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    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    I never tip based o fish caught on any of my trips. Tips are based on customer service, attitude and the crew working hard even if the fish aren't biting. For all we know you and you buddies on the trip suck at fishing and were part of the problem
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    UC Predator Bendo pics

    Here’s a picture of a UC 80 Predator working a 115lb yft at the Lupe last December. Mak 15 with 60lb wind on leader. They kind of cut it off half way up so not the best
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    Two years ago...

    So only 6 guys got a shot at the kite rotation and the charter master was one of them? What a dickhead move that is. At least you got that toad yellow
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    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    I have a full line up of Mak’s (7 total) and love them to death but I was one of the ones that had an issue with the Andros out of the box (it seized when it was being filled with spectra, never got wet). They’re not doing well with the latest models on consistent performance and quality out of...
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    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    I don’t mind fish on our trips as long as it’s cooked well and differently then I can. I was never a fan of swordfish until Josh started serving it on the AA uSually the first night out. Amazing dish with a sauce that is off the hook?
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    Happy Sunday my friends

    I was thinking Bat Ray when I opened the thread. Looks good, enjoy
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    SOLD Mak20 SEA Gunmetal W/ 130lb

    That’s a hell of a deal on a great reel, GLWS
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    TRQ15XNLD2 clamp

    You might want to PM Steve the Penn rep. If there is I’m sure he knows about it
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    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    Right on, see you on the dock. All the Santa Cruz guys are back on the trip Along with Gary. Good group to spend 10 days with and catch a few fish
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    Looking for a surface iron reel.

    Fathom 25N is a really good choice. If you can find a Torque 25N, 25 those are even better
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    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    I’ve fished the time slot after Thanksgiving on the AA the last two years. The first year it was an 8 day trip and we went to the rocks and ridge (no Lupe permits) and killed it on wahoo and school size yft. I came home with 14 wahoo, was just as good an 8-day as you could ask for. Got beat on...
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    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    I sure hope it opens up, having that option on my 10 day at the end of November is huge,. It literally saved our trip last year on the AA because the water at the rocks and ridge had turned over and it was dead
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    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    The 15 is a badass reel. I have mine filled with 80lb Hollow and fish 50-60lb BHP wind on leaders on it.
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    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Hello Joel, hope all is well. Are you back on the AA for the 10-Day after Thanksgiving this year? Wow, now that's a dick move right there. I've sen you fish so not sure where he came up with your a shit fisherman.
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    Bluefin vs. The Senator.

    I had some friends out there fishing for them this past weekend, have to check in and see how they did