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  1. killerfin

    For Sale New Fishing Lures

    Pm your number I will be in the states tomorrow around 11am crossing in san Ysidro.
  2. killerfin

    For Sale New Fishing Lures

    what city are you in?
  3. killerfin

    SOLD ,Daiwa SP, Rapala, yozuri s8lash baits...

    What city you in? I will take them.
  4. killerfin

    SOLD 50lb 1500yds power pro moss green

    I will take it 714-318-3440 Felipe
  5. killerfin

    SOLD Rod holder/display

    what city are you in?
  6. killerfin

    For Sale Large Lot of Yozuri Plugs

    How much for just the minnow lures? I dont use poppers
  7. killerfin

    WTB Seasick patches

    just take Dramamine the day before your trip..
  8. killerfin

    baja delivery wanted

    Rigo from san Bruno is coming to see me in tijauna this weekend. I can ask to see if he will take it down for you. Felipe 714-318-3440 text me or call me to confirm.
  9. killerfin

    For Sale NEW Large Okuma Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag $60

    I can send you the money on BevMo. If you can hold a bag for me.
  10. killerfin

    For Sale NEW Large Okuma Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag $60

    I will take if you can hold it till next weekend as i will be san Diego ? 714-318-3440 send me picture to my cellphone Felipe
  11. killerfin

    baja surf fishing ?

    Has any one done any surf fishing in Purerto Liberta on the Sonora side its about an hour past Puerto penasco. Looking to go fishing that way in a few weeks but have never been. Any info would be great Thanks.
  12. killerfin

    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    Good luck make sure you get Rigo to take you out.
  13. killerfin

    Gonzaga Bay March

    The last time I was there they charged me $350.00 for the day.
  14. killerfin

    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    I left Irvine at 8am picked up my daughter in san Diego 10am. we crossed the border with no issues as it was raining. we did not stop in Ensenada as most of the streets where flooded and wanted to get past all the traffic. They are still doing road modification once you pass Maneadero wait...
  15. killerfin

    travel rod recommendation for lexa 400hd

    I have a phenix travel rod comes in 3 pcs and a travel case . rated 30-38 and a 15-40 for my lexa 300. hope this helps.
  16. killerfin

    SOLD Avet 50/2

    Avet 50/2 was a gift but has been sit in the box never spooled with line . Has a few scratch but it's new . Asking $450 Or best offer. No trades
  17. killerfin

    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    let me know when you need me to pick up the magazine's?
  18. killerfin

    For Sale Yozuri Hydro LC Minnows

    are they still available ?
  19. killerfin

    Gonzaga Bay: Camp Site, Store, Alfonsinas

    I was there a few weekend back and its open. Just be careful with your driving speed as there is a lot of turn off due to repairs being done.
  20. killerfin

    License for kids

    I take my daughter who is 13 fishing in ensenada and yes everyone on the boat needs a fishing license even if they are not fishing.
  21. killerfin

    Info on baja road condition

    Gracias mi amigo por la info.
  22. killerfin

    Info on baja road condition

    I'm heading down to San Bruno baja Sur next Friday and was wondering how the road condition is? I was down there in Dec and road was ok with a few areas with really bad pot holes. Any info would be great.
  23. killerfin

    the countdown has begun for bola trip

    I will be down there memorial weekend but in Santa Rosalie till June 2nd. safe travels .
  24. killerfin

    Travel With Gear

    How do you like you 30-80 set ? I was thinking about buying one.
  25. killerfin

    Any word from Santa Rosalia?

    No I will be heading back home that day at 5am.
  26. killerfin

    Any word from Santa Rosalia?

    Hey will go on your boat and he has a few panga too.
  27. killerfin

    Any word from Santa Rosalia?

    You should contact rigo from San bruno and have him take you out fishing he know that area like the back of his hands. I will be down there may 24th to June 1st. I will be fishing with rigo all that week.
  28. killerfin

    Any word from Santa Rosalia?

    are you taking your own boat down?
  29. killerfin

    SOLD Pelagic Kill Bag (Fish Bag)

    I will take it hit me up at 714-318-3440 Felipe
  30. killerfin

    My Bv-300 and a small question

    do you happen to have the name for the Tiburon one or part number?
  31. killerfin

    My Bv-300 and a small question

    did you make rod clamp?
  32. killerfin

    Any reports from Tortuga or San Marcos

    Hit up my good friend in San bruno he takes people out fishing and knows those waters like the back of his hand. Here is his contract info. Rigobert 0115216151049850
  33. killerfin

    Shipping package to Santa Rosalia

    I bet well glad he can see now. when are you heading back down there again? I might be going on may 24th thru June 1st all depending if i get the vacation time approved.
  34. killerfin

    Shipping package to Santa Rosalia

    I usually use baja pack at the bus station in Tijuana to send stuff to Rigo in San Bruno . I have never had any issues send things. You should of called me Arturo. with baja pack you can send it any where in mexico .
  35. killerfin

    SOLD Anchor Rope,BBQ Grill, $160

    . BBQ Grill still for sale?
  36. killerfin

    Any reports from Tortuga or San Marcos

    I fished San macros in December and there was a mix of big and smaller fish . It was windy to fish Tortuga but Rigo told me that they are getting nicer grade fish now.
  37. killerfin

    Fishing san bruno Dec21 thru Dec31

    left December 21st at 10 a.m. reached San Bruno at 11 p.m. for those of you driving South be careful with the fog. Fisht December 22nd from Shore for cabrilla and Pargo. Dec 23 we fished for yellowtail made it kind of late to the bait spot only able to catch do mackerel fished about a quarter...
  38. killerfin

    Anybody heading to San Quintin?

    Im leaving tomorrow to San Bruno. Leave at 8 am from Irvine 12/21/18
  39. killerfin

    For Sale WFO reel or gear bag

    Is reel bag still for sale?
  40. killerfin

    San Lucas cove/ Santa Rosalia report?

    I will be down there Dec 21st thru Dec 31st fishing with Rigo from San Bruno. It been a hit and miss from what I have heard from him. Some days you find bait and others days you don't. I will post my report when i get back.
  41. killerfin

    Info on road condition

    Hello guy and gals, I was wondering how the road condition is going down to La Paz ? I'm leaving in two weeks any info would be much appreciated.
  42. killerfin

    Set of knife jigs.

    Still for sale?
  43. killerfin

    Gonzaga Bay / puertecitos

    I am looking to go to puertecitos or Gonzaga. To do some shore fishing anybody have any fishing reports? And how is the road going down there and crime? Thanks in advance guys
  44. killerfin

    75 or 90 two stroke outboard lower unit

    No I got lower unit rebuilt every thingelse works. Not looking to sell.
  45. killerfin

    75 or 90 two stroke outboard lower unit

    I don't think a 4-stroke wood work on a 2 stroke. Let me see if I can get your part number
  46. killerfin

    75 or 90 two stroke outboard lower unit

    I'm looking for a yamaha 75 hr or 90 hr two stroke lower unit. For my friend in baja. Please let me know ifyou have one for sale. Thanks
  47. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia Report

    This was labor day weekend before the hurracane
  48. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia Report

    The fishing has been great down there. my compadre Rigo has been catching yellowtail and amberjacks at Tortuga. Hit me and I can hook you up with his information. He stays in san bruno
  49. killerfin

    cabo Sheephead

    Wish I could but can't take any time off from work. Next time
  50. killerfin

    what is the status of the paving from Puertocitos to HWY 1

    The road from san felipe is still shitty once you hit Puertocitos the road is awesome. I went to Gonzaga last weekend it was nice and relaxing.
  51. killerfin

    cabo Sheephead

    When are you leaving for Bola?
  52. killerfin

    Any reports for San Marcos Island?

    I'm glad you had a good time. Yes pot holes are bad . At least you didn't have to be saved again lol
  53. killerfin

    Any reports for San Marcos Island?

    Lives in San Francisco now
  54. killerfin

    Any reports for San Marcos Island?

    I talked to Rigo they are catching few yellowtail
  55. killerfin

    Baja roads condition

    Im leaving to Santa Rosalia Dec 24th I was wondering how the roads are going south? Its been a year since i was last down there. any info would help. Felipe
  56. killerfin

    Last Cast 7-18

    you back from Alaska ? were is my halbut
  57. killerfin

    fisherman Needed Baja trip May 23-31

    Dam Derek, I would of signed up in a heart beat but I just started a new job and on my 90 day probation . good luck down there and put the wood to those fish...
  58. killerfin

    San Bruno fishing

    Miss you I guess you were in La Paz
  59. killerfin

    San Bruno fishing

    [/ATTACH] So I put my two week notice at work on the 1/26/2015 and they walked me out the same day buy noon. So I was like what should I do for two weeks. I made a few calls and my friend Albert was in to go fishing with me down south. So we left Thursday 1/29/2015 around 3pm and we drove to san...
  60. killerfin

    Cabrilla fishing

    thanks for the info guys .
  61. killerfin

    Cabrilla fishing

    I was wondering if there is any good places to fish off the shore for cabrilla by san Felipe ? I was looking to take my little girl fishing just for the weekend. Any help will be appreciated Thanks,
  62. killerfin

    FS: SKB tackle backpack

    is bag still for sale?
  63. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia

    Better get permission from Mrs. Jigs
  64. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia

    they even asked if we wanted to tie off the back of there panga as they were Anchored. Next time down there I will be trying to fish as they do hand line. I asked what pound test they used ansewer was 120lb test . Its funny how they work with each other and no yelling if there lines get tanggled .
  65. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia

    Finally was able to go drop off my friends Yamaha 150 , I took off on Nov 26 at 11am for Irvine hit Otay around 1pm exported the motor and by 2:30pm was on my way . I drove to San Quentin and spent the night there the next morning was on my way at 5am stop at El Rosario to pump gas and get...
  66. killerfin

    looking for nylon rod winding size D 245

    Hey chad thank you so much for hooking me up , If you ever want to go fish santa Rosalia let me know. thanks Again
  67. killerfin

    looking for nylon rod winding size D 245

    Sorry not a rod building reports . Does any one have 4oz spool I can buy its for my friend in Baja that repairs rods . If you have one for sale please let me know . close to orange county thanks guy
  68. killerfin

    WTB Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    Shad Thanks for hooking up my frined with a nice motor and extra parts, I will keep you posted on next motor. Thanks
  69. killerfin

    WTB Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    Gee thanks for the help
  70. killerfin

    Cod jigs, bass reel, Rapalas

    What kind of Rapalas ? got pictures or link?
  71. killerfin

    WTB Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    I have friend from Baja coming down with cash looking to buy one. If you have any info of where I can take him or if you have one for sale .. Please let me know.. Thanks
  72. killerfin

    Gear cleanup sale Heavy jigs Fishtraps Braid belt + more

    i will take lot 1 and lot 2 714-318-3440 Felipe
  73. killerfin

    Axis, Abyss, Black Diamond. . .?

    PSW-809H-XF love mine
  74. killerfin

    Ensenada fished 10/25/14

    in the mouth of bay using bait rigs
  75. killerfin

    Ensenada fished 10/25/14

    no passport needed just call serios sport fishing and make reservations
  76. killerfin

    Ensenada fished 10/25/14

    it pretty nice very clean rooms its only missing a pool
  77. killerfin

    Ensenada fished 10/25/14

    it cost $70 if you don't have fishing permit and $60 if you have your own
  78. killerfin

    Ensenada fished 10/25/14

    The drive down to Ensenada was very nice , We end up getting a room at hotel Bahia within walking distance of boat dock, Next morning were up at 5am Both my son and little girl don’t want to walk so I make the five min drive. When we get there Sergio is outside getting people parked and checked...
  79. killerfin

    Ensenada ?

    Thanks guys for all your help , I made reservations with Sergios and fishing this saturday . I will post report when i get back on moday . Again thank you
  80. killerfin

    Ensenada ?

    Do you happen to know Sergios number?
  81. killerfin


    Check your PM
  82. killerfin

    Ensenada ?

    It’s been awhile since I fished Ensenada; do they still do Half day trips or 3/4 day trips? I’m looking to take my son and daughter out fishing and not break the bank. Any info would be gladly appreciated. contact number if you know someone ... Thanks
  83. killerfin

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    What does being an illegal immigrant have to do with a lobster being short? Just pay the fine not worth the time and pain..
  84. killerfin

    Taking outboard down to baja

    what paper work do I need ?
  85. killerfin

    Taking outboard down to baja

    Thanks for the adivise and help . I will be paying the export fees and just get it over with that ways i dont lose all my stuff and truck .
  86. killerfin

    Taking outboard down to baja

    Does any one know what is needed to do this? Im buying a Yamaha f150 outboard for a friend down there. I have looked online and cant really find find a clear answer to what I need to do . If you have done this before please let me know what is need. Thanks.
  87. killerfin


    captain Juan for the bone fish use the little mega baits the 1oz anchovie color
  88. killerfin

    Launching yak in NPH?

    19 st or M street its past Davis locker . very easy
  89. killerfin

    Baja Hwy 1 Claims another Friend

    Art, Sorry for your lose ,I drive down there alot and do the 12 hr drive non stop. Stopping for food and gas and streching my legs .
  90. killerfin

    45 irons, salas 6x, salas 7x, 6xjr, tadys, $150

    I will take them if deal falls thru check your pms
  91. killerfin

    How do you properly bleed a fish in a panga boat in Baja?

    Thats what I do when I go to fish in baja look at the picture on right hand side . Also have never had any issues with sharks or seals ... good luck man
  92. killerfin


    The trailer was empty there was no rods in it, I know frist hand on that
  93. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pic

    Arturo, my truck felt really light with no boat attched , I just want to get home plus i wanted to beat all the spring breakers traffic, I hope you make it down the fishing is off the hook, Also watch for tailing marlin we seen like 8 but no bait left in the tank , so save two bait just in case..
  94. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pic

    i tried to get a few days off to go fish the tournment but no luck, Maybe next year also Jim we saw a few blue marlin behind the island 5 to be exact
  95. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pic

    Yes it is pretty nice boat and it ride really nice in the water
  96. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pic

    I left Placentia Friday April 4 at midnight due to not being able to sleep due to nervous about towing a boat down to Santa Rosalia. Let me tell you the first few hours here in the states were nice towing the boat once I hit TJ I was pretty scared for the first 5 hours. Then the nervous settled...
  97. killerfin

    Taking a boat to Santa Rosalia

    so is there any one that wants to help me drive to Santa Rosalia PM with your number
  98. killerfin

    Taking a boat to Santa Rosalia

    Here is piture of boat that I will be towing down there Triumph 21 center console with 150 4 yamaha
  99. killerfin

    Taking a boat to Santa Rosalia

    Guys thanks for all your advise It will be a long drive for me by myself
  100. killerfin

    Taking a boat to Santa Rosalia

    Jim , Thanks you just need one pack of 9 volts
  101. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia rubber squid

    Rigo is in san Bruno not san marcos ask for him every one knows him... tel him Felipe sent you
  102. killerfin

    hey Keta am looking for some one to help me tow a boat to Santa Rosalia check my post

    hey Keta am looking for some one to help me tow a boat to Santa Rosalia check my post
  103. killerfin

    Taking a boat to Santa Rosalia

    I was asked to take a boat to Santa Rosalia it was bought here in the states and I was asked to take it down there and my dumbass said ok but I have never pulled any thing down there. the boat has my name on title and the owner from down there. so my question is what will I need to get it across...
  104. killerfin

    3 Daiwa Saltist 40ha reels

    Thanks for the deal on reels and it was nice to meet too
  105. killerfin


    Yes you can get on free road at la mission . You can still take the toll road to la mission and you will be routed to the free road. It will end right past the 3rd toll booth .
  106. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia Info

    Hey jim thanks for the update and yes the yellowtails are mean in the sea of cortes side I made same mistake the frist time I went useing 25lb and 30lb test never again lol. I only take 50lb and 60lb and 40lb for surface jigs. I would of love to be there watching them get broken off . I will see...
  107. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia Info

    Thanks for the info not towing a boat do no issue there.
  108. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia Info

    Any one have any fishing reports from down there? Danny has not fished in the last 2 month due to him losing two fingers on his right hand. How are the roads going down south? Any info would be great .. Thanks
  109. killerfin


    I live close to newport and Im going to san diego On friday to pick up my daughter for the weekend, Pm me
  110. killerfin

    Phenix 9 day 2-11 sponsored trip on the Vagabond!

    So where are the pictures of this trip sir?
  111. killerfin

    UFC 167 - Georges St Pierre vs Mike Tyson!! Sat Nov 16th

    its going to be a battle for sure . Got Hendricks buy knock out
  112. killerfin

    For sale or trade. Irons yo-yo and surface

    Thanks for hold the jigs till today...
  113. killerfin

    Looking 4 a fast jigging rod

    Phenix rods makes alot of jigging rods. I hope this helps <TBODY> TJX-562L 5'6" 1-3 10 - 30 1 Medium Fuji MNSG SiC Fuji PSSD-LD / Custom Hypalon / EVA $359 TJX-563ML 5'6" 2-6 15 - 45 1 Med/Light Fuji MNSG SiC Fuji PSSD-LD / Custom Hypalon / EVA $369 TJX-564M 5'6" 3-7 20 - 60 1 Med Fuji...
  114. killerfin

    Surf fishing San Felipe

    Thanks I give that a try if all fails I will rent a panga
  115. killerfin

    Surf fishing San Felipe

    By the malicon all the way down by where the mother ship docks .I have never surfed fished that area at all but if you have a suggestion please let me, No not looking for you prime spot just looking to catch fish and relax down there for the weekend. </SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>
  116. killerfin

    Surf fishing San Felipe

    I have been to San felipe for Tony Reyes trips only but looking to go surf fishing down there this weekend. Has any ony had any luck down there? Any help is appricated..
  117. killerfin

    Help/Advise mostly help !! Travel to BOLA

    MoMO Fish Hope this helps you out . looks like they have office in la too. 5 Star Rent A Van 5 Star provides 12 and 15 passenger vans and serves San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties, and Baja Mexico. Airport delivery and pickup is available at no extra charge. Call 5 Star Rent A Van...
  118. killerfin

    Need a rod wrapped

    Here you go give Brent A call does awsome work, He is on the 10 day Phenix charter right now. Sato Rods, Brent Ikari 6460 Shady Lawn Drive Yorba Linda 92886 (714) 469 - 6124 [email protected]
  119. killerfin

    Where the Mac's at??

    Go to newport peir they are catching them by the bucket full , using bait rig set up.
  120. killerfin

    Road conditions

    Thanks for the replys
  121. killerfin

    Road conditions

    I'm heading down to Santa Rosalia on Friday the 23rd . I was wondering how the roads are ? Cant wait to be on my way will post reports day by day depending on how internet is down there . tight lines
  122. killerfin

    Anybody going to SQ this weekend? I need to get a key and sounder to SQ. Please

    I am heading down that way and just passing thru S.Q but can drop off the stuff for you...
  123. killerfin

    TLD-30 with tiburon frame

    Nothing in my in box Felipe
  124. killerfin

    TLD-30 with tiburon frame

    I have aTLD-30 with Tiburon frame with oversize dragwashers ask $280 for it . The reel is clean and only fished 2 times and have not caught anything with yet. hit me up
  125. killerfin

    Fishing Report San Lucas Cove

    I was down there from the 21st thru 26th there is alot of bait in front of San lucas cove little yellows in el baja in Tortuga there is alot of yellowtails and vaquetas too. hope this helps.
  126. killerfin

    How are the road to Santa Rosalia

    A few friends and I are make the trip down there on May 21 to fish and try ower lucky at the San lucas turny. Thanks in advance will post report when I get back..
  127. killerfin

    rods, reels, lures, belts etc.....

    if daiwa saltist 40 dont sell I will Take . 714-318-3440
  128. killerfin

    10th Annual San Lucas Cove Yellowtail Tournament

    That was luck fishing with Rigo and Danny was a sure shoot lol. I will ask Rigo if he wants to fish with me this tourament? I will get you some bait rigs see you in May my friend..
  129. killerfin

    10th Annual San Lucas Cove Yellowtail Tournament

    I going to be down there and will see about joining the tourament . you need any thing? Pm
  130. killerfin

    Spinning rod for yellows

    Phenix makes a spinning rod PSW-S-700H .They make good rods and are very light too
  131. killerfin

    How much should you tip a Hooker???

    Just the tip....:)
  132. killerfin

    Phoenix Rods ?

    Dana landing , fishermans landing
  133. killerfin

    Phenix rods vs Calstar GFGR

    PSW-809 HXF I personaly have this rod and love it. I use is for fly lining,jigging and dropper loop.
  134. killerfin

    Shimano Calcutta Conquest 300te

    is it still for sale? I got cash in hand
  135. killerfin

    Newport/Skiff Rental

    In newport you can use M street for your tubes.
  136. killerfin

    Ensenada 12-4 & 12-5-12-Shallow Water Rockfish Limits & Big Sandies

    Nice hall Louie , I was running in tri park in Placentia and ran in to your uncle can't remember his name but he gave me a bussiness card of your lol.
  137. killerfin

    Anybody heading down to BOLA in the next couple weeks?

    I am going down to santa rosalia on Dec 22th How far is Bola for main road ?
  138. killerfin


    Thanks for the help
  139. killerfin


    So I can get the visa at the new boarder crossing ?
  140. killerfin


    Thanks man but I guess the airport it is then... Im leaving here at 3:30 tomarrow.
  141. killerfin


    What time do they close the office in ensenada? That might be a better option then going to the airport.
  142. killerfin


    Well I'm going to San Marcos and taking a friend with me and needs a visa. Will we be able to get a visa at the new boarder crossing? Its been 3 yrs since I have been down there. Thanks
  143. killerfin

    Hypalon and EPDM

    Thanks for the info. I heard seeker might be using EPDM on there rods.
  144. killerfin

    Hypalon and EPDM

    What the difference between EPDM and hypalon? And which one is better ? Thanks <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  145. killerfin

    Road to santa rosalia

    Thanks doug when you fishing santa rosalia again?
  146. killerfin

    Road to santa rosalia

    I was wondering how the roads are going down to santa rosalia going down Thanksgiving weekend? Thanks for the info..
  147. killerfin


    Hey Capt Juan did you move to La Bocana?????
  148. killerfin

    Taking pets across the boarder

    Thanks guys for all your input .
  149. killerfin

    Reel Bag

    I will take it call me 714-318-3440
  150. killerfin

    A2Z Wahoo Jig Tribute

    Do you have any of those jigs for sale?
  151. killerfin

    Taking pets across the boarder

    cool thanks for all your input . I have all the paper work for shots
  152. killerfin

    Taking pets across the boarder

    Does any one know what the rules are for taking your pet to baja? im looking to going to Santa rosalia the weekend of Thanks giving..
  153. killerfin

    Need help choosing a rod

    I just bought an M1 MX-72MH Phenix rod . The Rod is bad ass I use it with my lexa 300 for fishing bass in the bay love this rod super light.
  154. killerfin

    MAXIMUS 3.5 Day

    what's a trip like that run?
  155. killerfin

    Abyss and Calstar

    Thanks I didn't find it but will keep looking for it.
  156. killerfin

    Abyss and Calstar

    is there web site where I can see how the basket weave is done?
  157. killerfin

    NEWELL G447-F

    any takers?
  158. killerfin

    NEWELL G447-F

    Have this Newell it has 80lb brad 150yds and looking to trade straight up for a used saltist 30 or a torium 30 reel. Let me know what you got. I stay here in Placentia and work in Cerrtios.
  159. killerfin

    San Quintin Produces Again... whats in my hand? **VISA REQUIRED??**

    They see american plates and stop you just cuz they can been stop to many times. but every thing ends up good.
  160. killerfin

    Heavy and light iron jigs

    are jigs still for sale?
  161. killerfin

    Phenix trailer Stolen

    Please keep an eye for a trailer with Phenix logo on both sides my friend that works there told me to please post. The trailer was stolen friday night or today in the am 9/15/12. please call police if you see it . Thanks
  162. killerfin

    DIAWA LEXA 300

    still got one left
  163. killerfin

    DIAWA LEXA 300

    Full price for you hoooo
  164. killerfin

    DIAWA LEXA 300

    each reel is $180
  165. killerfin

    DIAWA LEXA 300

    I have one reel left and it's not the one with the power handle. High speed . $175 Hit me up
  166. killerfin

    Phenix Bass Blanks

    did you try longfin in orange?I think I saw some phenix blanks there.
  167. killerfin

    New camo EVA and HVA

    Those Eva's are really nice .
  168. killerfin

    Newport Harbor

    what are you using for bait? are you drifting or anchoring?
  169. killerfin

    Phenix black diamond 700h

    longfin in orange has then or are you looking for a used one?
  170. killerfin

    Heavy mother fnnnnnnnnn****** Bluefin Tuna

    Hey Bogii Where were you fishing those beast at?
  171. killerfin

    Accurate B2-870

    what are the gear ratios on it?
  172. killerfin

    Accurate,Pro gear,Penn International, shimano

    what is the gear ratio for the 870?
  173. killerfin

    best tackle shops in the OC area!

    Glenns Tackle in Costa Mesa is the best. Owner Bobby Gowin is very knowledgeable and provides great customer service. Give them a call at (714) 957-1408. Store location is at 1145 Baker Street Costa Mesa, CA. 92626
  174. killerfin

    Can a mod please contact me

    You better put on your big Boy pants, lol wecome
  175. killerfin

    ATTN: scott from avet

    here is his number call him, 805-890-1328
  176. killerfin

    3/4 Day Fishing at Catalina Island

    I have two rain check tickets given to me from last yrs trip. Are they still good for this year?
  177. killerfin

    I'm the luckiest guy around

    Congrats, Make sure you take alot of pictures and video's. They grow up so fast...
  178. killerfin

    WFO, SKB, irons, boat cover

    What do you still have for sale?
  179. killerfin

    How Dangerous is it...

    Mexico city is where all this shit is happening at. I have been to Baja Santa Rosalia so may times with out one problem. Besides the the cows on the road. It takes me about 12 hours to get there from orange county to santa Rosalia And i take my son with me. So where does your friend stay At in...
  180. killerfin

    Pops passed away earlier this morning

    Sorry for your loss...may he rest in peace
  181. killerfin

    Best San Diego 1.5 day party boat with kids?

    I have taken my son on a few trips on the Condor and pacific Queen And both Boats Are kid friendly . They really take care of them and get them on fish too.
  182. killerfin

    When do San Felipe Mothership Operations start running & which ones are still around?

    Call the longfin and ask Eric to see what days are one . There very helpful there. Here is the number 714-538-8010
  183. killerfin


    Notthing wrong with bragging ...
  184. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia

    I talked to Danny down there and its been windy and very slow fishing wise. I will be going down in mid april . I will post report
  185. killerfin


    :rofl::rofl::rofl:too funny
  186. killerfin

    Blue Avet HXJ 2 speed... used twice

    got any picture of the reel?
  187. killerfin

    New Member to BD

    welcome aboard
  188. killerfin

    Ensenada 3-10-11-Barracuda

    Its nice to see you that you are still going strong, best of luck to you in this new year louie. Thanks for the report.
  189. killerfin

    2 Daiwa Saltists (cheap)

    what city are you in?
  190. killerfin


    very nice pictures thanks for sharing
  191. killerfin

    Thining out the herd!!!

    Are the 870s single speed or two speed?
  192. killerfin

    Catching smelt in Newport Beach

    I have always had good luck with the sabikis for smelt. When I had my kayak I would launch from M street and make smelt there too. I live in newport PM and i can show you and tell you a few spots too.
  193. killerfin

    Catavina fish report?

    That guy is trip down there I see him every time I drive to Santa Rosalia , He tells some crazy stores, at least he is not asking for 12 pesos lol
  194. killerfin

    Tin boat @ The Wall & Douchebag @ Davies

    Not much man just getting ready for April 3 IFS at the convention center.Still waiting for the other camp take the fight. hey we have fights at the gym this saturday
  195. killerfin


    Here you go. its in La FISHING TACKLE SWAP MEET ***FREE FOR SELLERS & BUYERS*** When: Saturday, February 12, 2011***2nd**** Saturday in FEBRUARY Time: 7:00AM &#8211; 12:00 PM Where: J & T Tackle Location: 1750 E. Los Angeles Ave. Simi Valley, CA 93065 Phone: (805) 527-7653
  196. killerfin

    Tin boat @ The Wall & Douchebag @ Davies

    Hey Thad, I know your son Ryan, Its a small world lol. Suck when your trying to be helpful and get screwed. Its still good carma man tho.
  197. killerfin

    Heads up on a fishing license problem...

    I think the should come out with an ID style fishing license. I like the old style this new suck ass.. MTC
  198. killerfin

    We need more parents like this...

    I remember getting ass whipping like that when I was a kid by my mom. good old day lol
  199. killerfin

    Sister passed 12/23.. Need shoes, please read..

    Where do we send them? I would love to help out..
  200. killerfin

    HEY Saluki

    :rofl:Did they find a jar of Vasaline too. fynny shit
  201. killerfin

    Great start to the New Year from Asuncion

    I was down in Santa rosalia and fishing sucked the two days we went out. Nice fish
  202. killerfin

    RIP Angie Freeman (Wife of BDer jojo jarhead)

    God bless and prayers to Gus and family
  203. killerfin


    That's good karma for sure, Merry Christmas to all
  204. killerfin

    Looking for some to go to Santa Rosalia with me

    try tiger bomb ,Thasts what I use after mights feel super hot but afterwards the soreness goes a way... See you on the 28th my vactions were signed off yesterday. Stocked that i get out off here for a few days. I got your bears already
  205. killerfin

    Looking for some to go to Santa Rosalia with me

    Jim, Thanks for the update. I hope the fishing does get better but I just need to get a way from work and my daily routine of work 12 hours , 6 days week. I all so thank god that I have a job in this economy. Let me know if you need any thing before I leave in two weeks? Can you ask Rigo if the...
  206. killerfin

    GMC Hook-up

    what are you looking for?
  207. killerfin

    Looking for some to go to Santa Rosalia with me

    This is the boat that danny got from jim . Very nice boat looks like it has two bait tanks one front and one in the back.
  208. killerfin

    Looking for some to go to Santa Rosalia with me

    I stay at dannys house at san marcos island and we fish 3miles out from the island. Its prime time for yeltails and you get away from the fast life here in cal.
  209. killerfin

    Mexico saftey put in perspective

    I will be heading down for sure after the christmas . on the 28th
  210. killerfin

    Looking for some to go to Santa Rosalia with me

    hey doug , I am looking forward to seeing you down there. Did you sell your reel after all? what days are you going to be down there? QUOTE=fishshirts;2089287]See you down there this time Felipe. Jim: How are the new sabikis working? I heard Danny's new boat came with bloody decks.
  211. killerfin

    Looking for some to go to Santa Rosalia with me

    jim, I heard that you where crying at the dock when he drove off in the boat. Very nice sled thanks to you. He sent me pictures of it yesterday . I cant wait to put blood on it. Do you need any thing from over here?
  212. killerfin

    Looking for some to go to Santa Rosalia with me

    I am plan to go down to Santa Rosalia on Dec 27 leaving orange county at 3:30 pm or leave Dec 28 at 2am. I will be returning Jan 1st around 1 pm after getting in the last day of fishing. I am just looking for one person that will split the trip in half with me. So if any one is interested...
  213. killerfin

    Mexico saftey put in perspective

    I have been going down to baja and taking my son since he was 10 years old. He is now 15 years old and the only issue we have had was being pulled over by that cop The modedida one. Gave him 20 bucks and we where on our way. Why is it that the people that dont even go to baja hate it? I my self...
  214. killerfin

    Accurate 870XC's & Avet LX (4.6:1)

    what is the gear ratio on the 870?
  215. killerfin

    Avet Pro EX 30W

    Hey Alex i will take it off your hands? will you ship it? I stay in orange county 714-318-3440 Felipe
  216. killerfin


    Hey , Jeff I am trying to see if Work will let me get those days off. So Far lloks like its a no go we have alot of work and looks like we will be working on christmas day. Sucks but I have a job and and want to keep it . Sad but true....
  217. killerfin


    Hey Jim I used a barracuda too and a big tail picked it up. I was surpried that they would eat the barracuda. I pasted by your house before i left on thursday morning and knocked on your door and i figured you were knocked out cold. It was like 6:30am . Keep me posted on the fishing might go...
  218. killerfin


    Cool If your down on the week of the 20th Pm on here and hopfully we can go fishing on day or two. I will be down there till the 27th ..
  219. killerfin


    Hey Doug, How long are you going to be down there for? I am leaveing on the 20th . I hope still have a few things to take care of before I leave here..
  220. killerfin


    Hey Art who is Cisquito?
  221. killerfin


    I wont hear the end of this one. The Ex gave me the ok to take him. Thanks for reminding me .:Kick_emoticon:
  222. killerfin


    I will be going down there in two weeks and will post a report.
  223. killerfin

    To lie or not

    So here is the update. I talked to my Son And told him that we had to man up. I show up at my ex house and told her to sit down that i had some thing to tell her and my son butts in and explains to here that there is no camping trip and that we were going fishing to baja. She blew a head gasket...
  224. killerfin

    To lie or not

    I have always been up front with her about me taking my son to baja and now she only lets me take him once a year. I dont have a clue why and she has never told me her reasons why. I have always taught my son to be a staright forward person and not lie . I really put my foot up my ass with this...
  225. killerfin

    To lie or not

    Thanks guys for setting me straight, I will let her know my plans and see what she says . I Do have all the paper work that I need for my son to go to Mexico signed by my ex notarized. I have his passport too. I will man up today and keep you guys post.
  226. killerfin

    To lie or not

    Ok guys I have a dilemma. The thing is I have to make fake camping trips that I will be taking my son to. Just so I can take him fishing to Baja with me. He does not mind following along with the fib. I just don't want him to think its ok to lie to me or his mom. Before she was ok with me...
  227. killerfin

    quick question from newby...

    Welcome to BD. I hope you have tough skin there pretty hard on here, but a great crowd. God bless
  228. killerfin

    Late Season Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing Mass Bay

    Whats the best time to fish tuna down there? Looks like some thing I would love to go do with my son.
  229. killerfin

    Where is a good place to Launch in New Port Harbor

    I use to launch off of M Street nice little beach area, and you can catch bait there too..smelt just bring bread to get them to come up to feed or just paddle over to bait barge and buy some. The parking is usually easy to find if you get there early. Best of luck to you..
  230. killerfin

    Avet Service

    3 to 4 weeks I sent my JX and got it back in 3/12 weeks.
  231. killerfin

    Avet Hx 2spd, Accurate b2-665w, Calstar 700xh, Calstar LRS-6465h

    Thanks for the reel looks really good, Come November I will put a hurting on the tails in Santa Rosalia..
  232. killerfin

    Avet Hx 2spd, Accurate b2-665w, Calstar 700xh, Calstar LRS-6465h

    Arthur, I live here in Santa ana, can we meet half ways some where. I will take the accurate of your hands. Felipe
  233. killerfin

    Ensenada 10-7-10 Yellowfin and Video Pati swimming with a Mola

    Thats cool video , Thanks for sharing louie, so how are things for you down there?
  234. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Jeff dont for get to use circle hooks for the rooster fish. Have fun and take alot of pics. ooh watch out for the cows too. if you see danny or rigo tell them i said hi...
  235. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Hey Jeff When are you going down there? This week or next week? Dont forget to post a report ok..
  236. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Hey damer we got to got to La Paz to fish with your Dad. Let me know when you want to go?
  237. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Jim, I didn't know that they caught Roosterfish at Sam Marcos Island. That was my first Rooster fish and all I can say is wow. They are very beautiful fish and fish hard till the end. I lost your number please PM it to me.
  238. killerfin

    Rancho Leonero 9/23 - 9/29

    guys and gals Thanks for you input , i will check there web site.
  239. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    art once i find out if my vactions get approved. I will give the days that iw ill be down there for. We will split the cost for the charter of the boat and you can stay at the island at dannys house if you like . but i will keep you posted..
  240. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Hey julie where did you catch your monster rooster at?
  241. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    I remeber you , You guys where fishing the iron that day. I am going down there in November again if you want to go fishing . It will be on the Thanksgiving weekend. PM if you want to go... Felipe
  242. killerfin

    Headed to baja..

    make sure you take a few sabiki bait rigs with you. Good luck
  243. killerfin

    Rancho Leonero 9/23 - 9/29

    Hey Rob, I was wondering what the trip costed you? I am planing a trip next year with my son. Thanks
  244. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Yes looks like the same spot left side of san marcos island. Dont for get that you will have to get bait in the marina of santa rosalia. Some days its easy to make bait but other days its hard. good luck to you
  245. killerfin

    looking for a Garmin gps 182 model

    I am looking for a Garmin gps 182 unit or my friend Danny in San Marcos Island. It ended up getting water into it and now it dont work. So if you have one for sale please hit me up. thanks..
  246. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    They fight hard thats for sure. what i liked was how they boil on the bait when your slow trolling it. They beat the crap out of it. It was a nice relaxing trip for me.
  247. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Left here 9/23 at 2am from newport beach. for those of you going down to san Quintin the road suck ass from The bufadora till you get to the frist check point. After that you have to be very careful with the cows. came home 9/26 no problems coming back besides the roads being fixed and slow...
  248. killerfin

    Ensenada Governors Cup 2010-Never Again

    They change the rules as they please. Well better luck next time ,
  249. killerfin

    Baja Roads Info

    Paul, Alway get pesos due to every city having a different money exchange rate. I always do just so i dont have to hassle with trying to figure out if i got correct change back. Best of luck to you on your trip. I leave tommarow evening to Santa Rosalia be safe and good fishing to...
  250. killerfin

    Baja Roads Info

    Thats the reason i am going I am one of the padrino's for quincenera. I still have 2 days left before i leave and i will try to get you some bearings before i leave...
  251. killerfin

    Baja Roads Info

    Thanks guys for the update on the road. I have always left at 2am and have never had any problems. I will watch out for the cows for sure almost hit one last year pretty scary. thanks again I will post fishing trip when i get back on the 29th with pics
  252. killerfin

    Baja Roads Info

    I am leaving to Santa Rosalia on wensday evening or thursday at 2am. I was wondering how the roads are? Any info would be great. Thanks.
  253. killerfin

    Snagging is crazy on the Newport Beach pier

    Its not illegal to snagg mullet of the pier. I have been up there when fishing and game ward was checking there bags. He did not tell them to stop snagging or to get off the peir. So keep calling there not going to do any thing.
  254. killerfin

    Silk Screening t-shirts?

    Haole gragpics is the one that does all my fight gear and does awsome work there in orange. 714-420-9187 ask for Chris Tell him Randy from Team oc muay thai gym sent you..
  255. killerfin

    Avet HX 5/2, gold color, $300

    is it single speed or two speed
  256. killerfin

    Stolen fishing gear in Newport Beach

    The sad part is i was leaving on a fishing trip in two weeks and now I don't have any gear. but life goes on...
  257. killerfin

    Stolen fishing gear in Newport Beach

    So I get home and can't open my door to my apartment. I push hard and the door finally opens and I see that my whole place has been tossed like a fu!%n storm came by. After checking to see what was stolen I call the cops. Here is the list of stuff that was stolen. They also got good finger...
  258. killerfin

    Update on my wife

    My prayers out to you and your wife. stay strong man..
  259. killerfin

    Couture vs Toney

    Think couture should kick tony a few time and show him its a different would in MMA. I don't fell committable being on my back that's why I fight Muay Thai. I am looking forward to this fight tomorrow.
  260. killerfin

    Leaving Friday Morning 8/27

    Have fun Stan. I will be going next month on the 23rd to Santa Rosalia ...
  261. killerfin


    do you have pictures of 870?
  262. killerfin

    8/9 to 8/14/2010 - intrepid 5 day to cedros island, baja california

    Alan, Great report and pictures too. Thanks for the read.
  263. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report needed

    hey , derek I just spoke with Rigo from San Bruno and he told me its been slow for yellow tale for three days now.He told me that there is Roster fish behind san marcos island too.. There is no bait unless you go to Santa Roslia. He is using cut squid for bait .. I hope this helps you..
  264. killerfin


    picture of the kids having fun...
  265. killerfin

    Are sand sharks legal to keep?

    I asked fish and game warden and I was told that they need to be 36 inch to keep them same as leopard sharks.
  266. killerfin

    check ou my fight

    Its about going out there and giving it all you got and with gods help you come out on top. And always show respect to your opponent and his corner when the fight is over even if you lost. I have been on both winner and losing side.
  267. killerfin

    check ou my fight

    They rushed us on the fights and told us no wai-khru and just go and bang it out. It was not full muay thai rules so no elbow, They started the show almost 2 hours late . Muay thai is all stand up not like MMA where you can strike some one when they are down on the ground with your hands but...
  268. killerfin

    check ou my fight

    Its the traditional muay Thai music they play while the fight in going on.
  269. killerfin

    check ou my fight

    Your a fool nick , let go fishing to baja in sept?:2gunsfiring_v1:
  270. killerfin

    check ou my fight

    hell no ..he is a beast at his weight class. They need to find some one that will take it to him and not be scared of him. Thanks now its time to go kill some yellows in San Marcous island :2gunsfiring_v1:
  271. killerfin

    check ou my fight

    Lol no it was not me that got knocked out.
  272. killerfin

    check ou my fight

    I fought on Saturday 31st at the IFS in Knotts Berry Farms . check out my fight and let me know what you thought of it thanks.. YouTube - Felipe Andalla vs Bourin Khoun Muay Thai fight July 31st Muay Thai
  273. DSC05737


  274. DSC05740


  275. DSC05703


  276. Aj and Irwin being silly

    Aj and Irwin being silly

  277. fishing on the back side of san marcos

    fishing on the back side of san marcos

  278. DSC05701


  279. San Marcos

    San Marcos

  280. killerfin

    Phenix Custom

    what is it rate at?
  281. killerfin

    Tuna in Bermuda

    Nice catch
  282. killerfin

    bicis para La Bocana

    No But i can swing buy and pick it up . Can you get he contact information and PM it to me and i will contact him.
  283. killerfin

    bicis para La Bocana

    I am sorry I have been out of town working in Ohio and just got back into town. I will be going to San diego on july 17. Pm me the adress and i will drop the bikes off. Thanks Felipe
  284. killerfin

    Hundred Bucks FREE NO BS FREE and a shot at $1500

    I will go with 50 ...
  285. killerfin

    New BD member (9 month lurker, 1st report with pics)

    Take alot of pictures they grow up so fast. My lil gril is 4yrs old now. Congrats
  286. killerfin

    Looking for sponsors

    shit i have seen alot more blood in muay thai then boxing. Thanks i will post pictures of my fight.
  287. killerfin

    Looking for sponsors

    I did not Know Where to post this. I am fighting on July 31st at Knott's berry Farms Muay Thai ( kickboxing) and was looking for some sponsors. The sponsors would get there company name put on my shorts and t-shirt that I would come out in. It also gets announced when I come out too.The sponsors...
  288. killerfin


    i will keep him in my prayers, hope all is well
  289. killerfin

    bicis para La Bocana

    I am in newport beach and I in San Diego every other weekend to pick up my Lil girl. Do you have some one that i can drop them off too in San Diego? Felipe
  290. killerfin

    bicis para La Bocana

    blanca My son wants to donate his two BMX bikes he does not use any more. I wont be going to baja till november 2010. How can i get the bikes to you? Pm the information thanks felipe
  291. killerfin

    Avet LX for 50lb?

    I use 50lb on my LX and it does great ...
  292. killerfin

    "WHAT'S on "THE MENU"

    Very nice she is hooked for life....
  293. killerfin

    Polaris Moving to Mexico

    suck where i work 75% of our assembly work was sent to TJ about 80 people layed off. I am just glad i still have a job.
  294. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia Yellow's

    Now i know why we could not reach any one on chanel 72. I think shit like this is fucked up just cuz you dont want to hear spanish or what ever the reason was. it could of been some that really got hurt or boat was sinking. The last time art was in trouble he was on the wrong channel and i...
  295. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia Yellow's

    hey art nice report i it was nice seeing you out there. Hope next time you have a better time with your boat.. next time dont take 30lb test mexican yellowtail eat a lot of weed that drug lords toss in the ocean:rofl:. I might go down there in aug if i get a chance...
  296. killerfin

    Auto Glass Hook UPPPP Cash or Gear Trade

    my uncle does but live in san bernadino. pm me
  297. killerfin

    Sea Adventure II or Prowler

    I have been going on the prowler for quite a while a buzz runs an awsome boat and crew is great.
  298. killerfin

    first time tips

    Hey Robert, You can always rent the gear at the landing, I know they rent the gear but i dont know for how much. best bet is to call and find out. Best of luck on you four day and have alot of fun..
  299. killerfin

    Frabill Pack-A-Pole 7000 $45

    whats the biggest lenght rod you can put in it.
  300. killerfin

    San Lucas Cove Trip Report

    Shit I can't wait to go down there next week and kill some fish. hopfully i can catch my frist marlin. nice report
  301. killerfin

    There and Back........... A Isla San Marcos Tale

    Hey mike, Nice to see that you were able to get down there for your son birthday. I will make sure i take him something. Miguel and Irwin and my some son Adrian had a blast in april when i was down there. I always seem to miss you by a few weeks but there is always Danny to take me fishing. Well...
  302. killerfin

    Selling for my uncle who just died

    Carl Do you have pictures of the inside of the boat?
  303. killerfin

    Lake Irvine - GREAT fishing, friends, food, & fun times 4/30-5/2!!!

    Very nice trip the kids look like there having a blast . Thanks for the report makes me want to take my lil girl camping but she is to lil for that but soon..
  304. killerfin


    this will a good fishing tourament. I am fishing with danny and a friend of Allens mike from tj. I am looking to go fishing again even if i dont win any thing . just being in baja is relaxing for me and fishing is iceing on the cake... looking forward in meeting you and hopfully i dont have to...
  305. killerfin

    Bienvenidos a BloodyDecks...

    to fucken funny man and i thought you wanted all the mexicans out. i know Ramon from tony reyez will like this one. Email him and let him know anout it... Y una cervesa mas tanbein
  306. killerfin

    Avet HJX 5/2

    Steve whats the gear ratio on it.
  307. killerfin


    hey doug so who are you fishing with??
  308. killerfin


    check your pm and call rigo and see if he is avible..
  309. killerfin


    looks like i will be see you guys out there too. my boss finally aproved my vacation. leveing here wenday even driving to san quitin and spending the night and driving in the morning to santa rosalia. So see you guys down.
  310. killerfin


    So is it saturday or sunday?
  311. killerfin

    Anyone catching butts near Long Beach?

    I caught onethat 32 inch butt on PCH in seal beach and I let it go due to it being a breeder............LMAO
  312. killerfin

    Looking for a fishing buddy / Baja trip

    when in may are you going down?
  313. killerfin

    Maximus San Miguel Is. Charter

    looks like every one had alot of fun and caught fish too. Thanks for the report...
  314. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pix 4/3 and 4/4

    Thanks guys but with gods help this will end well and i will be able to take my son fishing with more offten.
  315. killerfin

    Is it safe in mexico?

    I just came back from santa rosalia and did not have any problems going there or coming back besides the fucken crazy cows . But you wont have any cow problems from TJ to Ensenda. you look for trouble down there you will find it..
  316. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pix 4/3 and 4/4

    Yes its allot of driving for two days of fishing but I had to take advantage of my son being out of school and able to go with me fishing. His mom does not approve of me taking him fishing into Baja unless its out of the San Diego landings on a day and half trips. I try to set up all my fishing...
  317. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pix 4/3 and 4/4

    Yes Sir We were fishing on mikes boat 280 feet to 450 feet. the cabiralla were boiling buy the shore line. There was a panga there using nets they would wait for the fish to boil and circule the cabiralla in there nets. shitty way of doing it but thats how they make a living.
  318. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pix 4/3 and 4/4

    God willing I should be going down there for the tourament.
  319. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pix 4/3 and 4/4

    I stayed at Dannys house at San Marcos island. The weather was very nice in the 80's.
  320. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pix 4/3 and 4/4

    I was suppose to go fishing in San Quintin with Capt Juan on Friday April 2nd but the weather report was shitty on Friday and Saturday. My son has been asking me to take him fishing so I checked weather report on Buoy for Santa Rosalia area It was going to be super smooth. The plan was to leave...
  321. killerfin


    Do i get a commission if i sell it for you lol.
  322. killerfin

    Toad Yellowtail

    Congrats on your personal best Jim. I bet he put up a fight too. Tell Rigo I said hi.. Thanks
  323. killerfin

    Izaak Walton league kids event at Irvine Lake (help wanted)

    Do you mean Irvine lake? What date and time.
  324. killerfin

    Toad Yellowtail

    Nice yellow jim. Dont pull a muscle pulling on fish that big. You might hurt your self and wont be able to fish the San Lucas tourny lol.
  325. killerfin

    Help a brutha out...

    Voted Hope you win...
  326. killerfin

    Photophix your fishing shots

    Thanks my son liked it alot. ..
  327. killerfin

    Photophix your fishing shots

    here is one of my with a dodo...
  328. killerfin


    I will take the dog lol.
  329. killerfin

    father son/daughter overnight charter

    Let me know i would love to take my some out fishing. He is a killing machine
  330. killerfin


    I might go down there for my bday in march just to do something fun for my bday. Kill some fish and relax. nice fish and thanks for the report.
  331. killerfin

    La Paz and back

    Hey Jame's I have done the trip to santa rosalie a Quite a few times. I usally take off from Orange county at 3 am and by 4pm I usally in santa rosalie relaxing. Its another 6 hrs from santa rosalia to La paz. Since its your frist time driving down there it will probally take you a lilttle...
  332. killerfin


    Is the fishing tournament 1 or 2 days? Dumb qustion what are the rule of the tournament? Is it bigest fish wins pot or total weight at the end of the day? I was just wondering...
  333. killerfin

    San Felipe Mother trip

    Hey David When was this trip? I didn't think they did a trip in Feb. When is your trip leaving?
  334. killerfin

    Profile Picture Editing

    Here is a pic of danny from san marcos diving at EL Arco at san marcos island.
  335. killerfin


    So what day is the Capts meeting and where? So I can plan the trip and not miss out. Should be fun.....
  336. killerfin

    boss extreme 50N

    I am looking for a Boss Extreme 50N in good condtion...Hit me up if you have one for sale. Thanks...
  337. killerfin

    u really need to read this

    It shows he was on last night at 9pm. PM him ask WTF. I hope he does send you the reel or at least your cah back. Thats why i rather meet them and check out the reel in person. Good luck...
  338. killerfin

    Short Rods for Baja?

    wopper stopper , I have one nice lil rod. I bought mine at Angeler center in newport beach they make them there too...
  339. killerfin


    I think Memorial weekend would be a bigger turn out then the 22th. But its your show. I am for sure going to try to be there. There is some big tails that time of year i have caught a few and lost many lol. I hope the turn out is big.
  340. killerfin

    Marlin on hand line

    Nice catch . What pound test were you useing? When i go down to Santa Rosalia , Rigo from San Bruno fishes hand line most of the time for yellow tail and there not the usal 15 to 20lbs fish. I have seen him bring in a 150lb Grouper on 80lb test by hand line. Next time i am down there i am...
  341. killerfin

    80LB Long Range Reel

    Boss extreme 50 narrow
  342. killerfin

    Native Sun 3/4 Day Trip 12/21

    Nice report . Tell your friend he is not the only one that has casted his rod in the ocean. Its pretty funny. Have a Merry Christmas
  343. killerfin

    RIP Tony Reyes Baca

    Wow that is a great lose , He was the nicest person I have ever met. He will be missed but not forgotten. God bless you and your family
  344. killerfin

    Xmas hottie

    She ate Santa Claus ...Get the fillet knife :rofl:
  345. killerfin

    My Girls are Hardcore!

    nice picture i cant wait till my lil girl is big enough to go fishing with my son and my self. she is only three. Great job
  346. killerfin

    Recomendation near Costa Mesa

    Centenal lake has alot of blue gil. I see the kids there fishing all the time. They put a bobber about a foot from the hook. Use worms. Mile square patk too. Hope this will help you...
  347. killerfin

    question on ca payroll rights/laws

    I get paid .58 a mile and Travel time. For example I had to fly to to Canada a few weeks back left work at 5am and got to Canada at 4am to the hotel. So I was paid from 5 am to 4 am. So your son is being screw. He should keep a record of all the place,s he has to work at just in case he has to...
  348. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    I heard from Danny that Mike was at the Island for a few days but not sure what Mike has been up too. I know he works up in the states. The only reason I went to fish San Marcos Island was because of Mike's fishing reports they were exciting and pic heavy. Danny still does chaters for mike.
  349. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    I eat the collor too but i mainly save it for my trainer. If i dont bring him any fish back he beats the crap out of me for about a 2 weeks but i love the pain. So you know art then he has a house in Punta Chivato too. Danny and my self saved him off the rocks a last year but had to let him go...
  350. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Here is the pic of three of us holding our check...
  351. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Hey Jeff You guys were killing the lilttle tails on jig. I saw you guys lease a few which i thought was awsome. I will be out there on Dec 24th If every thing works out here at work. If i see you out there I will surly hit you up. So do you live down there or up here in the states?
  352. killerfin

    Casting Nets Ok in Southern California???

    I have seen pangeros in San Bruno use them for sardins and it only take one cast and there bait tank is full when they are around.
  353. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    He was busy working on the freelance wHile I was having fun killing fish. Hey I am going for chirstmas you want to go? :rockin: kill some fish it should be top water action buy then alot of fun. PM if you want to go..
  354. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Art I left oc at 3am and was in Santa Rosalia by 4:30. The roads are real good. You lose alot of time once you start getting into San Quitin after that you can fly . I am leaving on the 23dr and so I will see you out there on the water dont catch to many fish..
  355. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    I was peso,s but dollor wise it was 3300 due the 13 to 1 rate. but if it was 10 to 1 It would of been 4000 dollars. I did the math wrong eighter way we made cash we didn't have.I had a blast. So how are thing going for you down there...
  356. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    David maybe next year if i still have a job. So what month are you going on next year?
  357. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    I didn't see any girls either did see a few jotos in Santa Rosalia:gayfight: they even had a sex walk LOL. I will back in Dec again to fish :devil:
  358. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    I have been going for about 3 years now to SR and the best fishing for Tails is NOv thru Jan big fish I caught one that went 42lbs last year. If you want i can hook you up with Rigo's or Danny's number just PM they will put you on fish. You just have to keep any on the weather reports down there...
  359. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    :rofl:Yup There both fishing machines The Funny part is the Rigo has his GPS in his head. They will put you on the fish you just have to put them on the boat. They will put a hurting on you. So when are you going back down there Art?
  360. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Surfdoc I dont drink but did have alot of fun........
  361. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Had like 10 there really good. There is a carnitas spot that I bet no one knows about. Its like the street where that fruit stand is on. Its pretty hidden but dam those tacos are so good. Its like 3 tacos in one. Next time your are there ask around and go
  362. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Thanks Now is the best time to yellowtail down there. I saw a boat out called the Mad dog two guys and a gal. there were putting a hurting on the samll tail with jigs. Bait was the ticket for big tails. A blast and a wourld of hurt on your back. I got busted off on 60lb test close to buttoned...
  363. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Well here is a short fishing report from Santa Rosalia / San Marcos. Woke up at 4:30am on the boat by 5am. The next hour we spent looking for bait in front of Santa Rosalia no love. So we went back to the dock to pick up Rigo from San bruno At Santa Rosalia. He was at the dock waiting for us and...
  364. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11-27-09 with pic`s

    Well here is a short fishing report from Santa Rosalia / San Marcos. Woke up at 4:30am on the boat by 5am. The next hour we spent looking for bait in front of Santa Rosalia no love. So we went back to the dock to pick up Rigo from San bruno At Santa Rosalia. He was at the dock waiting for us and...
  365. killerfin

    Cabo-Day 1 11-18-09-Dorado & Sailfish

    Hey louie Nice catch . Did you take your boat down too? So how long you going to be down there for? I am heading to Santa Rosalie on the 24th til the 28th. I have not heard any fishing reports but i hope fishing will be good. Have fun and enjoy the weather.
  366. killerfin

    Buddy needed for Baja Fishing trip 11/5-11/12

    dam i would go with but i already ask for the 24th thru the 30th off. Were are you going to fish in baja?
  367. killerfin

    Fishing trip 9-17to9-18

    Go on the Conder great crew and boat.
  368. killerfin

    Looking for 6 more people to join Long Range Tuna/Albacore

    Art where are the pic of the fish and mystery girl.........
  369. killerfin

    SD to Loreto/La Paz

    San Lucas cove which is about 5 miles south of Santa roaslia. You have to keep your eyes open for the entrance sign its small. just get a room in Santa rosalia its like 25 or 35 bucks for the night and get a rest for the next day.
  370. killerfin

    SD to Loreto/La Paz

    I have done the drive from Santa ana to Santa Rosalia in 13 hours from There is about another 6 to 7 hours to La paz. I am going again on the aug 15th. Enjoy the drive and becareful and keep an eye out for cows they don't move even if you hink at them.
  371. killerfin

    accurate boss 270

    ok $202 lol
  372. killerfin

    accurate boss 270

    will you take $200
  373. killerfin

    Ladies and Kids with Fish

    here are a few on my son and ex girlfriend
  374. killerfin

    how does the pacific queen rate

    Great crew and yes he will put you on fish for sure.
  375. killerfin


    Hey Cris nice fish. I seen you and kevin a few times out in the water fishing was slow but if you worked hard you got fish and they nicer grade fish. Danny and myself did make it to tortuga Island for no love did see alot a sail fish jumping out of the water.
  376. killerfin

    Photo Editing PhotoPhix

    nice work here is a picture of my lilttle monster .
  377. killerfin

    Finding Needle Applicators

    Kevin I am glad that you recived them. use them wisely lol
  378. killerfin

    San Marcos Island 5/11 thru 5/16 w/pics

    I for got to post Irwin's big fish picture. Enjoy guys
  379. killerfin

    San Marcos Island 5/11 thru 5/16 w/pics

    I left to Santa Rosalina Sunday May 10th at 2 am. The drive down was pretty nice and the roads are in good condition. I arrived at Santa Rosalina at 3:30 pm and by 6 pm I was at San Marcos Island at Danny's house. The plan was to go fishing on Wednesday due to Danny having to work 2 shift. He...
  380. killerfin

    Finding Needle Applicators

    Kevin here is the type of needles i sent you.
  381. killerfin

    San Marcos Island?

    Jim Sorry to hear that you and Marika wont make it. But its for the best. I will post a report and dam now i need to find some to let me use there fish so i can post picture. Well i hope that every thing is good and i both of you in my prayers every night. god bless
  382. killerfin

    San Marcos Island?

    Jim Is a true friend to let me use his fish so i could take some pictures with them.:rofl: Six more days and counting dam i wish it was saturday all ready. Hey jim has the wind been blowing pretty hard down there?
  383. killerfin

    San Marcos Island?

    I think you land your plane at the island but you need a special permit too. I all i can say is the fishing is great there i have caught some big yellowtails there. I am going on may 10 and returning on may 16th. Let me know if you what to go? I am driving down there. oh here is a picture of...
  384. killerfin

    Finding Needle Applicators

    Kevin Are you looking to buy a big lot of them or you just need a few tips? Let me know we use 16ga thru 30ga. If you just need a few i can sent you some. pm me ...
  385. killerfin

    Punta Chivato

    Hey Doug How is the weather do there right now? I will be heading that way on May 10th. I hope the tails are still biting the week i will be there. So don't catch them all lol. please post how mike and your self did fishing. let me know how the road is on your way back.have alot of fun and be...
  386. killerfin

    Dissenting view on swine

    I am going to Santa rosalia on the 10th of may flu or no flu:_diarrhea_::_diarrhea_:. I just need to get away from work and i would rather die fishing:madfire: in baja. I will let you guys know how it went when i get back.
  387. killerfin

    Punta Chivato

    Cool so are we on for dinner jim?
  388. killerfin

    Punta Chivato

    Jim I tried getting that week off but it was a no go. Are you going to be in San bruno the week that i will be down there? If you are i would love to take you guys out to dinner in Santa Rosalia.:hali_olutta:
  389. killerfin

    Missing my brother

    Jim, I am sorry for your lose and it does get a lilttle better in due time. I know I lost 2 brothers back to back. My brother tony died in sept and jr in oct same yr. Its very ok to cry. I still cry some but i know i will get to see my brothers some day. Keep your head up and be strong. I will...
  390. killerfin

    Punta Chivato

    Art I talked to rigo last night. He told me that the yellows are in the bigger grade and there are some groupers biting too. He caught five yellows on wensday. if you have and 100lb test laying around take rigo a spool. He asked me if i had any but i dont i use it. I hope this time you do stay...
  391. killerfin

    Punta Chivato

    Hey Art I got my vactions aproved for may 11 thru the 17th. I am leaving sunday morning and leaving Santa rosalia on Friday or satuday at noon. i am playing it by ear. If theres any one that would like to go fishing PM me. I will be doing the trip solo again. we can share the cost of the boat...
  392. killerfin

    04-16 WFO Salton Sea report

    What side of the lake did you fish on? Its been awhile since i have taken my son fishing might go this weekend..
  393. killerfin

    Driving Down To Cabo (Part 2)

    Keep an eye out for cows if your going to drive at night. I drive down to Santa rosalia alot and I never drive at night due to the big trucks taking half your lane. best of luck on your trip let us know how it went.
  394. killerfin


    Here is a pic of one of the rods i have,its a fun rod but it cost me a pretty penny. i was using 50lb p-line and get rocked too.:Dynamite:
  395. killerfin

    San Felipe question

    I Have been doing the Tony Reyes trips for about 7 years now and I have never had anything taken from me at any check point. Thats a bull shit stoty he goes land fishing thats why he never brings any fish back.My moto is look for truoble and you will find it. Like they say dont drive at night...
  396. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11/25 to 11/27 with pics

    I need help posting a video on here from the fishing trip but it wont let me do. can can some help me please...
  397. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11/25 to 11/27 with pics

    I did get the dvd thank you for taking the time to burn it and sending it to me. So what you been up to?
  398. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11/25 to 11/27 with pics

    I chater mikes boat boston whaler 18 footer. The boat i set up for fishing. The fishing is awsome this month thru june for yellow tail. you should go and try fishing there dont take anything less the 50 lb test the fish down there have big shoulders. Hit me up when your going to go down there...
  399. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11/25 to 11/27 with pics

    Hell ya The frist day a broke it in. that reel is so smooth and even better when you put it in low gear. thanks for the hook up on the reel. next time you need to go with me. I will be going in April agian if you want to go. or we can fly to la paz...
  400. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11/25 to 11/27 with pics

    Any time Art and buy the way you you guys were to small to keep lol. right place right time.
  401. killerfin

    Where's Kid Jurel?

    well art danny and myself went back to check up on you and the boat was gone. i am glad that you got home safely and every thing is good with you and family. here is dannys cell number # 01152-1-615-155-7936 dail it the way it is and you will get a hold of him. Felipe
  402. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11/25 to 11/27 with pics

    Went down to Santa Rosalia for Thanks giving weekend to fish. The drive down was pretty smooth till you get to Cantvia they were doing road work I would say about 3 miles of dirt road till you hit pavement and after that the ride was very smooth there. I did not have any problems with thieves or...
  403. killerfin

    slow fishing yea-but

    Beats any day at work...
  404. killerfin

    Going to Santa Rosalia

    I tried getting a hold of him but its hard some times. I will keep trying. I will keep you posted. I might of found someone else to go with us. He will let me know next week. Hey does the boat have a bait tank?
  405. killerfin

    Going to Santa Rosalia

    get your gear ready then roger leaving the 25th at 2am and coming back 28 or 29th. let me know you got my number..
  406. killerfin

    Going to Santa Rosalia

    I already reserved those days with Danny from Santa rosalia and I don't like to flake on people like that. I will give him a call and see if I can cancel. I will get back to you ok..
  407. killerfin

    Going to Santa Rosalia

    So far just me.. There was 3 of us that were going to go but due to work they won't be able to go. I have been down there a few time by myself. Also I have never had any problems at all driving down there..
  408. killerfin

    Going to Santa Rosalia

    Well I am looking for some one that would like to go to Santa Rosalia on November 25 and come back November 30. My friend bailed out on me and my girl was not able to get those days off. If you are looking to catch some big tails in November Santa Rosalia is the place. We will share the cost of...
  409. killerfin

    How far is la bocana ????????????

    Thank you for all your info...
  410. killerfin

    How far is la bocana ????????????

    so its close to santa rosalia?
  411. killerfin

    How far is la bocana ????????????

    I have been going to baja for few years now and i have been wanting to go to la bocana. how far is it fromthe border?
  412. killerfin

    Update: At what age would you guys take a kid on a long rang trip?

    I have been taking my fishing since he was 5 years old. He has only gotten sick once and it was really rough in the panga. We went on a two day on the prowler and the crew took good care of my son and he caught eight yellows and the were all nice size. Try the prowler the crew and caption are...
  413. killerfin

    Weather question

    check BUOYWEATHER.COM thats were i go to check the weather when i plan a trip to baja its very accurate.
  414. killerfin

    Spikes daughter - out of heart surgery:

    My prayers go out to you and your family spike...
  415. killerfin

    Tony Reyes Trip 8-17 to 8-22-08-Report & Pics

    My son and my self had an awsome trip its to bad i could not find my carmra to take with me. This trip is one i will remeber for the rest of my life 26 people on the boat and there was not fighting or arguing once on the boat. usally there is one guy every one hates and trip was a great one. I...
  416. killerfin


    I think his panties are on to tight. nice bass kid
  417. killerfin

    Anyone going on the Tony Reyes???

    Its $875 and its a week long trip. I think the trip is full but you can call the long fin in orange and find out if there is any openings. Its a breat trip or ask rrpescador he is the charter master..
  418. killerfin

    overnight on the BLUE HORIZON

    lol thanks but my fights are always in the ring unless you mess with my family...
  419. killerfin

    overnight on the BLUE HORIZON

    Lets just say that there was allot of unhappy customers of the boat due to the deck hands shitty ass attitude complain the hole trip. we had go into the bait well and put bait out for our selves. I had a good trip but I just wont go on that boat again. Sorry if I hurt any ones feeling ....
  420. killerfin

    overnight on the BLUE HORIZON

    Load up our gear on to the boat at 10pm and we were off to the bait barge. woke up 5am and started trolling and trolling and then a kelp paddy it had quite few fish hooked a nice ytail and small dodo. The exciment of the day was when we were heading home one the troll rod goes off it was a blue...
  421. killerfin

    Anyone going on the Tony Reyes???

    I guess we will see you down there then. have a safe ride...
  422. killerfin

    Anyone going on the Tony Reyes???

    What boat are you fishing on? I will be drive down there on fridays with my son. were fishing on the Tony Reyes.
  423. killerfin

    Pacific Queen?

    the crew is awsome and they will take care of you and your fish....:rockin:
  424. killerfin

    ?????? Speargun

    I will start with a pole pole spear and work my way up to a speargun. do you know of any place in orange county i can buy one at? Thanks for you help..
  425. killerfin

    ?????? Speargun

    I do a lot of snorkling in baja and i have seen alot of big fish. I dont think a spear pole will do the job. how does the slip tip work? so what does the 110cm Euro run?
  426. killerfin

    ?????? Speargun

    I am looking to buy a spear gun but have no clue what kind to buy. I am a first time buyer and would like to start spear fishing my local waters. So any help would gladly be appreciated. Thanks
  427. killerfin

    Help me name the new dog

    Call him chuy from star wars cute lil guy
  428. killerfin

    Cpt. Juan Cook is killin 'em in San Quintin

    Hey nic I am going down there the 25th and coming back the 27th. pm me if want to go. Felipe
  429. killerfin

    Limits in 5 minutes! Pictures of DFG road block

    So what is the size limit on the abs?
  430. killerfin

    San Quintin

    at km fishing kelly (949) 370-6532 he is based in San Qutin
  431. killerfin

    Isla San Marcos Report 06-29-2008

    nice report mike i am trying to make it own in july but still up in the air.
  432. killerfin

    Ok when is this fucking rain going to stop

    Just go to the stripper joint and the rain will go away:rofl::rofl:
  433. killerfin

    newell reel ???

    I like the 338 thats what I use on my T90J jig stick I have .
  434. killerfin

    Lookin' for pointers on a July Mex trip

    Try Santa Rosalia what week are you planning on going in july?
  435. killerfin

    Ensenada Report 5-17 & 5-18-Calico

    Hey Louie are you going with Roger in Aug on the Tony Reyezs trip?
  436. killerfin

    Ensenada Report 5-17 & 5-18-Calico

    Nice report ...I know that back yard. Thats Rogers house in Ensenada..
  437. killerfin

    fish of a lifetime

    very nice I can't wait to be able to take my lil girl out . That was a trip of a life time:appl:
  438. killerfin


    :chestram2:eyepoppinTHATS A GOOD ONE
  439. killerfin

    Isla San Marcos Report 05-16-2008

    Nice report mike dam i wish i could of gotten these days off to fish the tourement. Tell danny and ervin i said hi ..Felipe
  440. killerfin


    Hey Eric nice report I fished with you and bobby on the tide change when it was in san diego last year we killed the albies...
  441. killerfin

    Mexican Authorities Respond

    And I am sure you pick up a few too. whaaa stop cry :finger:
  442. killerfin

    5/4/08 Cabrillo The seal and el tiburon

    How big was the shark?
  443. killerfin

    Surf Halibut 4-30-08

    thats very cool
  444. killerfin

    Baby Dragon Weave

    That looks pretty cool
  445. killerfin

    4/26 Was A Great Day!

    WTG she will always remember that trip thanks for the report....
  446. killerfin

    Tony Reyes trip suggestions

    Andy Take alot of sun screen its hot ass hell. I am going aug 17 make sure you take snorkeling gear. these trips are awsome you will have a great time. Talk to Eric at the long fin they do rental rods and gear if you dont have what you need for the trip i think its 25 buck for one set up for the...
  447. killerfin

    Attacks on tourists, economy pull plug on Ensenada event

    Well good luck on your "cleanse" So are you going to deport the white, blk, green,yellow criminals too?
  448. killerfin

    Attacks on tourists, economy pull plug on Ensenada event

    . Even if you fix the illegal immigration problem there is still going to be crime here in the states.
  449. killerfin

    fished 4/19/08 and 4/20/08

    yes there has been alot of big butts you just have to work the area around the brige and fish hard...
  450. killerfin

    fished 4/19/08 and 4/20/08

    it was cold and windy in the evening
  451. killerfin

    fished 4/19/08 and 4/20/08

    My buddy Gilbert and my self went fishing to seal beach in the bay. We hit the dock at 6 am and head straight to the bait receiver. We got $15 worth of bait from Nacho very cool guy. We went back to the bay and started fishing Gilberts hooks ups and its a short halibut it was 21 1/2 we caught...
  452. killerfin


  453. killerfin

    Want to take the kids out...would appreciate some help

    you can try the PCH bridge there is usually a lot of bass and halibut in that area. If you they have bait make sure you get small bait like anchovies or sardines. I usually fish light line and use 1/4 egg weight to 1/2 egg weight. Carolina set up is how I fish. If they have bait us squid small...
  454. killerfin

    Isla San Marcos Report 03-31-2008

    That trip was really great (adrian my son) and my self had a great time fishing down there. He loves to fish just like dad lol.
  455. killerfin

    Isla San Marcos Report 03-31-2008

    hey Felipe, are you going on our Tony Reyes trip this year? Look like you having a great trip in San Marco. __________________ :jig: I am going on the tony reyes trip in aug with my buddy Roger cortez. Hey david lets go fish in Mikes yellowtail shoot out? i thinks its in june...
  456. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 3-25 to 3-30-08-Yellowtail & Grouper

  457. killerfin

    travel to ensenada

    I just got back from san marcos and i didnt have any problems at all...
  458. killerfin

    March Avet Reel Contest

    fishing san santa
  459. killerfin

    Fishing trips out of san diego into Mexico (San Quintin?)

    Boom I am going to Santa Rosalia on march 18 with my son and may be my girlfriend. If you want to fishing for with us your more then welcome to come. We will be fishing for yellowtails. Its about 13 hour drive so if you want to go PM me.
  460. killerfin

    Tomorrow is the day

    i dont know you but my prayers are out to you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers.
  461. killerfin


    here is a pic of my son with a nice size cabrilla on a tony reyezes trip last july. hooked up to a small grey shark. enjoy
  462. killerfin

    Isla San Marcos Report 12-22-07

    Mike Nice fish i cant wait to go fishing in january went the fish are biting top water. keep me posted on when to fishing starts to get good down there. have a merry christmas and a happy new year.
  463. killerfin

    Isla San Marcos Report 12-15-07

    Mike the report was great and thanks for hooking me up with Danny to fish the island. i had an awsome time there and the fishing was awsome too nice fat yellows. tell danny and irving hi from cyintha and felipe...
  464. killerfin

    AVET reels...?

    well i have a few avets and i love the reels. i especally love my lx two speed i have 65lb spectra and top shot of 60lb line. it is so easy to put in low gear push the button and your in low gear and to get out of low gear its just as simple too. what i like about it is that its a small reel and...