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    Just purchased the smaller Fishlab tackle bag. It has the same problem all of the roller bags have. A tendency to tip over and slide around in challenging sea states and the internal shelves that the tackle boxes rest on have a tendency to sag and compress down restricting removal and...
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    Got lucky!! Super Cow jigging

    Congrats PQ , that is an amazing catch on the jig. 👍 👍
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    the 20 visx

    Have been testing knots and lines since 2004 and am very curious. 1. Quote: " It was rigged in 100 yard sections - red, yellow, green, white, blue and white. then i added a 25 yard topshot of 100 pound seaguar pink fluoro." 2. Would respectfully inquire..... 1. What objective testing method...
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    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    Luck has favored the well prepared 👍
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Outstanding,,,👍 Liking that you can easily lengthen the separation in order to test line to line connections. Walt
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    Who trolls while fishing offshore and why?

    Am not an expert but have a few tips for Combat fishing with the Cattle Boat crew. This is basic stuff and am still learning every trip. 1. Always take your troll rotation, you will be fishing while others are just wish'in. 2. You need your own dedicated trolling rig. "Most" of the short 1-2...
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Cubeye: so you have made a testing rig? If so please post up some pice. It's always of interest to see inventive creations.....:-)
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    ZZ,,, a big help to stop the slipping is to wrap the wood dowel with black electrical tape, 1 half overlap layer will do it, this will greatly increase the friction of the line against the dowel.. Try tieng a simple overhand loop knot in the lines end , hook the loop over the bolt, 2-3 wraps...
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Zimezoom: you may find this thread helpful The force gauge you purchased will work great. You got the peak hold feature. An essential feature, would not purchase a scale with out it. However if you ever start testing...
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Very clever Mr.Zimezoom. A well thought out solution. If a problem ever develops with line breaking at the gizmo an increase in the diameter will most likely resolve the issue. Cubeye: Am thinking you are correct hopefully zimezoom will concur.
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    Want to apply 'Kung Fu" to your jigging efforts. Here is it's true definition. Walt
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    Assist Hook Testing

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    Mono v Fluoro

    Creative advice above, never thought about the burn method. Another option to determine if mono or fluor is to cut about a 3/4 inch pc. of each, aprox. the same wt.. One pc you know for certain is either mono or fluoro. Put both the known and unknown in a clear glass of water, salt or fresh...
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    Always use a new rub rail

    Hey guys, don't usually respond to this sort of self inflicted disaster. Yes he took a swing and struck out but rest assured his next turn at bat will be successful. But mistakes are valuable and the only people who don't make mistakes are those lazy asses who do nothing!! Walt
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    Braid snapping test

    Excellent explanation by lazyfisherman above and MyNomad below. My best advice for the DoDo is for him to convert to a spinning reel. Or completely eliminate the spectra and switch to all Mono, P-Line is a good choice. You don't need spectra for fresh water fishing.