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  1. kapnd

    Shark encounters

    Anybody else note an uptick in shark activity lately? Seems like all the rubbish I find has resident sharks, As well as the Aku schools, and it’s getting harder to get an Opelu onboard without generous taxation.
  2. kapnd

    ID these guides?

    These guides are the most durable I’ve ever had, they’re on a Calstar spinning rod thats always on the boat and takes a lot of abuse! If anybody can ID them for me, I’d like to put them on some other rods too.
  3. kapnd

    Need bent butt 80#

    Looking for an Aftco 80# bent butt, with a ferrule. can trade for straight butt,or?
  4. kapnd

    ISO Tuna tower

    Looking for a used tuna/Marlin tower for my boat. no need long legs, that will be all custom.
  5. kapnd

    Aloha Captain Noa

    Very sorry to report that Captain Noa Aluli has departed our ranks for the happy hunting grounds. His smile and wisdom will be missed on the deck of my boat, and by all that knew and loved him.
  6. kapnd

    Aloha Capt. Burt

    Burt Saito passed away last week, many here would more readily recognize him by “Mitsuo”, the name he put on his incredible lure heads. He was a great fisherman in his heyday, and Managed to stay in the game by producing truly great lures when he was no longer able to fish. His lures are...
  7. kapnd

    boat for sale

    Got a new project underway, must sell my best friend. This is a clean, well kept boat, could use a paint job, but very solid built. This boat is proven in rough water, crosses channels any day. Was completely rebuilt and repowered in 06 including stretching the hull by 3' for a loa of 32'. Power...
  8. kapnd

    boat for sale

    Got a new project underway, have to sell the old girl. 32' fiberglass hawaiian style fishboat, inboard, straight shaft 250 hp Cummins 6 BTA with 1800 hours, runs like a top 2:1 trans, 19x20 4blade prop Holds almost 200 gallons, dual stage filtration Two large insulated in-deck fishboxes, holds...
  9. kapnd

    bent bent butts?

    Oh, shit, here I go thinking again... I would like to "customize" the angle of some Aftco bent butts, increasing the bend, wondered if anybody has tried this? Will they take more bend, or will they break? Are they hollow? The reason being is that I really would prefer to have the 90deg...
  10. kapnd

    WTB Transmission

    Looking for a good used Twin Disc 502 with a 2:1 ratio call Don 8082653699 Mahalo
  11. kapnd

    marine transmissions

    I have two RTO marine transmissions for sale ZF 22 A 1.23:1 Twin Disc 502 1.52:1 Both are used, not pretty, and I don't paint them up to make them look new. Both run well, the Twin Disc needs an output shaft seal I am looking to buy or trade for a similar gear in a 1.75:1 or 2:1 ratio...
  12. kapnd

    marine transmission

    Looking for a good used ZF 220 a or a Twin Disc 502 with a 2:1 reduction. Thanks, Don 808 265 3699
  13. kapnd

    Glass Rx lenses

    I am having a hard time finding suppliers that will build quality GLASS prescription lenses. I spend a lot of time on the water, and salt spray is a fact of life, as is wiping the glasses about a hundred times a day, which no plastic lens known to man can hold up to for long. Nobody in my area...
  14. kapnd

    6-354 Perkins marine diesel

    Motor is sold, still have this stuff to unload I also have a remote V-drive, soft couplings and jackshaft, 1 1/4" x 71" propshaft, strut, thru hull gizmo, several propellors, everything you would need to convert your stern drive to a straight shaft setup. The more stuff you take, the cheaper it...
  15. kapnd

    Furuno FCV 561

  16. kapnd

    Assorted boat parts

    1 1/4" shaft, strut, couplings, stuffing box, 3 propellors, rudder/stuffing box 808 265 3699
  17. kapnd

    Trade Trips?

    I'm visiting Orlando, Florida in Nov, looking to hook up with some offshore BD'ers. Will share expenses or better yet trade trips when you visit Hawaii. Am particularly interested in swordfish, as I have never caught one, but any fish will do!
  18. kapnd

    trip trades?

    I will be in central Fla from 08 Oct to 10 Nov, would like to do some offshore fishing in return for same in Hawaii. Am willing to help out with expenses, just dont like to charter, as I am in that business myself, and would rather hook up with avid sportsmen/women than be treated like a...