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    illwaco labor day tuna

    got 21 on iron and bait sliding in on birds and then caught a few on mexican flag colored clones trolling heading back in. we were around 46.24 and 124.43...need to figure on how to make the bait last longer as we ran out and we had 3 scoops...I think the guys are throwing too much for...
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    Homemade Fish Cleaning Station

    This is what I fabricated for my works great as something to lean against while fishing and doesnt take up fishing room as my built in bait tank is right under it. its removable with no tools, and drains out of the boat...technically.
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    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Hello, Been lurking for a very long time, figured to start contributing as I learned a lot from you guys....Short story: Bought a 2005 2300wa polar 3yrs ago that was stripped of motors and electronics...I thought I had a great deal till I started to piece it back together...that's when I figured...