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  1. d0bu2

    Alii Kai 17 Rebuild

    :Death_To_Above: guarantee future battle ship
  2. d0bu2

    Shimano Stella 20000FS

    Shimano Stella for sale, powerful reel in small package perfect for jigging bottom fishing Whipping etc able to put up fights with bigger sized fish! reel is in good condition spooled with new 80lb test powerpro just recently serviced at 5ocean7seas asking $750obo price is negotiable call or...
  3. d0bu2

    Diesel fuel tank 110gal

    Selling a Aluminum Diesel fuel tank 110gal no leaks in good shape. Came out of a 24 yellowfin went with a different deck setup so no longer needed $400obo call (808)741-0377
  4. d0bu2

    Ma Worms / Philippines Tuna Handline rigs FS

    Selling for a friend Rare Hard to find Made in Japan Discontinued Ma Worms Perfect for trolling Jigging whipping, fishing irresistible to all types of fish! Also have some Tuna Hand line Fly Rigs Straight from the Philippines 70 hooks per rig! Call for details Limited Quantities Price is...
  5. d0bu2

    FS Pair of Bent Butt Stubbies

    Poles Sold thanks for looking:cow:
  6. d0bu2

    FS Pair of Bent Butt Stubbies

    Selling a Pair of Bent Butt 80 Class Pac bay super stubbies great condition Black blanks with gold and blue wrapping asking $350 for the pair :2gunsfiring_v1:(808-741-0377)
  7. d0bu2

    Boat Stuff for sale

    sorry sold already, just have the swim step and shotgun holders left
  8. d0bu2

    Boat Stuff for sale

    In the process of striping and rebuilding a yellowfin and parting out items that i don't need including Pacific Custom Boats Yellow fin Bridge $600obo Pacific Custom Boats Swim Step $600obo 18ft Outrigger pair $250obo Fiberglass Pedestal Seats $200 each/ $350pair obo 100 gal Aluminum diesel Fuel...
  9. d0bu2

    Appreciate input on choosing a small boat

    been a few years since my aliikai rebuild, did some upgrades here and there but she still running solid battling 40+miles out at 25-30mph winds!
  10. d0bu2

    Shimano Tiagra 50 and 130

    Looking to buy 2 Tiagra 50's and 2 130's must be within a reasonable affordable price and useable condition lmk what you guys got thanks!
  11. d0bu2

    Tomorrow lookin nasty

    Lol worst when it's 30+ knots and your in a 17! Haha but I still go
  12. d0bu2

    Fun Day! Waianae

    yeah CO isn't there anymore
  13. d0bu2

    Waianae 1-28-12 (Thanks Pat!)

    good going guys thats how, gotta look out for each other out there!
  14. d0bu2

    Fun Day! Waianae

    i was out CO side yesterday too i only seen one boat out there must have been you guy's! good going!
  15. d0bu2

    Combo Seafood Mix Plate

    lol settle down guys enough with the drama already,i agree totally about releasing the smaller fish and conserving the ocean natural resources main point is just don't waste. fishing is all about sacrifices time, money, bait, lures and whatever else it may be. Shouldn't be comparing who's better...
  16. d0bu2

    Combo Seafood Mix Plate

    all the moana's met legal size except for maybe 2 or 3 that was leftover bait, they just look tiny when placed next to a ulua. All the fish went to family friends and market so wasn't wasted
  17. d0bu2

    Combo Seafood Mix Plate

    Weather was looking good, we decided to change it up a bit so me tyler rob took out the "Jenny G" to do some light tackle fishing went out to the spot but for some reason the depth finder wasn't working properly so we prayed to the ancient hawaiian fishing god's and started making random drops ...
  18. d0bu2

    tag team action

    nope didn't find a saltiga but caught a shibi with a purple fly already stuck in it's mouth
  19. d0bu2

    tag team action

    on friday had a old friend visiting from the mainland and wanted to go fishing so decided last minute in the afternoon load up the boat and do some small kind bottom fishing. headed with sam tri and minh out of hawaii kai started picking up some moana kali's weke ulas moana etc till the sun went...
  20. d0bu2

    Type of ice and price

    i like cubes the most when fishing since you can dump the bag it on the fish and then still be loose enough to slide another fish in.
  21. d0bu2

    Kaneohe 1/7/12 we killed um! big battles!

    good going showing those big eyes your ninja fish snatching skills!
  22. d0bu2

    Anyone ever shipped a boat to Hawaii???

    good choice on the alii kai, i wouldn't take any mainland designed 17's out in these rough nasty hawaiian waters. Gotta take your time and do your research on what type of fishing you wanna do and figure out which tool "boat" will be the most efficient on reaching those goals. with boats you...
  23. d0bu2


    have fun in the mainland! time to trade in the nova for a yellowfin!
  24. d0bu2

    Kaneohe 12/29

    Good Job Guys! great timing perfect time of the year for a ahi!
  25. d0bu2

    another 2011 buoy battle

    yeah can just gotta register yourself for a commercial fishing license
  26. d0bu2

    another 2011 buoy battle

    Had the itch to go make the best of the rest of 2011 and decided to go fishing, got brian and his brother Loren to join me on my little green battle chariot to battle at the buoy. Got to the harbor only to find we were the only boat there, headed out little earlier then usual since the early...
  27. d0bu2

    12/14 buoy action

    good going battling the buoy!
  28. d0bu2

    12/16 When in rome-N

    this was on friday out of kaneohe
  29. d0bu2

    12/16 When in rome-N

    one day hanging out at roy's fishing we met our new buddy roman. he had questions about catching shibi's and battling at the buoy, so since me and rob was itchin to go fishing anyways we decided to drag him along. we started making our way out to the buoy at about 6am, the water was nice just a...
  30. d0bu2

    KANEOHE 12/14

    good going! ho making me wanna go out and kill something already!! :Death_To_Above:
  31. d0bu2

    Gas tank question

    go bigger, i have twin 24gal tanks i would put twin 30gal tanks if i had to redo it again
  32. d0bu2

    KANEOHE 12/9 ROUND 3

    good going stoney! looks like the force is strong with this boat!
  33. d0bu2

    KANEOHE 12/06

    good going! thats the best kind trip catching fish and scuba's jokes for entertainment!
  34. d0bu2

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    the biggest one grabbed a 9, i was running 6's,7's and 9s in the open but switched um out to 5's once we found the school
  35. d0bu2

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    i have a big fish box built inside the boat that goes all the way down into the floor, i had 350-400lb of ice plus the fish and still has room for more lol
  36. d0bu2

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    yeah thats the boat
  37. d0bu2

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    :cow: headed out to the buoys at 5:00 am with buddies rob and tyler yesterday got to the buoy hooked double shibi's on the first pass, wasn't the size we were hoping for stuck around for another hour or so then decided to head out further and do some hunting, on the way out found some open...
  38. d0bu2

    waianae 11/27

    aku's have stripes, kawakawa has spots and shibis has yellow fins
  39. d0bu2

    ThanksGiving Harvest

    i have a strata glass wrap around inclosure that i put on when i go on rough days saves me from swimming all day long
  40. d0bu2

    Kaneohe 11/22

    good going on the mahi's! makes me think i need a bigger boat soon so i can go out even further in rough water haha
  41. d0bu2

    ThanksGiving Harvest

    Sunday afternoon i get a call from my buddy tyler and we started talking about going fishing so we decide to go out hunting the next day, we start looking at how the weather is and it says 20-25 with 30 gust as we pause for a minute we start laughing and joke about how it's just Poseidon's way...
  42. d0bu2

    KANEOHE 8/10

    nice one guys!
  43. d0bu2

    Waianae 7/17

    i use open end trailers and take my time to sharpen them super sharp, rarely ever lose fish even snag a few ahi's/marlins right threw the bone. just be extra careful with bringing in feisty fish like mahi's. on my 5 inch lures i use big size double hooks
  44. d0bu2

    Adventures on a tiny green boat

    the ones from costco are the luckiest!
  45. d0bu2

    Adventures on a tiny green boat

    went out on sunday at about 5:30am with derek and tyler to do some jigging at the buoy.:jig:winds were howling with whiteheads everywhere. half way to the buoy found a rubbish made a few passes end up picking up a otaru no mahis around. finally got to the buoy and busted out the small stuff...
  46. d0bu2

    Ahi fever results from the board of directors on 226.4 and 226.6 ahi

    even more messed up that the shuttle didn't even show up to assist to pick up their fish at the dock and they had to carry that fish all the way from their slip dropping loads of blood, the blood trail was huge just that alone was more then 3.2 oz
  47. d0bu2

    Ahi fever results from the board of directors on 226.4 and 226.6 ahi

    i was there at the weigh in tylers fish honestly looked bigger, everyone demanded a re-weigh of the other fish and "somehow" within 10 min that ahi disappeared but the boat and truck still in the parking lot? sounds like alot of excuses and fishy cover ups to me. honestly all they had to do to...
  48. d0bu2

    luckey charms

    nice ono's! those outriggers seem like they're working!
  49. d0bu2

    wtb outriggers

    i have a set of taco retractable outriggers with 1 1/8 base if your interested
  50. d0bu2

    Waianae 5/14

    lol thanks yeah she freaked out when it pop'd up and i gaffed it , guess she never expected it to be that big
  51. d0bu2

    Waianae 5/13/11

    Nice one! another battle for a alii kai!
  52. d0bu2

    Waianae 5/14

    had one of my out of town friends come back to visit hawaii and is going back soon,never fished in her life before so she wanted to try it out. after hearing reports of fish one day dead another day i was kinda just hoping to find something good for her to catch in general. After trolling for a...
  53. d0bu2

    Got my little sled back

    Looks awesome! no problem hunting ahi's in monster seas with that wrap around!
  54. d0bu2

    Lots of boats, bird piles and AKU at the Sierra FAD

    use smaller stuff like 4 inch curly tails, ma worms and those plastic sardines with fluorocarbon leaders garens hanapaa!if they are deeper on the finder drop the lures down with a spreader bar and start jigging
  55. d0bu2

    waianae 4/26

    nice ono's! i think i seen you guys at the harbor yesterday launching same time?
  56. d0bu2


    haha sounds like everyone went on a swimming adventure, nice mahis!
  57. d0bu2

    one for the good guys

    nice! must have been fun with the spinners
  58. d0bu2

    Molokai Overnight

    no worries, next time the weathers nice we'll all go again!
  59. d0bu2


    nice mahis! what the water still a washing machine out there?
  60. d0bu2

    2 out of 5

    nice mahi's brian!
  61. d0bu2

    waianae 4/9

    nice ono!
  62. d0bu2

    Waianae 4/5

    thanks guys! yeah he works at mccully bike part time
  63. d0bu2

    Waianae 4/5

    got a call from my friend travis this morning and he had a day off from work and school and i had nothing better to do so we decided to head out for a little bottom fishing to kill some time. We picked up a few moana kali's, omilu's and got a ono on the way back to the harbor. the water was nice...
  64. d0bu2

    4/1/11 South

    nice fish! i got some of your lures from roy's been working every trip so far!
  65. d0bu2

    Kaneohe 3/29

    haha yeah i was running on spare batteries
  66. d0bu2

    Kaneohe 3/29

    went out on the kimi ann today with capt don stoney and friend rex to check out what kinda action was going on out kaneohe. left a little later then usual around 7 am, on the way out we picked up a few mahi's here and there was kinda slow till a few hours later when capt don found a nice current...
  67. d0bu2


    shibi's usually refer to ahi's under 100lb's
  68. d0bu2

    Kaneohe 3/7/2011

    yeah majority went to market, a few saved for eating
  69. d0bu2

    Kaneohe 3/7/2011

    gloomy and rainy sunday night got a call from capt don and decided to go fishing on monday and try our luck out there and find some fish. So woke up early got to the boat by 4:30 winds were howling and trees were swaying. we got to the harbor set up and launched out, water was extra crispy...
  70. d0bu2

    Hanapaa Shootout

    yup dittos see you guys there , just turned in my entrance today
  71. d0bu2

    Popular "Small" Boats for Hawaiian Waters - Models: Their Pros and Cons

    hahaha i guess im biased towards the alii kai too.. perfect small boat in my opinion i even dive off mines once in a great while but mostly fishing
  72. d0bu2

    Waianae 2/28

    she stays home, she's too lazy to fish already haha
  73. d0bu2

    Waianae 2/28

    went out in the morning ran the 40 up till V headed to CO, almost to the buoy got a double banger, ended up with one mahi one stripe marlin. Few miles more out found some birds picked up some aku. Bridled one up and walked it around for a little bit rubberband snaps nothing reeled it in...
  74. d0bu2

    kaneohe 2/25

    good going makes me wanna catch some fish too! i think if i caught that much my boat gonna sink hahahaha
  75. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  76. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  77. d0bu2

    Waianae feb 14

    thanks everybody
  78. d0bu2

    Waianae feb 14

    oops was yesterday feb 15 not ^14^ picked up a small stripe marlin outside V buoy yesterday and mahi's near CO, saw plenty small aku piles here and there. put out a 5 inch lure in in the pile hoping to pick up some small aku ended up hooking on a couple second screamer but came off not sure...
  79. d0bu2

    Waianae bottom fishing (wierd looking fish)

    thats a flying gurnard
  80. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  81. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  82. d0bu2

    WTB 15foot outriggers

    i got Taco collapsible aluminum ones lying around my house rarely used if your interested, its black and gold only thing its a 1 1/8 base but should fit if used with a adapter lmk
  83. d0bu2

    Advice needed on rigging

    try getting perko flat line clips, thats what i use on my corners to prevent repeatedly kinking the line with rubber bands and you can always adjust the distance of the lure anytime it also runs the corner lines lower and at different heights so less chance crossing the others when turning
  84. d0bu2

    post pics of your boat

    Twin Yamaha 50's
  85. d0bu2

    post pics of your boat

    After a year of being down finally finished rebuilding my 17 Alii Kai never touched water yet, hopefully it'll catch me some fish! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  86. d0bu2


    i use ma worms with a spreader bar or small spoons with spreader bar my fish finder usually shows marks of how deep they are
  87. d0bu2

    Newbie questions about 17" Ali'i Kai's

    i have a 17ft alii kai that i just recently finish rebuilding from hull up, when i registered the boat registration should say what year it was manufactured the older ones are not made from star wind marine, also stock alii kai has under deck fuel tank which is glasses over with the underside...
  88. d0bu2

    Advice needed on rigging

    i run 15ft outriggers a 10ft center off my rocket launchers and use flat line release clips for my corners and haven't tangled yet even when making tight turns
  89. d0bu2

    Advice needed on rigging

    i have a 17ft boat too and i run 5 lines but 2 lines still has chance to hook up with some luck, i also upgraded to tiagra 80's with no regrets. also if you havent already gotten one get a good chart plotter which will show you all the ledges so you wont be trolling blindly
  90. d0bu2

    I have a question need some help

    usually anything will bite 7 and 9 inch lures i drop them down to 5 inch if the otaru's are around, usually bridle the baits and walk them around with a drop back loop, if the recorder shows marks down deep then ill drop them down with a spreader bar
  91. d0bu2

    bimini and wrap around

    thanks everybody for your suggestions!
  92. d0bu2

    bimini and wrap around

    hey does anyone know where i can get a custom bimini and wrap around made? thanks
  93. d0bu2

    17' Newbay Rebuild

    nice work, already makes me feel itchy.. im also in the process of rebuilding my boat too
  94. d0bu2

    18 ft. boats

    i have a 17 and i often go 30+ miles out especially after buying new gas efficient 4 strokes
  95. d0bu2

    ShoGun Fishing Line

    i use 150# shogun on my 80's
  96. d0bu2

    Gonna try catch some menpachi

    i just use package damashi's with some cut squid seems to work really good
  97. d0bu2

    How light is too light for Ahi

    thats totally true.. bigger gear/faster to the boat, less chance of those damn sharks and dolphins munching on your fish.. also i think when fighting it for a longer time with lighter gear can also burn the ahi's meat.. something like that.. i always figured no sense let the damn thing suffer...
  98. d0bu2

    How light is too light for Ahi

    i always thought of it as you never can control what's gonna bite that day. one day fishing for aku's at the buoy a marlin could grab it so just gotta be prepared incase the big one bites.. i use tiagra 80's with 150# test and on my jig sticks i use diawa sealine's with 65# test
  99. d0bu2

    outriggers for sale

    i have a pair of Taco 15' collapsible black and gold aluminum outriggers and also Taco stainless steel Outrigger Gunnel mount. i paid $334.99 for the outriggers and 144.99 for the mounts and im willing to let it go for $350 for everything.. i only used them for about 4-5 months, but just redid...
  100. d0bu2

    Types of tackle?

    i used to cheap out buying gear.. but losing monster ahi's due too cheapo equipment really make you wanna kick yourself in the head and open your wallet. haha i asked myself "when you gonna get serious?.. time for tiagras!!"
  101. d0bu2

    penn vs. shimano

    shimano's hands down.. i switched from penn's to shimano's best decision i ever made..
  102. d0bu2

    outboards difference

    i paid around 17k for the twin 50 4 strokes including the new digital gauges, controls, wiring, installation etc at windward boat's
  103. d0bu2

    outboards difference

    i also bought twin yamaha 50's for my boat back in june and had it serviced at windward boats every 10 , 100 , 200 miles.. still run's great and is really quiet.. i picked yamaha over Suzuki and Honda because since i have a smaller boat the Yamaha's were cheaper and also lighter then the...
  104. d0bu2

    help repower

    i just re-powered my 17ft with twin yamaha 50's 4 strokes and it runs great no problems..
  105. d0bu2


    left kaneohe at about 5am on capt don's boat with a few buddys.. went out searching the choppy waters for some fish.. ended up finding some rubbish out there picked up 14 mahi's 1 ono and lost a good sized marlin after a line break. gloomy weather ended up turning into a pretty exciting day!
  106. d0bu2

    Aku colors

    i think those Mama worms are the newer model thats supposed to come out replacing the original ma worms since it got discontinued . looks a little different from the original ma worms but im sure it'll be a aku/shibi killer too.
  107. d0bu2

    Aku colors

    + for the MA worm. its a small grub from japan and it never fails..
  108. d0bu2

    Mahimahi Madness!

    just ordered one! seen the trailers on youtube looks pretty awesome cant wait to watch it.
  109. d0bu2

    Show me some pics!

    got a ulua in feb some mahis and weke's in march ono in april and these guys in june
  110. d0bu2

    rocket launchers fabrication

    hey does anyone know where i can get a rocker launcher made for my boat? thanks
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  112. d0bu2

    new to bloodydecks

    just created a album and posted some fishing pics from this summer
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    5772 94369558557 564408557 2093394 1183439 s

  114. IMG 0711

    IMG 0711

  115. Boat


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  123. IMG 0709

    IMG 0709

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  126. Fishing


  127. d0bu2

    new to bloodydecks

    Hey everybody i signed up for this forum awhile ago but haven't really used it.. i usually fish out of waianae on my 17ft alii kai. Just bought my first boat in feb and still learning. hope to meet everyone and learn some good fishing techniques