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    Launch sites Carlsbad

    Hi, Although I have not even bought a kayak yet, I am curious as to places to try other than open ocean. I have read a little about Carlsbad Lagoon. One place mentioned is Snug Harbor. What kind of fishing could I expect? what kind of lures or bait and where would I get Ghost Shrimp for...
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    J rack or slide/saddle

    Bare roof 2013 Prius. Which of these designs would be better for one person loading? I will probably get Rhino Square Bar rack. Rhino has a center saddle type that pivots to the side that looks as though it would be suitable for a number of hull shapes.
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    looking to get back in the water

    After a very long hiatus, I am thinking about once again to get a kayak. A couple I have in mind are: Field and Stream Talon, Field and Stream Shadow Caster, Wilderness Tarpon 12 ft ,BKC-UH-TK181. I previously owned a Cobra Navigator. Of the above, the Shadow Caster would be the most stable, but...
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    San Diego Bay

    I am interested in trying my hand at Salt Water Fly Fishing and would like to know some suggested spots in San Diego Bay and any tips you might give me. I will probably visit Pat's Bait and Tackle in Vista to get a beginners set up. I once saw a sign there indicating they even offer some quick...
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    Paddle for sale $60

    Harmony Sea Passage. 2 piece with 3 position adjustable feathering. White blades, black shaft. 88 inches used only a few times. $60 [email protected] 760-735-8023
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    Inflatable SIB $195

    for some reason was not able to upload another photo on original post, here is the only other one I have. Contact me direct at [email protected] or call 760-735-8023 thanks
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    Inflatable SIB for Sale $195

    Intex 5 inflatable with 40# thrust Minnkota, battery, pump (electric and hand), hard deck modification, motor mount with struts. Used only a few times. $195 James 760-735-8023 SOLD
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    INTEX INFLATABLE BOAT - $200 (ESCONDIDO) <HR><HR> Intex 5 inflatable boat. 12 foot PVC, includes the following: 40# thrust Minn-kota trolling motor Deep Cell Battery 12V Inflatation pump w cigarette lighter adapter manual inflatioon pump 1/2 plywood hard deck, 2 piece construction, trimmed...
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    Harmony Sea Passage Paddle FOR SALE

    2 PIECE with FeatherLok,Fiber glass ?. HARMONY SEA PASSAGE $78 Black with white blades. Light Weight, drip collars, not sure if fiber glass or Carbon Fibre, cost around $120 new, used only a few times. James 760-735-8023 [email protected]
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    breathable chest waders

    ALLEN PLATTE RIVER SIZE XL NEW (never used) $85.00 Outfit yourself for a day in the water with the ALLEN Platte River breathable stockingfoot waders. Articulated knees deliver comfort and flexibility, and front D-rings offer a handy place to attach a net or other accessories. Adjustable web...
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    Breathable Chest Waders for sale

    ALLEN PLATTE RIVER SIZE XL NEW (Never used) $85.00 Outfit yourself for a day in the water with the ALLEN Platte River breathable stockingfoot waders. Articulated knees deliver comfort and flexibility, and front D-rings offer a handy place to attach a net or other accessories. Adjustable...
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    Navigator XF For Sale $590-$660

    COBRA NAVIGATOR XF <FONT size=3><FONT face=Calibri>2008 Model Light Gray with Sail Fish markings, UP Sports Logo<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:[email protected]<o:p></o:p> (photos to follow in a few days)<o:p></o:p>
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    Cobra Navigator Kayak for Sale $590-$660

    COBRA NAVIGATOR XF <FONT size=3><FONT face=Calibri>2008 Model Light Gray with Sail Fish markings, UP Sports Logo<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:[email protected]<o:p></o:p> (photos to follow in a few days) Photos from when I purchased, no anchor, no gaff,
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    LJ Saturday need company

    I am planning on launching at La Jolla Saturday and since this will be my first time I do not wish to go alone. I would probably arrive at the La Playa Launch site around 6 a.m. unless somebody has a better suggestion. I have noticed lately that some have caught some 34 inch Halibut and some...
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    home made game clip

    Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it seems sturdy enough. Took a sturdy wire coat hangar, bent it into loop, fastens together with hooks on either side, top loop wrapped with electrical tape (did not have any foam handy). When weight is applied, it hold fast yet can be unsnapped very...
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    roof rack opinions

    anybody have any experience with Sports Rack Frontier roof racks? It would appear that they are made by Thule but at 1/3 the price. I saw them online as low as $159.
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    balancing act?

    has anybody experienced any problems when hanging a conventional rod and reel off aft flush mount when a much lighter rig was hanging off the other side?
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    Impromptu Ocean Swim

    Impromptu Ocean Swim <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I guess enough can not be said about becoming very familiar with your kayak before venturing out to open ocean! I was about 1/4 mile out Oceanside Harbor just drifting in...
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    Heading out tomorrow (Oceanside)

    I plan to head out of Oceanside Harbor from the launch on Camp Pendleton(south of Marina end of "B" street) tomorrow probably around 7 a.m. I dont know where I will be heading, this is exploratory in nature. I will take frozen squid for starters but will have bait tube and sabiki. Also will be...
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    Kayak cart rigging

    ever had a cart strap slip off the back end while pulling to the launch? After numerous re-ties e.t.c. I simply took two lengths of straps with S-hook on one end, secured the hooks to each end of the cart axel, ran the straps up to the bow carry handle and grasped all three with one hand...
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    No glue-no drill bait tube

    Voila! it even works...... Not exactly an original idea, but I went to Lowes and picked up 2 ft section of 3 inch ABS, 2 plastic snap fit flush strainers for end caps, hooked a mini bungie on an outside edge hole of each from the inside. Simply pull either cap (rests nicely on the side of the...
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    "Green" Fish

    Ok, here is a "newbie" question.....I've seen some photos of guys bringing fairly good sized fish on their kayaks (WSB e.t.c.). What are some pointers regarding how do that safely without tipping over? I am getting fairly confident in my Navigator, but I also am a bit leery as to it's...
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    stinger rig

    just getting back into the game after a loooong hiatus (pre-swim bait era). I wanted to rig a quickie stinger for a 5 inch Hammer. I simply took a fairly heavy barrel swivel and snap to connect a 2/0 circle to the hook of a 1/2 oz lead head and hooking near the tail. I have not tried it yet, but...
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    Lip gripper for $1.00

    FWIW....spotted this small plastic clamp that looks perfect for lip gripper. opens to about 4 inches, ratchets closed to about 1/8 inch, trigger release. Easily fits in palm, one handed operation, even has holes in the handle for attaching a lanyard or bungee. Probably would make an excellent...
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    Harmony Sea Passage Paddle

    Sea Passage by Harmony 2 pc carbon fibre......any good?
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    Kayak Crate

    I ran across this the other day. Don't know if anybody here has seen it, but in any event, take a look: It also gave me the idea to make my own slide trax system from track lighting hardware, or I will try anyway.
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    buying decisions

    I know....subjective.....BUT keeping price out of the equation, which would you buy and why? Tarpon 140 Tarpon 160 usage, Bay, Kelp.... Considerations: Car Top Transport on Hyundai Sonata ???
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    South Bay

    Spent the night at the Amphibious Base in Coronado. Went to check out the marina at "Fiddlers Cove" Just South of the base where there is a marina with launch area and also beach launch, rentals, snack bar, restrooms e.t.c. This is a great place to launch for south bay fishing near the Coronado...
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    Oceanside Fishing buddies

    I have decided on what boat I will be getting soon. It is a Tarpon 140 and hopefully I will be able to make the purchase in the next few weeks. I am new to the sport and it would be nice to have somebody to accompany me BTB when I feel I am ready. (That should not take long). I live in...
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    Roof top transport

    Found this today and looks to be inexpensive option and a little better than foam blocks: With the roof line of my 2011 Sonata, this thing might actually work saving me over $300!
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    Eagle Talon 12

    opinions? This kayak comes with 2 rod holders, Bungees for reels, 1 locking rod holder on deck of middle hatch, 50ft line, 1.5 lb anchor, anchor trolley, seat, mesh insert, bungees fore and aft. $499.99 (At Dick's). 30 inch width, 12 feet long, carry handles bow, stern, and on the sides...
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    new to sport

    I know I need to do a lot of research regarding which Kayak to buy and that I will need to try out as many as I can via demos, but I have a very basic question. I have never fished from a Kayak before and only recently tried one out. I am quite comfortable in one however and that will not pose a...
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    solid decking for inflatable

    I don't suppose anybody has plans/drawing for making solid decking for INTEX Excursion 5 ? I really do not have access to much in the way of tools (jig saw e.t.c.), but want to fabricate a solid decking and preferably out of some lightweight substance that is waterproof. I ordered the boat and...
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    Not sure where to post this, but am interested in getting an inflatable and have my eyes on a 6 person by INTEX. Probably try the Tamarack Lagoon(s) for starters. It is my understanding that the only place "passive" vessels are permitted is in the East Side of the inner lagoon. Launch permitted...