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  1. Miss Fitz

    Can you prospect lobster?

    Not a dumb question, but IMHO definitely not in your best interest to tell DFG wardens " I am purposely catching and releasing lobster out of season". I'm guessing that wouldn't go over very well with an orificer of the law. Just like traffic tickets, it all depends on the mood and...
  2. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Call me "Senor Paranoid", but I started bringing my own ditch bag after the Erik went down in the Sea of Cortez in 2011. I do not assume my safety on any charter boat. Big one's, little ones, it don't matter, I bring a PLB, VHF, waterproof headlamp and a Mustang vest. I keep all this in a small...
  3. Miss Fitz

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    Fuck. You mean I'm not going to get $10k in exchange for my $2000 transfer? His message seemed so legit.
  4. Miss Fitz

    Strange catch

    OK...that makes more sense. I thought there may be one of those teeny tiny islands off of Isla Catalina (like the BoLA gemilitos) that I missed. Much grass!
  5. Miss Fitz

    Strange catch

    Do you mean Isla Coronado off of Loreto?
  6. Miss Fitz

    Strange catch

    Miguel Largo...the guru no longer exists....
  7. Miss Fitz

    Strange catch

    I was wondering the same thing...but maybe that's a secret part of the SCI coastline I have yet to see? OP related to Miguel Largo by chance?? LOL Fresh one on the troll rig!! ...but nice fish none the less :D
  8. Miss Fitz

    Replacing Airmar M256 shoot thru with ???

    Awesome! Appreciate the info on this. Ordered me up a DSM250 and connector cables. Hopefully this does the trick. Thanks for the reply!
  9. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Huh? I made reference to and bitched about the US litigious CULTURE, not which generation is currently endeavoring in this behavior.... and I'm pretty sure that the plaintiffs from the 70's-80's flagship cases that started this mess were before my time. My generation didn't raise them. But...
  10. Miss Fitz

    Replacing Airmar M256 shoot thru with ???

    we have the same ducer. I am replacing my C80 with a C120 and wondering if I am going to encounter the same issue losing ping going >7knots. I'm wondering if the DSM250 is my solution but don't know if it will be compatible with the C120 unit. Are you using your DSM250 with a "C" series unit...
  11. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Yep. Agreed which is may be why LTHU is having Doug Kern on instead tomorrow. Unfortunately, the culture in our country encourages lazy ass twits to try making a buck out of nothing...all started with some asshole winning a major court case because of coffee that was "too hot". Not a fan of...
  12. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Viola was scheduled to be on LTHU tomorrow (Sunday 6/30). After the grounding incident on Friday, either he or the station had a change of heart and replaced him with Doug Kern.
  13. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I totally hear you...but in an instance like this (a near miss), I would hazard to guess that any potential plaintiff would have to prove that they were harmed in some way as a direct result from the grounding event. If you want a $$ settlement, plaintiff would need to prove damages (doctors...
  14. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Not trying to be offensive but, lawsuits for what? Wet clothes? Unless I missed something, there were no reported injuries. This was a major bullet dodge since the surf was nearly flat when Pacifica ran aground. If she went aground with a south or west swell running, that incident could have...
  15. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    ...guess who is scheduled to be on Let's Talk Hook up on Sunday 30June2019??? (hint: used to own another boat that's name started with a "P") that should be one very interesting interview that will shed some light and hopefully some facts on what actually went down. (Pun intended)
  16. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Unless you were on the boat or in the wheel house when it happened, you are guessing (eg: speculating the cause of the grounding). There's no mistake about accountability, it's always the captains responsibility. Was this an avoidable grounding?? We know who's responsible. >>The real question...
  17. Miss Fitz

    Hell was full, so I'm back.

    Hell was full, so I'm back.
  18. Miss Fitz

    Replacing Airmar M256 shoot thru with ???

    So I have an old M256 airmar shoot through hull ducer that never operated very well to start with. This is center hull mount and connected to a Raymarine C80 with DSM300 (works with no "DSM connection lost" error) in the starboard hull of my power catamaran. The original specs for Airmar unit...
  19. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    You Sir are 100% correct. All this intergoogle speculation is just that. Speculation. It will be very interesting once more details are learned....and me thinks we will start to learn more soon.
  20. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Yep. ...and let's just say that there was some electrical "ghost" that was messing with their on-board navi-guessing (GPS) system. If you are AWAKE and at the helm, nearing a harbor entrance that you know has one green and one red nav beacon at the mouth: you aim between them.
  21. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    just a minor note: autopilot WAS set correctly...what if the boat went "straight" into the harbor at cruising speed??? Setting the AP at the beach is the right thing to do. Sand won't kill you (in most cases), but rocks, docks and other boats will. The crew just messed up the whole "staying...
  22. Miss Fitz

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    at a minimum, Kellen should be closely monitoring his car and boat trailer...just in case the lug nuts on his wheels mysteriously become loose and/or fly off. There is too much circumstantial evidence to not think that ML wasn't involved and was actually trying to hurt people. That's when scare...
  23. Miss Fitz

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    YuuUUUup. Stick a fork in....he dun. and just think about this: what if that boat had been heading into SD bay instead. Yikes.
  24. Miss Fitz

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    The funny thing is, there has been zero response from the other side of the story.
  25. Miss Fitz

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    Keep in mind that this fucking douche nozzle was using tournament exposure and lake records to establish personal branding and marketing for himself for profit through equipment promotions. What bass fishing company wouldn't want to sponsor someone with 4-5 lake records to promote a related...
  26. Miss Fitz

    Surface Iron Reels- Recommendations?

    Thanks for the suggestions! Trying to decide between the Fathom vs. Avet ...6 to 6.1 is my preference. I'm old, I'm lazy and I like to throw the jig all day long. Besides, 4.1 is too much work :D
  27. Miss Fitz

    Surface Iron Reels- Recommendations?

    Looking for a single speed reel for surface iron YT I prefer 6.1 :1 retrieve What's your fav and why?
  28. Miss Fitz

    Boat Insurance- Under 30'

    FYI- my BoatUS rate went from $638 to $908 for replacement/agreed value. I didn't notice it until I checked a bank statement and saw the new monthly payment they were extorting. I'll be making a few phone calls in the morning! Thanks for the reply's everyone...very helpful info to have at the ready.
  29. Miss Fitz

    Boat Insurance- Under 30'

    SooOOOOooo my insurance company decided to raise my annual insurance rate by almost 40% WITHOUT asking me. I made zero changes to my policy coverage and upon investigation (calling in to BoatUS Insurance I was told that this was legal ?? Anyhow, I have a habit of NOT opening my yearly...
  30. Miss Fitz

    Oxidized Fiberglass restoration- Final seal question

    Thanks for the replies guys. Woody Wax it is!
  31. Miss Fitz

    Oxidized Fiberglass restoration- Final seal question

    So I am getting down to the last few passes in removing oxidation from fiberglass that in areas that will have foot traffic and heavy moisture. This includes reconditioned anti skid fiberglass textured areas on my foredeck as well as the top sides of both gunwales which receive normal use. In...
  32. Miss Fitz

    Dual axel trailer- alignment job

    d Working on tire #2 Check. Tire pressure done almost every time. I checked all the springs against each other for "even curve" and had no outliers or offenders. Rear eye to back edge of trailers are both 54" Rear drivers tire shows excessive wear on outside edge: Drivers axel...
  33. Miss Fitz

    Dual axel trailer- alignment job

    The axel was checked and straight and the rear spring eyes both measure 54" to the center. I need to retake pictures in the daylight that I will post.
  34. Miss Fitz

    Dual axel trailer- alignment job

    I have a dual axel trailer that is showing alignment issues with uneven wear on the drivers side tire. Looking at the tire, it appears the right side of the axel is slightly too far forward, causing the uneven wear on the outside edge of the rear drivers side tire. I've done some googles...
  35. Miss Fitz

    Their back!

    ...Secrets out. Fuck.
  36. Miss Fitz

    Leaky Watts water maker faucet head

    So I just installed a replacement faucet head for my 3 stage water filtration system. Everything installed without incident and the system was working for about 5 days before I started to notice a small leak coming from the new faucet head. I've checked the hoses and connections and they are...
  37. Miss Fitz

    Offender of the unoffended

    Offender of the unoffended
  38. Miss Fitz

    No Limits Sportfishing BD bookings deal.

    I recently took a ride on this machine. Super dry and awesome riding hull that Grady's have been known for...not to mention the bait tank is about the size of a small Jacuzzi. Plenty of casting room and full walk around fishability! Anyone wanting to fish a killer rig at a great's...
  39. Miss Fitz

    If meat eaters acted like vegans

    Gotta love it when a Birkenstock wearing hippie tries to enforce their vegan will on you. I guess wearing cows is ok, eating them, well, not so much. ...I also think its pretty ironic when the enviro's are picketing SeaWorld for having captive animals....and they bring their dog LOL
  40. Miss Fitz

    Juance Upon a Time in Gonzaga

    Good shit right there. Looks like fun!
  41. Miss Fitz

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    Why is it that when I click this (from the original post for FMM's): I see this: There's no English translation and I can't find the FMM shite. Did something change???
  42. Miss Fitz

    Bonefish San Diego Bay 4-26 ( Video )

    Plumbers....always on crack. I wish I could UN-see that.barf
  43. Miss Fitz

    Long Beach to Catalina Buddy Boat

    Make sure you check the weather for the day before you depart. That channel can offer some butt puckering weather on the wrong days. Good luck!
  44. Miss Fitz

    Need vinyl Graphics person in LBC!

    Why don't you do it yourself? Custom fab and on site application is $$$$$, doing it yourself on Boat US is only $$ Been down the "custom fab and install road" before....never again! Look up Boat US graphics on the intergoogles for their website and directions If you can operate a spray...
  45. Miss Fitz

    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    Shhhhhh!! There's a SECRET YT bite at LJ!!!! LOL Nice fish and great recipe Yanni.
  46. Miss Fitz

    Enough is enough!

    I blame the infestation of California sea lions for your problems. and the Chupacabra
  47. Miss Fitz

    Rain Barrel bait hotel, or is there something better.

    Also keep in mind dock security. A couple of seasons ago a friend had more than a few incidences of having bait completely disappear once left unattended overnight. This happened in SD bay at a non- yacht club slip. Unless you are at a secure dock, there is always a chance of some A-hole...
  48. Miss Fitz

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    Zoinks! Holy sheet. Nice work
  49. Miss Fitz

    Offending the unoffended

    Offending the unoffended
  50. Miss Fitz

    Another Shitty Job

    What's the problem?:shithappens:
  51. Miss Fitz

    anybody ever take legal action against a Mexican Corporation?

    Got my full refund yesterday. Anyone else on this trip still waiting should contact them via email and follow up with a phone call. They did also send me a customer service inquiry and I let them know that waiting 6-8 weeks was pretty ridiculous.
  52. Miss Fitz

    anybody ever take legal action against a Mexican Corporation?

    I'm still waiting for my refund too. Probably the LAST TIME I use Volaris. Fucking puto's.
  53. Miss Fitz


    Very nice amigos! You always need a few "alternative techniques" to help getting bit. LOL
  54. Miss Fitz

    Maximus Report (3.5 days of Fun and Fish).

    Mikey- we really missed me on this one! Outstanding trip and great crew! Keith, Mario, Armando and Alvino have this stuff wired. Kinda funny being followed around by some of the other boats in the area...I guess they know Maximus is the Top Dog for PV multiday trips. Looking...
  55. Miss Fitz

    Trip to Guadalupe...What to Expect

    What to expect: 1) The Taxman (eg; the man in the gray suit). Expect casualties when its biting! 2) Looooong soaks - I prefer 30-40lb for this with fluoro and lots o spectra 3) Hooks- 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 7/0, 8/0 - you will use mostly the small hooks for dines 4) Bringing/Fishing squid?10/0 to...
  56. Miss Fitz

    Can you still use Soft coolers for carry on?

    Good to know! Dragging a hard side cooler around sucks balls. Good to know you could load up soft coolers with that much meat. Thanks for the reply
  57. Miss Fitz

    Can you still use Soft coolers for carry on?

    Awesome. I plan on bringing one of those down with me!
  58. Miss Fitz

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    Fresh One in the corner! LOL Great pics of the kid. Demand a handjob at the landing office. That's what I do!
  59. Miss Fitz

    Teach Me the Secret Handshake !!!!!!

    Advice: NEVER look at or say the word "West Marine" when driving by one of their locations. There is a minimum $100 surcharge ...fuck. That just cost me a hundred bucks. Welcome to the world of being broke.
  60. Miss Fitz

    Can you still use Soft coolers for carry on?

    Thanks Taylor. I'm pumped on this trip. Can't wait to get back down there!
  61. Miss Fitz

    Can you still use Soft coolers for carry on?

    I haven't been to PV in a few years and wanted to see if anyone else has been using soft coolers to bring back fish as a carry on. Alaska Air was cool about it and I was able to bring back about 20lbs of fillet on my last trip in 2013, but will be flying SouthWest out of John Wayne this time...
  62. Miss Fitz

    Local Knowledge Episode 2 Preview

    I love highway 1 with a trailer LOL
  63. Miss Fitz

    Rod classes cancelled

    Have a good trip old man. I will be coming to the Feb 9 class.
  64. Miss Fitz

    Heard the Mexican Navy now needs a TIP permit (Temporary Import Permit)

    Every Mex Navy guy is different and seemingly interprets the Mexican law as they see fit. I once got kicked out of the islands in Dec 2014 while cruising the lee side of N Coronado. The Mex Navy officer was very insistent that we were fishing a closed biosphere around "Isla Coronado"....which...
  65. Miss Fitz

    AVET exw30- 130lb or 100lb spectra

    I was kind of thinking the same thing. Thanks!
  66. Miss Fitz

    AVET exw30- 130lb or 100lb spectra

    Now that's thinking outside the box.... Oi loikey! :D I prefer the balance/weight ratio of the 30W over the 50W which is why this even became a thought in my mind. My 30W is on a Seeker rail rod 130lb meat stick for max leverage, so the rod should be a non factor. BUT-If push comes to shove...
  67. Miss Fitz

    100 Tons of fun

    100 Tons of fun
  68. Miss Fitz

    TV Show "Local Knowledge"?

    Had the pleasure of meeting Jose a number of times at various fishing industry shows. He was a really down to earth dude, an amazing fisherman and an ultra cool cat. Great job on the first episode Ali et al. Looking forward to seeing more!!
  69. Miss Fitz

    AVET exw30- 130lb or 100lb spectra

    Thanks Basil.....So much for trusting Amazon specification info LOL So far I have not had the pleasure of sending a heavy rig into the drink. There's always a first time :D I appreciate everyone's feedback!
  70. Miss Fitz

    Drone Threatened

    I agree. Grew up surfing this cove when I was a little girl. Many, many good memories MINUS drones. fuck those things.
  71. Miss Fitz

    New Posters aka noobs

    Not the same has a high pitched voice that should eventually correct itself once puberty hits and balls start droppin.
  72. Miss Fitz

    AVET exw30- 130lb or 100lb spectra

    So my next trip at the end of Feb is a 3.5 day on Maximus Knowing the probability of encountering importation/gringo bingo issues, I plan on bringing my reels down empty this time and bringing new spectra that I will spool up with on the boat. Looking at the 30W specs, it appears that: 100 lb...
  73. Miss Fitz

    A video my daughter made...

    BD is for bigger little girls ....that enjoy fishing drama. 6 of one, 3 x 2 of another ps- cant see vid
  74. Miss Fitz

    So, what do you do with 100 Sand dabs

    Awesome eats and one of the BEST baits for big axe lingasaurs. Stack like cordwood and vac pack anything you cant eat fresh for future meals or even bait. On average, I cook 3-4 dabs per person...or about 15 dabs total per dinner for 4 people. BOMB stuff lightly fried! Delicious even after...
  75. Miss Fitz

    Gail Force and Triton Bug Extermination

    looks like its slowed down a bit..... LOL
  76. Miss Fitz

    Yellowtail Tunas and big lings at Nados

    Will this tuna season ever end??? Nice job catching.
  77. Miss Fitz

    New Years Eve Bay Day - 12/31/15

    Good stuff! MB is super fun once you get the patterns and spots dialed. My kids are getting spoiled by the fishing, I sometimes get spoiled by good weather scenery :boobies:. Sounds like a killer day
  78. Miss Fitz

    Dolphins vs Chargers........... shit vs crap

    Do you really think they're gonna run the scores up that much? I can feel the excitement in the air!!
  79. Miss Fitz

    Where to Buy Boat Trailer Parts In San Diego

    Check on line for silly parts like bearings, leaf springs, seals, races, etc. I wandered around San Diego and compared pricing I got on line vs. in store. In store pricing was >25% on most items and I also got free shipping. Buy stupid things on line and save yourself some $$$ try...
  80. Miss Fitz

    Chumming- Getting the bite going

    Compared to the sporties, most little boats cannot compete in the chumming game. During pick bites like this when we are forced to fish little baits and chum most of your tank, its a great idea to buddy boat or call in other boats and share the chum duties. I have absolutely zero issues with...
  81. Miss Fitz

    Holy shit it's finally over.

    That's proof that it ain't over till you say it's over!!!! I sense back strap jerky in your future "Pre-Work" session and you kill it. Dayum!:p:
  82. Miss Fitz

    Bottom Paint Removal-So Cal Recomm. Needed

    I also have degrading bottom paint on my rig that makes me sad:( ...what was the per foot cost to remove this shit??
  83. Miss Fitz

    Black Friday Sales- Who's got the best prices

    for Spectra? and Flouro? Hooks? I just got an email from Charkbait that they will have some 15-20% off special offers. Any intergoogles sources? This seasons shopping will be done on the couch!
  84. Miss Fitz

    Man points a GoPro the wrong way during his entire vacation

    That's the weirdest selfie I've ever seen
  85. Miss Fitz

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    Mustad Demon Circle hooks Good from 6/0 to 12/0
  86. Miss Fitz

    Baja 1000

    Let's see that off road Beast Enrique!
  87. Miss Fitz

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    Toilet paper. That's what this thread needs.
  88. Miss Fitz

    Paper towels.....Is it just me?

    This thread should be titled: SO FUCKING BORED WE'RE TALKIN TOILET PAPER Yes- IN ALL CAPS!!! Worst thing is backlashing the TP roll in the AM....that's when I know I'm gonna have a rough day :_diarrhea_:
  89. Miss Fitz

    Mission Bay Wash Out

    I've been washing Marauders for HUNDREDS of miles at this point. :shake: Pretty sure this wahoo stuff is just a bunch of rumors. But an all day drinking trips sounds fun too. :720icon: Good try boys!
  90. Miss Fitz

    Lobster off of San Clemente Island

    Uh yeah, ok.
  91. Miss Fitz

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    I have heard rumors that 1/2" galvanized nuts work GREAT as ammo. Cheap, heavy and easy to throw (so I've heard) :D
  92. Miss Fitz

    Fishing Aboard Maverick

    Nice job Juan! Can't wait to get back down there
  93. Miss Fitz

    Mullet surf rigs for sale.

    Your post had me thinking Business in front Party in the back
  94. Miss Fitz

    We went Wahooping instead

    3LB bugs taste the best! That is a tank of tasty treats. I ate part of a 7lb bug last year that tasted like ass balls. :shithappens: Bring on the montequilla!!!!
  95. Miss Fitz

    Hoo's in???1st and probably last ever California based Wahoo tournament!

    ....probably wearing a corset and high heels. :rodent:
  96. Miss Fitz


    Hot chicks with guns. Me likey :beerbang: Cool pics Sister!
  97. Miss Fitz

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    You're high-larious Bob! :smoking33: You'd decorate the entire bottom with lead and jigs fishing 30lb string over that structure. Thanks for trolling through:gay: PS: "You're" as in "You are trolling"...jeeze
  98. Miss Fitz

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    We actually needed 4 boats :D Enrique and JoelJr were able to take care of the other guys that were in the Bahia with us. I spoke to a guy that killed a ~175lb grouper he caught on a mack with 100lb at La Guardia. He told me he had it on for over 45 minutes....The thing was a MOOSE
  99. Miss Fitz

    Mucho Take it Easy -- LB to BOLA (pic heavy)

    Good stuff! I think I bumped into you guys at La Gringa while we were digging for rocks ;)
  100. Miss Fitz

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    We WERE fishing 80lb LOL ...I'm moving up to 100lb next trip!:gay:
  101. Miss Fitz

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    We had a great time as always Enrique! We're already talking about coming back in the spring :D
  102. Miss Fitz

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    It's only ghey if you open your eyes :D we missed you Buttercup. Si! We didn't get any of the bigger models, but we did get a few to throw on the table. We even caught a bunch of the wiley trigger fish on iron too LOL...Good sheet mon!
  103. Miss Fitz

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    Not quite that easy LOL Between the 90 degree heat and humidity, grinding the yoyo all day in the sun, it felt like what HELL must feel like on a warm summer day. ...and I sweat like a swine too:_hot_:
  104. Miss Fitz

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    Took my wife and my man friend Mots down to BOLA this past weekend. Spent 4 amazing days down in the Bahia fishing with Enrique Daggett on his 24' Super panga "Heidi I". We fished well north of the bay both days and got lucky with good weather, great food and killer fishing. Fished the Baja...
  105. Miss Fitz

    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    So which one am I asshole???:finger: And BTW- they are called "admenstruators". Get it straight would ya???
  106. Miss Fitz

    Wind Event Scheduled for This Weekend!

    Can someone please cancel this event? I got shit to do.
  107. Miss Fitz

    Once Again the California Spiny Lobster Beckons

    Lobster meat is TOXIC AND MAY RESULT IN POSTING OF STUPID SHIT ON THE INTERGOOGLES!!! ....Just look at what its done to ME o_O All of your lobster are MINE :drool:
  108. Miss Fitz

    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    I would be doing better if you would provide me something to DELETE :D
  109. Miss Fitz

    Yearly Maintenance- Impeller Changing

    What he said ^^^^^^^^
  110. Miss Fitz

    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    If we deleted all your "stupid shit", you would have zero posting history. Just sayin' :D
  111. Miss Fitz


    Tip #1: YELL AT ANY SUSPECT SEALS IN ALL CAPS- they absolutely hate that! Tip#2: Fish heavy line- 40lb min gives you a shot at landing a YT Tip#3: keep a spare junk fish (bonito/barramundi/Garibaldi). Tie it on a 50-60 lb rig and deploy when Senor Furbag shows up. Use junk fish as a teaser OR...
  112. Miss Fitz

    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    What's that? LOL Man drama is so entertaining. Internets tears are being shed. Popcorn please!!
  113. Miss Fitz

    steering fluid disapearing????

    You may have a compromised RAM seal. I had the same problem trying to find the leak with my old sea star. I would fill mine and it would covertly drain from the rod sleeve and into the water (no leak trace!). You can check this by rotating your motor back and forth and leave a clean paper towel...
  114. Miss Fitz

    Wahoo trolling.....PB vs Sportboat.....

    From Zero to .....Holy Shit we caught THREE today! nice job Senor Miguel le Gusta
  115. Miss Fitz

    Too much Beer

    First off- What day of the week was it? I have noticed a distinct difference in inspection criteria depending on which day of the week you arrive as well as the hairstyle you chose for that given inspection. Thursdays can be a bitch with alternating Wednesday's my personal favorite choice as a...
  116. Miss Fitz

    Baja Travel Clubs- Need info

    thanks guys. I drive into Mexico about 4 times a year. I was mostly looking for trust worthy car insurance and a way to get my FMM before I get to the border.
  117. Miss Fitz

    Baja Travel Clubs- Need info

    I am considering joining a Baja travel club. The two I know of are Discover Baja and Vagabundo's. What's your thoughts on travel clubs and which one is your favorite?
  118. Miss Fitz

    Stone Sheep - Northern British Columbia

    Hunting for sheep that :smoking33: sounds easy. I bet they just sit around eating Doritos making for easy targets. Great pics!
  119. Miss Fitz

    Raymarine DragonFly- Like? Dislike?

    I've had some bad experiences with RM products, however, I was gifted a DF5 with the down vision feature and decided to install it. So far I have not been impressed for tuna fishing. The DF works great in <300 feel, but not so much over 300 feet. It seems to struggle in the pre-set auto range...
  120. Miss Fitz

    Crying Shame off the 182 totally fished that thing WRONG. Free tips: Step 1: 1st time drive by= 15+ knots Step 2: Immediately spin, park nose of boat IN paddy Step 3: Turn on Stereo- Must play Drowning Pool "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" on FULL or "11" if your speakers go that high Step 4: Gaff and hold...
  121. Miss Fitz

    19 Hoop nets for sale

    My wife is going to love seeing MORE bug nets in the garage LOL
  122. Miss Fitz

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    Nice! How do you like your ACB? I used to sell those back in the day....
  123. Miss Fitz

    Bahia de los Angeles,fishing report.26/27/28august.Daggett's sportfishing

    Nice job Enrique! I am hoping fishing stays good and gets better in the coming weeks. Can't wait to get back down there.
  124. Miss Fitz

    bengal cat/kitten

    Looks like an 80lb pre rigged trolling harness. I would troll that at 7.5-8.5 knots. ...Price? My wife likes pussy
  125. Miss Fitz

    Point Loma Kelp 8-29-2015

    What do you do when you get totally bored??? FLY FISH LOL Nice job old man
  126. Miss Fitz

    I'm Reta

    I like the rear facing handjob seat. Good for the wife/GF OR that special friend with soft hands and a gentle touch. Super nice rig amigo!
  127. Miss Fitz

    First archery buck

    OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!!! LOL Nice job on the buck ....and surviving Ali's piloting/driving skills! I'd like to request some back strap jerky now please. Just let me know when I can pick up :D
  128. Miss Fitz

    Kayak, Bikini, Wide Open YT... living the dream in La Jolla.

    OWNED by your chick. LOL I let my wife do all the fishing now. She did the same thing to me last week. I just watch now :D
  129. Miss Fitz

    8/19 Wahoo sighted near the 267

    A few years ago, I would have responded to this post with "...and I saw a shooting star last night!" Hard to believe we can actually target these things locally! Thx for the detailed report. PS- BS without pics :D
  130. Miss Fitz

    Assistance from the "City of Long Beach"

    Confucius say " Man who pee's into wind has wet hands". Something to think about. ......I think.
  131. Miss Fitz

    SOCAL launch ramps

    It's live comedy during summer weekends at Dana Landing, Clairemont drive launch, South Shores, and SD Bay. Two weeks ago I watched a guy try to back his boat off of his trailer. The only problem was he did not remove tie downs. LOL
  132. Miss Fitz

    SOCAL launch ramps

    One thing to keep in mind is the responsible fucktard is probably not the trailer/boat owner. Still the responsibility of the owner to make sure fucktard parks shit correctly! My last two questions when the guy gets back from parking my trailer: 1) Did you park the trailer within the lines? 2)...
  133. Miss Fitz

    SOCAL launch ramps

    At Dana Point- There is a good possibility you wont be able to park car and trailer connected. I launched my 26' last Friday and drove around for 15 minutes in their teeny tiny parking lot all the while butt puckering my way through a gauntlet of shitty parking jobs. I was almost forced to park...
  134. Miss Fitz

    8/18/15 Bumping - 8/19/15 Chunking - 2 Days on the water with the kids!!

    Nice job out there Dad! I took my step sons out (6 and 9 yr olds) with us for their first BIG trip this past weekend to Catalina. I thought FOR SURE there would be some barfbut we ended with zero casualties ;) I'll hit you up next time we're hitting the bay with the toys and the boys.
  135. Miss Fitz

    Fuel lift pump for a Ford Lehman 120

    ....And please refer to him as "The Dream Catcher". You know how wily those authentic American Indians can get LOL
  136. Miss Fitz

    Fuel lift pump for a Ford Lehman 120

    Sea Lure?
  137. Miss Fitz

    We suck!!!!

    Good thing you aren't a commercial sport fisherman. With numbers like that, you'd be in the unemployment line. But at least you're honest :D
  138. Miss Fitz

    Daiwa saltist 50shs with Shakespeare tidewater FS/FT

    I hope still photography isn't your day job LOL Where are you located? Interested but I don't like having stuff shipped
  139. Miss Fitz

    Vancouver Island Near Shore Rockfishing

    Uh...explain "unethical"? We do that shit all day long here in shallow water. According to DFG regs during certain parts of the year we HAVE to.
  140. Miss Fitz

    Sunday oside tuna and rant

    I heard the radio chatter from Two Harbors yesterday morning on our way over to Avalon. I'm glad you were able to make it back and take note of how to come more prepared next time....although I would think it might have looked kind of odd firing off a flare in the middle of a pelagic parking...
  141. Miss Fitz


    I'm going out on a limb here: "DSM Connection Lost" ?? I have a C80 and think its a POS...nothing but problems. I think they're newer stuff is better, but the old RM stuff is junk.
  142. Miss Fitz

    10 mi off la jolla

    TRIPLE limits. Noice! :beerbang:
  143. Miss Fitz

    FINALLY filled up the fish box! 8-12-15

    FINALLY!! LOL ...I was beginning to think that you were using "fishing" as an undercover broke back mountain distraction from what was REALLY happening out there:Fondle:
  144. Miss Fitz


    E = MC2 Nuff said
  145. Miss Fitz


    E = MC2 Nuff said
  146. Miss Fitz


    E = MC2 Nuff said
  147. Miss Fitz


    E = MC2 Nuff said
  148. Miss Fitz


    E = MC2 Nuff said
  149. Miss Fitz

    Fishing Report Catalina 10/12/15

    Peeeeeerfect for chunk bait. That's a fucking great pic of a loaded sabiki!!! LOL
  150. Miss Fitz

    Fishing Report Catalina 10/12/15

    Peeeeeerfect for chunk bait. That's a fucking great pic of a loaded sabiki!!! LOL
  151. Miss Fitz

    Rpt.-Wed.-08-12-15 Took one on the chin!

    Even bad reports are good reports. Thanks for the info Corey! Hoook uuuup!!!!
  152. Miss Fitz

    How to deal with divers

    Guess who taught the Fat Man that?? :D I like my paddies To Go please!!!
  153. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    Gracias Amigo's Here's a couple of more shots from Sunday
  154. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    Thanks guys...She's an ANIMAL when it comes to fishing! I now she's got more and bigger fish to add to her growing collection of toads :D
  155. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    This is going to be a loooong and insane season my friend. Wahoo are coming!!
  156. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    So far I have noticed a pattern this year using the pink stuff. It really seems to matter this season for whatever reason. Her sister is an aspiring offshore Cereal killer too, but unfortunately she's already taken!! LOL
  157. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    at first I thought she had the drag set too loose. Little did I know :D
  158. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    Based on catches on the past 3 trips using clear fluorocarbon vs pink fluoro its been 3:1 or better using PINK. It also out fished clear fluoro again yesterday. Just sayin' :D
  159. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    Yep. She's an animal and totally independent on the boat. I don't even need to fish anymore with her on board :D
  160. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    My one report for the year :D Fished in absolute amazing running conditions yesterday. Sheet glass at 0400 made the run NW a mellow ride. Started off trolling straight west of oside in 72 degree water. Worked a number of small paddies for nada. Working our way east, we encountered enormous...
  161. Miss Fitz

    BD is acting up

    "BD is acting up" I read that on the internets one day a while ago...I think on Alltoast. Most people back then didn't like us. Most people today don't like us much either :D
  162. Miss Fitz

    BD is acting up

    "BD is acting up" I read that on the internets one day a while ago...I think on Alltoast. Most people back then didn't like us. Most people today don't like us much either :D
  163. Miss Fitz

    BD is acting up

    "BD is acting up" I read that on the internets one day a while ago...I think on Alltoast. Most people back then didn't like us. Most people today don't like us much either :D
  164. Miss Fitz

    BD is acting up

    "BD is acting up" I read that on the internets one day a while ago...I think on Alltoast. Most people back then didn't like us. Most people today don't like us much either :D
  165. Miss Fitz

    Best deal of Seaguar Premier

    To the OP: Don't be offended by this. Helpful thread to educate (me especially) on pricing. I just went to pelagic outfitters to order :D Maybe change the original post title by adding "???"
  166. Miss Fitz

    why are there so many one uppers

    It's funny how this site at first attracted everyone that got booted from another website (Alltoast, SdlameBoat, ifishless, 2un-Coolfishing). In other words: Derelict Castaways of the intergoogles. We ARE the goons LOL
  167. Miss Fitz


    I'm sorry, but I have to "unfriend" you now. :nutkick:
  168. Miss Fitz

    10' Fixed Procision Outriggers- No Bases

    I have a pair of lightly used 10' fixed outriggers (do not collapse) made by Precision Marine. These came off a 19' CC and made a huge difference in offshore lure presentation. Awesome addition to any small boat that fishes offshore. This pair does NOT come with mounting bases or hardware...
  169. Miss Fitz

    SoCal Offshore Trolling on Private Boat - Ringed or Roller Guides?

    I'd say its pretty much based on your ability to tie knots. If you can tie an FG Knot (plenty of vid's on youtube), then ringed or rollers wont matter. Like big knots? Roller guides are your friend. The Long Range Fashion club elitists have gone to ringed rail rods. I've been slowly buying...
  170. Miss Fitz

    Trolling for tuna advice

    Here's a few SECRET TIPS. Don't share!! :D A#1- Fish in productive areas: temp breaks, current eddy's, along or through scum line (Buy FishDope if you need help) 1) Re-rig your cedar plugs (and everything else for that matter) with fluro. I went to 4' of clear 80 fluro. Works nice. 2) RIG your...
  171. Miss Fitz

    Bay of la fishing

    Nice pics. Look like suffered through some crazy weather ;) I cant wait to get back there!!!!
  172. Miss Fitz

    Epic Day My First Bluefin

    Lookin good. Nice job sister!
  173. Miss Fitz

    Rod Holders Galore

    Are these in stock? Where do you ship from?
  174. Miss Fitz

    Suggestions on Binoculars

    Regular bino's are almost useless if you are moving or there's lots of swell. Do yourself a favor and save your money for some stabi's. You can get a used set for ~$400. Nikon and Fuji make great stabi's that sell new for $800-$1100.
  175. Miss Fitz

    Bahia de los Angales b.c Daggett's sportfishing 25/26/27 july

    Nice job Enrique. You need a bigger cooler!!
  176. Miss Fitz

    Suzuki 225 fuel issue

    Yes. You should hear the LP pump come on when you light the motor. You can check it by taking the cowling off and listening to it or feeling the vibration once the motor lights. At 25 knots I am guessing you are running at ~4200rpm-4500 rpm which is when you encounter fuel starve. At this rpm...
  177. Miss Fitz

    Heavy spectra to mono connections

    I avoid needles and anything that looks like advanced fishing knitting. Too many variables. I've rigged this knot on heavy gear (130lb) and could not break it. FG is my new "go to" knot. Easy, compact, no need to wait for line to dry and ultra strong. Finish with a drop of sooper gloo if truly...
  178. Miss Fitz

    Suzuki 225 fuel issue

    I'd check a few things before you commit to anything. : 1) Fuel line kinks or splits in fuel line (the split straw effect) 2) fuel water separator filter blocked 3) low pressure fuel filter/pump outbound blockage Since priming sounds like it is slow, I would suspect the problem is someplace...
  179. Miss Fitz

    Alittle Thing That Happened at West Marine

    That place has always been good to me. Friendly folks for the most part. Every time I say "West Marine" or even look at a store, its costs me a hundred bucks. I've spent most of my retirement savings there :D Unfortunately, it Sounds like you got the one douche of the bunch. I don't fuck around...
  180. Miss Fitz

    missing post

    Nothing left to see here....please move along :food-smiley-014:
  181. Miss Fitz


    The 2nd jump was awesome! I hope your buddy had a spare change of undies on board LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Great vid man :appl:
  182. Miss Fitz

    Plastic swimbait help- Home Remedy for removing mold release

    Anyone have a suggestion on what to use for cleaning mold release off of plastics? So far I have used regular table salt and a towel to get rid of most of the slime, but I am interested if anyone has a better mouse trap? Suggestions are appreciated.
  183. Miss Fitz

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Are we talking about the same fat man? LOL Again I must to concede to your worldly wisdom....I'm totally butthurt and have lost at least 30- to 40 seconds of sleep reliving this very issue. Making the call to my therapist now :hali_parkutuli:
  184. Miss Fitz

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    So help me out, what's so wrong about trying an accessory that came with a purchase....even if it turns out to be a piece of shit? Is that an unforgiveable sin?? I'd rather find out by trying it myself rather than word of mouth, especially if its already in hand and wont cost me a dime. ...and...
  185. Miss Fitz

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    Yes, Can absolutely been done in the right conditions, but for a novice boat driver it can be a lot more tricky than it seems...especially if you have current running one direction and wind pushing the other. Do so with caution and if you choose to side tie, use lots of scope, fenders between...
  186. Miss Fitz

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Yeah....SHAME ON YOU for trying the filters that came with your gyro's! You asshat! LOL I've got the Nikon's and I'm going to try and get some of those polarized filters. I've been super happy with mine even without. Anyone know if Baker Marine in Point Loma might carry Nikon filters? I am...
  187. Miss Fitz

    Want to choose either world cat or mono hull.

    Yellowfin for monohull...better than the Contender IMO TwinVee for cat's- the 33' World Cat I used to run shuddered when it impacted large swells. The TwinVee's are more solid hulls that rarely sneeze and much cheaper but less pretty. I wouldn't touch a scarab or a Fountain. Too wet and poundy.
  188. Miss Fitz

    Magma grill fs

    pm sent
  189. Miss Fitz

    Cedros 06/29 Report

    Yeah...that Reeb's guy, he makes some pretty good bass jigs ;) I'm thinking about another visit down there in Aug/Sept next year. Nice job Dad!
  190. Miss Fitz

    Yearly Maintenance- Impeller Changing

    Dan- Take a picture of the underside lower assembly and post it. I originally wrote this tutorial for Suzuki 4 strokes because I had experience with those, but posting other manufacturers (Honda, Yam, etc) can be a great help to other DIY'ers. My guess is you probably have one additional lower...
  191. Miss Fitz


    After the sex change, I thought it would be appropriate to change names :D ...makes me feel sexy!
  192. Miss Fitz

    Happy Birthday Saluki

    He may be lurkin', but you definitely KNOW he's jerkin'! Love you long time!!
  193. Miss Fitz

    Good fishing in Bahia de los Angeles b.c

    Hey Enrique! Great to see you on the board. Laurie and I are going to be visiting you guys again for our annual October trip with Mots (Greg) and his kids. We are trying to get time for at least 3 days fishing with you. I'll check back with you once its closer to see if you need anything...
  194. Miss Fitz

    Cedros Island calico bass fishing with Warbaits Slayer Heads

    Those are AWESOME deep kelp checker killers. I like to fish 80#/80# or 80# braid/60#fluoro for cutting through thick kelp and I button the drag down. I've also fished straight braid during "hot" bites and had bass fighting to smack my swimmie. Bigger bass are often found in the deepest kelp...
  195. Miss Fitz

    6-18 PV and the Shoe-- Brought a Knife to a Gunfight

    Awesome! I just had the SAME thing happen to me this past Sunday throwing a 5" swimmie on a 12lb bass rod with a Calcutta 250. Got rocked on the drop, lost 3/4's of my spool on the initial run. Two hours and 20 minutes later a 23lb YT hit the deck. I felt like I had a butter knife for my...
  196. Miss Fitz

    running and gunning calicos

    Time of report= :smoking33: Right on time.....
  197. Miss Fitz

    I need a mobile Raymarine guy

    So BEFORE you go spending your hard earned dinero on a guy, definitely check a few things: 1) make sure you know you have enough power going to your AP unit. A no rudder message can be caused by low voltage. How old are your batteries? When did they get charged last? 2) Check your navigation...
  198. Miss Fitz

    WTB-10-15lb Anchor w/chain and rode

    I need a spare pick with a budget for ~$50. You live in SD and I will pick up. Does NOT have to have chain/rode included.
  199. Miss Fitz

    Question: Braid on Reels Flying Out of PV - Problem?

    What I do to eliminate this all together: 1) bring reels down naked, no line on spool 2) bring full spool of whatever pound braid needed in carry on 3) Bring 1/2" x 6" bolt with Nut and washer 4) Arrive to fish!- Spool up and top shot for fishing 5) After fishing, I take the bolt, thread it...
  200. Miss Fitz

    Cedros Island calico bass fishing with Warbaits Slayer Heads

    Don't bother bringing any tails shorter than 5", waste of time (tho the wee bass will still will eat those too). We destroyed them with just about any color combo we threw at them. Recommendation: 80 braid to 80 flouro leader, Curado 300EJ and an 8' broomstick.
  201. Miss Fitz

    I need a mobile Raymarine guy

    What's the issue Lew? Maybe someone around these parts can help....or at least commiserate.
  202. Miss Fitz

    Sonar Interpretation - Screenshot

    Here's another FF shot from a Raymarine Dragonfly unit. Same school, same spot, both pics taken within 5 seconds of each other, but notice the difference in the appearance that this transducer shows? As you start catching the marks your FF is showing, you'll start learning how to figure out what...
  203. Miss Fitz

    Sonar Interpretation - Screenshot

    I'm with the fat guy with no answer changes on #1-7 :hali_ruahahaha: Dark red, wormy marks normally mean solitary gamefish to me (YT, WSB, etc.). Blobby looking red stuff (see below) are likely schooling groundfish or bass on my meters. This is a FF pic from a Raymarine C80 this weekend. This...
  204. Miss Fitz

    Red Rooster 15 day trip report

    You Sir are a fishin animal. Good shit Dave. I wanna be you!!!
  205. Miss Fitz

    Santa Cruz Bottom Fishing Video

    Cool vid and nice fishing platform. Music reminds me of some really far out drugs I used to do. Last week. :smoking33:
  206. Miss Fitz

    WTB- Used Round White or Orange Fender

    Thx but I need a round one like this ...for pulling anchors up
  207. Miss Fitz

    WTB- Used Round White or Orange Fender

    Looking for a single round fender in either 18" or 21" variety. Either color. Please be in SD. I will pick up. Send PM
  208. Miss Fitz

    Trollers for the Moorzilla

    Ahhh...I see you have installed those non-working ROLLER guides that are apparently "uncool" !!! LOL I loike me some rolla guides!! Nice work old man. :beerbang:
  209. Miss Fitz

    FG Knot I loike this knaatt foar loight loines aiend heavy loines. Takes some practice. So far, so good. :D
  210. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    DuuuuuUUUUude....where the hell were you 2 years ago when I first started noticing this????? :zelfmoord
  211. Miss Fitz

    6/7 went long on Miss Fitz

    It was a bottom of the ninth thing with a full count! By the time I spotted those birdies (in the middle of no where), I had just about lost my damned mind from all the worthless lure washing. Holy hell. I was also a little off because i never fish on Sundays. Driving half way to Hawaii for...
  212. Miss Fitz

    Conventional or Stabilized Binos for Center Console

    Most stabi's (non gyro) are around $1k new. You can find quality used ones for $700 and they are worth every cent. Waterproof, sturdy etc and should be fine on a CC as long as you aren't constantly drop kicking them. >Designate a secure "working" storage spot that is super convenient to place...
  213. Miss Fitz

    Catalina trip tips from the pro's!

    Generally speaking, 5-15 knots is doable as long as you don't have a mixed swell with a short <10 second. That channel can be a severe bitch to cross when it has its teeth out. I've had a couple of kulo puckering crossings that were not for the faint of heart. Be safe and have fun!
  214. Miss Fitz

    Swung for the Fences, struck out. Sat June 6

    Check this dude out. He's 6'10 and weighs 295 lbs LOL
  215. Miss Fitz

    Swung for the Fences, struck out. Sat June 6

    Went with Eyedoctor 55 miles west yesterday for a 28lb yellowtail. :zelfmoord
  216. Miss Fitz

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    But my wife wants me home before dark LOL
  217. Miss Fitz

    WTB- Tuna Hoop for 26' Pilot House

    Thanks Rob! I got my best guy on it :D
  218. Miss Fitz

    anyone use these binos?

    I have 14 x 40 fujinon stabi's. As stated above, not true gyro's, but waaaaaay better than traditional binos. I love mine. I don't have anything up top (arches, antennae,etc) that interferes with the stabi function and won't even bring regular binos. Fraser is the next logical step for me.
  219. Miss Fitz

    WTB- Tuna Hoop for 26' Pilot House

    Looking for something basic (no control station, no top, etc.) to stick on the pilot house that isn't a billion doll-hairs. Anyone got?
  220. Miss Fitz

    BoLA 6/2

    That fish is so big it wont fit in the pic! ;)
  221. Miss Fitz

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    HAND jobs.....I repeat : Hand Jobs:ashamed: ....and It's not gay as long as your eyes are closed :High_Five
  222. Miss Fitz

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    +3 Boat Ho Rating!:D
  223. Miss Fitz

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    No worries T. As my reel fixer upper guy, you're always on my list!
  224. Miss Fitz

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    I've gone through my fair share of useless Ho's that talked a big game and ended up being totally worthless on the water AND on land. Here's a few tips to help get you invited back on a boat: 1) Be available when you say you are available. I give new guys 1-2 trip trip pings. Can't make either...
  225. Miss Fitz

    5/31/15 La Jolla Calicos

    Based on the haircut, I think I recognize the guy behind the fish. So let me get this aren't supposed to drive straight up someone's chum line? LOL
  226. Miss Fitz

    Just to see what you think...

    $$? ...nice jigs, but for 7 quid I can get salas jigs all day long that KILL.
  227. Miss Fitz

    My Mexican woes...

    Check seaforth landing and Oceanside. Those are your two best bets for 3/4 day US side fishing....good luck
  228. Miss Fitz

    Going Heavy- 80lb+ Ringed vs. Roller Guide Rods: Fashion or Function?

    So totally bored today, so I thought I would poke the bear and get some feedback on 80lb+ rigs and which guides perform best given the application. In this case bait rods for WC style bigger YFT, BFT etc. Personally, every heavy outfit I have for big YFT except one is an all roller guide...
  229. Miss Fitz

    Where is pero malo?

    Undoubtedly, he's out trying to catch the first something of the season and take FULL credit for it. LOL Woof Woof!!
  230. Miss Fitz

    Salt Creek WSB

    Bullshit without pics....of her :D
  231. Miss Fitz

    Inshore Trip Planning- Poke Fest 5/26 Tuesday Bali Hai

    Anyone going tonight?
  232. Miss Fitz

    Help me select rod for my Shimano TranX

    Easy: SpongeBob MXL4.5UL Even comes with terminal gear
  233. Miss Fitz

    Corner to 182

    Is that what was pinging on my fishfinders? LOL also tons of By the Wind sailors out there We saw a few marks between the 182 and corner yesterday that looked like both fish finders were set to DEMO. and I mean BIG "holy shit" marks of tuna. :eek: Based on our success trying to hook those...
  234. Miss Fitz

    Where did everybody go?

    Most were still probably trying to file stolen kicker motor reports at the local Mountie's office. (Shotgun, Double back, 2oz head 5.5" Channel Island 'Chovy stinger)
  235. Miss Fitz

    BOLA fishing report--Joel's Sport fishing

    Nice report Joel! I will be in BOLA in September fishing with Enrique D. Hope to meet you when I am there :D
  236. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    Beautiful write up on THT and great suggestion with the rectifier zincs. I've been replacing mine every 200hrs. Doh! :slap:
  237. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    Yes, can absolutely be welded without removing, but the first one I had done (disassembled) looked much better than the externally welded. I would guess its easier to work on these on a bench rather than a transom. I've seen at least two DF140's that were done externally. One failed completely...
  238. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    Yes, you can weld that port shut, but keep in mind, there is still risk to that failing too and I don't like to worry. Not to mention you will still need to remove the entire power head to get to the POS engine spacer and send it to a trusted welder which can take a few days to get done. I saw...
  239. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    Because I blew up a POS Mercury after only 500hrs :D ...they had a nick name for my model Merc ..."The Black Bomb" kinda has a nice ring to it!
  240. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    So here's a few pics. The first set is the engine spacer (new one installed below), where it is located and what the shitty plug will look like if you need to replace yours. shitty, degraded plug Corrected $950 engine spacer with check port now molded shut Rectifier and suspect leads show...
  241. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    H- E - L - L NO!!!! My next twins will be Yammies.
  242. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    That might look kinda funny hanging from a CATAMARAN :idiot: :ashamed:
  243. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    03' has 1900hrs 05' w replaced PH has 3500 hrs I got lucky on the 05'...the check plug on that one was ready to go 2 years ago and I decided to replace it then. I've seen what happens when they blow out and it aint pretty!
  244. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    So as many of you know, I've been a huge fan of Suzuki 4 strokes....up until recently. Why? Because these jack wads have discovered some issues about the original engine design that WILL end up costing you $$ to rectify if you already own a Zuky. These costs should be considered if you are...
  245. Miss Fitz

    Ass hole diver of the week!

    ....I don't always drink beer, but when I do......
  246. Miss Fitz

    Ass hole diver of the week!

    He sure has a tight ass!! :Fondle:
  247. Miss Fitz

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Sure, I'm wrong if I was supporting a single use facility, however, I am not. I've read those pieces plus a few more and (please correct me if I am wrong) it seems their $$ analysis is based on if the facility is single use generating only NFL revenue. As someone up the thread already mentioned...
  248. Miss Fitz

    Insulated Kill Bags

    agreed with two responses above. Heavy duty carry handles (PVC pipe is great) and think more of a triangular, gusset bottom. You will basically need to add two side gussets and one on the bottom or modify the design for a single bottom piece. Once these things are filled with fish and ice they...
  249. Miss Fitz

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    I hear you bro...the only problem is once the Chargers are gone, the traffic will lighten up but the road conditions will only get worse as our financial ability to $fix$ shit will be in the crapper. How are we going to replace the $$$ stream hole this is going to create??? you gotta take the...
  250. Miss Fitz

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    The bottom line to this argument is the REVENUE San Diego will lose if the Chargers leave. We gotta PAY to PLAY and I don't see a new SD stadium happening without public $$ becoming involved. This is an investment opportunity to keep the revenue stream the Chargers create in town. Without public...
  251. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    Hey Scott- Thanks for the info. I'm not a huge off roader, but definetly need good traction for launch ramps and sandy, rocky stuff that you find along the Baja coast. San Clemente is a bit far for me (I'm in Clairmont), but I may give him a holler!
  252. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    Hopefully you won't need your warranty, but you may want to take a look at your engine spacer to see if you have the old style like my 03 and 05' engines with the check port plug (port side looking forward). There is a check port that is used only ONCE to final QC the engine before sending it...
  253. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I would have to threadjack myself to properly answer that question :D Once I take a few key pics, I will start a I'm so pissed at Suzuki thread. There's a few "total cost of ownership" design flaws those fuckers aren't coming clean on that have cost me $$$THOUSANDS so far.:1041677399: I shall...
  254. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    Nice! I am between the Nittos and these puppies. Pretty smart to rotate in the spare!
  255. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I like these too... were these good beyond 40k miles?
  256. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I was looking at these also. How many miles did you put on your last set before you needed replacement? My Bridgestone Revo's (which were supposed to be better than BFG's) are done after 40k miles....and I drive like a fricken grandma! Love my TwinVee! Don't so much love my Suzuki's!
  257. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I was thinking about doing the same thing. Hopefully I pick a brand they carry. Trying to get away with a set for <$900 :dogpiss:BFG's :D
  258. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I have a 2009 toyota tundra 4x4 that needs fresh rubber... visited and a few others. Looking hard at the Nitto Terra G2's and staying the fuck away from BFG's:1041677399: currently running 275/65/R18's and I do light towing most times, with the furthest being about 60 miles when...
  259. Miss Fitz

    Unicorns and Rockfish in BoLA

    Hey Bobarino- The 7 fingered man should be back by sunday too. We removed the old and pulled new throttle cables. The main panel switch loom and groom looks a hundred times better than before. If you can, swing by Daggett's Beach camp north of town and grab me a new sticker...mine's all tore...
  260. Miss Fitz

    Way too much time on my hands

    Way too much time on my hands
  261. Miss Fitz

    HSWRI Seal and Sea Lion Population Trends at the Channel Islands May 14th

    So is anyone familiar with this dude? Does he know the term natural selection or is this just another ploy to raise "awareness" (eg: money) to feed these poor dying little rat fuckers? I hope someone puts the exploding population of these little assholes and in the limelight and the eco...
  262. Miss Fitz

    Fishin' chick or whatever...

    You just forced me to put you on ignore. Asshole! :_smack_:
  263. Miss Fitz

    good on the exiotics today

    Those are best deep fried, whole fish island style brah.
  264. Miss Fitz

    Fishin' chick or whatever...

    Oh come now Buttercup....your post went stupid wide open (emphasis on stupid). How many times have you hit this? :idiot: ...and if we all stopped posting like dickbags, BD would have no content. Three cheers for stupidity!! :beerbang::beerbang::beerbang:
  265. Miss Fitz

    YOUR MOM, 61 Gasspar

    Operator error? :confused::confused::confused:
  266. Miss Fitz

    Easy anchor retrieval system

    You can make these yourself with a little ingenuity, a short piece of rope, a metal ring and the right sized buoy. Mines made of old left over parts. Total cost: $$Free-ninety-Free :D Excellent vid.
  267. Miss Fitz

    5/6 Lake Barrett

    Nice pics Andy. I'm going tomorrow morning.:lux:
  268. Miss Fitz

    unknown boat problems......

    Two words for newbie boat buyers (already mentioned above): Marine Surveyor Yeah, they're about $200 to getta guy that knows his shit BUT a good surveyor can advise you of potential problems in a vessels current condition and down range scenarios. Unless your homie knowingly and intentionally...
  269. Miss Fitz


    I'm a huge fan of marbled floors and/or "the landing strip" Carpet is sO 70's :rodent:
  270. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    WOW! Donna That is a SICK portable serving table. Did you modify that or was that custom made?
  271. Miss Fitz

    Yam. 115 Not Peeing Even After Impeller Change

    Nice work. BD just saved you a trip to the boat ER!
  272. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    No worries Lew, this is the fucking internets. I seldom get my panties bunched up over another persons snarky opinion. LOL :-) As far as knots go, I've personally only had worm knots come apart, the mini-bimini to a wind on leader (knock on forehead) has yet to fail me! Quick to re-rig too...
  273. Miss Fitz

    Barrett Reservation for sale - 5/9

    Thanks Dude! ;)
  274. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    Hey Donna- I forgot to add loop to loop as a choice. I like to finish my spectra with a mini bimini and use a loop to loop connection for wind on leaders. I'M FUCKING LAZY!! LOL. Quick, easy to change tops in a second and no glue dry time...not to mention wet spectra is never a big deal. If I...
  275. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    haHAA!! So all roller guide rods are still cool SOME place :git: :gaygroup: So again...why switch from roller guides to ringed only? I personally think rollers put less stress on the knots unless you are fishing them upside down LOL So I guess there must be something super special about...
  276. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    Ok, so now I'm even MORE confused....for GBFT, it's "cool" to use swivels to connect top shots to spectra and use giant roller guides that wind straight through, no busted leaders. But for YFT roller guides apparently lead to parting lines??? I'm still NOT buying the hype of straight ringed, not...
  277. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    Hey Dave- I still prefer my spuds oven cooked or BBQ coal cooked. Microwaves suck LOL So next question...if you were going SUPER cow shopping>>>east coast BFT, would you still go with ringers for live bait? :profile: I don't see many unlimited rigs (80W and 130W) that aren't roller guide...
  278. Miss Fitz

    CINCO de Mayo con Dave Hansen

    Will do Tommy! I'm stopping by home before I head north and will snap a few pics for ya. I just tore the port motor COMPLETELY apart over the past two weeks and I be preparin' to replace both engine steering RAMS as the final task. My financial butt hole has been repeatedly sodomized to say the...
  279. Miss Fitz

    CINCO de Mayo con Dave Hansen

    Lots of guys willing to piss into Dave's ocular cavities while hiding behind a keyboard .....which I call a little chicken :shithappens: unless you're a pal of his which totally makes it ok LOL I'm going to try and make it tonight and rub up against him in person :Romantic_ Tips, any tips are...
  280. Miss Fitz

    I like Big congas

    I like Big congas
  281. Miss Fitz

    Yam. 115 Not Peeing Even After Impeller Change

    You can check the thermostat operation by pulling it out and throwing it in a clear glass filled with hot water. If the therm is working, you should see that puppy open up in the cup. I use super hot tap water and just checked my port therm on Friday to confirm it opens when subject to hot...
  282. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    You guys are funny... Clunk, clunk LOL yeah, roller guides are old school, but that shit STILL works! I'm slowly moving my heavy rods up to the "elitist" class in an attempt to keep up with the cool kids :nutkick:
  283. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    I only really care about responses specifically for ROLLER GUIDE rods. Because that's what I own.... So I'm getting hyped on my next big tuna search and will be bringing my standard 100lb ALL ROLLER outfits with me. These are matched with an Avet and Shimano 30w and 50w class that I intend on...
  284. Miss Fitz

    Custom Gaff

    Sweet gaff's and bait nets. I own one of each! Bumpola for D.....
  285. Miss Fitz

    Happy Birthday Surf Doc

    Stuzka- A legendary "bucket" fisherman for sure. Fucking Stan. :beerbang:
  286. Miss Fitz

    Sea Lion Pulls Man and Yellowtail Overboard!

    Read some of the tree hugger comments. If anything, the bleeding hearts probably will probably rally and organize "feedings" so those poor starving seals don't have to steal anymore.:zelfmoord
  287. Miss Fitz

    What do you say when you get hooked up?

    Touch my Monkey!! :shakin:
  288. Miss Fitz

    For Sale....Goat's birthday gift.

    Lightly used inner diameter drain plug.
  289. Miss Fitz

    Boat songs, need play list suggestions

    Rum. Where's my RUM?
  290. Miss Fitz

    Is this what the 2nd ammendment means to you?

    Lighten up Francis. I guess you have no sense of humor :shake: and btw, one gun owner to another... I loike me guns too!! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  291. Miss Fitz

    Is this what the 2nd ammendment means to you?

    Gaahns? ....I loike me gaahns!
  292. Miss Fitz

    Boat decals or graphics in LA/OC area? cheap, quick and easy to do yourself. Don't waste money going to a custom shop for letters.
  293. Miss Fitz

    I Imagine that Every Frat Has Her on Their Invitation List

    Zukers 3.5 Purple/Black way back shotgun troller on 80lb- Why is it ok for adult females to sexually assault under age boys? Yes, this happened in a state where 16 yr olds are considered legal... BUT, if this was dude, he would be in jail....which is where she should be. Flame on!! :argue...
  294. Miss Fitz

    Day at the docks.

    Like women's shoes..... How many rods does every fisherman need?? Just ONE more :D I may show my mug. After all, it's the only day of the year you can legally cruise in the lot with a :beerbang:
  295. Miss Fitz


    I gotta guy that knows a guy that talked to his guy about another guy who heard about a guy that spotted some tuna a coupla days ago. I think his name was Dave?
  296. Miss Fitz

    Nados and Offshore Buddy Boat 4/10,11,12

    Good luck out there Bob. Me and the 7 fingered man should be wrapping up spring tasks by Sunday.....
  297. Miss Fitz

    Cabo 4/3 Report- Billfish Heating up!

    Tom- The red T is normally for tagged and released, but I wasn't about to correct anyone :D An upside down Marleeen is what I am used to seeing.
  298. Miss Fitz

    suzuki 150 with fly by wire

    I've owned a number of motors. My Suzuki's have been by far the most reliable. i have twin DF140's with over 5k hours combined. Aside from a few seals going out, i have had no major issues. Remember that BOAT really means Break Out Another Thousand. Any repairs under $1k are considered...
  299. Miss Fitz

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    and you also don't need a $1300 two speed to land a big tuna. The low gearing option allows you to keep turning the handle on bigger fish when you are forced to downsize in line class...small 2 speeds are a luxury item for sure, but I LIKE having a small two speed for finicky Bluefin that only...
  300. Miss Fitz

    Cabo 4/3 Report- Billfish Heating up!

    Yep...I was chatting with Omar about the kite, but not enough tuna around for the time being. They were predicting YFT within the next month. They kite fish how I like to kite fish...on the move :D The fishing has been getting better and better and this place is going to go off in the next few...
  301. Miss Fitz

    Cabo 4/3 Report- Billfish Heating up!

    Took the wifey out on a killer 8 hour trip aboard the Fin Addict. Absolutely immaculate rig with tournament ready gear and a highly experienced crew. Started the morning fishing live baits and butterfly jigs for grouper and ended up catching a few nice ones. So so bite had us move on and start...
  302. Miss Fitz

    Catalina Question

    The shore boat is $5 a person and can get expensive quick. You can drop everyone off at the dock first unless its just a couple of you which is worth it. If you don't have mooring reserved, you can temporarily anchor but you have to go at least 100 yds outside the last buoy line. I always...
  303. Miss Fitz

    cabo charter 4-17 or 4-18? anyone available?

    Try Fin Addict. I just got back from Cabo and fished with Martin and Omar. Great price for 8 hours and these guys are TOP NOTCH. I've fished a lot of boats around the world and these guys are definitely in the top 5 boat and crew. Immaculate boat, tournament ready gear, super nice guys. Contact...
  304. Miss Fitz

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    I can only imagine the response you get from DFW...... I'm sorry Sir, but this animal is too cute to enforce any violations against. Please move along. LOL
  305. Miss Fitz


    I don't know what you're talking about :D
  306. Miss Fitz

    1981 Grady White 204C w/dual 90hp 1988 Johnson Outboards $2500 SOLD

    Saw the listing on CL. Nice rig with TONS of potential. Sick deal. If I only had room for one more boat.....
  307. Miss Fitz

    1978 Mako 19($5500)

    bump for a heck of a nice rig for $6500!! GLWS
  308. Miss Fitz

    Problem with fuel expansion/venting

    My old rig did the same thing. I solved it by filling short by a couple of gallons to account for expansion....of course if you are already full and drippy, I would suggest draining off a couple of gallons. I did this by finding the fuel hose at the motor intake and putting a fuel hose coupler...
  309. Miss Fitz

    Wreckin' the Donkeys with Capt. Grumpy Pants

    Nice job Bob! I've got the seven fingered man working feverishly to put my electrical in order so I can get back on the yellows.
  310. Miss Fitz

    Boating to Catalina to camp and fish?

    I like to use a two anchor system when on the pick at night. One off the stern and the bow anchor. Keeps the boat from orbiting the primary anchor. In a small boat like yours, you might be best off using a stringline in Two Harbors. Check this out...
  311. Miss Fitz

    Surf fishing? How will these lures work?

    I'm bringing similar gear to what you are showing and targeting the same inshore areas. Probably our only difference in lures is I am bringing some surface plugs like Rangers, Zara spooks and some poppers. They are super fun and easy to fish (they float!) and so fun to watch roosters chase. I...
  312. Miss Fitz

    Hooping the LB break wall 6MAR15

    Is that a Saluki I see in the back ground??
  313. Miss Fitz

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Ouch....... That's VERY hurtful Bill:Bawling_e You and your Fed pals enjoy yourselves. I guess I'm gonna have to totally rethink my tenure in life and cancel Cabo next month.
  314. Miss Fitz

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Eat a dick Bill. DUMBFUCKS are people that don't follow rules and give the Federales a REASON to stop them. Check between your ears, you have some cement stuck in there.
  315. Miss Fitz

    Anyone have a few good poke recipes???

    Try this: Bloofin Chuna = 2 lbs cut in 1/4" cubes 1/16th cup String nori (green seaweed that is green and stringy) 1 tablespoon Nori Komi Furikake 1/2 table spoon Extra Sesame seeds 1 table spoon Gari (sushi ginger) 1/4- 1/2 cup Kikkoman soy saoose 1/8 pound finely chopped scallions 1/16 the...
  316. Miss Fitz

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    I missed this, but this is exactly my point and what most people on this thread missed. This isn't about enforcement of the FMM regulation. If it WAS about enforcement, they would put a check point in Maneadero where oversight is and FMM's could be available. Idiot's could be sent back 20...
  317. Miss Fitz

    Wtf has become of my beloved BD?

    Was that :hali_ruahahaha: an attempt at an insult? Winter must be long and hard in those PNW jail houses.... Psst!! Just threw you a softball :nutkick:
  318. Miss Fitz

    san diego, taking kids fishing, advice?

    for kids, I try and keep it close...9 mile could be "far" for them, but the dabs are definitely there and tasty! if its too rough, try the radio towers, Yukon or Ruby E wrecks and look for bait balls. Also pretty easy to catch bay bass by trolling 3" plastics on 6lb inside the bay.
  319. Miss Fitz

    Girls of the night in westport cant hold a candle to The Ladies of........

    ...I did not make it to the end of that vid and wish I could gouge my fucking eyes out RIGHT NOW Something is seriously wrong with you PNW people barf LOL
  320. Miss Fitz

    AIS- and I'm not talking Insurance

    Welp, I aint installing this thing unless they make me! I appreciate the come backs guys.
  321. Miss Fitz

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    No offense taken Senor..... how over, ...I understand your point to my counter point about your point, but you are missing my point about putting check points in highly suspect places. Would it also be ok for them to set up another check point in Guerro Negro? You need an FMM down there too...
  322. Miss Fitz

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    You're right, it makes perfect sense. We should follow suit and install a vehicle inspection US immigration check point in Colorado Springs, CO for north and south bound traffic and start checking passports immediately. My bad. Maneadero yes, middle of nowhere no?
  323. Miss Fitz

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    An Immigration check point TWO HOURS ONE WAY from the nearest point to resolve it. DUMBFUCKS.:shake: ....and Mexico wonders why the tourism industry is in shambles. Typical horse shit. Thanks for the info
  324. Miss Fitz

    Kayak buddy takes 16oz wrecking ball to the head

    ...that had to hurt from the outside, but the video probably makes it hurt a little from the inside too LOL
  325. Miss Fitz

    Big Bear Lake report

    It was super nice out, but the wind made it a little chilly. Fun place to drink and I'll definitely try again once they allow boats back on the lake. oh and psssst: The ocean HAS turned on! I don't ever recall this volume of nice sized YT around AND how many different locations are biting!
  326. Miss Fitz

    AIS- and I'm not talking Insurance

    Any truth to a rumor I heard that AIS (Automatic Identification System) is going to be mandatory for all vessels some time in the near future? I've been looking around the internets but have not found conclusive evidence or a date to enforce. If this is true, I would be forced to buy some kind...
  327. Miss Fitz

    Fish Dope ?

    First 50 customer special: Free reach arounds by Misuse and GatoG is going to be the fluffer. Can't wait!
  328. Miss Fitz

    2011 yamaha 115 which oil do I need???

    My guess; you probably have a water intake on the underside your lower unit (like a Suzuki). Look under your lower unit and you may see a small water (2"-3" long rectangle) intake on the bottom side of you lower unit. If you DO have one of these, cover intake with tape to seal it. That will help...
  329. Miss Fitz


    I need help! you have soft hands? Misuse is ignoring my PM's Luna 300 with 45#braid 7'6" clarus, 30# mono topshot. Ed's jig on da bottom, custom skrimp fly 24" up the line, tip with Gulp, Squish or naked!!
  330. Miss Fitz

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    No matter how hot she is, there's someone out there that's is sick and tired of putting up with her shit!:shake: ...But I'd pull a turd out of her ass just to see where it came from :D
  331. Miss Fitz

    2011 yamaha 115 which oil do I need???

    Got a pissing problem?? ...I have twin 2005 Zuke DF140's that occasionally have weak pee streams when running AND when port flushing (engine off). One trick I have done repeatedly over the years is to take a 4 ft length of 100lb mono and cram up the pee hole. I will jam the first 3 feet or so...
  332. Miss Fitz

    Daiwa Saltist BG40H - Like New - Pre-spooled w/ 65# Spectra

    Thanks Gabe and Eyeproblem for the pickup! That's reel #44 added to the arsenal. :D Shoot me now!!!! LOL
  333. Miss Fitz

    Big Bear Lake report

    Fished a random point by BBM on Sunday morning. Lake level was pretty lame...feel bad for those guys. We baited up 4lb test on 4 foot leaders and soaked and soaked and soaked and drank and soaked and drank and soaked and drank and soaked and drank and soaked and srank and doaked and srank and...
  334. Miss Fitz

    Learn from my mistake - check your wheel bearings -it's probably been longer than you think

    oh yeah....for future Oh Shit Moments- I always carry one "extra" reconditioned hub with full set of bearings lubed and ready, PLUS a fully charged impact driver (and sockets), and at least one full sized jack stand. Good post.
  335. Miss Fitz

    Learn from my mistake - check your wheel bearings -it's probably been longer than you think

    I've learned about this yearly maintenance requirement about 5 years ago towing from SD bay to Clairemont (6 miles). My bearings and races started to fail coming back from the the time I was nearing home, I had smoke shooting out of one bearing set. I somehow made it home before it...
  336. Miss Fitz

    FUNNY | Those Dang Bloodydeckers!

    I used to like this one paper rag called "WON" ....I think it stands for Week Old News.
  337. Miss Fitz

    Going to hoop Catalina for the first time...need help please

    First tip- fish the EAST side. More protected and predictable. West side can get scary fast. ARRIVE IN DAYLIGHT and scope the area PRIOR to darkness. That is by far the best suggestion to keeping your boat wet vs. on the rocks. 1-2 hours before dark=good Tip 1A-Turn trackline ON and leave on...
  338. Miss Fitz

    WTB boat seats

    No worries Bro. Good luck with the project. Post pics!
  339. Miss Fitz

    Late report.......North Island and 9 mile bank, Prez Day

    Saw you guys out there...may have even been talking to you at one point on VHF about reds SW of north island...but I got issues with that POS VHF and couldn't transmit very far :cussing: We ended up hooking 3 yt and landing two just over 20lbs. The only reason we even got those fish is I...
  340. Miss Fitz

    WTB boat seats

    I have a single seat that came off my 19' CC. It has a short post tube, but has a killer seat and new back and seat pads. You can have it if you want. I live in Clairemont
  341. Miss Fitz

    don eddies to bola

    Thanks for the report! Going to head down in May. Hoping the fishing turns on and the wind turns off LOL
  342. Miss Fitz

    New bait tank design for big cc's

    Holy Awesomeness!!! :eek: I'd love one of those for my 26' Pilot. Right now passengers 3 and 4 white knuckle it to the Tuna grounds :D
  343. Miss Fitz

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    I don't think anyone here is cooler than anyone else. It's always funny to me when people think they're SUPER cool because how long they've been a member, how many posts they have or how many Beiber's they received. This is an equal opportunity website to be a bunch of complete assholes...
  344. Miss Fitz

    Wtf has become of my beloved BD?

    I believe what happens on BD now is your internets cookies history gets searched when we log on and the search result is displayed as an advertisement specific to your preferences. In this case it appears your cookie history contained: ballet, love poems, homo-erotic (yet tasteful) euro film...
  345. Miss Fitz

    So I eft some squid in my freezer

    Rotten squid poontang? You're fucked. LOL GLWS!
  346. Miss Fitz

    Cabo fishing report from rengademike

    Keep getting carried away. Great info and kool pics.;) I'll be in Cabo first week of April and hope the fishing for the spikey ones turns on by then!
  347. Miss Fitz

    THIS WEEKEND ONLY 2/6/15 Get in on this

    32.76.517x 117.20.327 WFO bite!!
  348. Miss Fitz

    Beer for my horses!!

    Beer for my horses!!
  349. Miss Fitz

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    To be honest.....I don't think we even DESERVE an NFL team.....and if by some miracle we keep ours, they should be renamed the San Diego Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda's ....but you guys already got a lock on that one LOL
  350. Miss Fitz

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    It's all good JC. We're just having some fun (at your expense) This is what an internets fight looks like: :gayfight: and the Wiener is..... :supergay: I expect nothing short of a super manly and ultra degrading response. :idiot:
  351. Miss Fitz

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    My Ass. Look over your left shoulder bud.....there's a flying gaff stuck in your back LOL Hook, line, sinker. You guys make it so easy :D
  352. Miss Fitz

    One For The Boys Up North

    2nd Place is the First loser. Congrats on a great season! LOL You googin's gonna throw up any more softballs for us to launch?? :nutkick:
  353. Miss Fitz

    One For The Boys Up North

    I don't think you need to worry about that! You guys willingly give us plenty of opportunities to light you up LOL I'm just wondering if the post game shower helped wash off any of the shame from that bonehead maneuver. :rofl:
  354. Miss Fitz

    WTB: Swifty Line Remover.......

    Have you been in my garage????? Your Franken-Swifty looks just like mine LOL Gerry- All you need to do is secure the bolt/nut set to the empty spool and then attach into the chuck of a variable speed drill. Easy peasy.
  355. Miss Fitz

    CABO fishing/Bachelor party

    Be careful of the "deck hand" selections, especially those with "Adams apples". We use "quotes" to identify their "specialness". Nothing like going "fishing" and end up catching "something that cannot be put back down". "Just sayin'"
  356. Miss Fitz

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    This thread is AWESOME LOL LOL LOL
  357. Miss Fitz

    WTB: Swifty Line Remover.......

    So if you want to wash your spectra and respool, one trick I use is recycling large old filler plastic mono spools and modify for washing spectra. I use old ANDE 1/2 pound and 1lb empty plastic spools (depending on how much I am washing). I drill holes (lots) into the old spool at 1/2"...
  358. Miss Fitz

    WTB: Swifty Line Remover.......

    Why don't you just MAKE yourself a Cheapy?? You need: 1) Empty 2L plastic bottle 2) One 6" length machine bolt in 1/4" diameter 3) Matching nut for bolt 4) washer spacer between bolt-cap/nut 5) Drill w/1/4" bit 6) pliers so you don't drill into your fucking hand Remove the plastic bottle cap...
  359. Miss Fitz

    Recommend me a rod and reel combo for shark in SoCal please.

    I don't think you are going to get much more than $200 for a reel like that. They are not considered sexy any more, but would still work in 90% of local applications. I have a TLD50 I keep just for trolling because the lack of resale value. I don't like my TLD50 because it feels super wide and...
  360. Miss Fitz

    Recommend me a rod and reel combo for shark in SoCal please.

    You are half way home my friend. Now you just need a rod (I'd go 6' to 6'6" roller guides). IMO, a 50TLD size is a little cumbersome, but will work just fine. And btw, you'll likely NEVER need 40lbs of drag on any fish. That's enough pressure to rip your arms off.
  361. Miss Fitz

    Recommend me a rod and reel combo for shark in SoCal please.

    Sure. There's plenty out there for sharking... For budget stuff, I would look at Penn 4/0 or 6/0 (~$100) The newer models have slightly stiffer frames that can handle the additional torque a decent sized shark will put on your gear.. . OR you can get the old Shimano 30tld 2 speeds for super...
  362. Miss Fitz

    Recommend me a rod and reel combo for shark in SoCal please.

    With a torium 50, you are looking for an ass kicking if you hook anything >80lbs. My go to set up is a Avet 30 with a Calstar 6465xh with 100lb.
  363. Miss Fitz

    Learning more about boats

    Lesson #1- "BOAT" is actually a relatively ancient financial acronym meaning: Break Out Another Thousand My first financial landmine was actually spelled "BOATT" Break Out Another TEN Thousand Welcome to the "we don't like money" club. After a few years of this shit, you won't have much...
  364. Miss Fitz

    1/28 Tales of Tails & Tails at Catalina

    Nice bug release! I never thought the bigger models were very good eating unless you mix it with something. Good karma.
  365. Miss Fitz

    Buying kayak need advice

    Rule of thumb: If it floats, fly's or fucks: RENT IT. Do yourself a favor and rent the style you want BEFORE you buy it.
  366. Miss Fitz

    Seaworld saving sealion again...let nature take its course

    But they're SO cute!!!! :zelfmoord
  367. Miss Fitz

    Who is this young guy with a limit of bugs?

    2015 version: Less hair, More belly. He's been eating well.
  368. Miss Fitz

    New Greenhouse NO I'm not growing weed

    Awesome house. should grow weed!
  369. Miss Fitz

    New bait tank design for big cc's

    Where can I get one of those?? Very nice. Perfect for my rig
  370. Miss Fitz

    No soup for you!

    No soup for you!
  371. Miss Fitz

    What does having a reel blue printed mean??

    In it's origin Blue Printing meant: Fixing the Penn International so it can free spool. Mostly originally done with larger single/two speeds and then blossomed from there. Penn Internationals were notorious for having the WORST free spool right out of the box. The original Shimano Tiagra's were...
  372. Miss Fitz

    limits @ catalina

    This place needs a fucking enema :shake: Nice score dude. Keep posting!
  373. Miss Fitz

    Give No Fucks

    I don't give a fuck that this post is in the wrong forum.
  374. Miss Fitz

    limits @ catalina

    only if you feel Rucky! No langosta fishing in Mex for gringos.
  375. Miss Fitz

    Interesting Video - Whale hunting

    "For a while, at least, his family will not go hungry." ...Yeah, "for a while" LOL
  376. Miss Fitz

    Maybe Political, But Maybe we Need a Change..........Outboard Motors

    Always lock your kicker motor when in the state of WA. Just sayin'
  377. Miss Fitz

    Has anyone made a list of fishing gear you should have on your boat?

    Fleshlight ....and a Saluki to run it.
  378. Miss Fitz

    Gelcoat Repair - San Diego

    Call Skip at Reflections in Santee. He's worked on my little boat and did some great work at a reasonable price!
  379. Miss Fitz

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    RANT: Mexico will continue to bite the hand that feeds them, meaning unedjamacated gringos that travel to Mexico will continue to get taken advantage of by locals and endless corruption by government officials. It's been born and bred into the culture, the politics and the entire landscape of...
  380. Miss Fitz

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    I'm curious....are you saying this from personal experience with DFG? If you read the guideline, seal bombs, BB guns AND rubber bullets are allowed as they are NON-Lethal. ...of course, I would be praying for a lethal bb gun wound infection, but that's just me.
  381. Miss Fitz

    Please Help! Local Clairemont family loses house to fire

    Yep. It's right on the corner of Acworth and Mt. Alifan. What sucks is the lady that lives in the house is an 89 year old Grandmother. When we stopped to talk to the family, the daughter was telling me her Mom still can't understand why she can't go home. Thanks for the bump guys...
  382. Miss Fitz


    What I find hilarious about the whole thing is that none of these idiots realize SOMEONE IS ALWAYS VIDEO TAPING. Dumbasses LOL
  383. Miss Fitz

    Let see you best yellowtail

    I've heard the term Kingfish used in the past. The NZ YT variety are tankers. The intergoogles search I did came up with The California yellowtail, Seriola lalandi dorsalis The southern yellowtail, or in New Zealand and Australia the yellowtail kingfish or kingfish[2] S. l. lalandi
  384. Miss Fitz

    Please Help! Local Clairemont family loses house to fire

    These are neighbors of mine and also a fisherman. Anything you can donate would help a family through a pretty rough Christmas season:
  385. Miss Fitz

    Fisherman Exhausted After Fight with Record 39 lb Bluefin

    "Exhausted" Hilairious! LOL
  386. Miss Fitz

    Boat Trailer Tires

    Costco. Special order, but worth the wait.
  387. Miss Fitz

    Lobster Problem/Question- Long term storage

    .....and there was joy and singing in Who-Ville :gaygroup::loverz:
  388. Miss Fitz

    Lobster Problem/Question- Long term storage

    One time, at band camp.....
  389. Miss Fitz

    Lobster Problem/Question- Long term storage shite. I asked for storage opinions and got two pages of unsolicited Man-drama. :eek: Heysoose Christo. Lesson learned.
  390. Miss Fitz

    Lobster Problem/Question- Long term storage

    Very good suggestions and factoids gents. I don't agree with the regulations on storage, but I will take the high road on commenting.
  391. Miss Fitz

    Lobster Problem/Question- Long term storage

    I've vacuum packed on card board, freezer bagged and had the same result. I was talking to a guy when I was at Squidco that told me he froze them whole? I've got a few in the fridge right now that are fresh dead that I need to clean up tonight. I'll probably stick to tailing and antennae...
  392. Miss Fitz

    Lobster Problem/Question- Long term storage

    I've killed my fair share of these tasty fuckers recently and need to start storing/freezing the bugs I can't eat fresh. For years I have been tailing them alive before freezing the tails uncooked. It works for me, but curious about how others store them. Do you: 1) Tail them alive and freeze...
  393. Miss Fitz


    OR, you do what I did yesterday: 1) rush home at lunch and prep bug gear 2) accidentally break $1000 Les Paul in process of prepping fucking gear 3) leave work early (after providing boss reach around)rush to the marina to "get out early" 4) WAIT an hour for the late guy 5) Get to spot late...
  394. Miss Fitz

    Fuel economy question

    yes. Try going to the manufacturers website and look up boat performance testing data. They should have a choice of different comparable boat test hull types and weights that you can use to compare against...BUT you need to know where your starting point is (your boats hull weight, boat weight...
  395. Miss Fitz

    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    I don't do JP's anymore....I got tired of giving all the winnings to the crew :Fondle: and always remember to tip at least 50% :D LOL
  396. Miss Fitz

    Looking for feed back -Galcier Bay 2690 Pilot House

    I only have one pic that is a side profile shot. I run this boat without needing trim tabs, hydrofoils or any other bolt on's to add lift. The PH version of this is pretty hard to find. Not many around and people hang on to them!
  397. IMAG0688


  398. Miss Fitz

    Miss Fitz

  399. Miss Fitz

    Looking for feed back -Galcier Bay 2690 Pilot House

    Not a fan of GB's, those hulls are called semi-displacement and are designed to ride lower in the water, hence "the sneeze". Also look at the fwd entry section of the hull, GB started making these weird forward fins to try and kick the bow up faster on the hole shot. They put a band aid on a...
  400. Miss Fitz

    What happened to Captain Joel Ralston?

    Quote from Joel circa 1995 from the Legend at Seaforth Sportfishing fishing yoyo for yellows "If it bites, it dies!!"
  401. Miss Fitz

    testing a transducer?

    Rut roh. I hope you aren't describing the good ol' "DSM connection lost" Raymarine classic. My C80 was doing that and could never be resolved. Hope you can figure it out!!
  402. Miss Fitz

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    The highly depleted stocks of Wormccaio's (Boccacio) have tons of these. I dislike the taste of those in the first place, but the worm thing means I release every single one. Yeeeckeee!!!
  403. Miss Fitz

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day...

    Arrrrrr you kiddin' me????LOL
  404. Miss Fitz

    Will be in Ensenada. Want to Fish! Any help?

    "Its 4 Reel" Have fun!!
  405. Miss Fitz

    Will be in Ensenada. Want to Fish! Any help?

    Contact Louie on It's for Reel. He's on here too. He also owns Tequila's Bar which is right next to the landings.
  406. Miss Fitz

    More balls than brains

    More balls than brains
  407. Miss Fitz

    This "Rating" thing. (This time Sober)

    No more ratings? After all that work coercing that ass ramming goat fucker to internet rape me...I feel cheated. I want my fucking Beibers back.
  408. Miss Fitz

    Sauerfish 371 Report and surprise Mako

    Is this a licensed 6 pack charter??? ....Sorry...couldn't resist LOL Nice pics
  409. Miss Fitz

    Waco Tunage 9/14 is your buddy for finding the right kind of water. Best money you can spend as a pelagic hunter. Glad you put the hurt on 'em!!
  410. Miss Fitz

    Which one of you Clairemont guys is selling fish?

    Y'all better hurry....I only have a few bags of tuna left : farmer :
  411. Miss Fitz

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    ...and "we" have nothing against the Sea Chickens...really, WE don't :loverz: But when some throws up an internetS softball by putting "Cali Pukes" in the title, whaddayaexpect?? I get SO internet angry I want to :Pillow_Fi
  412. Miss Fitz

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    Dear Ass Ramming Goat Fuck- Really?? That's all you got? LOL And is there a reason why you have to rope in the LGBT San Francisco chapter? I know you're probably a little frustrated and all, but using a derrogatory term like Fag is hardly cool and only shows your ignorance :Kick_emoticon...
  413. Miss Fitz

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    I was out yesterday at the 371...windy as fuck, but we didn't complain about it and caught 3 nice dodo's and a handful of yft's. Poke tonight was yuuUUUuummm :lux: Why are there hardly ever FISHING REPORTS in this section??
  414. Miss Fitz

    Fishing next to sport boats

    That's good stuff! I wish it was like a Big Group hug out there more regularly. If PB's are being respectful (ie:not cutting across chum lines) we could work together more often. Had the San Diego out of HM landing do the same thing a few weeks ago on the 371 and we killed it right along side of...
  415. Miss Fitz

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    Dear Goat Fucker- You seem to have a little case of internet constipation. Why don't you buy yourself some Ex-Lax and new galoshes for the rain next week? Win or lose You and your pale ass, wet, whining pals can keep your smelly NW mildew all to yourselves. #1 rule in Life= Location, location...
  416. Miss Fitz

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    Ok, ok, damnit...I bit the drop back bait.... But there's NFW I am wasting 37 minutes of my life watching that video ....and neither should you LOL Why so angry Buttercup?
  417. Miss Fitz

    Small weenie, large nut sack.

    Small weenie, large nut sack.
  418. Miss Fitz

    My Pee Hole Doesn't Pee....WTF?

    Another thing to consider is running Salt Away through the cooling system to break up salt obstructions. For a teeny tiny motor like that, you can use the standard "in line" mixer OR take a 5 gallon bucket, fill with water and the recommended Salt Away "dose". Submerge the lower unit intake into...
  419. Miss Fitz

    Give me a Break!

    Yeah...what a bunch of Iceholes!! :hali_ruahahaha: Sorry you had to end your fishing day so early :cheers:
  420. Miss Fitz

    Normandy, France Charter Fishing?

    So later this month I'm headed to France :gay: for 2 weeks and will have a whole week on the Normandy coast to kill. I've done some searches on the internets but the Googles hasn't found me squanto on a salt water operation in this area. I plan on doing a little tap water fishing in the area...
  421. Miss Fitz

    Homemade Line Winder.

    You got madd machining skills homie! I got line winder envy :daman:
  422. Miss Fitz

    My Pee Hole Doesn't Pee....WTF?

    When you say "water pump" do you mean "impeller"? I would check: 1) that the "key" that locks the impeller in place is still there (yes, you need to take it apart again) and the impeller is properly locked in place. 2) that the water jacket hose (if you have one) is still attached (not likely)...
  423. Miss Fitz

    WTB Kill Bag

    Check Melton's....they sent me an email maybe a week ago and had Reliable FP bags for 20% off. They may still be on sale...
  424. Miss Fitz

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    Wow. Waaaaay cool report and really awesome pictures. Way to kill it homie!:worship:
  425. Miss Fitz

    lets see how long this stays up

    haha!! You guys are SO funny. :gay: We should rename this forum "Drama Queens of the Pacific North West" Stop all the internet wining and just go fishing....jeeze.barf
  426. Miss Fitz

    VHF Radio Mayhem!

    Whaddaya mean? I waaaaaAAAaaasssss out there yesterday AND Saturday.......LOL
  427. Miss Fitz

    lets see how long this stays up

    Draggin' Nuts- There's a So Cal drama queer, I mean Queen the "Fishing Wahini" you may have A LOT in common with. Look her up. You two = Peas and carrots :idiot:
  428. Miss Fitz

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    Damn it. Someone has over thrown me for writing the most retarded post ever seen on this site. And I thought I had a chance.... FAIL.
  429. Miss Fitz

    Eclipse 1.5 day

    Way to represent the Potato State. Lookin good with the tuna blood/dolphin shorts combo :D Nice job sister!
  430. Miss Fitz

    My Feeling Are HURT!!!....put your story right here ladies

    Welp, there's some crazy INLANDER psychobitch (Waihini) posting today that I am sure you can piss off very easily. You may have already pissed her off because you don't have a vagina. Just sayin'
  431. Miss Fitz

    Tuna Blood 0 Housewife juice 1

    You had me at House Wife Juice :boobies:
  432. Miss Fitz

    East Cape shore fishing questions...

    Yep. These are deadly on a spinning rod. I have used the Red/White combo in PV at Punta Mita and had a blast fishing these. A nice 30-40lb outfit with spectra and a short top shot of fluoro and you are golden.
  433. Miss Fitz

    San Diego Ramp/bait info help please

    You may want to try Campland by the Bay. They have transient boat parking available on first come first serve basis. On Shelter Island, there alse was an overnight transient dock right next to the customs dock...
  434. Miss Fitz

    Fall-Winter trips booked.............. are you ready for Cow-Wahoo Fall-Winter season trips?

    You must have the wallet of someone AT LEAST 6'10" tall. :daman: No Maximus this year???
  435. Miss Fitz

    Held Hostage on the Assembly Required! (Ready to Assemble)

    Wow. I'm totally stunned anyone could run a boat like that and not end up wearing lead boots at the bottom of the sea at the end of the day. Jeff/RTA needs an enema..... RIGHT NOW : farmer :
  436. Miss Fitz

    8-20 302 YFT Finally killing fish again

    Those look like 5 year old frozen fish. Good job!
  437. Miss Fitz

    Electronics- Your favorite?

    Nice! Very impressive at that speed. All I get past 15knots is static and noise on my Raymarine C80 unit:rolleyes: Is that a shoot thru transducer by chance? I can't imagine getting bottom ping from a transom mount. Have you had to deal with any of the Garmin customer service? One of my...
  438. Miss Fitz

    Question - Rubber band sinker rigging for tuna

    Both nice set ups. The only thing I do differently is I add a barrel swivel and the last 3 feet is 50-60lb fluorocarbon ALWAYS with either a ringed hook or a perfection loop to the hook. The barrel swivel helps avoid line twist and the fluoro addition makes me feel more sneeky :Fondle: When...
  439. Miss Fitz

    How often to change impeller?

    I run 2x 140hp 2005 Suzuki 4 stroke motors. Impeller changing is so easy a Cave Man can do it. I do both motors at the start of every season.
  440. Miss Fitz

    Looking to update my electronics need help

    Amen to that statement! If you go RM, be prepared to spend a lot of time and money trouble shooting. I've owned 3 RM units from C80 to the C120 and had poor experiences. For fish finders, I'm Furuno all the way.
  441. Miss Fitz


    From websters on line dictionary: moron; mo·ron noun \ˈmȯr-ˌän\ a person affected with mild mental retardation. As used in conversation "I can't believe I never checked my tow hitch in 9 years of hauling. I feel like a complete moron". -Just sayin
  442. Miss Fitz

    Today (8/4) was excellent offshore!

    Bitchen bait tank/leaning post! Where'd you get? ....but I know you could have stuffed a few more bodies in there :-)
  443. Miss Fitz

    PB Boat Question RE: Passport V. CA DL

    So a friend was telling me that it's ok to fish a private boat in Mexi waters without a passport as long as you have a CA drivers license and Mex permit. I couldn't find any recent threads about this. Is this true or is there an internets link I can check/verify? -Zack
  444. Miss Fitz

    80-90# Tuna free-gaffed from a dock. Why was this fish even there?

    insane vid! I would have never believed the story without it.
  445. Miss Fitz

    Electronics- Your favorite?

    I'm strictly interested in MFD's (radar, FF, GPS). I'm done with Raymarine and interested what others feel is a good product with good customer service. Why do you like yours??? -Zack
  446. Miss Fitz

    Spineless Cousinstackle2

    Sorry Ed....Post#2 is just making things worse :deadhorse
  447. Miss Fitz

    The screw up on the Chief boat from H&M landing on the 1 and 1/2 day trip

    My second bag of popcorn is almost as delicious as my first. Refill on prune juice please!:hali_ruahahaha:
  448. Miss Fitz

    Heading to Cortez Bank this weekend

    Yes: Boat with LARGE fuel tanks!!
  449. Miss Fitz

    Suzuki DT140 help

    So there are a number of inexpensive things I would check for before you start replacing the expensive shit like the computer. Focus first on the fuel delivery system: 1) check spark plugs/wires for wear or carbon on spark plugs. Replace as required (not likeli your problem but check) 2) check...
  450. Miss Fitz

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?

    Popcorn's ready!!!:gay:
  451. Miss Fitz

    Raymarine C80 - General experiences

    I've experienced and have also heard a lot of negative press on RM even post FLIR acquisition. Better than before, but I don't think I'm going back to these guys. A buddy has the exact same year C80 as I do and his navigation is constantly on the fritz. He's sent his in multiple times and has...
  452. Miss Fitz

    Raymarine C80 - General experiences

    so lucky me, my Raymarine C80 has never had a fully functional suite of electronics (FF, GPS and Radar) all working. Most recently, the FF took a dump and was sent back for "repair" (never worked in the first place) and I got a $650 service bill with it. to date: $3000 initial purchase $400...
  453. Miss Fitz

    What VHF radio to buy?

    My ICOM-M502 just took a dump on me after 5 so-so years of operation. I have a budget of ~$400 for a replacement fixed mount unit. Recommendations? Any to avoid? -Zack
  454. Miss Fitz

    It's not the size of your dick so much as it's the size of your balls.

    It's not the size of your dick so much as it's the size of your balls.
  455. Miss Fitz

    Vessel Assist or Sea Tow?

    All harmonica players choose Sea Tow. Just sayin'
  456. Miss Fitz

    Volaris To PV

    I've done it once and it was just fine. The "airport" in TJ is pretty archaic, but I wasn't there to see the sights. The plane I was on was nearly brand new and the air-waitresses were SMOKIN hot. I hear there is also a bus that picks up somewhere in downtown SD and takes you to the TJ airport...
  457. Miss Fitz

    Guides for BOLA / email addresses

    Try Juan. He works for Guillermo and they have a pretty nice panga. He doesn't speak the best english, but he and Ivan work the waters together.
  458. Miss Fitz

    What Handheld VHF- Submersible

    Looking for a new handheld for the boat. I have a $200 budget. What brand and model do you like and why?
  459. Miss Fitz

    I love fishing, but I hate people.

    Try Seasons Sportfishing open party trips. There's a few others as well that offer open party