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    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    UC GP 80 Terminator and a Penn Torque 30ld2 loaded with 65lb solid spectra to the top. He can fish 40lb and 50lb easy and go up to 60lb with no issues with either the rod or the reel
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    Guadalupe 2021?

    Sounds like the cost of my late November 10 day just went up. Oh well can’t take it with me and the more options the better the trip
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    3 Year Hiatus! What Did I Miss?

    Mike sold the SOA, not sure who bought it. Brian, Ray and Lori are all still there for the AA
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    3 Year Hiatus! What Did I Miss?

    Yes it was and yes I did. Me and that Pink Salas had some fun that trip. Hope all is well and glad you're getting back out. The same group of us are all still fishing that same trip on the AA, it's booked but if you can sneak on the waiting list we'd love to have you back.
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    3 Year Hiatus! What Did I Miss?

    You could spend 10 days within 200 Miles of the Point fishing cow bluefin. Welcome back, been through the divorce hiatus and remember wat a rush it was to get back on the water
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    Buyer Beware of ajshawn

    Weed and guns....................sounds legit
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    Guy's... Gal's I need your help.

    No idea what any of it means, if I was #1 at anything it would have to have been an accident Unless ZZZZ tied another one on and went back and down voted another couple hundred of my posts again
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    Enjoy the time you changes in a second...

    Prayers for you and his family, love them and be thankful for them today, we aren't promised tomorrow. Prayers up for you and the family as well Mike.
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    Any golf ponds in SD loaded with bass right now?

    I miss that course and the bar afterwards
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    WTB Silver Torque 15XNLD2

    Oceanski has 2 for sale on here. He's a good guy and stuff is clean
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    Any golf ponds in SD loaded with bass right now?

    When I was younger and worked room service at La Costa we would hit the ponds on the courses. Loads of fun and we were left alone because they knew us
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    Redear Sunfish - Possible World Record

    Good thing he had a back up rig ready when he dumped the 4lb. Monster
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    16 day Indy report

    Damn that food looks good. I had to look away from the burger, yummy.
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    Anyone hear of wreck near Pt Fermin?

    That boat went down off Point Loma, no where near the Channel Islands
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    What does your quiver look like?

    Damn, I cut myself back to 2 700H's. Does having 2 700xh's as well count?