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    You want to shoot accurately........grab that Red Ryder!

    Me and the kids and now the grand kids have over the years done a fine job of be dazzling the fence with bbs good clean back yard fun
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    Turkey time.

    Hunting lake southerland on the 7th,make up for last year's cancelled hunts ,thanks to the guys at nwtf for letting last year's drawing winners get another shot. Pictures or lies and excuses to follow
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    Wister on Saturday 12-26

    Just saw waters deeps post,northern doveler is way better!
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    Wister on Saturday 12-26

    Love that frankenduck!
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    Wister Questions/ Midseason Wrap-up

    I usually van camp in the parking lot at wister to avoid the late night drive myself, but I'm thinking maybe hit a spot by the Salton sea if the lots are left open and the cracks heads art out in force. Parking on the side of 111 just seems to risky
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    Wister Conditions

    Did the open there ,had a high draw and picked poorly w4 was bone dry on both sides still wacker a few flyovers at first light but was slow the rest of the day,they put up a list one showing blind conditions by the check station now,I would suggest checking it to avoid my mistake.
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    It’s almost time!!!

    The barter method rules! Good luck!
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    Draw Results Posted

    Congrats san jacinto is the hot ticket! Soon as the horn blows it sounds like war zone ,have fun and good hunting
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    Draw Results Posted

    yes got a#66 for wiester on opening day! Time to get out the waders and walking sticks and get ready to hit the devil mud
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    Imperial Valley Scout Trip 8-26-20

    Heading down Sunday night to scout Monday morning then out to shoot some skeet to knock the rust off then before it gets too hot pull the rifles out and put some yardage on it,good luck on the opener to every one!
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    Duck drawing

    I called the office at san jacinto last week and they said as far as they knew right now they would be up and running this season. The lottery system on the Web site was still not open to pick dates as of a few days ago.
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    Anyone else getting the dove itch from this hot weather?

    The trick now days is finding fields that are not posted,so many farmers are growing organic you really have to scout around to find a open spot to shoot and then hope the birds are there
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    Anyone else getting the dove itch from this hot weather?

    As many doves as I see flying round now I think this is going to be another great bird year, And I say that after having my turkey hunt at southerland fall victom to the covid
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    Closing El Cap, Barrett & Sutherland to fishing & hunting 5/6 hearing

    Had my hunt at southerland cancelled this year,man I hope that doesn't mean it's gone forever. I look forward to the tune ups and hunts each year,same for the ducks at barrett
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    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    Release back to its natural environment, any dumpster behind any strip mall will do