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    This was my first LR trip.

    I believe the RP ad was 1978, I was on Yo's 9 day trip that year.
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    Sacramento Roll Call

    Yuba City has one to
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    Sucking Thumbs

    Now thats funny
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    Trip with most over 300?

    11 o the RP a few years ago, with Billy S. at the helm.
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    Chuck Woolery on ARs

    That was great.
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    I really believe if you asked this question to the present day captains, the name that would pop up the most would be Steve Loomis. Over the years I have fished with many of the captains named so far, but no one could pull the rabbit out of the hat better then the master.
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    Prank: seagulls on laxatives

    Did that back in the 50's in grade school. These kids must have learned it from grandpa.
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    If your kids did not serve, you owe a debt?

    Mike Thank you So much for your service and your right on answer to this stupid idea. Your a great Hero.
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    Yo Saluki!

    Thats one brave man.
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    Yo-Zuri New Fluorocarbon

    When Fluorocarbon first game out we were getting ready to leave on a 10 day trip. I asked a very wise man (Steve Loomis) what size fluro to get up at the landing store. He said, "If the fish really can't see it what difference dose it make". Everybody tries to build a better mouse trap.
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    Penn International 50S

    I have a Penn 50S, Cal blueprinted Baker Frame, filled with spectra Paul 530 674-3939
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    Fuel Surcharges

    I too would like to see this letter. No one can run a great operation for over 30 years, when you deal like that.
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    What was your best wahoo trip?

    Over the years I've been on many 10 day trips in mid October that were good on wahoo. There is one trip about 15 years ago I will never forget. My wife and I were on the RP and the plan was to work the coast on the way down to the ridge. On the second day, Frank got a call from Randy on the RS...
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    What was your best wahoo trip?

    If your lucky to be on a boat in early October and go to Alisos or the ridge ahead of the other boats you have a great chance to catch 2 to 4. If You take a 15 to 18 day trip in April - June and are on a boat who gets there 1st or the day after your almost a lock to catch a limit. The less the...
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    BEES!! Lots of them!

    Had one last month off our patio in a tree. Went and got some wasp spray that sprays 30 feet. Waited till dusk, opened the patio door and sprayed. They dropped in a pile strait under the hive. The stuff just drops them right now.
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    Sorry you didn't get it-just sent it. please let me know. Paul
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    Q105: As the screws Turn

    Steve K's last two posts has hit the nail right on the head. With all the trip cancelations and the lack of upkeep, I saw it coming. Bill Poole bought the Excel for the good of the industry and I believe he would have stepped up on this problem to.
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    Lowell PM sent
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    I hear you guys. This old guy learns slow. There is so much stuff, so my son game up with the pdf file to send out. I have received a great amount of calls and the sales are fair. I plan to post 5 or so items at a time here shortly.
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    700H and Baja Special

    I have the Calstar Gf700H for 200.00
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    Update typo error on the list with the tlds 3 30's 1 20 1 50 All with Will FISH Frames drag plate.
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    My vote is a 10 day in October.
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    Thank You for all your requests, Accurate 50 (SOLD) Accurate 270 (SOLD) Accurate 665H red & black camo (SOLD)
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    OK guys I compiled a list of all the Rods & Reels I will be selling and will e-mail it to you on request. I am sill looking up prices but will entertain offers if your interested in anything on the list. I am still working on how everything works ie paypal -photobucket etc. About a week out of...
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    OK guys I compiled a list of all the Rods & Reels and will e-mail it to you on request. I am sill looking up prices but will entertain offers if your interested in anything on the list. I am still working on how everything works ie paypal -photobucket etc. About a week out of looking into...
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    Thank you all for your ideas. I think sactotuna is right to post 5 or so items at a time. I have a list of most of the 2 speed reels and have spent most of today writing down the rods. next will be doing some research on what to price everything. Please if anyone wants to know fast, please give...
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    Thats what I think I will do but how do I secure payment.
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    Selling Longrange Gear

    Going to be selling all my longrange equipment. Since I live in norcal I am not sure the best way to go about it. I know when I buy something I like to see it first. Right now I am compiling a list of the reels and theres at least 20 2 speeds from a Penn 80n to a Penn12. Also I have over 40...
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    Q105 MIA?

    (Apparently the owner did not see the need of any upgrades/repairs. The Q had been in need of repairs / upgrades for a long time. I still remembered water dripping down on me while I was eating dinner.) I was On the Q's 1st trip in 1971. We hit a rain storm and water was coming then.
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    Wireless Router Recommendations !

    X2 Airport Extreme is great.
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    Best One Liners Before Casting

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    "Streaming" for the Techno-challenged

    Yes the apple TV works with a pc. You put your content (movies-video-pics) onto iTunes and it streams it to your TV, Very simple to use.
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    "Streaming" for the Techno-challenged

    Check out Apple TV ($99.00). I stream all my movies from my computer and watch netflix from it. Takes about 10 minutes to hook up to your wireless network.
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    Got Bees

    Had the same problem last week. Went and got two cans of wasp spray and waited till dusk and sprayed from a safe distents. Only took one can-no more bees.
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    Will Rogers Wisdom

    Amen to that
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    value of shotgun

    What Aeon said is right on. Every gun I've sold over the last 30 years I wish I had back.
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    Shooting a shotgun

    I started with one eye closed but after I got to be a pretty good shot I noticed I was shooting with both eyes open. It just happens.
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    Intrepid Soundcast wireless speakers

    I remember that trip Jeff. We started calling him Fernando.
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    Loading gear the night before departure

    On some long trips (17 and 18 day trips) the RP will let you load the night before.
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    Jesus takes a ride on the Intrepid

    Sus is the best deckhand to come along since Rollo. I have been lucky enough to land five cows and he was by my side on all of them. I am often asked why I only fish the RP and I always reply I have no reason to leave. Well I gess now I have one reason.
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    Red Shirt Fridays

    There is a movie Called "Taking Chance" about a Marine taking a fallen soldier home. It's great, and I recomend everybody rent it.
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    should be 6" dick
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    She can do more tricks on a 6" dice then a monkey can do on a flag pole.:supergay:
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    R.I.P Bill Poole

    Very sad to read of the passing of Bill Poole. He was respected by everyone that knew him, and in return he respected everyone he met. Great Man. Say hi to Rollo for me.
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    Accurate 18 Day Royal Polaris 2008

    Great report Brandon. It was fun fishing with you and all everyone else. As always the crew was outstanding.
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    Rod Wrapping Tech?

    I have been building rods for over 40 years. About two years ago I watched Doc,s vidio and said I wish I had this in the early years. I myself did not learn from it but saw the important value of the vidio for someone starting out. Do yourself a favor.
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    Pac Bay Wrapper

    glad I could help, it sure works.
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    Pac Bay Wrapper

    All of the above tricks work, but I also covered the plastic holders on the chuck with cork tape. No problem since I did this.
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    Looking for father and son from Idaho who fished in AK last summer

    If the fathers name is Stan Yates, give the Royal Polaris a call in San Diago and they will help you contact him.
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    Nor Cal Rod Builders?

    For reels try Willie At Hi's Tackle in SF, For rod give me a call I've been building LR sticks for many years (530) 674-3939. Paul
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    Just Sayin Hi

    Sorry Doc, I knew it was 377 lbs just hit the wrong key.
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    Just Sayin Hi

    Doc, I thought you ment Woodland Ca. But now I see it's Woodland Wash. Met you at the FH Long Beach show, we talked about the 337 pounds of fury. Might be down in the southland in May and we can talk again. Paul
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    Just Sayin Hi

    Doc, welcome, where and when will you be in woodland.