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    sturgeon fishing on the Frasier?

    Here are two top producers I've known for ages.
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    Hair finished into the rod.

    Yes that's exactly what that is.
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    The Hooker Is Back!!

    Available where you shop
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    Downrigger rod Phenix 805 or 806

    This Lamiglas is what works for me here in BC (I like the 9' model) and the Tekota is just about perfect.
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    Panang Curry Halibut

    Welcome Back Patrick!
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    Shooting off my boat in California

    Some cruise ships used to have them on the back deck.
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    Fishing the Wild Coast of Colombia

    IIRC it was February the inshore bite was so/so. You could see where fish populations had been dynamited heavily in the past-schools all exactly the same size- and were only just recovering.
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    Fishing the Wild Coast of Colombia

    A while back just after the area opened up.
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    Fishing the Wild Coast of Colombia

    Well done! I found popping didn't produce all that well and jigging worked with the right lure in my case an old finger sized Luhr-Jensen minnow. I'd love to bridle a couple of those YFT and troll them slow there must be some Marlin around but locals aren't set up for that kind of fishing...
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    Ball bearing swivel failures?

    This is why Corrosion X was invented.
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    Dream lamiglas build! Complete!

    Nicely conceived & executed-a classic look-one of the few split grips I'd actually consider owning.
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    Are we at the pinnacle of reel/rod technology?

    Didn't someone lose his job because he said that out loud?
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    What bite mark is this 2005. 182 area

    Seals have a helluva lotta blood in them-a friend told me that.....
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    Rabid Peluso reel

    Maybe try asking here