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  1. COSDoug


    I don't think anyone tries to be 'that guy'. That being said any smokers smoking any tobacco products should understand that as much as they enjoy their smoke other passengers may find it offensive. Smoking while at the rail while fishing is way out of bounds, very unfair and no question makes...
  2. COSDoug

    10/6 Yellas on the "PURSUIT " !

    Thanks for the fine report Ray. Any trip with you and Steph on it is the better because of you and 'your girl'. Especially when she can outfish just about anyone on the boat. Except, of course, lucky you. I agree, you are lucky...lucky to have such a dynamite companion.
  3. COSDoug

    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    So if you go on a multi day trip and come from out of you get a Ca. Fishing license and if you do for how long? Doing an 8 day. Any suggestions?
  4. COSDoug

    Strength of Current

    Does anybody know how a boat captain figures out if there is current and if so, how strong it is? What is a good current? Ive seen captain's move and reset an anchor to go just 75 or 100 yards and the bite changed from a scratch to full speed. I've seen both Cates and Osborne do it with amazing...
  5. COSDoug

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Ray, Could you elaborate/ explain in detail how you 'slow pitch' ? Thanks.
  6. COSDoug

    Intrepid Bluefin report

    Captain Sam Moore sure has become a fine leader. No small wonder as he learned from one of the BEST ever to do it, Captain Kevin Osborne.
  7. COSDoug

    Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    Tremendous report. Details, techniques, humor. You strike me as the kind of guy that makes every trip you're on a better one. Thanks. Carry on.
  8. COSDoug

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Everyone reading this has, at one or more times had something stolen from them. It's not always the cash value that counts, it's the empty feeling you have when you realize someone ripped you off. These guys knew they were stealing. Some people just think they can do whatever they want. To...
  9. COSDoug

    Royal Polaris - EPIC 3 day trip July 30 - Aug. 2nd

    Congratulations Doug. Great read. Terrific fish 'tale'. _
  10. COSDoug

    First few days on the California waters

    If you want to shorten / slash your learning curve, sign up to It will pay for itself just with the fuel you will save. No brainer.
  11. COSDoug

    More or Bigger

    There is no right or wrong answer. It's a matter of choice. I very much enjoy the harvest; that is to say the pristine fillets unavailable at any venue in Colorado, consumed throughout the year. However, on my annual 8 day, given my age and ability, if I were to hook a 100# fish, the first thing...
  12. COSDoug

    7/3 Coronados on the "Liberty"

    Always above average, that's my friend Ray. Any trip is better with Ray on it. True stud and a fine gentleman. And, ' his girl ' usually outfishes just about everyone on the boat. I once saw 'Stef' bring a 100# plus class Bluefin to gaff in 15 minutes when everyone else took an hour and then some.
  13. COSDoug

    Go FundMe for Jesus Companioni

    ' Zeus ' is certainly the cream of the crop out of the finest people I've ever had the good fortune to fish with. Dang.
  14. COSDoug

    371 area then Coronados 6-11-20

    Slow trolling on a private boat for yellowtail is super effective. Make sure to hook the bait vertically up through the jaw so you don't 'drown' it. Bump the boat in gear and never, ever troll in a straight line. When you look behind you, your wake should be a 'lazy' S . Here's the Real key to...
  15. COSDoug

    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    Dan, You really are something else. In a class all your own. My deepest respect.
  16. COSDoug

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    I used to fish on a 23 angler 8 day, 116 foot boat. There was this guy each year who was just the nicest, intelligent and engaging person you could ever ask to be on your trip. Problem was, he was a terrible fisherman. Paying out blue spectra forever, concrete shoes, parked endlessly in the...
  17. COSDoug

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    The question is still unchanged. Just like when you got your drivers license. ' these are the rules...don't like it,? don't drive, your choice.' Suit yourself. You will know it is a requirement to wear a mask. Clearly you don't want to be ' that guy ' and make the crew or Captain insist...
  18. COSDoug

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    With a yes or no answer there is no right or wrong answer, only yes or no. Let's not get sideways, if it is a requirement, does it keep you from going? Yes or no?
  19. COSDoug

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    Ok, we get permission to fish. If it is a requirement that you wear a mask while you are on deck and / or out of your stateroom, does that keep you from going on a trip? This is a yes or no answer. Forget about ' does the mask work' , social distancing, your choice of boat, crew, chef or...
  20. COSDoug

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Andy Cates is widely regarded as one of the best captain's in the fleet. Mike Nall in the galley is worth the price of admission all by himself. He's a shining star in his cuisine preparation and is a heck of an angler. Want to catch a Wahoo? Watch Mike and try to ' be like Mike '.8-)
  21. COSDoug

    Fishing Mexican Water Offshore Question

    I had a 20 cuddy cabin. Twice my buddy and I went to the Nados and fished the late afternoon bite then anchored on the Lee side of South Island for the night. While we didn't catch Jack either afternoon, waking up on the Lee side sure makes for a big lead to getting offshore. Dual deep cycle...
  22. COSDoug

    BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

    Wow...3 guys, private boat, 2 'jumbos', terrific report, thanks for sharing. You sir, are as impressive as it gets. Carry on, Please.
  23. COSDoug


    Eric , You are a perfect example of why people come to and read this website. Someone who has game and shares tips and technical advice for people who are asking for help. Good for you. Thanks, you make this a better place. Carry on.
  24. COSDoug

    Tricks to use in a picky bite

    I was just wondering.... If you injected household disinfectant...would that help stop the transfer of human scent from getting on the bait thereby resulting in more hook ups? Is this worth 'looking into'?
  25. COSDoug

    Offshore report and FD vent

    From about 1980 something for 14 years I had a 20 cuddly cabin I fished year round. Somewhere during this time period GPS became available to the private boater. There was no Intel super highway. I carried 70 gallons of fuel which, at the time cost about $200. Mix in about $40 for bait and ice...
  26. COSDoug

    Targetting opah

    I did actually target Opah once. I was who knows where on the Intrepid fishing a kelp. Captain Kevin from the sun deck above announces ' I have a single mark at 200 feet and I think it's an Opah. $500 off a trip if you can catch it.' Everyone scrambled for a jig .Zero. That Captain KO sure...
  27. COSDoug

    Fishing license for guest on boat

    I've been checked many times and several times I was told....we have been watching you and person X never touched a rod, therefore that person does not need a license. If, however, someone as much as moved a rod from one rod holder to another they are now assisting the fishing process and...
  28. COSDoug

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    Many good points made. Especially about the ice maker being a potential time bomb. Look, if you are a non hygenic pig who doesn't shower, drinks way too much, talks too much, makes a scene about nothing, won't shuffle, bitches constantly and is in general a freaking bummer to be around it's...
  29. COSDoug

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    Perhaps you should look into an ultra limited trip.
  30. COSDoug

    Long Range Travel Insurance

    Where the heck were you when you caught 9 yellowtail over 50 pounds and how did you do it ? Jigs, bait...please share details..
  31. COSDoug

    First Tuna For 2020 Landed Abaord the Tomahawk

    Hey Dan, Along with many others here, I have watched you for many years. I always read your reports and stories. If there ever has been an "ambassador" to sportfishing" you, no doubt would be on every anglers short list. Keep up the good work. Thank you, sir. Much respect.
  32. COSDoug

    Mid water jigs

    Colt Sniper for me. Drop it below the depth the captain is metering the school then erratically wind back up through. Very effective, anything that swims will eat it. I've been bit on the sink and the retrieve about 50 / 50.
  33. COSDoug

    Nomad Madmacs

    Bill Could you please post a picture of the DTX that caught a dozen Wahoo ? It must be a sight. I had a sardine style painted colt sniper that was torched by well over a dozen big yellows. The last time I saw it was at the Ridge . I remember thinking, as I tossed it out, ' just one more...
  34. COSDoug

    American Angler 12/1 10 Day report

    I have only had to help make bait once. While some people have said they like it, I didn't like it at all, BUT, it's part of the process and Everyone should help. I was extremely resentful of people that slept through the entire effort then went straight to the live well looking for a fresh...
  35. COSDoug

    Frickin' La Jolla

    Many, many years ago I lived in Lemon Grove and was beginning my California sportfishing career. I would fish with Fred Huber on the Daily Double, half day trips. During the 'off season' we would mostly bottom fish. The night before a voyage I would go down to the little creek at the entrance to...
  36. COSDoug

    Red Rooster

    The one time I did a 5 day on the R R I remember several specific items. First and foremost was Mike Nall. His cuisine was out of sight. The Perfect blend of home cookin' with just the right splash of fancy. I think Mike is the best I've ever enjoyed. Very friendly and worth the price of...
  37. COSDoug

    Beautiful is FREEDOM (1.5 Day 11/7)

    Sherman, That was a terrific report, as good as it gets. Thank you. Please post again. You, sir, are why people look forward to reading this site. Carry on.
  38. COSDoug

    105 FOOT BOATS

    Years ago on an 8 day there was on board a retired oceanographer from Scripps. I think his name was Bob. He was an older gentleman and he was the type of guy that when he spoke, everybody listened closely. Anyway, once he was explaining the dynamics of how a boat 'works' in the ocean. Dude was...
  39. COSDoug

    Fishing the Intrepid 10 day December 10th

    I have used the loaner gear about half a dozen times on the Intrepid. On an 8 day trip I get a 30, a 40 and a 50 # rod and reel combo. The rods are top shelf gear. The reels are all 2 speeds which are perfectly maintained. At $15 each set up per trip it's the cheapest part of the voyage. Great...
  40. COSDoug

    A few observations on wahoo...

    Tim, Thank you for the insight. May I ask what is your rod and reel combo of choice when fishing Wahoo 'fast' ? Thanks.
  41. COSDoug

    Tough Trip On The Tribute 10/25/19

    That, sir, was a stellar report on several different levels. Thank you, please write again. As for Capt. Mike Prichard...this guy couldn't spell 'give up' if you spotted him 5 letters in a game of scrabble. He's at the very top of my list as the best I've fished with.
  42. COSDoug

    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    Elvis Costello is sensational. Armed Forces is one of my all time favorite albums. "Accidents will happen." If I'm not interested in a post I just move on to the next one that interests me. Peace to you. No need for insults.
  43. COSDoug

    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    For being such a well versed individual I find it revealing you don't know that the expression is ....I COULDN'T care less. See, if you COULD care less, well then, we'll, forget it. If this site is so redundant and repulsive to you perhaps you may find another site that suits your interests...
  44. COSDoug

    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    I've never been told 'no' when I have asked to troll my own feather or jig but somehow a spreader bar seems cumbersome and out of place on a sport boat. I used to troll one on my private boat and while it could be effective at times we always used it as an attractor to draw attention to the jigs...
  45. COSDoug

    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    Here's an inside tip. If your shoes or boots get wet, look to the staircase that goes up to the upper deck. Place your footwear out of the way on the stairs under the vent and in 30 minutes they will be dry as can be. That being said, the vessel rides like a dream and don't hesitate to use the...
  46. COSDoug

    CONDOR 3-Day: Best. Trip. Ever.

    Oh darn...I guessed I missed the headline where it said, and I quote...3 day trip. Silly me. Thanks so much for pointing that out. Here's a wild guess. The complimentary sarcasm flew right over your head. 8-)
  47. COSDoug

    Sport boats and trash

    We all know smoking is not a very good idea. I quit 3 years ago and I don't think any less of someone if whomever decides to partake as I really liked it and could very easily become a smoker again...I won't, but I could. That being said....there is a big trash can right there...use it. Don't be...
  48. COSDoug

    CONDOR 3-Day: Best. Trip. Ever.

    445 pounds to five star? That's a little light .. For an 8 day trip. Great report. Terrific play by play, excellent details. Very much enjoyed the read. Thank you.
  49. COSDoug

    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    I went on an open party trip years ago. I don't remember the boat name but I sure remember the guy I shared a room with. This guy snored like a freaking freight train. I mean rattle the windows snoring. I could not wake him up, he was umconcho. I finally gave up and went upstairs and slept in...
  50. COSDoug

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    Personally if it was me I would thank my lucky stars Captain Bill was more concerned about my well being and safety than he was about my being pissed off we fished locally. Going to the Ridge to get your ass kicked inside out in unfishable conditions is just stupid. Mother nature wins this...
  51. COSDoug

    RP Accurate 7 day 9/13-9/20

    Great report. Very well written with lots of info. Mike Loust is no doubt one of the best crew members I have ever had the pleasure to fish with. Any trip is better with Mike on deck.
  52. COSDoug

    9 day Excel adventure 09-10 to 09-19-19!

    I've been on trips and had a perception completely different from others on the same trip. It's only fair people get to voice their opinions. Way too many times people are wary to speak up for fear of getting torched by die hard patrons of an operation that can 'do no wrong'. Someone speaks...
  53. COSDoug

    Capt. Jeff, My back just can't handle the rigors of boating. We will not be able to fish with...

    Capt. Jeff, My back just can't handle the rigors of boating. We will not be able to fish with you next Monday. At least we got to go once. My doctor says gettin' old is not for sissies. I think he is right. Thanks for a fun day, I'll look for your reports on this board. Doug
  54. COSDoug

    Tuna processing at home?

    For years when I had my own boat I cut up the catch at home. I vac sealed the fillets by simply immersing the fish filed zip lock bags in water driving the air out. I would keep chovies, sardines and carcasses and bury them in a 14 square piece of land I had in the corner of my property. Once a...
  55. COSDoug

    Costello 6-day Long Range Trip on Polaris Supreme

    Sounds like you got taken for a long walk on a very short pier. Who sponsored the trip, Bud Abbott ? { you younger guys won't get it :confused: }
  56. COSDoug

    9/1 north 9 mile bank

    Good report. Of course it will help somebody, most likely many people. Knowing where NOT to go counts as much as knowing what direction and distance TO go.
  57. COSDoug

    Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits, so close to home. All you private boaters....please keep an eye out for Hobie Mirage Drive Yaks. If you see one being pulled around you just found the fish. Shut down and start chunkin'. o_O
  58. COSDoug

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Years ago I owned a home in Lemon Grove, 8 miles east of downtown San Diego. It was surrounded by a 6 foot tall fence inside of which my 2 full sized Germen Shepards lived. They were trained to stay inside the fence and they would not stray. The neighbor went on vacation and hired a house...
  59. COSDoug

    Wide open 8/28

    Nice report, very nice day. If I may say so....those fish look a heck of a lot better buried in ice than they would laying on deck roasting in the hot sun. Good job taking care of your catch. :D
  60. COSDoug

    Pride incident

    You have a huge ocean, good bait and biting fish but still people fuss and fight. I swear some of you guys could ruin an all expenses paid night out at Adalita's. o_O
  61. COSDoug

    YFT Chum? Anything other than live stuff?

    When I fished my boat offshore I had a 20 gallon bait bag that would only hold a half scoop without crowding the bait. I would pull up to the bait barge and ask for a full scoop. Once I felt the bait bag had enough I would have the 'second' half scoop dumped into a 5 gallon bucket. I'd pull away...
  62. COSDoug

    Yellowfin Limits - 8/22

    That was a great example of an offshore report. You covered all the bases, very well written. Well done. Don't hesitate to write another report.
  63. COSDoug

    Fish processing prices?

    As always, there are 2 sides to the coin. Here's mine. After an 8 day trip about all I'm interested in is going home to Colorado Springs. Five Star meets the boat, then unloads and sorts the catch; I don't touch a thing. Out of the RSW and directly into the ice cold slush bins, then away it goes...
  64. COSDoug

    Royal Star Trip Report

    Mr. Andre, Inquiring minds want to know. Please forgive me for being so forward and I ask this question with all due respect, sir. Those cold showers you speak of....doesn't that make your package shrink ? o_O
  65. COSDoug

    Refund for Trips Cancelled by Operator?

    I can't comment on the trip that Donna refers to because I was not involved. I can comment on the trip prior to it because I was there. That's when the mechanical issue happened. We were a few miles south of South Coranado Island when we heard a loud 'bang / clunk' type noise and a big puff of...
  66. COSDoug

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    Palomar, improved clinch, SD jam knot...I was using them and then some, until Fishy sold me on the Uni. I've not used any other hook connection knot on my last 4 8 day trips and have not had a failure yet. Exactly like Bill says, tight barrel, free ringed hook. What's not to like?
  67. COSDoug

    Ray Jarvis Memorial 8-day Trip - Quick Report

    When I went on my first long range trip, an 8 day on the Intrepid about 8 years ago, I was by myself and felt rather intimidated. I figured the 'regulars' would stay to themselves and be rather standoffish. Boy was I mistaken. Just as Lou describes above, the guys with the most knowledge and...
  68. COSDoug

    Spectacular Surface Iron Day

    That JRI 3 sure has a nice 'kick' to it.
  69. COSDoug

    Crew Members Fishing

    I don't know the dynamics of a large sportfishing boat, but I can, without a doubt, tell someone how a small private boat works. I fished my own 20 footer out of San Diego for 14 years straight. Whenever we hooked a troll fish...albacore or Yellowfin, the first one got put in a rod holder and...
  70. COSDoug

    Crew Members Fishing

    I can see both sides of the coin but Bluefin do change the situation. If you're offshore fishing kelps or locating Yellowfin schools then the deck guys shouldn't be fishing other than casting out a live bait and right away giving the angler back the rod and reel. { unless you're Mike Nall...
  71. COSDoug

    First time with the 13 year old on the intrepid

    Lots of good advice, especially teaching him knots. That's fun you can have together while you wait for the trip. If it were me, I would find crew member Jack, introduce yourself, slip him $20 and ask him to keep an eye out for the young guy. Game, set, match. Jack is the best there is and a...
  72. COSDoug

    Getting your fish home?

    Air cargo all the way. I used to have the product {after being frozen solid} next day shipped with Fed Ex. It was picked up at 5 star. Very expensive and always a screw up. Now I use Southwest Air Cargo. Way, way cheaper and never misses. I coordinate with 5 star and they deliver it to the...
  73. COSDoug

    Going to do some 6 day trips. Need some tackle tips

    Dave, Two words...Colt Sniper. What eats them? Everything and anything. On a troll strike when everyone heads to the bait tank, head to the bow. Pitch out the Sniper, let it sink through the school. If you don't get picked up on the sink, a herky jerky, uneven retrieve most likely will...
  74. COSDoug

    Pacific Dawn 5/24-25

    Who would have ever thought you could get a beautiful fish, a proud dad and an angel all in one picture ? Outstanding, way to go Dad !!!!!!
  75. COSDoug

    possibility of coastal islands opening

    Not to rain on anyone's optimistic parade but.....whomever pulled whosever strings and / or had enough say so for the powers that be to declare "off limits" has some kind of pull. Muy fuerte. Now, if you were the shot caller, would you give it back ? The tough part for many people, myself...
  76. COSDoug

    Why wait for the funeral ?

    It occurs to me that too many times people have to pass before they get to know how special they are or have been to others. Nice things are said at the funeral service but by then it's a little late, at least for the departed. I'm sure most everyone who has been long range has been blown away...
  77. COSDoug

    Coronado Island Yellowtail. 4/24

    The whitefish is huge. I caught one on the ridge on an 8 day 2 years ago that was the biggest I'd ever seen. The one you caught is bigger. Holy cow, that is a stellar catch. I had the most success fishing the Coranados for Yellowtail using sardines on the slow troll. Simply put the boat in...
  78. COSDoug

    4/25/19 SoCal Inshore & Catalina Report!

    I don't know anything about the particular situation you guys are talking about. That being said....a poacher is nothing but a fucking thief. Who isn't repulsed by a fucking thief other than another fucking thief ? It reminds me of the aged old expression....' God created all men equal, Sam...
  79. COSDoug

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    Perry on the Intrepid once made a terrific Yellowfin dish. It was fabulous. When I asked him how he did it he was happy to share his ever so simple secret. Use 'any kind of Italian salad dressing' and marinate for 30 - 40 minutes. High heat...400 - 425 degrees, 2 minutes per side, let rest for 5...
  80. COSDoug

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    If I looked like Mike Loust without a shirt on, I would never wear a shirt again. I told him so last year. Great guy, great deck hand.
  81. COSDoug

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Great read. Congrats. Jack Wroncy is one of, if not THE best deck hand I've ever fished with.
  82. COSDoug

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Colors chosen by Fishybuzz ; rigged and painted by Gary, Mr. Fishdoggery. Going for 2 full day trips off Kona this year. Looking for Ono, Mahi and Ahi. { It's a different time zone, they call stuff different . } Aloha
  83. COSDoug

    Intrepid 8 day gear

    Gary, My fault. I misunderstood. No hard feelings. Wishing you and yours good karma. Doug
  84. COSDoug

    Intrepid 8 day gear

    The only thing that amazes me more than your reply is the fact three people liked it. Was that supposed to be funny? If so, I didn't get the joke ; in fact, I consider it insulting.
  85. COSDoug

    Intrepid 8 day gear

    I've been on half a dozen 8 day trips on the Intrepid. Each time I use the loaner gear from the boat. Top shelf rods and reels. Each trip I get a 30, a 40 and a 50# rod / reel set up. It's all I've ever needed. Total cost for all 3 rigs.....$45.
  86. COSDoug

    10 day Intrepid December 2019

    Not totally accurate. The Intrepid does indeed have very well maintained, high quality rods and reels as loaners. Reels are all 2 speed. The cost is $15 per rod and reel, per trip. This comes with a brand new 100 yard mono top shot on top of the spectra backing. { I've only gotten up to 50# so...
  87. COSDoug

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    Personally I would feel a little awkward tipping as soon as I got onboard. I always make sure I'm firmly on the north side of 15 %. That being said....last year, after a tough tangle with some wily Yellowfin swimming in circles, Jack W. has to cut me free. "Follow me." he says. Fast as could be...
  88. COSDoug

    Please exercise caution my friends

    I was very pleased on my recent Intrepid trip to see the catch process they are using. Every fish tagged was recorded. As it went into the RSW the deckhand would call out the species and the tag number. The guy on the bait tank would record and write down each and every one. When an angler...
  89. COSDoug

    size bait long range

    Just got off the Intrepid 8 day this morning. When we left last Monday we made about 500 mini macs at the receiver. The Sardines we had were the size of your middle finger. You will want light line and bring very small hooks or as you watch your bait struggling, you will salute it with your...
  90. COSDoug

    Portable Solder Kit

    Hello to everyone out there reading this forum who is on the fence about this ' long range ' fishing. It can be sensory overload and rather intimidating. My first trip I went solo on an 8 day, knowing nobody, feeling sort of isolated, with not a clue what to do next. Downright out of my...
  91. COSDoug

    Fish it, or Frame it?

    I can't speak for the Dorado as it's soon to not be mine, but bet I'm going to fish the hot pink / lime green on the upcoming Intrepid 8 day. As stunning as it looks now I think it will even look better covered in scratch marks. { optical illusion...these are both exactly the same size, 10...
  92. COSDoug

    Intrepid Fish Report

    Wide open Yellowfin, good Dorado, Yellowtail, Wahoo, maybe Grouper.....You have to go where the fish are.... 8 days lets you do that. For the love of whomever, turn left.... { at least that's what I'm counting on, 13 daze from now. } Disclaimer....I've been self employed for 35 years...if you...
  93. COSDoug

    turn left or turn right

    On my first long range trip, an 8 day, I really took notice about how much time we spent traveling. I thought holy cow, we spent 4 daze riding and 4 daze fishing. Then as several trips past I came to realize that the travel days were a special, not talked about part of the trip. It's when you...
  94. COSDoug

    Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    Big fish fishing just isn't for everybody. On the last day of my 8 day last year, early August, we fished the 43 for the big bluefin. We really had no choice as a tropical depression had pushed us all the way back up from the 23, around the bottom of the ridge, several hundred to miles to the...
  95. COSDoug

    location of bluefin/ fish processing

    Not a silly question at all. I think Fisherman's Processing might meet you at the dock if the boat you are on makes contact with them. Perhaps you might make plans to take it to them. Any way you 'slice' it, if you are lucky enough to catch one of these huge Bluefin, the cost and effort to have...
  96. COSDoug

    Random Drone footage from 8-day trip on excel

    I guess Yellowtail. Cool vid. Thanks.
  97. COSDoug

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    Ray, That report is as good as they get. Thank you very much. Terrific job. Keep up the good work.
  98. COSDoug

    Opah on Tomahawk - 6/23

    " those missing corn niblets "....
  99. COSDoug

    How do you guys transport the fish (Whole) to your house from a 8 dayer?

    A very interesting thread. Many great ideas on how to transport. The only part I don't understand is, now that you have it, what do you do with it? Ok, so I drive my RSW catch home, it has stayed cold and I'm all ready to have at it. I need to carve it up and vac pack everything. Need a quality...
  100. COSDoug

    What to Expect - Early Sept. 3-Day

    " Resist the temptation to get into card games at night, some of those guys are on the trip with the money they took from Vegas" Classic. One of the best lines I've ever read here. Thanks for the advice. I'm all in, bluffing with a 5, 3, off suit after the board flops A, K, J. :D
  101. COSDoug

    What to Expect - Early Sept. 3-Day

    I use 'loaner gear' each year on the Intrepid. I gave up flying mine from Colorado several years ago. Captain KO set me straight after I got my hat handed to me on a 103# YFT at the rocks. "Next time use our gear Doug, you're killing yourself with that stuff". Their gear is newer and better than...
  102. COSDoug

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    Mike Nall on the RR3. Dude has game and then some. True craftsman. I'll never forget Javier on the Intrepid coming over the speaker......'breakfast is not served in bed today, if you don't eat you will die'. Now that dude was a chef.
  103. COSDoug

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    Is this where the old saying came from ? ...…'she was a 6 before 10:00, and a 10 after a six pack'. I guess you had to be there.
  104. COSDoug

    No. of anglers on boat - How important?

    This year will be my 8th long range trip, so I'm a novice. No doubt, the longer you can go, with the fewest passengers, is the trip you want. For me it's 23 anglers on a 116 foot boat, 8 daze. Sure you will pay a premium ; it's all about how much you are willing to spend. Myself, I'd rather...
  105. COSDoug

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    When I went on the Rooster it was explained to us that there was a 30 fish limit. Fact is that when we were given a ring to hook on your belt it had only 15 tags. The reason why was when you asked for your next 15 tickets you were told in no uncertain terms...."you are half way done, remember it...
  106. COSDoug

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    This brings up a good subject. Not all passengers are of equal strength and stamina. Myself, I like to pace myself, hydrate between fish, take my time. It's not a freaking race, or at least, that's not what I came for. I've seen others who try to catch as many and as fast as they can. Next thing...
  107. COSDoug

    Fuel surcharge in 2018?

    Ok, fair questions. For starters the FMY, FLA, FMG, whatever I invented, was supposed to be an example of how my head, and I admit I'm not that bright, was spinning after all the extra charges added up. Perhaps it's that when I walk into the Intrepid office, there's a name tag with my name...
  108. COSDoug

    Fuel surcharge in 2018?

    Three years ago, to make a long story short, I couldn't get a trip on my favorite ride, the Intrepid. I managed to get a 6 day on one of the top line boats for my friend and myself. While the cost per day was less, the add ons and extras wiped that savings out. Mex. Permit, FFI, FCG, FYI, $2 a...
  109. COSDoug

    Marijuana on LR boats

    I once went to San Francisco to visit a Navy Tugboat Captain friend { RIP Chris } who was stationed on Treasure Island. This was probably about 25 years ago but a few memories are still vivid, unforgettable. We fished on an open party boat, about 65 feet with about 30 anglers fishing for Salmon...
  110. COSDoug

    On a positive note!

    It's so true to form how many people relate their 1st trip experience over and over. When they first began long range fishing they were overwhelmed at how quickly they were taken in by complete strangers and treated as family. My introduction to long range came not by my own choice, you might...
  111. COSDoug

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    A concealed carry permit is regulated by ATF, which is federal. I understand ' gun unfriendly ' California doesn't actually give them out 'just because you want one'. Several other states do, Colorado being one of them. When you apply for the permit you have to state that you do not grow, use or...
  112. COSDoug

    your go to trolling lures

    natural color cedar plug, the smaller of the 2 sizes...everything that swims loves 'em.
  113. COSDoug

    Upcoming Intrepid trip-Question

    I've had both port to starboard and bow to stern bunks on the Intrepid. Never could tell much difference. But any way you slice it, waiting in the galley, shampoo in hand , waiting for a turn at the shower, semi disgruntled because dude's taking too much time sucks...I'd much prefer below...
  114. COSDoug

    Guadalupe in Sept or December

    Reading this thread reminds me of the pressure on The Captain. I mean, someone decides where to go and what to do. When I had my own private boat I would tell first timers.....If we do well it doesn't mean I'm great and if we strike out it doesn't mean I suck, it's called fishing. Tough to...
  115. COSDoug

    Long Range On Board Fish Handling

    Very slowly, one at a time, buns up..........;) Signed, Gilligan
  116. COSDoug

    Kevin Osborn

    Kevin, I think, was highly regarded by anyone who was ever at sea with him. Not only did he have an incredible knack at finding fish, he was always just plain fun to be around. That said, I fished an 8 day this past season with Bill C. as first and Sammy as second. When we arrived back at Pt...
  117. COSDoug

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    I think if the boat changed the dates, all bets are off and you should get a FULL refund. If the 'cost of doing business' is for the boat to eat the 3.5%, so be it. The Intrepid does not charge credit card fees, so for me it's a non issue. I can't help say, however, if I donate money using my...
  118. COSDoug


    This morning on 'Let's Talk Hookup', dude from Seakeeper was explaining this device that almost eliminates roll on a boat that is up to 160 feet long. Gyroscope, fascinating. Google Seakeeper, wow, very cool. How about long range boats? Website says around 220 grand for the large model. Any...
  119. COSDoug

    Best meal on a LR boat

    I agree with Jim, a bacon wrapped fillet paired with a lobster tail aboard the Intrepid is the tops for me. However, I've always noticed that 'whatever the fish we are catching' is fantastic for dinner. Seared Ahi ? Good night now.............
  120. COSDoug

    Dolphin Motel toast

    Crap....does this mean Mitch has the only 'fisherman's special' within a 2 block radius? :nopity: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  121. COSDoug

    Newbie here

    Asking an open ended question on this board will get you many, many different perspectives and a wide variety of opinions on anything and everything.....but, here's one opinion that not one person here will disagree with. Go as long as you possibly can. I only get to go once a year so for me...
  122. COSDoug

    Shipping your booty...

    I live in Colorado Springs. I have 5 Star ship "air cargo" to Denver. It's a 3.5 hour round trip for me but well worth the effort. Your catch is very valuable and every effort to preserve it in pristine condition is well worth it.
  123. COSDoug

    SoCal sheepshead....

    Live crawdads for the langosta ..{ lobster} The first boat I fished in San Diego, The Daily Double, Capt. Fred Huber. I lived in Lemon Grove and would go down to the Spring Valley Swap Meet where that little stream ran through by the entrance. It was loaded with crawdads. You could...
  124. COSDoug

    La Jolla 12/15

    Wow, what a way to start gettin' good/ lucky. Nice goat....excellent to eat, we always called them mother in law fish....cause they are so freaking ugly...... Nothing like finding your own fish on your own boat.
  125. COSDoug

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    This year on The Intrepid... guy before me on the kite rotation gets picked up within 5 minutes. My 1 hour time slot goes by and nothing but a great view watching the action on deck. Next up, my roomie; he gets picked up in minutes. Both guys get 140 # class Bluefin. Me, I got some great...
  126. COSDoug

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    Ummm...errrrr..., the only thing you can change about people is your opinion. Think about it, it will give you peace of mind. Did for me. Doug
  127. COSDoug

    Successful Solo Sojourn - 11/15

    I always had a complete second back up anchor. It's a piece of safety gear easily overlooked. True story....after donating an anchor to North Island, fishing solo, I had some malfunction coming into San Diego Bay. Dead in the water , yet drifting towards Zuniga. Deployed back up anchor. Saved...
  128. COSDoug

    Any word on the lower banks?

    Seems like young Capt. Sammy will be getting some fleet wide respect here shortly; well deserved. Dude's a stud and damn good poker player. I asked him a few months ago if he ever read bloody decks and he replied, "nope, I'm out here living it." I reckon so. Doug
  129. COSDoug

    Catchy Tackle 15 day on the Intrepid.

    Having fished 4 trips with Kevin O., my favorite captain of all time, I was optimistic that Captain Bill could fill such large shoes. On my 8 day in early September he sure did do just that. Almost the same crew on deck as on my trip. Top shelf. Intrepid anglers are in very good hands with Capt...
  130. COSDoug

    Trip to San Diego

    David, Maybe a good idea to drive. I could just imagine TSA asking you..."what's in the bag fella ?'' ......"Nothing special, sir, just a whole bunch of these really cool bombs I've been waiting to try, they are killer ".:)
  131. COSDoug

    San Diego Bay Sheephead

    What a goat, great catch. Who woulda' thunk ? Doug
  132. COSDoug

    3.5 Day

    The quality product that a professional processor does is well worth the money spent. Not only is it the best at the table, it will easily be good for a year or better. No brainer......5 Star would be my choice. Doug
  133. COSDoug

    5 Star

    Just recently received this years yield after an 8 day. I live in Colorado Springs so I drive a 3.5 hour round trip to Denver and pick up the product from Southwest Air Cargo. The advantage is that in less than 7 hours from when it leaves 5 star it's in my freezer, in my garage, in Colorado...
  134. COSDoug

    Searcher 7-day Oct 21 - anyone going? Tips for a newbie?

    I would for sure get at least 4 each; Colt snipers and Shimano flat fall jigs. Very effective on both Yellowtail and Yellowfin. The snipers I like to use when open water kelp fishing. The glow in the dark flat falls {160-200 grams} are killer on school Yellowfin. On a recent 8 day I came outside...
  135. COSDoug

    All day Big Patties!!!!

    That fish is a beauty. Nice catch, but I think perhaps a large hen rather than a bull.
  136. COSDoug

    The one that got away...

    About 10 years ago out of Rancho Leonaro trolling for Tuna, I asked the deckhand in my broken Spanish.....Amigo, Wahoo estan aqui?... No Senor, no Wahoo in tres semanas, lo ciento. After several Tuna we had a monster jig strike that lasted all of 2 seconds. Zing Pow. Dude looks at me and says,'...
  137. COSDoug

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    I'm an Intrepid guy. I just did an 8 day and it was terrific. I caught a 41# Bull Dorado on 8/31 {pictured on fish reports} which made my whole trip, along with a whole bunch of other fish. Capt. Bill was very, very good as was the whole crew. They are all very talented, hard working and...
  138. COSDoug

    Angler Wear trip Coronado Islands & offshore adventure August 25, 2017

    When I fished the Coranados, even if it was about 15 years ago.......My favorite and most productive method for catching yellows was to nose hook a sardine, from underneath the jaw, straight up and through the nose and slow troll it. By that I mean just put the boat in gear at idle, no throttle...
  139. COSDoug

    What does a "Sponsored by..." trip mean?

    Loaner gear... the cheapest cash outlay of the long range experience. If you are flying in from out of town and only go once a year, dang, use the loner gear. $10 per rod and reel per trip, top shelf gear ; it's pretty much free. That's what I do on the Intrepid. Doug
  140. COSDoug

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Seems like catch and release might be a good idea.
  141. COSDoug

    8-13 dorado at the 181/182

    Assuming you are not 4 feet tall, that's a very nice hen or bull, but I'd guess a hen. Nice catch. Doug
  142. COSDoug

    178 and coronados

    I wonder if it was a Bluefin. 25#'s sure is a heck of a Bonita.
  143. COSDoug

    Wednesday Paddy Hopin' - 8/9

    No question, you are very well versed at running your own rig. Nice job, very nice report. Doug
  144. COSDoug


    Ummm, holy cow.....
  145. COSDoug

    Shogun 5 day-July 29-August 3.

    Wow, amazing report, sure hope to see more like it. Griff, you're a natural. Huge Yellow by anyone's standards. Nice catch. Doug
  146. COSDoug

    Coronado Island BFT limits 8/4

    Take away the rough sea state and it would be a perfect day. Nice score. Very cool on a private boat. Doug
  147. COSDoug

    Freedom 8/4

    That was a very well written report, thank you. Doug
  148. COSDoug

    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    The first time I met Kevin was my first long range trip, an 8 day. It was a last minute thing as I had just been told the mother in law was coming to town, period. I gotta' get the hell 'outa Dodge, so I figured, what the heck, I'll try this 'long range thing.' Been going ever since. I'd never...
  149. COSDoug

    Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    Great job kid, great job Dad. Some the nicest pictures I've seen on this site, period. Little dude hoisting the Yellow should be on the boat's website, along with a framed 8 by 10 prominently displayed in your house. Thanks for the report. Doug
  150. COSDoug

    Vagabond (7/19 - 23) Jan Ishii Charter

    You strike me as the kind of guy that would share with everyone even if your freezer was empty. Guys like you are what make it fun when you go on a trip knowing nobody, and ending the trip with a bunch of new friends. Great job, carry on. Doug
  151. COSDoug


    Never caught one. I'm going on an 8 day in about a month. I'm guessing we'll go to the Ridge where I've recently seen pictures of Grouper. Anybody have a specific way to target them? One more question... I've read the big ones are not as tasty as 'smaller' ones, what's the cut off point where...
  152. COSDoug

    Shogun 5 Day

    I once fished with a dude that used a shower handle as a jig; he tied an 8/0 circle hook on it and was fishing it Yo Yo style; he slayed the Yellowtail until he got broken off in the rocks. I think he had it painted hot pink, maybe it was scrambled egg, then again, not impossible it was the...
  153. COSDoug

    Excel or Intrepid??

    Freaking tough job being a Captain. I had a really nice dinner conversation with a doctor one night. It was after a super slow day when we killed 'em the day before. So one day the skipper was the best there ever was and the next day we couldn't sniff a bite. My doctor tablemate lamented....."my...
  154. COSDoug

    Excel 5-day.

    On a 6 day last year we went to the Ridge and to Alijos. It's where the fish were and we did very well. I won the jackpot...I mean the poker jackpot. Here's the skinny. ' Pretend' 20 $ buy in, 1 rebuy and everyone is welcome. We were ' pretending' as I'll not admit to real gambling since my...
  155. COSDoug

    American Angler Calstar 5-Day 6-29 to 7-4

    What a terrific report. Thank you very much.....Great read. Doug
  156. COSDoug

    Tribute Sportfishing - 1.5 Trip Report

    From what I've heard from sport boat captains there are 3 main factors in any given trip. The weather, the fishing and the food. Only one they can control. Sounds like a good operation; well written report. Doug
  157. COSDoug

    Excel and 5 star

    Great thread, interesting reading. I seen one of them there "paradigms". My buddy caught it on a fly lined lizard fish harvested from SD bay, fishing at Clipperton so long ago they didn't even have cameras, so all I got to see was an artist's rendering. Drawn by hand with charcoal. Sum bitch...
  158. COSDoug

    Making Bait

    The other thread currently talking about sharing the duties of sorting fish and pushing carts and making a team effort is covered with all positions, pro and con. Your choice. Here's one 'team effort' that's not. Making bait. While I have read stories from anglers who enjoy it and have a great...
  159. COSDoug


    I don't believe you are required to render assistance other than to stay on site until another vessel is safe. Let's say you hear of a boat disabled while monitoring the VHF. You get to the spot and locate said boat. There could be 2 different situations at play here. Boat won't start, out of...
  160. COSDoug

    WHOPPER by son at the Flats 06/22/17

    Wow, what a beast. That picture should be printed, framed and displayed in a prominent spot in your home. Future long can tell by the million dollar smile. Way to go Dad. Doug
  161. COSDoug

    Intrepid 6 Day

    Last year on my 6 day in about the same time frame and similar conditions offshore, ie. lots of lock jaw Bluefin, we went to the Ridge and then to Alijos. The captain will want to go where the fish are. It's a long ride to the Ridge but the Yellowtail fishing was off the hook, well worth the...
  162. COSDoug


    A couple of years ago I flew to San Diego for a 6 day trip from my home in Colorado Springs. You out of town folks know the drill; plane reservations, lodging, buying shampoo in San Diego, etc. 11 months booked in advance. Anticipation runs rampant as you read Bloody Decks for the third time...
  163. COSDoug

    Late Report for 6/9 425-371-302 Loop

    Not to complicate things, but listen to the radio traffic ahead of you and try to get a read on sea conditions. Weather reports and real sea conditions can vary greatly, or "bigly". {new word, recently invented }...o_O. If you are headed to the 425 to start the loop and hear boats 10 miles ahead...
  164. COSDoug

    Late Report for 6/9 425-371-302 Loop

    Great report. When fishing the 'loop' it always pays off to end up at the top [ north ]rather than at the bottom, makes for a much better ride home. I adjusted my 'loop' to go from the 425 to the 371 to the 230 then to the 302. The 230 is not that much out of the way and produced very well for...
  165. COSDoug

    With All The Talk Of Closures...?

    I agree with Fishy. On a 6 day last season we went to the Ridge and to Alijos. Captain is going to go where the fish are. Smart call. We did very well, great trip, however, on a 6 day it's a long way there, and back. An 8 day gives way more time on site and gives Cap a bunch more options. I'm on...
  166. COSDoug

    Pacific Queen 1.5 day report 5/29

    Very nice story, great report, thank you.
  167. COSDoug

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    I think the whole idea of turning off the TV during dinner was explained to me by Mike, the stellar chef on the RR3. When someone asked why do you turn the TV off, one of the crew members joked, 'Coast Guard regulations'. Mike came out later and told us....' guys, when the TV is on it takes an...
  168. COSDoug

    July 4th 4day trip on the Intrepid

    The fee is $10 per rod and reel per trip. That gives you about 100 yards of fresh mono on top of the spectra backing. If, at the end of the day you elect to put a fresh 100 yards of mono, that's another $10 per refill. They pretty much let you use their top shelf gear for free. It's a great...
  169. COSDoug

    July 4th 4day trip on the Intrepid

    I ride the Intrepid once a year, always use the loaner gear. Top quality 2 speed reels, very well maintained, great deal.
  170. COSDoug

    Yellowtail Information

    I understand going on a trip and wanting to bring home a nice dinner of fresh fish. That being said I think after 2 Yellows the minimum size should be 24 inches. Point Loma Seafoods has plenty of stock to choose from, let the little ones grow. My uncle owned a house on Cape Cod, in Chatham...
  171. COSDoug

    Wsb and lots of them

    I agree with the poster who said it's the work you put into it. Reading conditions, proper presentation, that sort of stuff. I fished my own boat for over a decade out of SD. Offshore Albies, YFT, YT, Dorado, anything that bit within 50 miles. Many daze I fished the Coranado Islands, solo. The 2...
  172. COSDoug

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Crap, there goes another keyboard. The MILF reference was stunning.
  173. COSDoug

    Teaching plastics to grandson

    I'm looking at a picture on my office wall of me at age 8 with my grandpops on a party boat, fishing out of Sandy Hook, N.J. It's my first memory of fishing. Perhaps long range fishing may be in your future as it has been in mine.
  174. COSDoug

    Relentless out of H and M

    Years ago I rode the boat on several 2 day trips. I'll never forget Capt. Joel Ralston coming screaming out of the wheelhouse yelling "Sweet Jesus, throw bait!". Joel was one of the most fun filled captains I've ever rode with. He alone was worth the price of admission. Very seaworthy boat...
  175. COSDoug

    What kind of jig is this?

    very effective for trout in Colorado.
  176. COSDoug

    Delayed Report: My first Bluefin last summer!

    Damn it, that comment just cost me a keyboard. The wife thought I was choking. I've had really good results with the snipers. Beautiful fish. I'd guess #75.
  177. COSDoug

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    That, sir, was a terrific report. Great read.
  178. COSDoug

    Excel or Intrepid??

    This "code group" stuff is Bullshit. Every angler tries different boats until they find the one that feels right to them. For whatever reason a person feels 'at home' on a particular rig. Be it the captain, crew, office staff, cuisine....the list goes on and on. I've fished 3 of the premier...
  179. COSDoug

    Excel or Intrepid??

    Ford......Blonde ; { large rack preferred but negotiable depending on her existing bank statement and / or non nagging about expensive long range fishing excursions }:rofl:
  180. COSDoug

    Intrepid 8 day, Anglers Choice Tackle trip results

    Capt. KO is exactly that, a knockout. He is your best friend, your next door neighbor, a guy you just flat out like to be around. He is on deck, cracking jokes, gaffing fish, tying knots, having what seems to be the time of his life. It's difficult to describe, but having had the pleasure to...
  181. COSDoug

    Commander BFT 9-05

    Wow, what a catch for your son. Great Job, kid, you made your dad proud. Blow up that photo and frame it. You earned it, very nice effort.
  182. COSDoug

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    There are 2 sides to every story....but not this story. Last year I was on one of the premier long range boats and we had a mechanical breakdown 2 hours out of Pt. Loma. Turned around, 6 day trip cancelled. No matter how much attention to detail is observed, with all the systems onboard, stuff...
  183. COSDoug

    The soda has popped

    Dave, I remember the first time I met you. It was on an 8 day Intrepid trip about 6 years ago. I was standing just outside Mitch's and you walked up to me and asked where the Intrepid office was. The trip was a great time and without a doubt you are at the top of my list of the coolest people...
  184. COSDoug

    RedRooster 3 5 day Aug. 21-26th

    You, sir, are a true sportsman and good guy. I'm sure you had as much pleasure hooking and handing as you would have catching the fish yourself. Outstanding, great job.
  185. COSDoug

    40 lb. set up

    Sweet Jesus, thanks for all the great ideas, not gonna be an easy choice. Where's Fishy when ya need him? Keep 'em comin.....Jim, count on it......LRC's on tap...... COSDoug
  186. COSDoug

    40 lb. set up

    I only get to go once a year, a trip from 6 - 8 daze. Normally I get loaner gear. I'm thinking of getting a rig of my own. What would you get....if you could only have one, all purpose rig, 2 speed { a must } set up that would flyline sardines and cast flatfalls or snipers on a 6-8 day trip...
  187. COSDoug

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    When making such a large cash outlay to go long range, to me it's a no brainer. Sarah is a true professional. I just recently shared some of her finished product with a client. They thought it was from this years trip. They could not believe it was so fresh and perfect, having been shipped all...
  188. COSDoug

    Roll Call: Intrepid 6 day July 17-23

    Count me in. Comin' from Colorado. Doug
  189. COSDoug

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    Last year the 135 lbs. of finished product delivered to my front door in Colorado Springs from 5 Star cost $4.70 per pound. That's processed, packaged, flash frozen, boxed, iced, and shipped UPS, done deal. Total bill was $635. Product lasts all year, easily. Fresh Halibut, Yellowtail and...
  190. COSDoug

    Catalina report/boating etiqutte

    If that doesn't make you feel like a jerk, nothing will......
  191. COSDoug

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Not really swag, but, I was on a 6 day last year when a retired firefighter from LA, and swell guy, Bob made his own swag. He won both the first half and second of the football pool. $5 a box, he scored $500. That night he won the first pool in acey duecy for just less than $300. Could not have...
  192. COSDoug

    Yellooowwsss 4/3

    What a beauty.....dang.......looks like a Cedros Tail.
  193. COSDoug

    Getting Spectra Spooled

    Terrific, in depth response.
  194. COSDoug

    American Angler cuts trip short???

    I agree with Fishy. It's amazing this does not happen more often. I believe it's a testament to all the behind the scenes work owners do to their boats. If you ever owned your own boat you can relate. Bilge pumps, bait pumps, electronics, the list is endless. For crying out loud, these guys make...
  195. COSDoug

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    Zeus was with me for over an hour on a 103# YFT at Alijos. Never would have caught that fish without him, no way. When it was all over he ordered me to the bow to rehydrate. He spent 20 minutes with me until he felt I was ready to go again. A true sportsman and gentleman. Note to...
  196. COSDoug

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    Many points well made. I have not been in a situation where I noticed people slacking helping with the pushing / sorting, however on a six day this year there was a situation that no question pissed me off. On day 3 at Benitos, the captain told us he was concerned we would run out of bait 2 days...
  197. COSDoug

    Pennell Charter / RR 111

    Anybody on here going on this trip? Fishing looks good. Doug
  198. COSDoug

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    I read this whole thing and in humble opinion Walkerman was the only reply that made any sense. What is so funny about a drunk driver? If this behavior is in your own back yard, have at it....but being that intoxicated, putting others at risk ? Sorry, I don't see the humor.
  199. COSDoug

    Aborted Intrepid Angler's Choice 6-Day -- Invicta Saves the Day

    Steve at the Intrepid office is a man of his word. Today in the mail I received a check for a refund in full for the trip price PLUS the $200 for the rebook of my return flight to Colorado Springs. Team Intrepid is a great operation to work with. I feel I've been treated quite fairly. No...
  200. COSDoug

    Aborted Intrepid Angler's Choice 6-Day -- Invicta Saves the Day

    I flew in from Colorado Springs for the trip. Sure, everyone on board was real disappointed, but stuff happens. The Intrepid staff was quite fair. I'll be back. The prime rib by Perry was very nice.
  201. COSDoug

    Offshore Dana Point Yellowfin from Kayaks...

    Outstanding in a yak, but in a race I'll bet on the Hobie.
  202. COSDoug

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    Keenfish, Exactly what I was thinking. Good call. Sucks to be pulled from the water and given a ' 3 stooges ' poke in the eyes, all for a picture op of a protected species. Yeah, probably not the best idea, but to post the picture....Sweet Jesus, if I may quote the famous Sheriff Andy Taylor...
  203. COSDoug

    Intrepid 7 day

    I was somewhat concerned about being the 'unknown' guy when I did my first 8 day on the Intrepid. Don't know the drill, want to fit in, that sort of stuff. Going solo. I'm sure it's very much the same on many of the fine vessels we have to choose from, but for me all I can speak of is the...
  204. COSDoug

    Upcoming Angler's Choice 6-Day

    Yo Chris, 3 weeks from today our waiting will be over. Looking foward to meeting Fishy at the dock. Doug
  205. COSDoug

    brothers first tuna 9 mile bank

    No question EZ knows what he's talking about. What I used to do was get 1 scoop of bait at EB's. One half would goes to the live well. The other goes into a 5 gallon bucket. The crew cuts up the balance into chum. Bag it, ice it, keep it fresh, be 'on the ready'. When you get a hook up trolling...
  206. COSDoug

    Long Drift for 25-70lb fish on the Intrepid... 6-24 fish report

    On a 5 day last year we drifted 10 hours on 45# plus or minus Bluefin. At least 3 hookups the whole time. Sure, it was challenging. If you listen to the crew you way increase your chances. I went 3 for 5, my roomie caught 8. No doubt, I will remember that day for right around forever. 3 weeks...
  207. COSDoug

    Rpt-06-20-15 Went Bass fishing and Caught Tails and Bass.

    Cory, I sure do like reading your reports. Very nice.
  208. COSDoug

    Intrepid 15 Day Report - Okuma Soft Steel USA - 03/20 thru 04/04

    Capt. KO is a true leader. He always says ' stay positive, positive things will happen '. His positive attitude is directly reflected in his staff, all true professionals in their craft. Sounds like everybody on board followed in kind. Great report. Thank you. Honorable mention has to go to...
  209. COSDoug

    Some Good News For A Change

    I only get to do one 6 day trip a year. There are many different events that happen on any given trip. Included is the sorting of the catch and using a processor. For me 5 Star has been off the charts. It's great people have a choice between 2 stellar operations.
  210. COSDoug

    Intrepid broke again

    Game, Set, Match......
  211. COSDoug

    boat reccomendations

    Don't be afraid / hesitant about going solo. I do it once a year on the Intrepid. I also use their loaner gear. Coming from Colorado it's a hassle to bring rods and reels. The Intrepid charges $10 per trip for each set up. The rods and reels are, no question, top shelf. All 2 speeds. Each night...
  212. COSDoug

    8 Day on Sept. 11th

    On the subject of boat gear...I just did a 5 day and used all boat gear. All Avet 2 speeds, Seeker rods, brand new line...all for $10 per set up. Simply put, it's as fine quality as you can get and the rental fee pays for the new line. The Intrepid is pretty much letting you use it for free...
  213. COSDoug

    Fishing the Pens

    Dang DAD, your kid's a stud. Chip off the old block....heartwarming story.....thanks for being you....
  214. COSDoug

    Shipping fish home.

    Sarah from 5 Star is in charge of the fish I hope to catch on my 5 day Intrepid trip in August. After her stellar performance on my last trip, sending my catch to Colorado Springs, I would not think to use anyone else. The finished product and service I received from 5 Star could only be...
  215. COSDoug


    Thank you for all the replies. After all the input I went out and bought the Maui Jim's HCL. Pikes Peak looks fantastic. COSDoug
  216. COSDoug

    Trouthead Are you going on the intrepid, August 22 -27 ? COSDoug

    Trouthead Are you going on the intrepid, August 22 -27 ? COSDoug
  217. COSDoug


    Going on a 5 day and wonder what sunglasses are a good choice. How much, where do you get them...why do you like your particular brand? Thank you. COSDoug
  218. COSDoug

    Tribute sportfishing

    I've fished with Mike P. on both the Excel and the Intrepid. A great guy, a fine gentleman and very, very well versed at every aspect of fishing. There is no way, no chance that you could go wrong with Mike. He is one of the finest captains I've ever had the pleasure to fish with.
  219. COSDoug

    speed twin with my little boy

    Your son will remember that day his whole life. Mine did. Congradulations, sir, great job.
  220. COSDoug

    How do you guys transport the fish (Whole) to your house from a 8 dayer?

    I have to agree with Pangamaster. Keep in mind the high quality of game hopefully you will have. Last time I was in SD yellowfin at Pt. Loma Seafoods was $29.95 a pound. The care all the boats do to preserve the catch is outstanding. With all due respect sir, The product a prosessor will give...
  221. COSDoug

    Hobie Tandem Outfitter 4 sale

    $2,100. Anyone interested ?
  222. COSDoug

    Hobie Tandem Outfitter 4 sale

    In 08 I bought a Hobie Tandem Outfitter / Mirage drive / fishing package from Fastlane. I had a Lowrance M68c s/map installed by Fastlane with a thru hull transducer. The boat has never seen salt water and was used less than 20 times, all in fresh water high mountain lakes in Colorado. It comes...
  223. COSDoug

    code boats

    I was wondering about "code" boats. Who's in, who's not, who decides, does it matter, what does it take to get in the group ? Why isn't everybody a "code" boat?
  224. COSDoug

    06.11.12 - 06.19.12 American Angler - Bluefin, Yellowfin, & Yellowtail!

    That is one of the best reports I've ever read. Thank you.
  225. COSDoug

    Ocean Scupper Pro Kayaks vs Malibu

    I have a Hobie, tandem, Outfitter / fishing package. You should try a Mirage Drive B 4 choosing your rig. The advantage of peddle power is huge. I fish high mountain resevoirs in Colorado and have never been in the ocean with it but it sure is nice playing with the fish finder and tying up rigs...
  226. COSDoug

    intrepid strands all of us at the dock

    I can't imagine what a let down this was. Heck, we all watch the boards everyday. The anticipation of an upcoming trip is unbearable. Can't sleep at many more days? It is the worst part of a trip....I'm certain everyone reading this feels your pain, myself included. That being...
  227. COSDoug

    First time Long Range / Intrepid

    This won't be a fish report as much as a Team Intrepid description. I was more than a little apprehensive about booking my first long range trip. Don't what I'm doing, going solo, that sort of stuff. After poring over the boards and reading what Mr. David Choate had to say about the Intrepid I...
  228. COSDoug

    Info on Rancho Leonero

    Don't forget the snorkling. It is fantastic. You can rent fins and a snorkle / mask at the office. The reef is literally 20 feet directly in front of the hotel. Within minutes you are in an underwater paradise. A ' must do ' at the ranch.
  229. COSDoug

    pedal or paddle?

    I bought the Hobie outfitter / fish / tandem model. Purchased in San Diego, shipped to Colorado Springs. We use it for fishing in high mountain resevoirs and lakes. Terrific boat. The pedal drive allows you to go a long way with hands free operation. Slow trolling is very effective. You can...
  230. COSDoug

    which yak

    If you want to make sure she'll go more than once, get a Hobie. Hands free operation. It might too much to ask for her to keep up with you if she has to paddle. She won't have a problem if she's peddling. I have a tandem. My wife has peddled for as many as 6 hours. She wouldn't have lasted 10...
  231. COSDoug

    fish finder

    On the way pricey side....I have a Lowrance M62c on my Hobie. I bought it because it has a color display which is easily visible even in direct sunlight. Additionally it has a GPS operation that allows me to mark spots and follow my route. While it may be overkill for high mountain resevoirs in...