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    Lindell 41'

    Actually they probably do using the common industry trick of quoting the economy over propped and light. Get that puppy to fighting weight loaded with fuel, water, gear, people and the correct prop and yes, the #’s will be different.
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    Lowrance Autopilot

    Blackmouther? Holy fuck! Is that really you? We need a test to make sure. What was the reason I couldn’t spray my windshield down at the dock in Neah according to the red headed indian?
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    Yamaha 150 lower unit question

    I would not do this. Just get it tight by hand with a large proper fitting flat blade screw driver always using new washer. That is a ss screw going into aluminum threads and over tightening could lead to stripping of the threads. Even just getting good and tight by hand I occasionally have to...
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    Saltwater Ran for tuna out of Westport today...8/6

    A little late with your feedback. Even if you thought it was this year the date in title is 8/6. We will call this one back to the future! 🤣
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    Is it pretty obvious at this point that sport fishing is both better for the economy and fish stock over commercial fishing?

    “Would the tribes basically just laugh at it and carry on as usual without adopting the change?” Yes! There would have to be a pretty serious regime change in the state leadership to bring anything like this into the light of day and I do not see that happening anytime soon. With the cash flow...
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    Deception pass gil net

    Damn I guess that means I can buy fresh sockeye at Snow goose produce. 8-)I was in the vicinity and almost went over to watch the spectacle. I opted instead to listen to it unfold on the vhf. What the hell you all whining about, there is always canoe pass lol. I would bet good money this will...
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    It’s getting VERY cold in hell.

    Don’t forget to call Big Spoon!
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    Boat name

    Pot Licker
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    The end of TR1 BioySoy

    You guys stand out like sore thumbs with your Crazy Ivan’s. To be clear it was a good product with a few hardware issues that Garmin inherited and never threw any money at to resolve. They just rode that cash cow like a stolen horse and put it away wet.
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    Saltwater area 11 closed

    I know I sure enjoy fishing with the masses in the last opportunity rec fisheries we have left! :smoking33:
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    Too late for Ling in MA 9/10?

    What Ryan said and live bait will certainly up the odds.
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    Saltwater First halibut trip on new boat

    Good looking boat! That bow pulpit looks strikingly similar to another well known brand’s.
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    Excellent work by WhoDat Towers

    Oh, just wait to see the big ol’ girl we are bringing for you before you say we don’t need the banner! She will look good swaddled in this banner after she warms your bed!
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    Excellent work by WhoDat Towers

    Anybody need a slightly used ovesized load banner? I have one. I believe it is 18 x84” with ropes at the 4 corners. I am going to be at Lapush and WP this weekend if anybody needs it. Trade for a six pack of decent beer?
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    Saltwater Best halibut day of the season, 15 May

    Glad someone is getting out! I like heavy mono (200lb and up) or tuna cord down at the business end of things when it comes to toothy bottom dwellers. It is not like they are leader shy. Maybe there is a presentation advantage to the jigs you are using with 50# flouro?