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    LB&T Smash and Grab

    Fucking Katana..............
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    Lobster 10/3

    There not actually dead. They just like to hang out on the rail. They where released from his back yard unharmed. BTW I love the look on your kids face lol.
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    Saltwater Legit Yellowtail bite off Westport, Ablies, and the Opah report!

    there's some shit you don't see every day. sweet!
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    Depoe Bay lingcod

    that's a nice ling! But why the hell are you bundled up in cold weather gear already???
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    For Sale: 2005 25' Davis Rock Harbor long cabin--diesel

    my dream boat right there. man that's beautiful.....
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    Proper etiquette

    just drive right up and fish. remember to say thanks as the other person motors off tho, its only polite. Had a couple of jokers in a bayliner do this to us. the best part was, 20 miles off and they still had there fenders out LOL
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    Patty "Hoping" Dana Point Saturday 9-19

    good job dad LOL. that blurfish looks huge!
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    90" Davit complete tear!

    awesome post. cant wait to see the end result. just a tip tho, you might want to add another clamp or two while glueing that up LOL
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    BD secret rules

    rule: don't post in the Washington forum. All you will receive is whining and bitching.
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    Woman Vandalizes Southwest Geographical Monuments

    get her a handfull of toothbrushes and have her clean it up. or face jail time. her pick.
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    Offshore hooping at its finest!!!

    Here, your gonna need these for a future report. ........................................... Feel free to use as many as you like.
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    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    that's a class act right there. calling that sporty in on the paddy