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    Salmon/ling jig reel

    You might throw a Daiwa Lexa 300 in the mix as well.
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    It is done

    Very nice! I've always thought those were perfect boats for our area. You might cruise at "only" 22 knots, but you'll be able to do it in water that will send a lot of boats to the dock. Congrats on a beautiful new boat!
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    WTB Lexa 300HD for paddle board use

    I've been running Daiwa BG 3500's with Shimano Trevala light spinning rods (7') up here for nearshore and love the combo. If you shop around you can find each for around $100 new. It does everything from black bass to lingcod and light albacore duty.
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    Yamaha vs Honda

    I'm curious which brand of truck would tow it better...Ford, Dodge or Chevy?
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    Mark I just watched a video from one of the Haulover channels that has a short but very good clip of a SeaKeeper test. I have no affiliation with the channel... Just thought you might like to see it. It's at about the 6:50 mark in the video.
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    For Sale Avet Left Handed Closeout

    Nice deals. Passed on to a few friends who like the handle on the wrong side. You should also consider posting up in the PNW Classifieds. Lots of Avet fans up here.
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    Ice chest / fish box

    Very cool project! Thanks for sharing. I've been watching tons of You Tube videos trying to learn all I can about fiberglass. Just about to tackle my first project. Thanks for the inspiration!
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    New transducer question.

    I agree with this. We have the GT-51-TM and have been very happy with it.
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    black friday shoppers

    Late response, but I went to Sportco, Bass Pro and Sportsman's Warehouse and they didn't have any Trevalas on sale.
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    New ride

    Nice! Looks clean! Let's see some more pictures!
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    Halibut gear thoughts

    That was my thought on the two speed... Cranking power when needed, but enough speed in high gear to clear a pipe jig to reset a drift.
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    Halibut gear thoughts

    I'll go against the grain and say that I still like to reel a fish in the old fashioned way. We run two Tanacoms on our boat, but also run a third rod with a regular reel and I still like it. Not that I'm above grabbing an electric if we're sorting through smaller fish or constantly needing to...
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    Port Angeles/Freshwater Bay Builder Recommendations

    Reid Moore built our house in 2001 out in Forks. He did several houses in this area around that time and everyone including us was exceptionally happy with his work. His bid was the lowest by a decent amount and we're still in the same house with zero issues. He was in the Sequim/PA area back...
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    Unbelievably cool boat. Can't wait to see it as it progresses! Congrats on expanding the fleet!
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    New Dining Room Set

    Thank goodness my wife isn't on this site or I'd be out 2k! Very nice!