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    Redondo Opaleye and Yellowtail

    Good Morning Went fishing on last friday with my buddy Nathan Jo. I was fishing for Opaleye and my buddy nathan Jo Hooked up yellowtail on metal jig that he lost at color. Yellow head straight into the rock
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    Late report on Long Beach Legal Halibut

    Went long beach and fished for 2hrs, slow start but able to get Legal Halibut
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    Short session of 6 halibut

    Yes, I do have one but keep forgetting it
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    Short session of 6 halibut

    They were bitting good that day~ I was lucky enough to be there with right bait.
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    Short session of 6 halibut

    Head out again~ Short morning session until 9:30am. 6 halibut and 1 was a easy legal.
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    2 legal halibut right after rain

    Went fishing yesterday(sat) prepared for rain but didn’t happened. Slow start but finish strong with 2 legal halibut
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    Right Before the Rain

    Head out to long beach right before the rain start on wed morning. Able to catch halibut with yellowtail attitude. short session but fun.
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    Dana point harbor

    Dana point harbor again. Haven’t seen baitfish boil like last time and tough fishing. Luckily, able to manage some fish early~
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    Redondo beach jetty

    Yes, you are right. It was breakwater not jetty
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    Redondo beach jetty

    Head out to redondo beach jetty for bonito on sat. Water was too rough to fish outside. Change of plan, fishing inside of harbor area for calico bass. Had fun catching them
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    Dana point harbor jetty barracuda, halibut and calico

    Great time at dana point harbor jetty. Cuda, hali, calico~ such a great time I have.
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    Long Beach long walk

    Went long beach. Water was super clear and low tide. So I decided to cover as much water as possible. Cast out and keep walking while jerking the lure~ fortunatelly, halibut save my day.
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    Long Beach short Halibut and schools of yellow cruise and jump

    I’m using SMX-S73L It’s m1 inshore series
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    Fun day with jerkbait

    Had fun with jerkbait at long beach
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    Redondo jetty halibut and bonito

    Sounds great. Hopefully, they will start to chew soon. It’s gonna be fun~