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    Where to buy plastic sheets in LA

    I bought a sheet from Calsak Plastics in LA a few years ago. Try calling them.
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    Bft on the beach...
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    AB 3030; "F"ed?

    Saw the article posted here on BD. CCA Cal seems to be putting a somewhat positive/hopeful spin on the way this executive order was done? The order’s framework for engaging all important stakeholder groups through the...
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    Lower end 9 mile bank

    That looks like two marlin in the photo.
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    Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed

    I have 2 of these bought a few years ago and really like them. I got an 80lb BFT on 40#. I got the new cams from Okuma and I think they sent them for free. Definitely an improvement. I thought they switched to these cams on newer production?
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    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    Wow, I never new I was such a hack with a fillet knife. This guy is the sensei, maestro, master craftsman.
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    7/18 West of Mission Bay & La Jolla

    Sometimes they definitely prefer macs over sardine and slow troll vs flyline.
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    Fishing (226 zone)23rd 24th 25th

    Good luck to you! Would be interested to hear how the bait quality is out of Mission Bay currently. Going Saturday so may give you a shout on the water. Bob
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    Big fish special

    I hear they got a monster that taped out a
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    5/28 upper hidden, 425, 371

    JD's site noted a commercial guy saw tuna near the 289 yesterday or the day before.
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    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    Here is a graphic I pulled from an online presentation from a transplant surgeon, Dr. Graber, on conducting surgery in the current environment. He started with background on public health measures to contain the pandemic. With no social distancing one infected person, who may or may not know...
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    CIH and Ventura opening with crazy rules

    This rule for Ventura harbor really puts a damper on it for me: Each vehicle/vessel is limited to members of the same household It does actually make sense from the public health perspective though...
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    Super late report...from somewhere up north

    Excellent video! Thanks for putting it up. Looked like a fantastic trip!
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    Wide open Tuna in San Diego...

    There were local US waters bluefin being caught right up until January 31 from what I read. It was out on The Ridge by net boats, with a few also rod and reel caught by crew during the day dropping iron. The commercial season closed on the 31st and maybe they are still there. Reported to be 60...