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  1. LilFishBaja

    Old Glory 1 1/2 day (Fished May 4th)

    Headed out with a buddy of mine and his father and headed South with Captain Joe Phillips on the Old Glory to go do some codrocking South of Santo Thomas and North of Colonett in San Luis.. 23 peeps on board and very comfortable.. Started fishing around 7:30 in about 350 ft.. Current was ripping...
  2. LilFishBaja

    The Dogs and The Bees..

    While driving his son home from school, a father asks "What did you learn in school today?" "I learned how to multiply fractions, who our presidents were, and how babies are made!" says the boy. Glad that the "Ice Breaker" was already done for him, decides to ask his son if there was any...
  3. LilFishBaja

    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    This is Art's annual limited load (18), fish down/fly back from Cabo.. Anybody heading out?