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    Suggestions for Private Charter

    Check out hooks landing oxnard area. :jig:
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    Fishing Charters - Happening Yet?

    Yes! Many many boats go out every day currently, they fill up fast so advance planning is usually necessary. Depending on how much you wanna spend. Check out sportfishingreport dot com and click landings. Have fun, but tuna is a homerun or strike out type of fishing...
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    Spinning setup with rubber band torpedo?

    Does anyone have any advice for using a spinning rod setup with these torpedo weight sinkers rubber band attatched? Mainly wondering if you should fish it with the bail open? Or drop down to an estimated fathom and close the bail? I see most reports of guys with 2 speeds and wonder if anyone...
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    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    I dont think they like glass bottles on board...
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    WTB SoCal deckhand

    Hey there young man Did you see this??? Im not associated with them but cheers and good luck.
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    SOLD Love to fish

    bump for a good guy and awesome boat
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    WTB Looking for Talica 12

    You interested in a tac 10ii?
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    Congratz man sounds like a great outing.
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    Catalina 6/13

    Nachos is right outside long beach / davies launch ramp. As you pull up YELL out if you want sardines or squid. He will tell you where to pull up and what side to use via some hand signals. Hold one of his grungy ropes and he will fill you up to your desired amount. I think if you give him...
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    Sponsored by U.C 3 DAY

    Cross your fingers during the raffle.... :jig:
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    Ventura County opens up!

    That includes hooks landing and ventura sportfishing! :devil:
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    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    "You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em"- the gambler. Kenny Rogers
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    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    bring your own pillows i heard
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    SOLD Tady jigs 50$

    Would you sell the right 3 in your pic for 25$??