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    Very true statement . The reason being that each line mfg. does thing differently. Different material components, different extrusion or braiding techniques, different Tensile Strength of materials used, different diameters for the same pound test, different number of pics per inch, different...
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    Reminder to change the hooks on those flat falls (see pic)

    That is the main reason shrink tubing is used. It does add additional toothy abrasion protection. They went cheap and only applied it over the hook knot and hook eye. You would think with the price they get for those lures they would be top quality in every sense. After dropping $20 for a FF...
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    Other than Electrical tape ?

    OK..... due to my on going nuro pathway deterioration .... Picture Please.
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    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    Hooks: Many different choices available here, depending on targets. Hunting YT and Tuna have chosen TK 30 HD 7/0 Tro-Kar or the Gamakatsu Heavy Duty Live Bait 7/0 # 00417. Other high quality hooks available ,,,your choice.
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    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    The big advantage to making your own assist hooks is that the Figure 8 ring can be incorporated thus taking the split ring out of the line of pulling force. That way the top assist hook is always hooked to your leader and all you do is change out the jig. .See pic below. But it's your choice...
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    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    From the way it is rigged it looks like the leader will be tied to the split ring. In which case would respectfully suggest that an effort is made to tie the leader to the split ring at a double wire section so that the force of the jig is 180 deg. opposite against a double wire section of the...
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    PowerPro Depth Hunter Info

    Found this one with diameter in inches. Power Pro Depth Hunter Braided Line Marked every 5' with a black hash/tick 4 color...
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    Tough question for the 20-30# range

    Fish mostly 1 1/2 day'ers. A 20 rig is my go to set up, hardly ever upgrade unless fish over 40 are possible. With a little patience and a corner hook set what at first appears impossible becomes a can do task. Here is my "base line set up". Rod: Med Fast or Moderate 8 1/2 or 9 foot...
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    Knots,,,,,, Suggestions

    Have been testing knots and lines since 2004 and there is one overriding lesson that has been learned. That is ..... regardless of what knot you are tying it is of paramount importance that the cinch down be executed as slow as possible. You need to exaggerate the slowness. Pull about a...
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    Split rings

    Ok,,,,,, after much testing here are what is recommended, Go to the Owner Ultra split rings they are the strongest split rings available for the size. They are almost 2X as strong as the owner hyperawire for the same size. For detailed information see the link below ( Split ring testing) under...
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    Lathe and End mill and Yooling

    yessokk submitted a new listing: Lathe and End mill and Yooling - Lathe and End mill and Yooling Learn more about this listing...
  12. Lathe and End mill and Tooling

    Southern California Lathe and End mill and Tooling

    For Sale: Lathe & End Mill aprox. $1500 NEW total for both plus frt. and tax. & Tooling aprox $1100 NEW Will sell everything in one lot. Will not separate and low ballers please show restraint. $1300.00 for all three items Lathe, End Mill and Tooling If additional information is required...
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    Mr. Benny: Inhaling the entire jig.... that is exactly what those Blue Fin do. Have see jigs buried in their throat to the point where you could hardly see any of the jig. Agreed that under normal situations a "J" hook would be much more effective as hooks are set as quick as possible. Where...
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    Googled Coffman Cove there is one in Alaska never been there a remote place for sure would love to go there. Walt
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    Have recently been thinking about using circle hooks in place of "J" hooks when constructing assist hooks for vertical jigs. Lots of subjective opinions available but It has been difficult to find objective information. After a little surfing came across this article from Salt Water Sportsman...