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  1. Colbachlaw

    10/3 CR tuna. 48 fish in 3 hours with newbies.

    After a slow Friday, I was not too optimistic about Saturday. We ran to 46.00 x 125.00 (The Corners) and got a bait stop going within 5 minutes. It never slowed down and around 3 hours later both our boxes and a big kill bag were full of larger tuna. The commercial guys 10 miles outside of...
  2. Colbachlaw

    9/30 CR tuna. WFO.

    I got a text from my guys around 2 that they had a 1.5 hour bait stop and were "beyond plugged". They were around 60 miles or a bit more NW of Ilwaco. We have had very solid fishing for a few weeks and it appears to be getting better. This could be on hell of an October. Mike C
  3. Colbachlaw

    CR 8/27 tuna report. WFO.

    I just heard back from my captain. WFO. Jumpers everywhere. Landed 46 PIGS and lost another 90. Mark Coleman's crew killed them as well. Pretty much anywhere on the 125 line was WFO. A commercial buddy had over 1,000 at 3:30 PM when I talked to him. I can't wait for boat call tomorrow...
  4. Colbachlaw

    8/19 CR/WP tuna. WFO.

    I just heard from my captain that it was "wfo x 4" today (first time he has ever said that), and they were running in with 70 plus tuna. Fishing was as good as it ever gets at 46.10 x 126.10. Coleman had pretty much the same fishing a lot closer to home. Another buddy did 50 plus at the...
  5. Colbachlaw

    Ilwaco tuna 8/1-8/3. Great to decent fishing.

    The tuna are around in good numbers SW of the CR (45.20-46.10 x 125.10-40), the farther SW you go, the more fish there are. We ran into a bunch of jumpers on 7/31 and put 40 in the boat with three VERY good fishermen (one guy got 10 on iron) and a couple of guys who are still learning. We...
  6. Colbachlaw

    7/23 CR tuna report. WFO. It is on.

    Tuna have finally shown up in good numbers. Coleman has been killing them for around a week. This week we had a 20 fish day, a 29 fish day, and then all hell broke loose and Captain Clark and our crew had a wide open bite yesterday and put 71 on the deck, most on bait. A buddy nearby got 79...
  7. Colbachlaw

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    A bunch of us NW got the SD tuna bug after a fantastic trip on the New Lo Ann. We booked the whole boat for a trip this year, but some of us want to do another trip or two but not overnight trips. Are there any big (40' plus) fast (25-30 knot) 6 pack tuna charters out of San Diego? We are...
  8. Colbachlaw

    3/19 CR bottom fishing report. Excellent fishing.

    My crew and I were tired of sheltering in place and decided to take Shake N Bake on a shakedown run for bottomfish. We ran south to Cannon Beach and were into fish right away and it never stopped. We had easy limits in around 2 hours. It was probably the best bottom fishing I have seen out of...
  9. Colbachlaw

    Is April too early for SD tuna?

    After seeing the recent reports some of us NW tuna guys are jonseing for tuna and thinking about doing a 2 or 2.5 day trip. We don't know a ton about SD tuna other than one amazing trip on the New Lo Ann last fall. We are thinking about April, May, or maybe June, we can't go any later due to...
  10. Colbachlaw

    6 pole charter license for lease. $4K OBO.

    I have a 6 pole salmon/tuna charter license for lease for 2020. $4K OBO. If you are interested, shoot me a PM. Mike C.
  11. Colbachlaw

    11/4 New Lo Ann report. 11 BFT, 104 YFT.

    Just got back from a great trip on the NLA. 17 of us (three missed the plane and two no showed) just finished a 2.75 day trip on the NLA out of San Diego. 104 YFT, and 11 BFT. Total weight 3,666 lbs. 17 fish the first day and then a 98 fish stop the second day that lasted most of the day...
  12. Colbachlaw

    10/2 CR tuna. Damn good. Plugged.

    We got a good report of lots of albacore and big BFT, we decided to head SW out of Ilwaco. We slept in because of the big tides and left the bait dock around 8:45. We ran SW to the 124.54 or so. We were into fish within 10 minutes and in them for the next 3-4 hours until we plugged the boat...
  13. Colbachlaw

    Any advice for a 2.75 day trip on the New Lo Ann?

    My buddies and I booked the whole boat for 11/1. I emailed the info at New Lo Ann, but did not get a response. Most of us are NW albacore guys with not much SoCal experience and none on this boat. We have the basic gear info down, but any next level and boat specific tips would be...
  14. Colbachlaw

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    We ran out of the CR, but were pretty close to WP. Into fish right away and left a wide open bite with 75 fish at noon. Amazing. Coleman's boats did the same. This season is just getting going. Mike C
  15. Colbachlaw

    Tuna still hot.

    Ran NW. Peeled Coleman off his regular spot with a report too good to ignore, so he ran west with us. Mark got into them before us and got 70 fish in 2 stops. It took us a little longer and we were plugged too. Mike C
  16. Colbachlaw

    CR tuna still great. 9/14 report

    Lots of fish at the 124.42 and west. Sloppy ocean and lots of wind made it challenging, but we still put 50 in the box and headed home early to beat the bar. Today was probably the best full moon fishing I have ever seen. A commercial buddy was 60 miles south of us and killing it. More fish...
  17. Colbachlaw

    CR 9/11 tuna. Still excellent.

    We ran SW to the 124.48 and had an excellent morning bite, but a low conversion rate, but our conversion rate steadily picked up. We had lots 3-5 fish stops off of single troll fish. Ended up plugging the boat with 55 tuna. It is just getting started. I can't wait for October. Mike C
  18. Colbachlaw

    CR tuna 9/7. Awesome.

    We left late and were done by 11am with 72 tuna. We got bit letting the first jig out and it never slowed down. Fish are in as close as the 124.30, but most fish are at the big temp break at the 124.45. Fishing cannot get any better, but every time I say that, it does. Mike C
  19. Colbachlaw

    CR 8/30 WFO tuna fishing.

    The forecast was not that great, but we had our two best sticks coming and they said they would take a beating if fishing was good. We slept in and did not leave the bait dock until 8:30, as there was a BIG exchange. We were in fish right away and more than half plugged when Mark Youngblood...
  20. Colbachlaw

    8/25 CR tuna report. Awesome.

    Rinse and repeat from yesterday. We had 44 tuna early and our 5 person crew called it so they could get their fish processed and get on the road early, plus 4 pm at home with momma and baby sounded pretty good to me. Mark Coleman absolutely crushed it north of us, like WFO, bat shit crazy. If...
  21. Colbachlaw

    8/24 CR tuna report. Wide open.

    Slow in the morning and then built to WFO by one. We left a wide open bite and deck stacked a few. It was hot from GB to WP. 124.42 W and on out. Go get em. Mike C
  22. Colbachlaw

    CR and WP fishing is red hot.

    Yesterday out of the CR was amazing. We put 42 in the boxes and then hit a WFO, every bait gets bit, fish fighting over our bait, 30 fish stop to end the day. Today was a little windy and sloppy, but the fish were stupid, hungry, and thick and we plugged the boat with 57 by 1 pm. Mark Coleman...
  23. Colbachlaw

    CR tuna fishing is pretty good.

    We ran Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 130 three day total. Not as great as it sounds, as the are a smaller grade of fish, but still tons of fun. Fish up and down on the .43-55 W line. Great troll bite (everything worked) and just OK bait bite- the fish are acting like it is July. See you...
  24. Colbachlaw

    Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today. Great fishing.

    Lots of fish died off the CR today. A little south of straight out, from the 124.31 to the 125. We got 55 fish around the 124.43. Pretty much everyone cleaned up. Time to head west and catch some tuna. Mike C
  25. Colbachlaw

    2019 Ilwaco Tuna Club kickoff party and tuna seminars. Saturday 6/22.

    It is time to announce the 2019 ITC kickoff party and tuna seminars. It starts at 1:00 PM at the Ilwaco Tuna Club: There will be lots of great information, food, and beer. Fish Hunt Northwest will be onsite doing a live broadcast and Bob's Sporting Goods will be...
  26. Colbachlaw

    Fishing got good again. 9/28 tuna report.

    After some encouraging reports from Mark Coleman, we headed SW out of the CR. We did not get a strike for the first 3 hours and everyone was doing lousy, the AM bite usually sucks during a full moon. Around 1:30, the fish popped and we started picking them off. It got better and better, and...
  27. Colbachlaw

    8/21 CR tuna report. Still hot.

    We ran NW out of the CR to the 125 line and saw jumpers, so we put in and got bit up right away. It was typical September fishing, with lots of jumpers that went down a lot of the time. Very good troll bite with 1-2 on bait afterwards- we only had two scoops, due to the Ilwaco bait problem...
  28. Colbachlaw

    CR 8/9-11 tuna report. Excellent fishing right now.

    We just got done with a 3 day run. Two days we ran deep SW of the corners we left late and plugged the boat (40-50 fish) early both days- one day we had 17 bait stops, and both days our conversion rate was around 50%, so we hooked a lot of fish. Yesterday it was dead SW and we heard the...
  29. Colbachlaw

    Mayday during WTC/DCC. Anyone know how it ended up?

    Last Saturday I heard a boat call the CG and tell them they were taking on water around 46.20 x 125.05. We were crossing the CR bar, so too far away to do anything. A few minutes later a mayday went out and Cape D sent out 47' as we were passing the station. I am guessing it ended up OK, as I...
  30. Colbachlaw

    Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today.

    They finally showed up today. A buddy got 44, 34 on the troll and 10 on iron, around the corners. Imagine what he could have done on bait. They are definitely within the reach of Westport, if your boat is not too slow, and an easy run from Ilwaco. Some were caught as close as the 124.36 W...
  31. Colbachlaw

    Looking for this drain for aft bait tank.

    My boat was made on the east coast and my aft bait tank is not set up for anchovies and they tend to get sucked into the overflow. I saw that Rock Solid has what I am looking for and I am guessing that it was put on the boat when it got to CA. Anyone recognize this and if so, can you tell me...
  32. Colbachlaw

    WA 6 pole salmon charter license for lease. $5K OBO.

    I had a deposit down on the lease, but the deal fell through, so the license is back up for lease. If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM. Mike C
  33. Colbachlaw

    Guadalupe question. Does a private boat need a permit?

    I am thinking of basing my boat out of SD next winter and have been looking at the fishing options. I live up north in OR and know jack shit about SD LR fishing. My only relevant experience is fishing Cedros on my boat on the way home through the canal. Do I need a permit to fish Guadalupe...
  34. Colbachlaw

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    I did my first SD offshore trip a few weeks ago. 2.5 day boat ride- they had not caught a tuna all year until the end of our second day when we finally convinced them to quit running over the boiling tuna and slide in instead, and my deckhand caught their first BFT of the year. We were done...
  35. Colbachlaw

    Furuno Navnet VX2 plotter and 6' 12KW open array for sale.

    I am upgrading all of the electronics on Shake N Bake so it is time to get rid of the old stuff. I have two 10.4 Furuno Navnet VX2 displays for sale for $1,000 each. I have a 6' 12KW open array radar for sale for $2,000. All items should have the necessary cables and anything else needed to...
  36. Colbachlaw

    October 2nd tuna report. Unreal.

    We got some intel from Mark Coleman and ran WAY north out of Ilwaco, a little north of WP. We never quite made it to our numbers when we saw a HUGE pile of birds and tuna. Three hours and almost a hundred tuna later we were headed home. This is shaping up to be the best October ever and I...
  37. Colbachlaw

    9/27 WP tuna fishing excellent right now.

    Yesterday we ran way, way up from Ilwaco due to some intel from Mark Coleman. We got a couple right away and then burned circles in the ocean. An hour or so later, Jarrid, from Allrivers, called us in on a wide open bite. Before we got to his numbers we saw a HUGE school of jumpers. Two...
  38. Colbachlaw

    WFO tuna bite right now.

    Time to head west. It is as good as it gets right now. We are booked out. Mark Coleman (thanks for calling us in) and crew have been putting on a tuna killing seminar and he may have some seats left. This is the year of years. Mike C
  39. Colbachlaw

    Washington 6 pole charter license for lease.

    I have a license that I will not be using until I pick up a second boat in 2017. The lease would be for the 2016 season. $6,000. Contact me at: [email protected] Mike
  40. Colbachlaw

    Looking for WA salmon charter license.

    We (Shake N Bake Sportfishing) are looking to add a second boat for 2016 and we are looking for an additional license. For some stupid reason WA requires a salmon license for a tuna charter. If anyone knows of anyone who wants to sell or lease a license, shoot me an email...
  41. Colbachlaw

    Red hot of the CR right now.

    This whole season has been great for Shake N Bake, but this week has been unreal. The last 4 days we have plugged the boat and then some, fishing the south side of the Astoria Canyon. Yesterday we did not even make it out to the canyon, as we saw jumpers, stopped, and plugged the boat. We...
  42. Colbachlaw

    Cedros now has diesel. No more paying $6 a gallon at Turtle Bay

    I just finished the Cabo to San Diego run on my boat. We stopped in Turtle Bay for diesel and it was $6 a gallon!! We spent two days at Cedros Outdoors resting, eating, drinking, and fishing. I cannot say enough good things about the owner, Jose, and his staff. The view is absolutely...
  43. Colbachlaw

    Cabo to San Diego fishing trip. Advice needed.

    Guys, I just got done running my boat from FL to Cabo. Next month I am running her from Cabo to SD. The plan is to fish up and take on fuel in Turtle Bay. I have never fished this stretch. Any advice on where and what to fish would be appreciated. Thanks, Captain Mike
  44. Colbachlaw

    4th of July in Newport Beach. Any way to get a slip?

    I am passing through Newport Beach on my way to Oregon and would like to stopover for a couple of days around the 4th of July. I have no clue if it is easy or impossible to get a transient slip for a couple of days. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Captain Mike
  45. Colbachlaw

    Running from Cabo to San Diego in June. What fish should be biting?

    I should be running my boat from Cabo to San Diego the second week of June. I have a 2,000 mile range at 8 knots, so we will be near troll speed most of the way to save fuel. Any suggestions on what to target would be appreciated. Due to time constraints, we will be underway most of the time...
  46. Colbachlaw

    Need to buy large bait tank in SD. Suggestions?

    Guys, I am picking up a boat on the east coast and running her home to OR. On the way back, I am going to layover in San Diego for a couple of weeks and want a large livewell installed in the middle of my 155 sq ft cockpit. I have searched online and I like the looks of the Pacific Edge 140ST...
  47. Colbachlaw

    1989 48' Viking. $155K

    I clearly have a boating problem, as I looking to move up after dumping tons of $$ in my Viking. I would consider a trade up for a LR Elliott, Aguillar, or similar. All new electronics (3 12 inch Raymarine touch screens, HD open array and CHIRP), carpet, upholstery, enclosure, underwater...
  48. Colbachlaw

    9/1 CR tuna report. Good fishing.

    After a lousy Friday (6 fish and a medical emergency, so only an hour of fishing), things picked up Saturday. We slept in and left the dock at 8:30. Lines in around 10:30 and we started picking up singles right away on the troll. It picked up pretty quickly and we started doing 9-12 fish per...
  49. Colbachlaw

    7/25 CR tuna report. A bad day for tuna and a good day for fishermen.

    Headed west at 8:00 am. Dropped gear at 8/45. Into fish right away and steady all day. Called it a day at 35. This weekend should be even better when the ocean sits down a bit. Mike C
  50. Colbachlaw

    2 Accurate Twinspin 30's. $600 each or trade for Twinspin 12's

    I have two Accurate SR-30's that are too big for what I fish for. Both have not been used since they were completely gone over by Accurate last month. Both are in excellent condition, as I used them very little. I am asking $600 each and I am not interested in low ball offers, as I do not...
  51. Colbachlaw

    Ilwaco OTC charter boat division. You don't even need to own a rod to fish the OTC.

    Guys, The Ilwaco OTC wants to make the OTC open to everyone who wants to fish, so this year there will be a one rod, one person, one fish charter boat division. Each team will be only one guy and you are free to go on any charter boat you want to This opens up the Ilwaco OTC to people who...
  52. Colbachlaw

    Ilwaco OTC charter boat division. You don't even need to own a rod to fish the OTC.

    Guys, The Ilwaco OTC wants to make the OTC open to everyone who wants to fish, so this year there will be a one rod, one person, one fish charter boat division. Each team will be only one guy and you are free to go on any charter boat you want to This opens up the Ilwaco OTC to people who...
  53. Colbachlaw

    Go Fisch 48' Viking. Anybody have any intel on it?

    I closed on a 1989 48' Viking and was looking at the history of the boat and it turns out it was the original Go Fisch, owned by the Offshore Adventures guy. Anyone know the boat? Looks like George Fischer owned it until 2000 when it was bought by the guy I got it from. It is a really small...
  54. Colbachlaw

    Anything worth fishing for out of SD in April or May?

    I Just picked up a 48' Viking in SD and will be leaving it down there until I can run it up north to WA in June. Obviously, I want to play with my new toy as much as I can between now and then, plus I want to get familiar with it before my big run home. I don't mind running offshore 40-80...
  55. Colbachlaw

    Any tournaments in Cabo or close by during Jan-May?

    I will hopefully have a boat in Cabo San Lucas for the first 5 months of next year. I have never tournament fished down south, but if there is one during this time period and it is not too much $$, I might give it a shot. I will probably head down before the IFGA and prefish with some friends...
  56. Colbachlaw

    35' Bertram for sale. $44K

    As much as I hate see her go, I have made an offer on a new boat and it is time for Shake N Bake to find a new home. She is turn key and truly maintained with an open checkbook. Shake N Bake is a 1979 35' Bertram convertible that is set up for tuna fishing. She had two big blocks with around...
  57. Colbachlaw

    Running from SD to Cabo in January. Where and what should I fish for?

    Things are starting to fall into place for me and some buddies to run a 48' Viking from San Diego to Cabo in the first week of January. I have fished out of Cabo in my own boat a bunch, but never fished Mag Bay or any other stops along the way. No real schedule, so we can stop and fish as much...
  58. Colbachlaw

    Look for good surveyor in San Diego

    I am making an offer on a late 80's Viking and if the deal goes through, I will need a good surveyor. I am coming from up north and don't know a soul in SD, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike C PS- If anyone has any info, good or bad, about a 48' Viking named "Magic"...
  59. Colbachlaw

    NW "money" tuna tournament

    If anyone wants an excuse to head north for NW albacore fishing, here it is. Looks like we are going to have our first "money" tuna tournament in the NW this year. Ilwaco is at the mouth of the Columbia river and features some unreal albacore fishing. Plenty of guest...
  60. Colbachlaw

    2 Accurate Twinspin 30's. $550 each

    I have two twinspin 30's in excellent condition. One has not been used since it was serviced by Accurate last year. The other has been used for albacore around 15 times since new. Great reels, just going with something cheaper, as my crew has donated two rods to neptune and I can't bear to...
  61. Colbachlaw

    2 Accurate twin spin 30's. $600 each or trade for 12's

    I have two twin spin 30's that are in excellent shape and have been used around 10 times each. One was just serviced by Accurate and has not been used since it was serviced. These reels are bigger than I need, so I never use them. $600 each or might trade for some twinspin twelves. Mike C
  62. Colbachlaw

    Mexico saftey put in perspective

    I just ran across this xtranormal video that puts things in perspective. Gringo Gazette TV - Safety In Mexico Numbers don't lie. I spend 3-4 weeks a year fishing in Cabo and it has definitely changed since last time I was here. Everyone is more friendly and everything is cheaper. I think...
  63. Colbachlaw

    Tuna are still out there. 10/3 tuna report.

    Went out of the CR on Saturday. Hitched a ride on a friend's 36' Yellowfin. Nothing like running out for tuna at 40 knots. Warm water everywhere and a flat ocean. Could never get fish going on livebait and caught 15 of our 19 fish on swimbaits. Scarab Chris was fishing his 36' Scarab on the...
  64. Colbachlaw

    The stripers have showed up in Cabo

    After a few real long boat rides to the Iman and Gordo banks, we decided to stay close and just fish for marlin. The first few days were frustrating, as we watched Extraction and some other boats catch marlin while all we did was drowned bait. I was really frustrated, but Extraction told me...
  65. Colbachlaw

    Have the Golden Gate stripers started to show yet?

    I am headed down in three weeks and I haven't seen any Golden Gate reports. I am guessing it is nothing like last year or I would have heard about it by now. Thanks, Mike C
  66. Colbachlaw

    CR 8/27- who is fishing?

    Shake N Bake will be headed out thur morning around 7 to go hunt for tuna. Headed north to around 124.50 x 46.22. If you are out there thur, we will be on channel 11. Besides bait, the hot ticket on monday was anchovy patterned swimbaits. They outfished livebait on most of our bait stops...
  67. Colbachlaw

    8/24 CR tuna report

    Ran out to 124.50 x 46.22 today. Tons of jumpers everywhere. Ended up with 29 on cedar plugs, plastics, and livebait, and could have come home with a bunch more, but we were low on ice. Flat ocean and sunny skies. Mike C
  68. Colbachlaw

    Where to stay in Westport for tuna tourney

    I am 90% sure I am fishing the Westport tournament. I am not running Shake N Bake up and will be fishing on a buddy's boat (thanks DirtyE). I would like to stay somewhere within 20 minutes of the dock. What is the best place to stay? It is my fiance's first fishing trip so I want her to stay...
  69. Colbachlaw

    Any Golden Gate reports?

    I am headed down for a week of fishing on the 16th. I haven't been fishing since late December, when the striper bite was wide open. Anyone been out striper fishing lately? Is it still pretty easy to make bait once I get out to Golden Gate? Thanks, Mike C