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  1. LucazVilla

    need a ride

    anybody needs a ho from sacramento planing to leave wed 18. fish till sunday either private or charter boats will pay bait gas time let me know 916 670 5628 like to know before wed. i have rods reels thanks you all forgot to ask which boats you guys recomend
  2. LucazVilla

    WTB sst,s

    looking to buy sst7530 sst6 sst8 in good condition Iknow someone out there has them
  3. LucazVilla

    For Sale Accurate Boss Extreme & 500N

    Accurate BX-500N: $350 Accurate BX-400N (Limited Edition) : $350 Rods are in pristine condition. Prices are firm. Both reels are single speed and are spooled with Spectra Line. Gear Ratio 4:1 for both reels. Don't have much use for them anymore. Anyone who is interested in taking these off...
  4. LucazVilla

    only rods left

    Rods: 2 Acid S.S. seekr 6480 lb 30-50 ------------------------------ $350 (each) 2 Seeker SSR 7650 lb 40-60 ---------------------------------- $200 (each) (Been on a boat ride, but never used) Calstar 700H Custom Turbo Guides ----------------------- $120 (Used by not abused) G Loomis PSR...
  5. LucazVilla

    ATD Accurate and seeker ssr7650 nee price $200.00 each rod

    Hi guys, I'm currently trying to sell the following: (2) Seeker SSR7650 40/60lb (New Condition) - $220 EACH! Accurate ATD 12 Topless - $700 Line 130 split 100 Limited Edition Gold (in really good condition!) Call me for more details at (916)-670-5628
  6. LucazVilla

    wtb tiburon

    hi fishermen looking to buy a tiburon reel 16 anyone got one and willing to let go give me a call 916 670 5628 it must be en good condition will be in san diego this friday leaving 9.30pm in 2 day trip
  7. LucazVilla

    Tiburon Reels (SST30, SST20)

    Tiburon SST30 - 9.5/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanics, 100 lbs hollow spliced to 130 lbs. - $395 Tiburon SST20 - 9.5/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanics - $375 Recently bought these reels from another BloodyDecker, but I haven't used them so I'm selling them Both reels have the added Tiburon washer for...
  8. LucazVilla

    Caught Wahoo W/30lb Fluorocarbon!

    Did it again this year! Went on an eight day fishing trip with Shogun to Guadalupe Island and Alejos. I caught a decent amount of Yellow-Fin that ranged from 47-64lbs. I caught some Wahoo that ranged about 37-68.8lbs. What's even crazier is how I caught the Wahoo. Originally, we were fishing for...
  9. LucazVilla

    Tuna & Wahoo Madness

    Did it again this year! Went on an eight day fishing trip with Shogun to Guadalupe Island and Alejos. I caught a decent amount of Yellow-Fin that ranged from 47-64lbs. I caught some Wahoo that ranged about 37-68.8lbs. I also caught a few Yellow-Tails. I lost 5 Yellow-Fin's because my line broke...
  10. LucazVilla

    WTS Accurate ATD 12

    Really good condition, almost new, no nicks Not the topless version Spooled with 80 lb braided line and 50 lb top shot fluorocarbon, ready to fish Asking $600 firm
  11. LucazVilla

    a blast of fish

    The wait of 3 and a half years for this was worth it. Pictures talk by themselves, had a great time, lots of yt, few bf. Lots of dodos, made our limits, few yf. No wahoo. Weather was great, looking forward to next year.
  12. LucazVilla

    need information long range trip

    going from 11 to 17 of octuber experencied guys need inf. what do may expect kin of gear in your exp.any inf, will be realy helpful they have a list of gear but always extra inf, is good thanks a lot
  13. LucazVilla

    necesito informacion

    alguien que me pueda informar como esta el clima y la pesca en cedros y san benito vamos a ir del 11 al 17 de octubre cualquier informacion va a ser de mucha ayuda muchas gracias
  14. LucazVilla

    more stripers at sacramento river

    went out again the next day fish were on fire got 2 more and fish and game was there got off early out i go got 1 at the end of the day they start hitting the bait but run out shine so maybe i will do another trip on the weekend. sardine is working for me
  15. LucazVilla

    Stripers at Sacramento River

    Went out to soak some sardine and grass shrimp. Too windy but i still managed to land these boys. Hated to keep the little one but it was bleeding really bad from the gills. You can see the length on the pictures.
  16. LucazVilla

    need help information

    hi guys does any body is familiar with lamiglas rod mc 66xhc 20-80 lb. 6'6" i dont know the compost and howmuch does it worth the rod is in perfect condition any infomation will be realy apreciated thankyou all
  17. LucazVilla

    waiting for albacore catching stripers

    went out to kill time soaking some sardine and got this boy off walnut grove
  18. LucazVilla

    Lingcod, Crab, and Rockfish

    went out from emeryville a week before christmas looking for lings and some rock fish. At the beginning i did suck. the next to me was catching 3 and 4 at a time, while i was only catching 1, then i started targeting lings. i lost 1 and managed to land this baby. i ran out of bait so i...
  19. LucazVilla

    Epic Albacore off of Monterrey

    My friend Frank took me from Salida for the first time to chase albacore and it was epic, we killed them all:2gunsfiring_v1: <a href=""><img src="" title="Hosted by" alt="" /></a> <a href=""><img...
  20. LucazVilla

    Accurate BX30 vs. Tiburon 30

    Which one would you recommend, and why?
  21. LucazVilla

    Rods & Reels

    Avet Pro EXW 50/2. Spooled with a 130 lb test hollow core line. Its in good condition. $350 <img src="" alt=""> <img src="" alt=""> <img src="" alt=""> <img src="" alt=""> Okuma...
  22. LucazVilla

    Stripers are Running

    First time this season, got lucky. <a href=""><img src="" title="Hosted by" alt="" /></a> <a href=""><img src="" title="Hosted by" alt="" /></a> :2gunsfiring_v1:
  23. LucazVilla

    Rockfish and Lincod

    I went off fishing Emeryville aboard the Captain Hook and I caught my limit while the other people got seasick and barf. My bonus was a nice 5.7 lb Lincod.
  24. LucazVilla


    I need help and advice on long range trips, 6 to 10 day looking sep. / oct months next year ? reels size ? rods rate? Hopefully fishing at Alijos. Any help will really be appreciated. I have seen/heard many guys saying to use one reel and some say another.Please someone tell me sizes of reels I...
  25. LucazVilla

    Top Gun Rods?

    I have one thats rated 40-100 pounds, it also has rolled guides . My purpose is to use it for yellowfin tuna. Is it good for that purpose? Ill be using an Avet EXW 50 along with it. Any advice? Id really appreciate it. Thanks