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  1. 427mandingo

    SOLD 2013 Parker 2320 loaded in excellent condition

    250HP Yamaha runs like new with 1000hrs hours Water impeller, internal and external anodes, fuel filters, spark plugs, lower gear oil and oil change just performed 4-Blade stainless steel prop for improved performance and fuel efficiency Permatrim plate Pacific Trailer with oil cooled bearings...
  2. 427mandingo

    SOLD Brand new Makaira 30 and 20 for sale

    Used once in new condition I have a gold Makaira 30 with 700yrds of 130lb power pro price lowered to $550 shipped. This cost over $700 with the line. Also have a brand new in the box silver SEA Makaira 20 I will ship for $550.
  3. 427mandingo

    SOLD Like new Talica 50

    My apologies but I can't find my older post so I want to put a fresh one up for a like new Talica 50 with 600yrds of 130lb power pro. I have only used this reel one time and had the line put on by Alan Tani. I can ship it for $750. The Talica 50 is the only reel for sale and the price is firm...
  4. 427mandingo

    SOLD Talica 50 with 130lb power pro Like New/Talica 16-2spd in great shape

    This reel has been used once and never caught a fish on it so yes its in BRAND NEW CONDITION. I don't come down to SoCal often enough to use it. The reel is in Mint condition. $750 Shipped and its yours. Talica 16 is now SOLD.
  5. 427mandingo

    SOLD Talica 50 Like New

    Bought new last year and used only once in like new condition. Loaded with 130lb power pro. $850 shipped
  6. 427mandingo

    SOLD Shimano TranX/Talica reels like new and lightly used and 2 Seeker rods

    I live in Northern California and unfortunately I'm not making it down to southern California as much as I had hoped for so Im willing to sell some gear. Talica 50 with 700yrds of 130lb power pro. Reel was used once. $850 shipped. Talica 25 with 550yrds of 130lb power pro. Reel was used two...
  7. 427mandingo

    SOLD Fishing reels-Talica-Tranx-Accurate

    I have 2 Talica 16 2spd reels with 65lb Powerpro moss green that are less than 2 years old and used less than a dozen times. I will sell one for $375 or both shipped for $700.00 I have 2 Tranx 500's a PG and a HG. I will sell each reel for $375 or both for $700 shipped, both reels also have...
  8. 427mandingo

    2.5 day on the Pacific Queen

    Fished with overall a great group of guys on Nov 3rd and 4th. Plan A was to fish the back side of SCI for the BFT bite that has been going on for over a month. The Navy had a large area shut down which caused us to head towards plan B which is fish Tanner for those YT and day two in Mexico for...
  9. 427mandingo

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day leaving tonight

    FILLED...... One spot left for tonight’s 7pm departure. As you know the boats are hammering the bigger grade bluefin. Had a friend that couldn’t make it due to health issues. 2.5 day trip leaving tonight. Normally $630 for this trip. If you want to hop on make me an offer to help off-set the...
  10. 427mandingo

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day leaving tonight 7pm. $350

    Hello all BD members. I have a friend that can’t makr the trip due to health problems. This opens up one spot on tonight’s 2.5 day departure. Boat returns Sunday morning at 6 am. Passport required. Normally this trip is $630. You can hop on for $350 to help off-set some of the Cost for my...
  11. 427mandingo

    Boat cover recommendations?

    Hello all, I am looking for a Quilty boat cover for my 2320 Parker that has a radar on a 18 inch mount. I don't use the boat as often during the winter and would like to protect while keeping it outside. Thank you. Manny
  12. 427mandingo

    SOLD Price drop.... $69k Yamaha Warranty....Smoking deal....

    This boat is loaded to the gills... 2015 Contender 24 with a 300hp Yamaha (580 hrs and counting) . Engine has warranty until May 2021. No expenses spared, Well suited boat for hardcore fishing or cruising friends and family. It is setup as a real fishing boat with creature comforts if you...
  13. 427mandingo

    SOLD 2008 Parker 21 CC DV with upgraded 225hp Yamaha

    470hours on the motor and all services performed on time. Recently installed new water impeller, internal and external anodes, plugs, motor oil, lower end oil and fuel filters. HD8 fish finder and new transducer. Hardtop with rocket launchers.Factory live well under the seats that works great...
  14. 427mandingo

    SOLD 2015 Contender 24 Sportfish

    The boat is fully loaded with SIMRAD electronics, JL Audio System, outriggers, huge fish boxes and more. Less than 100hours on brand new 300hp Yamaha. 2.5 MPG at 40mph and tops out at 57mph. With a 130gal fuel tank the boat has a 350+ mile range. Current CA registration on the boat and...
  15. 427mandingo


    The only reason why I am considering to sell the boat is I have a new Contender on the way. The Parker performs excellent with the 225hp yamaha in 2009 this model came with a 150hp. 300 mile Range with 100gal I just did the trip in San Diego fishing around Catalina for 3 days. The motor was...