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    FS: Shimano Curado 300E

    Selling my Curado 300E spooled with 30# yellow Sufix. Reel has been used twice to throw stick baits. Asking $185 shipped. Paypal fees not included unless gifted. Pics will be up tonight. Reel is 10/10 mech and cosmetically.
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    FS: Okuma Andros A-5 II

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    Shimano Talica 8

    PM replied.
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    Shimano Talica 8

    Selling a used Shimano Talica 8. This is the single speed, not 2 speed. Reel is 10/10 mech and is 9/10 cosmetic. Reel was used on 5 trips last year and hasn't been used since (all live-lining). Reel is spooled with brand new 20# mono Hi-Seas Quattro. I also have the box. Asking $325 plus...
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    Shimano Torsa 16N

    Sorry not looking for trades as of right now. bump
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    Shimano Torsa 16N

    Selling a barely used Shimano Torsa 16N. Reel is in mint condition. Mech 10/10 and cosmetic is 9/10. Reel will be sold without any line. I also have the box for it. Asking $425 plus shipping. Paypal users add 3.5%. Must sell! Pics can be provided tonight. Thanks for looking.
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    Shimano Trinidad 14

    Selling a used Trinidad (gold) 14. Reel is spooled with 30# Berkley braid. Mech is 10/10. Cosmetic is 7/10. Reel has been used for a few years but reel is as smooth as day one. Reel has not been used since last spring striper run. I have the reel only, no box. $215 + shipping. Paypal users add...
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    Penn TRQ 100 - Made in USA

    Selling a used Penn TRQ 100. Have had the reel for 1 year with about 5 trips on its belt. Mech 10/10 and Cosmetic is 9/10. There is a tiny scratch where the free spool lever is. I can email pics (will be available tonight). Reel is not spooled (hasn't been used since last Aug) and I have the box...
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    Trinidad A dog conversion?

    According to Shimano's reel schematics for the 10A-14A, all three models do have double dogs. Here is the 10A: Here is the 12A...
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    Newell 229

    Looking for a used but in good condition Newell 229. Must also be willing to ship to NJ. TIA.
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    Calstar, Seeker, Shimano, and Newell

    Any pics of the newell 229? willing to ship? tia.