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  1. Mischief

    Daddy day Loking,..

    We decided to take advantage of fathers day and hit the harbor in our toobs for some Spottie action. Of course all three of us were blessed with some toads! Still Loking,.. Macho Camacho,.. My buddy with his PB Spottie 3.3# Beast,.. Went to War with these Spots! #Warbaits #JungleFishing
  2. Mischief

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    How much just for the reel?
  3. Mischief

    How long is Saluki banned for?

    Heard he's over in Jungle fishing ;)
  4. Mischief

    Rob Sanford, San Diego Boats......Here I am!

    Do you sell float tubes?
  5. Mischief

    Toad Spotties on the chew

    All the same fish and don't you change your shirt? dirty mofo,..
  6. Mischief

    Baja Bassin

    Nice slay ride,..
  7. Mischief

    SBB Luau at the LAB Loking,..

    Did a last minute mission to the LAB this Sunday with the boys Rude Boy and Carmelo! Wanted to do something closer as the Jungle was kinda slow the other day. Plus it gives us something new to do. Now I've never had real good days in Los Al. Mostly with Halibut at 72nd St Jetty but that's it...
  8. Mischief

    Summer of Love Loking,..

    Finally been able to get into the water last week on boat and tube. During the week the water temps dropped so we weren't able to get into any slime sticks. No problem really there but the guy who took us out was really looking forward to getting some on his new boat. Just gotta hit up the...
  9. Mischief

    float tubing balboa

  10. Mischief

    Daughters first sand bass!

    Very Awesome!
  11. Mischief

    Who runs the BD facebook page?

    I do. What's up?
  12. Mischief

    Wall PB...!

    Boom! Grats on the new PB,.. \m/
  13. Mischief

    Wide open spotties!

    Nice Ses,..
  14. Mischief


    Yea that guy owes me money. If you get a hold of him tell him Lokey wants his $10!
  15. Mischief

    Bass n butts weekend

    good catches,..
  16. Mischief

    Fishing the Long Beach Breakwall

    South shores ramp?
  17. Mischief

    Newps Loking,..

    Messed around this weekend at Newps looking for some spotties. Found them all around. Good twilight feeshing in the docks for them and in the mooring boats. They were chewing on anything we threw at them, of course with that Uni Butter on the plastics ;) NOAA called for 4 mph winds that night we...
  18. Mischief

    Say Yes Or No

  19. Mischief

    Osprey tries to steal my swimbait(VIDEO)

    Good eating bird,..
  20. Mischief

    Changing Colour of Plastic Swimbait?

    I usually just buy darker color swim baits,..
  21. Mischief

    RIP Jeff Hanneman

  22. Mischief

    Calico fishing

    Fish for WSB. Then you'll catch a lot of calicos,.. LOL
  23. Mischief

    Fish Cat 4 $150 obo,..

    I sold it like 3 hours after I posted this thread LOL Guess I should have posted it was sold. Don't know how someone dug this out. Here's a link to cheap float tubes: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Mischief

    Good swimbaits/lures for the bay

    Best bait in SD. Reel in slow,..
  25. Mischief

    How do I catch sheephead

    Find a boat that's going on a overnighter to San Nicolas and use a dropper loop rig baited with a strip of squid. Have fun,..
  26. Mischief

    Fish Cat 4 $150 obo,..

    Dafuq? LOL SOLD!!!
  27. Mischief

    Heap Big WSB on Bass outfit

    WTF!!! That is awesome LOL
  28. Mischief

    first post

    Funny for your first post you haven't posted naked pics of your wife or mom. Already starting out bad,.. :finger: But welcome,..
  29. Mischief

    Calico Bass

    Sick feesh,..
  30. Mischief

    Ninja frog fishing

    Dem red eyes,.. LOL
  31. Mischief


  32. Mischief

    White Seabass, monster calicos, and halibut - Palos Verdes Rocks

    I have never went down to PV without seeing someone poaching fish. Just sad really,..
  33. Mischief

    Past couple days

    Good feesh,..
  34. Mischief

    Long Beach

  35. Mischief

    BD Forums is infected with redirect

    I get redirected to porn complaints here,..
  36. Mischief

    25.5 inch sandy

    Nice feesh,..
  37. Mischief

    What type of waders should I get?

    I use Neoprene cause i don't like to freeze. Every breathable waders I have owned have leaked. I got some cabela's neoprene waders two years ago...still haven't leaked. But when the weather gets hot I just go tubing in shorts but use those neoprene socks cause of the fins I use,..
  38. Mischief

    Love being a dickhead

    I get to dead head on my boat too! how cool is that,.. LOL
  39. Mischief

    9" MC Viejos

    In LA or SD? Cause I think they're at Sav On and ask,..
  40. Mischief

    Cabrillo Float tube & Kayak tournament this Sat 4/20

    Come in and get in on the fun of another Bay bass elite series tournament! This time it will be at Cabrillo beach! All are welcome to come out in their float tubes, pontoons or kayaks. Check out the details on FB or contact me! heres the FB to the event...
  41. Mischief

    Still Loking,..

    Great swim baits for spotties! I'm sold on them,..
  42. Mischief

    Slump busted.

    Nice Vans,..
  43. Mischief

    Still Loking,..

    At first I thought you were but the mussels comment threw me off :rofl: Stadium looks great! Beer is like $14 a cup! thats why i got drunk before i went inside the game,.. ;)
  44. Mischief

    Still Loking,..

    Looks good. If we're talking about the same place LOL no mussels for chumming. I like to keep moving around,..
  45. Mischief

    Still Loking,..

    Still West Coastin! Sorry I haven't wrote out any reports. Fishing has been slow on my end, nothing really to report back except the dinks are biting and the weather is not showing any love. Friday I went down to the LA Ports with my buddy Rudy to hit up a new area for some spotties in our...
  46. Mischief

    Newps float tube tourney update for 3/16

    Ok, let me do this again. My bad but I got the info wrong last let's try it again. Dummy tourney with a fee of $10 per angler. The check in will be at the coast guard station! the address is 1901 Bayside Dr. Newport Beach CA 92625. Check in is from 5 to 6 am. Once you check in you can...
  47. Mischief

    Pretty sad to see a blatant no call determine the outcome of the Superbowl.

    fuck ray lewis and those blind refs,.. :finger:
  48. Mischief

    Loking with the Three Amigos on the Gail Force,..

    Got out the other night to do some hooping on the Gail Force out of Pierpoint landing! It was a Three Amigos trip and they had someone cancel so I hopped on board last minute. Buggin and fishing was slow but we manage to scratch a few. With the weather changes I was hoping for it to be a little...
  49. Mischief

    San Quintin Yellowtail...on the iron!

    Damn good slayin dem yellers,..
  50. Mischief

    Elk Vigil in CO

    wow........75 stupid ass people LOL
  51. Mischief


    Good times last night with the wifey! Would have went on BD when I came home to give you packs some shyt, but I got drunk and passed out on the couch! Go Niners,.. LOL
  52. Mischief

    Bad Sportsmanship...........its not nice to laugh at others when their team loses.

    Niners!!! LOL Smacked the Packers!!! LOL LOL LOL
  53. Mischief

    Which rod for new Avet SXJ

    Ugly Stick...FTR!
  54. Mischief

    looking for a partner

    No shortage of "partners" on here,.. LOL
  55. Mischief

    BD Secret Santa?? NSFW

    Let's see more pics!!! LOL
  56. Mischief

    Loking on the Freedom's last trip of 2012,..

    Since the Rock fish season is coming to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to spend the last weekend of 2012 doing some bottom fishing...first on my tube at the Concrete Jungle and then on the Freedom out of 22nd street landing. The weather these last couple of days have been a trip! So...
  57. Mischief

    New member saying Hi

    I just read this whole thread and I'm now regretting it LOL here,.. :D
  58. Mischief

    float tubin harbors

    Na hit me up soon...maybe next weekend. I live in whittier too,..
  59. Mischief

    float tubin harbors

    Stay out of my spot,.. LOL I'm gonna pop yo tube foo!
  60. Mischief

    Chatterbait spotties could it be?!?

    I wanna catch a spottie!
  61. Mischief

    Winter wonderland at the POLA Loking,..

    LOL it was too funny when he was on the water shaking lol just caught a 3# rockie yesterday! video coming soon,..
  62. Mischief

    Winter wonderland at the POLA Loking,..

    Decided to head back to POLA to see how things are biting over there...invited some friends to come join me. Usually when I do that half of them will flake LOL Not this time! About 14 of us showed up for some float tube fishing! Now the tide wasn't gonna be any fun today...High tide...
  63. Mischief

    Winter wonderland at the POLA Loking,..

    Decided to head back to POLA to see how things are biting over there...invited some friends to come join me. Usually when I do that half of them will flake LOL Not this time! About 14 of us showed up for some float tube fishing! Now the tide wasn't gonna be any fun today...High tide...
  64. Mischief

    Netflix movie favorites list

    X-Files, Twilight Zone, The Fighter etc...
  65. Mischief

    I think I'm done!!!

    Can I have your gear? LOL
  66. Mischief

    For those that haven't been to New England

    Good read and pics! Gotta love catching stripes,.. Oh, while you're there...tell Brady that was a good comeback for nothing,.. LOL Niners!!!
  67. Mischief

    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the San Francisco 49ers

    Like I said, Brady was the only one playing,.. That was one hell of a beatdown...Hope we get beatdown like that all the way to the superbowl LOL
  68. Mischief

    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the San Francisco 49ers

    Niners were asleep...just woke up and won the game! Didn't even worry! Nice try, Pats! But a worthless comeback,.. LOL
  69. Mischief

    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the San Francisco 49ers

    You know the Pats are doing bad when Brady is the only one playing,.. LOL
  70. Mischief

    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the San Francisco 49ers

  71. Mischief

    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the San Francisco 49ers

  72. Mischief

    NPH Spots and Flats Loking,..

    fo sho! Might take him to the jungle this weekend,..
  73. Mischief

    NPH Spots and Flats Loking,..

    as always lol Until I get the Iphone5,.. LOL haha Cool kid, gotta fish with him more,..
  74. Mischief

    Carl's relatives found!

  75. Mischief

    NPH Spots and Flats Loking,..

    What happen to the "Like" Button??? LOL
  76. Mischief

    NPH Spots and Flats Loking,..

    Finally after doing some trout fishing the past couple of weeks, I was able to get out with my buddy Carmelo Chavez to do some float tubing in the harbor. We choose Newport to hit up on the same day as the SWBA Spots for Tots. So we were gonna be fishing with a lot of boaters around. No problem...
  77. Mischief

    3 Amigos - Ocean Odyessy - San Clemente Island

    Awesome report, Danny! Maybe next time i'll join you,.. \m/
  78. Mischief

    Jess Ranch Lakes Loking,..

    Went up to Jess Ranch lakes with the guys from Fish Talk Radio and Bite-On fishing. Since it was a long drive I rode up with Diego Gamboa from Bite-On...Thanks again, Bro! We met up with Capt. Larry Moore, Mike, Steve and the other guys at the parking lot. Soon Kyle who works at the lakes pulls...
  79. Mischief

    Happy Birthday........Spike

    Happy Bday, Spike,.. :finger:
  80. Mischief

    Irvine Lake Bite On Bonanza Loking,..

    Finally crept out from under the LA Ports to take a drive out to the hills and do some trout fishing! Got invited by the guys from Bite On to give it a try for some trout! Shoot, why not? Got some things from Sav On tackle for the trip...also Diego Gamboa let me borrow a jig stick, only got gear...
  81. Mischief

    Raul Martinez (Nochinges63) fundraiser

    Bump,.. \m/
  82. Mischief

    Stolen reels

    :rofl: spit my beer all over my keyboard,..
  83. Mischief

    Harbor Police Lobster Mistake

    Poacher,.. LOL
  84. Mischief

    Stupid hoopin' question

    slow night on PCH? ;)
  85. Mischief

    Stupid hoopin' question

    why not,.. LOL
  86. Mischief

    bug bag limits

    how come poachers catch all the bugs? LOL
  87. Mischief

    Fish ID

  88. Mischief

    RIP Raul Martinez (Nochinges63)

    Rest in Peace...Now he's slaying fish up there and gonna be winning jackpots as usual! We'll be missing you down here,... RIP
  89. Mischief

    first fish

    Oh Yea!!! Nice one,.. save those pics! Cause when he gets older, just like most anglers he's probably gonna be bragging that his first fish was a yellowtail,.. LOL
  90. Mischief

    Into the Fog Jungle Loking,..

    LOL Yea, dropped the ball on that one,..
  91. Mischief

    Viqueens vs Beers 11/25

    Oh now the bears wanna play football LOL
  92. Mischief

    Into the Fog Jungle Loking,..

    First, Happy bday to Jimmy (wiseguy) and Alfredo (Lolly),.. We hit the jungle in our tubes rolling as a mob. 7 of us all together! We kicked through a heavy San Pedro fog to the spot and right away started catching fish. Since the tides weren't in our favor, high tide was at 6 and dropping fast...
  93. Mischief

    Hangover Loking,..

    LOL Danny, a few! Notice in the vid I keep my rods lowered and not in the holders. can't afford to have any more broken,..
  94. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    good game,.. well just for us,.. LOL
  95. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

  96. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    The Bears are going backwards? LOL
  97. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

  98. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    How much longer is this thread gonna go until Saluk's locks it? LOL
  99. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    Now they score! LOL
  100. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    call in the 3rd stringer! QB down! I say again! QB down! Niners ran him over!!! :rofl:
  101. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    Those are the Bears were playing??? LOL
  102. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

  103. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    another sack,.. LOL
  104. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    Damn the Bears have no offensive line! We just went through it like a fleshlight,.. LOL
  105. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    Brandon is worried,.. LOL
  106. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    Is this the Chicago Bears thats playing my Niners or some high school team with the same name? I'm so confused,..
  107. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

  108. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    TOUCHDOWN!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl...
  109. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    Brandon is hiding in the closet again...crying,.. :rofl:
  110. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

    10-0!!! teddy bears are going down,.. LOL
  111. Mischief

    69r's vs Beers on MNF.........

  112. Mischief

    Hangover Loking,..

    Yea, it was a blah morning. Woke up to do some fishing with my buddies Carmelo and Raven. I of course started my morning by puking out the last of the beers I drank. Best thing to get over a hangover for me? Go fishing! So we meet up at the spot, I was first and floated into the bay first. And...
  113. Mischief

    12 Spotties + A ticket in 45mins in HB

    Those are some nice expensive Spotties! LOL
  114. Mischief

    Float tube set up video for salt water,..

    Ok, the last video was a rough cut...just wanted to get an idea on how to do this. So I broke it down into segments thanks to a iphone app called Splice! Now, just letting you know this is not everything I take with me! Just things I have for fishing in salt water on a float tube depending...
  115. Mischief

    Goliath on the crawl of the season

    :appl: Damn that's a huge what she said,.. LOL Lo,.
  116. Mischief

    Failed Backflip

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  117. Mischief

    Beware of selling stuff on craigslist!

    Never know when you'll get a weirdo LOL
  118. Mischief

    Some funny pranks,..

  119. Mischief

    Happy Birthday Wayne (Got Wasabi)

    Happy Bday,..
  120. Mischief

    bad luck on my 1st lobster trip

    Ever thought about taking up Golf? LOL
  121. Mischief

    Dragging the Mud Dana Point 11.6.12

    DDDAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!! Thats a big Cod ;) LOL
  122. Mischief

    Dan Hernandez Free Kids Fishing Event!

    hhhhmmm...just might take my girls,..
  123. Mischief

    New Gal saying hi :)

    Andrew S. Such a Gal,.. LOL
  124. Mischief

    Drinking and driving...

  125. Mischief

    Halibut at night?

    Jones is right...Only caught halibut at night from dock lights where the bait gather,..
  126. Mischief

    Yeah baby! Doggie style!!!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  127. Mischief

    Your boat is not a sport boat, so stop fishing like one...

    :appl: another great article, Erik,.. \m/ Lo,..
  128. Mischief

    BD Screen Problem

    Everyone likes something squished here and there,.. LOL
  129. Mischief

    Monster local lobster!

    That is an awesome pic,..
  130. Mischief

    My poor dog is miserable

    damn, that sucks. hope he makes a quick recovery,..
  131. Mischief

    Sunday Funday Loking,..

    Tide Graph on the iPhone,.. ;)
  132. Mischief

    Monster Fish Mash Loking,..

    Thanks for the Lucanas pics, Lolly,.. \m/
  133. Mischief

    LB Flat and Fat 10/28/12

    Nice surf session,.. Lo,.
  134. Mischief

    Me and the boy.

    :appl: ,.. \m/ Lo,.
  135. Mischief

    SMB Lobster

    probably caught on the net and pulled to hard. happen to me once,.. Nice bugs, grats,.. Lo,.
  136. Mischief

    Dan Hernandez

    Dan is one of the best guys out there...what a douche question,.. Lo,.
  137. Mischief

    LB harbor closures

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  138. Mischief

    Need help choosing a rod

    Ugly Stick,.. \m/ Lo,.
  139. Mischief

    Taking it old school.

    :appl: ,.. \m/ Lo,.
  140. Mischief

    Spotty Montage

    video was coo...invest in a mesh net, tail killer,.. ;) Lo,.
  141. Mischief

    San Diego bay spotted bay bass Video!!!

    Cool video...Spotties are gay, so the music was perfect for them,.. :D Lo,.
  142. Mischief

    Quality Reds on Split Decision

    Damn, Nice Reds! Cool looking eel,..
  143. Mischief

    Monster Fish Mash Loking,..

    I was fishing in the concrete jungle early one morning When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my monster fish from his piling began to rise And suddenly to my surprise He did the mash He did the monster fish mash The monster fish mash It was a concrete jungle smash He did the...
  144. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

    No shit. :rofl: lots of different types in here,..
  145. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

    Nothing, Kid...have fun looking for stomach contents,.. :D
  146. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

    Now I remember you LOL
  147. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

    "Pictures of my turds are everywhere." :D
  148. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

    On Bloodydecks? LOL Good luck with that,.. and you're a "professional internet surfer" but can't take a little gibe? C'mon, man LOL
  149. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

  150. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

    Wow this guy took some time to Internet beat me LOL He wanted pics of stomach contents...must be a fetish! Try looking up a video called "2 girls 1 cup" :rofl:
  151. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

    Not on BD :appl:
  152. Mischief

    Stomach contents of fish

    This cam out of my stomach contents after I ate a halibut from the bay,.. LOL \m/
  153. Mischief

    LB Harbor slow night 10-22-12

    Not bad, its all about the hooping and fishing! I'm happy if i even get one! next time,.. Lo,.
  154. Mischief

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    No! This is a shocker...RIP!!!
  155. Mischief

    los alamitos swimbait fishing

    Rainbow colors. Cause Spotties are gay,.. LOL
  156. Mischief

    someone you should know.

    fuck that had me cracking the fuck up!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  157. Mischief

    Mission Belle Sat 10/20

    LOL Love that last pic,..
  158. Mischief

    Retard in the harbor

    The Capt of that boat we went on in Ensenada was a retarded fag LOL
  159. Mischief

    The Dark Float Tubers Loking,..

    LOL na, nobody was around,..
  160. Mischief

    The Dark Float Tubers Loking,..

    well its not your mom,.. LOL jk bro.
  161. Mischief

    The Dark Float Tubers Loking,..

    Went out this morning to a local POLA spot. I have a buddy who just got into fishing seriously now. No more pier fishing for him. So i'm taking him under my wing and teaching the guy some skills in the art of catching fish. So we've been taking it slow starting with perch, then bass and halibut...
  162. Mischief

    Smells like poacher!!!

    too many words. i usually use gold fish when poaching...those guys put in work for their dinner,..
  163. Mischief

    Taking it old school.

    cool beans,..
  164. Mischief

    Tubing and hooping has been fun,..

    No, the batteries on the scale died. so i'll never know...guessing it was a solid 5#er,.. LOL I throw all the hoop gear on another float tube and just tow it around. we usually drop the nets, tie the tube to a buoy and fish,.. ;)
  165. Mischief

    Tubing and hooping has been fun,..

    No gatorade, just a buoy. I don't use ambush nets cause i'm only hooping shallow waters near a jetty. I'm not sure of the regs right now on how manys nets i can set so i'm only using two.
  166. Mischief

    Tubing and hooping has been fun,..

    Some pics might be exaggerated LOL My new ride,.. Love my new PB Spottie,.. ;)
  167. Mischief

    Retard in the harbor

    :rofl: sorry you had to go through that, fuck those tree huggers!
  168. Mischief

    To many Haters...

    Winter is coming,.. LOL
  169. Mischief

    Spotted bay bass san Pedro/La harbor

    Yup. No Spotties in San Pedro,..
  170. Mischief

    Fish Cat 4 $150 obo,..

    No, bright red doesn't go with me LOL
  171. Mischief

    Sunday Loking Blessings,..

    Thanks for the comments guys! Glad to say that the pics don't show how big that spot was!!! Now I gotta catch a bigger one,.. ;)
  172. Mischief

    Fish Cat 4 $150 obo,..

    Selling my Fish Cat 4 float tube. In good condition. Zippers and pockets still work. No damage or holes anywhere. This is one great float tube to have, just that I'm upgrading to another tube and I can't pass on that deal. Wish I still can hold onto this one but I can't! Hope it goes to someone...
  173. Mischief

    Sunday Loking Blessings,..

    Been a minute since I really went fishing since my Ensenada trip that didn't go well at all. Kinda put me out of the game. So this morning I jumped back in and went back to what I love to do most...Fishing off my float tube! So the boys came out to play! Raven, Jesse, Marco, KG, Franks and...
  174. Mischief

    Who pays the bills for BD?
  175. Mischief

    New Zealand soldiers send off one of their own

    That was so fahken epic!!! Hardcore,.. never wanna go to war with them!
  176. Mischief

    Suicide on a 3.5 day trip,..

    So sad,..
  177. Mischief

    Thinking outside of the box

    Nice checkers! Thanks for the invite,.. LOL
  178. Mischief

    Buyer Beware of Boat Works OC in Dana Point

    This is gonna get good,.. LOL
  179. Mischief

    Does anybody know why?

    Cause Americans are a threat,..
  180. Mischief

    Need Help Identifying fish caught in Seal Beach tonight....

    Lil Dan Hernandez says its a CorBina,..
  181. Mischief

    Save Berth 55!

    ATTENTION: Mark your calendars! … There comes a time when we as anglers need to come together and take a stand, this is one of those times! Please come out and support the cause to save Berth 55 where Long Beach Sportfishing is located. This Thursday, August 30th starting at 4:30PM to 8:00PM …...
  182. Mischief

    Ensenada 8-24 & 8-25-12-Dorado!

    I should have jumped on your boat,.. FML!!!
  183. Mischief

    More Dana Point Dorado!

    most likely to fertilize their Marijuana plants,.. no joke LOL
  184. Mischief


    Awesome! too bad you lost some dodos because of dodos,.. LOL Lo,.
  185. Mischief

    Kelps gone wild

    Nice slay,.. Lo,.
  186. Mischief

    More Dana Point Dorado!

    Epic report! Grats again, Debi,.. Lo,.
  187. Mischief

    Going to Ensenada this sat,..

    Yes its gonna be that kinda trip,.. LOL
  188. Mischief

    Going to Ensenada this sat,..

    I forgot your gonna be my mexican guide LOL
  189. Mischief

    Going to Ensenada this sat,..

    Just rubbing it in! fahk the zoo out of SD! I'm headed straight to the source LOL Na, I'm going with Phillip Friedman and his crew. Staying at the Rosarito beach hotel then on sat were gonna jump on the Gamefisher out of Ensenada marina. Anyone got any tips? hooks, weights, line etc...
  190. Mischief

    Show him your badge!!!

    A DEA agent stops at a ranch in Texas and talks with an old rancher. He tells the rancher, "I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs." The rancher points and says, "Okay, but do not go in that field over there." The DEA agent verbally explodes: "Mister, I have the authority of...
  191. Mischief

    Dana Point Dorado

    Awesome trip! One is enough,.. grats!
  192. Mischief

    taking my buddys boat to mexico, problem?

    as long as you don't stuff it with cocaine you should be good,.. LOL
  193. Mischief

    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    just paint it back on with your nail polish, seems your color would be red,.. LOL
  194. Mischief

    WTF I Quit this Crap !!!

    demand a refund,.. LOL
  195. Mischief

    Looking For New Bass Reel

    Seriously, check out what Abu Garcia gots! Then you'll have money left over to buy plastics, leadheads, scents, tackle box, back pack, car, facebook stock, 1/2 day trip out of SD and dinner for two at Chili's. Or you can get a Shimano reel and worry your dads gonna kill you when he finds out...
  196. Mischief

    Best lure for sculpin?

    Fish for halibut or bass! Then you'll catch nothing but sculpins,.. LOL
  197. Mischief

    Politics on BD (Reminder)

    C'mon people! Let's go get some R & R,.. :D
  198. Mischief

    In the harbor

    Thanks for the count and good catching,..
  199. Mischief


  200. Mischief

    Green Sticks Ranchero Loking,..

    LOL It was ssssllllllooooooowwwwwwwwww...for you!
  201. Mischief

    Green Sticks Ranchero Loking,..

    After last weeks hot tip on a spot that was boiling with bass didn't come thru, I went looking all over pools in search for the checkers! My bro came along as well. We were going up and down the hills, rock hopping and getting splashed by rogue waves trying get at any spot that had the kelp...
  202. Mischief


  203. Mischief

    Dad of the Century!

    Built his little girl a roller coaster! Wow!
  204. Mischief

    Happy Birthday Bank Robber

    Happy bday, Dean,..
  205. Mischief

    Fresh out da' butt hole 8.6.12

    Nice ones from the butt hole,.. LOL
  206. Mischief

    need help with targeting leopards....

    Best bait to use is kittens, 6/0 hook,..
  207. Mischief

    An evening with Carl

    hahaha epic fishing! Nice bloody hands down!
  208. Mischief

    Downrigger camera bycatch

    Sweet vid, thanks for sharing,..
  209. Mischief

    PV Loking,..

    So tired, pics will explain the outing! Lost two reebs in the kelp! so pissed, killed my whole day! It was my bros first time fishing there pools and kelps, he had a blast catching some slabs and zons! Bassfishing24/7 Landed a beast! Grats to him,.. Peace! The spot,.. No skunk today...
  210. Mischief

    What kind of fish is this?

  211. Mischief

    Beached Fish

    should of took a pic holding it with a surf board! Than you'll be famous,.. LOL
  212. Mischief

    Whale dope??

    I know where you can see a Blue Waffle,.. LOL
  213. Mischief

    Well............. I'm not fishing for a little while.

    So no float tubing for now? LOL
  214. Mischief

    This kid doesn't...

    I can pick up dead fish too! LOL
  215. Mischief

    Leopard sharks on an SUP

    That is awesome! grats on some good shark feeshing,..
  216. Mischief

    **BD DRAMA 3/4 Day Snaggie Sizzling Summer Charter Trip** HEAVY PICS as usual!**

    Epic report!!! Wish I can make it out to one of these trips one day! Make out to go fishing not make out with Simon,.. LOL
  217. Mischief

    nados sat 7-28-2012

    Haha A rednecks last words:
  218. Mischief

    nados sat 7-28-2012

    LIKE A BOSS!!! Grats,..
  219. Mischief

    MDR Big Goat!

    DDDDAAAAMMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!!! Now that is a goat!
  220. Mischief

    Turner's Californian Rods

    I got two California bass Rods and I love 'em! I have put them through hell and no guides have popped off,..
  221. Mischief

    Thunderbird 7-25-10

    AA is on Wednesday, tonight is DV LOL
  222. Mischief


  223. Mischief

    Thunderbird 7-25-10

    Nice baby sheepshead,.. LOL She got a nice checker!
  224. Mischief

    Bird bombs,..

    Next time the lifeguards kick me out for surf fishing, i'm gonna come back and try this trick lol
  225. Mischief


    DAMN!!! NICE YELLER!!! Congrats to Otto,..
  226. Mischief

    Sunday Funday Loking,..

    Thanks for the comments guys, i really need to get a Halibut on the tube again! ;)
  227. Mischief

    Yellow tail.

    Hoping for Cudas and you got yellers? Nice! Grats on your family getting sum,..
  228. Mischief

    Drop Shot for Salty Bass?.,?.,?

    Got this on a Zoom fluke bubble gum color, drop shotting with a 3/8 weight...1/0 worm hook on 12# fluro carbon line,..
  229. Mischief

    Sunday Funday Loking,..

    Hit up Cabrillo this morning! I'm still tired as hell, Lots of Halibuts! all short for me! Some bass and lots of Lizard fish for everyone,.. Bat rays were abundant today! everyone kept hooking on those mud marlins! I wasn't in the fighting mood so i would pop the line after 2 mins of hooking...
  230. Mischief

    Batman Movie Massacre

    Prayers for the victims and a slow death for the coward loser,.. Sad that the anti-gun nuts will be using this tragedy for their cause,..
  231. Mischief

    Wsb or corvina

    White Waffle Vina,..
  232. Mischief

    HH Tubin' 7/16

    Damn, you slayed it! Grats,..
  233. Mischief

    whats a better fight?

  234. Mischief

    My little man is a badass!

    Massive pig,..
  235. Mischief

    Long Beach Wall

    Nice report, Dan,... thanks again!
  236. Mischief

    Royal Star 7/8-7/15 - A Perfect Trifecta

    Epic report! Congrats,..
  237. Mischief

    30 LB Hali on the EJ

    Nice flattie! What lake were you fishing at? LOL
  238. Mischief

    Video: Western Pride 1/2 Day Turkey Shootout, Wed 7/11/2012

    Awesome report and vid, Jay! We gotta go feeshing more,.. Fahk the pelicans!!! LOL
  239. Mischief

    Checkers and Pelicans on the Western Pride Loking,..

    OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  240. Mischief

    Broken Wrist + BIG MAKO = Fun

    I love that last pic!!! Grats,..
  241. Mischief

    Checkers and Pelicans on the Western Pride Loking,..

    Dude, I think the pelicans are worse than sea lions! cause you hook those damn birds! its getting too crazy out there,..
  242. Mischief

    Might have created a MONSTER

    Nice one! Grats,..
  243. Mischief

    Checkers and Pelicans on the Western Pride Loking,..

    Got invited by my buddy Jay to come and join him and his son Conner on a half day trip out of Daveys Locker on the Western Pride. It would be both their first cattle boat trip and wanted me to help them out, I was very happy to do so,.. We got to the landing at 8am, Jay got the tickets and on...
  244. Mischief

    Plasma TV for sale,..

    First come, first serve,.. LOL Hey let me know asap. I got a 65" Plasma for $300 OBO if u want it. Here's a pic
  245. Mischief

    The Jewel of the Desert DVLoking,..

    fo sho, brah! Next time,.. ;)
  246. Mischief

    ~*~ happy birthday snarl ~*~

    Happy Late bday!!!
  247. Mischief

    Got Some More Newbies Out AAAAAND the Jackpot!!!

    Thanks for the report and Grats on the JP win! Nice snapper,..
  248. Mischief

    The Jewel of the Desert DVLoking,..

    Thanks, Frank! I'm gonna try to get back out there soon,..
  249. Mischief

    The Jewel of the Desert DVLoking,..

    thanks, bro! You gotta come down to this lake one day! its worth it,.. hey good looking out! I'll be down for that,..
  250. Mischief

    The Jewel of the Desert DVLoking,..

    I didn't catch any bass lol my buddy John caugth 3,.. i was just there for Stripers! i can catch bass at the park or golf pond LOL we were using fresh Sardines,..
  251. Mischief

    '86 Gregor

    Hell yea Nice! Lets take it to Catalina! LOL
  252. Mischief

    The Jewel of the Desert DVLoking,..

    Well I finally made it out this year to cross out a feesh on my list...The Stripe Bass. The area: Diamond Valley Lake in the hot azz city of Hemet. My buddy John is a known local angler and DVL was his backyard, he knows the lake real good, so i entrusted in him to put me on the stripes! Not...
  253. Mischief

    tubing 2012.07.06

    Nice halibut.......again LOL
  254. Mischief

    Fun day with a personal best

    Damn Nice flattie and congrats on the new PB ;) ,..
  255. Mischief

    Green Bass

    Nice ones,..
  256. Mischief


    Cool video, had to mute it...the music was making my cat go crazy LOL
  257. Mischief

    Queen Mary Fireworks...

    Cool pics! Thanks for the family report ;)
  258. Mischief

    4th of July...

    this is so fahken funny,.. LOL
  259. Mischief

    Independence at HH Loking,..

  260. Mischief

    Independence at HH Loking,..

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  261. Mischief

    Independence at HH Loking,..

    LOL shyt was funny,..
  262. Mischief

    Independence at HH Loking,..

    so how was cabrillo? LOL
  263. Mischief

    1st Report, July 4th Tubing the HH

    Awesome report, Jay! what ever you do, don't say your new here in the fishing chit chat section or you gonna have to show naked pics of yourself LOL
  264. Mischief

    Tubing Huntington Harbor

    Baby killers!!! LOL
  265. Mischief

    Caught a keeper yesterday

  266. Mischief

    South Bay Butt

    Holy shyt, Jim!!! happy 4th for you!!!
  267. Mischief

    Independence at HH Loking,..

    Most of us called in sick to work or told the ex we were going to work and some us just said I needed to get out on the water for a minute! So we did a quick tube meet at HH to do some spottie fishing,.. It was also my buddies first time tubing, supposedly he had a tube...what he had was a...
  268. Mischief

    The fish are always biting somewhere...

    Another great article! Fishing is always slow for me,.. :D
  269. Mischief

    *KABOOM!* Point Loma 4th of July Twilight Fishing and Fireworks Blast!

    Epic report with an epic fail on the fireworks! LOL awesome,..
  270. Mischief

    A Few Biggens

    That's pretty cool you let Conrad hold your fish for a pic! Right on,.. LOL
  271. Mischief

    Bajapaddyhopper Bite-Fest!! 6/30 w-pics

    damn always a good report from you, Grats on a fine day of fishing!
  272. Mischief

    Abu Garcia SX NEW $99!!!

    damn! why do these sales always pop up when i'm broke LOL
  273. Mischief

    Pride 1.5 trip, SCI & La Jolla

    awesome report, Spike! gotta get on that one day,..
  274. Mischief

    Fishin the "Sea Watch" with our Junior Anglers 6.28.2012

    Epic report! Kids look real happy and those are some nice bass they caught!
  275. Mischief

    71 Pound White Seabass - IB Kelp

    Damn that's a costal for sure, Grats!
  276. Mischief

    Float tubing spotties report

    Yup fo sho,..
  277. Mischief


    Heard on the radio thats where the after party for comic con A listers are gonna be at,..
  278. Mischief

    Float tubing spotties report

    Stay out of my spots, Alex!!! LOL
  279. Mischief

    Cedros June 22-25 Reebs Lures Trip

    Epic report, Brah! But wheres your Dodger hat? LOL
  280. Mischief

    Mirage 6/27 Santa Cruz Island, Dan Hernandez Charter

    Dan, I really appreciate your reports on Bloodydecks! Don't let these breezer noobs who come and go stop you from posting these awesome reports! I could never go fishing on a boat without your bucktails cause they slay fish repeatedly! Thank you for everything you do for the fishing...
  281. Mischief

    Good article in WON today,..

    thanks for the comments everyone! she's real happy and her sisters are jelly LOL but i can't wait to take the twins fishing on the Native sun soon,..
  282. Mischief


    Happy bday, Harry,..
  283. Mischief

    Good article in WON today,..

    written by Jimmy Bass with pics of my girl! so proud of her,.. :D
  284. Mischief

    Ali is getting old

    Happy Bday, ALI,..
  285. Mischief

    smarter than a 5th grader?

    If you get this don't spoil it, if you don't...just act like you do LOL
  286. Mischief


    I'm gonna start paintballing now...this is too much.
  287. Mischief

    They Ate It All.....

    Damn nice checkers! Cool research LOL
  288. Mischief

    Small Reel - Big Butt

    Damn cool pics and Grats on the Butt,..
  289. Mischief


    Longfin #1,..
  290. Mischief

    06.24.12 ~ I'm Back!!

    Whoa! Welcome back OG! Nice spottie,..
  291. Mischief

    Purple Spotted Rockfish and a Butt

    Damn that's a huge Calico!!! LOL
  292. Mischief

    OMG!!!! LIMITS OF BASS ???

    Might go next Friday on the Native Sun, not sure,.. Let's kill all the bass! LOL
  293. Mischief

    What is this????

    Idk....must be from the east coast since surf fishing sucks here,... LOL
  294. Mischief


    Tasty looking flattie, the fish of course,.. LOL
  295. Mischief


    Guys your doing it all wrong, next time they call tell them the call is being recorded and use this magic word....."HARASSMENT!!!" Tell them your calls are harassing! They will never call again, if they do just keep using that magic word,.. In no time there won't be any more calls from any...
  296. Mischief

    Surf fishing Waist tackle bag

    Whats the name of the bag? specs i mean, i need to get one! the spider wire bag,..
  297. Mischief

    Why are California Surf Fish smaller than my donger?

    Damn your right! I have been catching small fish surf fishing!!! LOL
  298. Mischief

    Marcus Please..........

    Ask for a refund,.. LOL
  299. Mischief

    Calico Bass Seminar - Sav on Tackle - June 21st

    i'll be there for sure, its just 10mins from my house,..
  300. Mischief

    SM - 6-17 - PM Soakin' + Video

    all you guys wera GoPros? lol
  301. Mischief

    SM - 6-17 - PM Soakin' + Video

    Nice guitar and vid,..
  302. Mischief

    Bubba Blade - Worth the $50?

    Nice first post! Your gonna do well here,.. LOL
  303. Mischief

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    I think this Thread should be locked now,..
  304. Mischief

    Simon's Father's Day Trip, Super Gaffman and a Skunk!

    Greatest report ever! what a gaff miss LOL surprised it didn't break off! Nice one, Simon,..
  305. Mischief

    Fathers day on the Surf Loking,..

    My bad, next time I'll take pics of them LOL after the rod broke I just chilled out for the rest of the day with the girls cause they are whats important,..
  306. Mischief

    Rocking the Concrete Jungle Loking,..

    Happy fathers day too! hope you little dude gets hooked! doesn't it,.. LOL
  307. Mischief

    Fathers day on the Surf Loking,..

    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! I had an adventure today, got invited by Scott Noseworthy to come down to his spot in Newport for some surf fishing! Been a long time for me, finally got my Phenix custom rod built (later in the day it breaks), got some neoprene footing and a new...
  308. Mischief

    From the beach to my belly

    DaFuq!!! Nice one and awesome pics of the feast! Grats,.
  309. Mischief

    Rocking the Concrete Jungle Loking,..

    Did a quick morning trip to the Concrete jungle with Jay Yew and his son Conner for some bass fishing. Launched the SS Blue Waffle to the spot, we took our time cause Jay had to tow his son lol Fishing was slow in the jungle, a first for me! I was so shocked, Connor was showing us both up, he...
  310. Mischief

    Oxnard at Deep Hole 6-14-12

    Damn at least you pulled the trigger, i'm always 50/50 when someone tells me to come out fishing on a hot tip they got, long ago i remember blowing so much money on trips that never came through, so now i just say seabass are gay! LOL
  311. Mischief

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    Now this is a baby killer shark thread LOL
  312. Mischief

    What kinda coke you want?

    Very funny Gil! LOL
  313. Mischief

    LAB, LBC May Report

    Nice Hali's,... The fish in the last pics is a mullet!
  314. Mischief

    Happy Birthday Blackfish

    Happy Bday, Mike,..
  315. Mischief

    Pacific Quest Overnight Charter to Two Islands

    Thanks for the report, Pam...and Happy Bday!
  316. Mischief

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    Wow what a douche post, should of made fun of our moms too, kid,.. And only clowns wanna fish the LA river LOL
  317. Mischief

    Changes to bass regulations proposed

    This thread will not end well,.. LOL
  318. Mischief

    What kinda coke you want?

    Shoot I put this up on my wall, only got two likes and one comment LOL
  319. Mischief

    What kinda coke you want?

  320. Mischief

    What kind of fish

    First, thank you for serving our country! Second, it might be blue and flat like a waffle looking creature,.. :D
  321. Mischief

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    It's too late, it belongs to the salt now,..
  322. Mischief

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    Damn man, should of anchored and told him "hope you know how to swim" LOL
  323. Mischief

    Father of the year!

    Name a street after this man! A Texas fatherbeat a man to death after catching him molesting his 4-year-old daughter in a horse barn, The Houston Chronicle reports.The incident...
  324. Mischief

    Scales for bass,..

    yea most the reviews were about how great this weighs luggage, but for $10 from amazon free shipping it was a good deal, when it takes a dump on me i'll get the Berkely scale,..
  325. Mischief

    Scales for bass,..

    Check out amazon, great deals on these scales,..
  326. Mischief

    Run over by a boat by Salt Creek

    Wow, glad your OK...what a douche that guy is,..
  327. Mischief

    Scales for bass,..

    anyone got one of these? just got one last week, wanna know if it holds up in the salt,..
  328. Mischief

    6/10/2012 C-bass & halibut= FAIL!! Calico and Sandies: Success!!

    Damn those are some big fahkers! Grats,..
  329. Mischief

    Shimano TranX

    Or Avets,.. :D
  330. Mischief

    Native Son 6/10 Huntington Flats

    Awesome report, Love that Boat! But its the Native *Sun LOL Hey i see Will in those pics! cool guy,..
  331. Mischief

    Shimano TranX

    Gimmick,.. LOL
  332. Mischief

    My First MB hoss.

    Nice one,..
  333. Mischief

    Twilight for a first timer Loking,..

    I'll see if i can get one of the girls to come south for that! The oldest does love pier fishing,..
  334. Mischief

    Twilight for a first timer Loking,..

    Finally my wife gave me permission to take my daughter Deliah out to do a twilight trip on the Native Sun out of LBSF,.. She was so excited to catch anything that was out there, so I was a little happy for her that the targer species will be bass and barracuda,.. Capt. Gabriel Ceballos did a...
  335. Mischief

    What kind of fish is this?

    Easy mistake, not like trolls haven't done this before,..
  336. Mischief

    What kind of fish is this?

    Spotted owl,..
  337. Mischief

    Well......sometimes pigs do fly.

    Congrats, Sherm! I'll support you in the recall LOL
  338. Mischief

    Finally watched my first hockey game yesterday,..

    YES! I can find out what those look like now LOL
  339. Mischief

    Finally watched my first hockey game yesterday,..

    My wife was wondering why? LOL
  340. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    Word on the boat they were all your friends LOL
  341. Mischief

    California State Record Sculpin?

    there was a fahken stroller on the deck!!!! LOL
  342. Mischief

    Catalina Sheephead 6/3

    Nice fish, I love fighting half moon perch on light gear! thanks for the report,.. :D Lo,.
  343. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    well, if you read the report you can tell i took out half of it...Lets just say if i did put up what else happen on that boat, people might get in trouble and this will get out of hand. so lets leave it like this and laugh at the pics that are up right now. LOL
  344. Mischief

    Team SlaughterHouse has Shark for the Year!

    Wtf man? Those stickers are for everyone! Grab one! LOL Nice shark,..
  345. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    Dude, wish i recorded some of the mess LOL still cracking up on the shyt i went through,..
  346. Mischief

    June 2nd Aboard the Patriot, Crab & Rock Fish Combo

    Great report, if i ever get up there i'm gonna try this crabbin/fishing boat! believe me its a zoo down here LOL
  347. Mischief

    Catalina Island 5/31-6/3/12

    Awesome report, John,.. Grats on all the feesh!
  348. Mischief

    What the heck is it??

    Oh just wait,.. LOL
  349. Mischief

    California State Record Sculpin?

    This is a Sculpin, before and after,.. LOL
  350. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    Just finished dinner, i think it was worth it,.. :D
  351. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    anyone else wondering what JapanRon is gonna say about this trip? :rofl:
  352. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    haha and people wonder why i prefer to float tube instead,.. LOL you can tow me to the 'nados ;) exactly what i did! and take pics,.. well he did ask me for a dollar :rofl: oh man, if only the internet was around then LOL oh man it was so epic, i could have came on here and...
  353. Mischief

    Sunday Butt's

    Damn nice halibut!
  354. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    :rofl: oh yea, so much happen today on the water! what was your guys count? I heard my bro on the phone with you,..
  355. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    Well, brother keeps wanting to go on these boats on a weekend, he kept insisting on going! So i gave in and took him on the boat, now he'll never again ask to go jump on a open party weekend cattle boat trip LOL
  356. Mischief

    100 pounder BSB

    My report kicks this reports ass,.. :rofl:
  357. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    Dude, its so hard to explain today, the pics say it best! But there was so much more! LOL
  358. Mischief

    California State Record Sculpin?

    DaFaq, its obviously a Blue Waffle! Google an image to get a confirmation,.. :D
  359. Mischief

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    LOL Got invited by my buddy Will to come down and fish the Victory out of Pierpoint landing for a 3/4 day trip from 6am-4pm. The day before the boat landed about 250 Cudas with 46 people on board. I knew people saw the count too, so i wasn't really surprise when the 77 or more people that showed...
  360. Mischief

    BAJA MEXICO w/ Juilio Meza & Jose Wejebe

    This is such a sweet catch and nice pic,...
  361. Mischief

    Local Lagoon Session

    Nice spotties and sweet pics! i'm fahken loving photobuckets new pic mode,..
  362. Mischief

    50 lbs of Coastal Flattie!

    Sup, Hali master...when we going fishing? LOL
  363. Mischief

    San O'...... Ma

    can i go? :D
  364. Mischief

    50 lbs of Coastal Flattie!

    LOL That dude is on a roll! We gotta go yellowtail fishing with him soon! Wanna go Tuesday evening? Fish Wednesday morning?
  365. Mischief

    Tackle alert need tackle!!

    Dropped my iPhone laughing like hell when I read this! LOL
  366. Mischief

    50 lbs of Coastal Flattie!

    Before he caught that Halibut this was Johns biggest catch from the last fishing trip LOL
  367. Mischief

    50 lbs of Coastal Flattie!

    Oh man I can't believe I misses this trip! I got confused when he wanted to go fishing LOL. Next time I'll pay more attention to him on the phone while playing MW3! Damn jimmy when you text me the pic I fell on the floor surprised as hell! Fahken beast of a fish!! Congrats again, John! Let's...
  368. Mischief

    Coastal Whiteys.

    Damn you killed them, Dean and crew! Congrats,..
  369. Mischief

    Bad Day at the Lake...

  370. Mischief

    Kicked a little Butt

    Nice one, Jim...I've been running into a lot of those at Dana, seems every dine I put in the drink would get hit, hope some big ones move into the harbors soon,..
  371. Mischief

    Hawaii shore fishing 5/27

    Damn that's a long name for a fish lol nice,..
  372. Mischief

    Nuttin but a DP G thang Loking,..

    For some reason, it was only kayakers, not ones fishing, just plain ol' kayakers that kept running into us LOL
  373. Mischief

    Coastal Seabass the hard way

    Nice one, John! Congrats,..
  374. Mischief

    4 ft of something

    Fahken fish hippies, kick rocks! Guy went fishing, caught a fish...good job! Thanks for the report,..
  375. Mischief

    Put it back Daddy!!

    Nice flattie, thanks for the report,..
  376. Mischief

    memorial bass day

    Damn kids look happy! grats,..
  377. Mischief

    Nuttin but a DP G thang Loking,..

    LOL might have to be shaving it off soon, sucks!
  378. Mischief

    Not Be a Dump Truck

    I don't mind of you guys get high, hey its your thang...but do you gotta do it in my face? in a boat? c'mon, i like to jack off to relax but you don't see me whip it out on the bow and go at it!
  379. Mischief

    Monte Carlo a.m. 5/27/12

    Nice cuda report, damn dogs...can't kill 'em, can't fish with 'em,.. HAHAHA Epic fail,..
  380. Mischief

    The Legend overnight, fishing 5/26

    DamN thats a nice bday gift for sure! grats,..
  381. Mischief

    do i

    you purchased a passport for catalina island? LOL
  382. Mischief

    Nuttin but a DP G thang Loking,..

    Came to Dana Point for some Halibut feeshing, walked right into a bass frenzy,.. Oh yea! Cast and Destroy,..
  383. Mischief

    Memorial Day

  384. Mischief

    Twilight tonight

    Native Sun,.. boat leaves at 6:30pm.
  385. Mischief

    Risking life and limb to catch Calico Bass in Mexico...

    Epic report, i can't wait to get down there this summer,.. fuck the hype! more fish for me,.. Lo,.
  386. Mischief

    WON White Seabass Championship Report

    damn nice yeller, grats again,.. rumors... LOL ...more like haters,.. Lo,.
  387. Mischief

    fishin dana point and south monday

    i might too,.. look for a blue float tuber LOL
  388. Mischief

    first overnight

    yea bring like a dozen 8 to 10 ounce torpedo weights,..
  389. Mischief

    Anyone ever tried one of these?

    haha I like that style more! yup,.. :D
  390. Mischief

    Anyone ever tried one of these?

    stupid auto correct: anyone ever tried one of THESE???
  391. Mischief

    Anyone ever tried one of these?

    My brother picked it out at Sav on tackle for WSB fishing, anyone used one before? got any rigging tips?
  392. Mischief

    Shimano waxwing leader or no leader?

    Your choice, do you wanna lose a $20 prOduct fishing with a leader?
  393. Mischief

    Cat 5.20.12

    Haha I'll send you pics!
  394. Mischief

    Cat 5.20.12

    damn nice toads! going there friday for an overnighter, this got me pumped up!
  395. Mischief

    discovered the hard way something about sculpin

  396. Mischief

    No more fishing out of Berth 55,..

    Sucks,.. :eyepoppin: May 22, 2012 – A near 40-year-old seafood restaurant and fish market, known as “Berth 55,”...
  397. Mischief

    Who's the BD'er that lost it, and who's the BD'er that found it?

    My fahken cousin from Mexico told me to pick them up on Saturday! But they showed up Sunday, LOL I'm telling you this for sure...heads will roll!
  398. Mischief

    catch of the day

    damn, should have went fishing there sunday! LOL
  399. Mischief

    Finally rockfish success

    Nice,.. I saw you guys leaving the harbor, i was fishing in a float tube :D Lo,.
  400. Mischief

    5/16/12 Limits of WSB With Captain Hansen

    looks like a good day and slay! grats,..
  401. Mischief

    Best Lures to Catch Spotted Bay Bass

    Fast retrieve,.. :D
  402. Mischief

    rockpile jello

    Nice yeller,.. LO,.
  403. Mischief

    Isn't it time for these?

    Thank you for making the waters safer for me to float tube LOL
  404. Mischief

    Izorline brad question

    50# and over is real good, the 30# sucks balls! LOL
  405. Mischief

    Dana Point Loking for some butts,..

    Damn, I'm still tired as hell so this will be real short,.. Got to DP at 6, launched right away and got a kayak scoop from the bait barge, still $10 if anyone wants to know,.. we went out to the point near the kelp bed to see what wanted to bite. Cudas and WSB were boiling all over, all...
  406. Mischief

    (video) First GoPro test....

    Haha nice fish :D I'll wait til next year when they go for $100 LOL
  407. Mischief

    SMB 5-18-12 No Cuda.

    hey you look like thee guy my brother has been flirting with on FB LOL
  408. Mischief

    Some fish caught on my baits

    damn, nice baits,.. Lo,.
  409. Mischief

    lost my truck/trailer

    So did you catch any fish? LOL
  410. Mischief

    Goon Squad (lagoon toads)

    Damn nice slay fest! Grats,..
  411. Mischief

    Swamp People cast member Michell dies.

    RIP! the wife and I just started to watch the show, he was are favorite guy, so sad, feel bad for the brother now,..
  412. Mischief

    Two days on the "PacVoyager" 5.12-13.2012

    Damn those are some huge reds!!! Mike, wheres the pic of your lingcod? :D
  413. Mischief

    No WSB or Yellows but a 22 lb Sheephead bit

    My sheepshead in the pic below is a 12# +, yours is maybe around there, maybe a little north but not more than 15#,.. still a nice catch! Oh and the mystery fish looks like a CorVina,.. :D
  414. Mischief

    Dropper-Looping for Thresher

    Classic,.. LOL Nice bass!
  415. Mischief

    The Three Amigos Loking,..

    LOL I'm gonna be float tubing it this sat at Dana Point if you wanna come up a little north to fish with some float tubers,..
  416. Mischief

    How NOT to park your worthless boat hull.....

    :rofl: so funny,..
  417. Mischief

    The Three Amigos Loking,..

    shyt but i would like to nail some spotties in the jungle,.. :D
  418. Mischief

    The Three Amigos Loking,..

    oh yea i checked out that vid when you guys posted it, looks like a cool spot! does the po po's give you guys shyt too for fishing there?
  419. Mischief

    Cedros Island Excursion

    ddddaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnn!!!!! Nice toads,.. Lo,.
  420. Mischief

    The Three Amigos Loking,..

    you come all the way from San Diego to fish the jungle? I use photobucket,..
  421. Mischief

    SB surf Fishing

    San Bernadino? LOL
  422. Mischief

    The Three Amigos Loking,..

    Nice Pics Cappo! Lets go back for the cudas soon,.. Lo,.
  423. Mischief

    Newport Kelp and Rockfishing

    Nice, what did it taste like? LOL Lo,.
  424. Mischief

    ID this fish, PICs

    Blue Croaker,.. :D
  425. Mischief

    Skinny Pluggin'

    Pig! grats,.. Lo,.
  426. Mischief

    The Three Amigos Loking,..

    Well, it was me, my bro and Cappo that went Loking for some feesh,.. We did a saturday morning run into the Concrete Jungle for some bass! Launched a little after 6, already light out with a bit of over cast. Low tide at 9am so we had to hurry up and get there to get some good action before the...
  427. Mischief

    Got one dumped one

    Nice flattie! Congrats!!!
  428. Mischief

    Finding Bait

    why not just go check it out,..
  429. Mischief

    Barracuda are biting!

    05-10-2012 1/2 Day AM 9 4 California Scorpionfish, 9 Barred Sand Bass, 3 Rockfish, 11 California Barracuda
  430. Mischief

    He probably got banned,..

    No, Los Angeles,.. LOL
  431. Mischief

    The Ghey Test...

    I am fabulously 20% ghey,.. LOL Lo,.
  432. Mischief

    Bloody Decks Log In Policy -- What do you think? -- Am I a tool?

    Did anyone else but me notice is job description is: Problem solver LOL Lo,.
  433. Mischief

    Bloody Decks Log In Policy -- What do you think? -- Am I a tool?

    Oh log in problems? I know a something that will explain how to fix your work comp...just Google "Blue Waffle" it's pretty explainable from there,... LOL haha last time guys I swear! :finger:
  434. Mischief

    Bloody Decks staff is SO MEAN!

    I like this guys quote: LOL Today, 04:26 AM #3 ol guide Senior Member Join Date: Mar 2012 Posts: 169 "how much did you say your PAYING to enjoy these forums......oh....nothing!"
  435. Mischief

    He probably got banned,..

    LOL :finger:
  436. Mischief

    photos for last weekend's Big Game 2 1/2 day trip

    That bald guy in the last pic owes me $10 LOL LO,.
  437. Mischief

    Ali and Jason

    LOL when i get bored on BD, i would go thru Byeye recent posts, fahken funny shyt,.. good to see you back,.. :D Lo,.
  438. Mischief


    Those are epic, i won't be surprise one day when point and shoot cameras will have that feature,.. lol Lo,.
  439. Mischief

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    Damn you guys slayed them,.. :appl: Lo,.
  440. Mischief

    Big thanks to Avet,..

    Not sure, they sent me these for free,.. :D
  441. Mischief

    Big thanks to Avet,..

    for sending me all these stickers!!! Also put some cash down for the Avet SX, single speed in Gun metal color, I'm gonna be using that for twilights, surf fishing and fly line fishing when the cuda show up,.. thanks again Avet!
  442. Mischief

    FREEDOM MAY $99 Wed

    umm leave tuesday night fish wednesday???
  443. Mischief

    Pacific Star 2-day 5/5 - 5/6/2012 : ClubFish Charter

    Nice Taco slay, Pam!!! lets go fishing soon,.. Lo,.
  444. Mischief

    Nice Spottie from NPH

    Nice feesh,.. Lo,..
  445. Mischief

    Field testing

    Great Pic,.. good job! Lo,.
  446. Mischief

    Hali from the tube!

    LOL Nice fish!!!! Now never ever tell anyone where you caught it,.. Lo,.
  447. Mischief

    Barrett Opener 5/2

    Nice job, Matt! you killed it there, fatty for a 5,.. Lo,.
  448. Mischief

    Pictures of the Lovely Couple That Ripped Us Off

    or a Texas neighbor with a shotgun,.. LOL Lo,.
  449. Mischief

    Super Moon

    Nice fish, Google "Blue moon", thanks for the report,.. :D Lo,.
  450. Mischief

    New arrival!!

    Congrats,.. Lo,.
  451. Mischief


    WTF! LOL everyone, bust out your crystals and blue waffles! its gonna get ugly,.. :rofl: Lo,.
  452. Mischief


    i don't want people to throw a bytch fit again LOL like Fishingirl2010 :D
  453. Mischief


    Do I have to bring my own crystals? Lo,.
  454. Mischief

    What kind of fish is this?

    I don't know, he looks Asian, maybe phillipino?
  455. Mischief

    Getting rid of a family of Possums

    Lets have a BD kill fest saturday at yo house! Then a BD cook out at yo house on Sunday,.. win win! :D Lo,.
  456. Mischief

    MDR - Bass Fun Fest W/ The Red Drum!

    Another great slay on the Red Drum! I fished it once :D ,.. Lo,.
  457. Mischief


    Here comes the bass police, fahken douches,..
  458. Mischief

    Navionics Mobile Mapping for Iphone

    Yea just this weekend my buddy Scott was showing me this app on his iPhone, didn't need cell service...I would get it, but I don't need it on my float tube LOL
  459. Mischief


    Eye see a lot of dead bass!!! Haha nice slay ride, tacos for days,.. Lo,.
  460. Mischief

    How do i set the hook when fishing for batrays and Small sharks ?

    First...what kinda hook are you using?
  461. Mischief

    halibut and 5 spotties today

    Nice flattie! Welcome to BD,.. :finger: Lo,.
  462. Mischief

    Sea of Cortez - Yellowtail & Grouper 4/21 w-pics

    damn that is an epic trip!!! glad you guys got some nice quality size exotics!!! my kinda fishing,.. Lo,.
  463. Mischief

    WSB Poachers

    Broken Rod has a broken head LOL ,.. anyways, thanks for the report,.. did the WSB have white or black socks on? thats they best way to tell the difference between a WSB and CorVina,.. :D Lo,.
  464. Mischief

    New Striper painting 4/1/12

    Oh man, I thought you meant a stripper painting LOL But that's a sweet one too!
  465. Mischief

    Lincoln Park, Free kids fishing event report

    Wow, looks like the kids had a good time! Nice size trout too, next time you guys are back up here in LA area I'll take my kids to one of these,.. Lo,.
  466. Mischief

    Free Fishing Seminar in Orange May 3rd.

    Wish I lived closer,..
  467. Mischief

    Mirage 4/28-4/29

    Dddaaaaammmmnnnnnnn!!!!!! Now that's a rock fishing trip!!! Congrats on all the taco meat, also that's a huge ling,.. Grats! Lo,.
  468. Mischief

    Fishdog 4/29

    Sounds like a good day on the water, can't beat that,..
  469. Mischief

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet This Sunday in Cerritos

    sounds good, i'll be there,.. Lo,.
  470. Mischief

    Newport Pier VS Huntington Pier California

    Newport,.. don't forget to show pics of how you cooked them! :D Lo,.
  471. Mischief

    Rockpile Yellows 4-28-12

    Grats on the yellers,.. Lo,.
  472. Mischief

    Mosquito sucking my blood at 3x magnification

    umm kool? LOL
  473. Mischief

    SCI overnighter on the Toronado Loking,..

    Debi let me know when! I wanna go ghost hunting,.. ;)
  474. Mischief

    Happy Birthday Stan (Surfdoc)

    Happy Bday, Stan,.. Google... LOL Lo,.
  475. Mischief

    SCI overnighter on the Toronado Loking,..

    Went fishing with Phil this weekend on the Toronado out of Pierpoint landing to San Clemente,.. left sat night, woke up at the west end of SCI around 4am. this was my brothers first island trip, actually his first rock fishing trip as well. We only have gone twilight fishing before this trip...
  476. Mischief

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    Notice it was after the 24th when I started telling people to google blue waffle it started to spike up LOL
  477. Mischief

    What would you do?

    Google "blue Mexican"? LOL
  478. Mischief

    Guys, if you ever date a dentist...

    ...make sure when you break up, you find another dentist to go too! LOL Dentist pulls out all ex-boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her The dentist Anna Mackowiak, 34, took revenge on her 45-year-old ex-lover Marek Olszewski, who strangely...
  479. Mischief

    Found a couple of cuda in IB

    Irons and slime! My favorite band,.. Thanks for the recon!
  480. Mischief

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    Hey guys, would now be a time to tell him to google something! LOL Lo,..
  481. Mischief


    Damn, Spiro nailed a nice one! Grats,.. I'll be there Friday!
  482. Mischief

    Dock Spottin'

    damn nice fish! i gotta get down to SD! Lo,.
  483. Mischief

    Just another Day in the Bay.....

    Nice, got some quality fish! Congrats on a nice day out,.. Lo,.
  484. Mischief

    How to use baitcasters without levelwind?

    yes, wear a thumb protector lol i sawed my thumb today on braid,.. LOL
  485. Mischief

    LAB 04/26/12 Nite Bite

    Damn, about time we got a report,... nice fish!!! Lo,.
  486. Mischief


  487. Mischief


    Your dad,.. :D
  488. Mischief


    Someone didn't like what he googled LOL don't get you panties wet, just fahking with you,.. Nice pier shark :D
  489. Mischief

    Cab Surf Fishing Report?

    Cabo San lucas?
  490. Mischief

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    and fighting over halibut,.. LOL
  491. Mischief

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    Jesse is about to get paid $500 if this dude takes up his challenge LOL
  492. Mischief


    hahaha when people post only reports in here and ask Q's in the fishing chit chat then i'll stop LOL
  493. Mischief

    Surf Fishin Rookie

    well, i haven't got my new surf fishing gear yet, but when i do i'll be more than happy to show you some tips and skill at fishing the surf. keep me in mind in a couple of weeks, send me a PM in a week or two when you wanna go out,.. Leo,.. bad hair day,.. beans,.. Perch,.. Bendo...
  494. Mischief

    Anchor Found Malibu

    good for you, i like to goggle "blue waffle", thanks for the report,.. Lo,.
  495. Mischief

    SCI overnighter leaving tonight!!! fishing 4/29,..

    Need a few more people to get this trip going!!! its on the Toronado out of Pierpoint landing,.. Boat leaves at 10pm fishing sunday at San Clemente island, weather is perfect tomorrow! get a first chance at the YTs and WSB!!! just $150 no fuel surcharge, free raffle and you get a chance to go...
  496. Mischief


    Nice shark, google "blue waffle" to get the report of the catch,..
  497. Mischief

    Creating Your Own Fishing T-Shirt Design

    Or you can google "blue waffle" LOL
  498. Mischief

    Searching for Yellowtail... went home with ? (Part 2)

    Nice fish,.. You guys got enough lines in the water? LOL Lo,.
  499. Mischief

    Some Random Shots

    wtf? damn trolls,.. Lo,.
  500. Mischief

    Early report: Mirage 4/28- 4/29

    Nice fish, google "blue waffle". Thanks for the report,.. Lo,.
  501. Mischief

    Lake Dixon

    Now thats an awesome pic! grats,.. :appl::appl::appl:
  502. Mischief

    Where do you guys go as far as a tackle shop?

    Performance tackle,.. LO,.
  503. Mischief

    Surf Fishin Rookie

    you bumped your own thread in 4 hours? LOL Lo,.
  504. Mischief

    Big corona in corona del mar

    the Halibut bite at night ain't so good,..
  505. Mischief

    Basking shark video La Jolla

    Nice fish, google "blue waffle", thanks for the report,.. Lo,.
  506. Mischief

    New gear

    Some big fish,.. Lo,.
  507. Mischief

    Well with all this Avet drama,..

    II know I'm gonna love it, did a lot of research, did some google searches and hit up some people who have it and got sold on it! I'm very proud to own one of these now, I can use it for multiple purposes like yo yo fishing, bottom fishing and surface, I want the SX for the surf and twilight...
  508. Mischief

    FREEDOM San Nic Photo 4-22-12

    Damn you Guys nailed them! Grats,..
  509. Mischief

    Boat Ho SD North County

    fo sho, can't wait for the season to kick off,..
  510. Mischief

    Well with all this Avet drama,..

    Never know, I might end up with 22 one day and then send them in to get serviced in a Huggies diaper box,.. LOL
  511. Mischief

    Boat Ho SD North County

    do i have to bring my own crystals? LOL Lo,.
  512. Mischief

    Some Random Shots

    Nice pics! are you gonna do another "post one pic and i'll photo phix them?" :D
  513. Mischief

    Well with all this Avet drama,..

    I want some stickers as well! I'm gonna check out the HX2, i want a heavy set up last,..
  514. Mischief

    Well with all this Avet drama,..

    Was gonna go with MC but decided not to last minute,..
  515. Mischief

    Avet lost & found (22) of my reels!

    This may be a bad time to bring this up...but hell, where can i get some Avet stickers? LOL not joking Lo,.
  516. Mischief

    Well with all this Avet drama,..

    I still went and picked one up today! Avet MXJ 6/4 Gold from Sav On tackle spooled with 300 yards of 50# braid! Gonna be my first of three i wanna get, next will be a SX, not sure what will be the third. I just wanna have three good rod and reel set up's for the season cause I will be doing some...
  517. Mischief

    Avet lost & found (22) of my reels!

    I think finadict might be a little mad because Lusine is his girlfriend,.. LOL Lo,.
  518. Mischief

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    Fuck man! whats up with everyone bytching that he caught a fish,.. geez!
  519. Mischief

    Baja Pirates Rock!

    Sweet yeller fishing,.. grats!
  520. Mischief

    A Good Week in Cabo

    Nice! WO marlin fishing must be fun, i've caught one on a panga so i know this to be true lol
  521. Mischief

    TugBoat Pitching

    Nice Liz and loving them shoes, gangster,.. :D
  522. Mischief

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    google "blue waffle",...
  523. Mischief

    Where do you guys go as far as a tackle shop?

    Del amo swap meet tackle,.. :D
  524. Mischief

    Open Fishing Docks?

    No, people live there. Can I go in your backyard to look for worms? LOL
  525. Mischief

    bass survey results

    Nice fish! Google "blue waffle", thanks for the report,.. LOL
  526. Mischief

    So yellowtails are running, need advice.

    When you walk into a tackle to buy those irons, do you think the people who work there don't know how to fish? LOL But here's something I do, I ask an employee what's the number one selling surface iron and yo yo iron ;)
  527. Mischief

    9" bubba blades

    Nice fish, google "blue waffle", thank you for the report,.. Lo,..
  528. Mischief

    Where do you guys go as far as a tackle shop?
  529. Mischief

    4-25-12 yellow

    Nice one, Grats,..
  530. Mischief

    Santo Tomas Bonita Bite

    Nice bones, grats,.. Lo,.
  531. Mischief

    LBC NOT the break wall

    cause the break wall was too crowded,.. :D Lo,.
  532. Mischief

    How long does it take to make a reel?

    Hope you give Avet another try, they are good reels, sorry you had a bad time getting the reel,..
  533. Mischief

    Avet lost & found (22) of my reels!

    This is gonna get good,.. LOL
  534. Mischief

    Los Alamitos Bay

    just find water and the DFG ain't planting bass until the 28th,.. LOL
  535. Mischief

    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    Nice Kitchen, why isn't the wife in it? thanks for the report,.. :D
  536. Mischief

    SWBA Video

    Nice fish, thanks for the report,.. LOL
  537. Mischief

    LBC NOT the break wall

    LOL nice one Raul! see you on the Sun soon,..
  538. Mischief

    Was told I cant fish here:(

    yup, can't fish inside shoreline,..
  539. Mischief

    20 foot white likely a white not a Basking Shark

    This ones for Matt,.. Hey nice fish! Thanks for the report, anal beads with hooks :D
  540. Mischief


    it was a CorVina,.. LOL
  541. Mischief

    2 Days at SCI

    AwesOme report,.. Capt. Ricky is a good guy, Glad you guys got to go out with him!
  542. Mischief

    04.22.12 - Aloha Spirit - Full Speed Rockfishing

    damn, you ever not fish! LOL pretty cool for the capt. to pull into the painted cave,..
  543. Mischief


    you sure your not googin us? :D
  544. Mischief

    4 year old terrorist,..

    just wow... :shake: does she fit the profile of a terrorist?
  545. Mischief

    Pacific Queen

    I think they just remodeled it, looks nice, another thing the rail is high above the water, long gaffs for sure,..
  546. Mischief

    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    Will the Bloodydecker be there to scare it off?
  547. Mischief

    Burgers to die for...........

    Can I get mines with bacon? :D
  548. Mischief

    BloodyHooker boat

    Was the Bloodyhooker "Googin" LOL
  549. Mischief

    SCI 4/21 on the Fortune

    Epic report! Thanks for helping out that kid,..
  550. Mischief

    quality spottie report

    dude what kinda reel is that? :D
  551. Mischief


    thats so googin,.. LOL
  552. Mischief

    NPH 2/15

    Look at the date when he posted this report,..
  553. Mischief

    NPH 2/15

  554. Mischief

    float tube livewell

    i've never had a fish jump on yet lol let me take some pics,..
  555. Mischief

    float tube livewell

    Na, unless you wanna know how deep it is and temp, but i dont need one,.. just more shyt to carry on your tube,..
  556. Mischief

    New to bd

    oh your gonna do fine here, wanna go camping? gotta bring your own crystals! LOL :finger:
  557. Mischief

    A tough 'butt rewarding weekend. PB & New Species

    Nice tie,.. and fish :D
  558. Mischief

    best plastic for sandbass

    Reel in slow,..
  559. Mischief

    float tube livewell

    That's exactly why I made it! For those long kicks I just throw it in the back :D Do you want me to snap some pics of it to give you a better idea how to set it up?
  560. Mischief

    float tube livewell

    do you see my live well below my fins, its pretty simple to make and i'm using a wal mart laundry basket lol
  561. Mischief

    Socal Bay Series #2

    damn you guys are some young guns! LOL grats,..
  562. Mischief

    San Clemente Island report 4/22

    hope so as well, weather lately has been freaky!
  563. Mischief

    Just Fishing

    damn you guys slayed it! grats,..
  564. Mischief

    4/22/12 Long beach halibut fishing,

    Nice flattie,.. around 10-13,.
  565. Mischief

    San Clemente Island report 4/22

    Thanks for the report, Dan,.. Headed there this weekend! Hope it's good to us as well,..
  566. Mischief

    Street Fight!

  567. Mischief

    It gives you wings!

    So today I was walking down the street and saw on the ground a butterfly with no wings, so I poured my red bull on it and BAM!!! It fahken drowned LOL
  568. Mischief

    Coachella Canal April 22

    Sweet, for some reason lately I've been nailing catfish lol they put up a nice fight!
  569. Mischief

    FKG gets his stripes......... 4/22

    Damn! Nice ones, I wanna hit up DVL soon!
  570. Mischief

    LA Harbor - 4/22/12

    Nice flattie,.. grats!
  571. Mischief

    2012 Masters Trout Tournament - Irvine Lake

    Too bad about the kid who got the 4#er, but rules are rules,..
  572. Mischief

    How much is my line i bought worth?

    oh i mean i got some brand new line, just dusty LOL
  573. Mischief

    irons for yellowtail

    well, right now go with Mint tady 45,..
  574. Mischief

    All I want is to catch a butt!!

    Lucky craft 110 flash minnow,.. just keep throwing it at the surf near jettys, you'll get one eventually,. :D
  575. Mischief

    Anti's will stop at nothing.

    Good job on the info people, dont ever blame me..I vote right :D
  576. Mischief


    Welcome, Umm show us pics of umm...well how about ummm you got umm...ahh fahk it! :finger:
  577. Mischief

    How much is my line i bought worth?

    I got sOme used line as well, take it all for $20? LOL
  578. Mischief

    Lucky B- Big La Jolla Yellows 4.22

    Nice yellers! On a Tranx too lol
  579. Mischief

    Rpt-Sat.-04-21-12 SCI Reds.

    Those are some big reds! Going this weekend to SCI, hope I get into a taco feast as you did,..
  580. Mischief

    Fave fish to catch?

    Goldfish,.. FTR!
  581. Mischief

    Just some park Loking,..

    thanks, maggie! gotta love local parks,..
  582. Mischief

    San Clemente Is

    fahken lucky! lets see a report when you come back,..
  583. Mischief

    Just some park Loking,..

    LOL i know, just was hoping for some Bass, couldn't get to them cause these guys kept biting my goldie,..
  584. Mischief

    Stripers are biting...................

    oh man you nailed some nice ones! grats,..
  585. Mischief

    Just some park Loking,..

    Been a while since i posted a report, not much going on out here living in east Whittier, can't just head down the 105 to do some surf fishing anymore so I've been hitting up Clark park for some bass, the family loves coming out here, kids get to hit the playground where i can see them and my...
  586. Mischief

    Secret Spot bassin

    It's funny I see all the graffiti at Woodley but it's the bass anglers they chase off! SMH!
  587. Mischief

    can you identify this reel?

    lil cold in here,.. LOL
  588. Mischief


  589. Mischief

    Most of you remember the 80's... was this? LOL
  590. Mischief

    Happt Birthday Sean (Vermonster)

    Happy bday, brah,..
  591. Mischief


    have you tried home deport? LOL