king

    Ease into it, or jam it in?

    U should just jump in and go on the longest trip you can afford. If you walked on the boats and introduced yourself and let the deckhands know that it’s uour first long range rodeo, everyone will be willing to help. It’s the assholes that don’t know anything but come onto the boats acting like...
  397. 45king

    SOLD Trade accepted

    The proper term would be brand used! Just sayin!
  398. 45king

    80$ for 1/2 scoop squid and 1/2 scoop of sardines at nachos

    Lmao. If u don’t know then u just don’t know!
  399. 45king

    Pacific Star sold

    Better selling then trying to sink it lmao!
  400. 45king

    Need recommendation on a good outboard repair shop in OC

    Socal oceansport in seal beach
  401. 45king

    Dog hunting riverside?

    Onyx map has been a life saver for me this last season! You can get the app on your phone. It also works without service. It gives you maps of blm,private, and all the important stuff that u need to know! I’ve been doing a lot of recon missions and I see yotes a lot a lot. Good luck
  402. 45king

    FS: Shimano Trinidad 40N

    Bump for a solid and nice guy! Easy transactions! Take care brutha! Happy new year!
  403. 45king

    Storing fishing rods in garage

    I got all my rods jacked a few years ago leaving them in the garage and having someone crawl in with some ninja skills and took every single one of my rods. Over 20 to be exact and my tall albacore tackle bag with all my terminal tackle. I have now dedicated a room inside my house to all my...
  404. 45king

    Michael Bisping vs Georges St Pierre - Title Fight Sat 11/4

    Dillashaw vs Garabrandt was a mcnasty! I think TJ woulda gotten finished had there been another 10 seconds in the 1st round. I can’t believe he came back in the 2nd and knocked out C.G! I guess C.G. Got a little too cocky from round 1 and got caught. That was an awesome card! I guess JJ isn’t...
  405. 45king

    Kuiu Icon Pro 5200

    I can't find any info anywhere bro. I'm still interested
  406. 45king

    Does San Diego have our own killer whales pod

    I think that's the same pod that killed that big great white up by frisco!
  407. 45king

    Does San Diego have our own killer whales pod

    They call em the LA pod If I remember correctly, they are the nastiest of all the pods because they eat and kill more then just fish
  408. 45king

    Kuiu Icon Pro 5200

    Ok Ryan. Let me look into it. I'm really interested though
  409. 45king

    Hoyt defiant turbo bow with extras.......

    Thanks Mark! I'm really hoping a b decker buys it.
  410. 45king

    Kuiu Icon Pro 5200

    Is this the new (this years model)?
  411. 45king

    Hoyt defiant turbo bow with extras.......

    I bought this bow in April of this year. Still in excellent shape. Bow is 50-60lb (@59lbs) draw length 28-30" (@28"). Comes in a #3 cam. Very fast and quiet bow. Bow has a QAD hdx Hoyt arrow rest, 5 pin IQ sight,8" nap apache stabilizer, and a 6 arrow lightweight fuse quiver. I love this setup...
  412. 45king

    30 Minutes of YFT Mayhem - 9/11

    Nice spoon job! I watched a man spoon 15lbs of poke scraps off of 7 bluefin last week. Insane!
  413. 45king

    Maui in august

    The captain did say that the channel in between Maui and the big island is considered one of the best waters for marlin!
  414. 45king

    Maui in august

    I spent a lot of time diving and snorkeling. There's a bunch of reef fish and sea turtles. We hired a dive boat and it so happens that the captain use to run a sportfishing boat and told me that Maui isn't really known for good fishing. I saw some locals fishing with 12 foot rods from the beach...
  415. 45king

    UC 800 mag, mega or monster..

    Mega mag is a must have for 25-30!
  416. 45king

    Another Slaughter in the Big C

    That water looks tasty!!!! Lol good job fellas!
  417. 45king

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    Hi my name is danny and I have a problem!!' First memory of life was fishing with my pops and uncles! Been hooked ever since!
  418. 45king

    Maui in august

    Thank u arima-BOB! I will
  419. 45king

    Maui in august

    Thank you kind sir! I'll be there next week!
  420. 45king

    Maui in august

    Who the fuck goes to Hawaii and wants to surf fish? ME ME ME! Lol. I think that the inshore species are awesome and would love to scratch a few species of my list of fish to catch! I will keep u posted Matt if I do find some info or help. Good luck brutha! 2 weeks and counting.......
  421. 45king

    Maui in august

    No love?
  422. 45king

    Dropping anchor at whites island

    Tied up in a slip will get u better sleep! Good job sir
  423. 45king

    Stella 14,000 or 10,000pg

    I bought the 8000 and bought a 14k spool as my backup!
  424. 45king

    Cheapest and best Suzuki dealer?

    Steve @ socal oceansport in seal beach. He can get you what you need!
  425. 45king

    Maui in august

    good morning my island homies! I'm heading to Maui in august for a wedding and wanted to get some fishing/hunting in while I'm there. I'm not looking to fish tuna or marlin.Our local tuna has been treating me well for the last few seasons. I wanna hit the local reefs or surf fish with a local...
  426. 45king

    Cousins Raze series

    That 839t is a must have bro. I fucked up so many of those 150 spot yellowtail a few summers ago. Cousins rod is in Huntington Beach and I'm sure Charlie is still doing the tours if you haven't had the chance. It's nice when a company takes the time to walk u thru the factory and explains step...
  427. 45king


    Heat the epoxy up first with a torch. Be careful though. It should come off rather easy with a razor and with a light sanding she will be ready to wrap again. Good luck homeboy
  428. 45king

    Should I get a Talica for a 3-1/2 day trip?

    Oh dayum.............! I bet that thing is TITS!
  429. 45king

    2017 is On the Way.......

    More That shops definitely getting theirs!
  430. 45king

    Wtb...large fish tank 240+gallons

    Cool thanks Justin. I'll be on standby! You are the one with that blue peacock that I couldn't get over!
  431. 45king

    Wtb...large fish tank 240+gallons

    What's up Justin! I'm looking for something in the 96" length 24-30" width and height
  432. 45king

    Wtb...large fish tank 240+gallons

    Thanks Nick but I will be keeping freshwater stuff. Have a great weekend brutha!
  433. 45king

    Wtb...large fish tank 240+gallons

    morning all my fellow Deckers! I thought I would try here to see if anyone might possibly have a huge aquarium tucked away in the corner of the garage or room that doesn't have any more use for. I'm getting back into the hobby of fishkeeping and both of my young daughters think it's time we all...
  434. 45king

    WTB T-Top of a 2006 montauk 170

    Geoffrey I will try to get em for u soon. It's at the boat shop in seal beach. It's black and in decent shape. So far as price.......! Not sure but it won't be anything stupid, I promise! Danny
  435. 45king

    WTB T-Top of a 2006 montauk 170

    I have one off a 2008 190 montauk. I'm not honking it the same dimension. Let me know
  436. 45king

    Should I get a Talica for a 3-1/2 day trip?

    And after that go look at the 16! Just as nice as the 12 with a bit more capacity!
  437. 45king

    King of all kelps..!

  438. 45king

    Salt Away motor flush?

    I think the main thing is how soon u get a chance to rinse it. Most guys trailer their shit home and it takes over an hour before you get to it. I honestly think that hour of letting it all dry it is where the problem could be. And using your boat 10 hours a season doesn't make anyone an expert...
  439. 45king

    Shimano Tranx 300

    Sign me up!
  440. 45king

    How many Rods do you need?

    It's best if you stop counting! I can tell you every single rod I own but I can't give u a specific number. All I know is I need a more room!
  441. 45king

    Catalina lobsters before the storm 12/20

    Look how clean that dinosaur is! Gotta love them island bugs!
  442. 45king

    Stolen Decoys at Henshaw

    I won't pass judgement on you Blaine! I think you should kick his ass either way.
  443. 45king

    Survey provided by broker

    Another happy ending with a little bd guidance! Gotta love the brutha love!
  444. 45king

    Stolen Decoys at Henshaw

    How do u guys know it's not captain save a duck to the rescue? Saving one duck at a time lmao. I know those tree huggers can get pretty crazy sometimes!
  445. 45king

    Old Rusty Gun, Friday off to a good start

    That's a lot of seagulls! Lmao
  446. 45king

    Anybody lose 2,400 lbs of weed and their Bayliner on the sand here in San Clemente

    I love the story. They found the boat with all that shit in it and they still try to give credit like it was a bust.
  447. 45king

    Which Talica 2 speed?

    Tac 16
  448. 45king

    Top rated spinning reel in the 2500-3000 size ...

    I love the Shimano stratic ci4 series so much that I went and bought all of them. I took a 2500 size with me to Costa Rica and killed some roosters and big jacks with it and was sold after that.
  449. 45king

    Bluefin Math

    And they eat when they feel like
  450. 45king

    Bluefin 100lb's on Freedom Nov 5th - Tanner Bank

    You're way too nice. I would shouted out " whoever is STEALING my weights better not get caught asshole"!
  451. 45king

    Stop Wasting Time Snagging

    I bet the east coaster just think we are a bunch of lazy fucks that can't throw a net! Lol.
  452. 45king

    Canvas and zipper repair long beach

    Zig zag seal beach
  453. 45king

    MeatEater is on Netflix

    Watched both seasons yesterday! Pretty damn awesome
  454. 45king

    Anyone fishing rosa tomorrow?

    You've been spending a lot of time up at the Channel Islands!
  455. 45king

    The wedding ring buck.

    Scott I swallowed the blue pill also. Lmao We coulda had toys!!!!!
  456. 45king

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    I watched a guy get chewed off on 80lb like it wasn't shit. We all switched to 130lb leader after that.
  457. 45king

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    Don't forget about the part about Guadelupe being their breeding grounds
  458. 45king

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    That's probably one of the reasons we can't fish Guadalupe like we use to. Stupid shit like that
  459. 45king

    San Clemente Island Yellowtail (video)

    Watching the video I thought you were gonna lose it after he wrapped the line and the fish tried to sound. I'm glad u got it it! I hope he apologized for fucking that up. Lol
  460. 45king

    San Clemente Island Yellowtail (video)

    I'll say it! Wth was up with that fucked up gaff shot! Geez Nice fish!
  461. 45king

    Recipes for long range Species

    Bacon wrapped 1" cubed fish on a skewer with green apple 1" chunks in between. Brush on some honey and sprinkle some pepper and grill em up!
  462. 45king

    Good boat for 1.5/2 day?

    PAC queen has been on it!
  463. 45king

    WTB AR-10 lower

    Aero precision has a blem sale for $149! Good luck
  464. 45king

    Tranx opinions

    You need one! Or two. It's a beast of a reel. It's tough for me to throw a surface iron without it now! I love my trinidads but there is no comparison in my eyes when you're hucking iron. There will be a lot of people that will tell you it's way over priced for a plastic giant bass reel but let...
  465. 45king

    Replacing top shot with braid

    Is it hollow braid?
  466. 45king

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    Holy fucking shit! That thing is a monster
  467. 45king

    Have Bow, Will Travel.... AFRICA! 9/24-10/7

    I'll be the first! I hate u! Lol
  468. 45king

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    Nice read and congrats but I can't see the photos. What a tease!
  469. 45king

    Now this guy knows how to sell a boat!

    That's some mad skills!!!
  470. 45king

    A few long guns

  471. 45king

    Norcal to Cat Island on Lobster Opener Qestions

    Crossing the channel is the least of your worries. I fish and hoop cat a lot. The first thing I can tell you is that it's pitch black after dark. Please be cautious and always have someone with the spot light that is responsible enough to be the look out guy. You can get into trouble quick if...
  472. 45king

    Update on My G2 Update

    Balls out!!! Cya out there!
  473. 45king

    Recommend waterproof pants and jacket?

    Invest in some nice breathable grudens. I have the gage stuff and it does ok, but under heavy spray, water will find its way thru some of the seams. I always roll up my gage gear and toss em in my bag for every trip!
  474. 45king

    Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    I don't know whether to give u props or continue hating! Killer ali!
  475. 45king

    Repeal the latest gun laws

    Thanks fellas! Ima take the whole fucking Klan this weekend !
  476. 45king

    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    I'm so fucking hungry! Thanks lol
  477. 45king

    FS: Calstar, Gloomis and Shimano rods

    Wow! A clean 815 is hard to find. Glws
  478. 45king

    How many turns on RP knot

    I think a lot of people do the half hitch for piece of mind in case there's any line slippage.
  479. 45king

    2003 Blackman Outerbanks for sale

    And u decided to hijack Ålans post just to let us know? Classy terry
  480. 45king

    Finally got my BFT, also got a marlin if that counts for anything

    That ring thing is such a fucking great idea! I love it
  481. 45king

    Nighttime Green Bass....Swimbaits only?

    Dark senkos!
  482. 45king

    Yellowtail Conservation

    That is also true!
  483. 45king

    Yellowtail Conservation

    FYI! Hamachi at the sushi restaraunt means 10-15lb fish. According to all my older Japanese friends that hamachi is only one of the names given but it does have to be in that size range for it to be called hamachi.
  484. 45king

    huntington harbor

    Haven't u heard! Ghost shrimps are a part of a whales diet and can no longer be caught and shipped down to us. What a fucking joke. That's what the guys at big fish said
  485. 45king

    East Coast Fishing Off the Beaten Path

    Are those dogs or wolves on the roof? Wth lol
  486. 45king

    New Lo Ann?

    And his code group is solid!
  487. 45king

    stolen rods

    In a perfect world captain dorado! There's plenty of douche burgers in the bunch
  488. 45king

    Black Sea Bass--Ventura pier catch/killed

    I don't even wanna know how the fuck they got it up in the first place. Straight fucktards
  489. 45king

    Turners Lake Forest opens tomorrow 7-29

    I just got home after seeing that crazy line. Feels like Black Friday all over
  490. 45king

    Crushed Reel Seat?

    I think it's compromised bro.
  491. 45king

    Crushed Reel Seat?

    So is the blank crushed?
  492. 45king

    Crushed Reel Seat?

    Sounds like u might have to have them dremel that one off and turn it to a deckhand style rod
  493. 45king

    Parker 2520 Repower With D4-225

    Nice touch on the teak work brutha! Sick!!!!!
  494. 45king

    Yamaha 350 HELP PLEASE.....

    THen again they didn't get it right the first time. I hate the shotgun approach. It only cost us more money
  495. 45king

    Speaking of Opah...

    and it only yields 15% of its body weight in meat. Not profitable enough
  496. 45king

    23 DV parker 225 yami

    If u don't ever want any doubts then I would go as much as your boat limits you. My buddy had the same boat with a 200 and it was a slug. 250 minimum like the gent above said! 300 would be way better!!!!
  497. 45king


    Bait tank isn't an issue on my friends boat. As long as your not going 50mph, u should be good! Lol
  498. 45king

    AR 15 build

    Palmetto state armory Joe bob outfitters Riflegear
  499. 45king

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    That looks suspect!
  500. 45king

    Islands/Offshore report Saturday

    I feel your pain. We put in our efforts also for nada. It got worst the further we got out
  501. 45king

    Suzuki 300 Outboard Input

    My buddy has triple 300 on his 35' Everglades and he loves em. They are very quiet in my opinion. I have to sit back there while all 3 are blasting and it doesn't bother me. He is also a marine mechanic and chooses Suzuki over yami's. You won't be disappointed. Plus if you're buying new then I...
  502. 45king

    I got taxed hard today!

    I didn't notice anyone throwing this up but I had one of my tunas got bit in half on the Apollo and this was when JJ was running it. He said I probably wouldn't wanna keep the fish because of all the nasty bacteria in the Sharks mouth and it will contaminate the meat. He said he would try to cut...
  503. 45king

    Who cares it's only fuel?

    Lol. I guess sitting at home isn't so bad this weekend!
  504. 45king

    TranX PG. Effective applications?

    X2. I have both and I use the pg for the surface iron.
  505. 45king

    Confirmed Nile Crocodiles Loose in Florida

    Wow. As if the damn Burmese pythons weren't enough. What's next?
  506. 45king

    Lo Ballers

    Low ball offers are better then these fuck nutts saying I'll take it and sometimes even set up meet time and then disappear on you. I call it my " fuck you" list! All future sales will exclude these all stars!
  507. 45king

    Swordfish RAW

    Do you still wake up in the middle of the nite all sweaty thinking about it! Lol. Killer Ali!
  508. 45king

    Feeling Skunky!

    Sounds like an awesome day to me! Wish I was there
  509. 45king

    The Maximus

    Scary shit. Thanks Ali
  510. 45king

    Lexa 300 PWR 5.1:1 gear disadvantage?

    Not the same reel but I have both tranx. I started fishing the high gear and loved it. I thought let's get the power gear and see what's up! I also found the lower gear to have that monstrous torque we all talk about. I prefer my power gear for surface iron now but you definitely would not wanna...
  511. 45king

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    Thanks for the laugh! Damn noobs!!!
  512. 45king

    Anyone know of a used Yamaha outboard dealer?

    I would really advise you to buy one that you can inspect first. My brother bought one from Florida from a shop (m&w outboards). The owner promised to ship a super clean 2011 Yamaha 225 that runs flawless. And even guarantees any defects within the first 60 days and will happy to ship out any...
  513. 45king

    Does shimano's waxwing actually work?

    I honestly think guys are too scared to fish em because of the price. Lol. I murdered a bunch of long beach yellows last year on them. You cannot deny that they swim so pretty! Glenn's tackle closed 2 years ago and had a whole shelf at 50-75% off. You know this guy went to town! Good luck
  514. 45king

    Reel for Cousins Raze RSW 909T

    What's up Nate! I'm in Orange County and have all the mentioned above reels. All 3 reels and capable. If u would like to match them all up and see how they feel I wouldn't mind helping you out bro! Holla at me my honest opinion on the perfect match with that rod where u can take it on almost...
  515. 45king

    Sheephead Jaws?

    Skip the beetles. Skip the ants. Boil some water and dip it as u peel off all the cooked meat. It literally takes 3 mins!
  516. 45king

    Salmon off Dana point??

    I caught one at Catalina on a rainbow swimbait years ago. I guess they still do make their rounds. We just suck at salmon fishing! Lol
  517. 45king

    Trinidad 16a or 20a

    You can't go wrong with either! I bump it to my 20 if I'm tuna fishing.With all those big bluefin around is why I bumped. Local n island is easily done with that 16a! Good luck Danny
  518. 45king

    Is this rod okay for fishing yellowtail?

    You are good to go sir!