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  1. LilFishBaja

    Fish Identification? Golden Spotted Sand Bass or Spotted Cabrilla?

    That's a gold spot for sure. Cabrilla have smaller "freckles".
  2. LilFishBaja

    Now I'm ready to go fishing!!!!

    Now thats what I call a party boat...
  3. LilFishBaja

    Coronado island Reds

    He's a junior intern for the Humane Society and one of PETA's reps for BD monitoring...
  4. LilFishBaja

    Coronado island Reds

    Caballo del mar simply stated limits of reds.. As shown by the neat display.. The first pic was simply assorted rockfish.. It wasnt that pertinent to post "limits of reds, 3 chuckeheads, 6 starrys, 5 boccacio, 7 honeycomb, and 1 striper"
  5. LilFishBaja

    La Jolla Rockfish

    I thought it was moved from the jokes forum?:picknose:
  6. LilFishBaja

    SOUTH 9 REPORT 1-6-2015

    Hes not picking on him.. Simply stating that the link Sueno posted regarding needing an FMM contradicted Sueno's initial statement that he didnt need one.. If theres other info, please.. Do share..
  7. LilFishBaja

    Monster Cabezon out of Channel Islands

    X2 for Lyons! Lance has done every one of me and my uncles' fish.. 28 and counting!
  8. LilFishBaja

    Monster Cabezon out of Channel Islands

    I knew the Fukushima radiation would have an effect on our fish somehow!! Not freak mutations like that piggy though!! Beautiful fish.. It would go on the wall!
  9. LilFishBaja

    Red Rooster 4 day 9-9 to 9-14

    I had a buddy who went on a 5 day last week on the Searcher.. He said they could only keep a 1 day limit for all 5 days since they fished US waters.. So that would be 10 yft and 10 bft for 5 days..
  10. LilFishBaja

    New lo-an

    Probably made around 6-7 stops for the day.. Plenty of boils.. They wanted the 25-30 lb fluorocarbon.. Wouldn't touch the 40lb.. Because of only 19 guys on the boat, had Plenty of room at the rail.. Captain and crew worked hard to put us on fish.. Didn't have to wait more than a few seconds when...
  11. LilFishBaja

    New lo-an

    I was on that trip that left Thursday and fished Friday.. We fished the east end of San Clemente.. Saw the Rooster, Searcher, and other boats from the SD and LA fleets.. We only picked up 3 YFT in grey light but good quality (22-25lbs).. Trolled and glassed until 9:30 when the bite turned on...
  12. LilFishBaja

    Fishing in Norway - 2014

    Yeah, definitely looks like a wolf eel in that last pic
  13. LilFishBaja

    Poppin for YFT and Cortes Bluefin - Pacific Voyager 3 day Video.

    Loved the video! Seems like ya'll had plenty of room at the rail.. Great explosions on the popper! Laughed my ass off watching that deckhand pretend that tuna anus was a water fountain.. Haha
  14. LilFishBaja


    The unknown fish looks like an African Look Down.. Also caught in Baja, the name is just a misnomer
  15. LilFishBaja

    9' Great White Shark Appears to be Eaten Whole

    Maybe another shark took a bite where the tag was.. They do pick up electrical signals pretty well.. Just 2 cents..
  16. LilFishBaja

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Anal Challenger Anal Cougar Anal Ram
  17. LilFishBaja

    Rescue at sea ! non fish report

    Merrica! No where else in the world will you find people willing to lay their lives on the line to save 1 person.. I'd watch his tackle and fill his tags too.. Hope he got some fish!
  18. LilFishBaja

    I'm hooked! (literally…)

    Oh man! Chuck Norris, you definitely won...
  19. LilFishBaja

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Anal Aspire Anal Frontier Anal Accent Anal Matrix Anal Voyager Anal Cruiser Anal Blazer
  20. LilFishBaja

    I'm hooked! (literally…)

    Once had a treb hook from a CD-18 stuck in my calf to the shank when I was 12.. Wasn't even on a boat, at home at 10:30 pm.. Pops gave me the option of ER or pulling it out with some Needlenose.. Wasnt going to the ER.. After 10 mins and some muscle fiber, hook pulled out.. The old man didnt...
  21. LilFishBaja

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Anal Dart Anal Skyline Anal Tempo
  22. LilFishBaja

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Anal Vue Anal Range Rover Again, I'm driving and doing this shit! Haha
  23. LilFishBaja

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Hah, I did it while I was driving, scary part!
  24. LilFishBaja

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Anal Patriots Anal Bear Anal Saint Anal Giant.. I discriminate equally!
  25. LilFishBaja

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Haha, this is fun.. Anal Excursion Anal Quest Anal Astro
  26. LilFishBaja

    Senior Moments ~ The Song

    Had a great laugh!! Thanks for that..
  27. LilFishBaja

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Anal Titan Anal Expediditon Anal Integra Anal Navigator.... Anal Enclave
  28. LilFishBaja

    San Felipe Advice....

    The Cortuava.. Mystery of North Baja...
  29. LilFishBaja

    What are these?

  30. LilFishBaja

    Caption Contest- Win a 9" Tapered Flex Bubba Blade $54 value!

    One look and you'll know why you won't have to find another blade for your kitchen!
  31. LilFishBaja

    Need help in making rod holders off a milk crate

    I use 2" PVC with holes drilled into it to attach zip ties to each corner of the crate..
  32. LilFishBaja

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    Starry Rockfish, Halibut, Treefish/barber poles, White Sea Bass, Olive Rockfish (Johnny Bass), Calicos, Sculpin..
  33. LilFishBaja

    Surf fishing San Felipe

    Ive never seen Corvina over 20lbs in SFB.. If ya get anything over 20 lbs that a croaker and not a white sea bass, toss it back... You can get in some hot water...
  34. LilFishBaja

    slow la jolla rockfishing 8/18 with an unexpected surprise

    Thats an ugly wolfie, but delish snowy flaky white meat.. Considering they eat crustaceans and mollusks, I can't imagine why they wouldnt be good.. But good for proliferation of the species to let em go ;)
  35. LilFishBaja

    Trigger happy!!!

    Delicious fish! If you know how to use a filet knife, its not hard to clean.. But personally, I like them BBQ'd whole.. That hide keeps the meat moist and tender.. Just like lobster.. Have plenty of butter and lemon on hand :)
  36. LilFishBaja


    Perfect size eating Mako.. Don't care about any badmouthers.. Its going to the table and being eaten! Great fish you guys!!! Love that you gut/head/ice! Talk about quality...
  37. LilFishBaja

    hb hog fest

    Wonder what type of stuffing he used for that turkey?
  38. LilFishBaja

    Huge stingray caught in Louisiana

    I could only imagine what that barb looks like.. Porcupine quill the thickness of a carrot? Ouch...
  39. LilFishBaja

    SJDC report (just returned)...

    What a beauty of an Amberjack.. World record is 154 lbs caught in Japan.. I'll never see one like that in my lifetime.. Fantastic pics and Nice fish!
  40. LilFishBaja

    San Felipe/Papa Fernandez June 8-16 Report

    Heading down there today for a couple weeks.. We'll see if I can pickup where you left off.. Ill post a report when I get back!
  41. LilFishBaja

    ENSENADA 6-15-13

    Sounds like fun fishing.. I like smaller nips tho..
  42. LilFishBaja

    Second trip, suggestions please.

    The El Cap is a nice boat, low to the water, but a bit small 65 feet I reckon.. If you got on a trip during the week, it shouldnt be too bad of a load.. You'll get a package of terminal tackle, but wouldnt hurt to pick up some 1/0 and 2/0 hooks.. I like the circle hook.. Basically fly lining a...
  43. LilFishBaja

    She's a Double bag

    Although it seems it's 2 Uteruses instead of 2 vags... Still hit it tho and get both tubes fertilized!
  44. LilFishBaja

    A Weeks Worth of Great Fishing! (Alot of Pics and Fish)

    What memorable trips! If only we were all as fortunate.. Some nice whites and hali!! And talk about a telephone pole slime! That dog must be 12-15 lbs.. Love what you did with the deck lights too! Congrats!!!
  45. LilFishBaja

    other sushi and sashimi grade fish

    The Sculpin for sure! I've also had sashimi from Starry rockfish.. Pure white meat, no bones.. Highly reccomended in my book..
  46. LilFishBaja

    Gonzaga Bay - Thanksgiving

    You'll have some days of wind.. But there are days that its perfect.. Out of a week, you might get a couple/few days of fishable weather..
  47. LilFishBaja

    Gonzaga Bay - Thanksgiving

    Maybe doing a bit of both.. I like to camp at Papa Fernandez.. Nice palapas, and the cantina throws up some pretty good tacos.. $1-2 beers are a deal too.. Launch ramp is decent and its a short trip to the islands..
  48. LilFishBaja

    T-Shark Surprise 5-31-13

    Wow, that had to be some BBQ!! Did ya think you hooked a shark or were ya thinking it was a blackie? Way to put some work in!!
  49. LilFishBaja

    I need advice...

    If you stand on a toilet, you're high on pot.. If you fart in church, you sit in your own pew... and most important... Women run faster with dress up than men with pants down (also referred to as an Angry Penguin)...
  50. LilFishBaja

    Qatar Fishing re-cap for May 31st.

    Nice haul there Dan! Are those fish in the last few pics a type of grouper? Rock Hind? Pinto Bass? I'm sure they were delish.. Curious, what's your preferred method of preparing fish with your batter.. Making a beer batter or using it dry? Thanks again for keeping us posted of your adventure!
  51. LilFishBaja

    Beaver Kills Fisherman - had no idea these critters were that agressive

    See what happens when you pet a strange beaver??
  52. LilFishBaja

    Gonzaga Bay - Thanksgiving

    Yep, got a house just north of Puertocitos.. My gang and rig should be heading down, fishing the enchanteds.. Punta Final...
  53. LilFishBaja

    Have a Great Memorial Day!

    Hoorah! Flying old glory and smoking meat.. Merrica..
  54. LilFishBaja

    Herb Crusted Ling Cod with a Deglazed White Wine Sauce

    Great idea!!! Double dipping.. Even better if you make a beer batter!!! - - - Updated - - - I cook with panko alot, but never thought to throw herbs with the breadcrumbs.. Thanks for sharing!!
  55. LilFishBaja

    Coronados May 22, First Run This Year- Late Report

    Beautiful grade of fish from the Islands! Thats a good sign...
  56. LilFishBaja

    Doha, Qatar for May 22nd fish report

    Beautiful.. Thanks for the updates!!! Best of wishes to you guys and your production team!
  57. LilFishBaja

    Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    Yes it is a personal problem.. Isn't any issue with anyone?? Everyone has their own opinions.. And evidently you love the guy.. Great for you!! I don't.. Your opinion, my opinion.. And yep, I do have what you call "the bug....".. He's not getting my business.. Just my "02.cents" Have a great day...
  58. LilFishBaja

    Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    My opinions about him go back before he owned the 80.. Im not one to bad mouth anyone, especially captains.. Granted he did put us on fish tho..
  59. LilFishBaja

    Doha, Qatar for May 22nd fish report

    Sultans of the sea! What great exotics and solid vivid colors.. Id love to have that barred rockfish on the wall.. Almost too pretty to eat... Almost :)
  60. LilFishBaja

    popotla vermillion fix 5/21/13

    Lovin' it!! Nice haul for the day!
  61. LilFishBaja

    Fish Report for Doha, Qatar

    Insert funny quote about Wet Camel Lips here.. Great haul for a few hours fishing!!
  62. LilFishBaja

    Cooking tuna

    I do like my tuna rolled in sesame seeds and seared high heat with wasabi and soy sauce.. But if I'm gonna cook it longer, I like it Vera Cruz style.. I cut the loin into medallions, place it on a sautee pan with butter/olive oil.. I use a cheese melter (under my griddle).. I sprinkle olives...
  63. LilFishBaja

    What do you eat when you're fishing?

    There's nothing better than getting that boat burger for lunch.. Old Glory does it nice with a fat double cheeseburger that weighs a pound with all the fixings.. But I always have a couple doubles of Jonnie Walker for bfast.. Maybe a bfast buttrito.. A nice Cigar/sushi for lunch.. Nice dinner...
  64. LilFishBaja

    Wooden Tackle Boxes

    Hmm, they look custom made... Maybe selling them for someone??
  65. LilFishBaja

    Local beach calico

    Maybe next time, just tell her to drop you off.. Let her know the area you're fishing and that it's your "peace time".. Bring a lifejacket with you and other safety items.. That would make her comfortable leaving you alone.. I know thats what I did as a kid..
  66. LilFishBaja

    How to fish a feather for barracua?

    Trolling feathers (like Zukers/Tuna clones), B-52's, or Bucktails always work.. But so does Iron or Krocs...
  67. LilFishBaja

    Just what we needed...

    Just to imagine that's just a few people.. How many more of them are out there??
  68. LilFishBaja

    la jolla rockfish....again

    Right on.. Looks to be a few lbs... Im sure he was delish.. One of my fav's
  69. LilFishBaja

    la jolla rockfish....again

    Dude, chunky treefish.. Did you scratch and sniff em'?? And that's a huuuuge sculpin in the middle of that pile of meat... Did ya happen to weigh him?
  70. LilFishBaja

    Can't Ask for Much More!!! Mothers Day Session!!!

    Dude, you are the spottie killer!! Nice fish!!
  71. LilFishBaja

    Yellowtail 5/10/13 who cares-reload /top guns report

    Nice fish! What was the total yellow count for the day on the boat?? And BTW, Barries arent bad eating.. Just got to bleed them out as soon as they're on the deck and get them on ice.. Great on the barbie or smoked..
  72. LilFishBaja

    Is it Bluefin season

    Getting close.. But damn, I hate that gaff shot..
  73. LilFishBaja

    Fishing spot to take my kids in San Diego

    Im with Hippyguy.. Torrey Pines or Scripps area.. North of La Jolla Shores, near the pilings on the pier.. Corbina, Perch, Halibut..
  74. LilFishBaja

    Coastal Kayak White Sea Bass

    Beautiful Fish, love the footage and wildlife.. What a Bonus!
  75. LilFishBaja

    PB Spotties, Fun Calico Fishing, and Lots of Pictures!!!

    Chunky spotties and Nice Calicos.. Great Job and thanks for the post!
  76. LilFishBaja

    here we go...

    Alrright!! Newell 223's and J Kennedy Fishers!! Size 1 hooks and 15lb!
  77. LilFishBaja

    Old Glory 1 1/2 day (Fished May 4th)

    Im trying to upload a pic of my biggest Ling, but having trouble.. Will post it later once I figure it out..
  78. LilFishBaja

    Old Glory 1 1/2 day (Fished May 4th)

    Well I was First Loser when it came to jp.. Another guy's lingcod beat mine out.. Didnt weigh em on the boat, but looked around 9lbs or so.. Mine was just a hair over 8 1/2..
  79. LilFishBaja

    Old Glory 1 1/2 day (Fished May 4th)

    Headed out with a buddy of mine and his father and headed South with Captain Joe Phillips on the Old Glory to go do some codrocking South of Santo Thomas and North of Colonett in San Luis.. 23 peeps on board and very comfortable.. Started fishing around 7:30 in about 350 ft.. Current was ripping...
  80. LilFishBaja

    Inshore Fishin' Chicks

    Amen Brittney! No squirrely or grossed out women allowed!! Keep them posts coming :)
  81. LilFishBaja

    Inshore Fishin' Chicks

    I can already tell I'm gonna love/hate this forum.. Love to see women out fishing with the guys, yet hate to see em because they always catch bigger fish, more fish, and have allaround better luck.. I can feel the jealousy coming...
  82. LilFishBaja

    Love being a dickhead

    Can't imagine what he had to do to deadhead.. Oh yeah, givehead and be the allaround bunk b***h..
  83. LilFishBaja

    Watch this touchdown run!!

    I bet that kids' jaw hurt after that.. Smilin' ear to ear will do that :-)
  84. LilFishBaja

    First Time in Saltwater!

    Great 1st post! Welcome to the gang!
  85. LilFishBaja

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    I cant imagine what a fish tastes like that feeds exclusively on jellyfish.. Jellied Vasoline?
  86. LilFishBaja

    Gear ratio for yo-yo

    I use a 5:1 simply because I reel quicker.. Faster cranks on a full spool increases your retrieve length per full turn. However, sometimes you have to use what you have.. If you've got a 6:1 reel, retrieve slower.. Vice versa if you have a slower ratio reel.. Depends what's more comfortable for...
  87. LilFishBaja

    Ensenada 3-15 to 3-21-13-Bottomfish and a 17 lb King Salmon

    Uhhhmazzing... Never heard of one caught in Mexi waters.. Congrats!!
  88. LilFishBaja


    Scientists don't know the reason behind the proliferation of the species?? No predators, No population control... Seems pretty simple to me...
  89. LilFishBaja

    Tallica, Trulines and OffShore line winder

    Is that you Corbett? This is Mondo, Tex's nephew.. Whats the word, bird?? tex and I may be interested in those trulines if they're still avail..
  90. LilFishBaja

    Woman eats tire shavings

    Sounds like a biker's favorite GF.. Take her out for bad Mexican, and you get the burnouts all night and not even need to start up the bike..
  91. LilFishBaja


    Man, I must have Deaf feet...
  92. LilFishBaja

    Gold Trinidad 20

    PM TunaTango123 He has 4 TN20's for sale.. I think he's asking 240 for one..
  93. LilFishBaja

    Some kayak action.

    Nice catch! Marlin, Ahi, and a snapper??
  94. LilFishBaja

    Circle hooks vs. J hooks

    I only use circles and use them for all species.. Havent had a problem with line chafe or fish swallowing hooks.. Rockfish I like to use the offset long shank octopus hooks (EZ baiters).. But for yellows, tuna, basses circles never do me wrong..
  95. LilFishBaja

    70lb Alabama state record.

    Just look at the gut on that gal.. Looks full of eggs.. The article did say it's already been approved as a state record, but doubt that it can be an IGFA record (looks like he already took the hook out of its mouth)
  96. LilFishBaja

    Japan update! Tilefish and squids

    Kinda look like Cuddlefish..
  97. LilFishBaja

    Hayabusa Circle Hooks?

    Love em'.. Comprable to Owners, if not better and cheaper!
  98. LilFishBaja

    Fiji 2013 ** Pic Heavy **

    Those are some definite beauties... I had no idea the bottomfish were so exotic, yet alien almost.. That 3rd pic from the bottom, is that a huge Pinto Bass??
  99. LilFishBaja

    Rockfishing rigs?

    Going to Mexican waters, bring 12 oz to 2 lbs... I use a 4 hook ganion (thats the limit) and I tend to use the offset octopus hooks (also called EZ baiters) in a 6/0 size..
  100. LilFishBaja

    3-2 Taco Time!

    MmMMm Tacos :ashamed:
  101. LilFishBaja

    How not to launch.....

    "Im calling Inspector Gadget.. He told me the air bags worked on this thing.."
  102. LilFishBaja

    Rockfish opener

    Im tempted to get out and do some 1/2 day fishing.. But the weekends are always packed, especially when the opener is today.. Might have to use up some sick leave and go during the week!
  103. LilFishBaja

    POLL: Best fishing related movie EVER

    Lets see... "Big Fish"... "Grumpier Old Men"... And dont forget about the Old Salt fishing the dock in "Godzilla" :)
  104. LilFishBaja

    113 LB Wahoo - Pending #4 in State

    What a slug! That dog would be up on my wall in an instant... Once in a lifetime catch! Congrats!
  105. LilFishBaja

    role playing

    Dudes, its from "300".. Or the anal rape scene from "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".. Her revenge was sweet...
  106. LilFishBaja

    La Jolla Help

    Rockfish season opens on Saturday, so maybe try some deeper spots outside the kelp line holding some structure.. Just an idea to change it up a bit if the bass aren't hitting..
  107. LilFishBaja

    Penn 6-Day aboard Searcher for September 14-20, 2013

    My Uncle Tex and I tend to get on his first trip (Qualia 5 day with Kent) and have been doing the last trip of the year (9 day fly back).. That 6 day sounds enticing.. Good price and reasonable load of peeps.. Lemme stew on that for a couple days and I may just give her a call.. How many have...
  108. LilFishBaja

    Fishing Hawaii

    Might wanna post this in the Hawaii thread..
  109. LilFishBaja

    Fish Fighting Question

    Granite Grouper.. But yep, sounds like a Battie..
  110. LilFishBaja

    Largemouth Bass on a Crawdad on Vans

    Wow, you definitely have a talent!!! Beautiful job, I wish you did take orders.. If you change your mind, PM me!!
  111. LilFishBaja

    Mission Bay?

    You can bring the bass gear for butts and bass.. Bonefish are also in the area, and they'll hit smaller lures and baits.. Big sticks for the rays too if ya wanna go for a sleigh ride..
  112. LilFishBaja

    First Bean of '13 OTF

    Beauty! Im sure he tasted good :)
  113. LilFishBaja

    How to tie/use a top shot?

    Modified albright..
  114. LilFishBaja

    What keeps you coming back to BD?

    Umm, BOTD and Saluki's avatars... Baja reports are okay too, I guess ;)
  115. LilFishBaja

    rock fishing reel?

    Thats what I use for rockcodding.. Straight spectra with a 15 yard topshot of Flouro.. The 4:1 gear ratio allows you to crank normally without having to take up line too quick and pop them off as they're coming up.. Thats if Im fishing a bit deeper (250 ft +).. Otherwise you can use bass gear..
  116. LilFishBaja

    Toro Tamer braid?

    All I know is that I'd love to test it out with Toro Tamer's Marketing ladies ;)
  117. LilFishBaja

    168lb Wahoo?

    F^@k the sharks teeth, I wanna make a necklace from that hooters' chompers..
  118. LilFishBaja

    Is a Mexican fishing license needed to fish from shore?

    Yep, only need a license fishing from a boat..
  119. LilFishBaja

    Another lizard guys, really? 3/5

    Hah, how cool.. Someone has to regulate the lizard population..
  120. LilFishBaja

    Avet Raptor MXL Gun metal with spectra

    Beautiful.. Is there a particular reason you're parting with it? Were you satisfied with its performance? I may be interested...
  121. LilFishBaja


    I'd go inshore, fishing bass and buts.. If you go past the border, hit the rockpile for skullies and rockfish..
  122. LilFishBaja

    Yo-yo for yellowtail

    x4 for the 100 yd topshot.. Plenty of line to get to your desired depth, and if you're hammered on the bottom, you still have enough for a short run..
  123. LilFishBaja

    Anyone catching wahoo from a yak?

    Never got into any hooters, but I'd have to assume it'd be one hell of a sleigh ride! Maybe try a little bit of chunking too?
  124. LilFishBaja

    What to choose

    I've tried both, but have a Cobra Fish n' Dive.. I'd go +2 for the Adventure
  125. LilFishBaja

    The true meaning of stress

    I wonder why there's more risk of ciguatera with the Great barracuda and not the California Barrie??
  126. LilFishBaja

    Surfing Iron

    Krocs, Krocs, Krocs.. All day long.. Go with the Chrome/Silver Prism..
  127. LilFishBaja


    I like to catch them with a fishing rod and a hook... Butt hooked baits work the best.. Damn QueerBass...
  128. LilFishBaja

    Need 1 for baja trip

    My uncle and I have property down there.. Juan's family is always good to us.. Wish I read this sooner, would have tagged along!
  129. LilFishBaja

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    I cant imagine paying a 30 to 50% tip for a 16 day..
  130. LilFishBaja

    Parasite in sand dab and report(ish)

    As long as you cook em, you'll be just fine.. Ive cut plenty of rockcod in my day, and Ive seen loads of worms in the Boccacio.. Fry it up, and Im still alive and not full of parasites :)
  131. LilFishBaja

    Black Sea Bass Golden Reef

    Nah, looks around 150.. Tasty tho, I must admit..
  132. LilFishBaja

    Spectra slicer?

    Razor Blade ( But if using scissors or dykes and you still get a frayed end, heat it with a lighter..)
  133. LilFishBaja

    A Few Shots

    I had no idea I could take pictures so well.. My name is even Copyrighted on some!
  134. LilFishBaja

    Identify this Ecuadorian fish!

    Its a member of the Filefish family. Not a trigger, but similar..
  135. LilFishBaja

    HELP... notice of application to CLOSE THE CHILDRENS POOL in LJ

    Kill all the damn seals! It's not called Seal Pup Cove.. It's Children's Pool! Because all of the damn misinformed council members are sucking and licking PETA c**k and @$$, they have totally forgotten what the original purpose of the pool was for.. Im sure alotta native Alaskan Innuit would be...
  136. LilFishBaja

    Possibly My last trip of the season

    Im 3rd to agree, sand dabs are the best lingcod bait.. You'll catch them while fishing for rockcod... Use shrimp flies with a strip of squid and you'll have a chance at getting one.. Then pin it on a 4/0 hook (ganion set up) and hang on! Otherwise use a heavier lead head (2 oz is a bit light)...
  137. LilFishBaja

    Excel YFT Offical weight thread!, post here!, History hours away!!

    It was a kamakazi tuna... 10 minute fight.. Came right to the boat..
  138. LilFishBaja

    Canning Fish?

    I can YFT, BFT, Yellowtail, and you can do skippies if you have alotta them.. Salt Water brine (ice cold) with house seasonings/spices to the water.. Cut up fish in 1 1/2 inch chunks and brine overnight.. Sterilize mason jars and lids.. Fill up the jars until 1 in or so space left.. Slip in a...
  139. LilFishBaja

    Unloading fish

    Yep, a few guys pull the smaller tuna.. Bigger models need the boom.. The red shirts have a motorized cart pusher to push the carts up the ramp..
  140. LilFishBaja


    There's no crying over dead seal... I guess in this instance the Tax Man was welcome..
  141. LilFishBaja

    Trip of a lifetime in Alaska *Pic Heavy!!*

    Bill, that was one of the best reports Ive read on BD... It was if I was there yakking alongside you and taking in those sunsets and other sights.. You took some beautiful pics! What was the name of the outfit you guys went out with? Havent been to Alaska, but planning on it for next year...
  142. LilFishBaja

    Gill netters back at Gonzaga Bay

    Motherf**kers.... And to think that more than 75% of the fish they catch doesnt get sold, and they toss it.. And how much of that is Toutava? They're digging a hole for their country and tourists alike..
  143. LilFishBaja


    Nope, fishing is dead... No fish to be had down there..
  144. LilFishBaja


    $2 for a 5lb Sinker? HAH... Whatcha gonna do with it anyway? Fish Blackgill??? Go kick some rocks..
  145. LilFishBaja

    tuna fishing line

    Aye that it is...
  146. LilFishBaja

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    Starry Rockfish.. Sculpin.. Johnny Bass..
  147. LilFishBaja


    I have easy 300 yrds of 65lb spectra, and have 60 ft of 40, with room to spare..
  148. LilFishBaja

    What's Better Than Ripping Lips?

    The long forgotten art of Fish Sepukku...
  149. LilFishBaja

    Raptor id

    I acquiesce! :idiot:
  150. LilFishBaja

    San Felipe 9-2 Quick trip

    Dude, now you're giving away where Camp is? Loose lips sink ships!
  151. LilFishBaja

    Raptor id

    Redtail Hawk I believe..
  152. LilFishBaja

    Huge Wahoo caught on Palmas de Cortez boat

    That fish would be mounted and on the wall in my living room!
  153. LilFishBaja

    Video - Japanese Anglers in Hatteras

    I cant believe Bluefin of that caliber can be caught on those spinning outfits.. I wonder what type of rods were used.. Thats some serious pressure and durability of the guides too.. Just epic conditions. Love the ominous cloud cover and mutiple hook ups!
  154. LilFishBaja

    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    Spirit of Adventure did well, so lets hope Poseidon is on our side.. You can have whatever ya want Doug!
  155. LilFishBaja

    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    Bumpin'... Looks promising in a few days!
  156. LilFishBaja

    Must have item

    Cant forget the towel and shower stuff.. Bring a few bottles of your favorite booze, a blowup doll instead of fishing the kite, and a few other aforementioned items on this thread and you'll have the best LR trip of your life!
  157. LilFishBaja

    Gonzaga Bay Oct 28th to 30th

    Totuaba are an endangered and protected species (Like Black Sea Bass in the U.S.). If you're caught fishing for them even if incidentally, you will be fined and taken to a Mexican jail.. Even worse if you try to cover it up by filleting them.. Hence the reason I was apprehensive that Brett...
  158. LilFishBaja

    Gonzaga Bay Oct 28th to 30th

    I could tell you exactly where you are in relation to the rocks behind ya.. Ahem, Nice catch..
  159. LilFishBaja

    Search for the ERIK, Remains discovered.

    After reading this, it makes me feel very humbled and honored to be an American citizen knowing that there are people like you out there willing to put your life on the line to bring closure and peace to the families of the deceased. I praise you for all the work that you have done and will be...
  160. LilFishBaja

    Rare Fish Surfaces in Cabo - Luvar

    Interesting that it eats jellyfish and its reportedly similar to Halibut or Swordfish.. Why cant Molas be as tasty?!
  161. LilFishBaja

    HI'S Tackle 10 day on the RP

    Uggghhh!!! I want!!!!!! Heading out in a week for a 9 day (fly back).. Hope ya'll saved some..
  162. LilFishBaja

    Double Trouble, Seabass video!

    That was just perfect.. And the fact that you had video coverage, just supercedes pics.. What was up with the guy in the 'yak? He was practically right on top of ya.. Catch the ghosts on squiddies?
  163. LilFishBaja

    One bad days luck for one good days luck!!

    Yummm... Mint and Yellowfin.. What a great combo!
  164. LilFishBaja

    When coming into San Diego, and need to grab a great dinner. Slaters50/50 is a must!

    Love the beer selection.. And the choices to make your own burger are phenomenal! I love to come up with off the wall names so that my waiter has to voice them.. "Who has the "Strapon for my ass"?" :rofl:
  165. LilFishBaja

    Discovery Channel Debuts Bluefin Tuna Show

    "Wicked Tuna"? Similar I assume?
  166. LilFishBaja

    A Saga

    Thanks for the info Brian.. A lot more comforting to hear that private boaters are making trips and not running into the Navy guys.. Might have to gather up the moxie and make the trek.. Damn worth it for the Scullies!
  167. LilFishBaja

    A Saga

    Great job! Glad to hear they're hitting the squid and dines.. Did the bait recievers have squid on hand? Also, hate to be out of the loop, but are the islands back open? Love to hit that rockpile again..
  168. LilFishBaja

    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    I thought the last one was 2008.. But yep, 2 spots left.. So light load of 16.. We booked thru Alaska (thats what Art and the crew are flying back on).. Aarons gonna skipper it back to SD.. Carl, you on this trip? Be seeing you at the dock 9am!
  169. LilFishBaja

    What would you do?

    Id just use a kidney harness and get locked in regardless of fishing Yellows, hooters or tunies.. You can still crank with your right hand and sit back and load up instead of pulling on your rod with your injured hand.. You can still do PT by guiding the line back on the reel?
  170. LilFishBaja

    Sunday 10-28 YT Report Paddy hoppin West of the Hidden Bank

    Always love to see the kids out on the water. Perfect size for em, not too big that they're struggling. Glad to see he knows how to make fish seem 5x as big by showing it to the camera! (At least thats what I learned as a kid heh) Im sure he'll make all the kids at school jealous :)
  171. LilFishBaja

    More Beer talk......

    Wish this brew was at StoneFest!
  172. LilFishBaja

    My last offshore 10-16

    Guys, we're all over it.. End of thread..
  173. LilFishBaja

    Dan Hernandez

    He may be a real fisherman and a real actor, but his fish batter sucks..
  174. LilFishBaja


    I love your set up out back.. Great fish cleaning and evidently lobster cleaning station! Nice catch!
  175. LilFishBaja

    first super!!!

    Leaving in a couple weeks, hope they stay around.. Me 3!
  176. LilFishBaja

    The Dogs and The Bees..

    Guess that joke was a bomb.....
  177. LilFishBaja


    My humblest apologies! :notworthy
  178. LilFishBaja

    The Dogs and The Bees..

    While driving his son home from school, a father asks "What did you learn in school today?" "I learned how to multiply fractions, who our presidents were, and how babies are made!" says the boy. Glad that the "Ice Breaker" was already done for him, decides to ask his son if there was any...
  179. LilFishBaja

    Quick bay trips

    Sounds chaotic with work, and the dress changes.. But great way to end the day with a beautiful sunset and other accoutramonts.. Although Id go with the Walker blue label and a nice J&R.. Lets go yakkin'! Ill bring the booze and SeaGars...
  180. LilFishBaja


    I thought I saw a butt with an "I <3 I.B." Tat..
  181. LilFishBaja


    Cap't Dave? Ya mean the BaconNator?
  182. LilFishBaja

    Tubing and hooping has been fun,..

    Wow, never seen a SBB that big.. Did ya happen to weigh it?
  183. LilFishBaja

    Retard in the harbor

    Purposely catching pelicans?? So does the P.P.P. (Pelican Pecker Puffer) want you to cut the line and let it fly away with a jig in its mouth? The guy should have been thankful that you were willing to risk getting the hook out to save the bird.. Another ignorant dumbass PETA volunteer in...
  184. LilFishBaja

    371 YFT

    And you need a soapbox.. Tell us how you really feel..:Beat_Them
  185. LilFishBaja

    My last offshore 10-16

    Man, that was a tough report to read.. My eyestems need a massaging.. Good to see ya got into some though
  186. LilFishBaja

    San Felipe

    Theres no fishing in SFB.. All sand bottom.. Only Shrimping.. And its crazy right now.. All the trawlers coming from the East side of the gulf to the west to drag.. Best fishing is either Consag or fish south of SFB..
  187. LilFishBaja

    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    Man, you and Tex slayed em.. Did your pops go too?
  188. LilFishBaja

    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    Nope, we fish 9 days going down the coast.. Everyday we're fishin.. We hop on the plane from Cabo to SD and 3 days later meet the boat at FL. A 9/12 if you will..
  189. LilFishBaja

    Tecate Border Returning

    Exact same thing happened to our group.. Heading through Mexicali, bogus putaso on a bike rolls up behind us.. Tells us we're driving too fast, and makes a show of milking some time and trying his best to relay to us that we're breaking the law.. He wasnt expecting the "station" request.. He...
  190. LilFishBaja

    Oarfish washes up in Cabo

    What a mount that would be...
  191. LilFishBaja

    Offshore Weather Update (as of 10/10)

    Always a MUST to check out your weather reports before any of my trips.. Thank you for your awesome service!
  192. LilFishBaja

    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    This is Art's annual limited load (18), fish down/fly back from Cabo.. Anybody heading out?
  193. LilFishBaja

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    Check out the Steel Toe Xtra Tuffs..
  194. LilFishBaja


    When I was a kid used WD to spray on Powerbait.. Killed trout and catfish.. No Joke!
  195. LilFishBaja


    You should look a little harder.. There's 3 different posts in this forum and others in Long Range forum.. Theres plenty of chatter going around, but some details are still sketchy..
  196. LilFishBaja

    Puertecitos oct 6 11

    It'll be slow the first few days, not much tidal movement.. But we get a full moon on the 29th, and you know what that means... Tootie and Corvie Time! So you'll be there for the bite.. We'll do some clammin' and fishing.. Fish Tacos and beer/mixed drinks..
  197. LilFishBaja

    Puertecitos oct 6 11

    Whats happenin' Brett?! Nice to see ya lingering around, fellow BDer! I saw them Corvina.. Nice 8 pounders! Were ya trollin' around or throwing the metal? Wish I could have lent a hand. Tex, Rayne, and I are heading down Monday and will be down until the 6th or so.. So we'll see ya down there...
  198. LilFishBaja

    Puertecitos oct 6 11

    Yep, I see the same thing every morning when I wake up to that sunrise.. Even at night, I can hear them splash.. Im 100% positive that they're mullet.. But Roosters do chase them in the Summer time and they're more characterized by their slashing cuts in the water.. The mullet tend to run a...
  199. LilFishBaja

    Puertecitos oct 6 11

    5/8's is a lil small.. I tend to use the 1 oz holographic silver tape.. The Chrome with the orange stripe works equally fine.. Im bringing down some "Soft Takos" (Can pick em up only at Charkbait) and they're small octopus imitations.. Look forward to using em.. Should kill the bass, cabrilla...
  200. LilFishBaja

    Yellowfin eat Grasshopper's

    About 8 years ago, was cleaning a nice hoo (about 55 lbs), noticed it had a full stomach and decided to appease my curiosity.. Cut it open and be damned if I didnt pull out a 20/0 hook! Not hooked in the stomach just totally sloshing around!
  201. LilFishBaja

    Yellowfin eat Grasshopper's

    HAAH!!! Thanks for the laugh! Just imagine if ya had to :shithappens: YFT on a brown trout!
  202. LilFishBaja

    Squidco in San Diego-Reel Repairs

    Its the only shop I go to for any reel work, guide replacements, and most tackle.. Reasonable and competitive prices.. Knows regulars by a first name basis and always offers a cold water or soda.. Highly reccomended for any fisherman, salt or fresh!
  203. LilFishBaja


    I love fishing the Cobra (Fish n' Dive), but I like to paddle manually.. Hobies are the way to go for a pedal guy..
  204. LilFishBaja

    427-pound Yellowfin Tuna in Baja

    Just absolute craziness.. Cant wait to hear the details.. Looks like it could fit in the 420 category, just need another camera angle shot..
  205. LilFishBaja

    Carpe Diem Mexico trip 9/15 w-pics

    Nice to see the Chickens in the counts.. Did you have to stop in Ensenada and check in?
  206. LilFishBaja

    Puertecitos oct 6 11

    Temp is low 90's.. Low 70's at night.. Surface water temps at low 80's.. Corvina are cooperating just fine, jigged off the bottom.. Getting some nicer models in the teens.. Same time last year got one 32 lbs off the kayak.. Got a place about 8 miles north of Puertocitos.. Thats whats happening...
  207. LilFishBaja

    Deformed Dorado

    Thanks for the report! Sounds like ya'll did well.. Glad to hear Im not the only one that still like to filet, can and smoke their own catch!
  208. LilFishBaja

    The Magic Paddy

    Sounds like a great day! No traffic for the epic bite and great quality! Ill just pretend I didnt see the comment about you having to change your shirt because it was too bloody.. Ill assume the wife told you to change and we'll leave it at that! :rofl:
  209. LilFishBaja

    East Coast Fishing!!

    Beautiful fish and even greater Video! Thanks for the awesome report on how you guys on the East Coast do it right!
  210. LilFishBaja

    SKB tackle boxes

    Love the material those SKB boxes are made from! Made a trip to Gonzaga bay with a couple boxes on top of the truck. Have a 15' Bayrunner as a car-topper.. One of the rails was resting on the box the whole trip down. When we arrived, noticed that the box was dented on one side and figured it was...
  211. LilFishBaja

    Cape Cod BFT

    More like an Espresso machine! Light braid and leader for that cow.. Weight??
  212. LilFishBaja

    Seasons Sportfishing * ALBIES * BFT * DODO * REPORT PT 2

    Beauties! Love to see Chunky Flying Fish :)
  213. LilFishBaja

    Dolphin II 1.5 day trip

    Nice Dodos and albies.. Nice to get that WFO bite at the last stop, always gets people itching to get back out.. Tiny yellows and Yfin gotta go back tho :slap:
  214. LilFishBaja

    Ocean Odyssey 9-10 with video of shark chasing tuna

    I guess holding that bait at the barge wasn't the "cure".. Thanks for the Vid and pics.. Love to see more chunk Albies thrown in the mix!
  215. LilFishBaja

    Is Cedros Open?

    Nope, cuz its outside of the 24 mile zone. However, there are reports around the dock that the Mexican gov't has shut it down for this season..
  216. LilFishBaja

    Is Cedros Open?

    WON for the private boaters, and its always been required that sportboats have a permit to fish Guad.
  217. LilFishBaja

    Is Cedros Open?

    I believe only private boaters need to check into Ensenada. Open party trips require the boat permit and visas and dont need to check in. Fishing Guadalupe would require an additional permit.
  218. LilFishBaja

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    I didnt know the Excel ran trips to Prince Wales Island... What a toad! :notworthy
  219. LilFishBaja

    Long Range room-mate from hell

    HAHAAH! Thanks for the laughs, trying not to look at the pics.. Kids in the classroom would be a bit grossed out watching me look at Fat Bastard's twin brother..
  220. LilFishBaja

    60 or 80

    I'd bump it to 80.. 60 is fine if the yellows are breezing, but if the Tunies are in the mix, better to have a lil more cush.
  221. LilFishBaja

    Fluorocarbon leader

    Fishing local stuff, 40 lb Izo.. LR anywhere from 80 to 130
  222. LilFishBaja

    Trips are good if I get home.

    Spreading a friends' ashes in the great blue is always a somber time. However as many of you agree, any time spent on the water with friends remembering all the good times you've shared definitely makes you appreciate the time you've had with your pals!
  223. LilFishBaja

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    I know Art on the Searcher does that everyday while we're traveling.. Especially after meal times.. :picknose:
  224. LilFishBaja

    12/26 LR Trip Departures

    Hey Jeff and Howard, I'm not a regular poster, but I heard from a friend that there was some guys posting on BD and thought Id nose around.. My uncle Tex and I will be with you guys too for 12/26 to 1/7.. Must say, bites looking pretty promising.. Hope the buffer produces well and we're graced...
  225. LilFishBaja

    bass and Cuda's out of SD Bay (location and bait choice)

    Yes.. The smaller fish is a Lizardfish.. Those things look pretty gnarly.. I caught a few at the Enchanted Islands.. Not very big, but great to take pictures of..
  226. LilFishBaja

    Charter for 9-10 people

    The Truline takes a max load of 20 passengers...
  227. LilFishBaja


    My uncle and I catch Triggers all the time in Mexico.. We love to make a nice ceviche with Lemon juice, jalapenos, diced red onions, diced mangos, and a good salsa. They make great fish tacos too!! Treat it as you would crab meat. Very delicate but tasty!! That is, if you can get past that...
  228. LilFishBaja

    new lo-an 3/4 day?

    I hope this hurricane John helps out fishing.. It should push some warmer water more north and hopefully with it, more schools of yft.. Then, we may be able to finish off the season with a bang! :Lets_do_i All we can do is wait and see whats to happen... Pray to the Tuna Gods.. That is, if you...
  229. LilFishBaja

    How did you get your fishing knowledge?

    :Exploding :FU: :zelfmoord barf
  230. LilFishBaja

    new lo-an 3/4 day?

    They were 20-30 avg. with jp being 42lb. The reason they ran a 3/4 day was due to the fact that their overnight trip was cancelled and wanted to run a trip instead of sitting at the slip all day..
  231. LilFishBaja

    new lo-an 3/4 day?

    Yes there is... They ran a 3/4 day charter and ran into them at the middlegrounds... The grande also did the same in august, but it was open party... Its pretty nice to fish those boats for a 3/4 day.. With options to buy dinner coming back, its hard to beat...
  232. LilFishBaja

    This girls is...

    The BREAST.. I mean... BEST Thread in a while.... Aside from the fact that I cant walk around the office :idiot: and I have to point out every hot chick that walks the dock :boobies: , Im gonna have a good day!! Thank you all!! :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff:
  233. LilFishBaja


    but if you want to be funny..... Do Not Ask!!! Find out yourself!! hehe
  234. LilFishBaja


    Deoxyribonucleic acid
  235. LilFishBaja

    Not cool trolling by someones Paddy.

    Exactly.. Cary is a great guy with an even greater father (the owner).. Cary is not the type of guy to do those things, but what is said does not phase him. Their business as a charter boat is very SUCCESSful and their customers have no complaints after getting off the boat.. To each his own...
  236. LilFishBaja

    Success 2-day, leaves tonight 8/22

    21 Yellows and 47 Do Do's for your trip... Didnt do too bad.. How was Cary?? Did he do well for you guys??
  237. LilFishBaja

    PV Black 8-21-06

    Jeez!!! :eek2: I'm sure you're gonna be smoking for weeks :smoking33 .. I'd have to guess... 834 lbs.. Congrats again for the monsterous catch... :notworthy
  238. LilFishBaja

    LJ 8/24AM some sort of bass

    We know.... We're just trying to see which lame-o cant take the joke.. Notice the different responses... If you caught the thread with the Sandie/Cal, you'd see why... :finger:
  239. LilFishBaja

    looking for a good charter...

    All I can say is Good Luck.. Thats not even the price of fuel... Try giving me a call here at (619) 223-1627.. We have a few 6 packs that are available for charters and are cost efficient... You wont find any 4 or 6 packs in San Diego that run open party trips (That sounds like what you are...
  240. LilFishBaja

    Dodos for the newbie

    Who's that butt ugly skipper?? Ahh.. Cap't of the "Charlie Parker"... I heard that guy runs over patties.... haha.. Great job Aaron!! Glad you guys were able to at least get a few before callin' it a day.. I guess the ole upachuck chum just wasnt the bite for the day eh??
  241. LilFishBaja

    7/20 425/302/E-fly

    Nice quality tails.. Im here to help out the brutha... Dodo's do count against the mexican limit.. 2 Dodo's count as 5 fish of your daily 10 fish limit (Mixed Bag). So if you get 2 Dodo's and 5 yellows, thats your limit for the day..
  242. LilFishBaja

    4 Day Trip - Vagabond 7/26-7/30- 2open spots

    Mike is a great captain and a great guy to talk with.. He works hard to put guys on fish and keeps the mood exciting.. Great food, great crew, superb boat.. Cant ask for anything else but some days off so I can jump on with you guys!!
  243. LilFishBaja

    Condom Bank ????

    She also had a barn door but, but I just couldnt stick it in time.... :asshole:
  244. LilFishBaja

    Needing a few prayers for the new Family

    Prayers from my family to yours. Celebrate what you had and the good lord will watch over you and the family and protect. I will pray for you tonight. Im so sorry for your loss.
  245. LilFishBaja

    Condom Bank ????

    Yeah, they hopped on the Vaginabond with captain Wantaknobbe and chummed like crazy.....
  246. LilFishBaja


    Well, a Wahoo is a big Mackerel..... But its all the same... We Love Big Ron here at the office.. He makes an excellent sun screen for us..
  247. LilFishBaja

    BD Midriff Trip

    I would def. be interested.. Depending on how many Bd's go, I have a house in San Felipe (About 30 minutes - Campo Los Pulpos) from the docks. We can crash at my pad, then cruise over in the morning :-D... Give me a PM, lemme know how many you got on the list so far, and we'll go from there..
  248. LilFishBaja

    This yft/bet saved the day

    That's a nice Big Eye.. Was it caught locally or were you guys fishing outside?
  249. LilFishBaja

    Urgent help needed for Hirize!!!

    And of course, if you need tackle hook ups, LilFish is here to help!! I love how the BD crew gets together like this..
  250. LilFishBaja

    28June WFO YT bite on 3/4day San Diego

    Excellent Pics.. Looks like good quality as well.. I heard of good reports from here at work (Point Loma SF). I may just be heading out tomorrow if the numbers are good today.. Definitely looks like weather cooperated with you guys.. As Napoleon Dynamite would say... Luuuhhhhccckkkkkyyyyy!!!!!
  251. LilFishBaja

    All right Derelicts, Time to start getting ready for our trip.....

    we are at the landing. No one is hurt yet. wish us luck. everyone be at the landing next Sat. to help us unl;oad our fish. this is Cuda using the work comp. L8er bitches
  252. LilFishBaja

    Tragedy Strikes One of Our BD Members

    much love to you and your family Bro. Please let me know if My family can do anything for you.
  253. LilFishBaja

    Pics from Baja trip

    I was also down in gonzaga about a month ago and we got into some nice WSB and some Toutuava (Rare species of croaker.. Looks like a cross between a WSB and a Corvina). We got over 15 species ranging from Lizardfish and Yellowtail Leatherjackets to Yellowtail, WSB, and Touts. The road down...
  254. LilFishBaja

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    I prefer to use Dorado or the Blue and Chrome when fishin the surface. I like the Tady 9 and the Salas 6X. If I can find them, I like to use a Blue and Chrome Tady 9 with a glow underbelly. But its hard to find those as surface irons, most of the time they are heavy jigs. Ive also heard of...