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    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    Techno stabis
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    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    At first I got offended when people knocked the brand. I own an ‘07 220 EX with an F150. Sure it could use more power, but we can fish all day (or even 2 days) if we bring a few extra cans of fuel. We’ve slept on it a handful of times. Spartan, yes. Gets the job done though. It’s been nice to...
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    6 New Aluminum rod holders - Weld-on

    Diameter? Also are they all flared at the top or just some?
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    Kencor jigstick question...

    I had a dark grey/black 9'er. It was all glass. Forget the name of the model but it was fun for yellowtail. I made the mistake of throwing a 7x into a foamer of 120# BFT 2 years ago and the rod snapped after 3 hours of pulling. My buddy had the same one that also snapped somehow... We bought...
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    2014 GMC Savana Cargo Van

    Still available. Miles currently at 62,6xx
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    Defiance hull review

    I haven't fished a similar sized Parker PH. I've had a 220EX for about 3 years. There are things I like about it and things I don't. It is underpowered with 150hp for overnight/offshore trips loaded with gear. On the other hand, it is pretty efficient for local trips along the coast with less...
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    2014 GMC Savana Cargo Van

    Hey everybody, I have a kid on the way and a new job commute so it's time to move on. I bought this van in 2016 from Hardin Buick/GMC in Anaheim. My goal was to outfit it with a leveling kit and keep it forever but priorities change... Currently 61xxx miles on odometer, will go up as i drive...
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    Bait/chest freezer

    Freezer is gone. Thanks for the tips and interest
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    Bait/chest freezer

    The freezer is spoken for. Thanks!
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    Bait/chest freezer

    My chest freezer got unplugged somehow and I didn't notice it til it was too late... lost about 25# of assorted yellowfin bellies and filets. I bleached it and washed the inside but it still smells a bit. Would make a great bait freezer. Works great when plugged in. I learned my lesson on having...