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    Intrepid ?

    Yeah but more importantly were the bathrooms clean? Did you tip?
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    All New Website Bugs and Bitches Go Here

    Guys, a quick heads up. Today at work after checking out BD I went to my usual PORNHUB and XVIDEOS sites and they were WAY slower than usual. Frustratingly slow... Somehow the changes you guys made screwed that up too. Could you guys fix that? I think this issue would be more important than the...
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    All New Website Bugs and Bitches Go Here

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    Where is HardCore?

    Jesus Christ dude. Do you secretly hope for the chance to blow him one day? You are probably making him uncomfortable too just like the rest of us... Man crushes on BD. Seen it all now
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    Seeker 540 Blank Question

    Rod wrappers paint blanks all the time.
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    Dana Point Whale Watching Question

    More importantly keep a close eye on the weather. Supposed to be rainy and off/on windy all week.
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    Skunked twice

    Holy shit. You guys cant put two and two together? Spots get cleaned out of legals pretty quickly and they dont repopulate nearly as fast. Thats why all you are catching are the same juveniles over and over. Especially in the bays or just shallow water in general. Same thing every year.
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    Wahoo are dangerous.

    That guy was about an inch and 1 munute away from bleeding out... Its a cliche. "WATCH THE WAHOO"... Watch it all the way through a couple wacks to the head with a bat. THEN its pic time.
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    Trinidad 16a or 20a for Small or Weak Bait - Line Capacity and Freespool

    If your fishing smaller or weaker bait you shouldn't be making the bait PULL the line off the reel regardless of which one you choose. Assist the line coming off the spool with your hand or thumb. Trick is to stay in contact with your bait and not turn into tangle guy.
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    11/24 pirate attack

    Thats a nice dress and all, but those shoes dont match and are in poor taste. Should have stayed home in my opinion.
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    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    Jack Crevalle in San Diego Bay... Yep, its true.
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    3-1/2 - Day Pacific Voyager

    Hope it works out for you guys but I just saw shitty weather forecast for the middle of next week. If the wind blows it will be the end of it. The YFT should have already been long gone with water temps approx 65° like it is now... and the wind will cool it off even more. BFT who knows.
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    yellow-tail in November

    That makes you a whiny little bitch. "Some people might be meanies to me about my fishing stories. I cant handle that from a free, anonymous website" Grow a pair.
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    yellow-tail in November

    No none of us are school teachers, but reading your shitty post makes everyone who reads it feel like they read something written by some school kid. Your a shit is painful to read. Whether you want to believe it or not your written word is a societal record of either your stupidity or a serious...