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  1. jsquez

    -sand dabs?

    Anyone no a good spot to load up with dabs? Wanting to take my Nephew out he’s never been out And I think this would be the easiest best producing trip...without having to travel 20 30 miles... We always drifted into them around the islands but Never really hit them inshore..
  2. jsquez

    WTB -simrad gps antenna

    Need a gps antenna for simrad nss8... with the ttop the i am unable to get signal... unless you guys no another way to get signal I will need a antenna
  3. jsquez

    Lb Sunday?

    Taking my mom out Sunday... if the weathers nice I’d like to take her out to Catalina if it’s a lil snotty we will mess around inshore hopefully pick up some decent rock fish... wondering how bad the ramps get on holiday weekends... hopefully I won’t have to leave the house at 3 am
  4. jsquez

    2 transducers locations

    How close can u put 2 transducers? For right now I’m putting both off the back until I move one to the trolling motor... question is if they are side by side will it mess up the sonar? If so how far apart should they be?
  5. jsquez

    Rock fishing at night

    Been thinking about putting spreader lights on the ttop to fish at night... I’ve never fished at night off the coast so not sure if it’s a waste of time or not.. anyone fish the local kelp beds or reefs at night with any luck?
  6. jsquez

    Ramps this weekend

    With the meat just off the coast how have the ramps been for parking?
  7. jsquez

    Best ramp to sci

    Been considering going out to sci... What launch ramp would give you the shortest distance to the island ?( Smaller boat limited fuel Looking to shed some distance somewhere...)
  8. jsquez

    Standard horizon gps antenna

    Well I’m stupid and miss read the ad I got a standard horizon 1400 and at the time I thought it had gps... and technically it dose but needs a antenna to work... if I didn’t already put in my mssi in the radio I would have returned it and got one with built in gps antenna... long story short I...
  9. jsquez

    Cheapest nema 2k fishfinder

    My boss is selling me his motorguide xi5 its less then a year old he going to the self deploy minnkota... and from my understanding the motorguide needs to be hooked up to nema 2k ff for the pinpoint gps anchor to work.. and unfortunately my fishfinder is not compatible with it... any...
  10. jsquez

    How to identify halibut

    I’m not a fish expert so I may sound dumb to a lot of you guys how can you tell the difference between a big sand dab and a small halibut ? I caught one yesterday and wasn’t sure so I threw it back
  11. jsquez

    Lb bait barge

    We always fish San degio and south.. fished Catalina a few times but never got bait always throwing iron.. this weekend I’m planning on heading out of Long Beach the ramp by queen mary and I have no idea we’re the barge is or if there is a better ramp closer..i am pretty unfamiliar with the...
  12. jsquez


    Not exactly a new boat owner ( I’ve owned and currently still have a little Gregor but new to a real boat... recently decided to get my own ocean boat... just put in a standard horizon 1400 Not connected to gps not sure if my fishfinder chart plotter can wire into it... with out having this...
  13. jsquez

    6465 xxh

    So I bought a calstar 6465xxh Blank off eBay that is turning into a nightmare... purchased a 24 reel seat the biggest I could find on mudhole didn’t fit so I searched and the biggest I could find was a Fuji 26 and its still about 6 inches higher then I need it... were can I find a reel seat for...
  14. jsquez

    swapmeet international id?

    pick up a international 2 speed pretty cheap at a swapmeet.. problem is it has a accurate frame and i have no idea what it is other then international 2 speed.. took it apart no cal tag inside.. freespools great and drag is smooth...planned on pairing it with a gf800h.. so is there anyway of...
  15. jsquez

    rapala storage

    seeing what u guys are using..i am having a hard time finding a box that will hold rapala mag 30s and xrap 25 30 40 without tangling up.. right now there is no such thing as a quik troller change without half of them snagging the others
  16. jsquez

    vmc vs owner

    I want to replace my terrible hooks with singles on my rapala magnums.. I always use owner hooks flyliner mutus & gorillas. I have been looking and the vmc is a rapala branded hook and half the cost.. is it worth the extra cash to put owners? also can you replace the rear hook and leave the...
  17. jsquez

    shelter island open?

    headed out tomorrow was wondering if shelter island is open yet?... and the best place to check for offshore weather and tides thanks
  18. jsquez

    passport visa permits

    new to private boat fishing... so i have been searching and havent found the answers im looking for.... so i no if u fish within 12 miles of shoreline you need a passport but if your outside that zone what is required fishing permit boat permit visa? thinking about going out this weekend so if...
  19. jsquez

    2 speed reels

    after getting my ass whooped at colonet, im breaking down and looking to buy a 2 speed reel, i checked out the andros at fred hall and i liked that. i forgot to look at the avets penn fathoms...just wondering what would be the best for under $350....
  20. jsquez

    first timer questions.....

    after kicking it around for awhile i decided to try building a rod... i ordered the calstar gf700h kit... i layed down my underwarps now i was wondering if you coat it and then overwrap or just overwrap and then coat..... my second question is how many overwarps would you do... and do you coat...