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  1. jsquez

    FREE Hoop nets, tires-rims

    I’ll take it if available but can’t pick up until tomorrow
  2. jsquez

    For Sale Variable pitch trolling prop

    Always wanted to try a 4 blade... I’m just not in the market for something that nice
  3. jsquez

    -sand dabs?

    I’ll have to try that out... thanks for the info
  4. jsquez

    Looking for Opening weekend lobster

    Good luck if I had the Lobster equipment and experience with hooping I’d take u... unfortunately I have neither.. h&m run lobster trips if no one bites
  5. jsquez

    Bogus fish counts

    I have had experienced jacked fish counts in Long Beach... I was on a boat that posted limits of squid and in reality we landed about 6... this was a few years back... had it happen on a 3/4 day out there as well... this happens not all of them are honest but I have fished many times on...
  6. jsquez

    -sand dabs?

    Anyone no a good spot to load up with dabs? Wanting to take my Nephew out he’s never been out And I think this would be the easiest best producing trip...without having to travel 20 30 miles... We always drifted into them around the islands but Never really hit them inshore..
  7. jsquez

    WTB -simrad gps antenna

    Fixed the issues... no longer need this thanks
  8. jsquez

    WTB -simrad gps antenna

    Need a gps antenna for simrad nss8... with the ttop the i am unable to get signal... unless you guys no another way to get signal I will need a antenna
  9. jsquez

    SOLD Simrad GO9 xse

    Smoking deal just came a few weeks late...
  10. jsquez

    Izors tofay Sunday 9/6

    Fire was behind banning Beaumont area ... took these on the way to Long Beach at 5 am
  11. jsquez

    Lb Sunday?

    From the in the middle of hell... so the heat won’t be a issue.. maybe it will work to my advantage
  12. jsquez

    Lb Sunday?

    Taking my mom out Sunday... if the weathers nice I’d like to take her out to Catalina if it’s a lil snotty we will mess around inshore hopefully pick up some decent rock fish... wondering how bad the ramps get on holiday weekends... hopefully I won’t have to leave the house at 3 am
  13. jsquez

    Newport Landing rod/reel setup

    My go to is Phoenix m1 inshore 7 9 extra fast Lexi 400 Packed Jerry brown 50 solid with xxx 30# top shot for spinning I have Daiwa encase pro live runner 50 jb solid xxx 30# top shot Cabelas ss 710 fast owner fly liner ringed for live bait all sizes Needed match hook to bait For me extra...
  14. jsquez

    Transducer transom Location

    Nobody likes us lmao
  15. jsquez

    2 transducers locations

    How close can u put 2 transducers? For right now I’m putting both off the back until I move one to the trolling motor... question is if they are side by side will it mess up the sonar? If so how far apart should they be?
  16. jsquez

    Rock fishing at night

    Been thinking about putting spreader lights on the ttop to fish at night... I’ve never fished at night off the coast so not sure if it’s a waste of time or not.. anyone fish the local kelp beds or reefs at night with any luck?
  17. jsquez

    Offshore/west end of Catalina

    We marked big arches around the 277 just to deep and I didn’t want to wait at the bait barge at 5 so we went with irons and trollers...
  18. jsquez

    Offshore/west end of Catalina

    Same here Headed out to 277 and Trolled all over to Catalina nothing but dolphins.. ruff day
  19. jsquez

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Well got convinced to join the circus.. maybe we will cross paths tight lines
  20. jsquez

    Ramps this weekend

    With the meat just off the coast how have the ramps been for parking?
  21. jsquez

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    I wouldn’t expect the grande to leave h&m and head to Catalina on a full day.. they may make it to sci before they turn around..
  22. jsquez

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    Congratulations man... not going to lie I’m kinda jealous
  23. jsquez

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Unless this app is full of shit the queen is hammering them... maybe the other sd boats are looking for easy pickings...
  24. jsquez

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    This basically canceled my plans this weekend... not waking up at 1 am to find a full parking lot
  25. jsquez

    Best ramp to sci

    Towing wise dose not matter as much as it takes me about 3 hrs to shelter and 240 to Long Beach... and pass about 1000 gas stations
  26. jsquez

    Best ramp to sci

    Been considering going out to sci... What launch ramp would give you the shortest distance to the island ?( Smaller boat limited fuel Looking to shed some distance somewhere...)
  27. jsquez

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    When the San degio fleet has to show the oc how it’s done
  28. jsquez

    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    You learn what boats will go above and beyond to make your trip even if you come home with nothing... even on a boat with lazy deckhands bad service there is always 1 guy trying to make everything happen.. in the cases you tip the boat shitty and slide that guy a couple 20s on the side... just...
  29. jsquez

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    I’ve seen it handled many ways kinda like what u did to max drag swinging pulling trying to rip the hook out... I’ve hooked a shit ton of birds ( a lot easier to deal with ) but have yet to hook a sea lion... not sure how I would have handle it... I guess it would depend on the bait I had tied...
  30. jsquez

    Standard horizon gps antenna

    Problem solved not sure if this is 100% correct but it’s working for me I appreciate the info invictus
  31. jsquez

    what are the best bionocolars for working the tower?

    I just use my hunting binos leupold majove bx4... but I’m cheap
  32. jsquez

    Standard horizon gps antenna

    Well I’m stupid and miss read the ad I got a standard horizon 1400 and at the time I thought it had gps... and technically it dose but needs a antenna to work... if I didn’t already put in my mssi in the radio I would have returned it and got one with built in gps antenna... long story short I...
  33. jsquez

    Coronado Island Sea Lions (what to do?)

    Just use heavier gear and lock your drags...
  34. jsquez

    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    Bonita is good eating just take care of it... bleed it out throw it on ice... it’s super good canned as well
  35. jsquez

    Catalina seaweed

    i can’t even catch trout on that crap... never thought to take it yellowtail fishing....
  36. jsquez

    Cheapest nema 2k fishfinder

    I’ve been looking at that... but I willing to go used to save money.. still have to get 3 batteries and wiring ect
  37. jsquez

    Cheapest nema 2k fishfinder

    My boss is selling me his motorguide xi5 its less then a year old he going to the self deploy minnkota... and from my understanding the motorguide needs to be hooked up to nema 2k ff for the pinpoint gps anchor to work.. and unfortunately my fishfinder is not compatible with it... any...
  38. jsquez

    How to identify halibut

    If that don’t work u need the ol diamond jig head
  39. jsquez

    How to identify halibut

    I wouldn’t throw that back
  40. jsquez

    How to identify halibut

    that’s kinda the rule I go by if I don’t no wtf it is it’s thrown over board... This is the last wtf fish I thru over board last year
  41. jsquez

    How to identify halibut

    I’m not a fish expert so I may sound dumb to a lot of you guys how can you tell the difference between a big sand dab and a small halibut ? I caught one yesterday and wasn’t sure so I threw it back
  42. jsquez


    Signed up got my mmsi logged it into the radio... just have to get a new antenna.. probably going to get the tram vhf ais mmsi one thanks for the help
  43. jsquez

    Lb bait barge

    Saturday leaving the house around 330 4ish hoping to make it to the ramp by 630 7
  44. jsquez

    Lb bait barge

    What app do u use for that.. mine said 1.3 at 12 seconds
  45. jsquez

    Lb bait barge

    We always fish San degio and south.. fished Catalina a few times but never got bait always throwing iron.. this weekend I’m planning on heading out of Long Beach the ramp by queen mary and I have no idea we’re the barge is or if there is a better ramp closer..i am pretty unfamiliar with the...
  46. jsquez


    Not exactly a new boat owner ( I’ve owned and currently still have a little Gregor but new to a real boat... recently decided to get my own ocean boat... just put in a standard horizon 1400 Not connected to gps not sure if my fishfinder chart plotter can wire into it... with out having this...
  47. jsquez

    For Sale 1986 18 ft StarCraft CC 93 Johnson 115

    Lol that lil fucker got it...
  48. jsquez

    For Sale 1986 18 ft StarCraft CC 93 Johnson 115

    Sent a link to my buddy should be calling you on this soon
  49. jsquez

    For Sale kodiak 32 gal bait tank

    I’m also interested but like the other posts price and location ?
  50. jsquez

    Pier Point - Toronado 06/07

    that and the famous saying ‘ you should have been here yesterday’
  51. jsquez

    6465 xxh

    I did aluminum... but I prefer graphite
  52. jsquez

    6465 xxh

    Thank I wanted to stick with graf but found a pacbay 26 for a better price..3rd times a charm if this don’t fit I may use this blank for pool stick
  53. jsquez

    6465 xxh

    Little over 25
  54. jsquez

    6465 xxh

  55. jsquez

    6465 xxh

    So I bought a calstar 6465xxh Blank off eBay that is turning into a nightmare... purchased a 24 reel seat the biggest I could find on mudhole didn’t fit so I searched and the biggest I could find was a Fuji 26 and its still about 6 inches higher then I need it... were can I find a reel seat for...
  56. jsquez

    reloading for dummies like me?

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned was brass... not all brass is created equal and if u plan on shooting a lot on the same cases you may need to invest in quality brass Norma or lapua. I have had good luck with federal brass get 10 plus loads on a case before the necks start splitting... If u...
  57. jsquez

    reloading for dummies like me?

    Maybe a little late to this but i will throw my 2 cents in anyway.. I started reloading with my grandfather when I was 13 years old 20 years later I have a room in my house decided to reloading shooting and fishing of course.. one thing I have learned if you going to be in it don’t go cheap...
  58. jsquez

    swapmeet international id?

    just guessing from pulling I would say its putting out 25 to 30 pounds of drag easy with good freespool.. and that's not locked out
  59. jsquez

    swapmeet international id?

    I paid 120... seemed like a great deal..
  60. jsquez

    swapmeet international id?

    that's top and side I'm not sure what to measure
  61. jsquez

    swapmeet international id?

    pick up a international 2 speed pretty cheap at a swapmeet.. problem is it has a accurate frame and i have no idea what it is other then international 2 speed.. took it apart no cal tag inside.. freespools great and drag is smooth...planned on pairing it with a gf800h.. so is there anyway of...
  62. jsquez

    For Sale Extra New blanks: Calstars (NOS) and now ONE CJBF85 Seeker

    I'd offer 225 for the 765l and 7460h if u would ship
  63. jsquez

    For Sale Extra New blanks: Calstars (NOS) and now ONE CJBF85 Seeker

    I would take the 7460h if u decide to ship
  64. jsquez

    Progressive or non progressive press

    my loading room is a mess
  65. jsquez

    Progressive or non progressive press

    rcbs for rifle dillon for pistol Texan for shotgun dies rcbs Redding c&h if I were to start over I'd run a Forster coax
  66. jsquez

    Thoughts on a sporterized Springfield 1903?

    from my understanding the 03 springfeild is a basically a mauser 98 and the us ended up having to pay royalties on the patent... my grandfather was a big collector of them (us military in general) and he had told me that certain years of them cannot withstand the pressure of modern...
  67. jsquez

    rapala storage

    thanks for the reply guys I'm going to try the pvc.. makes the most sense money wise and probably the most durable
  68. jsquez

    rapala storage

    damn... I never thought of that have 20 ft sticks of 2 in PVC laying around work
  69. jsquez

    rapala storage

    seeing what u guys are using..i am having a hard time finding a box that will hold rapala mag 30s and xrap 25 30 40 without tangling up.. right now there is no such thing as a quik troller change without half of them snagging the others
  70. jsquez

    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    years ago i got one of Chad dixon's prototype carbon fiber stocks off snipershide.. contacted him to get more.. no luck but chad seemed to be a pretty cool dude
  71. jsquez

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    308 is fine... the biggest deer I ever killed was in Minnesota 150 yards ( close shot compared to what we get I cali ) and I skillet flipped him with a 6x45 ( 223 necked up to 6mm ) I swear by a 243 I shot it in long range comps and it's my main hunting rifle and loaded with 100s is deadly
  72. jsquez

    300 WSM

    I also have a 260 built on a 700 but I went with a #3 Krieger 1/8.5 jewel in a mcmillan to the original poster I have a 300 wsm that dose well with Norma brass fed primer I belive h1000 with 190 vld.. if interested i. an check my load data... imo if u plan on a custom build I would go off a...
  73. jsquez

    vmc vs owner

    that's were I'm at bonehead flipping out had some stuck in the leg and hands...
  74. jsquez

    vmc vs owner

    I want to replace my terrible hooks with singles on my rapala magnums.. I always use owner hooks flyliner mutus & gorillas. I have been looking and the vmc is a rapala branded hook and half the cost.. is it worth the extra cash to put owners? also can you replace the rear hook and leave the...
  75. jsquez

    Trolling Lures Near The Coronado's

    I have been running purple and black and green mac rapala magnum with a swivel and a regular cedar plug almost hook up both at the same time all boneheads though trolling between 7&8
  76. jsquez

    shelter island open?

    headed out tomorrow was wondering if shelter island is open yet?... and the best place to check for offshore weather and tides thanks
  77. jsquez

    passport visa permits

    thanks i will have to pull it up when i get home... on my phone that page is all in spanish... so i read about guys catching or seeing fish between the 425 and 371... is a mex fishing permit and visa needed to fish that area?
  78. jsquez

    passport visa permits

    new to private boat fishing... so i have been searching and havent found the answers im looking for.... so i no if u fish within 12 miles of shoreline you need a passport but if your outside that zone what is required fishing permit boat permit visa? thinking about going out this weekend so if...
  79. jsquez

    NON - Smokers

    is it bad im smoking while reading this?
  80. jsquez

    What reel for yoyo iron setup and what lb line?

    fathom 40nld2 gf700h 80 spectra 50 mono progear 454 gf765l 65 spectra 40 mono
  81. jsquez

    Boat Pick Help Needed

    im a big fan of the queen... but i would not say the boat is comfortable... it rides great but the galley is small and there nowere to really rest thats not really a issue for me as i will sit on the deck but i guess for some it might be... fishy crew & gavin finds the fish.. old glory has been...
  82. jsquez

    ruubeenn on a sunday afternoon....

    ruubeenn on a sunday afternoon....
  83. jsquez

    2 speed reels

    A 756xl then I switched to a 700h witch was fine but I want the low gear of the 2 speed
  84. jsquez

    2 speed reels

    Pro gear 454
  85. jsquez

    2 speed reels

    That's basically all it will used for.... that and maybe a dropper loop
  86. jsquez

    2 speed reels

    I'm not opposed to spend a little more money.... I liked the okuma andros 12 I was just wondering how the other reels in its price range compared....
  87. jsquez

    2 speed reels

    after getting my ass whooped at colonet, im breaking down and looking to buy a 2 speed reel, i checked out the andros at fred hall and i liked that. i forgot to look at the avets penn fathoms...just wondering what would be the best for under $350....
  88. jsquez

    Best Tackle for Punta Colonet

    I would also bring a mint 6x as well as blue and white and scrambled egg.... I'm headed out tomorrow I'm also bringing a jig stick and surface irons just in case... also in mexico you can run a 4 hooks... like everyone said bring plenty of weighs
  89. jsquez

    Cortez or Bust on the 095 3/12

    Colonet this weekend fred hall next.... I might get in trouble... what's the minimum for the boat to leave....
  90. jsquez

    For sale: Shimano Torium 16- SOLD

    i do it all the time so nobody has to pay fees.... i have yet to be screwed over, and i like to believe there are honest people out there.... if i didnt bid on a 255 on ebay i would take that off you hands,.... good luck
  91. jsquez

    WTS: Shimano Trinidad & Curado E & Harnell

    Reel came in today... thanks
  92. jsquez

    Seeker CJBF80H Jigstick

    That's what I'm talking about... almost to nice to fish with.
  93. jsquez

    Pink Floyd Prism weave Completed.

    Dark side of the moon.... badass
  94. jsquez

    first timer questions.....

    This is what I have... Calstar gf700h kit with fugi blrlg turbo guides Flex coat lit all in one Fuji black d Fuji blue d Fuji black a Pacific bay silver d My undercoat is blue d I originally was going to do all black on black... but my buddy john picked my stuff up for me so I wouldn't have to...
  95. jsquez

    first timer questions.....

    after kicking it around for awhile i decided to try building a rod... i ordered the calstar gf700h kit... i layed down my underwarps now i was wondering if you coat it and then overwrap or just overwrap and then coat..... my second question is how many overwarps would you do... and do you coat...
  96. jsquez

    Oahu Fishing

    im headed out there sep 18 to visit my sister... i was hoping to get a little fishing in myself, i liked to hear a report, good luck
  97. jsquez

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    74 k5 not scared of scratches or dents....
  98. jsquez

    Outkast Fishing Tackle

    I've had that problem twice with them in the last few months.... I just emailed them and left messages on the answering machine... never got a response but my order came in the following week
  99. jsquez

    YO-YO rod

    Calstar gf 765xl