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    Where are the tree-huggers?

    man when I read these posts it reminds me of when I am on the freeway.
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    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    who cares if they introduce wolves back into cali you should be more worried about a nuclear storeage site on the beach in so cal.wolves rule a lot smarter than you also.
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    L.T. vs. A.J.

    fuck aj smith piece of shit.
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    Surf, Snow and Skate videos, on VHS, what ya got?

    the performers one of the best sound tracks to surf movie ever then comes along beyond blazing boards i used to get so hopped up watching these movies then go surfing.those are the glory paloma theater used to show surf movies in the summer back in the 80,s go watch the movie and the...
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    u r an idiot,i mean got caught with shorts GOOD job DFG.i hope more idoits like you get caught.
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    My kids boyfriend hit the big time

    some of the best fishing in the world along with perfect waves no malaria and best of all no crowd.thats my trip to tavarua.
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    Yakutat, AK

    sounds cold
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    Zodiak @ mexico??

    watch out for the guys in ski masks with automatic weapons and dont take your family
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    El Nino. good or bad for inshore?

    local weather forcasts are wrong all the time what makes you think they can predick an el nino just claim el nino for 25 years every year and one of these years they will claim la nina and it will really be el nino then they switch it to being el nino.
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    Late squid bite at the Nine Mile

    thats pretty awesome i want to take my kids looks like they are having fun.