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  1. fin tale 2

    Quad Bluefin stop on the feathers @ the Butterfly

    I was on a two day this weekend aboard the Gallilean. We fished the butterfly for 27 Blue Fin. Jackpot winner for day 2 was 31lb on some digital scale. Jackpot for day one was also a Blue Fin but smaller I think like 24-26lbs. We picked up a good amount of yellow tail too but they were of the...
  2. fin tale 2

    Thermal Imaging for Maritime Navigation

    Anyone picked up one of these? The video looks pretty impressive to me. I wonder how realistic it is.
  3. fin tale 2

    Starter question for an I/O

    I recently replaced the starter on my Mercruiser 3.7LX. I purchased the starter at West Marine and we believed we had the correct rotation, however the starter won't turn the motor over. I have checked the batteries and though one is definately bad, the other will at least accept a charge. It...
  4. fin tale 2

    2 day sponsored charter June 2nd is sponsoring a 2 day trip aboard the galilean on June 2nd for 365.00. That seems like a great deal since 2 day trips appear to be around 445.00 normally. I have never fished that boat or one of their charters. Does anyone have any info on either? Is this not as good of a...
  5. fin tale 2

    YFT @ 100m Going OFF!!!

    Departed from Fisherman's Landing @ 10PM aboard the Prowler for an overnight trip with 13 newbs(never been at all), 5 novices, and 8 seasoned vets. Arrived somehwere (not sure of numbers) 100 mi south and start trolling just after grey light. Only picked up a few skippies, nothing else on the...