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    Deep Hole 8/19

    The Gentleman out of Paradise Cove also fished the Deep Hole...heckuva lot closer from there than from the Malibu Pier! Gentleman was the 3/4 day boat w/Capt. Steve Christensen(?), and the Speed Twin was the 1/2 day boat. Aquarius was the 3/4 day boat w/Capt John Christensen(?) out of Malibu...
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    Fathom 25 LD 2 Sp - Messed Up Out Of Box

    Fathom 25NLD2 is one of THE great reels/values on the market. My son and I have 3, and we recommended it to his uncles and cousins. We're now a nine-25NLD2 family.
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    Fix for Tern reels drag issues.

    I had a problem with the drag on my Tern 400X, first edition. I sent it to Accurate and received it back, quickly and working perfectly. Pretty simple. Thank you, Accurate!
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    For Sale FISHING SINKERS! CHEAP! I ship anywhere in the U.S.

    Great weights, FAST shipping - Thank you, Mark! :hali_olutta::cheers:
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    Questions on valiant

    >500 has edge for SPEED because 45” high end retrieve And shorter handle >600 has edge for POWER because 19” low speed And longer handle >similar line capacity >500 is 3 oz lighter and ‘lower profile’ than 600N
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    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    thursday it is...weekend here you come
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    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    NO ‘Kodys Sports’ on reel
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    the best reel for live bait ?

    Best [OKUMA} reel for 30-40-50 leaders live bait fishing. For tuna and yellowtail ? >30-40? Light-weight, Great casting, Great free-spool: Andros 5II - Plenty of capacity for as much 40# braid as you'll need. Put on UC 8' Mega or Monster = Sweet set up >40-50? Makaira 8 or 10 (325+ yards of...
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    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    >ProGear V42 - Blue - New in Box - $200< Photos will be added. Until then, if you want a visual, picture a ProGear, V42, Blue, new, in its box. It looks exactly like that. :D
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    'anybody know (and want to share) where the Catalina bite is? Pretty please?

    Doing a family trip tomorrow, three boys, and want to get them something. What's the general area where Yellowtail are-? Bonito? (Boat's fish finder's Not working, but GPS is). :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
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    WTB SS FD85 & FL75

    Hey, Jerr, how's it going? 'hear about those dead folks on the beach yesterday?
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    For Sale Daiwa Luna 253 & Power Handle

    $175 with 'double-paddle' handle only