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  1. COSDoug

    Strength of Current

    Does anybody know how a boat captain figures out if there is current and if so, how strong it is? What is a good current? Ive seen captain's move and reset an anchor to go just 75 or 100 yards and the bite changed from a scratch to full speed. I've seen both Cates and Osborne do it with amazing...
  2. COSDoug

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    Ok, we get permission to fish. If it is a requirement that you wear a mask while you are on deck and / or out of your stateroom, does that keep you from going on a trip? This is a yes or no answer. Forget about ' does the mask work' , social distancing, your choice of boat, crew, chef or...
  3. COSDoug

    Why wait for the funeral ?

    It occurs to me that too many times people have to pass before they get to know how special they are or have been to others. Nice things are said at the funeral service but by then it's a little late, at least for the departed. I'm sure most everyone who has been long range has been blown away...
  4. COSDoug


    This morning on 'Let's Talk Hookup', dude from Seakeeper was explaining this device that almost eliminates roll on a boat that is up to 160 feet long. Gyroscope, fascinating. Google Seakeeper, wow, very cool. How about long range boats? Website says around 220 grand for the large model. Any...
  5. COSDoug

    5 Star

    Just recently received this years yield after an 8 day. I live in Colorado Springs so I drive a 3.5 hour round trip to Denver and pick up the product from Southwest Air Cargo. The advantage is that in less than 7 hours from when it leaves 5 star it's in my freezer, in my garage, in Colorado...
  6. COSDoug


    Never caught one. I'm going on an 8 day in about a month. I'm guessing we'll go to the Ridge where I've recently seen pictures of Grouper. Anybody have a specific way to target them? One more question... I've read the big ones are not as tasty as 'smaller' ones, what's the cut off point where...
  7. COSDoug

    Making Bait

    The other thread currently talking about sharing the duties of sorting fish and pushing carts and making a team effort is covered with all positions, pro and con. Your choice. Here's one 'team effort' that's not. Making bait. While I have read stories from anglers who enjoy it and have a great...
  8. COSDoug

    40 lb. set up

    I only get to go once a year, a trip from 6 - 8 daze. Normally I get loaner gear. I'm thinking of getting a rig of my own. What would you get....if you could only have one, all purpose rig, 2 speed { a must } set up that would flyline sardines and cast flatfalls or snipers on a 6-8 day trip...
  9. COSDoug

    Pennell Charter / RR 111

    Anybody on here going on this trip? Fishing looks good. Doug
  10. COSDoug


    Going on a 5 day and wonder what sunglasses are a good choice. How much, where do you get them...why do you like your particular brand? Thank you. COSDoug
  11. COSDoug

    Hobie Tandem Outfitter 4 sale

    In 08 I bought a Hobie Tandem Outfitter / Mirage drive / fishing package from Fastlane. I had a Lowrance M68c s/map installed by Fastlane with a thru hull transducer. The boat has never seen salt water and was used less than 20 times, all in fresh water high mountain lakes in Colorado. It comes...
  12. COSDoug

    code boats

    I was wondering about "code" boats. Who's in, who's not, who decides, does it matter, what does it take to get in the group ? Why isn't everybody a "code" boat?
  13. COSDoug

    First time Long Range / Intrepid

    This won't be a fish report as much as a Team Intrepid description. I was more than a little apprehensive about booking my first long range trip. Don't what I'm doing, going solo, that sort of stuff. After poring over the boards and reading what Mr. David Choate had to say about the Intrepid I...