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  1. kapnd

    what are you all using re bang sticks?

    I like a .357/38, it gives me the option of a high powered load if I need it, but the 38 ammo is adequate for most fish.
  2. kapnd

    Shark encounters

    Last trip was up into X and LL area, had sharks everywhere, spotted several just free swimming.
  3. kapnd

    Shark encounters

    Anybody else note an uptick in shark activity lately? Seems like all the rubbish I find has resident sharks, As well as the Aku schools, and it’s getting harder to get an Opelu onboard without generous taxation.
  4. kapnd

    Boat fuel tank ??

    When it’s half empty or so, it can generate some serious punching effort, possibly damaging to the tank and/or the boat, and definitely making air ingress a problem. I’ve made some insert baffles by cutting a slot in the top of he tank
  5. kapnd

    Loreto, MX – Baja’s Natural Jewel

    Link doesn’t work
  6. kapnd

    PEI Tackle

    Your line probably got damaged by another fish running across it. Schooling Yellowfin have done this to me more times than I care to remember! the heaviest of lines will part easily when abraded under tension.
  7. kapnd

    Bonita Sushi!

    Yes, and then add a generous helping of rock salt. ice melt will dilute the salt water, though it will melt slower with added salt. Never wash your fillets In fresh water, it destroys the flesh. Learn how to cut fillets correctly, and they won’t be bloody, so no need to wash, just wipe down...
  8. kapnd

    Is the South coast good for trolling Pelagics? (Oahu)

    70 gallons = Limited range, then! Waianae often has Pelagics close to the harbor. South side can require substantial fuel to find fish. Truly offshore anywhere in Hawaii is most often guaranteed to be rough going, buckle up!
  9. kapnd

    Oahu Buoys.

    J has been missing for quite some time, II broke off more recently too. North shore fishing has been truly a hunt latey, burning some fuel! Fatpapio, thanks for the tip!
  10. kapnd

    Anyone remember Covid fishing rules?

    They change out the harbor masters frequently, just to insure that nobody knows WTF is really going on.
  11. kapnd


    Lucky you got to see the nw Islands, most ordinary mortals will never get that chance!
  12. kapnd

    Trolling help newbie

    This is key! if I fish offshore 3 days in a row, I’m 3x the fisherman on the 3rd day than I was on day 1. When it’s hot, anybody can just ride around and hook a fish, but that’s pretty rare. It helps tremendously to have some fresh intel to go on. Go to the ramp in the afternoons and snoop around!
  13. kapnd

    28 Foot Force Project

    How’s about some action photos? I’m sure you’ve been real busy with this Ahi season! Boat looks great, got any performance numbers ?
  14. kapnd

    Visiting Kona - Who wants to fish?

    You’d probably be quite welcome in Florida...
  15. kapnd

    Do you use a flying gaff for big BFT?

    My favorite wood handle is Hickory, but its hard to get! the last batch I made, I used 1 1/4“ dowel stock, just took my time plowing through the stock to find nice straight grain, good weight, and no checking. Bamboo works well, but must be correctly dried and seasoned or it will split soon.
  16. kapnd

    Visiting Kona - Who wants to fish?

    Smart and healthy people are not getting on airplanes And going to other locations right now, or taking strangers aboard Their vessels for a days close contact. suggest you plan your trip for a much later date, 14 days in a hotel room will make you crazy 😝!
  17. kapnd

    Do you use a flying gaff for big BFT?

    Flying gaffs are old school, I carry one on the boat, but haven’t used it in years. Im contemplating moving up to a harpoon. flying gaffs tend to have really huge hooks, hard to sink it anywhere besides right in the sashimi, and that’s strictly prohibited on my boat! Theyre also clumsy, way too...
  18. kapnd

    Priority mailing fish?

    My neighbor buys “Omaha Steaks” , they ship in strong styrofoam coolers with dry ice, and it keeps Meats frozen for several days. they’re probably the same one Uline sells. I get the used boxes, haven’t tried shipping, but did take frozen fillets to the east coast With no problem. They're the...
  19. kapnd

    Calstar colors through the years

    The fish don’t care what color the rod is! Id sure like to find some of the guides like in the pic, they’ve held up to heavy abuse and braid over at least 10 years, and there’s no ceramic eyes to pop out!
  20. kapnd

    Hawaii Kai ramp B.S

    All the harbors are in need of the most simple maintenance, as well as major repairs like the HK and Kahana ramps. For double the slip fee, I don’t even get a key to the restroom, those are only available to commercial customers! No aloha to be found anywhere upstairs at DLNR.
  21. kapnd

    Which FF and GPS are you using?

    The 585 with 1 kw should read bottom in the thousands of feet. check your connections and grounding, make sure the transducer is not painted over with copper containing bottom paint. If you don’t have a manual, download one and make sure your installation and setup is kosher, and not suffering...
  22. kapnd

    How to deal with my bottom paint

    Don’t forget that the product you remove is highly toxic, as well as any dust and fumes generated by removal. Please investigate local law regarding disposal, especially if you like your grandchildren!
  23. kapnd

    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    A centrally located bait tank is so much more convenient to use, it’s well worth the work to plumb it in.
  24. kapnd

    What’s my boat worth?

    I’d never sell a chick magnet like that!
  25. kapnd

    Custom Bait Tank Questions

    Pull up the panel and check it out. theres probably enough room to run hoses between the fuel tank and the floor, just be certain to seal things up Watertight, as that’s a very bad spot to have water leaks! Id get rid of that chair, maybe build the bait well to sit on with a gimbal if you need that.
  26. kapnd

    Closed City & County Park is Open w/$5,000 Fine?!

    Geez, give The park guys a break! They can barely wake up for lunch break as it is!
  27. kapnd

    Best boat money can buy for Hawaii?

    In that size range, any boat will have lots of motion In the ocean It’s simple physics, the boat will fall down into the troughs, and will lift itself back up on the crests. For truly smoother riding, increased waterline that will span over more of the bumps/troughs is the only real answer. My...
  28. kapnd

    24 jackpot original builder

    A Surrat in-law built them, at North Shore Marine. Build quality varies, the good ones are still going! I know where there’s a project Jackpot waiting for some good hands.
  29. kapnd

    Banana patch boat Pros & Cons

    They're less squirrelly with an extended hull, a good modification to do if you’re a rough water troller! They’re built heavy, will probably last forever, though many have exposed wood on the inside and in concealed spaces that rots out.
  30. kapnd

    Having a few beers when anchored up

    I wouldn’t loose any sleep over it. unless you’re being obnoxious to others, there’s very little chance you’ll be harassed by the law. Enforcement is stretched very thin, they don’t have time or budget to do much more than try to respond to complaints. Enjoy your beers!
  31. kapnd

    Whats a good CB antenna?

    look up Gam antennas, top of the line, real pro stuff, no wimpy fiberglass junk.
  32. kapnd

    Solo fishing photos

    If it’s a decent fish, you won’t have to do anything to make it look big. The backhoe bucket is photoshopped in for effect...not!
  33. kapnd

    ID these guides?

    Thanks for the rapid responses! I guess they’re discontinued, and that’s why I can’t find them. The ones in the photo are at least 10 years old, heavily used and occasionally abused with braid and mono, always salty, and not a trace of rust or corrosion.
  34. kapnd

    Bentbutts Help

    Your question depends on your personal preferences, and your boats dimensions. On my current boat, the gunnel is about mid thigh, so I use long bent butts in 10” deep 0* Lee rotating holders. The height is comfortable, and the rocking motion of the boat pumps the fish up for you! In the avatar...
  35. kapnd

    ID these guides?

    These guides are the most durable I’ve ever had, they’re on a Calstar spinning rod thats always on the boat and takes a lot of abuse! If anybody can ID them for me, I’d like to put them on some other rods too.
  36. kapnd

    Rule Tournament Series Bronze as Washdown Pump

    This pump kicks ass for wash down, it is plumbed up as a backup bait well pump too. My only complaint is the hose connections are some silly slide clip thing that leaks like hell if their is any side pressure on the hoses. Im afraid to leave it on and rely on the on demand switch, because if it...
  37. kapnd

    Need bent butt 80#

    Looking for an Aftco 80# bent butt, with a ferrule. can trade for straight butt,or?
  38. kapnd

    GPS ISSUES ON 5/14/20 ?

    Pretty sure it’s the map that’s off, I don’t often go to the banks, but I find mapping discrepancies pretty much all around Oahu. I’ve got a Garmin GPS and a Simrad GPS/depth finder with Navionics chip, Often neither of the maps agree with each other or with the depth finder! what I want is a...
  39. kapnd

    Bed Fishing Underwater Video!!!!

    I’m more inclined towards couch fishing, but will do so from the bed when there’s snapper involved!
  40. kapnd

    Techno Stabi w/o Tower - Worth It?

    Really depends on how rough the water is and how the boat rides. lower down will be steadier, though range is often obstructed by swells. If the tower is jerking around, you can get two black eyes from trying to steady the bingos, in spite of stabilization.
  41. kapnd

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Good for you, but an insult to the fisherman! I heard that most of the long liners are doing short trips closer to home, so, what with restaurants closed down, prices have got to still be rock bottom.
  42. kapnd

    Transom mounted transducer help

    Saw this at Universal Its a hydraulic transducer lift, set it where you want it, or get it out of the way!
  43. kapnd

    What Are Those Yellowfin Thinking?

    I read it too, what did it say? i think that in order to get funding for projects like this, you must be a very good bullshitter! Seems that the tag project was really a flop, poor quality equipment that failed to accomplish the mission, so they just gave it a lot of words...
  44. kapnd

    Osprey 24' Long Cabin

    Forget the correlation between truck motors and marine motors. The work a marine motor does is comparable to driving your truck up a steep, continuous hill, no downhill coasting or leveling off so the motor can relax. marine motors produce prodigious amounts of heat, and bearings are subjected...
  45. kapnd

    Bottom paint re move?

    Whatever method of removal you choose, please be aware that the dust or whatever residue comes off is extremely toxic and not friendly to the environment. Use appropriate PPE, and dispose waste properly. This is no joke, your descendants will thank you!
  46. kapnd

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Anybody been to the block this week? Last I heard, there was all kinds of changes and prices were rock bottom. I’m not sure if I should try to drop off fish there or not, I don’t want to get reamed on these beautiful Otaru.
  47. kapnd

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    The fish pictured is in a net, probably dead on arrival! I may have screwed up, I was referring to the fish in post #12
  48. kapnd

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    Geez you guys, take it easy on the sashimi! The gaff goes in the gill plates, secondary opposite side, assist, at the tail. Every Gaff hole in the loin takes the price down.
  49. kapnd

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    120# of grade A sashimi!
  50. kapnd

    Diesel Prices

    $2.16/gallon in Hawaii!!! Havent seen that in 30 yrs.
  51. kapnd

    Teaser birds

    I’ve tried it on my wwb center, haven’t gotten anything better than rat shibis.
  52. kapnd

    Can We Still Fish in Hawaii?

    That would be like closing the supermarkets for me! I get my primary protein supplies from the ocean, and it involves very little to no interaction that would promote the spread of the virus. They've now closed the restrooms at the harbors, so yesterday morning I was treated to the sight and...
  53. kapnd

    SOLD SPRINGFIELD–Twin 46 Flip-Up Seat

    I bought the same seats, wound up moving the seat back pivot assembly back some. made the seat deeper and LOTS more comfortable!
  54. kapnd

    Bent strut

    The hull itself can shift over time, stringers, motor mounts can warp or sag, or it may have just been built sloppy. Get a new cutless bearing and reset the strut And motor mounts. You can find some good info at
  55. kapnd

    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    I’ve got an old Boston Whaler that I dearly love, but most other trihulls I’ve been on are horrible! If the Seller will give you a few bucks in addition to the boat, it might be worth it for the trailer...
  56. kapnd

    Eradicating Taape Toau and Roi.

    You don’t even want to know what goes into commercial fishcake! “Pink slime “ is the poultry industry’s comparative product.
  57. kapnd

    Quarantine fishing?

    I’ve been going, no problem! Harbormaster is in the office, but not doing any business With the public.
  58. kapnd

    State park closing???

    There’s still no info re harbor/ramp closures posted on DLNR website, however I don’t think they’ll be able to restrict people from fishing for food. Locking the restrooms is laughable, they’re not fit for human use most of the time anyway, on any given day you’re susceptible to all kinds of...
  59. kapnd

    Possible Bent strut

    Depends on the extent of damage. Id get a price on a new one for comparison, then get repair estimate(s).
  60. kapnd

    ISO Tuna tower

    Looking for a used tuna/Marlin tower for my boat. no need long legs, that will be all custom.
  61. kapnd

    Eradicating Taape Toau and Roi.

    I don’t think you’re supposed to eat that!
  62. kapnd

    Toilet Paper Craziness in Hawaii - Again!

    Use Luau leaf, you going to boil em anyway!
  63. kapnd

    Eradicating Taape Toau and Roi.

    Old thread, continuing (escalating) problem! Chinatown markets will often buy them for $2.50# That makes it worth targeting them, and maybe helps relieve pressure on the native species. Thinking of trying some kind of mini longline like the California guys use for rockfish to get wholesale...
  64. kapnd

    PENN new product wish list

    I’d like to see a means to lock the drag lever on my internationals. The lever, being right next to the crank is easy to inadvertently move in the heat of battle, and can have disastrous results. Charter customers are famous for bumping the reels into freespool at the worst possible moments!
  65. kapnd

    Furuno FCV-585 Replacement

    I’d get the 585 fixed! You‘ll be hard pressed to find a better bottom machine. Maybe a transducer upgrade, work with Airmar to get one that suits your needs.
  66. kapnd

    Anyone ever shipped a boat to Hawaii???

    Leeward side fishing (Kona, Waianae) you can get away with most any hull, but serious offshore fishing is very much open ocean conditions. You’ve got to remember that Hawaii is truly in the middle of the world’s largest ocean, and there is precious little shelf around the islands, so when you...
  67. kapnd

    Haleiwa December 30

    Good going, Capt Chris! It’s been a great winter for Marlin, we broke line on a BIG one last week, and got a smaller blue in the boat.
  68. kapnd

    28 Foot Force Project

    What Shazdad said, I just went through that with my trailer for my skiff, never updated registration for something like 16 years, it would have cost more than several new trailers! Take off the manufacturers plate and name.
  69. kapnd

    Side by Side comparison of mahi mahi and pompino dolphin

    We know them as “Squaretongues”, and rarely get them. I did see a large school of them well offshore around Thanksgiving. No bites, they were on the run, jumping en masse! Picked up a nice Marlin shortly after, that might have been what was chasing them??
  70. kapnd

    28 Foot Force Project

    Bump! What happened?
  71. kapnd

    What Lures do you run?

    I run real big lures for Marlin, and the sizeable commotion created by them definitely interests the Marlin, however I catch most on the smaller lures elsewhere in the spread. My last two this season have been Blues, and both hit my favorite Ono lure, a Cherry jet in orange/black 7”. Aliboy, in...
  72. kapnd


    I eat Roi when I can get them from remote areas such as the north side of Molokai, but no way would I try one from a populated shore. They are incredibly delicious, and appear to be quite territorial, so I feel pretty safe doing that. I’ve never seen any data on their habits, whether or not they...
  73. kapnd

    Video to help the newer guys out.

    I put my bucket on the scale and fill it with water, marking it with a sharpie at every 5 lbs. and a bold mark at my normal setting for 150 line. That way I have a ready reference onboard just by filling water in the bucket to the appropriate line and lifting it with the rod. When it just lifts...
  74. kapnd

    Where to get Ballyhoo

    Chayne, Ballyhoo work here, but availability is sketchy, and whether or not you catch more game fish by running them is debatable. There’s an old adage that says “big bait for big fish”. We do have some very large game fish here, so I prefer to pull larger baits, like Opelu (mackerel), or Aku...
  75. kapnd

    Shipping Costs from Hilo to Oahu (for boat)??

    Holy crap! It’s been a while since I’ve shipped a boat inter island, no wonder I prefer driving the boat there. $4200 buys a lot of fuel...
  76. kapnd

    Shipping Costs from Hilo to Oahu (for boat)??

    You need to get the measurements of the item, three of them, length, width and height, all taken at the maximum measurement for that dimension. Meaning from the outdrive or outboard, or whatever sticks out the back the furthest to the tip of the trailer tongue, then from the ground to the...
  77. kapnd

    28 Foot Force Project

    Don’t cut the rudder until you are able to get the boat in the water and get a feel for how it handles, especially backing up! If the trade off is a higher trailer/longer tongue, that’s the direction I’d go.
  78. kapnd

    Aloha Captain Noa

    Very sorry to report that Captain Noa Aluli has departed our ranks for the happy hunting grounds. His smile and wisdom will be missed on the deck of my boat, and by all that knew and loved him.
  79. kapnd

    Global Fishing Watch Map

    I think the new limit is at the EEZ, which is a 200 mile radius offshore Papahanamokuakea. This info, as well as the smaller MPAs inshore should be included on GPS chart chips, and the local DLNR would be doing themselves and us a favor by providing the chart manufacturers with the appropriate...
  80. kapnd

    Aloha Capt. Burt

    Burt Saito passed away last week, many here would more readily recognize him by “Mitsuo”, the name he put on his incredible lure heads. He was a great fisherman in his heyday, and Managed to stay in the game by producing truly great lures when he was no longer able to fish. His lures are...
  81. kapnd

    28 Foot Force Project

    Update???? Don't do what I did, start building a boat, then stuff it into the backyard while making a family, building a house and all sorts of other irrelevant bullshit! Prioritize and move ahead!
  82. kapnd

    Bird Pile Courtesy?

    Its a lot like surfing, you gotta try to be in the right place at the right time, and to hell with the other guys!
  83. kapnd

    28 Foot Force Project

    The 1/2" ply is just a floor support, don't let it hamper your stuffing box/engine access. Worry about that later when you know exactly where and how your engine box and surrounding floor will come together. I'm thinking that a 2.5' overlap on the stringer splint is not very substantial...
  84. kapnd

    28 Foot Force Project

    Don't install the shaft log too early! The final position of the strut and v drive must be set in stone first, ie bolted and epoxied. has a really comprehensive article on how to do that. Also, the tunnel needs some cure time, it will shrink some as it cures, could throw your...
  85. kapnd

    Drop in swivel

    just drop a golf ball in for an instant swiveller
  86. kapnd

    skirt combo to match baby YFT?

    IMO, Marlin much prefer a Skipjack tuna over YF, and would be more likely to gobble up a purple/black/silver combo than a gold/blue/silver. Not too sure what they eat in Lon?
  87. kapnd

    Cell Phone Antenna

    I looked into it, and decided on a satellite phone instead. I had an antenna that plugged into the old brick cellphone, worked really well, but my carrier doesn't support analog anymore.
  88. kapnd

    What do you use your fish finder for?

    Looks like they operate a little differently over there in Houston!
  89. kapnd

    What is the deal with Hawaiian Marlin? Steroids?

    Oh yeah, and dont be thinking that just because you are running 130's with 150 or 200# test that you are invincible! I have had my ass handed to me on large tackle more than once, though part of that may have had something to do with sea conditions.
  90. kapnd

    What is the deal with Hawaiian Marlin? Steroids?

    when you hook a large fish on your 30, and get spooled, you have sentenced the fish to death. OK, here's what I mean: try letting out your line, even very small diameter line with nothing on the end , all the way to the bottom of the spool, then, at trolling speed, or whatever speed you think a...
  91. kapnd

    Proposed new Ahi size limits-Commercial

    Lots of the "ratcatchers" are poachers, and they don't need a license to peddle their catch at the camps. DLNR has no enforcement capabilities anyway, so whats the point? When was the last time a game warden boarded your boat to have a look at your catch? Nothing will happen until the fishermen...
  92. kapnd

    New Product Perfect For Hawaii Fisherman

    Cool pic on the ad, guess the mask is to hide the bloody stump?
  93. kapnd

    boat for sale

    Thanks, Jason, long time no see! Check out my new ride when you're on Oahu again, and thanks for the kind words. The boat is sold, took a long time, but finally found a new home right here in Haleiwa. Rabbit, the key to the ride is the balance, gotta get the motor and fuel in the sweet spot...
  94. kapnd

    boat for sale

    It gets 17knots at 2800, is a little underpropped, but thats the way I set it up. Seen too many diesel motors fried because of a too big prop. No soot on transom, never overloaded, even when full fuel, ice, fishermen and beer.
  95. kapnd

    boat for sale

    Got a new project underway, must sell my best friend. This is a clean, well kept boat, could use a paint job, but very solid built. This boat is proven in rough water, crosses channels any day. Was completely rebuilt and repowered in 06 including stretching the hull by 3' for a loa of 32'. Power...
  96. kapnd

    Deep 7 Jeopardy

    Thanks for the link, I'm in!
  97. kapnd

    Is Surratt good?

    Actually were a few Surrats built on the mainland by one of the sons, the mold was stretched and widened. Saw one in Puget Sound a few years back, it was unmistakable! There were also a few sent to Alaska. Mine is still up for sale, and I'm open to offers! eight zero eight two six five three...
  98. kapnd

    Is Surratt good?

    All over hell and back many times, a great hull and not many around. A good strike boat, mine has been fantastic for me, so good that I wore it out and then rebuilt it from stringers up! Lengthened to 32', handles rough all the better. The low sides take surprisingly little slop, and make it...
  99. kapnd

    boat for sale

    Got a new project underway, have to sell the old girl. 32' fiberglass hawaiian style fishboat, inboard, straight shaft 250 hp Cummins 6 BTA with 1800 hours, runs like a top 2:1 trans, 19x20 4blade prop Holds almost 200 gallons, dual stage filtration Two large insulated in-deck fishboxes, holds...
  100. kapnd

    bent bent butts?

    Oh, shit, here I go thinking again... I would like to "customize" the angle of some Aftco bent butts, increasing the bend, wondered if anybody has tried this? Will they take more bend, or will they break? Are they hollow? The reason being is that I really would prefer to have the 90deg...
  101. kapnd

    Who has used both?

    This is determined by your particular boat and transducer installation. Pay close attention to instructions regarding transducer location, and don't be afraid to put in a thru-hull, they are far more effective than transom hung, and contrary to popular opinion, will not cause your boat to sink...
  102. kapnd

    question: which diesel engine

    Dont get sucked in on the Mercruiser drives just because the Cummins name is on them. The Cummins/Mercruiser fisacos were mainly marketing strategies by Brunswick, and mostly miserable failures, especially in the case of the 4 cyl. Do some research on, the best $25 you can...
  103. kapnd

    question: which diesel engine

    From what I read, the Cummins 4B is a good motor to stay away from, while the 6B has stellar ratings, my own included, I have had one for a long time now. has some interesting reading on the subject. When you look at boats, check to be sure there is enough room around the engine...
  104. kapnd

    Should we be worried?

    Its hard to get anything done about regulations when the bodies that do the regulating are owned by the big commercial operators. The bottom line is the dollars turned at the auction, not the sustainability of the fisheries. As with all politics, the controlling factor is always the big money...
  105. kapnd

    Should we be worried?

    Hell yes we should be worried. The swordfish quota has been met, and the longliners are now going tuna fishing, setting up a fence around our islands every night. They will only keep "target" fish, so small stripeys are sure to go back overboard -- dead.
  106. kapnd

    WTB Transmission

    Dont see it on Craigslist, must have sold quick! Thanks for the comeback.
  107. kapnd

    WTB Transmission

    Looking for a good used Twin Disc 502 with a 2:1 ratio call Don 8082653699 Mahalo
  108. kapnd

    marine transmissions

    I have two RTO marine transmissions for sale ZF 22 A 1.23:1 Twin Disc 502 1.52:1 Both are used, not pretty, and I don't paint them up to make them look new. Both run well, the Twin Disc needs an output shaft seal I am looking to buy or trade for a similar gear in a 1.75:1 or 2:1 ratio...
  109. kapnd

    marine transmission

    Looking for a good used ZF 220 a or a Twin Disc 502 with a 2:1 reduction. Thanks, Don 808 265 3699
  110. kapnd

    flotation device????

    Are you talking about marlin or swordfish? Either way, hanging your fish out to dry on a floater sounds like a great way to feed the sharks! Just gaff the sucker, no need for fly gaff unless its really huge. Beat it over the head until it is still, then drag it on the boat pronto, before the...
  111. kapnd

    Glass Rx lenses

    I am having a hard time finding suppliers that will build quality GLASS prescription lenses. I spend a lot of time on the water, and salt spray is a fact of life, as is wiping the glasses about a hundred times a day, which no plastic lens known to man can hold up to for long. Nobody in my area...
  112. kapnd

    Reported attack page?

    Typical of most state run webpage. They have a nice front page but none ofthe buttons work.
  113. kapnd

    Waianae to Kauai and back

    GJKailua, That is an interesting sled! What does the bottom look like? How does it do in the Hawaiian washing machine? Would like to know a lot more about this style of boat, how and why they work. The military is building some HUGE ones.
  114. kapnd

    6-354 Perkins marine diesel

    Motor is sold, still have this stuff to unload I also have a remote V-drive, soft couplings and jackshaft, 1 1/4" x 71" propshaft, strut, thru hull gizmo, several propellors, everything you would need to convert your stern drive to a straight shaft setup. The more stuff you take, the cheaper it...
  115. kapnd

    Furuno FCV 561

  116. kapnd

    Waianae to Kauai and back

    If thats a 19' Glaspro, I'll eat my outriggers. Show us your rig, Gary!
  117. kapnd

    Assorted boat parts

    1 1/4" shaft, strut, couplings, stuffing box, 3 propellors, rudder/stuffing box 808 265 3699
  118. kapnd

    the ultimate question?

    Funny how some people perceive things differently- I always pictured mermaids with nice big jugs and sexy long hair, but Jagerhunchback seems to have an entirely different take! Thank God we're all different...
  119. kapnd

    Termites ate my boat

    Yeah, thats what happened to me! Took the opportunity to really rethink the boat, and am very happy with the result. You just cant buy the boat of your dreams off the lot. It takes lots of thought and considerable sweat equity to make it happen. And to think I have the termites to thank for it...
  120. kapnd

    Termites ate my boat

    Just had mine tented, Terminix did a fine job. Got a nice discount by teaming up with a friend whose boat also had termites, parked them close together under one tent. You might want to try and clean the nest out before they treat, so the gas can get in under the floor. Just bust it up and...
  121. kapnd

    Welcome Woody Wax

    Just on a whim, I tried Woody Wax on my underwater metals, prop, strut, shaft, rudder, all ss and bronze. Doesnt stop marine growth, but makes removal very easy. Just a wipe with a green scrubbie every couple of months, the crap just falls away.
  122. kapnd

    Are boats still going out in Maui with the wind?

    Of course they're going. It's a business, the dollars must roll daily. Actually, there are some pretty good grounds on the ledge north of Lahaina, in semi-sheltered water, so Mahi and Ono should be accessible without getting beat up. I have had good days there, especially with a few live Opelu.
  123. kapnd

    Boat Run Honolulu to Kahalui

    Leave early, go like hell! Its a nasty route, but doable. I like to overnight in the cove at Kaanapali, or Kahana, makes the second day easy. If you have the option, wait till the wind dies down a bit.
  124. kapnd

    Starwind work appaling *photos*

    OK, I get it now, You jury rig an old Glass Ply, catch a MahiMahi on it, and PING**** You're a professional boatbuilder I think eating spoiled Texas shrimp must be really bad for your brain! Hawaii waters are no place for inferior boats, I would be soooo pissed!
  125. kapnd


    I looked at that boat a couple of years ago, man it was BARE bones! You took on a big project, but at least you will know everything about everything on your boat. I read an article somewhere about silencing those DD beasts, has to do with the size and length of the exhaust tubing to scrub off...
  126. kapnd

    Show me some pics!

    Heres what happens when your girlfriend drives while you bait the rubbish!
  127. kapnd


    Hey Diesel, how about some pics of your project? I have heard good things about that hull, would like to see it!
  128. kapnd

    Current Line Goop

    The scumline seen in Jaegerhunchbacks photo is a common phenomena when the surf comes up with offshore wind conditions. Lots of crap thats been laying on the bottom gets stirred up and flows offshore with the wind and in the rips. I dont think it has had time to grow colonies, its just washing...
  129. kapnd

    Do yellowfin eat their own?

    Bob, In answer to your question, a definite yes. As for llive baits, Ahi prefer aku, but are opportunistic feeders, high on the food chain, and can and will eat whatever they want. If you saw silver on your line, it probably was an Aku, they are often in company of Shibi. As for the big...
  130. kapnd

    20' Blackman Express Cuddy

    Tony, Size matters! Any 20 foot boat is going to be a wet boat in rough water. As are many larger boats. The Blackmann looks like a pretty cool boat, but it just---small... If you dont want to get wet, I would reccomend a set of Grundens and whatever boat you can afford and operate safely...
  131. kapnd

    Diver Down

    Whether we are surfers, divers, fishermen, swimmers, boaters, whatever, when we go to the water, we leave behind the safety and familiarity of home and enter an environment that is foreign and often hostile to us. There is no guarantee that we will come back alive, and we must accept that and...
  132. kapnd

    Shimano Reels 80w!

    I gotta agree with Jumanja that the green or yellow line is incredibly hi=viz, and doesnt scare the fish away. I have clear ande on my 130's, and have grief sorting them out in a blitz. My 80's all have Suffix yellow, outstanding stuff. Can always see it, and its incredibly tough line too. I...
  133. kapnd

    Diver Down

    My condolences to the family and friends of the accident victim. Divers are in the same class as bicyclists on the road. They have the "right" to be there, as long as they display their flag, but are obviously at risk, and need to exercise all due caution and respect for...
  134. kapnd

    The "BEAST" The record swordfish rod

    GF755XXH does it for me! This girl was on a mission from hell, but came to the boat eventually. Much mahalos to Del Marsh (RIP), who initially turned me on to them, Leon and the Calstar crew, you guys know your stuff.
  135. kapnd

    Why We Have No Fish

    Cappy, you are right on about the akule/opelu netting. When (if) we get opelu schools inshore, the game fish are right there. We are all to share the blame for the decline in fisheries. Every time you flush the toilet or start your car or turn on the lightswitch, you are killing fish. We...
  136. kapnd

    "King Kings" jigs for bait. Where?

    King Busters are a good skipjack bait, but are not anywhere close to the "king-kings" that I grew up using. They were handmade Japan style commercial jigs. Look it up in Hawaii Fishing News, they did an awesome article several years back. Siu Lin has it pegged, chromed lead heads with...
  137. kapnd

    Trade Trips?

    I'm visiting Orlando, Florida in Nov, looking to hook up with some offshore BD'ers. Will share expenses or better yet trade trips when you visit Hawaii. Am particularly interested in swordfish, as I have never caught one, but any fish will do!
  138. kapnd

    51lb Mahi

    I love it when people ask this question, and I always reply truthfully, "Right in the Mouth!" Just another day at the office for Capt Dave...
  139. kapnd

    How many lines do you run?

    You also must consider what you will do with all those expensive rods/reels when you need some open area to wrestle a big fish alongside. I dont reccomend chucking them into the cuddy, but have fished on many boats where that was the only option. I have an overhead rack that holds 8, but that...
  140. kapnd


  141. kapnd

    Current Line Goop

    This "stuff" has been in our waters for many years. It seemed to be more prevelant when I started fishing in the 70's-80's, when our sewage was largely untreated, also when there were LOTS more ahi around. Many changes since, no sugar mills and their nasty effluents, improved secondary sewage...
  142. kapnd

    Maggie Joe 1,245 lbs Marlin Pics

    Mike, This aint Kona, its fri**in Waikiki! Kona may have lots of marlin, but anywhere in the islands, anytime you fish, the grander opportunity lurks...
  143. kapnd

    26' Glacierbay "My Escape" sank sunday off Oahu's south shore

    Right on Capt. Don! Good catch, good call. At least we dont have (yet) laws that force us to throw back dead fish just because theyre not a certain size. The longliners take the cake when it comes to throwing away resources.
  144. kapnd

    Tying the rubber band on the eye of the pool?

    Wrap the rubber three times per above illustration, then cross the ends and wrap the other way three times. This way the tension on the rubber unwraps both ways without twisting the line, and the rubber wont hang up on the line. I also use this to drag really heavy lures or baits that would...
  145. kapnd

    meat cutter/broken shaft

    Just saw an article in National Fisherman about a 50' NOAA vessel with five trained observers on the bridge striking a Right Whale at 19 knots! Guess shit happens to everybody sooner or later. Maybe Whale Safe should go after the NOAA researchers, give speeding tickets. I'm surprised that...
  146. kapnd

    Prayers for Del Marsh

    "Who the hell is Del Marsh?" Hope he dont die, SOB still owes me $2 "If another one breaks over the flybridge like that, we're going home--Screw this tournament!" Best wishes to Del and family, Don
  147. kapnd

    meat cutter/broken shaft

    Just my $.02 worth here, Those big squids do pop up occasionally. Followed a huge pod of Pilot whales one day, their wake looked like a battlefield, large chunks of squid carcass and ink everywhere. Didnt see any whole ones, but from they look of the parts, they could have been 5 feet...
  148. kapnd

    Prayers for Del Marsh

    All our Aloha from the Captain and crew of the Sixshooter. Del has fished with us every summer for many years. We've had some awesome trips, caught large, won tourneys, and put down quantities of rum. Hang in there Del, there's still fish to catch!
  149. kapnd

    1229 lb. Blue Pirates cove

    Markey, I applaud you, as you have made an intelligent decision, one that takes a lot of balls. I must admit that I am not that strong, my addiction to big game often gets the best of me, even when I know its wrong to take such a magnificent chunk out of the gene pool. If you ever want to...
  150. kapnd

    selling fish at united fishing agency

    John, you need to get a commercial license to sell fish to UFA. Its available for $50 through the DLNR-Division of Aquatic Resources 5870109 on Oahu. Some resturants will also ask to see it when you sell to them. If you have the time, you will do much better to sell privately, as UFA sells...
  151. kapnd

    Going home July 14th - July 28th

    Sent you a PM w/phone #
  152. kapnd

    penn internationals

    Corrosion Block grease is awesome stuff, but will not last forever. I still do the annual clean and regrease, even sooner if a particular reel gets heavy use. (like a runaway freight train marlin or three) I think you can overgrease, and it will get messy when you put the heat on, and...
  153. kapnd

    Exhaust thru-hull

    I've got a 4 1/2" and a 5" exhaust outlet, maybe cheaper to have reworked than buy new. Also have a 4" inline muffler, some 3 x 4 reducers, 3" elbows, a steering wheel, 3 depthfinders, a liferaft, some props, 1 1/4 shaft, rudder, steering parts, an old perkins motor, etc. If you can use any of...
  154. kapnd

    penn internationals

    Your reels are toast! You should sell them all to me for $100. NAAH! Look up Alan Tani's reel tutorials, and set aside some time to break all your reels down for clean and grease. They dont come from the factory with adequate lubrication, so best to do this when they are brand new, and...
  155. kapnd

    driving from oahu to off lanai...what would u run?

    Ono would love to eat up all your nice lures! Chrome with cable would be my choice.
  156. kapnd

    need to power a 30 foot Force

    Diesels are clearly the most reliable engines, but twins are double the cost, double the trouble. Most problems are fuel related, and chances are your fuel problem will knock out both your motors. A well maintained straight shaft single is the standard of the commercial fleet, worldwide...
  157. kapnd

    Henry ching Reels

    Was wondering if anyone was using spectra on a Ching reel? Can the spool handle that kind of pressure? By the way, Chings are awesome tools for the deep drop, and also come as a pinch puller model for use with bloodline. I'm looking to pick one up too, anybody got one for sale?
  158. kapnd

    single hook vs. double hook on trolling lures?

    Double hooks (not to be confused with tandem hooks) work well with small lures, small hooks, small fish, as they are easily engulfed in the fish's mouth, and two points are going to hook more securely than one. Not always the best idea for bait, as its easy to break the jaw and lets out twice...
  159. kapnd

    Kauai Skirt Colors

    Well, the beauty of island living is that any direction you can point is towards the water, and thats where the boats are. Getting any response on hot colors will be just as vague. Even on a charter, the crew will bluff if they sense that you are a "spy" Just relax and let the skipper make the...
  160. kapnd

    live bait

    Why not catch them yourself? Try it and you will see why they are not available for a buck apiece! Good luck!
  161. kapnd

    KONA Charter

    Cant imagine why you would offer me sex after what I told you! You are clearly a poor sport, and if you cant handle getting skunked occasionally, would probably be in better company on the golf course... Leave your bad day behind!
  162. kapnd

    Florida Gulf Coast fishing

    Hey FishinGirl I am Currently in the Orlando area, looking for a fishing buddy to go on party boat out of Tarpon Springs or somewhere in that area. I think the boat will supply all the gear and bait. I went there once long ago, had a ball and won the jackpot, really teed off the old timers on...
  163. kapnd

    KONA Charter

    Hey, post it on ""!! We all know about the bad days, been there, done that. The owner can do nothing to "make it right" other than piss off his crew by having them work a day for free. I would offer you another day of fishing at the regular price. Suck up, pal, do your homework...
  164. kapnd


    I'd like to see the attachment too!
  165. kapnd

    Dolphins/Porpoise marking on finder

    Fred, This is not a tidbit! It is a shameless plug for your book, but come on, give it up for the guys!! Whoops, quote didnt work, referring to second post in this thread, paragraph starting "one more tidbit"
  166. kapnd

    Kauai fishing...

    Tim, was that a share charter? If not you got a hell of a deal!! (and some nice sashimi!)
  167. kapnd

    trip trades?

    I will be in central Fla from 08 Oct to 10 Nov, would like to do some offshore fishing in return for same in Hawaii. Am willing to help out with expenses, just dont like to charter, as I am in that business myself, and would rather hook up with avid sportsmen/women than be treated like a...
  168. kapnd

    Potential for Marlin

    "A digital sea of crap" -- Well spoken!! The answer to your question is right now. Water is calm and the marlin are going off.
  169. kapnd

    private boat wanted

    I'm on Oahu, Marlin bite is hot, need crew. PM me, Mahalo
  170. kapnd

    North Pacific Gyre AKA "Garbage Island"

    did anybody see the part where the guy explained the absence of orange and pink plastic particles? The fish ate them all!!! What color jigs do you prefer now?
  171. kapnd

    If you are looking to Fish Maui HI***

    Anybody who says things never change around here" obviously hasn't been in Lahaina for very long. I pulled in on Labor Day weekend, couldnt even get to the fuel dock for the commercial tourist boat traffic. Front street looks like a hollywood movie set, but thank God the Pioneer still rocks...