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  1. Produce Man

    Any interest in a San Diego Long Rod trip?

    That sounds fun Mike! A bit early but you never know. Might have to bust out the Kencor glass 9'. I'll keep watching this thread.
  2. Produce Man

    Glass or Graphite for Yoyo?

    Agree on the GG6480, it can really do it all. When I get near lumbar failure, I'll switch over to an all glass Seeker 670H-7'. Kinda near it's top range with 50# but so comfy.
  3. Produce Man

    SOLD Sws 1087 Rainshadow blank SOLD

    SWS 1089 8'10" 20-40# medium action RX-7 graphite, skinny blank. I built a 1087 15-25# and it's a fantastic stick for plastics.
  4. Produce Man

    A Tribute to Bloody Deckers that have left us.

    Can't forget about Chance also. Fished with him on Cha-Ching's boat when he caught his 1st Mahi.
  5. Produce Man

    For Sale Calstar T6465 20-50, Pac Bay Aluminum reel seat and gimbal

    Nice work! Like some guy that owns this site says " fish 30, pull like it's 40 ".
  6. Produce Man

    For Sale Locker Clean out added more

    That metal lipped Yo-Zuri holo-sardine in pic #3 is worth $40 by itself, LJ Magic!
  7. Produce Man

    For Sale Shimano freshwater flipping reel

    Quite a freak reel. . Make offer or willing to trade for 4-8# spinner.
  8. Produce Man

    Sit down everybody, and hug your family.....we lost a really good one. RIP Mike (Sluester) Besaw

    R.I.P. Mike, I only fished with you once but memories for days from it. Orca, my son, you and myself on the Albies aboard the Irene Sea. Can't forget how much we all laughed when Salty Dog call us over to a "wide open bite" that was really WFO. But it was all friggen' Humbolts! Positive thoughts...
  9. Produce Man

    Suzuki 16 hp for kicker, overkill?

    Pic #2 looks like you don't need 82 more pounds aft.:slap:
  10. Produce Man

    For Sale Garage/Gear clearout.

    The 209, is it an aluminum spool?
  11. Produce Man

    Who else has been watching Barrett Jackson?

    Wish I still had my first car. 1968 El Camino ss 396/375hp auto. Saw one on BJ go for 86k last year.
  12. Produce Man

    8’, 9’ or 10’ for personal skiff local (SD) tactics... go!

    Short works well on smaller or any private boat. Why bother with a 10' er when you can just move the boat to the fish? 7'6" or 8' is all you need really. Like the above post, shorter makes gaffing alot easier in small surroundings.
  13. Produce Man

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    I checked it out on Sunday. The dock closest to downtown has a weird gap between it and the old jetty. Nothing can get in there under the walkway except for yaks and pwc's, maybe by design?
  14. Produce Man


    Damn, winning team gets a lefty(2nd place) and a righty for the win. Nice job!
  15. Produce Man

    Need idea on what guides were used on this mid 1980s Sabre rod

    Mike's right, most of the time you can save the underwraps. On the Californian Sabres I've rewrapped the overwrap tunnels were never filled in well if at all,easy. Light sand the underwrap, and put your guide on and rewrap, finish.
  16. Produce Man

    Prowler/Atessa - Coast Guard Rescue Footage

    Wasn't the Prowler the old Polaris II?
  17. Produce Man

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    This one kills me still today, Bravo Nate!
  18. Produce Man

    US Customs boat 900 hp

    Where's the shields for those 300's ? One well placed ap round could take 'em all out!
  19. Produce Man

    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    Great waterman spirit Frank! Karma points towards the flyrod yellow for sure.
  20. Produce Man

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Here's Millie. She was a rescue dog. Woman who rescued her said she was gonna be possibly used as a bait dog. She's 3 yrs old now. And yes she smiles like that all the time. Not a whole lotta bright, but very sweet
  21. Produce Man

    Transom bilge pump mounts

    Remember L brackets are going to create more hardware down in the water where the bait will be. That reason alone is why I put the d ring mounts above my fill line. I tried to minimize things the bait can scrape against-bump into.
  22. Produce Man

    Transom bilge pump mounts

    I'm using the same tank. Vittle Vault's website lists as 16gal. Mine holds 14 due to drain height. 500gph on a transom bracket with ball valve to slow down flow. The inlet is on the lower corner and is aimed inside for counter clockwise flow.
  23. Produce Man

    Average size jigsticks.

    9+ makes alot of sense on a sportboat. They're not gonna move the boat with passengers hooked up to bait and jigfish, thus the longer stick will get the jig out to where the fish are. On a private boat you can get by with less length, JUST MOVE THE BOAT (right Don?). I have a 9' Kencor all glass...
  24. Produce Man

    My "new" 100lb rod.

    Have a blast with it but, be real good about mounting your reel. 100# and no reel seat could be fun :eek:
  25. Produce Man

    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    Getting back in my chair now, thanks for the Husky pic! Is that a 125?
  26. Produce Man

    You probably knew this

    I'm busting up Len! The original post about that was classic beyond words :rofl:
  27. Produce Man

    WTB Mini-Jacker

    Looking for a TH Marine Mini-Jacker jack plate. Anyone have one laying around?
  28. Produce Man

    Anybody fish with "vintage" gear?

    I own and use old Penns, 506 framed, 112h 5:1 gears topless Tib frame, 970 & 980, 2 113h J Varience framed 4:1 gears, 209 with Newell base. Easy to work on and get parts for except the 970/980. I have a bunch of newer stuff too but it's fun to go old school.
  29. Produce Man

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    Winner! BTW a Newell 229 base will fit one :D.
  30. Produce Man

    Bushman wrapped a chocolate Sabre

    Just curious, was that the cutoff latex glove finger filled with Permagloss trick? Don and I had a riot doing that on an old Daiwa resto years ago!
  31. Produce Man

    Rod Wrapping Setup

    A PacBay RW3L with lots of extras. 1. Both new and old style thread carriages. 2. 2 additional PacBay rod stands (5 total). 3. 4ft extension piece (12ft total length). All for $325 or you could buy all new stuff but it'll cost you around $550. No shipping, local meet/pickup in San Diego only...
  32. Produce Man

    Driveway Challenges

    Retractable tongue? Could help out with the approach. I have the reverse issues, tongue's great for driveway but too short at the ramp.
  33. Produce Man

    17" Logic project boat

    Those Johnson/Rude 70's have great power to weight ratios and lower units, worth rebuilding. What's the hulls HP rating?
  34. Produce Man

    New Trick For Cleaning Fish

    Been using a box cutter for that after Orca (rod building forum) showed that me that years ago. Save your blade's edge for meat. Works really well and when you get on a roll, saves an amazing amount of time.
  35. Produce Man

    Thunderboats on Mission Bay This Weekend!

    Thanks for the reminder. Dana only ramp worth using in MB this weekend. Plan accordingly.
  36. Produce Man


    If you don't have the manual for the radio,try looking online for it. Some mfgrs incorporate a speaker lead bundled in with the power cord. My Raymarine was setup that way. Those WM external speakers work well.
  37. Produce Man

    what a day!!!!!

    Nice saw job on the pec fin. Were you using P-Line 30#?
  38. Produce Man

    Trying not to be a dick

    Bent to the reel seat and beyond, outstanding!
  39. Produce Man

    Got he little bastards this time!

    Your son is stoked, even his rod belt is sporting wood!
  40. Produce Man

    2nd Tongue?

    Thanks for all your replies and ideas. Mike, I have considered a swing away tongue. It would have to be offset from the existing tongue so I can use the one already on the trailer to make it up my driveway. Cost wise, my idea comes in a lot less- $80 for the 8' piece, $25 ea for the receivers, a...
  41. Produce Man

    2nd Tongue?

    The trailer I have is really short forward of the winch stand. I have to really back in deep to float the boat, no bueno in salt. The angle of my driveway will not permit a permanent tongue extension. My idea is to buy two 12"L receiver tubes and weld them 2 ft apart to the bottom of the...
  42. Produce Man

    Bow Tank in Skiff

    Just rebuild the fuel pump so you know it's doing all it can <$30 in parts. I have a 6 gal Moeller bow tank in my 14' and ran the fuel line to port in PVC conduit. No delivery problems at all.
  43. Produce Man

    7/23 Sea Star YFT Slayfest

    Freakin awesome! Somewhere down the line they'll find out it's an E N year. But they'll have the stoke to keep going, again WTG dads!
  44. Produce Man

    Almost ready...14' Crestliner

    Smooth bore hose flows better than the corrugated, might give that a try before doing the thru hull. Double up on the hose clamps too.
  45. Produce Man

    Nice la jolla calico fishin 7/17

    Size limits work, just wait a few years. Nice sportcoat!
  46. Produce Man

    Jig stick????

    I have a Forecast/Rainshadow 7'6" SWS76 H. Plenty parabolic and comfy at that length.A 9' glass Kencor goes on the sporties with me instead.They both feel really close throwing. The closest blank to it I can find on their site is...
  47. Produce Man

    33 lb Bluefin from Kayak

  48. Produce Man


    What's creepy about this is - you are hanging around the skipper listening to everything he says. Aren't you supposed to be fishing?
  49. Produce Man

    Calico Bass Report

    Holly shit, that things twice maybe 3 times your age! Release was respectful. WTG!
  50. Produce Man

    Bogging outboard

    Replace the Fuel pump diaphragm. Cheap, easy and a good place to start. Had a Evin 70hp that had the problem you described. Does the primer bulb collapse when it happens?
  51. Produce Man

    Blind squirrel bluefin report 6/14

    Time to bust out the Salas PeeWee's
  52. Produce Man

    Dolphin T Tops

    You can always build your own. I made this for my old boat. Industrial Metal Supply has all the tubing and the fittings called Speed Rail. Measure, cut and Allen head screw together. I built the whole thing for under $300. Never had a problem with it although it'd never win a beauty contest.
  53. Produce Man

    Hydrofoil An OB Tin Boat

    or not. I know it depends on hull, weight dist and such. But I would like to hear your experiences with a before and after if you added one to your ob. What brand/type. :confused:
  54. Produce Man

    Garage Cleaned out- Items for sale

    I'LL take the blue seas panel and the compass. 619-850-3478 I'm right by you in Rolando!
  55. Produce Man

    14' Gregor upgrade

    Fantastic job on the resto. I will be stealing several of your ideas for my 14' Hewescraft. What did you use for holding the anchor? Looks like large diameter pvc that you formed. Also what are your thoughts on 4 vs 3 blade props for small boats? That boat should sell fast.
  56. Produce Man

    Dumb question...Where do you stow your bait tank net?

    The sport boats seem to get them somewhere. San Diego Marine Exchange maybe?
  57. Produce Man


    Thanks Rich, hope you get to use the rod way more than I get to use the oars :D
  58. Produce Man


    Need to buy a pair of oars for my 14' aluminum. What ya got. Have a 6' Fenwick 12-30# for trade?
  59. Produce Man

    My new to me aluminum

    Hewescraft 14'. Needs a prop and general once over on the motor. 15hp Tohatsu 1990's. Gonna be a fun little boat. New transom wood. These older hulls are really thick with plenty of ribs. Need to lengthen the trailer tongue to put on a winch stand, it's too tight up there now. Plenty more to...
  60. Produce Man

    How many coats of finish?

    I use FC lite for the 1st coat. Apply to the center of guide first, heavily . Under power, I'll put finish on the ends of the wraps pushing the bead of finish along with the brush towards the center. Touching up the tunnel, I'll blow a little heat gun towards the tunnel to help push it in. Heat...
  61. Produce Man

    late coranado report...

    Nice bookend Halibuts, a righty and a lefty!
  62. Produce Man

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    Tiburon G30F80B 20-(30)-40, 8' if you can find that blank. A little like a calstar 6480L, but composite.
  63. Produce Man

    She's Still Alive!

    Sold her 4 yrs ago. Still sharp.
  64. Produce Man

    Jigs... The Final Grind

    Here are 6 Salas YoYo 1's. As you can see, none of them have the same hips. Some are more pronounced on the right, some on the left. #2 and #6 are the best swimmers. It's all about the final grinding as all probably came out of the same mold. Post up some pics of jigs you have, all the same size...
  65. Produce Man

    Salas YoYo 1's

    Years ago I was given an ammo box full of these beasts. Solid chrome, white and green/yellow. They weigh around 11-13 oz if I remember correctly and a little over 7" long. I brought a couple along Tuesday on the New Seaforth in addition to the usual yoyo 6x,7x etc. The boat was packed with 52...
  66. Produce Man

    Cleaning Out the Garage-

    Somebody boil on that YoZuri holo/sardine in pic#6, best they ever made!
  67. Produce Man

    large weird looking rock cod

    Good job. Guess I'll have to paint some of my Salas YoYo 1's red!
  68. Produce Man

    NMB, But A nice 16'

    Kinda far but-
  69. Produce Man

    Farallon 23' kicker install

    Super clean install, looks factory. I just would keep an eye on the kickers primer bulb. Rather have it somewhere inboard more protected, gotta be the weakest part of the hose.
  70. Produce Man

    Sarcastic Fringe Head?

    What a year it's been. Now they're catching these according to the U\T fish report in today's paper.
  71. Produce Man

    Ford Ranger "expedition" style

    You can get plenty of ideas and info here
  72. Produce Man

    970/980/990's, you socal guys use them?

    I have a 970 and a 980 that I've been using all summer. Both backed with braid. They're great little powerhouses, similar to the Accurate Magnum Squidder conversions if you can find one. The 970 sits on a OG Sabre 665 that has 20-25# topshot and the 980 is on a Calstar 6470 w/30-40# topshots...
  73. Produce Man

    North 9?

    Soak one of those macs where you get them, just sayin'.
  74. Produce Man

    La Jolla 9-12-14 I Love the Summer Report!

    Give the dog a bone, works every time.
  75. Produce Man

    Stay away from Mission Bay this weekend, boat races

    Isn't there a public ramp on Santa Clara Point also?
  76. Produce Man

    Keep or release a Striped Marlin?

    I've only caught one and released it. Lots of respect for all the horsepower they come with. Next time I'll probably keep and smoke one. I like Venison and Pheasant and have friends that hunt who like smoked fish but don't fish. Nothing wrong with the barter system IMHO.
  77. Produce Man

    Fenwick, Silaflex, Sabre, Forecast Rods for Sale

    #1Orig Sabre CA1960 Californian Spinner 6' 196 10-25# all orig $50. #2 Browning Silaflex PT60 6' 20-50# Shortened to 5' 9" roller tip med action. I used it for trolling Raps/ YoZuris in the kelp $40. #3 Forecast SWS76H 20-40# 7' 6" 1-4oz med action Blue X-Tube over corktape blk chrome...
  78. Produce Man

    8/25/14 - The Corner and Upper 9

    Strip out the macks and slow troll.
  79. Produce Man


    I kinda like the long soak, by the time it sounds it's a long way back up and an easy pull from there. You're quite the lensman Frank. Damn that Gregor has a 115 Yami, must fly!
  80. Produce Man

    Light line is the trick 182, 43 8-13-2014 and a few errors

    Xlnt report! Bum deal on loosing your rig, but the rest of the day more than made up for it. Sickly, there is joy with getting tooled on a bass rod. WTG.
  81. Produce Man

    Epic trip on New Lo-An 8/9

    Good trip, however the Skipjack in the last pick has me worried. Stripes on the top Bonita, on the bottom - Skippy. That used to mean you could hear Taps playing. Hope the season continues til Turkey day!
  82. Produce Man

    Chovie Setup

    A Tiburon Hammerhead b20-80c, somewhere between a 196-8' and a 270-8. I use a Daiwa Sealine 50hv filled with 20#. The thinking is that the spool doesn't loose as much diameter as a chovie pulls on it, wider spool -easier to pull line from vs a narrower spool as it empties. Kinda like the drag works.
  83. Produce Man

    Jig Stick Handle Length?

    I have total handle at 31". Reel center to buttcap 19". I like to have the buttcap and my left hand past my right elbow at the end of my cast.
  84. Produce Man

    Boat Ho List

    Age: 57 Experience: forever. Avail: pm me. Boat savvy, good with knife. nce
  85. Produce Man

    old glory today tuesday and learned new rules for bluefin on mexican water

    A 4 fish stop when you bucket wash the deck outta the tank, you SHOULD have time to put the customers fish away. We're done.
  86. Produce Man

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    Not sure how your front end is, but check the sway bar bushings front and rear axle too. OEM bushings can be replaced by Energy Suspension ones. Use the black ones as apposed to the cool looking red ones. Black are impregnated w/graphite and won't squeek as much.
  87. Produce Man

    Newell tiburon kits

    I used a Penn 501 Tib frame on a 322. It casted the same but it gained some weight also. Worthy compromise for extra rigidity.
  88. Produce Man

    old glory today tuesday and learned new rules for bluefin on mexican water

    I was also on that boat tuesday. Capt gave a sorta weak explanation. I'm kinda glad we didn't get in to bluefin as my first yellow sat in a sack for 40 minutes before I had to ask a deckhand to please stick it in the rsw. There were only 4 fish on that stop so they weren't that busy, lame crew...
  89. Produce Man

    7/20/14 upper 9 & 182 good day

    Great day w/Pops. You must have bounced those tail's. You're way to clean in all white.
  90. Produce Man

    Penn 501 Question ?

    I built a freak awhile back. 501'nd a 500s with a stainless main (4:1 main) that i got out of a black sideplate 500. Newell base/bars, stainless sleeve, 3 hole handle. Strong little 25lb reel. As long as you stay FAR away from plastic or metal spool, you're golden no matter what year.
  91. Produce Man

    Question about trolling

    Surprised no one is using a ghetto daisy chain w/ the cedars. Depending on lighting conditions, I'll slide a 4" jethead (blk/purp early, carrot top later) on the mainline before tying the cedar plug which has a leader. Creates all kinds of crazy trails and gets BIT.
  92. Produce Man

    I am a HATER :Trip Report

    I have a handfull of Salas PeeWee irons that I had re-hooked by Poncherello. Can't wait to use them,this is the year.
  93. Produce Man


    Don had a large collection of NIB Penn reels from the 50's-60's. The boxes were the green ones with the fishing scenes and prices on them. This would be something for a Penn collector. Sad to hear of his passing.
  94. Produce Man

    Chargers at Raiders

    WTG channel8, never had a bilingual simulcast before.
  95. Produce Man

    WTS or WTT: 1998 Ford Explorer 4 x 4 - $900

    Do a search for an Explorer website. Being a 5.0 4x4 you'll get a bite quickly.
  96. Produce Man

    Son's first ocean trip

    WTG Sean! PM me your address, I have a Missouri Softball pullover of yours from waaaaaay long ago.
  97. Produce Man

    Now Floyd?

    Shareece Wright will be an interesting watch at corner this year. So far he's taken out both Alexander and Floyd in practice. Stoked if he plays that way in games.
  98. Produce Man

    Now Floyd?

    Better find a running game soon Chargers, you're running outta receivers.
  99. Produce Man

    Coral Sea ?

    Never ridden this boat. Would like input on ride, accomodations, crew etc.
  100. Produce Man

    "Crosswrap" EVA Inlay

    That looks good if you used black on black. Nicely DONE!
  101. Produce Man

    Split Grip Calstar BTG6480

    Kinda lost my stoke for building awhile back. Back in the game now. Decided to do a split grip on this one. Originally tried a camo tiger in the split grip area that FAILED miserably. Ok what to do now. Didn't want to cut off and risk jacking up the hosels. So why not marble over it? Mixed up...
  102. Produce Man

    Early San Diego Bay from the air

    Bump. Someone may have other pics to add.
  103. Produce Man

    Early San Diego Bay from the air

    Years ago I bought this pic from a guy at Kobeys swapmeet. He had a whole bunch of pics of old San Diego taken from the air. Check out the bay... No jetties, Coronado Bight was not filled in yet, no Shelter or Harbor Islands. Mission Bay was mostly undeveloped.
  104. Produce Man


    Beautiful tiger! Talk about the handle. In the pics, what's the green stuff?
  105. Produce Man

    sportboat name changes

    With all these cool old pics being put up, anyone have a pic of the Seaforth II? It was a 50'er with a dry stack exhaust and rounded stern. BTW lovin' the pic of the Mission Queen, Quivera basin was dockless on the other side!
  106. Produce Man

    A New, Unique Concept - the 420 Rod

    I remember you once said you were gonna build that, guess you really did.
  107. Produce Man

    Whats with these yellows....

    Doesn't this happen often? Yellows show up in Ensenada, stop by to munch at the rockpile and the islands, swing by lj (dammit the s end is closed), go to clemente then we WAIT until late june for anything else. Que es problema?
  108. Produce Man

    Sealskinner B-Day!.....

    Happy born day Mike!
  109. Produce Man

    Korean chick rocks Hendrix

  110. Produce Man

    vintage penn 113

    Cool find. Those older senators have a top-hat type washer under the handle and star. You can actually change the drags without disassembling the right side plate.
  111. Produce Man

    Tiburon Blanks

    G20F80B is a real fun 20# blank. Haven't fished the others.
  112. Produce Man

    Deep diving crank bait rod

    Check out the Batson Forecast GCB70MH-7' OR GCB710MH-7'-10". Bill Batson brought them to the SD Rod class last week. Worth a look.
  113. Produce Man

    SD Rod Class Tues. 3/5

    Although I haven't wrapped anything in awhile, I think I'll show up. So I feel welcome would someone please say "who the hell are you" just like Don would.:rofl:
  114. Produce Man

    How old is this ice rod/reel?

    It's a Pfleuger Cub. Says Fre-line on the red side. The line comes out the center of the side of the reel,like a spincast turned sideways.Check out the stripper guide.
  115. Produce Man

    Invader fans

    Not mine, just found it.
  116. Produce Man

    Old school sabre's and a newell

    Someone should boil on that 1196-6, thats such a chovie rod. I would but already have 2.
  117. Produce Man

    Home Protection, DeWalt style

    Dewalts answer to home protection that doesn't require a registration or license. This nail gun can shoot a 16-D nail through a 2x4 at 200 yards and incase of a home invasion well you can NAIL THEIR ASS to the wall. Im not saying it wont kill the perp but they wont get away. You can also help...
  118. Produce Man

    WalMart Greeter

    Two hours into my first day of work as a WalMart greeter, an ugly woman came in with her two kids. Hearing her swear at them, I said, "Good morning, welcome to WalMart. Nice kids, are they twins?" The mom answered, "Hell no, they ain't twins. The oldest one's 9, and the other one's 7. Why...
  119. Produce Man

    quantum reels

    Still have a Cabelas Quantum Great White that's a Cabo 30 baitcaster with one less bearing (on the levelwind) that is still my go to bay reel. Smooth and plenty drag.
  120. Produce Man

    Lookig for an old Diawa

    X2 on the custom #12-30 7'.
  121. Produce Man

    Boat Parking on Street Law

    From past experience with the city of sd, they will come back around to see if it's been moved usually two times (parking enforcement), 2 weeks parked elsewhere and you're clear. That is, if they haven't let the rsvp volunteers know about it. If they do, you're hosed.
  122. Produce Man

    Vintage? Sabre Stroker BF197C 7FT Rod

    $30-40 Sounds right. You have a great 10-20# anchovy rod there. Throw a 220 Newell on it, rock solid old school. Haven't seen the BF prefix before, maybe someone will chime in.
  123. Produce Man

    Bye Norve, Bye A.J.

    3 seasons late, but I'll take it :2gunsfiring_v1:
  124. Produce Man

    Missing diver at the Yukon 12/1

    "Because of the fading daylight and rough surface conditions, authorities planned to recover the body at first light on Sunday." Gross as it sounds, they probably tied her off. Would they really leave a body in or around a wreck with a large swell?
  125. Produce Man


    Make a tea from mint leaves on the weak side (FRESH ONLY).Cool down(both you and the tea) put it in the bottle and you'll sleep tonight.
  126. Produce Man

    Levelwind reels for rock fishing

    I use a Penn 209 upgraded w/Newell base, trigger clamp, 3 hole Penn handle and filled w/50# spectra. Indestructable. No finger grooves and @ 3:1 nice slow retrieve. Who's in a hurry to bring up bottom critters anyway?:ashamed:
  127. Produce Man

    Bait Tank inlet hole size

    How long is the pipe? Does your tank fill from the bottom? I had a 20gal tank that filled from the side on the bottom. The inlet was 2" from the bottom, using an elbow on the inside I had a vertical 6" with 2 rows of 3/8" holes. Kept bait well. 360 gph and ball valve.
  128. Produce Man

    Rare Fish Surfaces in Cabo - Luvar

    I used to work at the Food Basket on Catalina in Point Loma in the 80's. An old Portugese fisherman that shopped there told me that " they're the best eating fish in the ocean". I asked John Christianson (PL Seafoods) if he ever gets them in and he just smiled and said " you want on the waiting...
  129. Produce Man

    old sabre blanks

    Fantastic 15-20#stick. Since you have two, build one DH style and one a spinner. You'll be a happy guy come a 'chovie only season! $30.00 sounds right.
  130. Produce Man

    bakeries in SD area.

    Northgate Markets. Mexican style bakery with all the stuff I used to get down south.
  131. Produce Man

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    RIP Stan. Wholly shit I just got home from work and see this and another post about it. I raise an Arrogant Bastard 22oz in your honor big guy and like Stonefish will also wear my green BD shirt with pride. A few memories... I was his wingman during one of the ATHIC's when one of his motors...
  132. Produce Man

    Live bait yellows

    Right now with it being Rat-Land you could have a go with a Calstar btg270 and have a blast. Next step would be the BTG270 8H (15-40) and small reel of your choice. I've got a Tiburon sorta copy of a 270 8' (not H ) that I use for 20#. Overkill reel, a Sealine 50 4:9-1, 1/2 50# braid the rest...
  133. Produce Man

    Sabre FL1670C7FT

    What color is the blank?
  134. Produce Man

    Old BD stuff.......

    This was'nt that long ago but still worthy... R.I.P. Captain Phil.
  135. Produce Man

    Old BD stuff.......

    I believe it was our very own BPFed, Sportin' Wood and now, ah hell I'll leave it alone.
  136. Produce Man

    Vintage Fenwick Rods

    Have a 6' PB60C,1/2-11/2 OZ, 12-30#, good live bait rod I'd be willing to part with. PM me.
  137. Produce Man

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    Never understood why the 500S was designed with left side takedown and the handle side was not handle forward like the other 500's. BTW, I have one that I narrowed to a 501.
  138. Produce Man

    Thread Bobbins

    Had great success doing tiger bases where 3 or more threads are used. 2 threads in the carraige thru one guide and you can use the neck of the bobbin(s) to guide the threads on. Less tension on the carraige 'cause those threads get some added tension from rubbing against the neck of the bobbin...
  139. Produce Man

    Any of you know this boat?

    Not really. Just thinking that coming back uphill you might want tabs since there's no weight of a cuddy forward.
  140. Produce Man

    Any of you know this boat?

    Nice Grady, how many ' ? 'Tabs/permatrim and a bow rail down the line?
  141. Produce Man

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    It uses the same gear set as the jigmaster. Find a set of Newell 5:1 gears for a jigmaster.
  142. Produce Man

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    506 Newelled, 112h 5:1 gears Tib'd, 970 (little monster), Baja Special, 210 w/Newell base, 2 YTS 4/0's, Pursuit, 650SS. Would like to find a 990.
  143. Produce Man

    How do I rig tuna clone daisy chain

    Go ghetto... slide a jethead (size/color dependent on conditions) on your line first above the swivel if you're not straight tying your jigs on. A small jethead in front of a cedar = deadly.
  144. Produce Man

    New Lo An 1 & 1/2 day on Mon 08/13/12

    You can't ask for a skipper to be more fair and square than that :worship:. Kinda gauges the talent level of the people on board. Let the Newbs figure it out. Some Newb with a spinner probably killed a fish or two. He'll be back, good job Markus.
  145. Produce Man

    Mathews injured....... again.

    #24,The High Speed Pretzel. Just get in a hyperbaric chamber to speed healing and drink some milk. Seeya mid September.
  146. Produce Man

    Good low profile reel?

    Have a look at these. Plenty without the xtra cast control of the Sargus. I fish mine on a Rainshadow 1087 w/50# PP.
  147. Produce Man

    Almost caught a thief this morning.

    Next time a little of this... Thump his ass and let him wake up on the sidewalk. You were in fear for your life, couldn't help it.
  148. Produce Man long have you been fishing?

    48 yrs and still learning. Freshwater started at 7yrs old at Sutherland. Salt began at 9yrs on a 1/2 day sandbass blowout at TJ Flats. First overnighter on the Polaris III at 12 yrs for the first albie on a wood butted rod and Penn 60.
  149. Produce Man

    [Pic Heavy] I swear to God, it followed me home hon...

    Nice boat! Get a full width swimstep and a Kodiak 32 gal mounted in the middle, put a PermaTrim on the outdrive and you're done. Use the old bait tank for a coiler!
  150. Produce Man

    Favorite Reel for a Overnighter - Southern Ca

    Pro Gear cs551 or my old school favorite Penn 970 Mag, kinda like a 146 with 4/0 drags.
  151. Produce Man

    MDR Big Goat!

    Hope you saved the jaws from that one,:appl: Nice .
  152. Produce Man

    any info on the Dolphin 3 will be appreciated.

    Started life as the Polaris III. My first overnighter @12 yrs old with Poole, he was the only skipper who would take out 2 dadless boys. That hull slides forever, in albacore years there's none better. Fishy boat, rides better now without the nest.
  153. Produce Man

    Framed Newell P-322F and Penn 506

    Here's the deal on the Newell. Accurate frame, all orig EXCEPT it has a graphite handle and NOT the 4th washer main gear. This is not a newer issue reel, old stuff. $125 The Penn 506 has the Newell's graphite base and bars. Started life as a 505, still have that frame and spool all included...
  154. Produce Man

    Accurate magnum parts

    MAGNUM 4/0 ? Does that have 6/0 internals?
  155. Produce Man

    7/23 New LoAnn 1 1/2 Day

    Decent load of 21 boarded sunday night with high hopes. Markus started us fishing at 105 mi. We stayed around the bluefin area until 10am or so but nothing wanted to bite. Metered some schools, found some dolphin acting the right way but nothing wanted to play. Markus made the call to move...
  156. Produce Man

    Things I should have done

    You have patience, my man. Laying down large amounts of holoshimmer is not easy! Looks good Guy.
  157. Produce Man

    Warm water down south.

    17.4N , 118.2W keep turning ^ ! :hali_olutta:
  158. Produce Man

    Have A Sabre Stroker (Need Info)

    Whatcha got there is the same as a Calstar WC210S 10-30lb fast action SPINNING rod. Can't recommend a reel, someone on here will chime in.
  159. Produce Man

    Coronados Produce Agian!

    Like that 1st pic, Jigmaster and a Torque (?) Old and New School, boils down to" What's in your wallet?". Sounds like a fun day.
  160. Produce Man

    Kencor jigstick

    Here's one a friend has for sale. I wrapped the same rod for myself. Nice parabolic bend and will fish #40 no prob.... The blank is a BPOS 900MC and they made a graphite composit too BGPOS 900MC...
  161. Produce Man

    57 hawthorne giveaway price.

    The boat you mention I believe was the Faith. It's now in La Paz.
  162. Produce Man

    Canon GL2 Camcorder.

    c'mon somebody make an offer
  163. Produce Man

    Canon GL2 Camcorder.

  164. Produce Man

    DH Cord

    Depends on what diameter you want to end up with. Skinny blanks, you can use single 1/8th, single 1/16th, 1/8 & 1/16th or double 1/8th corktape under. Cord diameter matters too. Do what feels right to your or customers hands the best.
  165. Produce Man

    Canon GL2 Camcorder.

    still for sale
  166. Produce Man

    Canon GL2 Camcorder.

    bumpity bump
  167. Produce Man

    Canon GL2 Camcorder.

    yet another bump...
  168. Produce Man

    Canon GL2 Camcorder.

  169. Produce Man

    Canon GL2 Camcorder.

  170. Produce Man

    Wakeboard, Towable Tube, Ropes, Etc.

    I still have this stuff, tired of looking at it BUMP.
  171. Produce Man

    Canon GL2 Camcorder.

    Professional quality. 20x optical zoom, 100x digital zoom. Uses mini DVD cassette and SDcard. Firewire so you can connect to a Mac, S-Video input, USB, composit A/V input/output, headphone and mic jacks. LCD 2.5" viewfinder. 3CCD optical sensor w/pixel shift. This is my son's camcorder that he...
  172. Produce Man

    Antique Upright Piano

  173. Produce Man

    Memorial Day

    So many people take this holiday for granted. My heartfelt thanks to all who serve our great country and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
  174. Produce Man

    Lake Murray

    Can't help ya on the bass, but for bluegills try San Carlos arm under the powerlines. Work from shoreline to shoreline til you find what depth they're hanging at. The cormorants keep the weeds well fertilized :shithappens: and the 'Gills will be there.
  175. Produce Man

    Best day fishing on a boat you've sold?

    What's your story? My best day was at LJ in 2008. I had an Invader 17', not he kind you see a lot of. It was a Whaler clone with a 70hp Evinrude. I was fishing with Kurt. The yellows were chewing off south Bird Rock in 90-120' in the afternoon. We were trolling Yo-Zuri's and these POS knockoffs...
  176. Produce Man

    Ali and Jason

    Nice to see ya back. I would never had known what a 'peg boy' was til you explained it in one of your posts. Thanks CigarBoy !
  177. Produce Man

    Sevylor 2 Person Inflatable Fishing Canoe COMPLETE Package

    This could be an unreal Humphrey's concerts rig, somebody jump on it !
  178. Produce Man

    La Jolla yellowtail

    Great news, just happens to be my B-Day.:hali_olutta:
  179. Produce Man

    Will my Clamp Hold on a Deckhand style rod?

    If in doubt, get a corkpuppy from Acidrod. Triples your clamping area. On a Sealine you'll need to file/grind down one side of the washer to clear the gearbox.
  180. Produce Man

    Phenix 838L

    Did you wrap that under the guide or is that a sun star. If you wrapped that, major kudos 'cause it looks great.
  181. Produce Man

    La Jolla 4/19 yellows and a ??? fish.

    Hopped on the San Diego today for a shot at some Yellowtails. Wasn't to meant to be for me today, skunkage. A load of 26 ended up with 15 very good grade fish, 17 to 34 lbs. Driving around looking for meter marks, chumming heavily when we found them. Coupla times they came up boiling,1 or 2 on...
  182. Produce Man

    Newell p-440 drags

    I have a P440 which I have changed the drags over to Penn ht100's. The drag disks are noticeably thinner than the stock ones. I'm using the stock metal washers. It has the 4th disk behind the gear. The drags have been very lightly greased, yet I'm not able to get anywhere near a lockdown with...
  183. Produce Man

    couple tigers

    I've tried to use less tension and using things like the 'thumb twist' along with all kinds of things to burnish with. All my metallic tigers sucked.
  184. Produce Man

    calico/sand bass rod

    I built a 1087 Rainshadow with eva and the Fuji palm seat, so comfortable and light for me at least. Using a Penn Pursuit low profile reel along with that seat, fits my hand perfectly. I like the med-fast action, works well with spectra for me.
  185. Produce Man

    Mini Baja Special

    Penn used to make a 990(99 size),980(140 size) and a 970(146 size) back in the 80's. 4/0 drags even if it was a 3 stack and they had mag cast control.. The reels were way ahead of their time but never really caught on then. You could get the same results with Accurate's much sought after now...
  186. Produce Man

    Famous people your related to......

    Max Schmelling, heavyweight champ 1930 and 1932. Distant cousin on my Kraut side.
  187. Produce Man

    Blank Advice

    Rainshadow 1087(15-25) or 1088(20-30), 3/4 to 4oz jigs.
  188. Produce Man


  189. Produce Man

    Chargers sign Eddir Royal!!!

    Hardwick and Gaither locked. Now Royal. Meacham, Floyd (protect your body dipstick !) and the other Vincent, I'm feeling better about VJ's departure. Floyd reminds me of my cattledog and her frisbee, no regard for the body- just make the play.
  190. Produce Man

    Big news at the Spring Creek Lounge

    You're kidding. Do they make Keystone or the 'Turtle' in kegs now???:D
  191. Produce Man

    Movies That Affected You The Most

    Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, William Holden
  192. Produce Man

    Accurate 4:1 Gears for Penn 4/0

    Could somebody clear up the difference between Accurate and Newell gears? I remember something about the pitch (?) on the gears and materials used. I have a YTS that I got from Chance (RIP) years ago built by Kens that has the Accurate gears and it seems smoother than my other 4/0 YTS with the...
  193. Produce Man

    Stone brew response

    Just cracked open an AB22 while reading this. With much sorrow it will be my last. :finger:
  194. Produce Man

    New Coke commercial

  195. Produce Man

    Soothing Music and a Great White

    Dudes you got away with it ONCE, call it good.
  196. Produce Man

    16' INVADER CC

    still 4 sale
  197. Produce Man

    Adobe Prem Elements 8 software.

    Hello... BEST OFFER ?
  198. Produce Man

    LNL report for 1-4 and mini jiging trout video

    Nice edit, good choice of tunes. I'm liking the road sign transom wood too ! :smoking33:
  199. Produce Man

    16' INVADER CC

    Posting for a friend. Not my boat, but it used to be. Whaler clone, fun, fuel efficient little boat.
  200. Produce Man

    Adobe Prem Elements 8 software.

    2012 BUMP
  201. Produce Man

    Adobe Prem Elements 8 software.

    Windows 7,XP and Vista version. Video editing software. Fun stuff to create your own videos. Best offer, Paid $90 new. Bought a Mac. :hali_olutta:
  202. Produce Man

    Crazy RC airplane flying

    Needs to put a Go-Pro in that thing!
  203. Produce Man

    1964 Yamaha YG1T Street Legal

    Classic old bike. Yamaha and Bridgestone were the only motors I know of that used the rotary valve technology.
  204. Produce Man

    Butt Guide

    Try this. With the 20, put either or both reels on the rod with the line running thru the guides. Attach a sm weight on the line. Note if the line touches the top of the ring. Put your finger on the line right in front of the reel and simulate by pushing down how much line goes out on your...
  205. Produce Man

    22" halibut needed for Rocky

    I'll contact him after the ATIHC. All I ever catch is 24" or less halibuts, but it was good enough for 3rd place in '09 !
  206. Produce Man

    GOOD old WFO days (1988) 1000+ YFT in one day!

    Quite a few Daiwa sealine silver fiberglass rods there. I still have and use mine.
  207. Produce Man

    Tiger Wrap Color Combination Compilation

    This is a rod for the GF. A Sabre 665 Californian resto. Gudebrod black and white D and unknown bubblegum pink C for the base. The top layer is Gudebrod Dusty Rose D with 2 E sacrificials. This one MOVED A LOT.
  208. Produce Man

    get perfect corn on the cob?

    Brilliant ! Maybe now if enough people see this, I won't have to deal with the Idjits that shuck corn in the store. :D
  209. Produce Man

    Where in San Diego is this???

    It's on the south side of P***Y road. Reeks like all urban creeks, wife may gross out on the smell. Bluegill, sunfish, bass, catfish and whatever aquarium castoffs live in there :eek2:
  210. Produce Man

    Pumpkin Classic !

  211. Produce Man

    Over the Falls!

    His boat buckled, look near his hips. He made it though
  212. Produce Man

    Wakeboard, Towable Tube, Ropes, Etc.

    Hydroslide AirProfile wakeboard with carry bag, boots (used twice, no dings). Large 1 person towable tube, 2 wakeboard ropes, 1 tube rope, 2 transom mount tow harnesses. Sold the boat over 2YRS ago, stuff is taking up garage space. Perfect fun package for the summer ! $150 for all. 619-850-3478
  213. Produce Man

    SD City Enviro Collections Dept, WTF?

    So I put out my trash last night. I received a pink notice on my can today that the city can no longer pick up my trash because my refuse container " is damagaged and unable to be serviced by the collection truck. Please stop using your damaged container. You have 45 days to replace your...
  214. Produce Man

    Multiple rod holder

    You can do a pvc thing like this. I flared the rod tubes with a heat gun and a 2lb ball weight.
  215. Produce Man

    Barracuda Lure Recommendations

    Chrome Tady C single fixed hook, slow grind has always worked for me. Your mileage may vary.
  216. Produce Man

    Tuna fishing 101

    There was a shot from a spotter plane here on BD quite a long time ago. It was totally self-explanatory, valuable dope.
  217. Produce Man

    rope start?

    I did actually keep one for the 70hp Evinrude I used to have. A piece of broomstick with some nylon cord, enough for two wraps around the flywheel. On a larger motor, you also have to pack along an Orangutan to pull on the rope!
  218. Produce Man

    Flipping and Pitching Reel

    I have a Shimano brush buster that's an '80's reel. It has no levelwind. When you release the thumb button it goes into gear. On the side of the reel where a freespool lever would be, is a lever that lets you choose between direct drive or the star drag. The thing's a winch. I took out an idler...
  219. Produce Man

    fishing songs

    Elvin Bishop -
  220. Produce Man

    Ever Eat A Pine Tree?

    Euell Gibbons - Died of natural causes, not from Grape Nuts. Really, those look tasty!
  221. Produce Man

    yellows chasing bait fish whistler buoy

    They've got to take some route north to LJ or wherever. Found them 5nm north of the islands on kelp one year and even with Belmont Park in 300' last spring.
  222. Produce Man

    Tuna ranchers seek future in San Diego

    WTF (WHO the fuck in this case) is gonna feed them? MLPA put the squeeze on Buck Everingham already.
  223. Produce Man

    need some help on grips

    I'm with Mark on the dryer sheets. Never tried them with DNA or Acetone,quess I'll give it a go.
  224. Produce Man


    Dude WTF is that thing hanging off the rocket launcher? Looks like a paper lantern.
  225. Produce Man

    Evinrude Outboard Mechanic needed..

    Second Chance Outboards. I don't have the #, the receipts went with my boat. Someone chime in here.
  226. Produce Man

    Commercial Bug Zapper Light

  227. Produce Man

    Baja Special

    I like mine in the forward position for a few reasons. My hands are closer together. The cranking seems more of a push-pull as opposed to more of an up-and-down feel(less wobble). Really easy to burn the yoyo with the handle short.
  228. Produce Man

    Roadrunner vs Coyote in 3-D

    Coyote Falls
  229. Produce Man

    What is the SMALLEST boat you have taken offshore/Islands?

    The 182 in my old boat, a 17' Invader. Several trips to the 9 and the Coronados too. Just had to pick the right days or it was bang-babang-bang comming back from the islands.
  230. Produce Man

    Sam Kinnison on Rap Music
  231. Produce Man


    Looks fantastic! Can't wait to pull on one, that blank was definitly the next logical one to add to the BTG series.
  232. Produce Man

    1984 Padres Pin Set

  233. Produce Man


    Donnie, not 290 it's gudebrod almond (can't read the number on the wood spool) that'll come out an ivory color on a black blank with no cp.
  234. Produce Man

    1984 Padres Pin Set

    A 1984 Padres World Series Coca Cola pin set. #1271 of 2500 made. 26 player pins w/positions, 5 coach pins,5 mgmt pins plus National League Champ pin,you can hang a star on that pin and Cub buster pin. Trade for reel or best offer.
  235. Produce Man

    Jane Russel and a Turkshead.

    Guess these have been aROUND for a long time !
  236. Produce Man


    Damn Kevin, twice. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH FAAAK. You'll get'em !
  237. Produce Man

    Tiburon frames for newell?

    I put an Accurate / Penn 501 frame on my P322 and love it. Still had to mess with screws to make it right. Newells :smash:
  238. Produce Man

    21" 7 BLADE MOWER

    bump, Best offer. I have no lawn!
  239. Produce Man

    21" 7 BLADE MOWER

  240. Produce Man

    21" 7 BLADE MOWER

  241. Produce Man

    21" 7 BLADE MOWER

    King O' Lawn 21" reel mower, front throw. Runs $175.00 619-229-8859
  242. Produce Man

    Lake Murray Questions...

    This should help... City Lakes and Recreation Program | Water
  243. Produce Man

    Splinters in her crotch

    Splinters in Her Crotch . A woman from Los Angeles who was a tree hugger, a liberalDemocrat, and an anti-hunter, purchased a piece of timberland near Colville , WA . There was a large tree on one of the highest points in the tract. She wanted a good view of the natural splendor of her...
  244. Produce Man

    What's your boring bottom fishing reel

    I use a penn 209. 3:1 ratio, Penn 3 hole handle, alum spool, newell 229 base, loaded w/ 50# spectra. So it takes awhile to wind up at 3:1, but sometimes you can let go what would otherwise be a floater (short ones). I fish it on an unknown 8'6" parabolic graphite rod.
  245. Produce Man

    What color combos?

    The right shade of like an ivory would go well. Try gudebrod #290 tan in nylon. With no color preserver it turns into a bone sort of color over a black blank.
  246. Produce Man

    Rod class roll call 12/22

    I'll be there, what can I bring?
  247. Produce Man

    x-mas rod for my son

    Nice looking combo. He'll be stoked. Great work and hooray for Trimar. Hope you and yours have a merry Christmas and happy new year Kerry !
  248. Produce Man

    Honey Color Blank Color suggestions?

    All of my honey colored rods have this wrap. 245 blue base wraps, 245g trimar with black over the trimar. Kinda cool the way the trimar blends in, all you see of it is the gold. I also use trimar as the top thread in my tiger wraps.
  249. Produce Man


    Mike, thanks for a well run tournament, see ya in '11. Randall and Tony, I think I laughed from the parking lot to the weigh in over that sandbass :rofl: Chelsea and Maya were total hams on the p.a. once they warmed up. Too cute !
  250. Produce Man

    What's your caption for this picture?

    While clicking his heels together "there's no place like home, there's no place like home"
  251. Produce Man

    VJ vs. AJ Smith

    VJ screwed himself long before the contract thing started. Cars and alcohol. The guy almost missed his last game as a Charger, the suspended license thing. Suspended because of cars and alcohol. A gifted athlete for sure, perhaps the victim of some bad advise but he sure can be stupid off the field.
  252. Produce Man


    Was the banana the chaser for the tuna guts ???
  253. Produce Man

    would you shit in your pants?

    Fell out of my chair watching that, but the 'chute deployed :D
  254. Produce Man

    Antique Upright Piano

    A 1923 Story And Clark upright grand in a rich cherrywood. Restored, excellent condition and tune. Paid $3000 for it 11 yrs ago. Best offer.
  255. Produce Man

    Charger pre season game..

    TV's been showing alot of Dombrowski, the guy can play and well. He must look HUGE in Macneils rear view mirror. His value just dropped alot, dumbshit should've signed.
  256. Produce Man

    Tiger with spot burnishing

    Looks real good Doc. Using tan,black and white you could call it the Ocelot Wrap !
  257. Produce Man

    Ultimate calico rod... List your favorite two

    Not as fast as you'd like, but I love mine. Rainshadow SW1087 full length. Med fast, I like to swing when using straight braid/short topshot with the rubber. My .02.
  258. Produce Man

    EAL-1 For Sale

    Anyone?, vet bill due 8/6. These things retail @ $189.00.
  259. Produce Man

    Shimano 6'6" Clarus combo

    C66m Clarus rod 8-17#, 1/4-5/8oz and Coriolis combo $65.00. Need cash for vet bill by friday. Pick up in sd only.
  260. Produce Man

    EAL-1 For Sale

    NIB EAL-1 in mean joe green color. Vet bill forces sale $125.00 Pick up in SD only, no shipping. Need cash by friday.
  261. Produce Man

    20 parrot tricks in 2 minutes

    Talented bird ! YouTube - world record 20 parrot tricks in 2 minutes
  262. Produce Man

    Albacore Iron

    3-6 oz point wilson dart, chrome. Use a sharpie to color the back black. Cast or on the slide.
  263. Produce Man

    7/21 LaJolla

    Went fishing, it sucked. The water was green. 67 in the south end, 68.7 in the middle and 66 in the north - WTF ???. Shoulda went to PL instead but I had to take a look. 2 short calicos and that was it. Bait from E Bros was a healthy chovie- dean mix. Don't bother until conditions change.
  264. Produce Man

    Boat Parking Laws and Rights

    I also park on the street in front of my house. I've only been towed once. Luckily I was able to get it back the same day. It still cost $300 to get it out of the yard, those tow companies are ruthless. The impound fees add up quickly. I think it's 72 hrs max and it must be moved 1/10th of a...
  265. Produce Man

    Happy Birthday to Mondaycluber

  266. Produce Man

    Reel Placement

    I'm in agreement with Marlyn, maybe even a little past your elbow. That makes it easier to roll your wrist during of the cast. You'll be loosing distance if you're smacking your forearm with the hand holding onto the butt. It's all about body mechanics to get max follow thru.
  267. Produce Man

    Holiday/Birthday 1.5

    Happy belated B-Day Tom ! WTG on gettin' 5 ! Any size to 'em ?
  268. Produce Man

    Earthquake!! (5 Million earthquake threads merged here)

    This one I could hear comming. Pretty good shake here by SDSU. Could feel the direction of the shakes NE to the SW, ran to the window and watched it head towards downtown.
  269. Produce Man

    What Are You Trolling This Year?

    Here's my collection of Japanese (pc) heads. The one on the left is the only new one. The all white one I call the '1/4 chicken' and has proven itself in all lighting conditions. Back in the day we would sometimes piggyback 2 together if it was rough and they wouldn't stay in the water. Love...
  270. Produce Man

    Daily Double 6-23 am Turds

    Decided to hop on the DD for my b-day today. We fished off IB in shallow. Started fishing at 8:00 and had a limit by 9:45. Never moved all day, the turdrollers kept on biting until we left. No sign of yellows inside there. Jackpot fish (not me) was caught at the bait barge, around 4#. No pics...
  271. Produce Man

    SquidCo This Fri & Sat

    I saw a flyer last nite, Squidco is having a customer appreciation sale the 18th & 19th. Spend $ 100 and get a free gift basket, 5 to choose from, jigs, plastics,line etc. Also buy a Varmac or Super Seeker blank and get $20 worth of building supplies free. Let's see- - a Varmac blank for...
  272. Produce Man

    North Island YT

    Nice Don, 1st junkfish of the year for you. Slow trolling - gosh you must have had to step up to 12# :D
  273. Produce Man

    Wood flooring- urine stained

    What is the most effective way to fix a Urine stained wood floor.Pulled up some old carpet to a black stained reeking mess. I've been told to use hydrogen peroxide soaked rags and let stand overnite. Then allow to dry, then sand. Sound right ?
  274. Produce Man

    LJ and Mission Bay Jetty 5-7-10

    That was a real fun day ,so many fish all over. The birdwork Kelly spoke of, we weren't even parallel with the rollercoaster yet! Green ugly 64 deg water just blowing up with yellows. It was fun to be in and watch the LJ boat rodeo. 3-8 boats would charge working birds and we decided to play...
  275. Produce Man

    cord wrap glue?

    3M Spray adhesive #90. Spray the blank LIGHTLY as you go.
  276. Produce Man

    seaport off the rocks

    Nice lunchbreak bass Ben ! Did you give him a ride in the hyperbaric chamber afterwards ? :rofl:
  277. Produce Man

    Another Trimar Tiger

    I've been using Trimar for the top layer of Tigers for a while. Thought I'd try using it as one of the threads in the basewrap. Black D and blue/silver Trimar were used for the base. The top layer is 720 gray Gudebrod D with a D sac thread. The blank is one of Acidrod's $ a foot Lamiglass...
  278. Produce Man

    'Nados Yellers 3/3/10

    Jumped on the Malahini this morning with 33 of my closest friends and Kelly. After the reports from yesterday, what else could I expect. Capt Mike started looking for those yellow things about 1/2 mi north of Pukey Point. Well he found them after just a few minutes. We had a 2 1/2 hour stop...
  279. Produce Man

    New BD Shirt designs for Fred Hall

    Green ones and brown ones, no pocket.
  280. Produce Man

    Jennings short trip

    Casual arrival at the lake around 11am. Took my girlfriend and her grandson Mikey for a quick shot at his first fish. He caught a nice rainbow around 1pm on sherbet powerbait. Nothing beats the rush of putting a youngster on their first fish on a rod I built him for christmas. Mission...
  281. Produce Man

    Rainshadow Sensitivity

    I have a 1087 and love it. Can't go wrong with Rainshadow blanks.
  282. Produce Man

    Commercial Bug Zapper Light

    Gilbert Industries model #601.Brand new, 2 40watt bulbs, wall or corner mountable, 54"h X 16"w X 4 3/4 d, swing out grill, orig box & manual $150 obo. PM me or @ [email protected]
  283. Produce Man

    First build on a machine

    Nice job, nothing wrong with putting new life into an old Sabre.
  284. Produce Man

    Tiger Woods Game
  285. Produce Man

    Trolling for Yellow Tail? Lure???

    YoZuri hydromag in sardine or holo mack. I've got a metal lipped sardine one that KILLS. They have a different kick than a Rapala. 4.5 - 5kts.
  286. Produce Man

    80# Local Louvar-Photo

    Only had it once,nothing like it. Hundreds of $$$ of meat there.
  287. Produce Man

    1st 3 color tiger

    A rod for the GF. An old Sabre Californian 665. Tried really mixing thread sizes on this one. Base is Gudabrod black,white 'd' with bubble gum pink 'c'.The tiger overwrap is gudabrod dusty rose 'd' and used 2 'e' sacrificials. Guidewraps are d-rose and bubble gum.
  288. Produce Man

    First Tiger wrap, 3rd rod

    Very good Josh! Bring it to Don's next time you can make it.
  289. Produce Man

    WHat is a Penn 99

    One of the really old skool up grades for the 99 Silver Beach (Going waaay back) was to swap out the right sideplate for the Jigmaster one. Presto, 4:1 gears and somewhat bigger drags.
  290. Produce Man

    2 garbage bags

    A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags was ripped and every oncein a while a $20 fell out onto the sidewalk. Noticing this, a policeman stopped her, and said, "Ma'am, there are $20 bills falling out...
  291. Produce Man

    transom repair questions

    Bit of a drive for ya ,but... Futura Fiberglass 619-474-8382. Their in National City.
  292. Produce Man

    White Shark Point Loma?

    Just another ploy by the locals to keep "Acidopholous Acres" thinned out.
  293. Produce Man

    Kitty Litter Cake

    This is for all you cooks out there looking for something a little different......... WANT TO HAVE FUN AT A PARTY? PREPARE THIS RECIPE! COMPLETELY EDIBLE, BUT YOUR FRIENDS MAY NOT THINK SO! . . It doesn't look very nice, but it's actually...
  294. Produce Man

    Upgrading 3/0 gears?

    It will.
  295. Produce Man

    Soupy Sales R.I.P.

    John, it was "To Tell The Truth" followed by" The Match Game"
  296. Produce Man

    They said it couldn't be done.

    Howzabout using those inlet guides on the top and bottom of the blank. Instant acid transition! One can of whale meat please.
  297. Produce Man

    check out Don & Ken on the Intrepid

    Went down to their return, they did very,very well. Congrats Don on your PB YFT.
  298. Produce Man

    Penn 113 MTL

    Too bad Penn couldn't make the sideplate's screw pattern compatible with the Baja Sp. Those sideplates would be sick on one!
  299. Produce Man

    Barbie turns 50!

    Barbie Video
  300. Produce Man

    Wrapping again...

    Dude you've still got it and the camera work is outstanding ! Good looking work.
  301. Produce Man

    Do you give neighbors YFT and Albie?

    I always go around and pass out fish to my neighbors. I park my boat in the street (driveway is like a hillclimb) and I find it makes the boat invisible.
  302. Produce Man

    Went to the Rockpile

    Major freakin' hen, congrats ! :cheers:
  303. Produce Man

    7/31 wfly BFT/alb/marlin

    Laurens, thank you for a most excellent trip. A couple of firsts for me. First marlin - I can't believe the horsepower those things have... ZZZZZZZ! My left arm is still rather non-functional today! I just finished wrapping that troller last week and had hoped to break it in, guess I did.
  304. Produce Man

    I don't care how tuff you are

    So sorry for your loss man. Most pet owners have had to take the 'drive' with their favorite fur person, it hurts like hell. Only you will know when its time to get another one. Hang in there, prayers sent.
  305. Produce Man

    Would like your Opinion

    Bryan, you got the SDSU look down in #1, but I like #3.
  306. Produce Man

    Happy Birthday Full Tilt

    Happy b-day!
  307. Produce Man

    O.G. Sabre restorations

    First is a HW5866 20-60# honey, feels like a killer 30# bait rod. Light tip and plenty of 'bone. Black over 245, stock. Left the seat and hypalon as it was, as the customer wanted. Second is a ST667C 30-80# chocolate. I just stripped it today and found china marker under the wraps, see pic...
  308. Produce Man

    Bass rod setup database

    I have 2 favorites An unknown # American Tackle 7' graphite 12-25 3/4-2oz with a Penn Pursuit w/40# braid, sometimes a mono topshot. I fish this on my boat when drifting thru the forest. A Rainshadow 1087 8' 10" 12-25 3/4-4oz with a Quantum Cabo PT 30 , same line. I can change to a...
  309. Produce Man

    Skiff Rebuild Details and Pics

    Nice job! Gotta love that Speed-Rail T-top, pipe cutter and an allen wrench. I built one out of it also. It is still holding up after 4yrs.
  310. Produce Man

    Home Depot Ad

    Oops !
  311. Produce Man

    Cascade Composites SWS696

    That is nice and clean Guy. Is that b/g trimar under the guides? How'd you do the rear eva? Slide it on over the cord from the top like a normal grip? Do tell.
  312. Produce Man

    Newells and Daiwas

    1. C220-5, ht100's,20# ande, clamp. $85 2. C229-5, ht100's,25#ande,clamp. $85 3. Daiwa ld50-h,old skool lever drag,4.5:1,torium handle. $100 4. Daiwa sealine 50hv 4.9:1,torium handle,1/2 full 50#spectra, $100 PM's
  313. Produce Man

    Rainshadow SW1087

    I've been lagging on this one,but here it is. The underwraps are Sulky Holoshimmer. The stuff's a bitch to work with. It's a flat mylar film and breaks REAL easy. You cannot let the thread carridge try and follow along,gotta feed it along by hand. Zero tension also. The guidewraps are Gudebrod...
  314. Produce Man

    Hostage Negotiations at it's Best

    Looks like he missed with the 2nd shot. First one did the trick tough!
  315. Produce Man

    A couple of GUSA's

    Damn Randy, the finish in the last pic :worship:
  316. Produce Man

    SS CJBF100 guides

    I bought a set of Virtus lites at the WCCRS. I like the look of the front feet. Going to put them on a 6' 50-80# American tackle blank. The guy in the booth said they'll be fine and no need to use the heavy version. We'll see...
  317. Produce Man

    5/10/09 New Seaforth 1/2 AM.. What Did I expect?

    Beautiful fish Romel ! WSB on the menu @ rod class this tues? :D
  318. Produce Man

    Couple of Super Seekers just completed

    Perfect thread color to use on a 2x4, looks like wood! :rockin:
  319. Produce Man

    saltist 20h clamp assembly

    Are you trying to fit a smaller reel onto a large diameter blank? Those saltist s-bolts will work just fine. I was able to adapt a Progear 551 to a size 26 seat using the saltist bolts. Joey @ Squidco has quite a few saltist clamp/bolt kits for sale.The clamp is a brick though.
  320. Produce Man

    Bait Outfit Upgrades

    Is there anything wrong with the Newells? You own one you gotta know how to work on one. Catch some fish,take a break to change out drag washers, and continue to slay fish next to the $200-$400 reel guys - kinda fun. Money's better spent on more fishing time.
  321. Produce Man

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Name:Jay Age:51 Boat:16 Invader CC Days Available:tues/thurs or wed/fri alternating weeks Referances:ask Experiance:38yrs salt Drink/Smoke:yes/yes/yes or neither,it's your boat! Contact info: PM I can drive (@ nite too),clean and cut. Know the drill.
  322. Produce Man

    Need some ideas

    Is that the same room you moved your son's rice rocket into next to the lawnmower "where it belongs" ? :rofl:
  323. Produce Man

    Murder in my neighborhood '07- update

    Nathaniel Gann was convicted of 1st degree murder of Tim Mcneil who was murdered in 2007,possibly 25-life. His sister Brae Hanson's verdict will be announced tomorrow. They were being tried in the same courtroom,same judge but separate jurys. Brae's jury made a decision last week in less than a...
  324. Produce Man

    Record Size

    MOASC !!!
  325. Produce Man

    Sulky Holoshimmer

    CP or no CP? I was FINALLY able to get that shit to lay flat, almost zero tension. Now I don't want to screw it up when putting on the epoxy. I have classic coat CP, is that ok or should I use sumptin else?
  326. Produce Man

    Hero Dog !

    amazing dog !
  327. Produce Man

    Epoxy and Finish ??

    I've been using aftcoat for the 1st coat,followed by FC hi-build for the remaining coats on thread. Nothing I've found flows on the thread like the aftcoat. Aftcoat seems to take forever to cure though. I use FC epoxy for grips/seats on all but the heaviest rods. For seats on the bigger stuff...
  328. Produce Man

    Rod Building Classes In OC Have Started

    Very cool of you to start up the class. Ok explain your thread carriage, it's on the other side???
  329. Produce Man

    fred hall deals (deals you saw at the show)

    Goes to Quantum Reels. They've ditched the old saltwater Cabo design. That one was avail in levelwind or conv, had a bulky frame and sideplates. The new Cabos look really good especially the cnw16 around 2 bills. CNW16HPTsB 8 350 yds. / 20 lb. 4.3:1 49 23 lbs. 24.7 oz. CNW20HPTsB 8 380...
  330. Produce Man

    Avet MXJ Rod

    If you're concerned about weight below the reel,try this instead. Single corktape from underneath the reel forward maybe doubling it in the foregrip area. Xtube (that's what it's called) the whole thing applying xtube directly to the blank on the butt. Use an adhesive(3m spray) under any xtube...
  331. Produce Man

    Busy with tiger wraps

    All very nice but the bottom one, wow! Looks really calico/tortoise shell like. Did you use 2 sac threads on top? The elongated stripes, how ya get those?
  332. Produce Man

    Senortuna Raffle Rod

    I like it!
  333. Produce Man

    Calstar 6470

    Daniel- that's just black & white C on the bottom and trimar with a D sac thread. Kerry- either a 113hn or cs551 depending on what I'm doing.
  334. Produce Man

    Calstar 6470

    :jig: or :profile:
  335. Produce Man

    New from Glade

    Girls don't fart, do they???
  336. Produce Man

    From spinning to casting

    I did the exact same thing to a Sabre 196-7. It went from 7-8 spinning guides to 11 conventional guides to keep the line off of the now reversed spined blank. Actually it turned out to be one great 15# chovie chucker! Converting it didn't really change when the backbone (what little there is in...
  337. Produce Man

    Can't decide to go plain or fancy

    Fancy! Goes to show, sharpies are NOT just for graffitti! Oops let that one slip out :eek: Looks good Romel.
  338. Produce Man

    The Vet Bill

    A woman brings her bird that she found upsidedown in its cage to the vet.When the vet saw the bird he began to shake his head and said I'm sorry 'mam your bird is dead. The woman began to sob and asked the vet to please run some tests just to be sure. So the vet placed a cat on the...
  339. Produce Man

    NFL Players- Are You Shittin' Me ?

    YouTube - NFL Fantasy Files: The Best Players
  340. Produce Man

    Floating Airport Proposed for South San Diego Bay

    Shelf that idea right next to the 60's/70's plan to make the Tijuana Estuary into a Mission Bay type park. :It__s_Outta_Here:
  341. Produce Man

    Why Husbands Die First

  342. Produce Man

    The BEST Thermos on the Market?

    For sure the green Stanley. I 've had mine for 6yrs now and it's probably being held together by all the decals on it I've accumulated over that time. You can buy replacement parts too like stoppers,o rings etc.
  343. Produce Man

    Segway Face Plant

    Segway Face Plant-Segway Face Plant - AOL Video
  344. Produce Man

    Class 1/20/09

    Ken - sure I'll come over. My tiger wrap on the Calstar failed miserably. Got a heat gun and plenty of razor blades???
  345. Produce Man

    Old style Diawa Saltist clamp bolts needed

    Does anyone have a pair of those POS curved clamp bolts laying around? I actually have an application where they would work for me.
  346. Produce Man

    Goodbye my friend!

    Aww man, sorry to hear that. Dogs are so loyal, she waited for you and your wife before moving on. She'll be waiting for you on the other side.
  347. Produce Man

    Harnell 201 7.5' 10-30lb.

    Very sano! I like the idea of the nylon thread over the same color ncp. Does the layer of finish between guidewraps give depth the same way as it does in a tiger wrap? Ken - you're mean! :D
  348. Produce Man

    Bad Store Clerk

    " His nuts, they gone" LOLLOLLOL
  349. Produce Man

    Looking for a new camera

    Bill, Papa Jew has it right about refurbs. I bought a Kodak easyshare z812is from Kodak's website for $250/reg $325, full warrantee.12x zoom & 8.1 mpxl. It's a great camera and an even better deal.
  350. Produce Man

    Going Squid fishing Friday.

    So it was you who was saluting me awhile back. I was in the white Bronco with the old school BD sticker. Back at ya :finger:
  351. Produce Man

    Going Squid fishing Friday.

    Gotcha covered Tom, got 4 of 'em. Gonna take out the hard cases and get'em humbled (humbolted?), WTG 'teach!
  352. Produce Man

    2008 Rod Classes

    First and foremost, thank you Don for opening up your home to us and sharing your knowledge. The rest of yous guys...:finger::D. It's been an interesting year. Lots of new skills being shared/ taught by all that attend. The marbling that EWW(abrieviated, sorry Steve) showed us, Bushman's...
  353. Produce Man

    Tips on a Penn 501 Conversion

    Very simple, if you already have the Newell base and bars just get the 501 spool. The whole thing is a matter of screwing it together. If you want to get either of the aftermarket frames,you don't need the Newell stuff. Those frames are all inclusive. The gears will fit no prob, change the drags...
  354. Produce Man

    OLD TIME BDers....... How bout a Merry Xmas Rolecall

    Merry Christmas to all ! Those were the days (2003-4), the Photoshop wars etc.
  355. Produce Man

    Grandma's Advise

    Grandmother's Advice To Her Grandson My grandmother died in 2001, but her birthday is coming up, and that always causes me to reminisce. The long walks we used to take to the store, the quarters she gave me for meaningless jobs like pulling weeds or washing the sidewalk...
  356. Produce Man

    A little bit of TJ right here in Ramona

    "I have NEVER seen such a meticulously prepared & arranged produce section. EVERYTHING stacked in neat rows. Even the broccoli & bell peppers." Quess you've never been in the Lake Murray & Navajo Albertsons, have ya Rick ;) BTW - nothing like those cane sugar Coca-Colas is there ?
  357. Produce Man

    Resin and Marbling Question

    Tim are you using CP on the bottom wraps? Get a heat gun, lighters can leave soot.
  358. Produce Man

    Thanks Jaydog!

    Think about it. An anonymous donor restores the fire rings. The city of S.D will continue to generate revenue from glass bottle, minors in possesion of alcohol and other beach fire party essentials citations. Win, Win.
  359. Produce Man

    Resin and Marbling Question

    Tim, I haven't tried marbeling yet but seen it done. So I can't give advise on that. As far as mixing finishes for tigers, yes it can be done. I usually use Aftcote for the 1st coat on the bottom layer. It's thin viscosity allows me to put it on while using power and very few bubbles. Then I...
  360. Produce Man

    How To Clean The Toilet

    This was simply too much of a time saver not to share it with you. 1. Put both lids of the toilet up and add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl. 2. Pick up the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom. 3. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet...
  361. Produce Man

    Browning Silaflex

    I have a PT60 Magnum 20-50# that was stepped on and lost 3" of the tip. It now lives in my quiver as a Rapala/YoZuri spectra trolling stick. That thing has played 'beat the dogs to the yellowtail" at LJ many a day and won often :devil:. Love that rod!
  362. Produce Man

    One Cool Dog!

    Funny Dogs
  363. Produce Man

    Investment Tips For 2009

    INVESTMENT TIPS FOR 2009: With all the turmoil in the market today and the collapse of Lehman Bros and Acquisition of Merrill Lynch by Bank of this might be some good advice. For all of you with any money left, be aware of the next expected mergers so that you can get in on the ground floor...
  364. Produce Man

    Popcorn time!

    Lake Murray used to have a kids free area a long time ago (Alvarado Bay) which had two piers. I'm not sure when and why it was terminated, maybe someone could chime in here? Jim Brown are you listening?
  365. Produce Man

    Popcorn time!

    I grew up near there on College ave. In the 60's we used to ride our dirtbikes all around the lake and the area below the dam (the pipeyards). At that time the lake was a mere pond of less than an acre. But it still had plenty of fish in it. When the south Chollas dump was full, the city built...
  366. Produce Man

    Why Women Can't Fix Cars

    I always thought it had to do with fingernails... Who Knew?
  367. Produce Man

    Send Our Troops A Xmas Card

    This was sent to me. They're Thank You cards made by children across the country. Please take the time to fill one out this Xmas for our troops, any correspondence from the USA has got to make a difference. Let's Say Thanks
  368. Produce Man

    ATIHC I won !!!

    For all who entered this year, Mike has posted the giveaways not announced on the radio on his website. AND..... I won free entry for up to 3 anglers in next years tourney :D and a t shirt. Be afraid, be very afraid. After 4 yrs in a row of catching probably the smallest halibut weighed in...
  369. Produce Man

    Stand By Me!

    That's awesome! Maybe the worlds leaders should learn how to sing together.
  370. Produce Man

    This or That

    Lip Treble hook in the culo or exacto knife down the pee hole
  371. Produce Man

    Beware of the doghouse!

    Choose her gift wisely, you don't wanna go here ! Beware of the Doghouse - Video
  372. Produce Man


    Thanks again Mike for putting on a great event. Lots of fish boated this year. If there was a smallest fish division, I'd have won 3yrs in a row!
  373. Produce Man

    First try at a Tiger

    Looks good Guy! What size thread top and bottom? I got to pull on that blank @ rod class the other nite, I like it a lot. Tigers are fun huh, ya never know until you pull that sac thread out.
  374. Produce Man

    Gin the dancing border collie

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  375. Produce Man

    Any tips how to

    The most fun - Owner tango dancer in blue-back or baby bass, topwater madness.
  376. Produce Man

    Son made New Record for Sand Bass

    How many turds could a turdroller roll if a turdroller could roll turds ? Who cares ? Fish of a lifetime young man, congratulations !!!
  377. Produce Man

    Can the Bolts go 6-0 through the stretch?

    Sharpening the tines on my fork right now :_diarrhea_:
  378. Produce Man

    Mobile Merc. O/B mechanic needed

    I have had good service from Second Chance Outboards. This is the guy Tommy (M/V Santa Rosa) uses. 619-247-9103. Straight up, honest and thorough, call him.
  379. Produce Man

    Foods you don't see at the grocery store anymore..

    Hormel Tamales and Chicken in a Biscuit (still available)
  380. Produce Man

    Foods you don't see at the grocery store anymore..

    Screaming Yellow Zonkers - reading the box was hilarious! King Sneadlys malt liquor The p-nut butter space food sticks were the bomb! Kellogs Puffa-Puffa Rice cereal. real cool commercial, islanders paddling an outrigger singing- him call Kellogs Puffa-Puffa rice HOO !
  381. Produce Man

    Happy Bday Mstonefish

    Happybirthday Mark you tallerthanmosttakethekidfishingoffshorealuminumboatdrivingfishkillingdude!!! Hope you got to fish today. :cheers:
  382. Produce Man

    The wizards of washington (oz)

    Hope this doesn't get me:banned::D
  383. Produce Man

    Head count

    I'm in too!
  384. Produce Man

    Double Roller Strippers?
  385. Produce Man

    The Anti-Viagra

    Don't let your wife discover these !
  386. Produce Man

    Daylight Savings

    I set my alarm for the usual 5:30 wake up. Took a shower, made coffee, got ready for work, turned on the computer to look here and VOILA- IT'S ONLY 5 FUCKING AM!!! Oh well, played with the dog, changed the catbox, made breakfast and then went to work. For the first hour at work I sat in the...
  387. Produce Man

    What's it worth?

    I have a Colt .25 semi that was purchased in 1975 and has never been fired. Originally cost $75, it was my grandma's. Get this, the reciept is from Stanley Andrews Sporting Goods downtown.
  388. Produce Man

    inshore swimbait rods

    Ryan, just ask and many here will help you thru your first build. When you're in SD come to the tues class at Orca's. So many questions: party or private boat? mono or spectra? Reel? I have an American Tackle 7' 12-20# graphite with Fuji alconites for plastics. I don't have a longer...
  389. Produce Man

    Sparkler wrap

    That's great! That inlay under the guide, is that silver a, b/s trimar, silver a?
  390. Produce Man

    Olives Anyone ?

    Here's my latest. The Tiger is black and white "C" on the bottom with 1892 OLIVE nylon "D" over and "C" pull thread. The underwraps are 290 "D" that blotched out even with cp (But I kinda like it) with 1892 OLIVE ncp with 1892 OLIVE nylon no cp over, both "D". The inlay is a OLIVE/black Holland...
  391. Produce Man

    Anchovy flipping rod?

    Just an idea, the Calstar btg 196-7 with 12" extended handle. The 196 is a fantastic chovie rod and can fish 12#. They also make a 196-8 in all glass. I think Calstar should market a btg 196-8.
  392. Produce Man

    Sabre 196

    There's two color combos Sabre used that I know of on the honey blanks. You could go with blue hyp and white underwraps with royal blue guidewraps or brown hyp, orange underwraps with brown guidewraps. As for the Varmac seat you could post on looking for one.
  393. Produce Man

    A Day @ The Waterpark

  394. Produce Man

    Deer Camp

    Three guys were at deer camp. They had to bunk two to a room. No one wanted to room with Steve because he snored so badly. They decided it was not fair to make one of them stay with him the whole time, so they voted to take turns. The first night, John slept in Steve's room and came to...
  395. Produce Man

    Bacon Tree

    Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert, wandering aimlessly and close to death. They are close to just lying down and waiting for the inevitable, then all of a sudden....... 'Hey Jose, do you smell what I smell. Ees bacon I is sure of eet.' 'Si, Luis eet smells like bacon to meee.' So...
  396. Produce Man

    Penn 113HN baja special

    Penn needs to offer a narrow 4/0 version of the Metal Senator, they could sell that reel.
  397. Produce Man


    If that one doesn't get you April, nothing will. Sick Steve, absolutely sick !
  398. Produce Man

    Final score - SD 38, Denver 24, NFL Offical's 15

    Ed Houcholi (however his name is spelled) blew it with the phantom whistle, shoulda been SD's ball at the 10. What a tool !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  399. Produce Man

    Sabre rods vs. Calstar/Seeker/????

    Fish'em ! The Calstar and Seeker glass classic series are patterned off the original Sabres. I have a 196-7', 665 and 665h Sabre that I fish often. They're a little heavy compared to the newer stuff especially if they still have the Varmac seats, but I love the way they all pull.
  400. Produce Man

    Caption time

    I know it'll start next week. Now if I can only get that bottle of Stabil outta the trunk.
  401. Produce Man

    Gotta Sell, No time For Project

    After sitting around for 7 mos, the Lincoln has gotta go. My daughter bought it and we were planning to do a resto on it. I just don't have the time or Knowledge to do it right. It could be a killer ride for someone. 69 Lincoln Continental Coupe - Bloodydecks Classifieds
  402. Produce Man

    Lights out = done for season

    Jyles Tucker's dehydration in the game was the best thing for Merriman. It extended his playing time and made him come to his senses. Tucker will have to step up bigtime now. Things will start looking better 'backer wise once Drugboy Cooper returns.
  403. Produce Man

    Starting Small

    Vincent, come to the class tues. Don has a couple of pac bays and a rodsmith wrapper. No need to buy one right away. For your first couple of rods it's always good to get some coaching. Everyone there can help you in some way. Plus, we need some noobs to get involved :D. You can try out the...
  404. Produce Man

    wife and I are looking get started in wrapping our own rods

    Barley Pops and sodas are consumed there also ! Really though, a knowledgeable bunch that can get you started in the addiction of rodbuilding. You'll end up building so many rods that it takes a while to decide what to take when you do go fishing. Seeya tuesday ! Steve, where have I seen...
  405. Produce Man

    DVL's Really Looooow. And Launch Ramp is in Ruins

    Launch ramp looks like a runway! What is the mount for on your rod holder ?
  406. Produce Man

    8-28, 181, wife's 1st yellowfin

    Sometimes in the bottom of the 9th....... Great way to end your day! Good lookin Queensland in your avatar too!
  407. Produce Man

    SquidCO Hours? lil help?

    Nick if ya need one earlier than 8:30, seaforth has em. You still fish? :D
  408. Produce Man

    New Tackle Store in Town....Not really but..

    Lots and lots of blanks there. Freshwater guys go look, bunch of nice fw blanks(bundles of 'em) and fw tackle too.
  409. Produce Man

    not bad for my first rod...

    Alright Tony! looks better in the pics than real life, wait... I got that backwards :D Really nice job, I wish my 1st looked that good.
  410. Produce Man

    how slow can you pull a feather/jig...

    Go with the YoZuri-slower wobble, no need for pliers and will handle up to 11kts. Cedars with either, no prob. Cedar and a dean slow trolled by paddy, try it.
  411. Produce Man

    8/17 9 mile

    Way to give it a shot Ben! No bait??? 3.6nmpg sounds like a motor I know ;)
  412. Produce Man

    A few tips about Tigers(Moire Wraps)

    Very nice experimentation and even better results! Questions. When using stickers under are they placed on the bottom wraps and then multi coats? Have you done any stickers under the bottom wraps using nylon/no cp? Nylon w/wo cp or ncp for the top wrap?
  413. Produce Man

    ???New Lo-An or The Legend???

    NLA! Best stern of the smaller boats, so low and roomy.
  414. Produce Man


    On the sign it says on 25# :worship: Fish of a lifetime, get a mount.
  415. Produce Man


    Beautiful job ! Is that Sulky holoshimmer on the guides ? How do you get it to lay flat, drove me nuts.
  416. Produce Man

    8/2/08 New Seaforth Twlight

    I'm confused :confused:,your handle is TadyHawk yet you throw a SALAS 7X. Please explain.
  417. Produce Man

    preparing yellowtail?

    Nando's Peri-Peri apricot chile sauce, Albertson's has it.. Broil or bbq skin side down, nuthin like it. Nando's is South Africas' El Pollo Loco. Some Basmati rice and asparagus on da side. Killer !
  418. Produce Man

    7/29 LJ

    Slept in and lazily launched from Dana 8:30. Usual warm water bait, junk chovies. Not much swell but a bunch of wind chop - babang-babang and then a chunk of windshield at my feet. Omen ? Fished inside the kelp for a nice dozen or so checkers, released. Worked the inside edge of the kelp...
  419. Produce Man

    Affordable Jig Stick?

    Squidco had some glass Kencor 9'ers awhile back for $100. Give'em a call.
  420. Produce Man

    Windshield hook up?

    Damn Mike you must have really pissed sombody off !? Talk to Kingfish about the truck glass, car too if it's a Ford.
  421. Produce Man

    Holiday 3.5day 7/10

    Nice mess of fish you got there. WTG. The Holiday is a great boat (the old Polaris III), been fishing it since I was 13.
  422. Produce Man

    Diawa sealine 50sha

    Fill it with straight 40# mono and bring as a backup reel. Or try it on your jigstick, you'll be surprised how well they cast.
  423. Produce Man

    20# & 30# or just a 25#?

    I'd go a 20 and a 30# mono on a party boat. If you get in a multiple tangle just cut out of it. You tie on another hook and back in the game. You're waiting to get your spectra back and are not in the water. You still can topshot w/floro if needed. Now on PB's, spectra is no prob. The guys...
  424. Produce Man

    NLA 2 DAY 7/6-7/8

    JT you got me thinking... let's see, jigstick, zip tie and a baggie, I could do that :rockin:. Otherwise if you got closer I might be inclined to jump on your ride. You get any ? No scratch that, How many ?
  425. Produce Man

    NLA 2 DAY 7/6-7/8

    Short version- 23 anglers, 83 pollos 10-34lbs. Somewhat long version - Left sun nite 10pm and woke up 92mi from the point,don't have the #'s :imdumb:. Started trolling before greylight and 1st stop at around 6:30,1 troll fish and 3 bait. Goose egg for me on this one. Markus would call out...
  426. Produce Man

    Songs you butchered the lyrics to

    thought it was 'they told me this mornin, grandma seems to have them too' but it's " the dog on the corner, grandma seems to have them too' STATESBORO BLUES.
  427. Produce Man

    New LoAnn 2 day 7/6- 7/8

    Thanks Kerry. About that ss ulua, I ran into a roadblock with that Sulky Holoshimmer stuff. It's a flat ribbon and nearly impossible to lay down as an underwrap without overlapping. Don AND Ken tried too with the same results. I have to rethink this and try to come up with another color scheme...
  428. Produce Man

    New LoAnn 2 day 7/6- 7/8

    Mikey, it's $450. Whatchu talkin bout willis?
  429. Produce Man

    New LoAnn 2 day 7/6- 7/8

    I'm going on this, anyone else on it? 11 spots left as of today. 24 anglers max.
  430. Produce Man

    pig yellows on the AA

    Xlnt report Kerry! That was great you guys could make it over to Don's, nice to meet Y'All. The all nighter paid off bigtime, wtg !
  431. Produce Man

    Trolling for Tuna -Evolution of Jigs ,Techniques , & Spreads

    I like to run a 5-7" hoochie with a bead or a 1oz egg inside in front of any jig (especially a cedar) that has a leader.Hoochie size and color determined by lighting. Poor man's daisy chain. Late afternoon-early evening, my fav is what I call a 1/4 chicken, all white japhead feather straight...
  432. Produce Man

    Ball Girl

    Been done before by Bo Jackson, a similar catch that is. :D
  433. Produce Man

    Inshore low profile baitcaster

    I went in another direction. Bought a Penn Pursuit. They also have another one (Sargus) which has a cast control dial. I figured that I'm just throwing FT's and stuff 1/4 oz and up and the Pursuit's just fine for me. Both use basically the drags from a 965 Int and mine scales @ 10.75 lbs. Filled...
  434. Produce Man

    Catch the Truck Stealin Thief

    Sure hope you have a locking gascap!
  435. Produce Man

    Is this trip possible?

    During the surf part your caloric burn will be much greater than when fishing. Plenty of rest and fuel foods. Abuse your body as much as you like when fishing, it's experience vs youth. Don't do all the driving, split it up and everyone gets road snoozes. Keeps you fresh. If you accomplish...
  436. Produce Man


    Thanks Tommy! Got a 2day july 6-8th on the NLA, should be ripe by then!
  437. Produce Man

    new dad and son project

    Looks in great cond. Worth a bunch as is. I had one too as a kid. Neighbor broke the forks on his Trail90 dual range and we tried to fit that motor in the 50.
  438. Produce Man

    A Note to Dad

    Wow. I printed this out and showed it to my sister today. Total meltage. My Dad died when she was 14 and I was 8. That poem nailed it.
  439. Produce Man

    Ya Gotta Know when to say No.

    I see it now, a new scale for offshore conditions. " Anybody have a fish report and can check for the 371" LOL
  440. Produce Man

    Help me name the new dog

    Can't say why but, Doug.
  441. Produce Man

    Batson blanks

    I have heard nothing but good things said about the Rainshadow composit blanks. I have built on a Forecast glass blank (swb76h) and it's a good light jig & 30# bait stick. The blank loads well throwing Tady c's and such. Good blanks for the $$$.
  442. Produce Man

    Fuck the city of SD water dept!

    After getting a better look at the pipes, we found out that the tie in is under the sidewalk. Called the city again and they sent out another inspector. Since it's under the sidewalk they're going to fix it on their dime! Yesterday it was past 3pm when the first inspector came. The city has...
  443. Produce Man

    Something old (school)/something new

    Damn teach, tiger came out great! Turks and handle all one piece of cord?
  444. Produce Man

    Typo or what - Holiday Count?

    Holiday //
  445. Produce Man

    Fuck the city of SD water dept!

    The day started out with a plugged washtub in the garage. Tried to snake it myself,no go. Called a drain service. Being that the house is 64yrs old I've come to expect nothing fixes easy. Come to find out that I share the mainline with nextdoor neighbors.They are plugged up too. Drain guy...
  446. Produce Man

    Fun & Games at Bass Pro Shop.

    Bravo :appl: that was classic !
  447. Produce Man

    lj surface report for friday

    Nice! It's quite a blimp. Baby homeguard that hung out with mom and dad and ate squid all winter?
  448. Produce Man

    Lets see your pets

    Here's Zaira (my daughters dog) and Hoodie. Zaira is the fun police, every dog's toy becomes hers just to have but not play with. You may know her from OB. Hoodie is a Queensland... need I say more?
  449. Produce Man

    advice on yo-yo

    Salas YoYo 1 in chrome or white :D
  450. Produce Man


    Panhead, Shovelhead, Airhead
  451. Produce Man

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Cut right into the middle of " The Shuffle" and cast out, preferably using Spectra/short topshot for the first time. :smash:
  452. Produce Man

    aftcote problems

    I like the way Aftcoat looks and flows. It does seem to take longer to cure. Now I just use it for a 1st coat because of the way it penetrates. Then I follow up with FC high, 2 coats and done !
  453. Produce Man

    This is for the Dale Earnhardt Jr Fans!

    I would have ejected as soon as we cleared the mountain. Gotta go, the MF flying this thing is.....
  454. Produce Man

    Kid's first car?

    She's had the car for over a year now, put maybe 600mi on it. Lost interest in doing a resto on it. AAH, the 17/18 y/o mind! The car has: 58,000 orig mi orig factory build sheet 600cfm Holley sq bore carb. Pertronics elect ign. Magnaflo dual exh. 20" Boss alum wheels w/ fat...
  455. Produce Man

    LJ 5/10 Forkin' a

    Didn't join the T party outside, but instead stayed in the kelp. Trolled some Yozuri's around Bird Rock area in 90-120'. Around 9am one went off, oh yes the right kind for sure. 16.5lbs on the digi scale. Worked the area for another few hrs because I was metering some hefty stuff down there. No...
  456. Produce Man

    Guess I'm moving

    Congrats on the house Stan ! You won't be used to sunshine so early in the morning. LG is kind of a bitch to get in/out of. Avoid Mass/Broadway intersection. On the bright side, the El Pollo Grill is real good and for comfort their's Don's bait and tackle on LG Ave and Barnacle Bill's on Broadway.
  457. Produce Man

    First hog stick done....

    Nice job! I dig the pics with the water and the Lychen (SP?) on the rocks for a background.
  458. Produce Man

    Rodbuilding show photos

    Thanks Rick for the pics for those of us who couldn't make it. You didn't mention what you bought there, c'mon give it up. I probably saved a couple hundred by not going !!!
  459. Produce Man

    Finished my first rod....

    Outstanding first effort ! :appl:
  460. Produce Man

    Happy B-day Orca........

    Happy Birthday Don! :cheers:
  461. Produce Man

    Issues fitting Hypalon

    Once you're ready to slide it down the blank, put a little acetone in the hyp and slide it down like Randy mentioned. Like buddah !!!
  462. Produce Man

    Cord Wrapped Handles Part II

    Here's something I've wanted to try for awhile. A freshwater spinning rod with cord handle and no foregrip. I used two hosels sanded down to match the diameter of the reel seat (a Fuji dnpsd) and to cover and secure the cord ends. The blank is a Forecast SPG782 6-12# 6'6", BLVLG guides. This rod...
  463. Produce Man

    Tiger Anyone?

    Looks great! So fun to pull the sacrificial thread and see the results of a thumb twist here, a push there. Nice color combo.
  464. Produce Man

    Cord Wrapped Handles

    The 3m #90 adhesive is plenty strong. It didn't creep up between the cord either. Like I said in an earlier post, you spray it on the blank or whatever, it forms bubbles that pop and flatten out as you wrap over it. It's been used on hypalon grips too and holds well. Got the cord at day at the...
  465. Produce Man

    Cord Wrapped Handles

    John, that would be 37' of each color. I sprayed the blank with 3M #90 adhesive as I went along. It works great, it'll form bubbles and as you wrap they pop and flatten out. I did a test with one coat of Helmsman spray varnish and it turned out nice. Probably gonna go that route.
  466. Produce Man

    Forecast SWB 76H

    Thanks everyone. Steve, it's like Doc says-progress not perfection. Time to try other stuff. Graya- mudhole has it.
  467. Produce Man

    Cord Wrapped Handles

    Had to redo a handle today. We were trying to figure out how much a 27" handle would take at rod class tues. The blank was a Tiburon e25f70b. Ended up using 74' !!! I kept getting walnut sized cramps between thumb and forefinger :rofl:.
  468. Produce Man

    Forecast SWB 76H

    Ok here ya go !
  469. Produce Man

    Tiburon Blanks?

    I bought a pair of the e25's. One's gonna be a 'boat' rod for the Penetrator. Just finished applying the first coat of PINK Krylon Fusion paint :gay::nutkick:. Today I got the new issue of Rodmaker Mag and there's an article on using craft ribbon for buttwraps. I think some beaded lace ribbon...
  470. Produce Man

    Forecast SWB 76H

    OK this'll be the last blue trimar tiger for awhile. It's a Forecast SWB 76H 7'6" blank from Acidrod. This one's a jigstick for use on PBs. Enjoy!
  471. Produce Man

    Sabre stroker wrap colors

    Seems that Sabre was using blue 037/black and 246/white on the honey Nypoxy rods at different times. Some with black hyp and some with blue. The mid(?) 80's had some yellow s-glass and reg honey rods wrapped in brown over orange w/brown seat and hyp. I think these were near the end of non-penn...
  472. Produce Man

    Rainshadow RCLB80M

    Looks really good! Sometimes less is more. Makes me start to think more about combining subtle colors to get a rich appearence.
  473. Produce Man

    Calstar 655xxh

    Yet another project completed. Did most of the work at Orca's weekly class. Calstar 6455xxh, Aftco rollers, PacBay seat and gimble. Black and white under the tiger, 245 Trimar over.
  474. Produce Man


    Right on Tony !!! First legal, 8#test and off the jetty to boot. :worship:
  475. Produce Man

    kelp bed braided line rod

    With braid it's hard to resist the urge to swing on a bass like you were used to with mono. Like the powerpro booklet says, just a subtle flick of the wrist. I do prefer a med or med -fast action for spectra bassing. The slower action does offer a little more give, but still not the stretch...
  476. Produce Man

    old Newell p454 needs tune up

    Dude, get 4 sets drag washers and 4 sets of stainless bearings and you're good til August...maybe.
  477. Produce Man

    Baitcast Reel Information

    There's all kinds of things going on inside a levelwind. Some have frames that depend on the levelwind for rigidity. Some drive off the handle side. The left drive ones have worms,gears and stuff. Gut it all the way if the reels design permits. Or you could get a Newell 220 or Int 975cs
  478. Produce Man

    Trimar and tigers

    This is the TigerWrap I've been using on my own rods. Black and white C under, 245 Trimar over. #1 is a 9' Kencor #20-50 glass, 2nd a Sabre 665xh. Haven't tried Trimar under yet, anyone else?
  479. Produce Man

    What should I do with this converted jigmaster?

    Old School - nice! The only other add-on I would do is put on aPenn 24-56 3hole torpedo handle. I have a 501 using the 500s sideplates(red left side takedown), Newell base and spool. It's my #20 bait reel on a 196 7' orig Sabre. If you service your reels often,try using the powdered graphite...
  480. Produce Man


    Remember... It's just vegetables with lemon
  481. Produce Man


    I'll be @ DelMar on sat, hope to seeya there.
  482. Produce Man

    They Bitch About a Few Hairs

    I work for Albertsons. They have one f'd up hair restraint policy. All food prep depts(meat,deli,bakery,produce) have to wear a hat. If you have a beard or gotee, you have to wear a beard guard. But not if you have a mustache, WTF??? So, what if you have sasquatch hairy arms? No policy for...
  483. Produce Man

    Feb 28 SD Bay Bass and Butts ...again

    Kurt- good going there! Also wtg taking pops out a bunch. Travis - Leave the keys in the boat. People can't just drive off with them :imdumb:
  484. Produce Man

    Are you old?

    7-11's were Speed-e-Marts, but only open 7am-11pm. Grocery stores were open 9am-10pm. DrPepper bottles had the 10-2-4 logos. Science fiction theater on tv saturday afternoons,Moona Lisa. Johnny Downs dancing on the Golden Arrow Dairy milk bottle. Ray Wilson was the news anchor on channel 8...
  485. Produce Man

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    Krishna Mulvaney's
  486. Produce Man

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    Sorry, shoulda read the rules better. Pacific Drive-in.
  487. Produce Man

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    Howzabout Maynards Bar.. Harleys lining the curb by the pier. Can't forget Tug's Tavern and the survivor's breakfasts! Mom's saloon, Diego's and the bomb - Rudy Garcia's. They had a breakfast dish called the Power Plate. 2 cheese enchiladas with 2 fried eggs on top smothered in sauce, rice and...
  488. Produce Man

    Booth Photo's at Fred Hall

    Here's one of my son Tyler's first tuna. You know the clown in the 2nd pic.
  489. Produce Man

    Happy Birthday Harmonica John

    House fire in Encanto today!!! J/K John, happy birthday!
  490. Produce Man

    How do YOU feel about EVA foam?

    Easy to turn, but not as durable as hyp. To me it feels somewhere between cork and hyp. I think it would be great turned way down close to the blank with x tube vs x tube and cork tape. A different feel and resonance. Might save a little weight there, just more work.
  491. Produce Man

    Amazing bush planes

    Too cool ! They would make the landing strip at Isla Natividad seem way too long.
  492. Produce Man

    He's got it! Dingo plays frisbee!

    That's awesome Rick ! Although the cattledog won't mind, the frizbee will become increasingly more painful for you to throw once the edges get roughed up. Maybe the dog slime is Dingo doing you a favor. I started out Hoodie on the soft nylon discs from Wallyworld. She still has difficulty...
  493. Produce Man

    Boat Ho List 2008

    Jay Parkinson 50 16' Invader CC Sched varies week to week Ho'd with Orca,Seadawg,Full Tilt,Hot Rod,ChaChing Fishing since I was 8, fresh and salt. PM here or [email protected] As a boat owner too, I realize that they don't run on 'Thanks'. Am willing to pay share and more. I can...
  494. Produce Man

    Help with naming boat

    Tri Pullin' It or Debt Propelled
  495. Produce Man

    Whats your favorate food from Costco?

    That sauce is also the bomb on a pork tenderloin !
  496. Produce Man

    Mavericks -on the Weather Channel 6pm

    Check it out!
  497. Produce Man

    Sabre Custom Tackle

    Depends on their condition. The California Custom Tackle rods I believe came with decent Fuji reelseats,the older one's had the heavy varmacs. If you can live with the seat and usually brown hypalon,just replace the guides if needed when rewrapping. A little x-tube(comes in colors now) goes a...
  498. Produce Man

    Charger Critics........

    The second half with Volek,Turner,Sproles,Nanee in and they played to so well ! A J Smith might be an arrogant SOB, BUT MAJOR PROPS TO HIM FOR THE DEPTH HE'S BUILT HERE !!!!
  499. Produce Man


    I'd look at the Quantum energy PTs. I own Cabo 30PTs baitcaster which I use for calicos and am sold on Quantum. The energy is also salt friendly.
  500. Produce Man

    New Penn Baitcaster for '08

    Penn has a new lo-profile reel for inshore. Where in SD would have these, I'd like to have a look. Penn The Biggest Name in Fishing!
  501. Produce Man

    To Michael Turner, WTF ?

    Dude, you're heading for free agency and you're running with your hips ahead of your shoulders, getting mowed. You are better than that, show it in post-season. Not being used enough ?
  502. Produce Man

    Class Wed

    I'll be there, I have directions and will still probably get lost. I'll call if I do ! LOL
  503. Produce Man

    Auto painter needed

    Time has come for the Lincoln to get painted. We're going with the stock color. Lots of car guys here, who should I go to ?
  504. Produce Man

    Qantas Airline "Gripe Sheets"
  505. Produce Man


    Started the day by launching at S Shores. Boat I'm riding on this year, Da Cowboy, a 20' Mako (Breako) has a shifting prob in the line for bait. Get the tow of shame back to S Shores (BIG props to Doug on the My Dream) and get to work on the binnacle. First turn of the wrench, the bolt holding...
  506. Produce Man

    Ok lets hear it

    My health, kids, family, friends, my home (which has been in the family since 1947) and all whom I've met thru BD. The two winter holidays,Thanksgiving and Christmas,are like none of the other holidays. Family together, recalling past get togethers and keeping alive memories of relatives no...
  507. Produce Man

    Bolts today

    Norv's proved it. He can't be a head coach AND offensive coordinator, just too much to keep track of. Be careful driving today, the streets and freeways will be littered with the remaining people on the bandwagon jumping off.
  508. Produce Man

    Quentin Jammer

    Fat lady be singing. Bye !
  509. Produce Man

    Aussie Cattle Dogs...

    That's an awesome video. I'm on my second Heeler and wouldn't own anything else. You just have to know what you're getting into with this breed.
  510. Produce Man

    11/5 La Jolla

    Shoulda thrown the dog a few bonito,works sometimes.
  511. Produce Man

    Antonio Cromartie

    109yds !:worship:
  512. Produce Man

    First Rod

    Haven't tried to yet but Permagloss is supposed to be tintable. Also check out R/C car body paint, it has a flex agent in it.
  513. Produce Man

    First Rod

    Karl, I read about using the dryer sheet on some time ago so I thought I'd try it. I used up 3 of them on some blue hype and it really does smooth it out. And it lasts as I've fished the rod several times. Plus it smells good too ! :gay:
  514. Produce Man

    First Rod

    Nice old Kunan ya got there. I just finished a rewrap of that same rod. Bill's right on about the permagloss, the best stuff for blank restorations. There's a lot of good info on on permagloss prep and application. You can also freshen up the hypalon by turning at high speed and...
  515. Produce Man

    Happy birthday Gary (Mots Sr.)

    Have a very good one today Gary ! Glad you got out and got to fish recently.
  516. Produce Man

    class ???

    I'll come up, see ya in a bit.
  517. Produce Man

    Question about Wellcraft

    I've looked at a 1986 Wellcraft 20' sport fish which is a dual console but has the same open bow as a CC. Tons of cockpit fore and aft. Could use a rewire which I could do myself. Hull, transom appear sound. The only thing that REALLY bothers me is it has a 200hp Merc Black Max. Heard these...
  518. Produce Man

    Info needed vintage Penn 85 Seaboy, worth anything???

    Check the date in the manual, that'll get you in the ballpark. For the reel specs try: Buy Penn Reel Parts On-line With No Hassle:
  519. Produce Man

    Favorite light rock cod setups ?

    What type of rod/reel combos are you using for rockfishing ? Spectra or mono, levelwind or not, rod length etc. I want to build a dedicated SWR jig rod to use with a 330gt penn and spectra. Just need some ideas.
  520. Produce Man

    Bassin' reel

    If you have ever checked out the Quantum Cabo pt take a look at this. I have been using one for over a year w/30# spectra for bassin and other than routine maintainence,a great bargin reel. The only difference besides the saltguard finish is the Cabo has 2 more bearings that hold the levelwind...
  521. Produce Man

    Internet Superstars :) 10/08

    Nice haul guys ! Don did ya get those on 6#or 8# ??? LOL
  522. Produce Man

    This one just doent get old!!

    Bet that still wasn't one of her biggest rugburns! :boobies::idiot:
  523. Produce Man

    how to make Ceviche

    Just made this tuesday: fillet from 1/2 of a 15# yellow 8 roma tomatos cubed 2 fresh green chiles diced 2 habaneros diced 1 bunch cilantro diced 4 green onions diced 1 red onion diced 1/2 red bell pepper diced pinch of whole cumin seed 6 lemons 6 key limes 4 cloves ajo...
  524. Produce Man

    Dolphin 1/2 day 9-23 yellow

    Classic way to break in a rod, you got one with MOJO. Are those guides turbos or Alps ?
  525. Produce Man

    fishing chovies for albies

    Some may laugh at this, casting bubble and a carolina keeper ala trout rigs. Neutral bouyancy in the water,weight to cast out of the water. If the chovie is gonna get bit, it'll happen soon after it hits the water. So dragging around the bubble is a non-factor. It works.
  526. Produce Man

    Lake Dixon ?

    Catch a striper, turn it in and get a free pass for another day's fishing. Kurt, you gotta have a bag of frozen 'chovies lying around:D. Only fished/camped there twice. The spots on the lake side are the shit! Only went after the bass and did well on rattletraps,but that was early spring.
  527. Produce Man

    Transformation of a duck boat

    That's sick,nice job! You painting the eng cowling too ?
  528. Produce Man

    140 bocaccio on the Pt Loma?

    Typo... barracuda ?
  529. Produce Man

    Need A Ho 9/8 or 9/9 ?

    #30 on da ho list, need to get out. Yes, I posted on inshore board too :nopity:
  530. Produce Man

    Need A Ho 9/8 or 9/9 ?

    Avail to fish sat or sun. #30 on da ho list.
  531. Produce Man

    City of San Diego Wastewater can suck my D***

    So would the city's stance on this make it illegal to flush out your outboard while parked in the street or in your driveway ? Or do you have to lug a 55gal drum into your house to dump it down the john ?
  532. Produce Man

    Buffalo, lions and crocs !

    Kinda long but .... WOW! YouTube - Battle at Kruger
  533. Produce Man

    With a heavy heart.......

    AAAAW Man, you'll be missed there for sure. Get better soon chica!
  534. Produce Man

    Looked like O.J. visited my boat!

    Major props to Scooter! Congrats on the catch.
  535. Produce Man

    LJ 8/25

    Nelz I wrapped a 9' Kencor all glass 20-50# and it's the shit. I can add 3" to the butt if that qualifies,yeah? :imdumb: The rod did not break. I was hoping to get a yellow for the 1st fish on it, but all I got was a nice size bass. Monday I'm gonna throw it until I catch a yellow on it or...
  536. Produce Man

    LJ 8/25

    Joined the fracas off sw LJ today. None of the right kind for us though. Did get the usual kelp fare of snots,bones and bass. Did get to throw my just completed jigstick and broke it in on a 4+ calico :imdumb: Gonna try again on monday. You know what a calico looks like soooooo... no pics...
  537. Produce Man

    Yellows and stuff via LJ Friday the 24th

    Very nice Coit ! So did some experience in May cause you to start using spectra :D I'm going tomorrow and I figure if I'm not hookin up on my boat, I can just walk from boat to boat and get on the one that is. Gonna be packed alright. Did you soak or slow troll or was there no room to ?
  538. Produce Man

    cork handle jig stick

    J R Jones CorkPuppy. Try one of these clamps. More gripping surface and look pretty cool also. The website doesn't show the CorkPuppy but they have 'em. Comes in 25,28 and 31mm. Looks like just a half of the reel seat pictured. Inside Diameter
  539. Produce Man

    Coronado 20th report Pics

    Freakin' sweet, one on the bass gear too ! That jig is a Starman 112, no? Nuthin else swims like 'em.
  540. Produce Man

    Help with guide spacing on a 10' Ulua

    Here John, this thing's bitchen ! [url=
  541. Produce Man

    Hey Don, or any other 'expert' :) out there...

    John when I use trimar for underwraps, I can usually get 'C' to go over it without the trimar showing thru. Just burnish the trimar alot, it'll flatten out enough. Or 'D' will cover it fine if ya don't mind using it. For the tigerwrap on my jigstick the trimar blue/silver was used as the...
  542. Produce Man

    Class 8/15 ?

    Gonna happen tonite Don ?
  543. Produce Man

    Speed Control your Motor for less than $20.00

    Thank you for that. I've been using a sewing machine motor on my ghetto wrapper. For a ghetto speed control I've been using a wedge cut piece of a pool noodle stuck in the pedal. It works, but this will cure it forever. Now I don't have to wear a poncho when applying finish :imdumb:
  544. Produce Man

    Can I park in the street? - PB

    You must move the boat 1/10th of mile every 72hrs. Look for chalk marks on the tires, but don't trust that alone. RSVP patrol is very sneaky, they'll take a cel phone pic of where the valve stem is in relation to a clock face. About $300 for the tow plus storage fees. I found out the hard way...
  545. Produce Man

    Wifezilla is really fucking pissed right now!!!

    ROTFLMAO- This is the most hilarious non-fishing post during fishing season I've seen in a long time. Hope the fishies make it. You and the kids should NOT go to sleep tonight, just in case. .
  546. Produce Man

    Nados 3/4 Day 8/2

    Fished on the Point Loma today. We started out by the bullring for the first coupla hours for some cudas and sandys. Moved over to the Islands for a shot at those yellow things. Plenty of stove-pipe cudas with those yellow things mixed in. Fished several spots,moving when those things with...
  547. Produce Man

    tweakers strike again!

    Damn Keith that really sucks ! Tweaks who fall off the wagon,or any of them for that matter, should just O.D. on that crap and be gone. Hope everything works out getting your boat back together.
  548. Produce Man

    Want to fish LA Bay?

    Damn FreeTow ! :D
  549. Produce Man

    Solo Run Albies 182 7/24/07

    That blimp was beggin' fish on monday also. He must be there every day. Has no concept of what NO means. You tell him no and he says 'you have a bad attitude' Major fucktard. (Chris you still collecting royalties?) Someone should post his pic.
  550. Produce Man

    "Class" 7/25

  551. Produce Man

    7/23 albies at the 302

    Thanks for the invite Don, Tyler had a blast. Next time I'm wearing overalls and taking them off after the 1st fish.:imdumb: Too bad Sluester and I kept the cockpit that clean, nuthin to hurl at that SeaPro. Had a second chance at the ramp, but thought nah -karma's a bitch and he'll get his...
  552. Produce Man

    Ulua's finally done!

    Looks great Ken. 10' 2 1/2" Whoa low bridge! Have a killer trip. :rockin:
  553. Produce Man

    Left the hubby and boys on the beach 7/18

    Woman on fire, Woman on fire! :madfire::rockin: WTG Cindy!
  554. Produce Man

    Murder in My Neighborhood Today

    Wow how fucking tragic. I came home this morning around 12:30 to police tape blocking off my street, marked and unmarked cars ,copters everywhere. My neighbor across the street had been shot during a home invasion/robbery. The robbers had tied up his 17yr old daughter and somehow knew he had a...
  555. Produce Man

    Albies/YellowTail 7/15 & radio YellowFin

    Nice yellow Harry! Waitin' on the YFT now, huh?
  556. Produce Man

    Seeker Black Steel CJB70F 25# rod

    The way you finished the X-Tube handle is very clean. I like.
  557. Produce Man

    Tow Boat Dragged Onto Launch Ramp as Boater Flees Scene

    Wudn't me, mines not be yellow.
  558. Produce Man

    7/5 Albacore Armada 371 - all you want

    Damn Frank, you beat me to it! :urno1: Great day out there,good crew and good times! Thanks Larry!
  559. Produce Man

    Casting Practice for Live Bait

    Cloths pins. Keep adding one to another til he can cast. Then start taking them off, one by one. Tie a knot in the end of the line first,when down to a single pin, just feed the line into pin. When he can cast this, he's ready for 'chovies!
  560. Produce Man

    Transom Savers

    Road shock is gonna get absorbed thru your tilt hydraulics, no matter if you have a transom saver or not. Better for manual tilt motors.
  561. Produce Man

    7/4-5 Need Ride

    I've wed,thurs off. I had to work today (sun) and had to decline 2 rides. #30 on the Ho list.
  562. Produce Man

    Saturday Albies and Bluefin...

    Nice BFT and the boat looks right.
  563. Produce Man

    La Jolla 6/30/07 AMs

    Oh hell yeah ! Nice fish Adi. :cheers:
  564. Produce Man

    Congrats Mikey on the Pig WSB

    Major Biscuit :worship: WTG Mikey! :cheers:
  565. Produce Man

    You're gonna watch this a couple of times...

    Kinda like a cat, gets run over by a car then runs to the side of the road and dies.
  566. Produce Man


    Pegboy = first time boatho on 95% of the boats here :gayfight: Popeye = a bait with an eye removed so it swims erratically when chummed.
  567. Produce Man

    What is best to throw on the slide?

    I use a Megabait 4oz in chovie or black/purple. I put a slight bend in the tail. Then let it sink out when the boat stops, the bent tail increases the flutter on the drop. Then wind it back thru the bait the deckhand throws.
  568. Produce Man

    Goodbye to my Angel (fishin4fun)

    This just doesn't make sense. A good man and friend gone. I have a YTS that I got from him and you can bet I'll be thinking of him EVERY time I use it. RIP buddy,see you on the other side. You've got some explaining to do.
  569. Produce Man

    Grease For Steering Rod?

    Clean out the tube with a brake cyl hone. I use Quicksilver 2-4-D,that stuff's the shit.
  570. Produce Man

    Pictures from a cell phone????

    Lots of the Motorola software CD's for your phone on Ebay,take a looky there.
  571. Produce Man

    Happy Birthday Schmelt !! (Spyder)

    Happy b-day Jim. Good luck on the Star! Don't forget to leave one hanging all the way back up the line,bring em north with ya!
  572. Produce Man

    Need new transom

    Try Futura Fiberglass 619 474 8382 in National City. They rebuilt the transom on my skiff 3 yrs ago for $1500. Good quality work. Your sled is larger and probably more $$. They were able to reuse the outer fbrgls skin and used double 3/4 marine ply laminated. My hull is rated for 100hp and...
  573. Produce Man

    Greg Allman 6/3 @ Humphreys

    Couldn't get anyone to go,so why splash the boat? So I took the float tube,couple of beers and kicked my way down there from the lot by the Brigantine. Great show,He started off with " I'm no Angel" and finished with "Statesboro Blues". The dude still sounds great :git: Next show I want to see...
  574. Produce Man

    Worst thing you've lost while fishing

    This purty much covers it - :imdumb:
  575. Produce Man

    Oside Flatty Report 5/26 with Mot's Sr

    Right on guys. Gary, good to see ya on the water and scoring. Burgers and kielbasa on the water,before or after the flattie? If it was before, I may start bringing the bbq along.
  576. Produce Man

    Rod wrapping classes

    LMAO- Classic shot of John 'welcoming' Judd and Chris to another class. See you guys next week.
  577. Produce Man

    Weasel's SS ULUA

    Did you have to use an adhesive for the cord ? If so, what'd ya use ?
  578. Produce Man

    5/11 Report

    Good on ya Mike for getting out, you'll get'em next time.
  579. Produce Man

    May 10th Yellows

    The motor's a 1982 70hp, the hull's an '81. It'll get 3-4 1/2 nmpg all day long.
  580. Produce Man

    May 10th Yellows

    Hey one yellow one pic,ok ?LOL 1st yellow for me this season. I'm over it. This shit is getting too expensive for me. I almost used 6gal today :finger:
  581. Produce Man

    I hate Bass Fishing Miramar, any tips?

    Topwater @ Loveland now. Go to Loveland and throw a Zara Spook or some other topwater jig.Prop baits like a Devil's Horse kick ass there. Watch for boils early on. Grey light til 8 or so. Or you could go the shiner route. 2' under a stick bobber and lob it out. Schwoomp, bobber goes under with...
  582. Produce Man

    New Life For An Old Daiwa

    I've had this Daiwa sl23 7' 15-30 rod hanging around for 20 years or so. It was in need of some love. So I took it to the rod class over at Orca's and was planning to cut off the seat and strip it down. Don being Don, cut off the seat for me and I stripped the guides and old and tired hypalon...
  583. Produce Man

    Sunset Beach Open house

    Nice, make a living doing your hobby. Shall we call you Sellayakman now?:confused:
  584. Produce Man

    What does a cedar plug

    Don't know what it's supposed to be. For a poor substitute for a daisychain,I'll put a 1-2oz egg sinker into a hoochie (color choice depends on lighting) and thread it on the line above the swivel/leader. Works well on the way back there center line.
  585. Produce Man

    Lake Morena

    Bincente, I would leave the boat @ home. Their recording 619 478 5473 doesn't reccomend over 19' for launch. Take the tube,walk down towards the dam,put in and let the wind blow you back. Once I fix my waders, I'm lookin to go tube that place. Let's hit it up!
  586. Produce Man

    Limited load

    Shoot, I'd go a buck and a quarter for that.Two meals, breakfast burritos and burgers on the way in,beverages not included :pourit: 15 people on board,should pay the bills:D
  587. Produce Man

    Happy Birthday Byeye

    Happy B-Day Cigar-Boy!!!:pourit: Alabama ? :smash: :confused:
  588. Produce Man

    Day @ the Smelly Docks this Sunday

    I'll be there 'round 9am.Gotta have breakfast ya know- cereal in a can for $1 :pourit:
  589. Produce Man

    Class 4/17

    I'm in
  590. Produce Man

    I'm putting my dog Lucy down today...

    Very sorry to hear that it's Lucy's time. She'll have plenty of friends to play with while she's waiting for you up there. Prayers sent.
  591. Produce Man

    Think you have a big set?

    Couple of nice off the lips followed by an el rollo,sweet!
  592. Produce Man

    CC that sleeps 4?

    Here ya go- Unfortunatly they're redesigning the boat now and are out of production for the time being. Pattyho on the board has I believe the only one here in SD.
  593. Produce Man

    Mr T 4/8 and 9

    Good luck out there Stan,hope the Easter Bunny puts a LONGTAIL in your basket. I have to work both days so Tiburon Assist will not be in operation sun,mon. :D
  594. Produce Man

    Lake Morena 4/4

    Sinse the guys at tues rod class have been doin the trout thing, I thought I'd give it a shot. Drove up to Morena. In the past that lake has been my personal best producing piece of soft water- 9-13 LMB and a 8-9 Rainbow. Today it was not. Got up there in the early afternoon,surprised to see...
  595. Produce Man

    Happy birthday Sealskinner

    Happy Birthday!!!:beerbang: :drunk :720icon: :appl:
  596. Produce Man

    Help removing old finish.

    If it's a painted blank,gonna be a little more difficult. Using a fresh razor blade, start scraping the finish using a backwards stroking motion.Keep the blades fresh and try not to dig in to the blank.This should get most of the finish off.Lightly sand the remaining finish off.Do not sand too...
  597. Produce Man

    Help on stripping a triple wrapped guide.

    Are you using heat on it? Heatgun or blowdryer outta soften the flexcoat enough. Dynamite or C-4 could do the trick if it's stubborn!
  598. Produce Man

    Permagloss ?

    I have refinished a blank w/permagloss. It was my first time using the stuff. The old finish on the blank was removed,down to a matte look,then wet sanded. The permagloss was applied and allowed to dry thoroughly(3days) Yesterday I installed the butt grip and seat.When cleaning off the excess...
  599. Produce Man

    Spend the time

    Heavy. That should be at the start of EVERY commercial break on TV.
  600. Produce Man


    Racecar... what do I win?
  601. Produce Man

    my first boat

    Chris by looking closer at your pics,I see that you already have the upgrade.Kinda hard to xplain,but here goes... pic #3 in your 2nd set of pics,you can see 4 bolts w/nuts that are holding the upgraded retainer.The tilt gearcase is out of this picture,but that bracket holds the fiddy cent...
  602. Produce Man

    Flushing My OB Question

    When flushing my motor, I look for additional water dishcharge from the holes on the sides of the lower unit.That is when the thermostat opens. I also undo the fuel line and let the motor run until it starts to lean out (sputter) and shut it off. This leaves no fuel in the carbs to gum things...
  603. Produce Man

    class 3/13

    I'll come up Don. I've got a seat that needs to be cut off. What kind of cutting wheel for the dremel do I need to get? hate to use up all your stuff.
  604. Produce Man

    Flushing My OB Question

    Just get the saltaway attachment for the flushing cuffs,do it at home, and you'll have no worries. I run my o/b long enough when I get home to allow the thermostat to open 2-3 times.Then when it shuts I kill the motor,that leaves some solution in the block.
  605. Produce Man

    my first boat

    Good score! The potential is there. On that electric-shift OMC, make sure it has the upgrade on the tilt mechanism.The slotted cap on there had a tendency back out,fall off and the worm gear gets driven right out and poof,it's gone. Make sure the circlip in there is fresh and strong. Looking...
  606. Produce Man

    Oh We're Stylin' Now!

    Just had to get this car. It's a 1969 Lincoln Continental Coupe. It shows 55k orig miles on the odometer and mechanicly acts like it. 460 c.i. motor, New brakes,275-45-20"s on Boss wheels,2 1/2 Flowmaster dual exhaust,600cfm square-bore Holley. The interior is stock and in good cond. Gonna...
  607. Produce Man

    LJ 3/6

    Looks like we'll be buying fish tacos tonight,total stripe today.Still nice day on the water,glassy all morning.Radio was quiet,although there were several boats out.Daughter says she's down for going anytime.That alone makes it all worthwhile.Next time.
  608. Produce Man

    LJ 3/6

    Going to launch at early o'clock and run up to LJ. I'm taking my daughter along. She hasn't been fishing with me in a long time,only wakeboarding this past summer.Fish tacos are on the menu for tomorrow night.A squid or two would be nice also.I'll be on 72 if you're out,gimme a shout.
  609. Produce Man

    New BD Swordfish Tee

    For next year-Barred Surf Perch with Sandcrabs? LOL
  610. Produce Man

    Contest to Kill the Boredom.

    Why are China Peas also called Snow Peas? 'Cause when you open them up and look inside- there's no peas!
  611. Produce Man

    Surf Loking with family and friends,..

    That's so cool! Family at the beach,everyone catching. Proves you don't need a boat to enjoy this sport.
  612. Produce Man

    Kid's first car?

    Well my little girl(17) is getting ready to drive soon.Today she insisted on going to see a car she saw on Craig's List. It's a major land yacht,a '69 Lincoln Continental coupe:eek: She's totally enthralled by the thing. I test drove it,it runs great. I feel that she would be safe in that...
  613. Produce Man

    Who remembers when...

    Oh yeah,Kmart and Unimart too. I bought my first reel,a Penn 60 and solid glass w/wood butt rod from Unimart for less than $20.Still have that reel somewhere. Midway Bait & Tackle was I think the only real tackle store around.
  614. Produce Man

    Sd to La paz and then off to Mazatlan and back.

    Sounds like a great trip! Topwater arsenal looks ready.Take lots of pics! Then get your ass back up here to get that other boat ready. I'm dying here :cussing:
  615. Produce Man

    Favorite Bucketmouth Bait

    For topwater,Smithwick Devils Horse in perch-try one at El Cap or Loveland. Clear Jr Spook on the bank,at San V. Shiners,circle hooks on a dropper loop or under a float are fun too.
  616. Produce Man

    LJ 2/9 Sportcoat'n

    Today was my son Tyler's 15th b-day. I asked him last nite if he'd like to fish today instead of going to school. 3 seconds later the answer was yes! So after sleeping in,we got to the ramp @ 9am. He loves calico fishin. We got 1/4 scoop of dines (for some butt drifting) and armed with plastics...
  617. Produce Man

    What are you listening too RIGHT NOW?

    Allman Bros Live @ Filmore East, Done Somebody Wrong.:git:
  618. Produce Man

    Grass Bass Massive - MISSION BAY - 2/7/07 w/ PICS

    Outstanding! Good fishing close to the ramp. What'd ya burn in fuel,a quart?
  619. Produce Man

    How do you prepare your steaks for the BBQ?

    This is soooo good Try this rub: 2cps light brn sugar 2tbsp paprika 2tbsp chili powder or crushed red pepper if you like heat 2tbsp seasoned salt 1tbsp garlic salt 1tbsp lemon pepper 2tbsp liquid smoke Mix well in a bowl spread out to dry on cookie sheet,coupla hrs rub on steaks...
  620. Produce Man

    Goin' to Cabo on the water !!!

    Well shit,somewhat of a delay:104167739 . Looks more like the end of the month now. The bags are packed and ready.
  621. Produce Man

    Goin' to Cabo on the water !!!

    I've been holding back posting about this until I was sure it was going to happen. I've been given the opportunity to crew on a 50'er that is moving it's home port to La Paz. The owner (who's wife is a Mex citizen)is leaving SD and registering the boat in Mex. Some of you might know this...
  622. Produce Man

    The Ink Has Dried Up?

    I took my son and 2 of his friends out on the Dolphin Sun nite. Light load of 39 people.There was ONE squid hooked and lost on the boat,that was all. Either the squirts have gone or they were just watching the game LIKE I SHOULD'VE STAYED HOME AND DONE.
  623. Produce Man

    Squid Jigs ???

    I've got a coupla the 16" ones. Do you add extra weight to them? Howzabout zip-tying a lightstick to them? Or just drop'em as is? Going tonight on the Dolphin.
  624. Produce Man

    Meet Dingo

    Congrats on the new pooch! You have one of the smartest,loyal dogs there. Here's mine -
  625. Produce Man

    14-2 !!!

    Shit I just fell over. Now gotta watch the Donks in ot.
  626. Produce Man

    Hull Repair

    First off, the integrity of the transom may be compromised by water intrusion if the crack is big enough. Buy a tube of Solar Rez at a surf shop and drill a couple of exploratory holes in the transom near the lowest points outside the hull. If water drips or pours out it's transom replacement...
  627. Produce Man

    Blowin Like a MUTHA

    No shit! I lost 2 branches off the Chinese Elm today. Missed the house but hung on the phone line :eyepoppin
  628. Produce Man

    Calstar GFX?

    In the new Mudhole catalog,Calstar has some "new for 2007" blanks in the grafighter list. They're GFX 700-900 with a moderate action. Anyone seen/pulled on or built one? Thinking about building an 8ft calico rod for 30#spectra.GFX800L ?
  629. Produce Man

    Eli Manning good draft choice?

    YouTube - 2004 NFL draft Eli Manning at Madison Square Garden No - I won't let it die,TURN UP the volume !!! :finger:
  630. Produce Man

    Toyota FJ Cruiser - Any Feedback

    They look like they were stolen from Legoland.
  631. Produce Man

    Shimano Bantam ?

    The reel is a Bantam-Mag 1000SG. It's a 80's reel judging by the receipt($65) in the orig box.Seems like that would be a $100? reel by todays $$$. It was my son's great grandpa's. Is this reel ok to use in salt?
  632. Produce Man

    Live Pipe Finals

    Wholly shit, Shaun Tompson @ 52+ YRS ChargING Backdoor on a day when you REALLY don't want to paddle back out that way! Tony Moniz, Michael Ho were charging too.Nice to see the oldschool dudes,where's Mark Richards?
  633. Produce Man

    handheld gps

    I've been getting by with the bottom of the line Garmin E-Trex $100.Very basic functions.I got the cig lighter cord and have the batteries for back-up.
  634. Produce Man

    Rod Class Tonight

    Can't make it tonite Keith,next week dude.
  635. Produce Man

    Rod Class Tonight

    Why sure! I finished wrapping that Calstar and am ready to flex coat it.Ken, can you bring both of those Kencor Jigstix? I'd like to see which one I'd like to build. John - you gonna show up? Might have to order a blank or 2 from ya.
  636. Produce Man

    Favorite spot in SD?

    There ARE Caimans in the ponds by Friars Road! 6yrs ago I was tubing the 2nd pond south of the bridge.Good bass bite on topwaters (devils horse) that day.Was making a move towards the gap in the whatever they are plants and had a GIA-HUGE-IC BOIL about 15' off to my left :eyepoppin .Saw the tail...
  637. Produce Man

    Have a safe trip Don...

    Have a good trip Don and a merry Christmas!
  638. Produce Man

    SD Bay 11-25

    Nice job on the flattie first time out! Isn't that Adams old boat? I recognized the lights. I have the same hull('81) and X-Man on the board has one also.I believe his is an '85. If you have the built in glass fuel tank,read up on the ethanol problems with glass tanks.Great little hulls.
  639. Produce Man

    ATIHC Team Dos Locos 11/25/2006

    We caught one hali and it was a 22 1/2 inches.Legal but I dont think it counted for much.You guys would have killed it if it was a calico tourney gayz: :daman:
  640. Produce Man

    So I have a question......

    Dude you should have shown up at Keith's rod class tonight.He had the welder going, welded a guide ring back on (successfully) and could have burned that sucker out and cauterized it shut! Seriously,get it looked at.Looks gnarly.
  641. Produce Man

    La Mesa Rod Building Classes

    I'll be there. Gotta finish that Calstar sooner or later :D
  642. Produce Man

    My wife's a redneck i think?

    Does she have a sister? You've got quite a woman there.
  643. Produce Man

    Happy B-day Mstone

    Happy B-day Mstone :cheers: :appl:
  644. Produce Man

    Oregon Inlet Trip 10/27

    Nice batch of YFT there. I'd like to try some right coast fishing someday. Not trying to be an asshat but why sit down when fighting them?
  645. Produce Man

    Ugly Gross Pigs

    Another vote for #3. Dem some FINE biscuits.
  646. Produce Man

    Who has a RAZR V3? Besides JIGGZ

    Battery power in them sucks, I gave mine to my daughter. I went back to my V220,MUCH better.
  647. Produce Man

    Positive energy please

    Prayers heading his way daily.
  648. Produce Man

    From Rags to Riches

    QUOTE:Thanks guys, I can't wait to get it in the water. I sit in it every night(we've all done it), and just pretend. It's kinda embarrasing to keep getting caught by the wife and kids Nothing wrong with "dry boating". Nice job on the resto.
  649. Produce Man

    BD Calendar.............

    April would have to be Full Tilt at Catalina,while everyone else is at San Clemente :rofl:
  650. Produce Man

    After Thanksgiving Invitational Halibut Classic - Comming Soon!

    Just mailed mine off today.Loaded up on 6"& 8" tube jigs,don't ask ;) :D
  651. Produce Man

    Yawn... Another BD Sighting

    Navajo rd 7am. A white truck plastered w/ fishing stickers and a big one on the tailgate which read Mike Hober Plumbing.Threw the salute :finger: and was returned a puzzled look.In fact you checked the bed of your truck.Dude,I was just saying 'Hi' BD style.Happy Halloween!
  652. Produce Man

    Happy B-day Dad

    Happy B-Day Gary! :cheers:
  653. Produce Man

    Finishing coat

    What Gary said. Also I've found the mixing cups from Squidco have graduations on them which can be felt on the inside of the cup. Those can also help introduce bubbles while mixing. I found some cups at Smart & Final like you get salsa in that are smooth inside,much better. Or use a shot glass...