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    Canadian border closure extended

    Applying for and granted are two different things. I would think if that was really a valid exemption, every fishing charter and lodge up there would have done just that as they rely heavily on US customers. Who knows though maybe has only recently become available. I hope your dad is able to go...
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    I have needed to re-do my bottom paint for a couple of years now but if I pull boat every 1.5 months or so a quick pressure wash is all that is needed. Well it was in for 3 months and I started to notice rpm, speed and economy changing so I knew it was time. Final straw was losing bottom on the...
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    I know Brett of R&R charters did his whole Kingfisher in the stuff to combat the rampant corrosion issues. I would be concerned about the added weight with a wide spread application like that.
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    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    That area was world renowned for monster mulies years ago but habitat changes occured and it is mostly whitetail country now. There still are quite a few mulies but it is the masher whitetail that hold my interest there now.
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    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Beautiful area albeit a bit steep and thick in spots. A friend of mine moved to Noxon about 20 years ago and I have hunted around there many times. Good luck with your ventures and go say hi to Big Chris in the local groc store in Trout creek as he cuts meat for them a few days a week. He can...
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    Sharks need to eat

    What, no Shark Glock?
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    Halibut in the straits again?

    I have heard rumors but even if true why waste a bunch of good bait catching 50 dogfish on he slim chance of catching a wayward Hali?
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    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    Ran over to fish mid channel for the first time in about 8 years. Even though crowd was reasonably sized Fri morn, there still was three or four douchpickles probably lurking on this board that insisted on trolling in a zig zag pattern to the contour lines down the bank. Knock it the fuck off...
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Zuke 350’s are duo prop with each motor having a clockwise and a counter clockwise rotation prop. I would try and find out if the original motor remaining was detuned the same time the new motor was installed and if this is a Suzuki program to try and make the motors live longer. New props with...
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    Fishing Bags

    Uline sells continuous rolls and you can cut to length and seal one end and use a zip tie or a knot for the other end after inserting fish.
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    1KW Transom Mount Transducers on tin cans

    I about shit kittens when I drilled that big ol’ hole in my Otter. I wanted it as close to center line as possible and measured many times and drilled it. I gooed every thing up and shoved the ducer up in the hole and shoved a 2x4 under it to the floor to hold it in place while I went up top to...
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    Yoo Hoo....Black Velvet

    Fucker’s still using my old boat pic for his avatar too! I think I deserve some back rent.
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    8 hrs merc 2 stroke help

    If the plugs are getting wet with gas my guess would be no spark from a bad kill switch.
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    MA6 Report(s) + The Straits?

    That’s the truth. If Rosario would have held a good amount of fish, I predicted a 1-2 weeks with a 1500 fish quota.
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    MA6 Report(s) + The Straits?

    From a friend who is wdfw employee. Luckily, he also says kept fish will be the driver on area 7 season and with current harvest rate it will make the end of month and some quota left for the second opener.