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  1. Smudge

    Pepper Park- National City Fishing Info Request

    Go pump some ghost shrimp, launch at Chula Vista and fish the back bay for bonefish.
  2. Smudge

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    To any and all, if a donor is found and has to travel from out of state I have 100,000 Delta Sky Miles to donate to get them to and from San Diego on Domestic First Class.
  3. Smudge

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Fucking Stan...
  4. Smudge

    Follow the sport boats? It'll pay for itself your first trip by the sound of the route you're planning...
  5. Smudge

    Dania Beach fishing and boat swap meet

    2nd year in a row I've been out of town for this... :-/
  6. Smudge

    O'ahu Hawaii August 2016

  7. Smudge

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    I'm not on BD as much as I once was, but when I looked today and saw a spinning/BFT post with 15 pages, I was expecting the worst. Glad to see I was wrong!!
  8. Smudge

    Lowance hds 5 with chirp ?

    Make sure are of your cabling is shielded properly(not noisy) and adjust the transducer. If it's a transom mount you have to be sure it's getting clean water with minimal or no bubbles.
  9. Smudge

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    Badass! Great shots and story!!!!
  10. Smudge

    Raymarine Dragonfly 7 vs Lowrance HDS7 Gen 3

    Just put an HDS12 Gen 3 in. Very impressed. The expand-ability of the HDS units is pretty rad. Lots of options...
  11. Smudge

    Florida cc's

    There are clamshell doors and sliding davits that bring the tenders inside the hull. There are four sets of doors two forward and two aft. The 40hp motors I swapped just run one of the fin stabilizer sets. That boat is 390' feet long. No need to rest any boat on deck. You should see some of the...
  12. Smudge

    Florida cc's

    Fair enough. I just replaced two 40hp electric motors on this boat. She has 4 tenders. Two are RIBs, one is a Tigé and the other is a Midnight Express with triple 7's... like this one.
  13. Smudge

    Horizon off San Diego tonight 1/15/15

    I lived in Point Loma for just about ten years total. I've seen it like that a dozen or so times...
  14. Smudge

    Florida cc's

    Money. The few of them out here that really truly fish those boats are tournament guys. The Kingfish trail is HUGE money. There is nothing on the west coast that even comes close. The tournaments move all the way from Texas to the Carolina's but the fish may not move as fast as the tourny trail...
  15. Smudge

    wtb shimano flat fall jigs

    There were a bunch on the shelf at the Basspro here in Dania. How bad do you want them?
  16. Smudge

    Horizon off San Diego tonight 1/15/15

    It's San Clemente. That's what it looks like when conditions are just right.
  17. Smudge

    2nd Annual Saltydawg Rods 15 day on the Excel

    I wish. Maybe the next one.
  18. Smudge

    2nd Annual Saltydawg Rods 15 day on the Excel

    OK, so who's going to loan me tackle? LOL
  19. Smudge

    What happened at the bait barge

    EB could probably stop selling bait to PBers period and save themselves a lot of headache. LOL
  20. Smudge

    Fukashima Results Are In......... Holy Moley.........

    OK now that really is amazing...
  21. Smudge

    Fukashima Results Are In......... Holy Moley.........

    That is amazing! I had no idea AOL still existed!!!
  22. Smudge

    New Lame-Anne

    And that's good enough. Thanks for playing. :D
  23. Smudge

    Local Blue Marlin confirmed

    I hate myself.
  24. Smudge

    My first buck mount just showed up.

    Hmmm, somehow I thought you shooting a buck would make you less gay. It hasn't. Weird... Nice deer buddy. See you at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show?
  25. Smudge

    WTB Speargun and related spear fishing gear

    Golf is cheaper... But I've never found one of these on the links...
  26. Smudge

    RIP Jeff Logandro

    Going to miss you brother. Still can't believe it.
  27. Smudge

    Is it o so true? Banned from bloodydecks? O YESSSSSSSS

    Wasn't me. I've been out of the country for a week....
  28. Smudge

    Only one bait barge in San Diego bay and Mission Bay, why?

    I didn't say security threat, I said security headache. Big difference. Someone is watching every single boat in that area, very, VERY closely. Unless you're into showing your cock to bored sailors, don't piss over the side right there...
  29. Smudge

    Only one bait barge in San Diego bay and Mission Bay, why?

    Government created? No. Grandfathered in monopoly? Sure. Trust me, I've spent the last 20 years in the Navy in and out San Diego, I know the Government would love to get EB out of their lease and keep them out. It's a huge security headache. But the Navy isn't stupid and they understand that...
  30. Smudge

    Garbage disposal

    If tightening the retaining ring doesn't do it as suggested above Jason, the new Insinkerator Essentials are fucking awesome. You can't even hear mine over the running water. When we bought the house down here it didn't have one installed. I went to Home Depot and got the Essential for a couple...
  31. Smudge

    Saluki. I'll buy you a nice asian boy. Come on back brother.

    Where'd he go!? It was just getting good!
  32. Smudge

    Summer project duck/bay boat

    Looks bitchin' Stefan!
  33. Smudge

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    So sad... Besides, everyone knows that Steve P's Mission Belle is the best 3/4 operation in the fleet... :D
  34. Smudge

    Tinned wire..... how important?

    Well, let me know if you want it by tomorrow and it should be to you by Wed, Thur at the latest...
  35. Smudge

    R.I.P. Winda

    Sorry buddy. RIP Winda. :(
  36. Smudge

    Tinned wire..... how important?

    How fast do you need it Mike? I have TONS at work and can pop a few feet from my scrap bin into an envelope and mail it to you if you can wait till Tuesday or Wednesday to get it...
  37. Smudge

    All Coast Website???

    I can field this one I think. On the other site, posts like this would simply be deleted unless you were buddies with one of the inner circle. While we here at BD are a long, long ways out from perfect, we try to operate a little more even handedly. Granted, there are always going to be...
  38. Smudge

    My 3 hour bighorn sheep hunt

    Can we get Narcissist Hunting Team shirts now? LOL Badass Mike!!
  39. Smudge

    New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    No. Each side has to have both loins connected by at least 2" of skin. It's a pain in the ass and we started filleting halibut at the dock before I stopped working on the Daily Double and Mission Belle.
  40. Smudge

    Fleet gone? Again?

    Were you wearing spandex?
  41. Smudge

    Fleet gone? Again?

    I'm living all the way over on the east coast now and this still makes me want to do a happy dance. Fuck that guy,
  42. Smudge

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    I know a lot of guys like Channel Locks and Knipex but the best I've used are Snap-On. My first pair lasted 13 years. Penn500 here on the board wrapped them for me as a going away gift in 1996 and I only lost them because of the retarded TSA and a delayed flight. He taught me how to wrap way...
  43. Smudge

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    Katrina at H&M Landing asked for the following to be posted in response to the original poster of this thread. Please call her at 619 222-1144 and ask for Katrina and she would be more than happy to discuss this with you. H&M has received no email from anybody in regard to this matter and we do...
  44. Smudge

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    It's been a while since I closed a thread in the LR section. You all need to get out more...
  45. Smudge

    What's the deal with Pigeons?

    Whoa. It used to be 25 per person per day year round. When did this change sneak in I wonder?
  46. Smudge

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    I guess I lived in Hawaii for too long. Striped marlin are delicious to me!!
  47. Smudge

    So We All Know It's Heavy!

  48. Smudge

    Wanderings, ramblings and new experiences in Montana

    Man I love that place. So cool to see Lauren fishing. The time I saw her up there she was in a one piece snow suit making snow angels!
  49. Smudge

    Diving with old friends and a nice seabass...

    Thanks. I know it was earlier this year but if anyone was wondering, Daryl Wong ended up getting a 54lb fish while I was typing this report. That guy is amazing. He flies out to CA from Hawaii once a year and for the last three years he's gotten a 50lb+ fish. I doesn't hurt to have Bill Mac and...
  50. Smudge

    8-20 302 YFT Finally killing fish again

    Damn Mark! Nice to see you... And all of the guys I thought disappeared. Some classic real dudes posting on this report. From when this place was small!
  51. Smudge

    Estimating Wave Height

    Looks like an average day in Hawaii.
  52. Smudge

    Rod abuse

    That looks almost like a prank! Unbelievable that any shop would pass those off as professionally done! Crazy!
  53. Smudge

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Let me know when you need an east coast rep! LOL
  54. Smudge

    Navy Almost Sink my boat with a torpedo ( Video )

    They're towing sidscan mine hunting sonar. Not retrieving MK-30's. If they were dragging a MK-30 in the cage that fast someone would be pissed.
  55. Smudge

    BD conspiracy's and pissed a thread got removed put it here

    Hey, I'm retired military now. Almost two weeks! Can I be a cantankerous asshole now? Or do I have to wait until I retire again?
  56. Smudge

    10 years

    Whoa. Ten years ago, I pissed Iggy off. Wow...
  57. Smudge

    Interesting purchase I saw at Wal Mart the other day...

    That's all she wrote folks... Once it goes to name calling, you lose the thread. Them's the breaks...
  58. Smudge

    Attention Anyone Needing A Furnace Or AC: New Law Effective 7/1

    It's not much better in FL. I need to replace the flat roof over my garage. My AC unit sits up there. I have to pull permits for the roof obviously and that lets the city know that my AC is up there. No big deal right? Nope. New code says my AC has to be on an 18" tall stand. So I have to pay to...
  59. Smudge

    WTB fishing related artwork/photography

    Just saw this Nate. I'll try contacting him and see if he knows what's up. Marcus has quite a bit of his work and I think may have a direct line to Amadeo...
  60. Smudge

    WTB fishing related artwork/photography

    Amadeo does amazing stuff...
  61. Smudge

    Any CCST's out there?

    Allen Bradley PLC's to be specific...
  62. Smudge

    Any CCST's out there?

    Looking at a job in Control Maintenance and while much of my Navy Electronics training translates, they want me to be a CCST within a year of hiring. Any advice? Old study guides lying around that you would be willing to part with for cheap? Hook a brother up! LOL
  63. Smudge

    Mosquito Magnets worth $300 each Trade for Alcohol San Diego

    Great. You put this up AFTER I move to Florida. Jerk.
  64. Smudge

    .825 magnum EXPRESS

    Looks like a 4 bore... " a somewhat more interesting 125.6 ft. lbs." LOL
  65. Smudge

    Capsized Stryper 2601'

    The only reason I could see Joe's advice not working out for you is how often you use the boat. His was commercial and in constant use after the incident. If you repair it like Joe did and then only run it a few more times in the next few months I can almost guarantee you'll have issues...
  66. Smudge

    Is there any reason to use size C/D thread?

    I wrap with C and D. But then again I do one color single wraps and just kill fish and destroy equipment. No sense in giving me something pretty if I'm just going to rot it in the sun on a boat... ;)
  67. Smudge

    Need Help with the Military Kids fishing Trip!...

    I''l have to be there in spirit this time guys. Long drive from FL! Wish i could make it. You guys always do such an awesome job!!
  68. Smudge

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Whoa man. You need to walk around the LR boats Glenn. Most of the crewmen and women have their ticket. A lot of the guys only carry a 50 ton, but are just sea time away from their upgrade...
  69. Smudge

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I didn't read through the whole thread, but had to jump in on this. I'm retiring from the Navy in oh about 7 days. I have my application for my 100 ton in right now. I have a tug boat job waiting for me on the east coast with the potential to pull down more cash per year than I currently make...
  70. Smudge

    Florida Diver Encounters Great White Shark

    Great. Just when I decide to move back to FL. FML
  71. Smudge

    Eastern Sierras???

    June is supposed to be full of huge Alpers but we didn't fish it. We had good luck fishing the Thomas Boyant and rebel crank baits in Grant for Browns and bows. Silver was tough but fished best in the evening with the mini-jig. Convict was the toughest of the lakes while we were there for the...
  72. Smudge

    What species of rockfish?

  73. Smudge

    What species of rockfish?

  74. Smudge

    What species of rockfish?

  75. Smudge

    Mammoth/Upper Owens Report

    Thanks for the report, hope you don't mind me piggy backing on yours! We fished Grant on opener Sat and then Sunday. Twin Lakes Sunday evening. Silver and Convict on Monday and then Silver and Grant on Tuesday. It was my first trip up to the E. Sierra for trout. Had an epic time. We hammered...
  76. Smudge


    Doh! I hadn't seen the reply from the guys at Phenix when I closed it. That's classic! LOL
  77. Smudge


    Don't forget me this Friday! Thank you for the cod!
  78. Smudge

    Diving with old friends and a nice seabass...

    It all depends. Here in California's cold ass dirty water, I'd say I have a max of about 1:30 or 1:35 on a good day. In Hawaii I've had dives of 2:20-2:25 and shot fish in over 80ft of water. Those Hawaii times and depths were when I was in good shape and diving 6-8 hrs a day every weekend...
  79. Smudge

    Diving with old friends and a nice seabass...

    It was above and to the right of me when I shot, so the spear went up through the belly and out through the shoulder above the spine. It wasn't going any where...
  80. Smudge


    10 pages is enough. Closed.
  81. Smudge

    Stay Afloat, anyone use this?

    It's toilet bowl wax. :D
  82. Smudge

    Pink Fluoro

    Since we're guessing, I'll wait for a manufacturer to come back on that one. Even fluoro absorbs water and hence the Rit dye. It doesn't rub off. And I use fluoro for superior abbrasion resistance for a whole different reason than you guys. I was just passing on that getting pink fluoro is much...
  83. Smudge

    Pink Fluoro

    You guys do know that you can turn your fluoro any color you want with a box of Rit dye and some warm water right? I dye my fluoro shooting line for my speargun fluorescent yellow so I can see it in the kelp...
  84. Smudge

    10" Red Ear Slider Water Turtle, free to good home.

    Oh I'd say a good couple of quarts...
  85. Smudge

    10" Red Ear Slider Water Turtle, free to good home.

    Haha! I haven't seen that in forever! Bob, I'll be coming through North County on the 15 tomorrow around 1-2pm maybe a little earlier. If you have room for him that would be awesome. -Matt
  86. Smudge

    10" Red Ear Slider Water Turtle, free to good home.

    Just what it says. Found this guy walking up my street a few months ago. Figure he escaped from someone's pond. I put up signs around the hood and a craigslist post to no avail. I dug a little pond in the back yard and have been looking after him since. With the move coming, the landlord wants...
  87. 40lbs


  88. 1st WSB of 2014

    1st WSB of 2014

  89. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  90. Smudge

    Diving with old friends and a nice seabass...

    As usual, a totally bitchin' day diving with Bill and Daryl. I'm always reminded of how spoiled us boatless losers are to have friends like Bill and Daryl with awesome boats. Not that I would complain about diving on anyone's boat, but Bill's boat is truly a Cadillac! My fish story? Well, it...
  91. Smudge

    Loan me a float tube!

    Sounds like it. So long as Anthony's hold air I'll be good. If not, I'll hit you up ASAP.
  92. Smudge

    Loan me a float tube!

    Groovy, I'll be back Thurs. I'm in FL sweating my ass off right now. Been away from real humidity for too long. Moved my wife down here and I'll follow at the end of May once I'm done with the Navy. Six more weeks in CA. Kind of weird since I've lived in SD for so long...
  93. Smudge

    Loan me a float tube!

    Heading to the Sierras for the opener and need a belly boat. Anyone have one to spare for a wayward squid? Will change Marcus' avatar to anything within the rules in return!
  94. Smudge

    Russian Anti-aircraft gun malfunction. Fun video!!

    My wife speaks Russian. I'll see if she'll translate that last bit. I know at one point he says "whore" that's essentially the Russian equivalent of "FUCK!"
  95. Smudge

    Russian Anti-aircraft gun malfunction. Fun video!!

    Yeah, I would agree that it wasn't a cook off. Very few if any high rate of fire modern automatics of any caliber are closed bolt. Really reduces the risk of cook off. The MA Deuce, is still at risk but our 240's and 20MM chain guns are open bolt. Not sure about former Soviet Block weaps...
  96. Smudge

    Russian Anti-aircraft gun malfunction. Fun video!!

    Runaway gun. Probably 20mm+ or - electric rotary cannon of some sort. Looks like in ran away and the operator panicked and tried to get away from it in case it fully failed and he set the turret in motion when he tried to bail. Hope it stayed elevated as it came around...
  97. Smudge

    16 Months Adrift at Sea

  98. Smudge

    Rare Sriracha

    I'm willing to wager that at least a few of the residents lived there first.
  99. Smudge

    Rare Sriracha

    They just moved the factory to Irwindale.
  100. Smudge

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    Got room for me and Recon?
  101. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    November: ozbloke
  102. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    October: Vinhtran
  103. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    September: FishCraigAK
  104. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    August: Yellowbanks
  105. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    July: Redfishryan!
  106. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    June; Lou Kohn
  107. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    May: Respect4ocean
  108. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    April: Bassxsniper
  109. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    February: Bowguide
  110. Smudge

    2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest WInners

    January: Big Country 08
  111. Smudge

    October 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: Vinhtran
  112. Smudge

    September 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: FishCraigAK!
  113. Smudge

    August 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: yellowbanks!
  114. Smudge

    July 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: Redfishryan!
  115. Smudge

    June 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: Lou Kohn!
  116. Smudge

    May 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: respect4ocean!
  117. Smudge

    April 2013 Avet Reels Phot Contest

    This month's winner: bassxsniper!
  118. Smudge

    November 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    November's winner: ozbloke
  119. Smudge

    He is home

    Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous Nate!!
  120. Smudge

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Start-me-Up!! Doug and his guys will take great care of you!!
  121. Smudge

    Sean? Are you ok??
  122. Smudge

    November 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    November 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest! Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 11/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 11/30/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the...
  123. Smudge

    Surfdoc Memorial

    What are the chances? I'd say pretty good Chuck. My roomate Matt Paulson was night driver on the Vagabond for a couple of years and worked many of the other boats up here in the years previous. In the off season he would go down to Baja and surf and fish while living out of his van on the...
  124. Smudge

    DP Lobster Report: 35 shorts, 2 keepers, 1 life saved

    WTG Ivanhoe! Lobstering has to be among the most dangerous things to do in SoCal!
  125. Smudge

    Transport tubes - recommendations?

    It's huge and has rollers. You could probably get 15-20 rods in it. We loaded my 15 year old nephew in it just to see if we could...
  126. Smudge

    Transport tubes - recommendations?

    This is what I use. The series three will hold all of your gear and most of your luggage. No kidding. I've loaded three rods, two blue water spearguns and all of my clothes for a trip to Hawaii in the series three...
  127. Smudge

    87 Samurai stock carb rebuild? Who's the best in town?

    Thank you gentlemen!
  128. Smudge

    87 Samurai stock carb rebuild? Who's the best in town?

    My buddy has an 87 Samurai rock crawler that is in serious need of a carb rebuild. Who should he go to? Anywhere between Temecula and San Ysidro...
  129. Smudge

    Fishing 30lb test offshore....

    If I had a dollar for every fish lost because the angler thought he knew better than me, I wouldn't have to work on a sportboat... :D
  130. Smudge

    What's your favorite Rod/Reel to fish live bait (Anchovies/Sardines)?

    Newell C-220 on a Calstar 270-8 that I bought in 1995. Haven't found any reason to change that set up in 18 years...
  131. Smudge


    I wasn't suggesting it was bad as in poor taste. I mean it was just bad. Not funny, wholely predictable and basically garbage. I'm actually slightly embarrassed to have read it...
  132. Smudge


    Wow Scott. That's bad. Even by your standards. I mean, really bad...
  133. Smudge

    Waterfowl Reservation Drawing Results

    Nice Brent! Great seeing you at the cliffs the other day. Still no joy on a board though. One buddy has one, but it;s in rough shape.
  134. Smudge

    Lobster Opener at the Cortez Bank and Channel Islands

    Thank you everyone for the kind replies and PM's. I'll be thinking about and processing the events of the last week for a long time to come. One of the most important things I feel anyone should take away from this is that you shouldn't try to be a hero. The only reason this turned out like it...
  135. Smudge

    My mini planer board hobby

    Trolling while walking the bank! That is f'n awesome!
  136. Smudge

    October 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    October 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest! Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 10/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 10/31/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the...
  137. Smudge

    Lobster Fail

    I put a frozen 2L bottle of water in the bottom of my cooler and these 15 lobsters(multi-day permit on a multi-day trip) made it the drive to San Diego from Santa Barbara and then in my garage for 48 hours. You can see me holding the black towel that I had draped over the open cooler. I dipped...
  138. Smudge

    Lobster Opener at the Cortez Bank and Channel Islands

    Thank you Chuck. That means a lot. :) I mean I could probably have limited if there were some damn hoopers around... ;)
  139. Smudge

    Lobster Opener at the Cortez Bank and Channel Islands

    Unfortunately, I was unable to raid any hoop nets... :D
  140. Smudge

    Lobster Opener at the Cortez Bank and Channel Islands

    This is super long winded, but if you're patient, there are some parts of my story that will be worth it. It’s taken me nearly a week to finally settle down, get everything rinsed and put away but I think I’m relaxed enough to put my 2013/14 Cortez/Channel Islands Lobster Opener...
  141. Smudge

    Yellowtail at the Middle Grounds

    What's up Steve!? Nice to see you slaying as usual. I'm Steve P's buddy Matt. I flew down and fished with you guys in Cabo back in 95. I got there the day you guys got the cow and lost a wheel. John Topp was flipping out when he got me at the airport because he hadn't heard from you guys. That...
  142. Smudge

    2013 Waterfowl opener for me

    Nice eagles Stephan! You guys rule!!!
  143. Smudge

    San Diego lobster

    Worse. Bad enough that I'm going to the Cortez Bank...
  144. Smudge

    Meet the newest BD member,my Grandaughter.

    Congratulations Frank!!
  145. Smudge

    Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    What black hole? It's not often we delete a thread. This and the SA80 thread and I'm pretty sure every other thread you have cried your eyes out on are closed but still up for viewing. Once threads degrade into name calling dick measuring matches we close them. Rarely are they deleted....
  146. Smudge

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    He said that was "skin tone" ??
  147. Smudge

    I will put you on blast..

    On that note... Closed. Move along...
  148. Smudge

    Xtra Tuffs gone to crap

    I'm still wearing a 7 year old pair of the American made ones. Liner has torn loose from rolling them down but no leaks. Bunch of the guys have the new ones and they're total garbage. Sucks. I knew I should have bought a new pair before I went to Hawaii in 2008...
  149. Smudge

    Americas Cup...

    You know M.A.R.I.N.E. stands for My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment right? LOL Thank you for your service and for going where I didn't. :)
  150. Smudge

    Americas Cup...

    Thank you for the generous and genuine offer. I know it is sincere. I'll pass. I've spent my entire life on boats. I grew up on an island in Florida with a canal in my back yard, the intercoastal waterway two blocks west and the ocean two blocks east. My uncle and older brothers built Hunter...
  151. Smudge

    Shane's Post

    Are you calling us liars? All he had to do was leave his contact info out of his posts. He didn't have to trade or pay anything and he could still post. That's it. He couldn't comply with that one stipulation. It's a bummer. A savvy customer would still figure out to get in touch on their own...
  152. Smudge

    Americas Cup...

    You do understand the law of gross tonnage right? You know your day shapes and their meanings? Lighting conventions and configurations? If you're rag boater and do, you are way in the minority...
  153. Smudge

    Americas Cup...

    Lame, self entitled, elitist snobs with zero situational awareness out side of their "regatta". When they learn to respect the rules of the road let me know....
  154. Smudge

    OH MY another succesfull trip

    Shit, I'd ask for an air show! They live for that shit!
  155. Smudge

    New "That Guy"..... His name is Weasel

    I don't care who your are, that's some funny ass shit right there!
  156. Smudge

    West of the 9, Saturday Sept 14th, San Diego Offshore Report

    When we jump in on the paddies we get a good look at the bait hanging around them. You can tell if there have been gamefish around because the sardines, anchovies or whatever is there will be all tattered looking and missing scales. Lets you know you are in the right area, you just have to find...
  157. Smudge

    Unni and abs again. north coast

    Yeah, I've seen some monsters. That one is spectacular! The largest I've found is mishapen but has that great green blue metalic sheen. It's somewhere in my wife's jewelry box. I need to get up and find some more!
  158. Smudge

    Unni and abs again. north coast

    Nice pearl! I've only found them the size of a grain of rice. Really cool!
  159. Smudge

    Cortes Bank weather?

    Well I hope it's a "good" day in two weeks... :D :D
  160. Smudge

    Did you ever see one of these? fish worm ID please.

    I've also always heard them called anchor worms and I've seen them on pelagic fish in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans as well as the Med...
  161. Smudge

    Looks like someone was a little early for bug season

    Those caisons around the pilings seem to get someone every year.
  162. Smudge

    for you young guys in love

    Hmmm, I know this story...
  163. Smudge

    Tent Camping suggestions.... maybe in sequoias?

    Levis Flat. Free, but primative. No running water but there is a stream that you can boil water for cooking and a ranger station a mile up the road to fill water bottles/jugs. California Hot Springs is a few blocks away and you can pay a couple of bucks to use their showers and the hot spring...
  164. Smudge

    Police boat hits a docked boat

    I was thinking the same thing...
  165. Smudge

    Toyota looking at Cummins for the Tundra

    I know. It's killin' me at the pump....
  166. Smudge

    Toyota looking at Cummins for the Tundra

    It drove me nuts seeing little Chevy Colorados like mine in Thailand with diesels in them! I would kill for a diesel in my truck. My 1994 Peugot 104d in England got 45MPG or better and it had 198,000 miles on it when I bought it in 2002. Drives me nuts. My Colorado has steadily been getting...
  167. Smudge

    Storing loaded mag?

    For what it's worth Nate, our M9's use the same mags and our ready reserve weapons can be stored for six months or more before being pulled out for routine maintenance or to be used on a range day. As much as I can't stand the Beretta for my own reasons, I've never had a FTF even using the mags...
  168. Smudge

    Need Key West Charter recs

    My buddy says to contact Eric on the Scarlet Rose. (305) 304 -3992 Tell him Chip on the Son of a Sailor sent you...
  169. Smudge

    Need Key West Charter recs

    I have a Navy buddy who just retired down there Chuck. He lives on his boat on Stock Island. I just dropped him a message and should hear back from him shortly. He's lived in Key West since about 1999 I think... I'll get you the info as soon as I get it...
  170. Smudge

    Sunglasses??? Bibs????

    Personally I believe a good pair of polarized glasses are one of the more important tools for an offshore fisherman. I've had the same pair of Maui Jim's for almost ten years now. They are absolutely vital to me. I've had Kaenons, Hobie(glass and poly), Oakley and a host of cheap polarized...
  171. Smudge

    September 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    September 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest! Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 9/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 9/30/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you...
  172. Smudge

    I have notifications, but can't view them.

    Geek squad is on it... :D
  173. Smudge

    is fishdope working

    I guess I should have quoted you to make it clear... :D :D
  174. Smudge

    is fishdope working

    If you think my subscription is free, guess again. The work I do cleaning up your shit alone pays for it!
  175. Smudge

    is fishdope working

    Works for me...
  176. Smudge

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Considering that this is the follow on picture, I'd say there was not a damn thing wrong with the first picture...
  177. Smudge

    big ass buck dead on freeway on ramp

    Now that's funny!! LOL
  178. Smudge

    Something I have been waiting to see happened last night.

    I've seen some stupid questions on this site... This one is way up there... :D I wonder what brand of shellack he uses to keep that thing pasted on?? - - - Updated - - - Earn? You mean steal?
  179. Smudge

    the Boat "Success" ???

    It's a GREAT platform. Lance Withey converted it to its current form. Lance has owned and operated everything from 6 packs and 1/2 day boats on up to long range operations. He did this boat right. Carey took over after Lance retired and has maintained the boat to the highest standards and even...
  180. Smudge

    3/4 Day on the Point Loma - Offshore

    Pretty sure the owner of that 3/4 day boat isn't super stoked to see that much fuel burnt... Just saying...
  181. Smudge

    what do you call it?

    Whatever you guys call it, I call this guys first post a HOOK-UP! He has you guys dial and boiling in the corner with only one post! LOL
  182. Smudge

    Ab diving 35 years later.

    Nice snails! Gotta get up there at least once more before I leave CA!!
  183. Smudge

    What's the story on the boat sunk at the mouth of SD Bay?

    Cool, thanks for the update...
  184. Smudge

    What's the story on the boat sunk at the mouth of SD Bay?

    Anyone know what happened there? I was heading out yesterday moring and noticed what looked like a 30-40fter sunk at anchor. Couple of bouys tied off to it and heard no traffic on CH16 so we assumed it was not an emergency.
  185. Smudge

    made a purchase on bdswag. HELP!

    You're gonna have a tough time in the military there shipmate. You know the Coast Guard isn't part of the DOT any more. It's a real Armed Service now. Gotta thicken up your skin. :D And get ready for inter-service shit talking. We all love to fuck with each other but at the end of the day we all...
  186. Smudge

    made a purchase on bdswag. HELP!

    Keeps my feet out of the dirt. And no one has shot at me lately... :D
  187. Smudge

    made a purchase on bdswag. HELP!

    :D :D
  188. Smudge

    made a purchase on bdswag. HELP!

    Calm down there dude. We're working on it. You should have an answer soon... The bad seller rating thing is hilarious though! Oh, and from guy that just passed 19 years in the Navy, have fun in your Canoe Club! Puddle Pirates are the best! LOL
  189. Smudge

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    Did you ask for your sack when you got to the dock? You paid for it. Take it home! Wash it and bring it back next time. When they ask for your dollar hand them the sack. I have cheap ass customers do it all the time... :D
  190. Smudge

    Cali Boyz

    Saw the standings. Your boys stood up to some serious competition. Not to mention the conditions and the advantage that the local boys had! Very cool!
  191. Smudge

    Doomed from the start...

    That's pretty cool. Glad you were able to salvage the day with the Sportboat assist!
  192. Smudge

    ebay score.........

    I just threw up a little...
  193. Smudge

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Fuck you guys. Our ramps SUCK! I'm stoked that we moved the Mission Belle to the first finger after the DIII left. The ramp leading to the El Capitans's finger and the last ramp at the end of the dock are BULLSHIT. I've pushed dock carts up those ramps more than most of you guys put together and...
  194. Smudge

    August 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 8/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 8/31/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the Avet Contest Rules Thread (Avet Contest...
  195. Smudge

    what happened to fishing manners?

    What was I thinking? I should have closed this at my first post.
  196. Smudge

    what happened to fishing manners?

    First post and it's used on something that has been hashed and rehashed since before there was Internet. Good job.
  197. Smudge

    What do you do with your Humpies?

    I added a poll to the top with your questions... Multiple choices allowed...
  198. Smudge

    fish id??

    Yup, a rainbow. We get them in the kelp every now and then. Pretty fish. Like most of our perch they give birth to live young. I've had a passenger catch one and then have it kick a half dozen perfect little perch onto the deck!
  199. Smudge

    What fish is this ????? Baby Wahoooo ???????

    Bonito... Don't think I've ever seen a green wahoo...
  200. Smudge

    Going for Uku...

    Nice uku!
  201. Smudge

    Coon chuckin --- Kevin Rose style

    Hell no! If I hadn't seen the video, I would not believe the coon didn't get a claw on him. Gotta be among the meanest critters on earth. I worked in a seafood restaurant in high school. We put out leftovers for the feral cats. The racoons would help themselves as well. I always felt bad for...
  202. Smudge


    http://sandiego.craigslist.<WBR>org/nsd/trd/3931249489.html My wife's company is in desperate need of a GOOD warehouse/delivery/installer.
  203. Smudge

    My neighbor is a stupid ass !

    Are you kidding me? Wow!
  204. Smudge

    Early San Diego Bay from the air

    Whoa, that's pretty cool jay... I love old photos...
  205. Smudge

    Urchin diver found unconcious of off Point Loma dies...

    10News - Sea urchin diver found unconscious in waters off Point Loma dies - - News RIP diver. :(
  206. Smudge

    July 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    July 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 7/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 7/31/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the Avet...
  207. Smudge

    June 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    JUNE 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 6/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 6/30/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the Avet...
  208. Smudge

    Cobra Triple Kayak and Accessories/Truck Racks

    My buddy is selling his fully rigged Cobra Triple with all accessories and roof racks. $1000 takes it all. This is a screaming deal on such a bitchin' boat. You can stand up and cast. It is perfect if you want to get your kids, partner etc on the water with you. It's literally big enough to fish...
  209. Smudge

    Crazy homeless fishing

    Now that's funny... LOL
  210. Smudge

    freediving courses?

    Damn skippy! LOL :D :D Aim small hit small right? LOL
  211. Smudge

    freediving courses?

    Someone's jealous. :D But there was no one there last sat to take a pic of me holding it out. Besides, at only 20lbs my arms aren't long enough to make it look big. And it was tied up only 65ft deep but being the macho chest beater that I am I swam back to the boat and got a tank to recover it...
  212. Smudge

    OLD SCHOOL Jig Restoration for Jiggyn

    Jerry you have it dialed!
  213. Smudge

    La Jolla YT bite gone?

    But I like coppers Rich... :D
  214. Smudge

    Mission Belle yellow 6/4/13

    No JP's on 3/4 day boats in SD now.... I would have never had time to fillet fish if I had to weigh a JP out of all of the rat yellows we had on the boat last year! Not to mention people get retarded over jackpots now days. It's just not worth the hassle for us.
  215. Smudge

    Animal Planet now CASTING season 2 of fishing competition series TOP HOOKER

    Keith Poe's wildest dream come true...
  216. Smudge

    La Jolla YT bite gone?

    Doesn't anyone pay attention to conditions any more? What has happened to the water since Monday? You don't even have to get in a boat. Drive by the coast and you can see that it's turned over.
  217. Smudge

    Driving Drowsy...close call.

    Every year around duck season I deal with this. I've also driven coast to coast 5 times. I pull over. I've napped at many a freeway exit. I did it just the past January for duck closer. I was driving out to Yuma to meet Marcus. I actually pulled over twice in the Imperial Valley on that trip...
  218. Smudge


    Keeping a 10lb calico would hurt my heart. But a planted sturgeon in an artificial reservoir and a long lost bonefish who strayed north, especially since they're caught as far north as Newport now, is not the same IMO. A mako's lifespan is around 30 years according the the current science. As...
  219. Smudge

    freediving courses?

    Soooo, you've never pushed yourself? Never rode a bike with no hands? I called you on your "I'm lucky to get out alive" post and you got butt hurt. You said, "find a club and dive with experienced guys and don't get cocky and you'll be fine". I proved to you that that philosophy doesn't work.
  220. Smudge

    freediving courses?

    Really, I sound like the next victim because I'm staying off of trying for my personal best until I'm under the supervision of 6-8 world class freedive instructors all watching me at the same time, with safety divers on rebreathers at, below and above my target depth? Yeah, I sound totally cocky...
  221. Smudge

    freediving courses?

    Just looked and they have one here in June. Probably too short of notice... Upcoming Courses « Performance Freediving International
  222. Smudge

    freediving courses?

    Terry Maas' son didn't. And his dad is one of the most experienced free dive spearfishermen in the world. Guess what Terry's advice is? Yup, take a class. Dr. Maas has also developed the FRV to help combat the quickly escalating rate of freediver deaths. Oceanic Safety Systems Ryan, PFI are...
  223. Smudge

    Mallard Chicks

    Glad my wife doesn't read BD...
  224. Smudge

    Yellows going off in La Jolla

    Harsh words from a guy whose screen name is Buddha... Anyway, you must not do much puking because guys like Rich are one in a million.
  225. Smudge


  226. Smudge

    Finally got my first 1911

    I have a pair of Colt mags that are absolute garbage. My MilSpec on the otherhand feed every single time. My Kimber mag is also flawless, but it was made by Kimber when they were still in Clackamas..
  227. Smudge

    new seaforth 1\2 day yellos?

    Daily Double ended up with one down south as well... Nice grade of fish...
  228. Smudge

    Dolphin Assisted Birth = Worst Idea Ever?

    My brother Russ was a dolphin trainer at Marineland of Florida in the 80's. You should hear his stories about how vicious dolphins are. Gang rape, killing seagulls slowly for fun, you name it. They are just about as nasty as humans...
  229. Smudge

    Quail Hunting by Hand

    You could have done that with the pen raised pheasants we shot in Coalinga a few years ago. The dogs were catching them on the ground and we had to kick several to get them to jump. Not fun...
  230. Smudge


    There is nothing odd about your account. What are you trying to post?
  231. Smudge

    New Forum Layout

  232. Smudge

    Jacksonville area charter recommendation

    Home Page Sea Love is about an hour south in St. Augustine. You're looking at the same kind of experience you got with the Mayport Princess and Majesty. They just don't do things the way we do on the west coast.
  233. Smudge

    Big Sur Camping

    This one's my favorite!
  234. Smudge

    BARRETT LAKE - 05/15

    It's in the pictures... :D
  235. Smudge


    When's the last time someone got a small mouth out of Barrett? I hear about them time to time from Cuyamaca but not Barrett. I've only been fishing Barrett since 2003 though...
  236. Smudge


    Similar results for us last Saturday. Hoping to repeat tomorrow. Bags are packed and ready!
  237. Smudge

    Coastal Halibut Diving-101

    That last bit is exactly what I've experienced Wes. If you find a fish in one particular spot, always check that spot. There will be more!
  238. Smudge

    Canals- Port Charlotte to Cape Coral-Advice

    Top water stuff like a Mirrolure Catch 2000 or Top Dog, Zara spook etc. Plastics? Look for D.O.A. shrimp and D.O.A. Terror-eyz finesse fish with those. Twitch and stop... There are lots of locally poured jig heads that guys use with Gulp! swimming mullets or Alive! baits. Find a local tackle...
  239. Smudge

    Coastal Halibut Diving-101

    Thank you for the great post Bob!
  240. Smudge

    Picked up a Ruger No.1

    I usually need two targets to show my groups! LOL
  241. Smudge

    Sailfish in a Canal?

    Sweet! When I get to Ft. Lauderdale, I'll be flycasting sails from my dock! LOL
  242. Smudge

    May 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    May 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent; COLOR: transparent" SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 5/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 5/31/13. The reel...
  243. Smudge

    Now your truck can look like your fish

    Like a cylon from the original series...
  244. Smudge

    RIP Tom Knapp

    No way! Bummer... RIP
  245. Smudge

    Snake Avoidance

    Now that made me laugh! lol
  246. Smudge

    Season opener

    I am a giant fucking vagina. No fucking way. Send me back to FL or Hawaii! LOL
  247. Smudge

    My life is a beach

    Harry, let me know when you head to Mayport. My brother-in-law is a retired BM2 who is running a tug boat for Macallister out of Jax. He fishes all over the the St. Johns and its creeks and knocks down some huge reds and tons of trout and flounder. He will hook you up for sure. His schedule is...
  248. Smudge

    Curado 201e7

  249. Smudge

    Padres break the Dodgers......

    What I know is that the law of gross tonnage always applies. Quentin looks like he has 60lbs or more on Greinke. Greinke is an idoit for dropping his shoulder on a base runner at full clip... Crunch!
  250. Smudge

    Q105 follow up

    Sorry, the "Sea Lawyering" and assumptions are getting out of hand on this one. What happened with the Q105 and all parties involved is not BDOutdoors business and I think we'd like to keep it that way. I forwarded the thread to Jason and Ali and if they feel it deserves to be repopened, they...
  251. Smudge

    GoPro mounts

    Whatever you do, attach some sort of teather to it on the boat. Too many reports of lost GoPro where something as easy as some 40lb mono would have saved the day...
  252. Smudge

    F1 Racing........... cry me a river

    You guys act like the same shit doesn't happen in NASCAR. LOL
  253. Smudge

    January 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: Big Country 08
  254. Smudge

    February 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: bowguide
  255. Smudge

    April 2013 Avet Reels Phot Contest

    Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 4/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 4/30/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the Avet Contest Rules Thread (Avet Contest...
  256. Smudge

    A fellow BD'er could use some prayers

    Thoughts and prayers for Neill and company...
  257. Smudge

    fuckin lazy thieves

    Damn, this shit happens way too often up there. It seems like every month there is a new WA thread about a kicker being stolen? It's as bad as the metal theives down here. How the hell are these guys able to fence all of the kickers? Seems like the biggest problem is the fact that someone is...
  258. Smudge

    Better electrical connections... For those of you who think you are soldering correctly, this link shows you the accepted methods used in the electronics/electrical world. These are the methods I learned in Micro/Miniature Electronic Repair School for the...
  259. Smudge

    Just gets better....its now a "mortality event"

    It's like 1995 and 2005 never happened. People have such short memories...
  260. Smudge

    Walmart Part II

    Yeah, I did the typo in the original. I was just making fun of myself...
  261. Smudge

    Walmart Part II

    It's a quarterdeck in Boston ... :D
  262. Smudge

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    Holy shit.
  263. Smudge

    Walmart Part II

    I didn't move the first Walmart thread though. The CDO did that, so I'm not fucking with it... :D :D
  264. Smudge

    Walmart Part II

    I cleaned this thread up. I know I'm only 18 years, 9 months, 25 days and 7 hrs on active duty, but since I'm a Moderator here I have what we in the Navy call Positional Authority. Kind of like being the OOD in port. Fuck around on my Quaterdeck and I'll have your ass, regardless of your time...
  265. Smudge

    Ho Made Raiders

    The IP trail doesn't add up to him being hacked. The only IP addresses his screen name has ever logged on using have never been logged on by anyone else on BD. If he was hacked, it wasn't a BD user or viewer...
  266. Smudge

    Ho Made Raiders

    See ya! lol
  267. Smudge

    Sea Duck Hunting Info?

    Every year or two I used to see a couple of guys set up north of the IB Kelp off of the Strand. Be about five years since I last say them, but I bet they got into the Brant and Scoters...
  268. Smudge

    Wide Open Yellowtail on the MALIHINI! 3-21-2013

    You guys can fuck up a football. :rolleyes:
  269. Smudge

    Mountain Bike

    I don't want there to be any chance of losing another $2k bike...:eek: 2012 Anthem 29er X2. Bone stock except an X9 rear derailleur. Supposedly, there is an occasional slight rise somewhere in the middle of the state... Sold my Jeep a while back so now this is my swamp buggy! LOL
  270. Smudge

    Mountain Bike

    Well, I found a bike! Thank you for the replies!
  271. Smudge

    Honolulu &/or Maui Charters?

    Magic or Live Bait on Oahu and Start-Me-Up on Maui.... :D
  272. Smudge

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    And that's all she gets to write... You guys can fuck up anything... :rolleyes:
  273. Smudge

    I'll admit, once we put the gas nozzle in a rod holder....

    I put a couple of gallons of gasoline in a diesel rental car in England once... Just filled it the rest of the way up with diesel and turned it in... :eek: :D
  274. Smudge

    Frankenfish rears it's ugly head, GMO Salmon approved for food, unlabeled...

    Jimmy doesn't buy fish. And he probably spends way more time on the water and in the field than you do Wils. He's concerned about more than himself. Think of it as a PSA. :D
  275. Smudge

    Mountain Bike

    Sounds about right. I'll let you know if things don't work out with the bike I'm checking out this week. Thanks!
  276. Smudge


    We'll be in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area. My cousin is up north of you near Homossasa. He fishes down 10,000 islands area a lot so I will definitely be over your way a bit! I'll look you up when we get there!
  277. Smudge

    Mountain Bike

    Yeah, what size? :D I think I may have found a bike, but it's not a done deal so let me know what size the Trance is and I'll get back to you...
  278. Smudge

    Coot Decoys

    Black dog swimming around works too! I'll never forget the Golden Eye trying to land on Gunner's head!
  279. Smudge


    Curtis, We're moving back to FL next year and a trip down to Panama is high on the list! I know you've been working, dreaming, hoping and busting your butt to get this done for a long time now! Can't wait to see the finished product in person! -Matt
  280. Smudge

    BD'er Dementia Quiz

    You guys should maybe think about not drinking that second cup of coffee.
  281. Smudge

    Real estate we go again

    And people wonder why I'm moving back to FL after I'm done with the Navy next year!
  282. Smudge

    Tough guy now.............. but just wait until it gets real.

    He may not have faced the death penalty in the courts, but I think he just sentenced himself. The worst of the worst in prison still have kids who go to highschool. Bragging about killing highschool kids at sentencing? Not good for your health I would guess...
  283. Smudge

    South Padre Island, Texas

    Harry, my parents honeymooned there in 1958. My dad was an IC3 stationed at Alice/Orange Grove Outlying Field. It was part of the Brownsville Naval Air Station complex. Looking at your pictures, and comparing them to my parent's, things don't seem to have changed much! Yours are in color...
  284. Smudge

    Knockout! Real Bad Skate Fall

    I'll never understand what is so difficult about wearing a helmet. A fall from that height can end your life. Done. Stupid.
  285. Smudge

    Maui fishing referral or charter.

    Contact Doug at Start-Me-Up! Long time BD sponsor and a great dude with a great fleet of boats and totally chill crews! 800-590-0133
  286. Smudge

    Hey Pescadorr......

    This is what PM's are for...
  287. Smudge


    I think they've only lost one game in the last few years right? A few weeks ago? They had the best winning streak in arena soccer history I think...
  288. Smudge

    Which charter Operation in Maui?

    Duh, Start-Me-Up! They've only been a sponsor for 5 years!
  289. Smudge

    Thank you Bloody Decks! Success on the Magic!

    Glad you had a good day! Aloha!
  290. Smudge

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    And my apologies to all whose posts I deleted in this thread in an attempt to clean up this thread.
  291. Smudge

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    As all of you who peruse the Long Range forum know, I'm not here to make friends. I moderate the boards. I believe there is quite a bit of good info on the thread and more to come. Please don't give me a reason to close or remove it. Play nicely gentlemen.
  292. Smudge

    Tuna spearfishing in Mexico

  293. Smudge

    That was a nice jolt.

    I thought I just got dizzy... But that shook up the valley good...
  294. Smudge

    Lowrance SUCKS

    Use Bootcamp to open windows on your Mac...
  295. Smudge

    Pope and the Rabbi

    Groan.... The first one wins. Hands down....
  296. Smudge

    Mountain Bike

    Well, my daily rider was stolen last week so I'm in the market for a new bike. Going to switch to a mountain bike so looking for a good one. Got a medium sized Epic, Stumpjumper FSR or Anthem collecting dust that you want to let go for way cheaper than you should? :D :D Looking to spend...
  297. Smudge

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!

    Fished on a hair rig with a #14 hook on 2lb over a pile of ground bait, using a 7 meter "pole"? Add egshells to your mix and and the big goldfish like the crunch... :D
  298. Smudge

    Ice shack construction and hardwater report.

    That's really cool! If I lived up north, I would certainly build a shanty. My only ice fishing experience was very cold day in Montana with a gnarly hangover, but I still caught a walleye!
  299. Smudge

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!

    Steve, I lived in Cornwall for about three years and the first time I saw ormers was in the fish market in Looe. I thought they were awefully small for abalone too! LOL I think they're actually sweeter to eat than the huge red abs we're still allowed to take in Northern California. Though saying...
  300. Smudge

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!

    Captain Dee, as you well know I am in fact king of the FE's and a founding member of the SDOCOWK's(San Diego Order of Casual Observers Without Knowledge). I have built exactly one and two thirds fishing rods and poured two swimbaits. So mind your pints and quarts and keep to what you know. Like...
  301. Smudge

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!

    These are from the eastern Atlantic and only get to be 3-5 inches at most. 5 inches would be a huge one...
  302. Smudge

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    It's rare to see one I haven't heard. That's a good one!! LOL
  303. Smudge

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    I think you may need a dictionary.
  304. Smudge

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    M.A.R.I.N.E.(My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment) The Marines fall under the Department of the Navy BTW. :D Have a nice day. Oh, and what did you kill today? I killed fish. Going to do it again tomorrow. Braging about relatives who serve is pretty gay if you didn't step up to the plate yourself...
  305. Smudge

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Yeah! TWO t-shirts AND a hat! lol
  306. Smudge

    i think i can sell these!

    Just needs a few shotgun shells and it'll be perfect!
  307. Smudge

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    No Japanese whaling ship is going to go against a law upheld in international court. You know we won't have to endanger lives to uphold that law if it gets changed. Just showing up in a 9000 ton warship is enough. We won't foul propellors, throw acid or any of those gorilla tactics. Not to...
  308. Smudge

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    You're right. I did volunteer and you better believe I've stepped up every single time I've been ask and will every time I'm asked again. The Seaidiots are intentionally endangering the lives of humans. That is BULLSHIT. Period. Everyone can poopoo and fuss about the whales all day from...
  309. Smudge

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Excuse my frech but FUCK YOU. I am risking MY LIFE preserving HUMAN lives on the high seas. The tactics that they use endanger HUMAN LIFE at sea. What have YOU done for the HUMAN race lately. If these idiots want to save the whales, they need to work to close the loop hole in the...
  310. Smudge

    Wanted Crawdads

    No limit.
  311. Smudge

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    They're fucking pirates. I've spent 11 years at sea. AT SEA. Not fishing. Not boating. Not joy riding watching sunsets. I've been to the Southern Ocean and it is not a place to have your ship disabled! The Sea Shepherd bozos need to be keel hauled! You want to fight whaling in 2013? Fight it...
  312. Smudge

    My 1st thread(I Think)

    Creating alter egos to try and troll up a troller is lame. Post this shit under your own screen name...
  313. Smudge

    Islands |Bay and Customs Shakedown* Beware

    When new to a forum, a good bit of advice is to look at the date of the first post in a thread before hitting the reply button...
  314. Smudge

    Seasquirt Rebuild

    Gonna be a bitchin' ride when it's done!
  315. Smudge

    Off Season Reading Material

    Join Ducks Unlimited, California Waterfowl and Delta Waterfowl. You'll get their excellent year round publications and do something to actually preserve our hunting rights and areas. Those three organizations do more actual work to preserve habitat than all of the pillow biting tree huggers...
  316. Smudge

    Back yard fishing Texas Style

    Reminds me very much of my childhood home in FL. Canal in the back yard, Intercoastal Waterway across the street, Atlantic Ocean six blocks the other way!
  317. Smudge

    I'm about to get all British on your ass

    Having lived in England for three years and having eaten my own body weight in cod and chips several times over in those three years, I must say, that looks perfect! Aside from the Corona, need a Caffrey's Cream Ale in its place!
  318. Smudge

    Wanted Crawdads

    Eh, I think this was just a totally virgin spot with no pressure. I moved the traps a little bit and set it up again and only got about 15 out of two traps... It is a pretty small area so I won't hit it again until next year if at all. Gotta keep moving! BTW I can't claim that I found this...
  319. Smudge

    Pink Grouper!!

    Not stinky... Super freshie! He gave me one of the heads to use for crawdad bait. The eyes were as crystal clear as if I had caught the fish an hour earlier. Next time you walk through the supermarket take a look at the eyes of the whole fish at the seafood counter. Cloudy. Tommy's fish is a...
  320. Smudge

    Wanted Crawdads

    Look for out of the way washes and storm overflow control creeks. This is four dozen + from one set of two traps!!!
  321. Smudge

    Waxing Gibbous

    Caught a couple dozen mudbugs this weekend myself. Gonna party on Saturday!
  322. Smudge

    Islands |Bay and Customs Shakedown* Beware

    Not really. Considering that this post is from the middle of the summer last year, a full spread of plungers would probably get your heart going... Just saying...
  323. Smudge

    In the market for a .45

    Thread is almost three years old. Make sure you read the post date before replying...
  324. Smudge

    Pink Grouper!!

    I don't know how long Tommy will have it in stock, but if you get a chance pick up some of the pink grouper he has in. I picked up a fillet Saturday and just cooked it for dinner tonight. Oh my goodness! It was out of sight!!
  325. Smudge

    Reloaders check in thread

    Yup, I'll give you a call.
  326. Smudge

    Reloaders check in thread

    15 months and I switch from Petty Officer Smith to Mr. Smith. Working hard on this end and freaking out a little that I have to find a real job real soon! I'm back in Point Loma too. Drink a beer now and again at Sessions. You guys know Able?
  327. Smudge

    Reloaders check in thread

    Holy shit! A Scott sighting! What's up buddy?
  328. Smudge

    Real advice from real Hawaii fishermen.....

    Probably everything you need to know in this thread...
  329. Smudge

    Fishing Hawaii

    Moved to the Hawaii board...
  330. Smudge

    I'm looking for a Penn Reel part

    May want to try on the Hawaii forum Dan. A lot of the BF guys out there converted 16/0's to electromatics on stubbies. Probably some original handles floating around the islands.
  331. Smudge

    Can invasive lionfish be stopped?

    You'd have to shock an area from North Carolina to Belize.
  332. Smudge

    Need some Floridian advice

    7' MH spinner with a medium-fast tip is pretty well rounded for South FL inshore fishing. Mostly tossing soft plastics with some sort of leadhead or fishing hard baits like mirro lures, zara spooks and such for redfish, snook, speckled trout and flounder with the occasional tarpon thrown in...
  333. Smudge

    Can invasive lionfish be stopped?

    The aquarium trade is why they are there to begin with. They're fully established and spreading like wild fire. There is no stopping them.
  334. Smudge

    Need somebodies help repairing a rod! Sentimental value

    Salty Dawg does awesome resto-work. He has breathed life into many an old Tru-Line, Roddy etc.
  335. Smudge

    GoPro at 115' deep

    Did I see lots of scallops?!
  336. Smudge

    Anyone know a good rod rapper

    Salty Dawg!! 619.518.6737 [email protected]
  337. Smudge

    Reloaders check in thread

    Yup. I have a couple of MEC's a 600 and a 600 Jr. that I got super cheap used but I haven't figured out how to set them up or load shot shells yet. All in due time. Not into long gun reloading even though I learned on .308 and .30-30...
  338. Smudge

    Reloaders check in thread

    .45 ACP, .45Colt, .40S&W... RCBS single stage... CCI large pistol primers, W231, Bullseye powders and what ever brass I can get my hands on. I'm out of empty brass right now and down to my LRN bullets. I'll be waiting for things to chill out before getting more bullets and brass... Loaded...
  339. Smudge

    What do you have for lefty baitcaster reels?

    I use Shimano Citicas, Curados, as well as a Speedmaster and a Scorpion that I picked up while in Japan. I may look into some of the new Abu Garcia's in the future. Hearing reviews from people who fish WAY harder than I do say that the new Toro's are on da strempf...
  340. Smudge

    FS - Browning Lever Rifle - .308 - So O.C.

    Beautiful gun! Someone needs to buy this! Bump to the top!
  341. Smudge

    Tiburon SST20

    Tire kicking and low balling will not be tollerated. If it is kept up, the parties involved will get to take a break...
  342. Smudge

    Interview with the last guy to see Bin Laden Breathing

    What? Come on dude. I'm pushing 19 years this year. If you can't get a job after being an operator, you don't want a job. That, or there are serious mental health issues that need to be addressed.
  343. Smudge

    There's more to the ammo shortage

    And the finished product. 200 rnds with a few hours effort. Makes me wish I had a progressive. But I get it done...
  344. Smudge

    There's more to the ammo shortage

    Still worried about a shortage? Do something about it! I am! LOL
  345. Smudge

    Do you have a pill problem? I do.

    First and foremost, congratulations. Look into a meeting. They are a huge resource. Secondly, if anyone else decides to do this, please don't flush your pills. Waste water can't do any thing to stop those chemicals from going into the ocean/environment. There are prescription take back programs...
  346. Smudge

    Welcome to CA..leave your guns at the border

    18 months from today I will be living in Florida again... Thank goodness!
  347. Smudge

    There's more to the ammo shortage

    I asked this question around my office. Everyone basically laughed. There is no way any of us would go door to door grabbing guns. Just isn't going to happen.
  348. Smudge

    168lb Wahoo?

  349. Smudge

    168lb Wahoo?

    Shit, I'm gonna be dressed up like a disco ball. Come at me bro! It'll be the last that hoo ever does!
  350. Smudge

    168lb Wahoo?

    I would! In fact, next year I'll be looking for that thing while diving!!
  351. Smudge

    Tip Top Glue?

    Yup! Totally different compound. Sets up really hard and it very tough.
  352. Smudge

    Increase Drag on Newell G-220

    The real question is why? It's a 220. Trying to make into something it's not will only end in tears! LOL
  353. Smudge

    There's more to the ammo shortage

    That all depends on the military supply system. I've cancelled many rage days because of a change in ammo distribution. When the surge happened, we stopped all range time to move ammo to the people who were using it on the "two-way" range. It took six months or so to get ammo back to the not...
  354. Smudge

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    Word is they located him at the ASW Base in Point Loma. Supposedly he checked into the Bachelor Housing on base last night. The base is on lock down. Have no other details.
  355. Smudge

    Andaman's Island Port Blair, India Jan 2013

    Andaman's are on my bucket list. Want to spear a big dog tooth!
  356. Smudge

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    They found his badge near the airport. That's a little too close to my house for comfort...
  357. Smudge

    You're in the Army now...

    That's awesome! LOL
  358. Smudge

    Newell 220-5 Clear Brand New Collectible

    No no. Katie's reel was on a rod and well fished. I was just commenting because its a really cool really rare reel. Hope he makes a good sale.
  359. Smudge

    Newell 220-5 Clear Brand New Collectible

    It's a bitchin' reel. That's all. Have a nice day!
  360. Smudge

    Newell 220-5 Clear Brand New Collectible

    My friend Katie had one of those given to her as a gift. Someone broke into her storage unit and stole it along with most of her other gear a few months ago.
  361. Smudge

    Good business or bad business?

    Hollywood Video did this to Blockbuster all over the country. In the end, I think they were both basically put out of business by Netflix and RedBox... Last I checked, you couldn't get tires mounted and balanced on your current wheels online or from a box in front of 7Eleven so i don't think...
  362. Smudge

    Ride Streetbikes? Check this...

    That's the truth! I've seen some videos of fans getting popped with bikes, riders and debris! The fans are as bad as some of the WRC idiots who post up at dangerous curves...
  363. Smudge

    Ride Streetbikes? Check this...

    Wanted to go watch this while I was stationed in England but never put the trip together. Always ended up watching in the pub instead!
  364. Smudge

    Fred Hall Long Beach Show

    I flew into town from Hawaii for Fred Hall three years in a row. No fruitcake is going to deter me from coming up from San Diego. Hopefully I'll have time to help set up, tear down and actually work the booth!
  365. Smudge

    2012 NFL Recap....

    Hope this isn't a repost...
  366. Smudge

    Fiesta Island Dog attacks.....

    They were in a designated unleashed dog area.
  367. Smudge

    Fiesta Island Dog attacks.....

    Well now your first post didn't lay it out like that! What this dude did is completely contrary to everything the military teaches today. He didn't get it from us that's for damn sure. You didn't say whether he was Navy or not, but if he is, when you next interact with him he needs to be...
  368. Smudge

    Fiesta Island Dog attacks.....

    Damn Frank, totally fucked up, but why blame the military? I hold the fucksticks who work for me responsible for their actions day in and day out. I kick idiots out of the Navy on a regular basis, but I didn't raise them. Even I can't fix stupid. I sure as fuck try though! Hope Beau heals...
  369. Smudge

    The Journey

    Quite a journey! I didn't read through the entire thread but it reminded me of something... Another Bloodydecker had an aluminum jouney a few years ago. I hope I'm not stepping on toes, or that this hasn't been posted before, but a BD oldtimer built an aluminum boat from scratch and documented...
  370. Smudge

    February 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 2/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 2/28/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the Avet Contest Rules Thread (Avet Contest...
  371. Smudge

    Weeki Wachee Red

    Stud bull!
  372. Smudge

    Youth hunt 2013

    That is bad ass!!
  373. Smudge

    Need some work boots.

    American made Redwings. Check the label.
  374. Smudge

    The true meaning of stress

    The shits would be a joy compaired to cig. It attacks your nervous system as well. Bad voova...
  375. Smudge

    Welcome to the new Shimano forum!

    Sweet! I've been a shimano fan since my first Bantam TX101. I needed a lefty baitcaster and that fit the bill. I think I still have it in a box in my garage somewhere....
  376. Smudge

    Happy Birthday Kevan (Fishnfool)

    Happy Birthday Kevan!!
  377. Smudge


    Don't say that. You'll make him think they're good...
  378. Smudge

    Last hunt of the year and my unicorn

    Excellent duck! I've only shot one. It was a beautiful specimen though so I had it mounted with a huge redhed. There was a mix up at the taxidermist and my bird got mounted with my buddy's redhead on a pedastal mount and his king got mounted with my redhead on my wall mount. Wasn't a big...
  379. Smudge

    "I would say her message was not well received overall by the group,"
  380. Smudge

    It's over....

    In under the buzzer! Glad I was able to get out the last two weekends. Recon did his thing. The dog is amazing. We stopped while jump shooting to check out a hole. Recon hopped out first while I decided if the ground was solid enough to make it worth sludgeing around looking for a duck...
  381. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Ah, you've met Bruce. lol
  382. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Frank is a farm animal. No human has nuts that big...
  383. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Yeah, it was a poor choice of words on my part...
  384. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    I guess I should have said credit worthiness... or debt to income ratio...
  385. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Definitely the dumbest. I actually come on BD an argue with you guys! :eek: :D
  386. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    My bad. But, if you don't have the declared income to show your ability to pay debts, are you going to get a loan? You all get my point. My roomate is a longrange deckhand and night driver. He declares his tips so that he can show a real income. I have to declare mine or I can run afoul of...
  387. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Oh, I didn't work today, but I'm guessing the Daily Double crew walked with less that $10 in tips each today. I'm sure I can find out if you guys are really that worried about it.
  388. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    A high school dropout deckhand living in his mom's basement likely wont claim tips on his taxes. Guys working long range or decking as a side job more likely will. Declared income determines a good portion of your credit score. Want to buy a house or even a car, you're better off claiming your...
  389. Smudge

    Good ducks 1/19, better dog...

    He wasn't too happy about the cold ass water the first day! I think he forgot that part!
  390. Smudge


    A buddy was up last week The pics he sent back showed it frozen. He doesn't fish though so I don't know if the whole lake was iced over...
  391. Smudge

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Wow, as a deckhand, I've been called a lot of nasty things on this thread! LOL Tip what you feel the crew deserves. I sure as shit don't expect 30-50%. It's a pleasant surprise when we get it though. Some times we get more. Jackpot? That's yours to do with what you want. You'll never get...
  392. Smudge

    Where do you guys get your butt cord?

    PM me your address...
  393. Smudge

    Where do you guys get your butt cord?

    Squidco... What color do you need Ed? I have a bunch of the cotton stuff. Green, blue, yellow, orange, white and lots of black...
  394. Smudge

    Come on lurkers!!!

  395. Smudge

    Good ducks 1/19, better dog...

    If I were a better shot, Marcus and I would have finished with just widgeon and redheads. One buffle head ended up in the mix and we ran out of time to try and find a 14th bird.
  396. Smudge

    New Mexico Elk

    I thought you were supposed to ride those things not shoot them!
  397. Smudge

    Lance Armstrong...

    It's funny until it happens to you. And if you ride, it's not a matter of if but when! LOL
  398. Smudge

    Battery charging question...

    We're definitely in no hurry! Thanks Dennis!
  399. Smudge

    e gads

    We saw a couple gad yesterday. Mostly widge and redheads. Recon did pretty good. Marcus has pics. I was gonna stop by and harass you on my way home but I got out of there late.
  400. Smudge

    Battery charging question...

    Thanks Dennis. The charger Brandon put up is awesome. I think Marcus and I've already thrown a grand at this boat this season and have only hunted out of it a few times. It rarely get used out of hunting season so I don't know if we'll throw another $100 at it until next year. Only one more...
  401. Smudge

    Battery charging question...

    Thanks Rich. I figured I was clear, but wanted to make sure.
  402. Smudge

    Any Kitchen Countertop Experts?

    She had the same delimma with color on the La Jolla house. White Bead-board custom cabinets. She ended up specifying a light butter-cream color on the concrete. The owners are totally stoked...
  403. Smudge

    Any Kitchen Countertop Experts?

    My wife actually is a counter top expert. She's an interior designer(designer not decorator). She's finishing a kitchen for a client in la jolla right now and they went with concrete of all things. Sink and counter is all one piece with no seams. The second choice was quartz if they were not...
  404. Smudge

    Battery charging question...

    Yes but no. We have the accessories running from the switch, but the battery is under the front deck in its box and not easy to get to. it's easy to get to the bus bars with the clamps from the charger but not the battery. Hard to explain... The hot run goes like this: Battery positive post...
  405. Smudge

    Battery charging question...

    We do have a battery switch on the hot side, but not a breaker. I guess a breaker would solve my concern about the charger fying anything now that you mention it... Damn boats! I swear they cost money just to look at them! That's pretty sweet Brandon but a little overkill for the duck sled...
  406. Smudge

    Battery charging question...

    So we just relocated the battery on our duck boat to the bow. The way we have the system set up now, if I want to charge the battery while the boat is sitting on the trailer, I have to un hook it from the bus bars in order to fully remove it from the circuit and charge it stand alone. Is this...
  407. Smudge

    Happy Birthday Captain CABO!!!!

    Happy Birthday Barrett!
  408. Smudge

    OK, NOW I'M PISSED !!!!

    And, in case everyone needs a reminder of what was said the last time the Rod Building drama got out of hand I moved Ali's post back to the top.
  409. Smudge

    OK, NOW I'M PISSED !!!!

    I'm going ahead and closing this. I personally could care less who you are. I do however know exactly who Don "Orca" is. I also know from reading his post that he was not accusing you of lying. The lies are being bandied about by whomever sends out the ANON emails and whatever is posted on other...
  410. Smudge

    Are the squid on the seaforth gone?

    That's why I said I don't know if they decimate populations, but they do eat everything, including each other...
  411. Smudge

    What happens when the tide goes out...

    Nope. Not me! Fuck that shit! LOL
  412. Smudge

    Reloading SWC

    Try seating them to 1.220... 2 one hundreths doesn't sound like much but it might help with your FTF issues...
  413. Smudge

    Are the squid on the seaforth gone?

    How many of these squid have you filleted? I've cut thousands. When they were on the 9 mile bank, every single one of them was loaded with little bits of rockfish and rockfish scales and pieces of other squid... Did that decimate the rockfish population? I don't know, but those squid eat evrything.
  414. Smudge

    Gun rights rally Saturday the 19th.

    Just to make it clear, there is no way any of us would ban anyone for posting a thread like this. We rarely ban anyone. It takes considerable effort to get banned from this site. We may close threads or even occasionally delete really bad ones, but more often than not, the bad ones just get...
  415. Smudge

    Reloading SWC

    If you're using carbide dies, the lube may be the problem. No need for lube with the carbide dies. Lube is not likely it though. What is the LOA or your complete rounds? Do you ever shoot factory SWC's? Is your barrel ramped?
  416. Smudge

    Reloading SWC

    Yup, I just make sure there is no media in the flash hole and go!
  417. Smudge

    Mo Betta III

    Holy shit Frank! Gonna be even Mo Betta when she's done! Let me know if you need an extra hand. I know just enough to really screw something up! LOL
  418. Smudge

    First time zeroing at 100 yds

    One thing to add. If you do get into loading, don't rely on just one loading manual. Get several of the main ones. They each have slightly different info in that some will have data on powders that another manual may not. Having a few manuals will give you more load options while keeping you...
  419. Smudge

    First time zeroing at 100 yds

    RCBS Rockchucker... Look around on Bass Pro, Cabelas and Midway USA until you find a reloading package on sale. I got everything I needed to start loading from Cabelas a few years ago in one shot on sale for about $250. Learn on a single stage press. People will tell you to get a progressive...
  420. Smudge

    Jackwagon BS II

    I'm pretty sure I'm an Asswipe under those definitions.... :D
  421. Smudge

    Jackwagon BS II

    I closed the thread because it was made into a bullshit slinging fest.
  422. Smudge

    Jackwagon BS II

    It's yours too. But you're into to shit so you probably don't mind... :D
  423. Smudge

    Jackwagon BS II

    I use a shovel. Quit leaving turds on my website. If you keep shitting here, we'll have to get a litter box.... :D
  424. Smudge

    Jackwagon BS II

    The thread started out fine. It turned into bullshit. My bullshit bucket is full. There are no 1st amendment rights on a privately owned website, just so we're clear on that. The thread didn't even get deleted. It could have been, but I left it up because it did have good points.
  425. Smudge

    What guns did that jackwagon actually use?

    Take this bullshit to another website. We are not having it it here. Period. If you don't like it, I'll send you a refund.
  426. Smudge

    I'll take your small humbolts

    Don't we have to dye them red first?? :D :D :D
  427. Smudge

    bermuda street in point loma /ocean beach

    You're gonna need to pick a flat calm day for a launch there. It's still be one hell of a kick out to get to the kelp and you better be in shape! If you end up with a strong up-hill current you might be getting out of the water through the surf at the OB pier...
  428. Smudge

    Feinstein the early years

    Didn't watch the video. Don't care what she has to say then or now. These threads are starting to venture too far into the political arena. No Politics on BD. Sorry Kurt. :D
  429. Smudge


    From New Zealand!?! Contact some of the guys on this website... This is a group of Nor Cal ab divers. Explain what you are doing, show some pics of the rod work and I bet you one of these guys will grab one or two of the 100's of shells...
  430. Smudge

    Huell Howser Dies

    Total bummer. :(
  431. Smudge

    R.I.P. Mom

    So Sorry to hear Rich.
  432. Smudge


    Permethrin is the active ingredient in Advantix for your dog. Not deemed safe to put on humans, but we put it on our dogs and it soaks into their system! Crazy shit!
  433. Smudge

    Some asshat shot at me!!!

    Where's Sluester. Someone really has shot at him in his truck... While driving near the border I think...
  434. Smudge

    Some asshat shot at me!!!

    East County? LOL
  435. Smudge

    Come on lurkers!!!

    Fixed that for you Tommy... ;)
  436. Smudge

    snowboarding tips?

    You're screwed! LOL Sierra Cement is going to be a bummer when you get back! I haven't been since boarding in the cold smoke of Bridger Bowl in Montana. I learned on the "snow" in North Carolina. Very similar conditions to the wet icy Sierra slopes. The first time I ate shit in Montana I was...
  437. Smudge

    Parasite in sand dab and report(ish)

    Yup, I cringe everytime I see someone say they made ceviche out of rockfish/Bass/etc...
  438. Smudge

    Quail/ chukar. Tough grind.............

    Saw a sticker on a truck the other day that said "Sticks and stones may break my bones but Chukar really hurt me!"
  439. Smudge

    Wister area duck report 1/2

    I thought his dog wouldn't stay in the blind?
  440. Smudge

    Happy Birthday Doc

    Happy Birthday Doc!
  441. Smudge

    Wister area duck report 1/2

    I laughing my ass off in my cubicle... :lol: Hollywood gone bad! Lindsay Lohan, dead in the pond... :D :rofl:
  442. Smudge

    2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest Winners!

    December 2012 Winner: Topshot Reel won: ??
  443. Smudge

    December 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: Topshot!
  444. Smudge

    January 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    January 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest! <hr style="color:transparent; background-color:transparent" size="1"> Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 1/1/13 using an Avet reel. Ending 1/31/13. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have...
  445. Smudge

    Shaft advice

    55in 5/16 should be fine. 60 would give you far too much over hang. Recoil can be mitigated my ballasting the gun... And you can post on Spearboard now...
  446. Smudge

    Speargun build

    Dirtytaco, you should be able to post on spearboard now... Check your email junkmail box for the confirmation email... Either way, you're good to go... And don't listen to Leo, he's afraid to put his head under water... :D
  447. Smudge

    Communists are pretty funny

    Please play nice people.
  448. Smudge

    Anyone have a Leupold Mark AR?

    You're not missing anything Nate. I'll probably catch flak for this, but I'm willing to bet most new AR platform owners have never owned a long gun before and have no idea how to sight in. Leupold dumbed it down for them... :D
  449. Smudge

    Wister area 12/29

  450. Smudge

    Parasite in sand dab and report(ish)

    The ones in the bass are called anasakis worms. Look it up. They can infect mammals...
  451. Smudge

    N.Y. Newspaper publishes gun owner's info

    Now that's the funniest thing I've read in a while! :rofl::rofl:
  452. Smudge

    Red hot Reds on a Cold FL Morning

    Nice! Gotta love being on the water by yourselves! And catching!
  453. Smudge

    Speargun build

    I sent a PM to the owner to see if he can help you...
  454. Smudge

    Speargun build

    What's your screen name?
  455. Smudge

    Speargun build

    If you have a hard time getting your account approved over there, let me know here and I will send a message to the moderators for you.
  456. Smudge

    N.Y. Newspaper publishes gun owner's info

    I think you missed the joke... i.e. "everyone in Arizona has a gun..."
  457. Smudge

    Anyone have a Leupold Mark AR? Sounds like Kurt was right on...
  458. Smudge

    Let sleeping dogs lie....

    Some of the other videos of this dog are gnarly... Standing and growling... Creepy...
  459. Smudge


    I turned off avitars about 5 years ago. I'm definitely not turning them back on after seeing this poll! lol
  460. Smudge

    Communists are pretty funny

    I'm right there with you on this one Brent.
  461. Smudge

    Happy Bday Smudge

    Thank you everyone! Had a great day!
  462. Smudge


    Who the fuck shit in your Cheerios? God damn dude. I looked at the shape of the bill and the white patches on the face. I even said ruddies are small. Relax Francis. It's not my fault your goon friend is shooting Muscovies out of the park.
  463. Smudge


    Ruddy duck hen? They're pretty small though...
  464. Smudge

    Break Out Another Thousand(s)

    WTF!?! All I can say is WOW...
  465. Smudge

    Spectra slicer?

    You know, most deckhands use Channel Lock dikes or cheapies from Home Depot. They will cut spectra a few times and then they just start to smash it and make the nasty cuts you guys are trying to avoid. 15 years ago or so, I received a pair of Snap-On dikes as a gift. They were the best I've...
  466. Smudge

    Identify this Ecuadorian fish!

    Yes, blue spotted file fish. My buddies in Hawaii say they "peel like a banana and taste like mahi-mahi!"
  467. Smudge

    Sign this pro gun petition

    Yeah.. So this went south... Any thread I see that degrades into name calling is going to be closed regardless of the topic. Play nice or find a new playground kiddies...
  468. Smudge

    just checked a gun store for the first time

    Fuck. Made my stomach sink reading that...
  469. Smudge

    Cleaning off the black stuff

    We use Starbright on the sportboat when it gets done. Takes the exhaust stains off of the stern sheet too...
  470. Smudge

    Anyone shoot Prvi Partizan ?

    Only experience is with a brick of .22 LR on paper. Went bang every time. Put holes in the paper where I pointed it. No FTF/FTE out of my 10/22...
  471. Smudge

    T/C Dimension

    The numbers he posted for groups are nuts!
  472. Smudge


    There. I fixed it.
  473. Smudge

    Your Perfect Quiver For a Cow Trip

    63" Daryl Wong Hybrid Super Magnum... :D :D :D
  474. Smudge

    Decent bug and found a bitchin' old ab iron...

    I thought about that. I guess they could have called it a hooked instrument. It's a scallop knife too though....
  475. Smudge

    Decent bug and found a bitchin' old ab iron...

    Plucked this ugly fucker and his girlfriend off of the bottom on the same dive. They tried to drown me on the surface.... Roommate got one too. His was made into lobster fried rice... I also found this really bitchin' old ab iron. Has marks on one side for red, green and pink abs as well...
  476. Smudge

    2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest Winners!

    November 2012 Winner: alka144 Reel won: ??
  477. Smudge

    2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest Winners!

    October 2012 Winner: thefishkiller Reel won: ??
  478. Smudge

    November 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: alka144
  479. Smudge

    October 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: thefishkiller!
  480. Smudge

    2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest Winners!

    September 2012 Winner: s3rmadrat Reel won: ??
  481. Smudge

    September 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: s3rmadrat!
  482. Smudge

    December 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    December 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest! Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 12/1/12 using an Avet reel. Ending 12/31/12. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the...
  483. Smudge

    Capt G, can you make me a pigeon shaped swim bait?
  484. Smudge

    Tako Poke

    Freeze over night. Thaw then lomi for about an hour. After the lomi, boil in 50/50 water and beer until soft. Can take a while. Then prepare like any other poke.
  485. Smudge

    Where do I take my dog to swim?

    There are a couple of places. I take Recon to Dog Beach in OB. LOTS of other dogs so if you can keep him working with all of the distractions you're good to go! There are also a few spots along the San Diego river. Take Friars Rd West from 163, turn right on Frazee Rd, make a right at the...
  486. Smudge

    A lot of boat for 20K

    If all goes as planned, I'll be moving back home to Florida spring/summer of 2014. Buying a house first. Then a boat. Haven't even really considered owning a boat here in CA. It's number two on the list when I get back to FL!
  487. Smudge

    Where to buy 223/5.56 bulk?

    1st and foremost, for safety's sake, do you want .223 or 5.56? They are different. If you are shooting a 5.56 chambered rifle you're safe with either. If you are shooting a .223, it is highly advised NOT to put 5.56 through it. Check Cabela's for their deals... Sometimes you can score...
  488. Smudge

    84' Jeep CJ7 For Sale

    That's a beauty! Best of luck finding a buyer. Be sure to list it on if you haven't already!
  489. Smudge

    3 CZ Rifles

    Hell yeah! The wood alone on that gun looks like $350!
  490. Smudge

    Montana Deer and Elk

    Great hunt!! Montana muleys make our SoCal bucks look so sad! I remember walking through Sportsman's Warehouse in Bozeman and seeing what I thought were awfully small elk in the pictures on the wall as you go out the door. Then I realized they were mule deer!! :eek: Freaks of nature! The...
  491. Smudge

    The Big buck Controversy

  492. Smudge

    Playing with a little purple

    Just got my purple jig a few days ago Jerry! The color is awesome!!!
  493. Smudge

    Scamming guides & six-pack operators?

    No one ever arrives. They send you a bogus check for over the ammount they owe you and try to get you to cash it at your bank and then wire them the over ammount... Or something along those lines. My wife is an artist and one of these scams was running arount the website. Some of...
  494. Smudge

    Need gun dork help This is a good place to start Nate....
  495. Smudge

    Happy Birthday Jscrib

    Happy birthday J!
  496. Smudge

    Deep fryin a turkey

    Go to Smart and Final or Costco for real peanut oil. Don't bother with the blend...
  497. Smudge

    Deep fryin a turkey

    Don't do it near any structure or under a carport. I do mine in the middle of the yard. If you think you have your bird dry enough, you don't. Peanut oil for sure. It will expand a little as it's heated so only put enough oil to just cover the bird. The first turkey I did was a 21lb beast...
  498. Smudge

    Oahu charter this weekend for long range SD guy

    Listen to Pat and Chuck above! Shannon(Live Bait) and Russel(Magic) are the guys to fish with IMO!
  499. Smudge

    12 years..........

    Very cool Sean! Great stroy to go with that one!
  500. Smudge

    Red light camera Point Loma

    It flashed on me as I was southbound on Rosecrans and turning right on to Nimitz. I came to a full stop at the red, then turned right to go north on Nimitz and it went off. I was like "what the fuck???"... Never got a ticket...
  501. Smudge

    Crazy video of sinking trawler

    Holy pucker factor! The dude getting snatched under made my heart stop! :eek:
  502. Smudge

    Hoopers in the channel...

    Nah, that'd just make more work for me. I'd be the one diving down to cut all the gear off of the wheels later on...
  503. Smudge

    ID This Fish???

    Not giant trevally or white ulua. It's a kagami ulua if you are in Hawaii, African pompano everywhere else... The chick is hot too...
  504. Smudge

    Hoopers in the channel...

    I know how the DFG and Harbor Patrol are going to educate them. Unfortunately, they'll educate the rest by closing the bay to hooping like they have elsewhere up the coast...
  505. Smudge

    Hoopers in the channel...

    You guys are going to get hooping in the bay shut down in a hurry. I'm coming through thr bay right now and there are at least a dozen nets IN the channel. You guys are nuts.
  506. Smudge

    BD Test Stick

    I like it.
  507. Smudge

    November 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    November 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest! Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 11/1/12 using an Avet reel. Ending 11/30/12. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules see the...
  508. Smudge


    I don't know, but whomever you get to do it, make sure they don't fuck up the crown like they did on this one! LOL
  509. Smudge

    jeep thing

    I miss my YJ... :(
  510. Smudge

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    You're still a mysoginist. :D
  511. Smudge

    Mission Belle Sat 10/20

    Hope so! We cancelled last Sat... :( The fish are still there. Just spread out and a little harder to find. If you find the paddy that's holding you can score, but it's really easy to miss!
  512. Smudge

    Fishing the 3/4 Day On Sat 10/25/12 with the Malihini

    Mexican limits are easy to hit leaving no option to catch any other species. 5 YFT+5YT and you're done. 5YT+1 or 2 Dorado and you're done.
  513. Smudge

    Banana River Fishing

    Making me homesick as usual!
  514. Smudge

    My House "Sandy" Report

    Whoa! These pictures bring back memories!!!! I grew up on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, FL. We had a canal in the back yard, the Intercoastal two blocks west and the ocean 1/2 a mile east. The Halloween Noreaster in 1991 connected the canal and the Intercoastal! Fortunately like most homes...
  515. Smudge

    Fishing the 3/4 Day On Sat 10/25/12 with the Malihini

    I heard the Ocean Odysee limited on YFT but I don't know how long of a trip they were on...
  516. Smudge

    Fishing the 3/4 Day On Sat 10/25/12 with the Malihini

    So sorry to hear you guys blanked. We didn't even get out yesterday or today. Unfortunately it sounds like our 3/4 day season is over. Unless we get a major push of warm water, the fish are gonna be too far south for us to run down to them.
  517. Smudge

    Fishing the 3/4 Day On Sat 10/25/12 with the Malihini

    Most of us will run with 10 people. Call the landing at 7pm tonight to verify whether the trip will run or not. Ask them what time they close tonight and call again before they close to verify.
  518. Smudge

    Military etiquette

    I delivered the Flag and its certificate to Pattie along with a Stan's rating badge and a coin yesterday. She and Chuck should be well on their way south by now.
  519. Smudge

    Fishing the 3/4 Day On Sat 10/25/12 with the Malihini

    2/0 Mustad Hook, 20lb mono. That's it. We're fishing nice sized dines. No need for any sinkers. If you want to bring a second rig, bring a 30lb yoyo rod with a couple mega baits and standard heavy jigs. Sumo, 4/0 etc...
  520. Smudge

    Moose are not friendly

    Moose bites kan be pretti nasti!
  521. Smudge

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    I had to think about this a little, but here goes what I have. There are few bonds between people as strong as those forged during military service. You come to realize very quickly that the person standing next to you may one day very soon be the person who saves your life or who you are...
  522. Smudge


    I suppose it'll really fire everyone up that I'm going on a tagging trip tomorrow huh? :D
  523. Smudge

    Military etiquette

    Got it covered Chuck. I have an issue flag in my office. I will have it flown at 32nd St Naval Station at TSC tomorrow.
  524. Smudge

    Military etiquette

    I will see what I can do...
  525. Smudge

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    I don't even know what to say. I few years ago, Stan mailed me his Gold Sevice Stripes to wear on my uniform. I'll be sewing them on in 22 months when I hit 20 years in the Navy...
  526. Smudge

    WFO Albacore

    Actually, since it appears he has an alter ego. He can kick rocks. :D
  527. Smudge

    Mission Belle Sat 10/20

    The dude with the beanie on in the corner looks pissed because our other deckhand caught him sparking a bowl and made him toss it LOL... Dumbass...
  528. Smudge

    WFO Albacore

    If you can't figure out the general area that they were fishing by the weather report he gave, you're gonna need more than numbers to catch fish...
  529. Smudge

    What is this!

    Tankers! Nice!!
  530. Smudge

    WFO Albacore

    What yellowfin are you looking at? I see an albacore... If he had caught a yellowfin up where they were fishing, then I would call BS....
  531. Smudge

    Mission Belle Sat 10/20

    Glad you guys had a good time! Hope to see you out again soon!
  532. Smudge

    YFT WSW 1010 10/16

    Toddy too Hotty! Thanks buddy!
  533. Smudge

    Best Bitch Upper-cut Ever

    Sad all the way around if you ask me...
  534. Smudge

    How many "dead-heads"....

    Bingo. The operative words here are "limited load". No deadheads on a limited load or a charter. The only exception I could possibly see is if the LL trip didn't fill up and a DH covered the last spot or two. Said DH shouldnt be noticed though.
  535. Smudge

    Dead Heads: A response to a readers inquest

    Someone needs a breathalyzer on their key board. (not you Spike) lol
  536. Smudge

    Hippo Head Tuna Rod

    He uses one of these to gut the hippo, then just slides the rod in!. No Seam!!
  537. Smudge

    This is why afghanistan is being lost

    Makes me sick to my stomach... :(
  538. Smudge

    Check out these grips.

    Technically, I guess it was!
  539. Smudge

    Hammerhead Proteus Spear gun

    I would highly, highly suggest a Rob Allen over the HH...
  540. Smudge

    Check out these grips.

    If he did pink, he'd claim he invented it even thoguh a brown one has already been done... :rofl:
  541. Smudge

    How many "dead-heads"....

    Deadhead on a limited load is a big no-no for any of the boats that I fish. 5 deadheads!? That's major BS. Even when I am a deadhead, you'll likely never know it. Most assume I'm crew on a day off. You'll see me rinse the boat, healp scrub, bag and even fillet fish.(most deadheads won't...
  542. Smudge

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    Soooooo yours are kinda like a Chinese knock off. Good from afar but far from good. Got it. :urno1:
  543. Smudge

    Tackle store of the past

    I remember the Bob's locations all over. I bet I still have a business card somewhere...
  544. Smudge

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    This dude is a joke. Gotta be trolling.....
  545. Smudge

    Check out these grips.

    This is a joke right? You don't really expect us to believe that you're not ripping off Armbreaker do you?
  546. Smudge


    Since you are obviously such a friend of Scott, I take it you brought this to his attention and he suggested whining about it on BD right? I mean, you didn't come here and use your third post just to complain without affording the owner an opportunity to do anything about it right?
  547. Smudge

    I'm so pissed I can't sleep 1:15 am

    Not going to argue about whether they were in or out of the channel, but if they were going 15 kts, Tim Green is going to be pissed when he sees the fuel bill! LOL
  548. Smudge

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    Drama on the rod building forum? No way! LOL I love you guys!
  549. Smudge

    DFG Wardens Cite Lobster Stealing Suspect

    Ryan27 has received a temporary suspension of his posting and viewing privileges due to his racist comments and remarks. Racism is not tolerated on BDOutdoors.
  550. Smudge

    Camo Question

    So long as your siloutte is broken up and you can stay still, you should be fine... Cover your face and eyes...
  551. Smudge


    Everyone I know that hunts in moose/bear country carries either a .454 Casul or a .44 Magnum... All revolvers... If your first trigger pull doesn't go boom, keep pulling till it does!
  552. Smudge

    ID this.

  553. Smudge

    Boot sock roundup.

    I used to have the same problem. Now I put everything in a tub in my garage at the end of the season. It's all still there in October.
  554. Smudge


    What Brent said! Cabelas Dry Plus Breathables.
  555. Smudge

    Whats your favorite duck/goose call?

    Zink PH-1 for ducks. My only goose call is a Herter's Numara that's probably 50 years old that is used as a ya-ya call for snows. (not that I'm any good!!)
  556. Smudge

    October 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    October 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest! Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 10/1/12 using an Avet reel. Ending 10/31/12. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! If you have any questions about the rules...
  557. Smudge

    STI Off Duty 3" 1911 .45

    Whoa. Nice piece. Hope you're upgrading!
  558. Smudge

    pelican crewmember

    You tell the Captain. Immediately.
  559. Smudge

    Diver gets punked on film

    When you're that deep on one breath, you'd be surprised what noises you can make without blowing any bubbles! Somewhere on here is a video of me coming nose to nose with a 200+lb black sea bass in really murky water. I didn't blow a single bubble but you can hear me yelp like a little girl! :rofl:
  560. Smudge

    heart breaker wsb poacher

    Lot's of corvina in Mission Bay are you absolutely 100% for sure with out any doubt is was a WSB? Below is a Mission Bay corvina. From this close it's easy to spot the fangs, but from a distance, if I had just tossed it in a bucket are you sure you could make the positive id? I'm not.
  561. Smudge

    Legend or New Lo-An for 1.5 trip

    Just in case you missed it . NLA!!
  562. Smudge

    Hot Female here moving to Cabo, Have any suggestions where or how to find a job?

    How about Maximus? Or Fishinshirts? Or Seasons?
  563. Smudge

    wtb farallon 26-32 diesel

    Ah, sorry. That's a tough one. When you bump up to the 26 and wider beam, you get a lot more boat. Hope you able to find one in your price range!
  564. Smudge

    wtb farallon 26-32 diesel

    How about this one right here on BD?!?!?!
  565. Smudge

    Anyone missing a kicker?

    Especially in such pristine condition!?
  566. Smudge

    Anyone missing a kicker?

    Whoa! That does not look good...
  567. Smudge

    Old BD stuff.......

  568. Smudge

    ( . )

    If you've ever been to Wales, you know just how funny this joke really is!!
  569. Smudge

    Old BD stuff.......

    Don't make me dig up the "I'm standing here at the landing in the middle of the night wearing my new deck boots, jerking off while drooling on the Holiday" post... :D
  570. Smudge

    09/19/2012 Local offshore

    The waves come up and NOW you go fishing? Dork... :D
  571. Smudge

    Old BD stuff.......

    You would remember if it was that one. Pickle-idiot ran up a rainbow flag and put cucumbers with condoms on them in most of the bunks..
  572. Smudge

    go pro question

    Oh and the waves were OK at the falls. Got a little mushy as the tide filled in... I may try to go for an early sesh before work in the morning...
  573. Smudge

    go pro question

    Swap back and forth. The flat lens would work fine on the sponge but you'll get a better fisheye effect with the regular housing.... Makes it easier to do it that way too since you won't be swapping housings, just moving the camera from one mounted housing to the other...
  574. Smudge

    go pro question

    I'm using the same set up on my mask with a Hero 2 in the GoPro flat lense Dive Housing. Come by and check it out...
  575. Smudge

    go pro question

  576. Smudge

    go pro question

    You could ask the spearfisherman with whom you surf. I bet he'd show you how he has his set up... :D
  577. Smudge

    Spearo Lost His Lunch

    Potato Cod are protected down there...
  578. Smudge

    Spearo Lost His Lunch

    That'll make you shit your suit. I've had jew fish not quite that big suck a lobster out or my hand. When you're at depth on a single breath of air and a fish that out weighs you by 100lbs grabs your hand???... Not fun at the moment, but funny as shit on video later!
  579. Smudge

    Big Hammer / Fish Trap baits

    Channel Islands Chovie! (black and purple Fish Trap) I think I've killed as many tuna with that plastic as I have with bait or iron! LOL
  580. Smudge

    USCG Fines Rec Boaters For Blocking Deep Draft Channel

    Try coming back and going out, twice a day, 7 days a week all summer!
  581. Smudge

    Ika shibi kona

  582. Smudge

    fish cleaning after trip...

    Speaking of disposal. Years back some guys came off of a long trip and took all 30-40 of their albies home, cleaned them and then decided it was a good idea to dump the carcasses in the dumpster at the local elementary school. It was over a holiday weekend and when everyone got to school Monday...
  583. Smudge

    Day with my Boy

  584. Smudge

    Old BD stuff.......

    I really miss that place Curt!
  585. Smudge

    Old BD stuff.......

    Damnit! I didn't need to see that again!
  586. Smudge

    Old BD stuff.......

    Anyone miss this guy?
  587. Smudge


  588. Smudge

    Reel bought from Long Beach Rod & Gun Club Swapmeet 9/8/12

    You asked him if HE fished in salt water right? HE probably didn't. The guy he got it from obviously did though. LOL Learn how to service your own reels if you're on a budget. You'll save enough money to buy new ones if you do.
  589. Smudge

    Big Game 90 9/14/ to 9/15 THE REAL STORY

    Give up WHAT bait? Who do you think has bait? No one has good bait! This is the third thread I get to close today... :rolleyes:
  590. Smudge

    AR question.

    It's not going ot need to be CA legal in NY... lol
  591. Smudge

    *** Stolen Phenix Rod's Enclosed Trailer ***

    I'm moving this to Fishing Chit Chat and making it a sticky so that it stays at the top. I'll see if we can make it an announcement... No promises, but I'll see...
  592. Smudge

    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    I swear, I'm ready to Go fishing!
  593. Smudge

    Prowler Day and One Half

    This is awesome. I haven't worked offshore in a couple of seasons but yesterday I covered for Karen on the Mission Belle and worked the 3/4 offshore trip. The bait? Good lord. It's about the worst I've ever seen. Who's fault is that? No one. I read someone on here saying that the EB was down to...
  594. Smudge

    1010 without GPS or bait

    60 ft down? Wish I was there. I would have gone down for a looksee and shot whatever was there! Thank you for the report! I worked a 3/4 day trip and we went that direction but not that far. Out best stop was 28 rat yellows and a little hen dodo on a stringer. All of the paddies of any size...
  595. Smudge

    north GA trout fishing

    Very very cool! Thank you for the pics and report!
  596. Smudge

    Old BD stuff.......

    That was epic! The MC was pretty awesome that night too!
  597. Smudge

    Ok.... Enough

    As Marcus said, if we couldn't handle it, we'd delete it. What we don't tollerate for very long is the shit show that comes after the first post. That why we close them, rather than delete them...
  598. Smudge

    I hope this thread doesn't get closed!!!

    If we wanted to silence them, we would delete the threads, not lock them, like this one... :D
  599. Smudge

    Old BD stuff.......

    Hummerdude chronicles are still my favorite... Scribby rules!
  600. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    Holy shit! That's awesome! But not really! Sorry Cooter!
  601. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    I'm gunning for that damn paddle this year! Saluki's had it since his name color changed!
  602. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    That was just the icing. You were getting a time out for being a douchebag regardless... Welcome back BTW. :D
  603. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    I think I've issued infractions in the past to about half of the people bitching about me on this thread. That makes me chuckle a little more...
  604. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    Doves will die this weekend. It's you people's fault. It's hot in the Imperial Valley, so basically I'm gooing to Hell to kill the bird of peace...
  605. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    Thank you for the constructive criticism Aleguzzler. There is merit to what you say there for sure. As I said earlier, we won't shy away from criticism.
  606. Smudge

    BB Guns in Escondido???

    They're friends with the deer. It's a conspiracy...The rabbits are in on it too. They shit all over your yard... :D
  607. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    What I love about all of the whining here about censorship and agendas is that no one seems to recognize that we leave threads up and open when they criticize BDOutdoors. You can bash us all you want and we will not censor that. We can take all of your criticism and more. We do not and never...
  608. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    My apologies. I'm sending out refunds for everyone's BD memberships ASAP.
  609. Smudge

    summer night swimbaiting (green bass)

    Very cool Matt!
  610. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    :rofl: :rofl: I could not have asked for a better way to illustrate my point! Thank you very much!
  611. Smudge

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    I don't think I've ever seen as many grown men act like such fucking cry babies. You guys are ridiculous...
  612. Smudge

    My son

    Oh my. There are no words. I am so very sorry. :(
  613. Smudge

    When are the DP RedBull Air Races? We need them

    As a diver and spearfisherman, reading these threads really pisses me off. It's just not kosher... Sorry that the douche bags jumped in on your paddy. Please do try to get a pic of their boat if this happens again...
  614. Smudge

    The Facts

    I'm a moderator. The person who closed the last thread on the subject was the owner of this website. If he doesn't want the discussion held on BDoutdoors then it will not be held on BDOutdoors. The next thread started on the subject comes with infractions/suspensions of posting and viewing...
  615. Smudge


    Still no politics allowed on BD... A puppy dies every time I have to lock one of these threads. Stop killing puppies you assholes!
  616. Smudge

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    Unfortunately, not as much as you might think in the state that it was brought to the dock... The processing involved in making those fish worth the thousands of dollars we see in news stories is very involved. I think Don B posted about it a long time ago. It involves, gilling, gutting, running...
  617. Smudge

    Tin VS. Tupperware

    My first ship in the Navy was half aluminum and half steel... The entire deck house was aluminum and was prepped with a system called "flame spraying". The haze grey paint would fail and flake off occasionally but the aluminum itself rarely corroded. I wonder what is actually involved in that...
  618. Smudge

    Lobster Season

    I'm definitely follwing Brandon around and raiding his nets this year. Cutting them to pieces after I bag his bugs too... :D :D
  619. Smudge

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    That is a dream come true!
  620. Smudge

    2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest Winners!

    August 2012 Winner: Grand Grouper Reel Won: ??
  621. Smudge

    August 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This month's winner: Grand Grouper!
  622. Smudge

    September 2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    September2012 Avet Reels Photo Contest! <hr style="color:transparent; background-color:transparent" size="1"> <hr style="color:transparent; background-color:transparent" size="1"> Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 9/1/12 using an Avet...
  623. Smudge

    Maui Jim Guy Harvey Mahi Mahi polarized

    If they have glass lenses then you have truly scored. If they're poly carbonate then you just got a hell of a deal. I've had my Maui's since 2005.
  624. Smudge

    good times

    Moved to the appropriate forum...
  625. Smudge

    Looking for deception pass info

    X2!! It can be really good fishing but I wouldn't want to try to learn it on my own. I went with my buddy Jimmy (JKIII) and he put us on the lings is very short order!
  626. Smudge

    NINJA STYLE___Palm Valley

    Dude, it's overrated tilapia in a man made pond. It's not like he's juggling native brook trout. Like I said, get a grip dude... Besides, they more than likely were just fine.
  627. Smudge

    NINJA STYLE___Palm Valley

    Oh god! Don't hurt the mighty endangered green bass! How dare you lay a golf course beauty like that on the grass! You, you heathen! It should be criminal!! Get a grip Carl.... :rolleyes:
  628. Smudge

    Never Again on a Cattle Boat

    I went on the Pickle Boy Charter. Nuff said.
  629. Smudge

    GSP found in the Imperial Valley spread the word

    Made this a sticky. Hope the owner or someone who knows them checks the site... Make sure this gets on the refuge forums, the outdoor forums etc...
  630. Smudge

    Lighten the fuck up "management"

    I know I've been on a roll lately but like Shaggy says, wasn't me!
  631. Smudge


    Shit, I just looked at it on my computer. I don't need a better phone, dude needs grammar lessons!
  632. Smudge


    I'm locking this on just because I can't read it on my phone. Haven't you ever heard of a paragraph!?
  633. Smudge

    Pig Albacores

    The train wheels? I'm pretty sure that's what they use to anchor the moorings...
  634. Smudge

    Don't want to be a hater, BUT F U spearfisherman!!

    This is worse than winter time... Glad I went dove hunting this weekend...
  635. Smudge

    A thef at seaforth sports fishing in san diego

    I don't think I made it through the first page before locking this... :rolleyes:
  636. Smudge

    Bending Megabait

    Dude, do it at home.
  637. Smudge

    Bending Megabait

    Please don't bend it over the rail! That's like me coming to your house and using the edge of your counter top to open a beer bottle!
  638. Smudge

    Dan Hernandez 1.5 Day Tuna Trip, Eclipse Aug 28th

    You people need to get a life... Have fun Dan. Thank you for what you do for the kids...
  639. Smudge

    Q105 Update?

    Another post like the one I just deleted, and the whole thread goes away.
  640. Smudge

    Sea Sniper Speargun for sale

    <a href="[email protected]/7897574020/" title="Image by Smudge2075, on Flickr"><img src="" width="375" height="500" alt="Image"></a> Here it is anyway!