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    Food recs for offshore

    Salted sardines
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    Gov. Newsome to increase boat registration up to 250%

    good to see you are union especially in a teachers union and don’t vote democrat. That’s pretty rare now days. Also I wasn’t trying to insinuate you vote democrat, more to show the proud liberals of this website what they’re really voting for
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    Gov. Newsome to increase boat registration up to 250%

    So you’re saying he also rips you off on the truck registration? Cool higher taxes and fees, keep voting democrat.
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    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    The ride there wouldn’t be too bad. Coming back uphill against current, wind and any kind of swell, whether mixed or not will suck in a 21’. Pick your day wisely.
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    CC or Panga?

    Most pangas are center consoles, because the console is, in the center. Most center consoles are not pangas. Hull design is the difference.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    there are going to many more “I told you so’s” coming your way. Straight from press secretary of Biden. Ms “I’ll circle back saki.
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    WTB Wr450

    Why no KTM?
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    Trolling BD for Trolling Pictures and stories

    Broomies and gulfies on magnum 40’s
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    Makaira service check

    Alan tani
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    Makaira service check

    the serial number is stamped on the inside of the race of the spool bearing.
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    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    it’s been a while since I lasted more than 20 minutes before blowing my wad.
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    HR 127

    Since they consider a lower receiver a firearm by itself, just hand in your lowers if it comes to it.
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    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    LOL I don’t know what’s funnier. That you got BIT by a sculpin, or that you soaked your hand in hot coffee..
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    If you want higher and more taxes, and less freedoms vote dumb-o-crat. Pretty cut and dry.