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  1. surferkook

    furuno navnet VX2 NT Max complete

    That's a good deal, this otta go quick! Good luck with your sale
  2. surferkook

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    We have the same problem with our custom trailer built at PT, the trailer wench itself fully buckled due to being under sized for the boat we are pulling.
  3. surferkook

    Window housing repair

    The frames are cracked and broken the frames themselves are broken and falling apart, they are plastic not aluminum , I'm not sure if there is a replacement out there or if I'll have to custom order.
  4. surferkook

    Window housing repair

    The housing on both of my side sliding windows are falling apart on my 26ft Blackman outer banks, the windows are fine. Any suggestions on repair or is it going to be a custom replace project?
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  6. surferkook

    Little help

    So after going through the motor we found 2 problems 1 the gasket at the bottom of the aftercooler that goes around the drain plug had blown out causing air to flow out after the turbo causing a loss in pressure. Second was replacing the lift pump. All is working well now. Thank you all for the...
  7. surferkook

    Little help

    Volvo aquad 41A
  8. surferkook

    Little help

    i have a 26 ft Blackman outer banks, as I was crossing the channel the other day heard a pop and had Vietnam worthy black smoke, brought the rpm down and limped her in to the harbor... Engine is running fine when in neutral and throttles up fine, hooked it up to a hose out of water put in gear...
  9. surferkook

    FS: West Marine Dehumidifiers

    ill take them if you still got em, ill be in sd in 2 weeks to pick up our boat...
  10. surferkook

    Yeah we got it, went down to San Diego had it surveyed and did the sea trial. It's really clean.

    Yeah we got it, went down to San Diego had it surveyed and did the sea trial. It's really clean.
  11. surferkook

    WTB Davis or Blackman

    I sent the guy a message waiting for a reply still, bet that thing goes quick! Looked super clean for an 88
  12. surferkook

    WTB Davis or Blackman

    Thanks for the heads up! It's a little too pricey for us were in the 70-80k range
  13. surferkook

    SOLD !1988 Blackman Outerbanks

    Whats the best way to contact you?
  14. surferkook

    WTB Davis or Blackman

    looking to purchase a Davis rockharbor 25 long cabin or a Blackman outer banks, having a hard time finding anything. Any suggestions would help!
  15. surferkook

    trade for diesel pusher

    grrrrr only have 50k to spend but I love this boat
  16. surferkook

    Blackman 26 Outerbanks for sale

    Can you send me more pics please I'm very interested , i believe I've seen this boat on a while back. thanks ryan [email protected]