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  1. Tito ortiz

    Quick report 6/21

    Thanks on the hunt tomorrow.
  2. Tito ortiz

    On the hunt for these bluefin. The elusive Bluefin.

    On the hunt for these bluefin. The elusive Bluefin.
  3. Tito ortiz

    Anyone Find Them On Tuesday? Going Thursday.

    I will be out tomorrow 209-279 -ocean side. Been keeping track of these fish. Seems the temp break is in that area. If anyone is in that area I will be on 65. Let's work together to get these big tuna.
  4. Tito ortiz

    14 mile bank 6-20-16

    Thanks of the Intel.
  5. Tito ortiz

    Need new Fish finder

    Simrad is the best. Blows everything else away.
  6. Tito ortiz

    Whales, YFT and Wahoo Weekend 10-10,11

    Great report. Fishing dedication! I'm still on the hunt!
  7. Tito ortiz

    Has any one looked on FishDope?

    im seeing 78degree water off the double rigs and the shipping lane. Is it a miss print ?
  8. Tito ortiz

    Full moon.

    This is why I come on bdecks. All the Intel helps. These fish are here just need to bite. Thanks ppl
  9. Tito ortiz

    Full moon.

    How come the full moon makes fishing shitty? Every time we go out we get skunked. Waste of time on the 14 today. Let go new moon.
  10. Tito ortiz

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    Great sashimi,sushi& poke. You need to bleed and put them on ice for at least 2 hrs. I was in Thai land on a fishing trip. We caught a few and they served it up for lunch. It was very good. Raw is the way to go.
  11. Tito ortiz

    Sponsored by Okuma Fishing Rods and Reels. Also by Simrad electronics. Savage Gear and Morita...

    Sponsored by Okuma Fishing Rods and Reels. Also by Simrad electronics. Savage Gear and Morita custom gaffs.
  12. Tito ortiz

    Went catching at the 14. 9-7

    Got to my buddy Marcos dock at 4am in HB harbor. Made our way over to nachos to find out he didn't have bait. Busted out the canned cat food and sabikas started catching macs for bait. Made about 200 3-5in macs in about a 1 1/2 heard over the radio that bait is coming to nachos at 7 and it was...
  13. Tito ortiz

    Mission Yellowtail - Lil' Mijo in Long Beach

    The (Titoing dines) work huh? I just want ppl to go catching not just fishing! Good job guys. Nice fish.
  14. Tito ortiz

    Fishing in a barrel. It's called the 105. LBC

    Monster no weight. Just 7ft top shot of floro and a 6.0 circle hook. Big bait. Dines.
  15. Tito ortiz

    Fishing in a barrel. It's called the 105. LBC

    Chuck T I hate writing but when it's about something I love. It's fun.
  16. Tito ortiz

    Fishing in a barrel. It's called the 105. LBC

    El Nino is here! This week I've been doing short runs to the 105. So today I was going to make a day of it. Not 2 or 4 hours but from 7am till 2pm. Me and my buddy Dan left my dock at 7am on his 20ft Rabala. Made our way over to Nacho's for two scoops of dines. It was a mix of all size. Bigger...
  17. Tito ortiz

    8-19-15 solo. 105 and shoe

    Slooooooow trolllllll. That's the ticket. Just in gear.
  18. Tito ortiz

    Making every second count today. LBC

    Signing went great now catching a flight back to OC from LV. Time to put my boys to bed. They love summer.
  19. Tito ortiz

    Making every second count today. LBC

    So I have a signing in Las Vegas at 5pm. Had most of the day off just needed to make my flight at 315pm. Woke up at 730am. Made breakfast burritos for my boys,Amber and Me. The boys wanted to go fishing so I said,"let's go". Put a cooler together with some drinks,PB&J and fruit (no bananas)lol...
  20. Tito ortiz

    Today was a good day. 8-18

    Okumas rods and reels are sick. I used the Komodo bass reel and night stalker rod 7ft to catch three of those yellows. I'm stoked on the gear.
  21. Tito ortiz

    Today was a good day. 8-18

    Story short. I caught 4 ,Andrew caught 2 and Amber caught 1. This is one of my laziest post ever. Here's pics. Don't get any fresher thank to Okuma for the great rods and reels.
  22. Tito ortiz

    Today was a good day. 8-18

    I will finish it tomorrow. I got signed out half ways though my post.
  23. Tito ortiz

    Today was a good day. 8-18

    So I got some new rods and reels from Okuma and new gaff from Morita Custom Gaffs had to try them out. My girl Amber,Andrew from Stoked On Fishing had to do some catching. Today was camera day with Spike TV Fishing with Tito and Friends. Left the house at 530am. Pulled away from my dock and had...
  24. Tito ortiz

    Mastering the art of chunking

    Use all dead bait from the live tank. Chunk it and salt it in a bucket the bait will be fresher. 4-8 pieces ever 3 mins. I was hand feeding dodos two days ago. But salty the chucks keeps the fresh. Good luck.
  25. Tito ortiz

    Anyone fished the 43?

    Ive heard there some big bluefin being caught. Going Saturday night to fish Sunday. Bring out the big stuff from Okuma. Wish us luck. Any info please let me know.
  26. Tito ortiz

    We call it CATCHING!! 8.21.15

    And I broke a gaff on a BFT damn saitwater eating threw the aluminum.
  27. Tito ortiz

    We call it CATCHING!! 8.21.15

    Another weekday fishing or should I just call it catching? So took my boys to summer school at 830am then took my boat Team Punishment out with my girl,my son and my best friend with his mom ,brother & son to go Tuna catching. We got to nachos by 915 got some great scoops of deans and made our...
  28. Tito ortiz

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    Need to rig your boat with Simrad to find the fish and Okuma rod and reel with SavageGearUSA tackle to catch them. Oh ya look for birds and don't fish the full moon or weekends. Last thing bring lots of LUCK and no bananas on the boat. Lol
  29. Tito ortiz

    2.5 Ocean Odyssey

    That sucks. I went out half day for this.
  30. Tito ortiz

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Pete from temecula performance did all the work on the boat. It was a rebuild from the haul up.
  31. Tito ortiz

    Skunked Out Of Oceanside

    Stop going fishing and call it Going Catching. That's what I do. And use OkumaFishing gear and Savage Gear jigs. That's the ticket. Plus Simrad to mark the fish.
  32. Tito ortiz

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Here is where they were.
  33. Tito ortiz

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    This is my fish killing machine. 38ft fountain twin mercs with all Simrad outfitted. Handeled like a champ yesterday. Team Punishment
  34. Tito ortiz

    Bluefin off Oceanside

    I was there with you.
  35. Tito ortiz

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    I've been out of town doing PR for my next fight the last two weeks and watching all you guys catching bluefin. It was driving me nuts. So I got home Friday night rested and started by getting my boat fueled and ready to fish Sunday morning. We left HB harbor 5am. Stopped at Nachos for two great...
  36. Tito ortiz

    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    Stink Bert and she can fish too. She caught three and the biggest one 41lber
  37. Tito ortiz

    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    Started a little late fishing because of making sure my kids were in school by 830am. It didn't matter anyways. Got out the the 150 by 9am from Huntington Harbor. Got a half scoop of nice deans from Nacho then made our way out to the 150. Came up the the parking lot of boats and stayed west of...
  38. Tito ortiz

    Wide open leopard shark fishing. Just for fun.

    Weather hasn't been great so took my son and his two friends fishing in Huntington harbor on my boat. We anchored up at high tide 10pm just inside the harbor. Was trying to catch some batrays just for fun. Get my 12 year old and his friends to pull on a poor man marlin (Batray). The tide was at...
  39. Tito ortiz

    Stoked on Fishing. Fishing Catalina

    Fished Catlina today we had a great time it was wide open bonita caught and release but did keep some for lobster bait. Use 6-15 lb line to make it challengeing. Every cast 7 of us caught about 100 fish. plus one yellowtail about 14 lb. cold but great time abroad "Stoked on Fishing". This is...
  40. Tito ortiz

    All the yellows you want 15 miles west of Dana Point.

    Did another half day looking for tuna. I seen lots of boils but they won't bite. Pulled up to a paddie seen yellows and one dorado under it. Started chumming chunk deans first cast live bait,Hook Up! All the yellows me and girl wanted. Left with 7 yellows went on the hunt for tuna. Water went...
  41. Tito ortiz

    Dana point 15 mile out. YFT 8-4

    Got a late start out of HB harbor 1045am. Went 140 degrees out of HBH started working 15 mile outside of Dana Point. Water was 73.4-74.2 lots of birds seen fish boiling next to a paddie. Threw bait at them nothing! Started to chum then started to get marks on the simrad and my girl got bit at...
  42. Tito ortiz

    Fishing Dana point. Patty hopping

    The first patty I pulled up on I got One 15lb dodo and a small yellowtail 8lbs. I thought if I went more south I could pick up more fish on pattys but no luck. Going again in the morning but this time I'm staying n Dana point area.