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  1. Flyrbr

    Bringing Gear in (and out!) of Mexico

    I'm flying down to PV this December and want to know what the current Mexican customs regulations are for bringing in a couple outfits. Flying Alaska so baggage not a problem. I've heard reels have to have no line, you can bring in only 2 reels, etc. What's the real info?
  2. Flyrbr

    Bluefin off Morro Bay

    I heard that commercial fishing boats are netting 100# bluefin off Morro Bay? Fish are deep and lots of bait balls in the area. Any private boats been on them?
  3. Flyrbr

    Any news on Guadalupe re-opening?

    Any update on whether Mexico will allow fishing again this year at Guadalupe? Wondering if there has been any communication with authorities in Ensenada
  4. Flyrbr

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    I would like to know which boats are currently licensed to fish Guadalupe? I know there are some applications pending with the Mexican government but does anyone have a current list?
  5. Flyrbr

    Fluorocarbon shelf life

    It’s the start of a new season and I have a couple skeins and some partial spoolsof fluorocarbon leader material left in my box. Wondering what is the shelf life? Does it get oxidized and break down?
  6. Flyrbr

    2019 Salmon

    Any updates on the Salmon season opener around Monterey Bay this past weekend?
  7. Flyrbr

    April 6-7 Salmon

    Any reports around Monterey Bay on the Salmon season opener?
  8. Flyrbr

    Leupold VX3i LRP vs Nikon X1000

    I bought a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmore. I have narrowed the scope options down to a Leupold VX 3i in 6.5X20x50mm with a MOA Reticle or a Nikon 1000x in 6.5X23x 50mm with the illuminated MOA Reticle. Wondering if anyone has an opinion on the relative merits of each scope? Thanks
  9. Flyrbr

    Should have booked on Alaska Air

    Posting this to let others know about a snafu booking on United. I am on a 3.5 day fly down, fly back in PV. Expedia had a good selection to go out from my local airport and booked round trip through them. Flight down was American Airlines and started in SPB connected in Phoenix, then on to...
  10. Flyrbr

    Mexican License Fees

    Does anyone have the current fees for Mexican fishing licenses? Had a BD member post different numbers than my application print out. Weekly on my print out shows $23.20 but is dated effective 2008.
  11. Flyrbr

    Anyone running out of Monterey Bay area for albacore?

    I heard a couple of tips that there are some long fin being caught 45 miles out of Monterey? Wondering if anyone has been out there catching them?
  12. Flyrbr

    Best reel for SCT-RR701-XXXH

    I recently won a SCT-RR701-XXXH rod and was planning to use it for an 80# setup. I have a Makiera 16 sea which may work but wondering if a 20 would be a better choice if I want to go 80-100? Input would be appreciated.
  13. Flyrbr

    Hoping they come back...

    All three caught on poppers and light gear...not recommended for the faint of heart. Here's the last one over the rail, check out what's already on the deck. Here's hoping everyone gets a day like this!
  14. Flyrbr

    Fishing out of Sayulita

    I am going to Sayulita this April and want to know if anyone knows a local pangero or if there is a charters there. I know of a couple in Punta Mita but was wondering if Sayulita has any?
  15. Flyrbr

    Mak 20 SEA

    Got a hint that someone has a couple Mak 20 Sea to sell. Please text me price, line specs and photos of reels to 831-682-8759. Thanks
  16. Flyrbr

    Good ol' Slick Willie

    Campbells Soup has a new flavor: Clinton Soup. Basically its a wienie in hot water. Bill Clinton will go down in history as the first president to have sex in the White House between the Bushes. Kinda miss the old philanderer in chief.
  17. Flyrbr

    Ft. Bragg Area Salmon

    Am headed to Ft. Bragg the weekend of May 9th and wondered how the salmon fishing is lately. Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. Flyrbr

    Avet 3 speed reels

    Wondering how well the Avet 3 speed reels have been holding up? Anyone have any reviews, pros and cons?
  19. Flyrbr

    Rods and the NTSB

    I wonder if anyone has a good solution for transporting rods in a rod case as checked baggage. The NTSB has a real talent for breaking guides, tips and generally screwing up expensive gear. Any suggestions?
  20. Flyrbr


    There was a story about a Bhuddist monk who refused novocain during a root canal because he wanted to transcend dental medication.
  21. Flyrbr


    A Vulture gets on a plane with two dead raccoons. The stewardess says "sorry sir only one carrion per passenger."
  22. Flyrbr


    So this lady walks into a bar up in the Canadian Northwest Territory. She orders a drink and turns around to see a Mountie with his feet up on a chair at a nearby table. He had the biggest boots she had ever seen. The gal walked over and asked him "Is it true what they say about men with big...
  23. Flyrbr

    I'm sitting at a bar, minding my own business...

    So I'm standing at a bar in minding my own business and a gal comes walking in. She's maybe 5'4", dressed in black knit stockings a short skirt and a tight blouse unbuttoned to show off some really ample cleavage. This woman is at least a 300 pounder and had been whupped with the ugly stick...
  24. Flyrbr

    Longfins? Anybody seen any Longfins

    Wondering if anyone has any reports of albacore from Ventura north to Monterey Bay? Was some talk a couple days ago and no follow up since.
  25. Flyrbr

    Guadalupe Is.

    Anybody know if the Mexican fish and game has relaxed the regulations this year for long range charter boats out of San Diego to fish Guadalupe?
  26. Flyrbr

    jx Raptor

    I'm looking for a used Avet jx raptor right hand retrieve.